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Full text of "Poor's register of directors of the United States [serial]"

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in 2013

Introductory Notice

Poor's Register of Directors constitutes the only register of important people, on a national scale, that America has ever seen and affords a cross-sectional view of the management of the Nation's business affairs.

No other publication has ever attempted to cover the wide field embraced in the pages of this Register. Every State in the Union is generously represented by its business leaders; as are also Alaska, Hawaii and the Philippines.

In its thousands _of listings arranged bojth alphabetically and geographically, the Register'gives the men who are officers, directors or partners in the Nation's leading businesses, indicating for each one his principal business connection and (so far as furnished), all other companies with whicli he is officially connected, togeiher iw^th his-business'^ddre^s a'rid' ]resi,dence.

, It seems unnecessary to record here the methods in which this publication may be used. The •VA^ manner in whjch it may be employed by bankers, lawyers, newspapers, credit men, brokers and mer-

chants generally, is obvious.

i;> Every listing appearing in the Register was obtained direct from the individual. We hold that

< a man should.not be listed without his approval, and failing to obtain his sanction, we have not listed

■^ ^ him even though he be of national prominence and his principal affiliations generally known.

In order to be consistent with accuracy a proof has been submitted to every individual whose listing appears in the Register. This assures a compilation as nearly perfect as it is humanly pos-o, sible to produce.

: The Register should eventually be enlarged to include over 100,000 listings, as in our opinion this

number would not more than cover the outstanding business leaders of the country.

In this first issue of the Register we have included an Addenda, which covers listings received too late for insertion in their regular order, and notes recent additions to or eliminations from the listings appearing in the text proper. All data in the Addenda is clearly indicated in the geographical list of names appearing in the blue pages of the Register.

Our sincere thanks are hereby tendered to the officers of corporations for their kindness in furnishing lists of their directors, and to the individuals themselves for their helpful cooperation in checking the proofs of their listings.

March 1, 1928 THE PUBLISHERS.


Poor^s Register of Directors

of the

United States


Beinr a list of names, together with business addresses, arranged geographically by States and towns, and clphabetically under the towns. The complete listings, showing all corporate affiliations, with both business and residence addresses, begin on page I (white) immediately following this geographical arrangement (blue). The reference "(see Addenda)" placed under names in this section indicates original listings leceived too late for insertion in their regular order in the Register. The reference "(see also Addenda)" alls attention to additional information or corrections subsequently received pertaining to listings already printed.


Dunha n, Roy Elmer

Floyd, (Thomas Johncy

Long, f. B., Jr

Stokes, Robert Kennedy


Langfo-d, John F.—R. F. D. No. 2


McClerdon, Eulice Esley—Seventh St. &

Schirer Ave

Thomp ;on, F. R


Claybrqoke, Will Durrett 5

Davis, |. M.—218-220 Main St

Goodwin, Curtis Akron

Hooper, Alonzo B., Jr

Hyatt, Ernest M

Irvin, Marion F

Jackson, Hogan


Herzfeld, H

Russell, Benjamin

Russell, Benjamin C ■


Horton, Chas. R

Park, James Verner .

Somerville, John A., Jr


Thompson, Joel Freeman


Powell, Abner R


McGraw, Lee Andrew—R 2


Acker, William P

Bell, Alexander W

Bell, Charles Renfro--1130 Noble St....

Britton, George G.—912 Noble St

Clark, Whitfield

Galbraith, S. L

Gardner, James T., Jr

Green,Ernest L.—Route No. 1

Huey, Thos. F.—1130 Noble St

Kilby, Thomas E.—Box 248

Pruet, Bennett W

Reynolds, Walker—P. O. Box 76

Robinson, C. Hillyer

Spearman, B. L.—1010 Noble St

Spearman, J. F.—1010 Noble St

Sterne, Nathaniel Paul—Liles. Bldg. . .:

Thompson, Stephen Robert

Turner, Eugene Lauderdale . .

Tyler, Alfred L.—908 Noble St

Watson, L. C—Box 111 .

Weatherly, Wm. H

Wellborn, Arthur . . , ..

Wikle, T^-sse L.—P. O. Box 23


Radneyri Joseph Sears


GarrisoE Ethridge J ■.

Morgai Morris Wright i

Nolen, N. B. Tate, iAdon Borden Wynn, Herberi; "L.




Rankin, James Graham—110 N. Jefferson



Graham, Thomas Alexander

Grubbs, W. J ,

Rains, Boyce M

Jones, R. Leon

Liles, Ephrain Sherod

McCoy, William Be Witt

Patterson, Harry Howard

Pittman, Willis H


DuPre, Oscar D

Shepherd, Coleman R


Grimes, Jay Cook

Martin, W. D

Shi, B. L


Mason, William Joseph

Massey, Mattie E. (Mrs.)

Sawver, W. R


Shepherd, John Coger


Adams, Henrv Edwin

Blue, James Howard (Dr.)—209 Realty


Davies, George R.—211 N. 19th St

Fairris, J .C—3701-3 Huntsville Ave.... Huey, Thos. T.—407-408 Realty Bldg...

Kuchins, Charles R

Lewis, William Harper—211 19th St

Mathews, P. M.—City National Bank


Maxwell, William David—212 19th St... Perry, John Calhoun—2002-2026 Second


Ross, George

Rutledge, Geo. E.—209 19th St


Adams, William Carson—729 Brown-Marx Bldg

Adler, Morris—Jackson Bldg .

Aldridge, Abner Bell—418 Alabama

Power Bldg

Allen, W. B ...

Badham, Henry Lee, Jr.—1312 American-Traders Bank Bldg

Barr, Clarence Dale—Box 151-152

Barry, James M.—Alabama Power Co. Bldg .:.

Beatty, I. C

Beecher, Leonard T

Bowers Guyton Monroe—Southern Railway Bldg

Bowie, Svdney J.—2225 1st Ave

Bowron, James—1029 Brown-Marx Bldg.

Rowron, Thomas—2nd Ave.. 20th St. ..

Bradley, Lee Carrington—2100-28 Comer Bldg

Brav, Charles B. (Dr.)—509-10 Empire Bldg.

Brower, Walter—First National Bank Bldg



Brown, E. L.—Brown-Marx Bldg. . . ..

Brown, R. A.—Woodward Bldg. ......

Brownell, Edward West—312 So. 2Ist St.

Burger, Jacob—2015 North 2nd Ave

Bush, M. W.—American Trust Bldg....

Cabaniss, Edward H

Chichester, John D

Clabaugh, Samuel F

Coleman, Phares—706-718 Bankers Bond


Collins, Berry H.—Moulton Hotel Bldg.

Comer, James McDonald.

Connors, George Washington — 1001-7

Empire Bldg

Conville, K. A.—1319 American Traders . National Bank Bldg

(see Addenda page 1688)

Crawford, W^illiam Webb

Davison, Robert Park—517 North 22nd


Day, CJ..■.;....;

DeBardeleben, Henry Ticknor—1007

Southern Railway Bldg.

Decker, A. Clinton—Brown-Marx Bldg.. Drennan, Hubert A.—Ave. D at 20th St. Dunn, W. R. J.—203 Lincoln Life Bldg.

Earle, Samuel L.—1801 First Ave ,,

Elliott, John D.—301 S. 20th St

Fies, Eugene—^American-Traders Bldg. ..

Fies, Milton H.—Southern Ry. Bldg

Fulghum, William W.—Pioneer Bldg.... Grubb, William L—206 Post Office Bldg. Hammond, Horace—American-Traders

National Bank Bldg

Hanson, Victor H.—Cor. Fourth Ave. &

22nd St

Hawkins, N. H -.

Henley, Walter Ervin 1

Hodges, Charles Otto—Box 151

Ingalls, Robert I

Jackson, Fred Witchell—213 N. 21st St.. Jeffers, Lewis Francis—2024 First Ave.. . Jemison, Robert, Jr.—221 North. 21st St. Johnson, Crawford—500 South 22nd St. Johnston. Forney—1027 First National

Bank Bldg

Johnston, Robert Daniel—808 Bankers

Bond Bldg

Kaul, John Lanzel—1507 Empire Bldg. . (see Addenda page 1690)

Kayser, Leo

Kettig, William H

Kirkpatrick, James Douglas—Ave. B &

22nd St

Lacy, Benjamin Watkins

Lathrop, W. R.—Box 671 ... . .

Linthicum. E. E ....

Loveman, Joseph H '.

Manlv, William Hester—112-118 North

20th St ;

Martin, Thomas Weslev ;.

Adartin, Wm. Logan—^^02 No. 18th St....

Marx, Otto—Brown-Mat-ic Bldg , :'.

Meyer, Robt. R.—1502 Comer Bldg




E irmingham — ( Continued )

Miller, Frank W.—903 American-Traders Bldg

Milner, H. K.—2020 Comer Bldg

Moore, Benjamin F

Moore, Person—715 American-Traders National Bank Bldg

Nabers, Zach L.—607 First National Bank Bide

Nice, Charles M. {M. D.)—815 Bankers Bond Bldg

Northington, Merrill Pratt—2108 1st Ave.

Orr, Cyrus P.—308 North 21st St

Percy, Le Roy Pratt—1227-1238 Brown-Marx Bldg

Persons. John Cecil

Ramsay, Andrew C.—1508 American Trust Bldg

Reid, Charles J.—2801 Avenue G

Rosamond, Edward Powell—2201-2 Corner Bldg

Ross. J. P.—2100 First Ave

Rust, Edmund Jennings Lee— 1025 Woodward Bldg

Ryding, H. C

Samford, Frank P.—517 North 22nd St.

Seibels, H. G.—221 N. 21st St

Sevier,, Landers—1215 American Trust Bldg

Shepherd, John Coger—815-16 First National Bank Bldg

Shook, James A.—American-Traders Nr.-tional Bank Bldg

Silver, Ralph Richard—1301-1302 American-Traders Bank Bldg

Smith, Arthur W.—420 Jasper Road . ..

Snavely, Guy Everett

Spain, Frank Edward—706 Bankers Bond Bldg

Sterne. Mervyn H.—308 Brown-Marx Bldg

.Sterrett, William Cleveland—Comer Bldg.

Swann, Theodore—930 Brown-Marx Bldg.

Terrell, Robert A., Jr.—503 Title Guarantee Bldg

Terrell, Robert Armistead—503 Title Guarantee Bdg

Terry, Howard R.—218 No. 21st St....

Thurlow, Oscar Gowen—Alabama Power Bldg

TVawick, Dan Greene—418 Alabama Power Bldg

Tynes, William Doric—P. O. Drawer 1392

Vann, James Allen—1731-29-27-25 First Ave

Walker, William Mudd (Judge)—2738 Highland Ave

Ward, George Batty—Brown-Marx Bldg.

Wells, Oscar

Woodrow, Robert H.—2124 Ave. D

Woodruff, George W.—4600 4th Ave., South

Wright, J ames A

Yancey, George W.—First National Bank Bldg

Yates, E. A

v^pfpc Tcssc F

Yeildin'g Frank 6.-2127 2nd Ave. North


Brugh. Guy, P


James, Daniel Ward

Martin, John T

Von Faucett, Henry ; .


Caffey, Hugh Madison, Jr '.

Davidson, Bruner J

Finlay, J. E

Liles, Ephrain Sherod

Lovelace, W. Y

McMillan, Benjamin Swanson

McMillan, Ed Leigh

Miller, John Richard

Neal, W. T

Smith, G. W. L

Wilson, William F

Smith, Russell A. (Dr.)


Highlower. James F

Ramage, Tames Taylor


DuBose. Gordon ,

Nichols, William Glenn . .. ,,


Moore, Joseph McReynold.s—Box 57 ....


.\ndrews, Ernest L

Land, Luther

Ward, l.vman


Kropp, Gustaf Alfred

Shepherd, Zack P


Dabbs, Albert H

(see also Addenda page 1694)

Johnson, Marion

Robertson, William George


Starling, M. D

Smith, Roscoe

Williamson, Glenn Sanders


Fuller, Jerome T

Fuller, Walton C

Kennedy, Edward

Logan, Stephen Douglas, l^ogan BUg. ..

Meigs, Stephen C


Arnold, WiUiam A., Sr


Rilev, Henry Clayton


Oaklev, Marion Lamar

Oakley, Walter Flake


Elliott, G. S

Jones, Walter Neil

Williams, Jonathan A


Alitchell, Ocie O


Croft, W. Fred

Smith, Samuel Perrv


Ward, Thomas S


Bailey. Thomas Zeno

Dix, Thomas Murrell—521^' Bank St...

(see also Addenda page 1694)

Hendrix, Clyd&—601 Bank St

Patterson, Jonas Sigmund—Bank St

(see Addenda page 1692)

Shackelford, William Bryan


Bailey, Edward Howe Corrie

Kirven, Clarence

Lee, Nathan Lane


Jones, Clark Ingersoll


Crawford, John Lillian

Farmer, Byrd Grace — Porter-Farmer


Forrester, Harvey G

Malone, George Y

Merrill, Allen Kent

Tompkins, Oscar L.—Dothan National

Bank Bldg


Dorsey, Claude E

(see also Addenda page 1694)

Rowe, Charles Lee


Hamilton, Foster

Hunnicutt, Norvin Welborn—2900 Ave.


King, Samuel C

Matlock, Joseph Dixon

(see Addenda page 1691) ENTERPRISE

Adams, M. P

Harrison, Ralph F

•Sessions. Lewe H


Browne, Garfield

(see Addenda page 1688)

Willis, William J


Conner, Herschel Henry—P. O. Box 417

Lampley. Ira Tullis

Merrill, William Hoadley—East Alabama

National Bank Bldg

Oppenheimer, Jake—129 Broad St

Reeves, McNab M

Ross, Henry Kendall

Shorter. Eli Sims

Thomas, R. D


Banks, J. C

Banks, James O

Banks, R. R

Banks, W. C

Grubbs, L. N


I —


Eutaw— (Continued )

Hildreth, Emmett Franklin

Lucius, James C


Jones, Burnie E


Dvson, Marmaduke


.Stollenwerck, Siddons

Watkins, John Franklin . .. FAYETTE

Smith, George Lee


Elting, Nial Childs

l^^oy, W. L.—112 E. Tennessee McCjarry. James Robert—102 N^ourt St Phillips, Thomas J.— 402 Royalf FOLEY

Coonev, Patrick J

Randall, John W


Davis, John Andrew, Jr. ...

Guest. R. J

Jordan, L. C

Kuin, William Everett—Box 24J Sawyer, Charles M. T. ...

Stanley, John P

Weatherly, George I

Wolfes, Charles A


Dew, John William—Cansler Ai

Faucett, George L

Freibaum, Lee

Smith, Lamar

Wadsworth, Jesse Boring .

Wilbanks; Robert Martin—P. dBox 83

Wilkinson, Caleb S


Harper Malcolm H ,

Johnson, Joel E

Morris, D. H., Jr

Watson, J. P


Majors, Madison D


Crew, E. Louis

Crew, William Louie


Randle. Emmette P


Ward, Thomas Robert


Poole, Calvin

Riley, Oscar—Commerce St. GROVE HILL

Carleton, George A

Tucker, Quincev Wooadali GUNTERSVILLE

Albert, Frank Bittle

(see Addenda page 1687)

Fennell, Robert F

Ogletree, John Edgar (Dr.) Rayburn, William Callahan

Willis, John Pearson

Zettlcr, Gordon Berrien ....


Wiginton, Arlie L

Wilson, John L.. (M. D.) .. HARTSELLE

Freeman, John Elmer, Sr.—66 St


Freeman, John Elmer, Jr. ...

Gibson, S. E

Houston, John L

Kyle, John T

McNeill, D. W

Mittwede, Ernst F

Orr, Samuel F

PattiUo, M

Quinn, Charles Y

Ryan, Thomas Richard

Sherrill, Sylvanus L


Malone, Arthur E


Owens, James Arthur


Murphree, Robert

Spragins, Marion Beirne—202 Galfetin St. HURTSBORO

Brooks, Ben B

Pruett, John Guerry—Box 234

Williams. Stephen B


Fryar, James Homer

Green, Ernest L

Scarbrough, William Branson . .


Jacksonville—(Continued) Montgomery—(Continued) STEVENSON

West, Ernest Harvj'—58 South Main St. Steiner, Robert Eugene—First National Schultz, Jesse Z

Whitemore, Chester A •. Bank Bldg Schultz, Paul Gibbons

JASPER VincenteUi, Michel Antony—14 Commerce SULLIGENT

Drewry, Ivey Oscar St Oldshue, Clyde

Long, Edgar William Whitfield, Louis Broughton—P. O. Draw SYLACAUGA

Massey, Ross er T Ford, John Byron

LAFAYETTE Woolfolk, Albert S Mitchell, W. H

Griffin, Charles Wm MOORESVILLE Roberts, Thomas McGregor

LAPINE Peebles, John Henry Smith, Lafayette J


LEEDS Delashaw, Noble Edward Bingham, Jolin A

Aierrell, Bewley Edward Downing, Eugene B Dumas, William Lawrence

Roberts, James Clarence Hodson, Earl M McElderry, Hugh L

Spruiell, John Melvin Judv, Ore L White, J. B

Withington, William Alexander—2800 2nd Shelton, Willie TALLADEGA SPRINGS

Ave Walker, Andrew Walter McKinnon, John W


McMeans, Chas. P Swanzy, William Edward^—P. O. Box 312 Blount, Roberts

Wilcoxson, Daniel Taylor NEWVILLE THOMASVILLE

LINDEN Kirkland, John Stansell—R. R. West Main Kimbrough. Julius Wood . .

Rhodes, Roy Gustavus St THORSBY

Williams, J. E ONEONTA Butler, Elmer W


Nichols, William Sanders Fendley, John Sidney Shores, Sterling Steele

MAPLESVILLE Pv^^'^^'t^a^^^^^ ^ ^^n^"^' J- ^

Nix. Harvev Matthew—Box 97 Yj' ^,rir t ri i w u n

n/r A tiT/-»xT TTTXT/-.rr.T<-»».r Audrcws, William T Black, Walter C

MARION JUNCTION Stewart, Clifford West Henderson, Charles

Randall, Henry Pettus OPP Henderson, Jere C

McCULLOUGH Dalton, Casey Murphree, Thomas Eugene

Day, J. H ; Henderson, T. E Partridge, Edward Rosseau

MOBILE Mizell, Charles Wesley Simpson, Charlie A

Bedsole, Joseph L Whaley, J. A TUSCALOOSA

Bestor, Daniel Perrin Woodall, William Lonnie . Cochrane, R. H

Bestor, Daniel Perrin, Jr ORRVILLE Alston, James F.—707-8 Alston Bldg. '.!!

Blacksher, John J Dunaway. Benjamin Ellis Bettis, Marshall Rov—6th St. & 23rd Ave

Bryant, W. H.—57 So. Conception St. ... PARRISH Brandon. William Woodward—Court

Bush, Albert P.—Box 249 Lockwood, Oliver Ladew House

Cochrane, John Taylor, Jr.—Meaher Bldg. May, Gerson Cade, Adolphe Catlin—620 Greensboro.

Dunlap, David R Phifer. Henry Ave

Dunlap, George H PIEDMONT Doster, James J '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.

Evans, William David—Foot of Canal St. Haslam, George P Fitts, Frank

Forcheimer, Ferdinand—106 North Com Woods, William A.—P. O. Box O Foster, Glenn

merce St Woolf, John Leo Friedman, Samuel—P Q Box 345

Cans, Moses L PINE APPLE Home, Tames T .'.'.'.'."

Glennon, James H.—205 St. Francis St.. Adams, David Jones. Henry Augustine—510-515 Alston

Glennon, James K.—205 St. Francis St. . . (see Addenda page 1687) Bldg

Glennon, John F.—205 St. Francis St Stanford. Sam N Meredith, Qwen^—2212 Broad St

Griser, John M PINE HILL Moody, Frank Maxwell '. .[

Jackson. Theo. K Byrne. Peter Cornelius Robertson, James S

Key,. W. N.—71 Conti St PRATTVILLE Tucker, Hayse .

Ladd, G. Russell—108 St. Joseph St Moore, James Ralph Verner, C. B ][[[

Lowenstein, Aaron A.—56 N. Commerce Pratt, Daniel Wyman. William Stokes—2214 Broad St

St Thomas. William Pratt TUSCUMBIA

Lyons, Mark—113-125 N. Water St PRICHARD Perry Harry

Mcintosh, William Frasch, Edw. B Sarp-ent Karnin ' '^^Vr.u^^ '

McPhillips, Julian RAGLAND XTTli^irr-i.^ ^

Michael, George Alfred Thomas. James Addison iv,i-f iTn iT'. r-

Paterson. William Bothwell—First Na RAMER r, „„ A' \r,

tional Bank Bldg Rushton. Moses B Kunnette, Wilson

Reynalds, W. A.—167 Dauphin St RED BAY TUSKEGEE INSTITUTE

Rossman, Frank Fox—970 Springhill Ave Davis, Jas. S Gibson, Charles Harrison

Taylor, Thomas J.—56 North Commerce RIVER FALLS UNION SPRINGS

St More. E. Livingfield Morgan, Joseph Robert

Tigrett, Isaac Burton ROANOKE Moseley. Andrew Jackson

Torchheimer, Louis—108 N. Commerce Brittain, Henry Maddox Moseley. Frank M

St Buckalew. Marion Roby UNIONTOWN

Wilson, J. H Hooton, Paul Jones—Merchants & Farm Stollenwerck, Gaston D

Woolf, Junius W ers Bank Bldg White, Walter |

MONROEVILLE Satterwhite. Benjamin E VALLEY .HEAD

Barnett. John Bigham Smith. Patterson Brown Lowrv Russell D

Lazenby, Karl James Swann, Tyler McEwin \7-cr.M/->xT

Lee. Amasa Coleman ROCK RUN ^t"^ t , ^

Maxwell, D. M Garvin, David J. . .. '17x^7' -^^ " ^"oper

Stallworth, B. H ROGERSVILLE k- ? aw„-

MONTGOMERY Belue, John C. (M D ) . ^^^^^ VVilham Albert—Box 56

Abraham, Henry RUSSELLVILLE Massey, ^ red

Baldwin, A. M Burgess, Chas. R VINCENT

Ballard, Eugene—First National Bank Guin, J. Foy Tucker, Armstead Wright

Bldg Mahan, William Burgess WADLEY

Baum, Sylvain—First National Bank Bldg. SAMSON Pearson, Hiram Davis

Blow, Vern J.—Box 150 Pinckard, John Bunyan WARRIOR

?amS YameTl ''"'''■ ''"' • SCOTTSBORO Steele, E. C

STy"^ MichLT-lO^Commerce'st.-!! l! i i"" S^>'v J?!}" W- ^ WE|T BLOCTON

Do^ughss, Hartwell-First National Bank ^^T^^'"'^"^ ^ ^oufi^'x^illi^ir K'^'^". [ ! i i!!!;!;'

Finnell, Wooisey ".'. Day, James Percy—236 Broad St WETUMPKA

Flowers, J. D . " Fowlkes, Samuel A.—1008i/4 Water Ave. Smith, George Bernard—Box 97

Hill, Walton Harris—Suite 'si'o, Beil' Bldg Fuller, J. A.—Baker Bldg WINFIELD

Jones, Geo. W.—1207-19 First National ^/^}^.' Chambhss Harris, Raymond W

Bank Bldg Melvin, Edward Carlisle Stalcup. J. G

Leach, Edmund C—First National Bank Patterson. Chas. A.—108 Lauderdale St.. WOODWARD

^ Bldg SILURIA Crockard, Frank Hearne

Pelzer, Arthur—Coosa St Strowd, William Franklin Smith, Herbert E

Samford. WilHam Hodges—State Capitol SPRINGVILLE YORK

Seibels, R. E Moody, Thomas fidward Adams, Roland Lee






Adams, Adoniram Judson

Barr, Dalton L


Hess, Luther C

Hutchinson, George

Lathrop. Austin E

Lavery, Robert

Stroecker, E. H

Wesch. George B


Metzgar, L. H

Post, Harold H

Pullen, W. S

Reck, John

Tripp, H. T

Whitney, George Herbert


Barber, J. C

Bates, William Albert—P. O. Box B-5..

Daly, Eldon James

Daly, Milton Joseph

Gilmore, Patrick J

Hall, R. G

Heckman, James R

Pries, William A

Schlothan. William F

Strench, William G

Strong, Henry Carlton

Thompson, Henrv Roy


Elsemore, T. S

Locken, Ed

Nelson, Frederick

Norberg, C

Stenslid, K


Balderston, Henrv Spencer :


Rasmuson, Edward A


Stuart, Walter Tuller



Curlev, Michael


Bledsoe, Nelson Charles

Buckwalter, Paul M.—Box 688

Burgess, Ivan F

Cunningham, M. J -^

Knapp, Cleon Talboys—Box 829

■Ross, John Mason _.

Sanders, John E.—Box 327

Shattuck. Lemuel C—P. O. Box 507. .. .

Thomn^on, Charles S.—Box 2172


Spikcs Albert Roswell


Peck, Albert M

Prouty, Winfiekl Scott—Route 1

Steere, Josenh Bates—San Carlos Hotel

Bldg. . . .'.

Van VVagenen, A., Jr


Chandler, Alexander J

Price, Arthur E


Young, Herbert \'


Calvert, James H


McCauley, T. N '

Prout, John W., Jr


Crowell, John B • ■ • •

Graves, Elljridge William

(see also Addenda page 1696)

Packard, Ashley Burdett

Williams, John Sidno/y

Wright, Frederick T . ■■


Babbitt, C. J

Babbitt, David

Haight, Edward A

Pollock, Thomas E

Riordan, Timothy Allen

Watson, Hugh Victor—Babbitt Bldg. . . . FLORENCE

Thorpe, Frederick H


Henning, Lloyd Chamberlain

McEvoy, Joseph Raymon


Colvocorcsses, G. M


Tallv, Robert E


Manson, F. M

Walters, C. J

Wilde, Ferdinand A


Hastings, Stephen H

Parsons, E. Roy


Stapley, Orle}- Seymour—Box 186

Van Spa'icker>'n, Lam])ert H

Vv'^eekes, Fred C


Gumming, Elbert Kingsley

(see Addenda page 1689)

Jung, Si_'gmnnd C.

Winegar, William Chester—P; O. Box


Wise, Joseph Enos


Fdmondson, Horace Wm

Ridenour William K. .


Renaud, Charles M


Baughn, Otis J.—Heard Bldg

Brophy, Frank C—514 Heard BUg

Cashion, James A.—414 Lnhrs Bidg

Chalmers. Louis H.—206 Fleming Bldg. .

Cowden, E. Rav—207 Ellis Bldg

Cravath. William B

Ellinwood, Everett E.—512 Hea-d Bldg Esgate, Arthur T.— 32 Wes" Adan s St. . .

Foster, William C

(Goldman Leo—128 South First Ave. .. .

Gust, Jo'^n L.—303 Fleming Bldg

Heard, Dwight B.—Heard Bldg

Heard, Maie Bartlett—He;;id Bldg

Kyle, Russell Parsons—101 Nortl Central


Lilley, Gf>o. E.—Heard Bldg

Loe, Charles lonce—32 W. Adan.v St. . . Mclver, John L.—2037 N. Central Ave. . .

Melczer, Joe 1

Mills, C. E

Rae, Robert—716 Heard Biug

Rav, James B

Sinith, Arthur t._205-207 Heard Bldg. . .

Wakelin Edward Scargall

Weiss, William C

Wmchester, Robert /


Brinkmever, Henry—114 N. Montezuma

St. ..." _

Fagerberg, Dison—15-16 Basiiford Bldg.

Hazeltine Moses B

Perry, Samuel S

Peter, Charles A

Russell, David Wentworth

Viele, F. S


Gearhart Robeit Y

Wickersl am, Ernest S


McBurncy, Samuel F^auisey


Creswell, Frank W.—Box 96


Becker, (.justav

Becker, Julius W

Becker, J'aul F


Birchett, Jos. T

Harelson, Harvey S.—Cor. 6th & Mill


Jones, Maurice E., Jr

\VooIf, Charles


Brown, J. F

Clyne, Meade (Dr.)—220 Speedway. ... Fenchurch, Edward Jeffrey—233 East

Congress St

Hofnieister, I^ouis Henry— F. O. Box 785. Holbert, FTarry H.—52 E. Congress St. . .

Huwell, Peter E.—25-29 East 6th St

Krultschnitt, Julius, Jr.—I^. O. Box 1016.

Nathan, F. A

Ramsey, George L

.Stjlomon, Chas. I"

Winchester, Robert V


Beach, Caroline Takaniine—Raiicho Caroline



Eiigeldcr, Arthur W


Straughan, Blount C


Cuinmings, John P

McAleb, Edward B

Ward, Thomas D

Wilson, John C


Stevens, George Thomas


Caudry, Bert

Eger, Emil C

Roljertson, Carl H

Tobias, E. H

Westover, William H



(jregory, S. N

Patton, Walter D


Lemon, Charles Neel

Spann, Cecil Eldon


Callaway, Joseph—604>< Main St

McMillan, Dougald

McMillan, John

J^atterson, John W


May, ClHude Eugene

Sanderson, Hiram Gibbs

Toland, Hugh L


Cansbie, John M

A'TcJunkins, Walker T


Stanley, Thomas Edward

Summers, John Franklin


AVvnn, Ernest R


Shaw. John W.—Box 42, Star Rt


Barnett, Charles W.—172-186 Main St...

Barnett, I. Nels—176 Main St

Coffin, James P

Cole, Chas. F

Gray, Joe M

Kennerly, Hubbard Michael '

Wolf, John Q


Pace, Smith Hampton

Parsons, John Eugene


Abington, Eugene H

Abington, T. E. .,


Briner, Ernest

Brouse, William D.—Benton Bank &

Trust Bldg

Carson, William E.

L.OX, William Jonathan

Hyten, Charles D

Lambeth, Robert Franklin

Lewis, Shas. W

Smith, Grady A

Thompson, Harry H

Utlev. William A


Jackson, W. E

Lincoln, George Morton

Pace, Lon A.—610 W. 12th St

Peel, D. W

I^eel. D. W., Jr


Maples, Joseph S

(see Addenda page 1691) BLACK ROCK

Myers, Jay Hamilton

Sloan. Clay

Warren, Gustavus Albert—Main St


.Stcpliens, Phillip Cavanaugh •


Hancock, J. R

Isaacs, Joe

Nelson, Rudolphus A.—Box 26


Henry, Tieorge A


fedwards, J. K

Edwards, Mattie (Mrs.)—100 Main &


Parker, William Wayne


Booneville—(Continued) El Dorado—(Continued) HARRELL

Westmoreland, td Mahony Joseph Kirby—Armstrong Bldg Harrell, Bennett W

Williams, Chas. X Moore, John A., (M. D.)—Masonic Roark, T. D ■


Meek, Margaret Rimes (Mrs.) Roney, Floyd Everett Alexander, Claude C

BRINKLEY Zeppa, Joseph—Exchange Bldg Coffman, Grover Cleveland

Andrews, Frank—Box 326 EL PASO Holmes, D. N

Bradley, L. H., Jr Kent, Fai Phelps Hudspeth, A. T

Goldberg, Adolph Kent, Richard E Jackson, Thomas Leslie

Mihvee, Rufus Frank—132 Cypress St. . . EMERSON McGaughey, J. M.—Citizens National

Rusher, Albert—Hotel Rusher Tucker, Charles L Bank Bldg

BUCKNER ENGLAND Stephenson, Wellington

Owen, W. M Beaty, Samuel Shaver Wagley, Joseph Marvin

BYRON Car.lee, Edward Alfred HARTFORD

Welch, John W Hankins, Carlisle Elwood Martin, W. A

CABOT Wilbourn, Sanfcrd Moore, David

Murrell, George P Vv'orkman, Quay T Smith, M. M

See, John F.—Box 66 EUREKA SPRINGS Wallace. George Washington


Garner, Joseph T Blair, Charles White—99-101 Spring St.. . Rogers, Vernon A

Rodman, Elbert C Butt, Festus O Stock, E. J

Sinith, H. H Diehl S A Wheatlev, Hugh B

Wood, Tames H.—P. O. Box 195 Simpson D Wilken, Ed. C. W


Levy, Arthur FAYETTEVILLE Bittle, J. L

Lide, John M.—Wright Bldg Appleby, George Dickson, Otis Craven

Meek, James H Davidson, Benjamin Rush HELENA

Powell, Braxton V.—418 W. Washing Fulbright, Jack Anderson, Henry P.—Cherry & Rightor

ton St Hart, Phos. L Sts ■.

Saxcn, Charles Louis—Box 45 Phipps, Tames H.—Ozark Bldg Doughtie, Richard T.—P. O. Box 401 . .

Street, Walter Garland Soter, Elias J Howe, Wilson H.—505 Solomon Bldg. . .

Worthington, W. L.—106 West Washing FITZHUGH Ready, Margaret R. (Mrs.)—929 "Beech

St Snapp, [ohn I-[arrison St

CASA .. FORDYCE Rothschild, Isidor—419 Cherry St

lucker, D. A Amis Lewis Schatz, F. VV

CAVE CITY Banks, A. B Tanner, Albert Newell

Street, James Eagle Bowe,'Bright Morgan Tappan, Sam VV.—314 Perry St

CHARLESTON Harris, Virgil Romine—106 Spring St. . . Wadsworth, Henry

Mmden, Nicholas Theodore Hickey Charlie Benjamin HINDSVILLE

CHERRY VALLEY Howell', Vann Manning .' '.'...'. Berry, A. H

Halk R_ Eh Trussell, Lawrence L Bryant, W. L

CHIDESTER .. Wood Bennett H Lane, Thomas Ransom :

Benton, Thomas Hendrix FORREST CITY Parker, L. V


PL" A'|,>>i?]l"T ?^ Fussell, Tames Abramson, Rue

CLARKSVILLE Pettus Roberl I Hawkins, Gay

Boem, James R Warren, Oliver K.".'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. Peterson, Emmett J


Lucas, Marcus A j>^^^ pj ^ Atkins, William Seth—P. O. Box 72

Montgomery, John Jefferson Berry Arthur ¥—218' Garriscn Ave Barlow, John D.—Hotel Barlow

P°>'"°J' ^^^p- ; Coffv,' Robert Clark—1200 Garrison Ave. Lemley, Harry Jacob—200-201-202 First

t.OLUMBUt> Creekmore, Edward Fitzgerald—23^ N. National Bank Bldg

Stuart, Robert Crittenden ^,^1, t^^ & / O'Neal, N. P

)^'^°": J^s- S Daily, Thomas' L.—615 Garrison a'vV. ' '.'. Pate, Virgil A.—First National Bank

CUJNlWAY Ferguson, Arthur L.—1100 South D. St. Bldg •;•,••;

?o^xTTTv?n"^''""" Harper, S. Birnie-1201-5 Garrison Ave. Patterson, Robert Malcolm

t-UKlMlWU Tohnston Ben Bourne Spencer, I^lovd

Letbetter. W. M.-606 Vme St ^^1, j^ Ellsw6rth-13" Noi^th ' 7th Stewart, Edward Poe-104 So. Elm St.

Taylor, F. G o. ■' -^ White, Richard Thomas ■

CROSSETT j^^jlg ■■( ej„,;:ii V North Seventh St HOT SPRINGS

Arnold, Legrande J Kennedy Allan-T^ennedyBWg .'.'. ['. Anderson, William McRee-811-813 Cen-

iJooley, Alva Koy . McDoncugh, James B.—505 Merchants tral Ave.

Gates. Edgar Woodward g^^^j^ g^j^j' Angle, Jav Warren

nAPnAMlJf t'/ McMakin, Lawren'ce M:-13 No'rih'Zth St. Belding, George R.-621 Central Ave. . .

^ ,1 ,7 c ,7- u Moulton, Flerbert, (Dr.)—Merchants Na Birnbaum, Chas. R

Catlett, .Samuel Graham ,i^,^^, 'g^^^i^ g,^' ^ / ^ Burgauer, Dave-621 Central Ave

Roex, Albert Nelson J T Callahan, George A

5.'.£''"'^\°"' i, ^ O'Neal', Charles' 'i'hom'as—928 ' Garrison Drennan, Charles Travis—Mountain &

DE QUEEN ^yg Exchange Sts

Collins, Abe Packard,' g' 'c.'—'718 'n' I'iih St. '.".".'.'.'. P°ote, John B.—600 Central Ave

^°°^w '?■ A P''y°'-' Thos. B.—Merchants National ^°^^''^h a ' '^V'--'i- 'xj ': \

Knight, i. A Bank Bldg Jones, Harry A.—Majestic Hotel

Lake, John S Speer, Ralph' John—205-213 'Rogers'A've..' f e^' Stanley

Lyon, Will lorn ■^•.■••■-■- Trimble, William Weightman-523 Gam ff^P^'"' ^red. J ........

Ray, Claud Carl—Dierks Bldg sqj^ ^yg Neill, Robert—5 Arkansas National Bank

^^^^Jk^-^k^^^^^ '^^''"^ ^^ Ward, James Alfred, "jr. !;:::::::;:;;"' ^^'^s- ;•;••v/■;.^f^■•^-v^ c-i

DERMOTT GILLETT Proctor, John M. (M. D.)—Dugan Stuart

Bates, Claude R.—Box 338 Whitehead, Robert Homer o ^'"^^-Z ''A i' •;

Bowman, Curtis Burette PRFFN FORFST Reynolds, Al. A

Kimpel, Dave ^ wr-u- r R\x, Chas. N

Lowe, Orns Andy Loxsey W miam Ueorge Smith, Ray Sammons—909 Central Ave..

Magness, Morgan C ., (^f Addenda page 1688) Stearns, EC

Prothro, Adolphus cr ff \i t' Tarkington, Grayson E.—Dugan-Stuart

Stinson, Richard Powell w u p i^w Bldg

DES ARC A^T^^T^-^TTf/A V Williams. Hamp.—414-416 Ouachita Ave.

Brown, Frederick Epps ^^^^^,W7^''„ HOT SPRINGS NATIONAL PARK

Brown, Linville R lirennecke, L,. J- gj^^^^ Merrett K.—606 Central Ave. . . .

DE WITT GREEN'WOOD Fellheimer, Henrv—404 Central Ave. . . .

Latimer, Booker Davis, R. Jeff Fordyce, John Rison—P. O. Box 346 . .

DOVER McClendon, Isaac M Henderson, M. J

Talkington, Isaac Leonidas Osborn, Will Blakemore Horner, Clarence Joseph—Box 405

EARLE Ware, B. L.—P. O. Box 56 Stallcup, James Alfred—621 Central Ave.

Bready, Wm. J GRUBBS Vv^heatley, Hill A.—325 Ouchita Ave. . . .

Williamson, Henry Cuthbert Madison, Robert S Wilson, Porter—416 Ouachita Ave


Babb, Samuel E.—200 No. Washington St. Smith, Barton R Albright, A. G

Barton, Thomas H.—Exchange Bldg. .. . HAMPTON HUGHES

Ereidenthal, Herbert M Abbott, Charles Irvin Snowden, Robert Bogardus, Tr.—R. F. D.



Basham, Omar W. ■ Hurley, Frank W.—P. O. Box 65 Davis, Hillie J

Miller, Joseph Smith Irvine, Roland C—Second & Main Sts. . MONTICELLO

HUTTIG Kahn, Alfred G.—Box 950 McQuiston, Luther Davis

Clowney, D. M Kirkwood, Thomas Wade—7th & Main Trotter, Virgil J

Ford, Edwin Roy Sts Trotter, Virgil Juan, Jr

Howard, Clyde Lanford, Robert J.—7th & Main Sts. . . . White, John Wesley

Scott, Frank Woolfolk Loughborough, Tames Fairfax—314 West Whittington, C. C

INDIAN BAY Markhani St WilHamson, Lamar

Jackson, B. P., Jr Maloney, John S MORRILTON

JONESBORO McDonnell, William Archie Bradley, Adam R.—Box 74

Barton, Eugene C Morris, Em.met Davis, Tom

Lohnes, Wm. Hugh Ogden, Mahlon D. (M.D.)—2000 Main Scroggin, W. O

Lutterloh, Pearlie Watson, 624 South St MOUNT IDA

Main St Peay, Gordon N.—500 Main St Radford, O. M

Mathes, E. P Penick, Tames H.—500 Main St Watkins, George

McKee, James Ellis Pfeifer, Leo—6th & Main Sts MURFREESBORO

Muse, Robert Lee Pugh, Geo. B.—723 Home Insurance Hipp, J. Noel

Parr, James E Bldg NASHVILLE

Robertson, Robert Edward Ribenack, William Charles—111 West Beauchamp, William A.—201 North Main

Sloan, Eugene—108^ W. Washington Second St St

Ave Rightsell, Richard Wilshire—223 South Bell, George Henry

Townsend, Reginel Erbin Main St Gibson, William—Box 65

JUDSONIA Rose, George B.- -314 West Markham St. Hughes, Allen Hunter

Briggs, Flavel G Runyan, Joseph Phineas—20th & Schiller Hughes, C. G

Graves, James Herbert Ave Reeder, James Joseph—122 W. Howard

Hackett, Jim R Sanders, Morris B St

Lowdermilk, Thomas J Schm.utz, Fred J.—500 Main St Sain, John Guthrie

JUNCTION CITY Scroggin, Tas. H. (M.D.)—721 W. Mark- Walsh, Martin

Pepper, Odum A ham St NETTLETON

KENSETT Stanlev, Joseph H Shauver, Fred

Wilson, Charles C Thompson, Richard H.—421 Main St. . . NEW BLAINE

KNOBEL Tucker, Henry H Roadv, W. C

Sellmeyer, Henry Cristopher Webster, J. B NEWPORT

Whitaker, R Weinmann, John F.—Box 216 Ferguson, Alcorn—316 Walnut St

LAKE CITY Wilson, A. J.—223 Main St Gregg, Tom J.—412 Pine St

Stotts, Enoch Marvin Worthen, George G.—500 Main St Hurt, Garland

LAKE VILLAGE Wright, Moorhead—201 W. 2nd St Saenger, C. J

Burnside, O. C LONOKE Van ^ Dyke, Percy Hampton—2nd &

Clark, Dudley Saunders Gates, Jacob M Beech

Davis, Edward Lee Trimble, Thomas Clark, Ti' Williams, John E

Rosenzweig, Morris E Young, Wade H NORTH LITTLE ROCK

LAMAR LOUANN, Brewczynski, Joseph Martin

Barger, Marius Irvan Callaway, Gene F Conlee, Chas. C

Temple, Robert Carter Pullen, Thurman Charles—Box 98 .... Humphreys, Solon—318 Main St

Wilson, W. H LUXORA McAmis, William H

LAURATOWN Simonson, S. Everly McLean, Arthur Edward

Gibson, John K Wood, Charles Benton Thompson, Frank


Roderick, J. F Davis, Joe L.—Main & North Washing- Plemmons, Andrew J., Jr


Parrish, Lee Walter Hutcheson, James O ^ Davis, Louis Edward

Ralev, William Thomas Kitchens, Wade Irlampton—Box 185 .... Ethridge, Daniel Franklin


Hudspeth, Roy O Chamberlain, Robert Roy Lipsey, Robert James


Magness, Horace R MAMMOTH SPRING Cox, Emma

LEWISVILLE Lytle, William Segraves, George Basil—Bank of Osceoh.

Bradshaw, Robert L Nesbit, Milton Wesley Bldg. ........

Burton, John Bayly MANSFIELD Sullenger, Charles E

Landes, James Curtis Martin, W. A OZAN

Searcy, Robert L Martin, Will A Barrow, John H

Stewart, Wm. D MARIANNA ?^f^^^ t^ u n

LITTLE ROCK Dupuy, T. Russell Anderson, I^alton B

Allsopp. Fred W (see Addenda page 1689) Blackburn, Edward N

Ashcraft, Thomas Ross—7th & Main Sts. McClintock, William Ewing Carter, Grover C.

Baird, John P.—924 E. 3rd St Mixon, Robert Lee, Sr S""''''^^^;, ""

Beal, Robert K Newbern, Marvin Eugene, Sr ^^•'''^'^^'f^^ • • ■ •

Bennett, H. M.—223 Cumberland St Robertson, Elgan Clayton Mamard, James C

Bertner, Gus—1104 Donaghey Bldg Turner, Paschal Richard—Drawer 472 . . „"^^'^"^^T^T^^

Blass, Gilbert Julian—504 Main St Wall, Enoch David—Poplar St PARA GOULD

Bodman, Ernest J.—201 W. 2nd St MARMADUKE Adams, Guy L.—118-120 No. Pruette St.. .

Bright, R. C—812 Home Insurance Bldg. Lipscomb John Wilv Gardner, E. W

Brizzolara, Aristo, Jr.—201 W. 2nd St. . . Lipscomb! Samuel Scott ^i^^'lo'' Raymond Cecil

Brough, S. R.—112 E. 7th St Van Arsdel, William Burton ^f^^^^ „,.„.

Bullion, Bruce T MARVELL Cherry, William R

Caldwell, Robt. (M. D.)—Donaghey Bldg. Jackson Loren Arthur Elsken, Conrad

Campbell, Gordon H.—Bankers Trust Swift James Bovd Evenson, Edward

Bldg TWTAVMAPn Smith, Arthur McDanel

Cantrell, Deaderick H.—314 W. Markham t ft « n Smith, John James, (M. D.)—Paris Hos-

o^ Loitis, Buell pital

Cole', CTias." 'f. ".'.'. '.'. '.'. '.'.'.'. '.'.'.''.'.'. '.'.'.'. '.'. Loftis, John Riley S,,^it,, Thomas Rufus'

ames Curran ^'"=^' ^^ w',^ " n Stroupe, Henry- "

Covey "John Nap ?,P^A'^^^t:^'"'^"' ^ Wahl, Charles F.

T / Mock, EliaS C Ptrnnnp Vfpnrir Rrvv 7

Conway, James Curran r._ .'_ ixrMi: ,. t^ ^.troupe, inenr> cox /

Covey, John Nap m„„m

Covey, Joseph Dow—223 Main St ivicur^nii^r. Zeller, George Max

Croft, Clyde R.-Box 945 IT''^ 'if'vr ■ PARKIN

Enge , K. A.-615 Main St m° ''^'r . Ft' p'n' ib^ ^^'^- A' "

Estes Jo.seph H.-201 Scott St ,^"''''>'' ^"''^,0. J;-P- O- ^96 PIGGOTT

Frauenthal, Sam-Bankers Trust Bldg. . . rhompson, William E g^,,^,^, p,„^^, „

Gibson, Lorenzo James—201 West Second McNEIL Davis, T. L

St Kelley, W. A Hunter, La. Favette

Griffith, Charles J.—123 Louisiana St. ... 1-;"'L!5' J"'^" James—East Front St Langlcv, Ira C

Gulley, Wilbur P.—219 West 2nd St McRAE Marshall, Ernest

Harrison, J. J.—Home Insurance Bldg... Herring, Homer E PINE BLUFF

Heiskell, Frederick—Gazette Building .. MENA Ahrens, C. H.—215 Texas St

Henry, Chas. G.—317J/4 Capitol Ave Martin, M. Monroe Baker, William Egan—411 Main St.

Hicks, William Arthur Olney, Mark Preston Brasher, W. T.—522 Main St

Holman, Lloyd Cooper Stratton, M. A Couch, Harvey C—411 Main St. .


Pine Bluff— (Continued) Rogers—(Continued) Texarkana— (Continued)

Etter, Robert Wilson—100 Main St. ... Reagan, Zenas Lytton—103-105 East Logan, Jno. T.—State National Bank

Garrett, Loui—411 Main St Walnut St Bldg

Harris, Joe Sumpter—National Building Stroud, John W Logan, Joshua S

Hightower, Erskine W.—123 West 2nd St. Walker, Elmo Nash, William B.—State National Bank


Jordan, John Preston—Barraque & Main Neal, George Samuel Winham, Allen—Box 731

Sts Gates, Willie L THORNTON

Longino, J. L.—411 Main St ST. JONESBORO Rhine, Thomas Edwin

. McGehee, Marshall Hunter—2400 W. 2nd Gatz, Joseph W.—501 Union St Thompson, John Marion


Pettigrew, Clarence W.—5th & Main St.. Simpson, Nathanal Wolfe, Robert H

Stewart, Clarence D SEARCY TRUMANN

Taylor, Pinchback—123 West Barraque St. McElwee, John H Cash, James A

PITTIGREW Royston, Alexander H TYRONZA

Chaney, Robert B Sanford, John S Want, M. M


Aldrich, W. W Woodson, Joseph Young—1107 West Bryan, David T.—7th & Main St

West, Wm. F Arch St Culver, Charles L

PLEASANT Word, Winfield E.—100 Noi*Lh Spring St. Kibler, Thomas H.—R. R. 3

Younger, Also J Yingling, Charles Edgar Lucas, Giles (M.D.) .,


Decker, Joe S Barrett, John M McKinnev, Joe C.—102 Fayetteville St.. .

POLLARD SILOAM SPRINGS Miller, D'ell—702 Main St

Grider, Oscar C Ford, Z. W Oliver, Wallace

POUGHKEEPSIE SMITHVILLE Willis, William Russell—509 Main St. ..

Sullivan, Everett L Street, James Monroe Wofford, Columbus Maynard—Crawford


Bogart, Robert D Commings, Edward B WALDO

Carl, Frank Houston Fowler, Thomas L Howell, Ivie E

Dorman, Frederick Arthur Graves, William A.—109 W^est Emma Howell, James Thurston

Harris, Jas. P Ave WALDRON

McCormick. Dorsey Newton Ownbey, Carl A Forrester, Charles E

Pyeatt, Ewing P Stafford, John Lafayette —109 West Malone, J. G

Shafer, G. B Emma Ave Malone, M. C


Wilson, Sumner R ... Beasley, A. P Henry. G. E


Cress, Geo. F Cabe, Charles Lee—P. O. Box 55 Fullerton, Robert W

Hambright, William Robert Talbot, Desmond O Axlev, O. O

Helbig, Oscar H STAR CITY Derby, Lawrence H

McRae, Duncan L Fish, Clyde E Mansfield, Clifford J

McRae, Thomas Chipman—114 East Sec (see also Addenda page 1695) Thomas, Zoeth King

,ond St Johnson, A. J WEBB CITY

McRae, Thomas Christopher Nichols, C. K Walker, Elvin


Murrah, Finis E Mitchell, Sextus D Wood, Alvin L

Sharp, Edwin Merritt STUTTGART WESSON

Smith, Albert H Benton, E. Clark—3rd & Main St Edgar, Cortlandt V

Smith, Charley Addison Draeger, E. A Newell, C. H

Tompkins, William V Erstine, Frank E WESTERN GROVE

RATCLIFF McCoy, Paul R Magness, Troy Robinson

Harkins, Richard A Pfeiffer, Walter B Patton, Abner Joseph


Duvall, James Boulden Whaley, Jasper Forman—201-211 North Rutherford, J. T


Meyer, Revnold H SWIFTON Bell, A. T


Lack, Admiral Dewey TEXARKANA Phillips, James Nathaniel

Purcell, J. I Atkinson, Benjamin S WILMAR

REYNO Buchanan, James Allen Burford, Charles W

Roe, Elmo Buchanan, William J.—520 State National Wise, Thomas A


Haskins, John T Burford, Albert Lee—State National Bank Barksdale, Oscar

Thomasson, Benjamin Weaver Bldg Cullom, John Charles

ROGERS Carroll, F. S Cullom, Joseph Ransom

Hallis, Elmer A Conway, Charles Mitchell—339 State Na- Wilson, Robert Edward Lee, Sr

Jackson, E. F tional Bank Bldg WINSLOW

Miller, Finis E Heilbron, Louis—216 East 3rd St Winn, James Allie

Patterson, Irving C Huckins, Paul G WYNNE

Patterson, J. Frank Lieberman, Albert Horner, Albert ;


ACAMPO Alameda—(Continued) Alhambra—(Continued)

Fairbank, Herbert A Taylor, Edward K.—American Trust Co., Strifler, Chester E.—100 W. Main St. ...

ALAMEDA Bldg Temple, Walter P.—317 W. Main St. ...

Bradley, Herbert Milo—2301 Central .Ave. Traver, Clarence L.—2315 Santa Clara ALTADENA

Carlisle, E. M.—Oak and Clement Sts. Ave Andrews, A. M.—P. O. Box 217

Clark, Herbert D.—1823 San Jose Ave. .. (see Addenda page 1693 ALTA LOMA

Clai*K, W. Lewis—1349 Bay St Wehn, Charles Edwin—1716 Park St. .. Morse, Wayne E.—Box 35

Creedon, Margaret—Clinton & Willow ALHAMBRA ALTURAS

Sts Albin, George H Baker, Raymond R

Dow, George A Braun, Car! F Gould, Wm T

Hagan, John Walter—1505 Webster St. Campbell, Roy E.—P. O. Box 297, 200 Laird, Reuel Alfred

McDowell, J. Sherman—1511 Park St. .. So. 3rd St McCartney S H

Merle, A. J.—1025 Sherman St Cook, Harold S ALVARADO

Mulvaney, John J.—Park St. at Central Helps, W. H.—29 S. Palm Ave May, August

Ave Hough, J. Homer—200 W. Main St ALVISO

Paden, William Guy—Room 9, City Hall Houghton, Harry Sumner—1200 South Yin, James

Robinson, Merrill—Broadway & Blanding Fremont Ave ANAHEIM

^ Sts Marchant, John A.—1200 South Fremont Benjamin, Horace Hanton—Center at

Rosenthal, Henry—1356 Park St Ave Claudina St

Stephens, William Barclay, (M.D.)—2241 Merritt, Louis Arthur—200 W. Main St.. . Johnston, Herbert A.—117 N. Claudina

Central Ave Sanborn, Rufus Henry St

Stewart, John Everett—1322 Park St. .. Shannon, Gage—100 West Main St. ... Jones, Charles E.—119 N. Los Angeles

Strom, Carl Edwin—1350 Park St Shattuck, Chas. H St . . ... ^




Anaheim — (Continued)

Schimiaclier, August Ernest—202 W.

Center St

Warren. Henry E


\'eale, Mortimer Belshaw—First National

Bank Bldg

Wallace, Roliert, Ir


Cain, John Edgar

Schutz, Herman Henrv


Krohn, Julius J

Sorenson, Henrv A


Wells, Jesse Warren


Hitchcock, Louis Henry

Horlock, Arthur E.

Smith, Leslie S


Nickerson, Herman M


Frampton, Geo. R


Chinn, Howard Thomas

Hanson, Walter E. .

Smith, Burton H


Brundage, Guy Woodhams ,

Dyer, Hugh T

Huntley, Lathrop

Jacobs, W'alter Franci.s

Landis, John Bartle

McAulav, Geo

Oehler, Paul G .'

Slade, Charles H

Stevens, Frederick Solon—Central Square


Durrell, M. T.—575 East Foothill Blvd...

Greever, \'incent M

Griffith, Elbert Black—Box 656

MrQuiston, R. W.—134 West Foothill


Stair, Toseoh B


Baker, James Edwin—1009 Baker St. ..

Banducci, Louis J.—Room 129, Morgan


Brandt, Henry Jensen—1513 19th St

Brock, Malcolm

Cady, R. E.—Kern County Fair Grounds

Clarke, Dwight L

Foute, Albert P.—15th & P Sts

Grothaus, L. G.—24th & Union Ave.. .. Haberfelde, Edmund C.—1501 Chester


Haberfelde, George—1501 Chester Ave. . Haberfelde, William J.—1501 Chester Ave. Harper, Arthur Cyprian—P. O. Box 1271 Hoagland, Arthur E.—Route 5, Box 90.. HoUaday, Everett L.—800 Flower St. ... Houchin, Clarence Elmer—1418 Eighteenth St

(see Addenda page 1690)

Nichols, Howard—1509 19th St.,

Osborne, A. D. M .■.'

Pratt, Stanley R.—Box 711

Robb, William Brown, Route A, Box

231 A

Robinson, Ca. Wesley—1520 19th St

Robinson, Leslie S.—1520 19th St

Shields, Jerrv P.—1723 Chester Ave. ...

Sullivan, T. E.—2703 19th St

Sutherland, Allen J.—1723 Chester Ave.. Tavlor, Charles L.—1682 Chester Ave...

True. Frank L.—1009 Baker St

Warren, M. H.—803 Baker St

Wible, S. P.—Brower Bldg., Room 414..

Wilkins, George M.—1009 Baker St


Louis, E. J


Mayland, George R.—102 El A-lonte Blvd. BANNING

Gates, DeRoy Harkness . .

Gilman, M. French

Hill, Charles S.—115 W. Ramsey St. . ..

Stumpf, Victor Conrad

Westerfield, John M

Westerfield, William Johnston ,


Pacini, V. W


Gillis, Everett J


Chesley, Ray F.—301 Baker Ave

Bell— (Continued)

Graham, C. B.—Atlantic Ave : , . . .

Tvveedt. George E.—571 Baker Ave


Lake, Floyd Lee

Stein, Charles—850 E. Belmont St

Thompson, Claire S.—Somerset and

Mayne Sts


Adams, Charles C.—Bancroft Way at


Ament, Edward N

Armstrong, J. Evan

Attletweed, O. C '

Bailey, Austin W.—2119 Center St. .....

Bailey, Stanley E.—Alcatraz & Adeline


Berg, Frank A.—1936 University Ave. . . Boynton, Charles M.—8th St. & Dwight


Davis, Charles G.—2229 McGee Ave

Drake, Frank B.—8th & Parker Sts

Eddv, Adolphus James—Citv Hall

Ellis, W^illard D.—2223 Fulton St

Ely, Sims

Evans, R. T

Flanders, A. P.—2229 McGee Ave

Flanders, Hazel H. (Mrs.)— 2229 McGec


Glover, Benjamin Arthur—2116 Bancroft


Haight, Samuel C.—2207 Telegraph Ave.

Harville, Annie Russ

Hejjas, Alexander—2608 San Pablo Ave. Henderson, Walter Edward—5th & Heinz


Kink, Lester W

Keating, John Blaine—Carleton St

Keeler, Charles—Chan:ber of Commerce


l.ederer, Henry J.—2161 Center St

Macaulay, Henry Clayton—Sixth & Carlton Sts

McDuffie, Duncan—2045 Shattuck Ave. . McFarland, Chas. L.—2323 Shattuck Ave.

Morrish, W'illiam F

Naylor, F. Linden—Chamber of Commerce Bldg

Pape, Louis G.—Center & Shattuck Ave. Ratcliff, Walter Harris—Chamber of

Commerce Bldg

Rowell, Chester Harvev—149 Tamalpais


Rowell, Elmer I.—2045 Shattuck Ave. . . Schween, Melf I.—2063-2069 University


Scott, Leland Stanford

Seeligsohn, S. M.—1314 4th St

Smith, Harrison B

Sorrick, Warde W

Sproul, Robert Gordon

Thatcher, Frank H.—Shattuck Ave. &

Center St

Thurston, Howard F.—2401 Telegraph


Wilson, John Thomas—P. O. Box 246 ... Wingate, Donald P.—2323 Shattuck Ave.

Wise, Roy T.—8th & Carlton Sts


Ashton, Fred W.—1338 Santa Monica


Peaslev, Oscar N.—1600 Santa Monica


Bull, Frank N

Burnaby, Frank H

Hudson, W. Asa—1813 Santa Monica

Blvd. .

Jones, George W.—1338 Santa Monica


Kelso, Thomas Pomeroy—1338 Santa

Monica Blvd

MacKinnon. Hector Donald

• Read, Geo. E.—467-9 Beverly Drive

Ross, Herljert W.—713 Crescent Drive . .

Smith, Charles Frelinghuysen


Preston, \^alentine G


Masterman, A. F


Pheneger, George R


Creighton, C. W

I'Vascr, George F

Moreland, Watt L

Nelson, Joseph D.—72 Verdugo St



Allen. Frank E.—1409 Burlingamc Ave. Kelly, Stanley—1305 Burlingame , Merk, Samuel D.—1219 Burlingame Ave.. BURNETT

Ritter, Charles P


Reid, Mae S


Anderson, Edgar Eugene

Beidleman, E. M

Effler, C—210 McKinley St

Jones, William C.—441 Emerson St

Kincaid, David Roy—503 Emerson Ave..

Lorenz, Wm. H.—141 2nd St

Moore, C. B.—141 2nd St


Carroll, Charles A.—353 Lincoln Ave. ...

Rocca, Andrew

Westover, R. W


Perkins. Charles C


Stewart, J. F


Dari'iiier, Tames


Berry, Frank


Mellon, Thomas W


Renton, David Malcolm—Avalon


Bush, Fred E


Mattos, Jno. G., Jr


Foote, Arthur L.—R A. Box 385

Hackett, William Jesse—Box 68


Cain, E. J,—Box 1035

Crew, 1 homas Nicholls

Fames, Adoniram Grant—P. O. Box 613

M cAravy, John—Box 787

Williamson, Edward Thomas—Second Sz



Clarke, William Thomas—"D" St

Shafer, Hiram Groves—493 South Sth St.

To!le, Alvin H.—6th & D St


Abernethv, Martin

Belcher, Harry T. 1st & Yale Ave

Duvall, Oliver H '.

Jones, Ernest Everett

Mead, Herbert Edwin—103 Yale Ave. .. . Robbins, Homer Elmer—487 Harrison


Smith, Wni. L.—641 Harvard Ave. Box


Sumner, George S.—Holmes Hal!


Cavalli, George

Sedgley, Charles L

Shaw, Charles Butler


Fleisber, Earl—Box 800


Helsey, E. E., (Dr.)—Sth & I Sts

Kerrick, Harrison—R. R. 1, Box 86

Knapp, James Garfield

Smith, Howard B

Willets, D. W


Boggs, M. Jewell—412 Market St

Dobbins, Roberta Lloyd—840 Clay St. ..

Harrington, Tennent

Packer, Clara C

Rutledge, Thomas


Nygaard, George Edward—249 East Main

St :

Reed, Harry Earl—253 East Main St. ... CORCORAN

Weis, Nikolaus


Porter. Frank L


Donnovan, T. Le Rov—1401 Solano St. . .


Andrews, Thomas O

Case, Hamot R.—707 Main St

Damon, E. Farnham—Main St

Johnson, Frank S

Mueller, Fred J.—P. O. Box 88

Snidecor, Fred Elwyn—524 Main St

Snidecor. Geo. E

Toolen, Edward L

California REGISTER OF DIRECTORS California

Corona—(Continued) El Segundo—(Continued) F0\A;'LER , , o .r

Ware, Frank Burman—402 Main St Dale, Harold D.—308 Main St Weinberg, John H.—6th & Merced Sts.

Waterbiiry G W —Box C Neeland, Fred B Wells, Frank E.—Box 112

Willits, Robert I..—Pearl St. & Santa Fe ELSINORE • (see Addenda page 1693)

Tracks Burton, S. H FRESNO

COSTA MESA Gough, G. R Appling, David F

TeWinkle, Charles W.—Newport Blvd... McBurney, Frank M.—Main & Peck Sts.. Baker, Lynn W.—755 Van Ness Ave...

COTATi' Wesner, Miles Homer Benham, John Arthur—P. O. Box 235..

Keppel Fred E EMERYVILLE Billings, F. B.—1923 Mariposa St ;

COVINA Brown, Horace P Black, F. P.—Box 682

Coles, Joseph D.—200 North Citrus Ave.. Dodge, J. L,—Park Ave. & Watt St... . Bostwick, Roy Manley-1201 Pacific-

Damerel Henry Hawley, Ralph Stevenson—City Hall . . Southwest Bldg

CRANNELL King, Joseph H Bourne, Murray—1401 Fulton St

Cole Harry W Milligan, Rov S.—4Sth & Hollis Sts Brown, V. Price—1023-31 Broadway

CROCKETT Rheeni, R. S.—4535 Horton St Cooper, Anne D. (Mrs.)

Duperu, A. M Soreckels. Howard—59th and Doyle Sts. Cosgrave, Geo.—802 Mattel Bldg

CROMBERG ESCONDIDO Craycroft, Frank Joel—Box 814

Stoddard, Henry H Brewer, Herbert W., Jr Craycroft, Kenneth Tobm—Box 814

CROW'S LANDING • Deggelman, Tulius C—665 Grand Ave... Creech, Harry M.—700 Pacific-Southwest

McAulay, Lloyd Dixon, James B.—227 E. Grand Ave.. . . Bldg

CUCAMONGA Wohlford, Burnet C Eastwood, Harry-402 Cory Bldg

Lucas, F. A ESPARTO Eden, Wallace William—1136 Fulton St.

Thomas, H. ii^. ...'...'.'...'.'.......... . Nissen, Frank Wyatt Einstein, Lesley—904 _ Pacific Southwest

Wentworth, Henry C ETNA Bldg.

Williams, James Herbert Smith. George William—Box 139 Farley, R. Walter

CULVER CITY EUREKA Fenston, Earl Joseph—610 Brix Bldg.

Clift, Denison H Bond, Edmund Gerard, William Rush—203 Griffith Mc-

de Mille, Cecil B Charters, Harold Fessenden Kenzie Bldg

Dunn, Will A Connick, Arthur E.—217 Porter St Goodfellow, Arthur W.—402 Cory Bldg. .

(see Addenda page 1689) Crothers, J. H.—328 E. St Gundelfinger, Emil—P. O. Box 1282

Eastham, Earle S.—7001 Main St Daly, Harry B.—5th & G. Sts Gundelfinger, Louis—Patterson Block . .

Lindblade, Chas. E.—Culver Bldg Daly, John'F Harris, W. Wes.—401-2 Cory Bldg

Mayer, Louis B.—Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Deane, Coll—Box 1000 Holmes, C. C—914 Fulton St

Studios Georgeson, Frederick William—Corner Homan, Frank A.—2043 Mariposa St. . ,

Pigott, William—Box 402 6th & "G" Sts (see also Addenda page 1696)

Rochfort, D'Oyly T.—Washington Blvd. Graham, Hugh Alexander—2nd and Com Howard, Thomas Martm—1231 Broadway

. & Tilden Ave mercial Sts Hughson, E. G.—Box 855

Rosson, Gladvs—deMille Studio Green Charles A.—4th & H Sts Johansen, J. E.—1136 Fulton St

Stern, Henry Armstrong—6701 Washing Hamilton, Herbert W.—Gross Bldg Kamp, David Starr

ton Blvd Tackman, Harrv L.—318 Fifth St McCardle, E. M.—1136 Fulton St

DELANO Kin.sman, W. O.—P. O. Box 82 McClatchy, Carlos Kelly

Turner, Rodney L Matthews, Ernest C—520 F St Merntt, Ralph Palmer—700 Pacinc-South-

DEL MONTE Millay, Margarette E.—Box 3 west Bldg

Beaumont, Jack Palmtag, Christie Henrv—Third & "E" Miles, William O.—P. O. Box 1303

DEL REY Sts ." Nichpls, W. B.—721 Mattel Bldg

Swanson, Ben—R. 1, Box 96 Perske. L. E.—7'th & "G" Sts Osborn, George Augustus

DINUBA Piatt. Frank L.—F St Oyster, C. Edwin—1315-1316 Pacific-Andrews, Harry Lavern—102 So. L St. . . Slade, Claude P Southwest Bldg

Granz, Carl T.—Route 2, Box 138 Thogersen, Niels Parlier, Wm. W

DIXON Walsh, Mvron—533 F St Paul, Albert M.—Holland Bldg

Brown, H. G Wrigley, Winfield J Prince, John L.—1136 Fulton St

Wevand, William Joseph—150 West D St. EXETER ' Puckhaber, C. R:

DORRIS ^ . ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ Dungan, Tames F. (M. D.).' ^e^^; ^V" ^\ t>

Kesterson, Irving E.-P. O Box 7 Gentry, Grover C.-Route A Box 400. . Smith, Ernest P. . . . . . . .

T^ow,.?l'^ Addenda page 1697) Miles." Edward Harrison-Corner Pine & Thompson, Roy B.-Holland Bldg

DOWNEY p C|5, 1 yre, Ben—160 tulton St.

Ardis, Julius H.—1 Finance Bldg. . . -m-.j] a ' V Wilson, Leonard W.—Box 2037

Springer Wilfred Curtis-145 So. Craw b„;nn. Andrew■wiliiam-Pine' St.'. ;! i!'. ! Wishon, Albert Emory-San Joaquin

ford St _ Power Bldg

Strine, John Harvey *"■-'-,■''■'■■''''^-^ .^ ^,^ ^ ^ Wishon, Albert Graves—Power Comoany

Tweedy, James K Dearborn, E. L.—616 Texas St.;. Bldg ", . . .

Willeford, Hogan—124 West Second St.. FALL BROOK Woodward, Oscar J

DUCOR Perkins, Henry Alfred FULLERTON

Dennis, J. B FELLOWS Chilton, Jesse—124 E. Wilshire

DUTTON'S LANDING Blanck, E. L Hartranft, S. C

Dutton, J. Warren FFT?MnAT V Herbert, E. J.—309 Malvern Ave

EAGLE ROCK Edwdrds rIv Henry Lang, John Henry (M.D.)

Long. Andrew J.—2160 Colorado Blvd. . . ■R-,<;mM==Pn FranV M McAulay, Angus—411 N. Spadra


Moderwell, A. W.—5040 Eagle Rock Blvd, ^rr^ a'i^t^^xt Anderson, Walter Carl

EAST HIGHLANDS E^^^ .,r,r .^m Genasci, Charles L.—4th & C Sts

Edwards. James S Bacon. William Milton GARDENA

Richardson, D. Hartley Forkner. Jesse Clayton Simms, William John—900 West Palm


Marsh, H. Laurence Coate, Lowell Llarriss—350 Central Ave. GARDEN GROVE

(see Addenda page 1691) Price, W. H.—350 Central Ave Lake, Harry Aubrey

EL CAJON Shiells, James F Monroe, Frank A

Hall, Wilson D FINDLEY Schauer, Leonard W.—N. Euclid

Hill, Harry Haskell Annette, James Lowell GEYSERVILLE

Rossberg. Arthur^ FONTANA gl^^^i^^^^ ^^

Thacher, Philip Storer McGregor J D GIANT

EL CENTRO Micallef, Michael j Stratton, Richard H

Currier, Warren Miller, A. B .................. GILROY

Mack, Judah L.—559 Main St Smith, William J Rohnert, Waldo Emerson

Meyer, Howard P.—535 Main St Spring, Harry C GLENBLAIR

EL DORADO FORESTVILLE Sinclair, Ernest Archibald

Celio, Bejamin Caesar Silk, Thomas GLENDALE

ELK TrririT -DTTwxT-ci t ■ Baird, Alonzo L.—215 East Broadway . .

Preston, H. P a i ir i a Baxter, Donald E., (M.D.)—1503 Gar-Ross, John S Tl\uruV r"u dena Ave

ELK GROVE ^° ' Gorham Bentley, J. R.-460 W. Los Feliz R.oad. .

MnrVnfi^r 7arrhpiis Roy 14=; FORT BRAGG Campbell, Arthur—110 East Broadway . .

VT TV^OMO-i^ C"''*'^^- Carleton A Daniel, W. H.-1129 South Brand .....

^L MONrt Schultz, W. J Dillev, Clark—314-316 E. Broadwav ....

Kaab, Larl t., Jr.—Box 104 FORT JONES Eastman, Allen Rogers—109 East Broad-

EL SEGUNDO Beem, Martin Custer way

Bowker. Louis Bntton—121 W. Grand Green, C. H Farrar. Bert—2316 Chevy Chase Drive . .

Ave Young. W. T 'Funk. Jacob D.—139 S. Brand Blvd. .. .




Glendale — (Continued)

Gordon, Francis

Green, Max Lynn—215 E. Broadway ....

Harrower, Henry R.—Box 68

Lilly, Joseph F.—217 East Broadway

Logan, John A.—1263 So. Brand Blvd...

McClure, Samuel G.—139 S. Brand Blvd.

Morgan, Iris—2316 Chevy Chase Drive..

Nelson, Herman—700 East Broadway . . .

Poar, Charles Burnett—602 East Wilson Ave.

Shaw, Lucien—919 S. Central Ave

Smith, Charles Frelinghuysen

Smith, Fred L.—1129 S. Brand St

Spicer, Reginald E.—920 E. Broadway . .

Truitt, W. L.—134 N. Central Ave

Vesper, Frank H.—603 East Broadway . .

Winger, Waldo M.—1503 Gardena Ave. . .


Bernhardt, Albert M

Craren, J. Walter—Box 95-A

Gard, Emerson E

Hall, William G.—440 West Alosta Ave.

Hopper, Mans—220 Meda Ave

Isenberg, Warren Dale

Needham, Charles Edgar—P. O. Box 38. .

Powell, Oliver S.—Alosta & Grand Aves.

Templeto.n, Charles A

Warren, Charles Clifton

Whitcomb, Carroll S


Bing, D. G

Garland, William T.—126 Main St

Michell, Joseph F.—163 Mill St

Nilon, Frank M.—127 Mill St

Tyrrell, James C


Brooke, William A


Cunningham, Robert R

Griswold, Oscar Trout

Haag, William Leonard—Rt. A Box 86

Hight, Frank R

Isaac, Frederick Neville—131 West 5th St.


Salmina, Marius G


Kingsbury, Wm. Arthur

Koopmann, M.—R. F. D. 3

Parsons, Isaac B.—B & Main Sts


Coffman, James T.—325 West St

Hall, Lieuallen J.—Powell and Center St?.

Miller, Joseph Hotchkiss

Quinn, Edward—206 Piper St

Snook, Nettie I.—204 2nd St


Covell, C. B.—101 Harvard St

Eggen, E. O.—Florida & Dartmouth Sts.

Kellner, O. E

Percival, J. Oliver

Spaulding, Henrv Harrison—127 N. State St '..

Stone. Orlando E


Bridge. Collamer A

Haneman, Albert S.—124 Pier Ave

Thatcher, Grange S


Randall, M. M

Smith, J. C.—Palm Ave


Hawkins, Charles N

Ladd, L. E

McKinnon, Archie D

Palmtag, Wm

Wagner, Charles Henry


Avery, John R.—1314 North Vine St

Bessemycr, Gilbert H.—Guaranty Bldg..

Bradley, George Gulick—6605 Hollywood Blvd "

Brennan, James M.—1065 No. Fairfax Ave

Brewer, loscph E.—6780 Hollywood Blvd.

Briskin, Samuel J.—1438 Gower St

Browne, Edwin Spencer—1728 No. Highland Ave

Burbank, Marion Moss (Mrs.)—6605 Franklin Ave

Burlingame, Clarence H.—6544 Hollywood Blvd

Camphouse, John—6263 Hollywood Blvd.

Collins, Fo.ster Kyle, (M. D.)—1322 N. \^ermont Ave

Cook, Hugh Francis-—6060 Sunset Blvd.

Covert, Leonard Warden—6525 Sunset Blvd


Craig, Claude C.—1001 McCadden Place.

Danziger, Chas.—1637 N. \^ine St

Dietz, Earl D.—6763 Hollywood Blvd.. .

Eastman, George Lockwood—318 Hollywood Security Bldg

(see also Addenda page 1695)

Foster, Parker V.—6763 Hollywood Blvd.

Eraser, William Royal—1040 Las Palnias Ave

Geiger, Hector—7357 Franklin Ave

Green, Alfred E.—1400 Hayworth Ave. ..

Hammel, Charles Elmer—6263 Hollywood Blvd

Hill, Claude—6101 Sunset Blvd

Holman, William Steele—6101 Sunset Blvd

Horsley, Arthur T.—6060 Sunset Blvd...

Horsley, William—6060 Sunset Blvd

Huff, Lucius J., (M. D.)—7046 Hollywood Blvd

Keese, Samuel John—7380 Santa Monici


(see also Addenda page 1697)

Leonard, Frederick G.—1735 North Vine St

McKay, N. A.—1041 No. Formosa Ave...

McLagan, George—6801 Santa Monica Blvd

Nestel, Gertrude L., (Mrs.)—6700 Santa Monica Blvd

Niblo, Fred—1041 No. Formosa Ave

Palmer, Harlan G.—6364 Hollywood Blvd.

Palmer, M. F

Shidler, Horace—5120 Melrose Ave

Smith, Ernest R.—914-17 Guaranty Bldg.

Smith, Fred J.—1766 N. Highland Ave. . .

Stevenson, Ray N.—513 Guaranty Bldg...

Taft, B. Y.—Taft Bldg

Talmadge, Norma

Tolle, Henry A.—6331 Santa Monica Blvd.

A^ernon, William L.—511-24 Guaranty Bldg


Anderson, Joel

Baxter, Elmer M.—Drawer H

Blanchard, Marvin C


Edinger. Frank A


Bard, Richard

Gerberding, E. O

Green, Elmer O


Halford, John T.—Route 1, Box 62

Lorimor, John Henry Dow—Box 95


Mandeville, William B


Barr, James C.—204 Masonic Temple Bldg

Bevan, Charles Henry—216 S. Pacific Blvd

Guest, Wilbert H.—301 S. Pacific Ave. .

Hartfield, August J.—7541 Roseberry St.

Hartfield, Helen A.—7541 Roseberry St.

Marchand, George W.—135^4 South Pacific Blvd

Odell, George T.—150 Walnut St

Richards, John—Masonic Temple

Sampson, Samuel S.—153 So. Rugby Ave.

Sargent, Sumner B.—127 W. 56th St. .

Tanner, Joseph J.—Lyric Theatre Bldg.. .

Turner. J. H.—303 S. Malabar ! . .

Ward, Robert W.—Box 601

Wood, John A.—214 N. Pacific Blvd


Flint, Herbert G

Ord, Robert B


Semple. Joseph A.—Fargo Ave


Anderson, Sanford M.—Market at Manchester

Bush, Roy A.—121 So. Market St

Condee, Newcomb—Bank of Inglewood Bldg

Lamb, Ralph F.—Market and Queen Sts.

Zillgitt, H. H.—120-122 No. Commercial St


Blacow, J. R

Lepper, George F

Matson, Carl—120-122 N. Market St

Moseley, Harvey Dewaine—121 So. Market St

Stevens, Thomas G.—Market & Queen Sts



Martinelli, Attilio C


Hamblin. Charles N

Newell, William Hamilton

Shafer, Charles Edward—Box A


Frisselle, S. Parker


Fosberg, Carl Edward

(see also Addenda page 1695)

Peterson, O. E.— 1490 Draper St


Dykeman, William R.—R. F. D. 1, Box


Freeman, Dorothy Dobbins—Crown Ave. LAGUNA BEACH

Johnston, George S

Mason, Burgess B.—Lot 84 Central Ave..

Peacock, Roy William—Forest Ave ,


Reynolds, Robert L.—Box 698

Weisel. Peter J


Kenyon, Karl—Room 8, Arcade Bldg. . .

Smith, Laurence FI.—1029 Prospect St. . .

Turnliull, Frank—1144 Prospect St


Greene, Fred A

Sayre, Morton S


Porter, Edwards W.—14 East Lookout



Blanchard, N. C

Dutton, Warren

Vaughn, Lester B .•


Williams, T. H. '-Bob"—2317-19 D St. . .


Allen, Sidne}' A

Nelson, Carl Albion—249 Mt. Vernon St.

Wolf, R. E


Locke, Nathaniel H


Gannon, G. M.—307 Farmers & Merchants Bank Bldg. . . .^

Langford, James Terry

Le Moin, George W.—Cor. School & Pine


Morse, Edmund Elliott—R. D. 4, Box



Dickson, Robert O

Dickson, Walter F


Avery. Robert C—205 E. First St

Barth, W. C—1028 Appleton St

Bixby, Llewellyn—22 Pacific Ave

Blum. Julius— 22n East Broadway

Booth, Henry K.—241 Cedar Ave

Brison, J. Oliver—7th & Pine Ave

Brite, Robert M.—411 Pine Ave

Bub, Bernard C.—320 Pacific-Southwest


Buffum, Charles Abel—Pine at Broadway Buffum, Roy L.—811 Pacific-Southwest


Burgin, W. Jay—1100 Redondo Ave. ... Caldwell, Wm. G.—449 E. Seaside Blvd..

Campbell, Walter M

Carlin, David B.—359 E. 4th St

Clewett, J. Fred—1187 W. 1st St

Condit, Fillmore—2211 East Ocean Blvd. Corley, John Walter—Pacific-Southwest


Craig, George L.—1115 Security Bldg. . . . Curtis, Clinton James—1222 Pacific-Southwest Bldg

Davis, Edgar F.— 145 Locust St

Dennie, Fred Lincoln—2309 E. Ocean Ave. Doyle, Clyde— 1115 Pacific-Southwest


Drake, Pierre W.—3409 E. Broadway .... Dreher, P. J.—701 Cooper-Arms Bldg. . .

Dunn, Fred B

Dunn, William Henry—217 Farmers &

Merchants Bldg

Ford, William—Hotel Virginia

Gavin, Stephen A.—312 Security Bldg. . . .

Gilroy, Wallace R.—137 West 1st St

Graham, Paul C—1512 W. 7th St

(see also Addenda page 1696) Haasis, John F.—1500 W. Anaheim St.. . .

Halfhill, Harry J.—543 Pico St

Hall, Ross Emerson—2541 E. Anaheim St. Hallberg, John A.—137 West First St. . . .

California REGISTER OF DIRECTORS California

Long Beach— (Continued) Los Angeles—(Continued) Los Angeles—(Continued)

Haskell. Herbert M.-Jergins Trust Bldg. Anthony, Earle Charles—1000 bo. Hope Best, Walter J --1430 So Alameda St .

Hatch. Philander E.-102 Pine Ave St AAo". • •.■ • •, glf,^lebach, William F.-2465 Hunter St.

Hawthorne Karl S—1149 Canal Ave. .. . Apffel, John J.—806-808 So. Broadway . . Billmgsley, Charles Ferdmand—1131 N.

Heffley Sam R Archer, Allen T.—823 Paciiic-Southv/est Western Ave Wa/c"

Hoffman, Graydon—N. W. Cor. 1st & Bank Bldg Biorkman C. Gustav A. (M.D.)—1501 So.

Pine Sts • Ardis, Julius H.—812 California Bldg.. . Grand Ave

Hosking, William H.—Pine Ave. at Sixth Armstrong, Donald H.—6th & Grand Ave. Birnbaum Jacob H.—208 W. 8th St.. . ..

St. Arnds, Burton N.—4500-4520 York Blvd. . Bishop, William 1 .—1366 East Seventh

Hunter^ Wiiliani Hawkins—i32 Pine Ave. Arnold, Harold L.—7th, Figueroa & Wil- St. . . . . . ... ■ .. . ... ■ ■■■

Huntington, C. E shire Sts J3issell. Leet W.—1108 C. C. Chapman

John, Edwin M.—Pacific-Southwest Bank Arnoll, Arthur G.—1151 So. Broadway. . „.Bldg. . . . ... . •• • . ■ • ■■••••

Bldo- Arthur, James B.—501 Union Oil Bldg... Bittmger, George E.—728 Pacific Mu-

Jones,"" Hugo" W.—Suite 1104 Pacific Ashmun, Roscoe Morley—4435 Whittier tual Bldg. ...................

Southwest Bldg Blvd Bivens, Franklin H.—810 South tlower

Jones, Jonah—Cor. 7th & Pine St Ashton, O. D.—5158 Hollywood Blvd. St ........ ..... ..... •^; • ;•••,••

Kerr, Arthur Neal—Walnut and 32nd St. Augur, Irving V.—410 Roosevelt Bldg. . . Black, l^rank W.—147 1\. Los Angeles

Lewis, Rollin Church—201 American Ave. Avery, Moses N.—5th & Spring Sts St

Lord, Charles C—1202 Pacific-Southwest Baad, Charles B ackmore, Andre\y . . . .

Bldg Baash, Lawrence F.—P. O. Box 1110, Ar Blackstock, Nehemiah—306 Chester Wil-

Malcom, Charles—145* Locust Ave cade Station .r.,^'?"^®^ ■^'^^- t^ • •: ' • •;-V o ' V ' '. o '""

Malone, Augustine Charles—1015 Security Babcock, Lewis Chapin—212 A. G. Bart B air, Cassiuspavis--433S. Spring St...

Bjjjg lett Bldg Blair, Don—706 South Hill .-st

Marsh George Edward—2300 E " Ocean Badham, Byron James—229-35 So. L. A. Blankenhorn, David—816 Pacific Alutual

Blvd St Bldg

(see Addenda page 1691) Baer, F. S.—618 Pacific-Southwest Bank Bledsoe, Benjamin Franklin — 639-649

Marti, Ben—Pine Ave. at Fourth St Bldg Roosevelt Bldg. ............ .

Marti, Hugh A. 411 Pine Ave Baillie, John King—1075 Subway Ter Bliss, Lewis Edward—1)29 S. Spring St.

McCook, Nelson minal Bldg . Blodgett, Jere Lee—827 South Hope St.

Medica Paolo 543 Pico St. . Bain, Ferdinand R.—810 South Flower Blodgett, Ward B.—302 Kerckhoff Bldg..

Merrell', Tom R.—319 Pacific-Southwest St Bloeser, John Condit—2152 Sacramento

Bank Bldg Baker, Carl E.—228 Central Ave St

Merriam, Frank F.—Seventh St. & Pine Baker, Lawrence T.—950 No. Broadway Blunn, Thomas W.—409 South Hill St.

Ave. .' Baker, Milo A.—950 No. Broadway ... Blythe, Harry E^lmer—6701 Central Ave.

Meyers, Paul W.—1080 East Ocean Blvd. Balch, Allan Christopher—950 So. Broad- Boag, C. E.—816 Guaranty Bldg

Middou'gh, Lome D.—201-211 E. Broad way Bock, James George—730 So. Grand Ave.

way Balch, Janet Jacks—950 So. Broadway . . . Bock, John V.—501 Haas Bldg

Middougli M W—Broadway & Locust Baldi, Joseph Carl Albert—1422 Crown Boeger. H. F.—6025 Santa Monica Blvd.

Miller, William Newton—2951 American Hill Ave Boesmiller, Albert C—5700 Avalon Blvd.

Ave Baldwin, James V.—15th & Figueroa Sts. Bonynge, W. A., Jr.—Seventh & Olive

Milner, James R.—320 Pacific-Soutliwest Ballard, Russell Henry—306 W. Third St. Sts

Bldg Banks, Thomas W.—639 So. Spring St.. . Boone, T. L.—1048 Subway Terminal

Oakford, Richard S.—211 Pine Ave. " . . Banning, Wm. P.—600 California Bank Bldg ■.

Pugh, Sollie Leonard—2951 American Ave. Bldg Booth, Percy H.—428 Union T..eague Bldg.

Reagan, William N.—814 Security Bldg. Barbee, Stanley N.—1334 Central Ave. . . Bosbyshell, Edward C.—609 South Grand

Reed, Charles A.—359 East 4th St. ..!'... Barber, John E Ave

Reider, Wm. H. 528 West Ocean Barber, Maurice—1120 Van Nuys Bldg.. . Bostwick, Robert F.—P. O. Box 475 ...

Renick Wm Leonard—432 Metropolitan Bard, Arthur—1014 Pacific National Bank Bovard, Warren Bradley—3551 University

Bldg Bldg Ave

Rimmer, Walter H—109^ East Ocean Barker, Charles H.—7th & Figueroa Sts.. Bowen, James E.—3680 Beverly Blvd...

Ave Barker, Clarence Alfred—711 S. Flower Bower, Fred B.—923 East Third St

Riplev, Andrew C—235 E. 3rd St St Bowerman, Guy Emerson—530 West 6th

Roberts, Belle McCord—402 Press-Tele Barker, Erie Palmer—Seventh St., Flower St

gram Bldg & Figueroa Sts Bowers, Walter L.—610 Broadv.ay

Smith, Wm. H.—237 East Broadway ' Barker, James Edmund—515 Chapman Boyle, Lewis Morri.s—5100 Santa Fe Ave.

Spaulding, Albert B.—906 Heartwell Bldg. Bldg Bradford, A. H.—620 Pacific Finance

Stevens, Irwin Mitchell—2926-40 East \n Barnes, George H.—332 So. Broadway . Bld.g

aheim St Barneson, Harold James—111 West 7th Bradford, .Albert S.—620 Pacific Finance

Swaffield, Roland G.—902 Farmers & St , Bldg

Merchants Bank Bldg Barneson, Lionel T.—1003 Higgins Bldg. Bradner, B. J.—910 Wright & Cailender

Taylor, William L.—237 E. Broadway . . Barry, Richard E.—548 Chamber of Com- Bldg

te Groen. Peter W.—1122 Daisy Ave " merce Bldg Bradt, James P.—507 So. Olive St

Towner, William J Bartlett, Mae A. (Mr.)—500 A. G. Bart Brainard, Henry Green (M.D.)—910 Pa-Tucker. Chas. H.—149 West First St '*^" Bldg cific Mutual Bldg

Wallace, Carleton Spicer—625 West \na Baruch, Arthur W.—3545 Pasadena Ave. Braly, Arthur H.—609 South Grand Ave.

heim Baruch, Edgar—564 I. W. Hellman Bldg. Braly, Harold H.—609 South Grand Ave.

Walsh, Robert C—109^^ E. Ocean Ave Baruch, Roland—3545 Pasadena Ave. . . Brant. Thomas J

Ward, George A.—1180 West Ocean Ave Bastian, William B.—2117 Violet St Brashears, G.—510 S. Spring St

Watt, William Winfield Batchelder, Wm. J.—651 South Spring St. Braum, Frederick W.—1240 So. Main St.

Wightman, Everett Judson—Pine Ave at Bates, George K.—844-848 Mission St... Braunschweiger, Walter J.—7th & Olive

Broadway Bauer, Harry John—629 So. Spring St... . Sts

Wiley, Charles A Bauni, Jacob ••••-••■•■;, • • • • ■ Bremer, Warren L.—900 Santa Fe Ave.

y;;=o^\*vS,lc?-^500 E- Anchime St. .. ^^"[.^^^6 Wm^-810 South Flower St Bresee, Melvin A.-855 S. Figueroa St. ..

LOS ALTOS Bayhs, Walter S.--506 A. G^ Bartlett Bldg. Brewster, A. Benton-510 Stock Exchange

Clements, William T Bayly, Harold—724 South Spring St Bide

LOS ANGELES ' Bayly, Roy D.—724 So. Spring St r,-^ ^'t^ ' tt ■_ViV7 «;' 'mV;,V Vt

Adams Claud A.-618 Wright & Callen B^^j^h Sidney E.-1018 Pershing Square ^'^^^^^ i^' William-5o01 Venice Blvd.'::

rter Bldg. -rJ; r..l W4i7'c 'w-rrc. Brock, George C—515 W. 7th St

Adams, K B.-128 So Main St |eal Carl IL-417 So^ Hill St. , . Brooks, Gene-712 A. G. Bartlett Bldg. . .

Adams, Morgan-626 So Spring St g^^^, EdmundJ.-6021 Central Ave. ^ . . brooks, Harry B.-640 So. Spring St. . .

Adkisson, Arthur P.-832 Van Nuys Bldg. geek, Edwin A^-1749 Micheltorena St. . groomfield, R A.-Commercill Exchange

Adler, Herbert C—509 Van Nuys BldK ' ^^^orge W.—1078 Misson Rd p.. i

Aicher, J. W. H.-910 W. M. Garland gedell. Nelson Henry-1008 W. 6th St.. . ^'^^- ^^ .;"'^" ' 'o",.

Bldg Beesemyer, Clarence S.—2423 East 28th Brophy, Murry—Van Nuys Bldg

-Akers, Earl-8th' at Broadway' !! '. '.'.'. ! ! ! ! St Brown, Bruce F.-4444 Pacific Blvd ...

Alexander, G. M.-401 Edwards Wildev Behrendt, Sam-318 W. 9th St Brown, Chester W^-Un.on Oil Bldg.. .

Bldg ". Bekins, Milo W.—1335 S. Figueroa St. . . Brown, Dan R.—470 East Third St

.Alexander, Jesse B.—3355 Wilshire Bldg Belcher, Henry A.—300 Title Insurance Brown, Emil—300 E. 9th St

Allan, Robert M.—801 Bartlett Bldg. . . . Bldg Brown, Harvey Maitland—4444 Pacific

Allen, Edward H.—253 So. Broadway... Belcher, L. B.—300 Title Insurance Bldg. Blvd

Allen William H Jr Title Insurance Bell, Cyrus—706 Petroleum Securities Brown, Jesse B.—8th & Crocker Sts

Bldg '.'....' Bldg Brown, Ralph W.—5050 Pacific Blvd. .. .

Anderson, Alfred Arnold lOOS Pacific Bell, Laura B.—706 Petroleum Securities Brown, Sydney B.—610 So. Broadway ..

Finance Bldg Bldg Brown, Willis Holt—356 S. Spring St. ..

Anderson, Evald—lole W. 9th St. . .... . Benchley, Frank K.—639 So. Spring St.. Browning, George L.—612 South Spring

Anderson, Marshall H.—735 Lawrence St. Bent, Arthur S.—418 South Pecan St. . . St

Anderson, Walter N.^—501 Security Bldg. Bering, Frank M.—930 Merchants Na Brownstein, Daniel J.—751 S. Figueroa

Annin, Roswell P.—643 So. Olive St... tional Bank Bldg St




Los Angeles—(Continued)

Brunswig, Lucien Napoleon—501 North

Alain St

Brunswig, Walter Mercer—501 North

Main St

Bryte, Lester Nathaniel—3855 Santa Fc


Buckingham, Samuel Jordan—Suite 803,

Subway Terminal Bldg

Bucklev, Enimett West—1231 S. San

Pedro St

Bull, Ligall William—817 Centra! Bldg. Bulla. Roht. N.—404 H. W. Hellman


Bullard, James Hovey—701 Washmgton


Bullard, John A.—322 Union Oil Bldg. . . Bundv, Charles LeRoy—215 West Ninth


Burbaw, John

Burke, John P

Burkhart, H. W.—810 South Spring St..

Burns, J. N.—2000 Pasadena Ave

Burns, Robert E.—643 So. Spring St

Burrall, George E.—643 South Olive St... Burrell, Carl F.—Pacific National Bank


Burt, Thomas G

Burton, Alan W.—326 Union Oil Bldg... Bursh, Frank H.—727 So. Broadway .... Bushnell, John B.—334-335 Bradbury


Butler, Walter H.—Metropolitan Bldg. . . Butts, Charles Thomas—214-216 East

Third St. & 350 Anderson St

Byrne, B. W.—Box 8, Station C

Cable, C. Jerome—924 Pacific-Southwest

Bank Bldg

Cahill, Dennis J.—2014 East Fifteenth


Cain, Warren Robert—1437 South Los

Angeles St

Calkins, F. G.—Box 186, Arcade Station.

Calkins, Frederic S.—518 Seaton St

Calkins, James Joseph—215 W. 7th St.. Callahan, Edward L.—1002 Los Angeles

Railway Bldg

Callender, Clarence William—6900 Avalon


Canepa, Louis J.—1110 Pacific National

Bank Bldg

Care, Arthur P.—300 Metropolitan Bldg.

Care, Cohn D.—1221 Wall St

Carhartt, Hamilton, Jr.—San Pedro &

Market Sts

Carlson, Agness—326 Union Oil Bldg. . . Carnahan, Herschell L.—1204 C. C. Chapman Bldg

Carpenter, Ingle—820 Detwiler Bldg. . . Carter, Edward V.—500 Title Insurance


Carver, K. L.—237 Winston St

easier, William F. C—315 E. 8th St. ... Castle, Otis H.—615 I. N. Van Nuvs Bldg. Caswell, William Mitchell—320 S. West-lake Ave

Catlin. Fred J.—229 So. Los Angeles St.. Caudill, William A.—783 Bel-Air Road .

Caunt, Joseph—5th & Spring Sts

Cavalier, John J.—2911 San Fernando Rd. Chaffee, Frank E.—912 East Third St. Chaffee, Hugh G.—912 East Third St. , . Chaffey, Andrew McCord—625 S. Spring

Chandler, Flarry

Chandler, Jefferson P.—215 West Seventh St

Chandler, Leo St. Clair—629 South Spring St

Chandler, Marion Otis—100 N. Broadway

Chandler, Norman

Channer, William D.—308 Sun Finance Bldg

Chase, Geo. H.—1015 Rives-Strong Bldg.

Chisholm, Alexander David—509 So. Western Ave

Christ, Fred C, Jr.—4435 Whittier Blvd.

Clark, Edward W.—815 Rives-Strong Bldg _

Clark, James Rcjss—650 South Grand Ave.

Clark, O. P.—216 Title Insurance Bldg..

Clark, Rex B.—528 South Hill St

Clark, Walter Gordon—Insurance Exchange Bldg

Clark, William Andrews—650 So. Grand.

Clarke, Lucian J.—606 Sun Finance Bldg.

Claussen, E. M.—740 South Broadway..

Cline, Walter B.—810 South Flower St...

Los Angeles—(Continued)

Clotfelter, V. Thurston—436 Kerckhoff


Clune, James W.—1104 Hellman Bank


Code, W. H.—1106 Hollingsworth Bldg.. Coggeshall, James Edward—640 South

Spring St

Cole, Chas. A.—816 Title Insurance Bldg.

Cole, Julian N.—Box 20, Station C

Cole, Louis M.—1815 Sacramento St. ... Collins, Charles W.—1102 Edwards &

Wildey Bldg

Collom, Roy Edward—417 South Hill St. Colt, Carl T.—700 S. Los Angeles St. ... Comey, Albert A.—230 W. Jefferson St. Comstock, Walter Hydes—736 South Hil!


Condon, Edward F.—230 W. Jefferson St.

Conger, A. H.—1078 Mission Rd

Conger, Willard S.—1212 Flibernian Bldg. Conkey, Charles DeWitt—1047 Richmond


Connell, Michael J.—746 Los Angeles St.. Con^o3^ Thomas Payne—459 Roosevelt


Converse, Lawrence R.—1046 So. Olive St.

Converse, W. I.—1046 So. Olive St

Conway, Paul F. A.—1012 I. N. Van Nuys


Cook, Joseph Edward—915-27 Mateo St. Coons, William H.—718 Hibernian Bldg. Coppage, Charles Lyndon—1009 Securitv

Bldg ■

Costello, James Wm.—5820 So. San Pedro


Coughlin, Elizabeth M.—1340 So. Hope


Court, Stephen Arthur—1110 Detwiler


(see also Addenda page 1693) Coverly, John H.—626 South Spring St. . Cowlin, Fred W.—502 South Spring St. Coyne, D. Joseph—510 South Spring St. Crabill, Sim W.—118 South Broadway Craig, William T.—111 W. Seventh St. Crail, Joe—820 A. G. Bartlett Bldg. . . Crandall, E. Earl— Zllyi So. Spring St.. Crandall, Shannon—500 East First St.... Cravens, John Smith—1022 Pacific-Southwest Bank Bldg

Crawford, C. M.—647 S. Spring St

Crisler, Lewis A.—702-3 Stock Exchange

Bldg ':.

Crocker, Roy Palmenter—117 West 4th St. Croft, G. S. G.—910 Hellman Bank Bldg. Culver, Charles E.—1010 L. A. Railway


Cutler, Harold B.—502 South Spring St. Dale, Edward—1925 East Vernon Ave.. . . Dalev, Joseph Ambrose—751 Terminal


Darlington, Newell D.—550 Wilcox Bldg. Daum, Raymond J.—1015 Lincoln Bldg. Daum, William H.—756 So. Spring St.\ . Davidson, James Lester—404 Grant Bldg. Davidson, Milton L.—600 East Second St. Davis, Elmer J.—6001 Pasadena Ave. . Davis, Frederick Duane—420 So. .Spring-


Dawes, H. C—214 E. 8th St

Day, Addison B.—810 So. Flower St. Day, Florence—1224 Security Title Insurance Bldg

Day, John Dabney

Day. Norman M.—2626 Santa Fe Ave. .

De Coo, C. A.—5252 So. Broadway .

de la Riva, Francisco G.—703 Union Bank


De Moulin, Edmond—301 A. G. Bartlett


De Moulin, Eric E.—301 A. G. Bartlett


De Nault, Albert B.—775 Terminal St . . Dennis, Leah L.—1220 Pacific Mutual


Dennis, Nevvton Templeton—903 No.

Main St

Deimis, Roger L.—1220 Pacific Mutual


Dent. Frank E.—501 Security Bldg

Derby, E. G.—619 Security Bldg

de Roulet, Henry—Wilshire at Western. Deuel, Glenn N.—714-18 Pacific Mutual


De Witt, Charies Moyd—603 Union Bank


Dickey, Samuel J.—1003 Higgins Bldg. ..


Los Angeles—(Continued)

Dickinson, R. B.—1128 Stock Exchange Bldg

Dickson, Edward A.—236 So. Hill St. ..

Dietrich, Henry (M. D.)—1136 W. 6th St.

Dinkins, John H.—853 Westchester Place.

Dixon, W. L.—140 No. Los Angeles St. .

Dockweiler, John F.—1035 I. N. Van Nuys Bldg ^

Dodge, Jonathan S.—1010 Pershing Sq. Bldg

Doheny, Edward L.—1142 Petroleum Securities Bldg

Doheny, Edward L. Jr.—1100 Petroleum

Securities Bldg

(see also Addenda page 1694)

Dolph, Frank E.—1725 E. 7th St

Donion, Chas

Donnatin, Charles E.—431 West Fifth St.

Donriell, Birney—1104 Stock Exchange Bldg

Donnelly, Chas.—629 South Spring St. ..

Dorman, Dudley M.—237 Winston St. . .

Downing, Geo. H.—838 South Grand Ave.

Drake, Daniel K.—210 W. 7th St

Drake, James Wilcox—924 Pacific-Southwest Bank Bldg

Ducommun, Charles A.—219 Central Ave.

Duconimun, Emil Constant—P. O. Box 310, Arcade Station

Dudley, Frederick S.—510 West 6th St..

Dudley, Howard S.—501 West Sixth St.

Duffy, James B.—Kerckhoff Bldg

Duggan, Carl J.—518 Merchants National Bank Bldg

Dulin, Edgar S.—900 California Bank Bldg

Dulin, Garrettson—629 S. Spring St. ...

Dundos, Charles Austin—112 So. Coro-nado St

Dunn, William J.—501 Security Bldg. .. .

Durgin, Walter C.—758 So. Broadway. . .

Durkee, Rodney S.—1003 Higgins Bldg. .

Eads, John C—1129 Loew State Bldg. ..

Earl, Guy C, Jr.—236 South Hill

Earll, Arthur N.—540 W. 6th St

Early, William B.—1934 E. 15th St. ....

Eastwood, John Frederick—1711 Albion St

Eaton, Earl E.—P. O. Box 750, Arcade Station

Ebert, Florence H.—4950 Santa Fe Ave.

Ebner, A. B.—1460 Arcade P. O

Edington, Claude B.—516 Roosevelt Bldg.

Edmisten, L. Fred—1306 Pershing Square Bldg

Edwards, D. K.—669 I. W. Hellman Bldg.

Edwards, Godfrey—609 So. Grand Ave. .

Edwards, Leroy M.—810 So. Flower St.

Edwards, Oliver C, Jr.—1307 W. Manchester yVve

Eginton, L. M.—921-33 South Broadway.

Lichler, Rudolph J.—625 South Spring St ■....

Eisen, Percy Augustus—1031 So. Broadway

Eisenmayer, Walter G.—Box G, Arcade


Eklof, Albin—5004 York Blvd

Elder, Henry K.—615 Story Bldg

Eldridge, Frederick William—11th and Broadway

Elliot, Edward

Elliott, John B.—900 Spring Arcade Bldg.

Elliott, Robert P.—500 E. First St

Ellis, S. H.—1119 Stock Exchange Bldg. Engbloni, Peter Nikanor—1414 So. Hope

St ■

tiFdt, Otto Louis—1340 E. 7th St

Estec, Rush—823 Wm. M. Garland Bldg.

Evans, Glen M.—412 W. 6th St

Evans, lohn E.—943 So. Los Angeles St.

Evans. Louis—215 West Ninth St

Evans, O. K.—224 W. M. Garland Bldg.

Everett, Harry G.—1210 Pacific National Bank Bldg

Faris, William A.—518 Merchants National Bank Bldg _

(see also Addenda page 1695)

Farmer, Zack J.—1031 Merchants National Bank Bldg

(see Addenda page 1689)

i-'awcett, William R.—1151 South Broad-wav

Fay, "Michael-816 Pacific Mutual Bldg. .

Feitshans, Frederick Rollin—848-50 South Hill St

Fenn, Flovd A.—420 So. Spring :5t

California REGISTER OF DIRECTORS California

Los Angeies—(Continued) Los Angeles—(Continued) Los Angeles—(Continued)

Ferguson, Joseph Edwin—420 So. Spring Goodwin, J. R.—907 East Third St. ... Hellman, Marco Herman—217 Herman

St Goodwin, James Franklin—850 Subway W. Hellman Bldg

Ferrali. John Charters—Q86 So. St. An- Terminal Bldg Hellman, Maurice S.—5th & Spring Sts.. .

drew's Place Gordon, R. Clifford—6263 Hollywood Henderson, Charles Andrew—1060 South

Fertig, Walter Calvert—919 Detwiler Blvd Broadway

Bldg Graham, Samuel C.—522 Security Bldg.. Henderson, John VV.—547 Chamber of

Field, YValter J.—1072 No. Western Ave. Grannis, Frank L.—806-808 So. Broadway Commerce Bldg

Fniigpi), CarlW.—821 Stock Exchange Grant, Daniel G.—206 Citizens National Henderson, Thomas L.—506 A. G. Bart-

Bldo Bank Bldg lett Bldg

Finkle, Frederick Cecil—129 W. 2nd St... Grant, Edwin Joseph—313 F. P. Fay Bldg. Hendrick, Trowbridge W.—609 South

Fischer, Boaz C.—125 So. Vermont Ave. Graves, Buford—650 S. Spring St Grand Ave

Fischer, Will H.—1107 Edison Bldg Graves, Byron L.—818 Pacific Electric Hening, Horace Brand—Broadway at 8th

Fish, Frank N.—1049 South Hill St. ... Bldg . St

Fish, Roy H.—1049 So. Hill St Graves, Jackson A Henry, Donald Wilson—117 W. 9th St. . .

Fishburn, John E. ...' Green, Burton E.—1106 Bank of Italy Henry, Leslie Albert—650 So. Spring St.

Fisher, John Henry—628 Sun Finance Bldg Heron, Frank—6000 Santa Monica Blvd.

Bldg Green, Dan W.—224 Court St Hervey, William Rhodes—6th & Spring

Fisher, Wayne H.—610 Bank of Italy Greenewald, A. B.—1005 So. Grand Ave. St

Bldg Gregory, Miles S.—1306 Stock Exchange Hevener, Frank D.—1306 Pershing Square

Fitger. August—1320 So. Hope St Bldg Bldg

Fitts, L. Nathaniel Griffin, John Flenderson—5th and Spring Hibbard, Hudson P.—409 Kerckhoff Bldg.

Fletcher, Charles Gross—6763 Hollywood Sts Hickerson, Geo. X.—1049 So. Hill St. ...

Blvd Grimes, Geo. W.—737-739 So. Spring St. Hickey, Elmo Gordon—1857 East 25th St.

Floerckv, Herbert E.—916 National Citv Grimm, Herbert Paul—916 A. G. Bart- Hicks, William—647 So. Spring St

Bank'Bldg lett Bldg Hill, Carey S.—1000 Title Insurance Bldg.

Flora. John D.—314 Van Nuys Bldg Gripton, Walter A.—2700 Long Beach Hill, Frank Cobb—1118 Citizens National

Florian. Richard—416 W. 8th St Ave. Bank Bldg

Fluno, Bvron F.—915 Washington Bldg.. Gross, Nels—711 Van Nuys Bldg Hill, John Godfrey

Foos, Edgar L.—1547 Venice Blvd Groundwater, Wm.—7th & Hope Sts. ... liillendahl Edwin F.—8th & Crocker Sts.

Ford, Frank E.—716 S. Figueroa St. ... Grover, Earle V.—950 No. Broadway .... Hine, Clifford Charles—907 E. 3rd St. ...

Ford, Jas. R.—532-534 W. 6th St Grubb, Everett L.—1105 Insurance Ex Hinshaw, Edmund Howard—613 Insur-

Forker, Will R.—2325 So. Main St change Bldg ance Exchange Bldg

Forve, Charles S.—1709 W. Eighth St... Guasti, Secondo, Jr.—1248 Palmetto St... Hinshaw, Ida (Mrs.)—1016 Pacific-South-

Foto, Anthony J.—668 So. Rio St Gutterman, Esther (Mrs.)—259 So. Broad- west Bank Bldg

Foto, Philip—668 So. Rio St way Hisey, J. L.—307 Edwards & VVildey

Fowler, Morris Wilbur—417 Herman W. Gutterman, Herman—259 So. Broadway. Bldg

Hellman Bldg Haldeman, Harry F.—P. O. Box 450, Hitchock, Harry S.—950 North Broadway

Frank, Alvin H.—910 Hellman Bank Bldg. Arcade Sta Hitt, Raymond Edwin—900 Spring Arcade

Frank, Benjamin Louis—Ambassador Haldeman, Harry M.—1002 So. Santa Fe Bldg

Hotel Ave : Hoadley, Clarence Burtch—322 Union Oil

Frank, Lawrence Phillip—650 So. Spring Hale, James M.—341-345 South Broadway Bldg

St Hall, Bruce P.—1110 Hellman Bank Bldg. Hobgood, Theo—2325 So. Main St

Frankel, Bessie Bartlett-500 A. G. Bart Hall, Jean George—621 So. Hope St. . . Hodges, Walter E

lett Bldg Hall, Tracy Q.—502 So. Spring St Hoffman, John Roy—228 Central Ave. ..

Frankel, Cecil—500 A. G. Bartlett Bldg.. . Hamaker, William Nelson—1031 South Hokom, John—4312 S. Broadway

Franklin, Harold B.—Washington & Ver- Broadway Hokom, William L.—860 N. Highland

mont Sts Hamburger, David A.—Hill St. Bldg. . . . Holland, Kenneth D.—1022 Citizens Na-

Franklin, Paul B.—Seventh St. at Flower Hamburger, M. A.—9th & Broadway ' tional Bank Bldg

Fredericks, John D.—1126 Pacific Mutual (see also Addenda 1696) Holland, Walter Hawkins—Box 840 Ar-

Bldg Hamilton, Edgar A.—643 So. Olive St.. . cade Station

Frost, W. L.—306 West Third St Hanchett, Lewis Edward—815 Bank of Hollingsworth. Herbert —610 South

Gage, John H.—712 So. Broadway Italy Bldg Broadway

Galbreath, Frank—1171 East 32nd St. .. Hancock, George Allan—629 So. Spring Hollingsworth, William Irving—6th &

Gaily, Thomas K.—640 So. Spring St. . . St Hill Sts

Gamble, William Henry—2000 Pasadena Harasta, Joseph William—1108 Petroleum Hollister, Felton S.—609 South Grand

Ave Securities Bldg Ave

Gardner, Frank L.—639 So. Spring St.. Harbach, Edwin L.—1207 Hellman Bank Holmes, Charles H.—727 Soutli Spring St

Gardner, Robert J.—1049 S. Hill St Bldg Holmes, W. B.—740 So Broadway

Garland. William May—1200 W. M. Gar Harbison, McClarty-802 Haas Bldg. ... Honnold, William L—1206 Pacific Mutual

land Bldg Hardacre, Ralph B.—Fifth and Spring Bldg

Gautier, George—2600 So. Alameda St.. . ,.S*^ Hoover, Geo. E.—Fay Building

Gautier, James A.—2600 South Alameda Hardmg, H. C—502 South Spring St. ... Hope, Francis Moffat—548 So Sprinc^ St

St Harkness, Edgar G.—626 South Spring St. Hopkins, C. S.—1020 East 59th St '^

Geis, W. H.—1035 Subway Terminal Bldg. (see also Addenda page 1696) Hopper, Charles B —609 South Grand

Geoghegan, T. M.—1047 Richmond St... Harman, Francis Lynde Stetson—1151 Ave

Geraghty, P. J.—540 Maple Ave So._ Broadway Horn, John S.—266'City'Hall'Annex'

Getty, George Franklin—916 A. G. Bart Harmsh, John—777 East Washington St. Horr, Geo V 205 F P Fay Bldg

lett Bldg Harper, Gus D.—8101 Sunset Blvd Hotchkiss, Preston—523' W 6th St

Getty, Sarah C—916 Bartlett Bldg Harris, Ford W.—471 Chamber of Com- Hough, John K—6701 Central Ave

Gibbs, Robt. A.—1201 Cochran Ave nierce . . Houghton, William E.—810 S Flower 'st

Gibbs, William W., Jr.—7th & Spring Sts. Hart, Lowell J.—416 W. Eighth St Houssels Bismark

Gibson, J. Porter—318 W. 9th St H.-rtranft, Marshall V.—1022 Detwiler Howard, Geo. A J—6'25's'out'h'Spri'ng's't

Gibson, Jas. A., Jr.—548 So. Spring St.. . ., Bldg Howard, Perry 'a., Jr.—6th St & Grand

Giles, Milton E.—217 Herman W. Hell Hatten, Thursten B.—1600 East Wash Ave -^ - J

man Bldg. . . . ..... ington St Howard, William ■D'u'ff~228 'pives 'str'ong

Giles, Robert J.—548 So. Spring St Hauptman, George Daird—1100 Lane Bldg

Gilhs, Robert C—215 West Ninth St. . . . Mortgage Bldg Howard, William F.—650 S. Spring 'St'..'.'

Gilmore, Earl B -2423 East 28th St Hawkins, Brc,ok-2404 West Seventh St Howdershel!, Bedford James-412 W, 6th

8 sTfamt Bkck ^^^^^>'' ^^^^ ^.-1735 North Main St. ..^t • • ■ ,-• ■ • •

Clas's "c!"nfem'stu'cle'baker'-::7l'2-14"s'o'. ^Z'^YmS;~c'' ""IS". ^^.'^^^^'^V to",:'St'^'^^'' ^^'"—6325 Wilming-

Snr,-ncr ^t "^^^ William Carey—I60O South Alameda "■"" '^^

r-i u V ' ' 'oi':>'k"n 'd ■ i; V.'d.V ■ St Hu))bard, Charles A.—2120 7th Ave

Glover, Hunter—212 A. G. Bartlett Bldg. -.^ . , .,. ^, HriKKarri Mn.-1», r c^i c •/ t^'i't" '

Goeser, Edwin W.-6811 So. Alameda St. ^^^^^s, Arthur L.-558 S. Los Angeles St. S"JJ^^ ' ^^v fj.. i^^^9t%"•!:,'^^^''^^■ Goldman, Harry A.-469 Chamber of ^^y^s, Chas. D.-417 So. Hill St ^^" ''"^•,.^^'"'^"^ B.-102S Tit!e Insur-

Commerce Bldg Hai-mond, Thomas W.-530 W. Sixth St. ^/"" ^'^f' • • • - ;.

Goldman, Melvin—Seventh St. at Flower f^ay^'Ond, William H. B.—532 West Hudson, Harry Elhott

Golenor, Herald Ray—529 Walter P. „S'xth .St S"i!''^^' "• ^^^^^^T.f^.r^°- .^'^^'" ^*

Story Bldg Haynes, Natus J.—621 S. Main St Hull, Gecrge B.—507 Van Nuys Bldg. ..

Goodfellow, Walter' ' Vin'ce'nt—3'7'6'5' ' 'San Hay ward, Chas. A Hull, M. O C—1700 East 9th St

Rafael Ave Hayward, Max E.—347 South Hill St. .. Hunsaker, Wi.iiam Jefferson-1031 Title

Goodspeed, Richard C—522' Citi'z'e'ns 'Na- Hayward, Sam T Insurance Bldg ,

tional Bank Bldg Haywood, Benjamin Sherwood—Pacific Hunt, Willis G.—P. O.' Box 120, Arcade

Goodwin, Edward Francis—614 Stock Palisades Station

Exchange Bldg Hazeltine, Herbert S.—1328 E. Eighth St. Hunter, Ben. S.—900 Van Nuys Bldg .

Goodwin, Guy Leonard—850 Subway Heffner, Robert A.—600 East Second St. Hunter, Robert E.—900 California Bank

Terminal Bldg Hellman, James W.—719 South Spring St. Bldg




Los Angeles—(Continued)

Huntington, Arthtir Elon—625 South

Spring St

Kurt, Arthur C—702 A. G. Bartlett Bldg. Husbands, Frank J.—Ill N. Ave. 24....

Hyatt, \"ictor—1601 South Hill St

Ide, Edgar L.—312 E. 3rd St

Imhotf, Murray Andrew—2000 Pasadena


Ingold, Reuben Frederick—1031 So.


Irwin, Charles William—615 Van Nuys


Isenberg. Warren Dale

Isitt, Rcbert P.—620 Chamber of Commerce Bldg

Isitt, Robert S.—620 Chamber of Commerce Bldg

Ivey, Herbert Dee

Ivey, Lott Otis—457 South Spring St. .. Jackson, Gordon G.—614 Pershing Square


Jackson, Oscar F.—501 North Main St...

Jsckson, Robert B

Jacobs, Jay Berthold—60th at Central... Jacoby, Julius—1110 So. Los Angeles St. Jacoby, Leo S.—331 So. Broadway .... James, C. Sumner—736 South Hill St. ..

James, Frank—919 Story Bldg

Jameson, A. L.— Til Security Bldg

Jameson, Ida May—900 Spring Arcade


Jameson, James William—900 Spring .Arcade Bldg

Jameson, Statham—Figueroa at 21st St.. . Jamison, Harry A.—516 Southwest Bldg. Jardine, John Earle—640 South Spring St. Jeakins, George T.—320 Stock Exchange


Jeffers, John N.—443 So. San Pedro St.. Jeffries, William Parrish—117 Winston St.

Jenkins, H. H.—P. O. Box 355

Jensen, Wiggo F.—1275 E. 6th St

Jerchow, A. Carl—741 Terminal St

Jevne, Jack A.—1340 E. 7th St

Johns, Albert Newton—530 W. Sixth St.

(see Addenda page 1690) Johnson, Alexander Perry—356 S. Broadway

Johnson, Carl A.—^^835 Citizens National

Bank Bldg

Johnson, E. C—2019 Bay St

Johnson, Emil—347 South Hill St

Johnson, H. Norton—811 Higgins St. .. Johnson, Luther H.— 2626 Santa Fe Ave. Johnson, Parley M.—356 So. Broadwav

Johnson, W. B.—6th & Grand Sts '.

Johnston, Charles H.—416 West 8th . . Johnston, Frank L.—409 South Hill St.

Johnstone, William Arthur

Jones, Arthur Carl—775 Terminal St. . .

Jones, Brinton—1985 E. 16th St

Jones, Charles S.—714 So. Hill St

Jones, Charles Thomas Blakiston—126 So.

Central Ave

Jones, Daniel H.—1151 So. Broadway .. Jones, Frank—706 Petroleum Securities


Jordan, F. Marshall—565 S. Spring St... Junger, William Fred—5700 York Blvd...

Kaeding, C. D.—648 Mills Bldg

Kaler, Alfred M.—775 Terminal St

Kanouse, Carroll B.—643 South Olive St Kauffman, Jules—123 W. Washington St. Kaufman, Samuel G.—832-834 Wall St. . . Kayser, Emil—727 South Broadway .... Kayser, Gertrude V., (Mrs.)—727 South


Keller, Will E.—726-727 H. W. Hellmau


Kemp, Alexander Nesbitt—625 S. Sprmg

St ,

Kennedy, Charles E.—Box 20, Station C. Kennedy, Elmer J.—8th & Broadway . Kennedy, Geo. E.—910 W. N. Garlanrl


Kennedv, Philip Benjamin—5th & Spring-

Sts. .'

Kennedy, Warren C.—950 North Broadway

Kennev, Franklin R.—417 South Hill St.

Keown, R. J.—617 W. 7th St

Kerckhoff, Herman H.—740 South Broadway

Kerckhoff, Wm. G.—950 So. Broadway..

Kerfoot, E. E

Kerr, J. A. H.—Fifth & Spring St.s

Los Angeles—(Continued)

Kibbey, Walter B.—Security Title Insurance Bldg

Kilgore, William Roberts—621 So. Hope St

Killgore, A. R.—Title Guarantee Building

King, Fred H.—501 North Main St

Kingsley, Oliver C.—7262 Hillside Ave...

Klenck, F. J.—609 South Grand Ave

Klinker, Lewis W.—145 N. Broadway . .

Knemeyer, Clarence V.—5050 Pacific Blvd.

Knickerbocker, Fred Hugh—523 Pacific Electric Bldg

Knight, John O.—808 Stock Exchantre Bldg '. .

Knowles, E. L.—1350 Palmetto St

Kobernik, Julius Edward—655 Roosevelt Bldg

Koch, Chris—1049 South Hill St

Koehl, A. W.—664 S. Myers St

Koehl, John W.—664 S. Myers St

Kollock, William Gregg—Security Title Insurance Bldg

Kortlander, Henry William—600 East Second St

Kuhrts, George Jacob—1060 South Broadway

Kyle, Willis B.—842 Pacific Electric Bldg

Lackev, Louis Raymond—530 West Sixth St. '.

Lacv, Richard H.—601 Washington Bldg.

Lamb, Thos. R.—1101 South Hill St. ..

Lendgren, C. Al.—804 Black Bldg

Lane, Tom Travis—501 Haas Bldg. . . .

Lange, Eric—1316 Washington Blc'g. . .

Langley, Howard W.—1601 E. Sixteenth St

Larrabee, Lawrence L.—610 Title Insurance Bldg

Larson, Adolph—224 E. 11th St

Last. Carl F. A.—225 Douglas Bldg. . .

Lathrop, Alfred Lee—760 South Hill St.

Lathrop, George A.—824 Roosevelt Bldg.

Lawyer, Jay—503 Lane Mortgage Bldg. ..

Layne, Lawrence L.—900 Santa Fe Ave...

Layne, Mahlon E.—900 Santa Fe Ave.

Leaf, Erie M.—909 Title Insurance Bldg.

Lean, William E.—2019 Bay St

Le Bel, Lionel B.—504-5-6 O. T. Johnson B'ldg

Lee, Luther J.—1207 Edison Bldg

LeGrant, R. E.—1265 East Sixth St

Lehn, Charles F.—124 S. Gramercy Place

Leimert, Edward—7th & Olive Sts

Lenz, Walter M.—220 Merchants National Bank Bldg

Leonard, Robert L.—152-4 North Main St.

Levee, Michael Charles—1041 No. Formosa St

Levering, Martin M.—424 Wilcox Bldg. . .

Levy, Isaac O.—318 West Ninth St

Lewin, Laurence A.—Box 20 Station C.

Lewin, Ross L.—Box 20, Station C

Libby, Warren E.—1725 E. Seventh St...

Lichtenberger, George W.—262 Los Angeles St

Lichtig, Henry—706 So. Hill St

Linton, Robert—1151 South Broadway...

Lipman, Joseph C

Lipps, Thomas H.—207 F'inancial Center Bldg

Listenwalter, C. E.—819 East First St

Little, C. R—706 Petroleum Securities Bldg

Lloyd, Hal A.—10601 Chalon Rd

Lloyd, Lulu Hull—7th and Olive Sts....

Lloyd, Ralph B.—7th and Olive Sts

Lockhart, L. M.—714 So. Hill St

Lockhart, Lloyd E.—404 Spreckles Bldg.

Lockwood, Russell N.—122 E. 7th St....

Loeb, Joseph P.—610 Pacific Mutual Bldg.

Logel, Joseph F.—5323 Wilshirc Blvd...

Loofbourow, John S.—530 W. 6th St

Lopizich. John—220 No. Main St

Lord, Harry A.—1240 So. Figueroa St... Lothi.'in, I. A.—504 Stock Exchange

Loughry, Walton Hampton—1340 East Seventh St

Louis, E. J.—124 West 4th St

Louis, Henry W.—751 South Figueroa St.

Low, John C.—504 Lane Mortgage Bldg.

Low, Thomas Franklin—443 S. San Pedro St

Lowell, Karl P.—1220 National City Bank


Luckey, Clavton—8th & Spring Sts

Lukens. Hafry M.—1211 East Ninth St.


Los Angeles—(Continued)

Luton, Cecil Randolph—205 National City Bank Bldg

Lyman, Edward Dean—621 South Hope

St .

Lyons, Irving H.—816 South Broadway

MacArthur, Alan D.—515 South Olive St.

Macbeth, Alexander B.—950 South Broadway

Mac Donald, Lloyd Alowat—501 West 7th St

MacDougall, Stuart—1850 S. Los Angeles St ^. ...

Macfarland, J. C—1111 Merchants National Bank Bldg

MacGruer, George—303 Pacific Mutual Bldg

MacKay, Henry S., Jr.—747 Title Insurance Bldg

Mackinnon, Harry Douglas—363 New High St ;

MacLeod. Norman L.—Washington Bldg.

MacMaster, James—801 A. G. Bartlett Bldg

MacMillan, Charles A.—3851 Santa Fe Ave

Macomber, Laurence—Van Nuys Bldg...

Macurda, Arthur A.—1609 West Ninth St

Magenheimer, G. J.—609 So. Grand Ave.

Maginnis, F. A.—419 Kerckhofif Bldg. .

Mallory, Philip H

Mapel, Charles Elliott—6600 Lexington Ave

Mapel, John W.—P. O. Box 700, Arcade Station

Marble, Wm. Carev—210 Stock Exchange Bldg ^.

March, O. W. Jr.—505 Roosevelt Bldg..

Marcus, Eugene Howard—Box 968

Marlowe, Thomas C.—427 Security Bldg

Marshall, Francis—523 West 6th St

Marston, Edgar Lewis—454 S. Windsor Blvd

Martin, Austin Oliver—Seventh & Spring Sts

Martin, Geo. C—1222 East 28th St.!!!!

Martin, George R.—502 So. Spring St...

Alartin, Harry Lee—458 S. Spring St

Martin, William N.—Fav Bldg

Martin, Willsie-2nd St. & Hobart Ave

Masser, Harry L.—810 S. Flower St

Matson, Clarence H.—1159 So. Broadway

Matthews, Robert David—1220 Union Oil Bldg

Alaxwell, James G.—348 Santa Fe Ave.

Maynard, Rea E.—1003 Higgins Bldg...

McAfee. Lloyd W

McClung, Reid L.—3551 University Ave.

McClung, Stanley F.—501 W. 6th St

McClure. John Q.—1601 South Hill.. ..

McCourt, Robert Lee—712-14 So. Spring St

McCrea, Thomas P.—810 So. Flower St.

McCune, George W

McDermott, Allan M.—516 Grant Bldg.!

McDonald, Fred A.—400 So. Alameda St.

McDuffie, William C—408 Higgins Bldg.

McGarry, Daniel F.—631 Higgins Bldg..

McGitinis, Edward H.—Box 70, Arcade Station

Mcintosh, A. R. C— 1008 Commercial Exchange Bldg

Mcintosh, Wm. A.—3rd & Spring St.

McKenzie, Henry John—900 Santa Fe Ave

McKeon, John—1120 Bartlett Bldg

McLaine, William L.—1003 Higgins Bldg.

McLeod, Harry W.—2010 South Alameda St

McManigal, Benj. E.—700 South Los Angeles St

McMullen, Paul L.—561 South Spring St.

McNaghten, Malcolm—401 South Broadway

McNaughton, John A. — Union Stock Yards, Station K

McPeak, John—1203 Union Oil Bldg....

Mead, Willis H.—2260 E. Vernon St

(see Addenda page 1691)

Meikle, Evan L.—509 So. Western Ave..

Meitner, Geo. F.—730 Standard Oil Bldg.

Meline, Frank L.—706 South Hill St....

Melius, G. B.—305 E. 4th St

Menig, ClifTord O.—1740 West Washington St

Menn, William H.—1026 Bank of Italy Bldg

California REGISTER OF DIRECTORS California

Los Angeles—(Continued) Los Angeles— (Continued) Los Angeles — (Continued)

Mertz, Josiah, Streeter—742 So. Hill St. Nelson, Martin Peters, Edward A.—617 Wright & C;al-

Metz, Frieda (Miss)—6021 Central Ave. Nelson, Oscar C—1737 W. Albion .St. .. lender Bldg

Metzler, Irving S.—727 South Spring St. Nenhoff, E. G.—3923 W. Sixth St.- .. . . Peterson, Ered E.—611 Story Bldg

Metzler, Milton-—727 So. Spring St Neuhoff, Ered B.—124 W. Eourth .St. . •■ Pfaffcnberger, George—55i So. Broadway

Meyer, Ben R.—760 S. Hill St Neuschaefer, Paul E .••.,■■ Pfaffinger, Frank Xavicr—100 No Broad-Meyer, Charles A.—617 E. First St Newburger, Geo.—650 South Spring; St. .■ way

Meyer, Ralph—751 Eigueroa St Newland, E. H.—1111 Stock Exchange i^helps, John Wilson—1270 Wholesale St.

Mier, Rich J.—501 West Sixth St Bldg Pickrell, Andrew Jackson—758 So. Broad-

Milbank, Lee Borden—621 S. Hope St. . . ' Newlin, Gurnev E.—935 Title Insurance way

Mitler, Charles L.—6600 Lexington Ave. Bldg Pickrell, G. L.—318 W. 9th St ..

Miller, Clinton E.—910 Van Nuys Bldg. Newmark, Maurice H.—619 Pacific Mu- Pierce, K. L

Miller, Edgar Gail—306 W. Third St... tual Bldg Pierson, Warren Lee—816 Pershing Sq

Miller, Ed\yin Judson—612-15 W. M. Gar Newmark, Samuel M.—312 E. First St. . . Bldg

land Bldg. ". Nicholson, Edmund Aloysius—6600 Lex IMle, Roger H.—1031 So. Broadway

Miller, Fred A,— t6312 Eulalia Blvd. ington Ave Piness, George—1136 W. Sixth St. ......

Miller, James L.=-^.337 West Ave. 26 .... Nicholson, Geo. H.—6600 Lexington Ave. Pinkert, Alfred

Miller, John Barnes—306 West I'hird St. ■ Nicholson, Robert H.—715 Sun Financial Polich, Teodor Peter—672 Chamber of

Miller, L. Revel—51Q Hellman Bank Bldg Commerce Bldg

Bldg • . :, Noblitt, William Sherman—505 Roosevelt (see Addenda page 1692)

Miller, Robert Patchin—5125 Santa Fc Bldg. Pontius, David Willard—675 Pacific Elec-

Ave , N^oon, Francis C.—621 So. Hope St trie Bldg

Miller, U. S \ Nordenholt, George Dietrich—1223 Paci Potter, N. K.—934 Central Bldg.

Milliron, Clark J.—518 Merchants Nation fie Mutual Bldg (see Addenda page 1692)

al Bank Bldg Normandin, Armand A.—2719 So. Main Potter, Warren f.—4591 Whittier Blvd

Mills, Lloyd, (M. D.)—720 So. Lucerne St Powell, Frank H.—605 H W Hellman

Blvd Norswing, Knute B.—1414 So. Hope St. Bldg

Milner, John—1200 North Main St Norton, David F.—855 So. Los Angeles Powers, Blanche E.—6001 Pasadena Ave

M^ilnor, Joseph Ryan—507 So. Olive St. St Pratt, Arthur P.—7th & Broadway

Milnor, Nathan Funstoq—507 So. Olive Nottmever, A. A.—283 San Fernando Rd. Preston, Walter E.-—1011 Van Nuvs Bldg

St Nutting, E. M.—117 W. 9th St Preston, Will S.—-903 Great Republic I ife

Miner, Charles A.—801 A. G. Bartlett O'Brien, James M.—210 W. 7th St Bldg

Bldg O'Connor, F. E.—4917 Alhambra Rd. . . Price, James E.—227 East Second .St

Moe, Seeley B.—229 So. Los Angeles St. O'Connor, James H.—909 Hyde St. . . Prisk, Vk'illiam F.—Pine Ave. at Sixth St

Moerdvke, Nathaniel Perry—811 Wash Off, Charles Frederick—365 Pacific Elec Pugh, Edmund Wright—50^ South Serine

ington Bldg trie Bldg St " '^ ^

MofTett, Hester Alverson (Mrs.)—6331 Off, Howard Jerome—365 Pacific Electric Pyle, C. G.—2019 Bay St

Hollywood Blvd. Bldg Quinby, Ross H.—998 South Western

Monnett, Mervin J.—4J9 Bank of Italy Off, Theodore R.—801 Lane Mortgage Ave

Bldg Bldg ■.. . . Quinn, John R.—931 Rives-Strong'Bldg

Monnette, Orra Eugene—7th & Olive Sts. Ohmer, John F., Jr.—954 South Flower Quirk, Arthur Gilbert 1110 Hellnan

Moody, Robert E.—520 Pacific Mutual St Bank Bldg

Bldg Olmsted, Addison J.—302 Kerckoff Bldg. Raab, Philip A.—911 North .Spauidiiig

Moore, Charles I. D.—Pacific Mutual Olmsted, Clarence Edward—936 Security Ave

Pldg rJ^^^^ Ragan, Homer B.—4017 Council St

Moore, Ernest Carroll Olson, Emil Amandus—1105 California Rainey, Garnet C.—650 So. Grand Ave

Mcore, Ewell D.—1140 Subway Terminal Bank Bldg Rakestraw, Robert Ralston—-416 W Stli

I.ldg Olton, N. E.—2415 East 55th St St

Mcore, Levering—522 Security Title In O'Melveny, Donald—1000 California Bank Randall, jay E. 505 West 7th St

snrance Bldg Bldg Randall, Maurice W.—P O Box 250 \r

Ml.ore, R. M.—215 W. 6th St O'Melveny, Stuart—218 Title Insurance cade Station ' '

Moore, Roy W.—1206 Pacific Mutual Bldg Ranke, Fred H.—2911 San FernVndn

Bldg O'Neil, Patrick Henry—W5 Security Bldg. Road ""^"^°

M lore, Samuel—2912 Central Ave Orloff, George A.—320 Story Bldg Rappaport, Jack 534}4 S Spring St

M >rgan, Gad—743 Ceres Ave O'Rourke, John Edward—6th & Hill Sts. Rappaport', Max 5Z4V2 S Soring St

Morgan, George Bliss—416 Fay Bldg. .. Ortman, Fred Benson—621 So. Plope St. Rath, Howard G—510 Pa'rifir i\fnti,3l

Morgan, O. H.—907 East 3rd St Osborne. Lewis Winn—1760 Easv 15th St. Bldg '. ^^^""lai

Morgan, Thomas E.—6th & Los Angeles Overell, Robert E.—700 So. Main St.. . Ranch, Lewis Cass Hellman Bank ISldg

Sts Overton, Paul—810 So. Flower St Ranen, R. H.—1220 National Citv Bank

Morlan, A. F.—Title Guarantee Bldg. ... Owens, Madison T.—815 South Hill St.. Bldg

Morris, John—421 E. 6th St Padget, Russell Spray-530 West Sixth Rebard, .Arthur K-^56(V South Broadwav

Morris, R. B.—421 E. Sixth St St Reed, Harold B.—Van Nuys Bldg

Morris, Sheldon—1430 So. Alameda St... Page, Edgar C.—1008 Commercial Ex- Reed, Ralph John 617 West 7th St

Morris, Wells—724 So. Spring St change Bldg Reimers, George Amos—220 West 5th .St

Morris, William Elda—Broadway at 8th Page, James R.—6th & Spring St Reordan, William Curd 1078 M;Q=,'r,n

St Palmer, Charles Howard, Jr.—1216 Pacific Road Mission

Morrow, Bernard A.—932 South Hope St. Afu'.ual Bldg Reticker, Howard B —605 Bank of Vtaiv

Moseley, CorHss C—113 West 9th St. .. Palmer. Edwin Obadial—1322 U. Ver- Bldg ' -'"^ ^^"k ot Italy

Mosher, Henry M.—727 N. 7th St mont Ave Reynolds, Geo. L —50,3 ' Bank of ' tVpIv

Mosher, Samuel Barlow—727 West 7t!i Palmer, Thomas C—501 So. Broadway. . Bldg . . ^

St Pantages, Alexander—205 Pantages Thea- Reynolds, Henrv W Pacific Natinnal

Moss, Berkley N.—6605 Franklin Ave.. . tre Bldg Bank Bldg. . ." ^acinc Aational

Moss, Eleanor K.—6605 Franklin Ave.. . Parker, Leonard W. G,—1547 Venice Revnolds, Luther Guv—2826 So "n'onp'=it

Moulton, Everts-326 Union Oil Bldg. . . Blvd Reynolds, Thos. J -950 So Brolc^wav

Moulton, Francis—403 Title Insurance Parks, Walter—2027 So. Figueroa St.... Rhodes, Allin L.—626 So. Spring St ' " '

Bldg Parsons, Arthur Cline Rhodes, John Foster—61^ Pershinp- Sn

Moulton, Robert H.—403 Title Insurance Parsons, Franklin C—801 Bartlett Bldg. Bldg '. . ^ ''

i.x^^^^y'i"V,\^k'-^ \ Parsons, Louis F.—650 So. Spring St. .. Richards, Elmer David—ld3l"So"Broad-

Moyse, John Ira—1120 Towne Ave Parsons, Sam S.—457 So. Spring St way

Mudd, Harvey S.—1206 Pacific Mutual Patterson, Justin E.—742 S. Hilf St. Richardson, Robert T.—7324 Sunset' Blv'd

Bldg. .......... . . .. .. (see Addenda page 1692) Richmond, Edward Irving—860 No. High-Mueller, J. Hartje—621 South Hope St... Paul, Samuel John—1605 West Ninth St. 'and ^

Mullen, E. R.—210 Spreckles Bldg Paulin, Harold D.—10601 Chalon Road, R'dgeway, Thomas Caldwell—6ViRartipt't-

Multer, Arthur N.—328 Bradbury Bldg.. . Bel-Air Bldg t^arriett

Murphy, William K.—7th Floor, Edwards Paulsen, Rol)ert C.—7th at Oli\e St Riggins, Carleton B.. ^^912 East 3rd St

& Wildey Bldg Payne, Frank Adrian—3600 So. Grand Riggins, James R.—514 Grant Bldg

Musgrove, Joseph—819 Hellman Bank .'^.vo Riley, James Sheldon—314 Van 'Nuys

Bldg Peabodv, Frederick Griffith—«26 So. Los Bldg \_

Musick, Elvon—1210 Security Title In Angeles St Rindge, Samuel K.—814 Pacific South-

surance Bldg Peachy, Henry Kyd Douglas—ld()8 Per- "^'^^^ Bldg

Myers, Louis W.—458 S. Spring St. . . shing Square Bldg . Rising, Franklin E ~7?,7 So Swrnu St

Myrick, N. W.—8101 Sunset Blvd Peat, Arthur E.—950 So. Broadway Rister, Claude U.—220 E Market St^ '"

Nagel, George E.—Broadway & Sixth St. Redder, Wilmer Wight—8627 Fir St Ritter, Fred—714 West lOth St

Neil, William—6381 Hollywood Blvd. .. . Pelton, Alfred T.—6001 Santa Monica Robbins, Albert C—1158 So Flower St

Nelson, Clarence L.—6801 Santa Monica Blvd Roberti, August—1346 Lono Beach Ave

.Blvd. . . . •■•■.•••• Penhoel. Louis Charles—6th & Hill Sis. Roberts, Earle L.—710 Sun Finance Bldg'

n °'?' S^"*"^ H.—315 Citizens National Pepperdine, Geo.-—1100 S. Grand Ave. .. Roberts, Frank K., Jr—924 Title Insur-

Bank Bldg Person, Harrv L.—542 So. Broadwav .. ance Bldg




Los Angeles — (Continued)

Roberts, Howard M.—1700 E. 9th St. Robertson, Howard—411 C. C. Chapman


Robinson, Henry Mauris—Pacific-Southwest Bank Bldg

Robson, William W.—308 Sun Finance


Rogers, Ernest 1..—711 So. Flower St. ,. Rogers, George A.—7th & Los Angeles

Sts .\ ...

Rogers, Russell—613 Insurance Exchange

Bldg \

Rohde, Oscar J.—727 W. 7th St

Rohrer, Ralph W.—6329 Pasadena Ave. . Roland, Samuel L.—523 So. Spring St. . . Roseberry, Louis Heaton — Fifth &

Spring Sts

Rosecrans, Leo M.—Black Bldg

Rosecrans, William Starke—1201 Subway

Terminal Bldg

Rosenberger, Thoinas H.—1007 Subway

Terminal Bldg

Ross, Oliver Thomas—Suite 207, Rives-Strong Bldg

Rossetti, Victor H.—S. W. Corner Fourth

& Main Sts

Rothgeb, James F.—524 So. Wilton Place

Rouse, I. Linden—6th & Spring Sts

Routt, Orville L.—735 West Seventh St. Rowan, P. D.—300 Title Insurance Bldg. Rubey, Harr}' M.—757 S. Broadway . . . Ruddock, Albert B.—650 South Grand


Ruedy, Julius M.—262 So. Los Angeles


Rugg, John M.—457 So. Spring St

Rule, O. Key —Pacific Finance Bldg

Rumbley, Fred N.—709 Higgins Bldg. . . Rupp, John C—212 H. W. Hellman Bldg. Rush. Guy Mansfield—Walter P. Story

Bldg .■

Rush, John A.—Pacific Finance. Bldg. ... Russell, John Newton—-^322'ir'acific Mutual


Rvon, Wm. A.—710 Sun Finance Bldg., . Salisbury, Stuart M.—727 West 7th St. , . Sands, Robert M.—1142 Petroleum Securities Bldg

Sartori, Joseph Francis , . .•,;.-•-,• •, ■

Savage, William H.—756 South Spring St. Scarborough, Robert R.^—720-21 Security

Bldg ".

Schaefer, Glenn A.—6th & Grand Sts. Schafer, Rudolph J. H.—1340 E. Sixth St. Schatzman, M. D.—620 Pacific Finance


Scherbel, A. A. G.—416 West 8th St.

Schiek, E. H.—639 So. Spring St

Schindhelm, Geo.—629 So. Spring St

Schirm, Louis—840 Commercial St.

Schleicher, .A.—733 East 8th St

Schleicher, B. F.—733 East 8th St. Schleusner, O. W.—1328..East 8th St. Schlosser, William Perry—719-23 So.

Spring St.

Schmadel, Ida E.—912 E. Third St

Schmidt, Walter A.—1016 West Ninth St. Schoder, Howard J.—523 West 6th St. .

Schuck, Albert—220 W. 5th St

Schwerin, Richard C.—Hellman Bank


Seaver, F. E.—810 So. Flower St

Seeley, Calvin M.—708 So. New Hampshire Ave :

Seeley, Roy C.—365 Pacific Electric Bldg.

Seligman, Carl—6th & Grand Ave

Sessions, Chas. H.—1120,Towne Ave. ... Seward, George S.—626 So., Spring St. . . Sewell, Earl F.—757 Arcade Station Shackelford, Maxwell W.—122 E. 7th St. Shankland, Fowler—210 Stock Exchange


Shaw, George H. P.—518 Merchants National Bank Bldg

Shaw, O. N.—206 No. Oxford Ave

Shaw, Roy .^dolos—671 South Rio St. '. . . Shaw, Tyler B.—Sixth & Broadway .... Sheedy, Charles Austin—455 So. Spring

Sheedv, George—647 So. Spring St

Sheldon, Roy Horton—1009-17 Wright &

Callcnder Bldg

Sheldon, William Adams—761 Chamber

of Commerce Bldg

Sheltrn, James E.—Sth & Spring Sts. . . .

Los Angeles — (Continued)

Shepherd, Clififord John—409 South Hill


Shepherd, L. E.—210 West Seventh St.. . . Shimmin, G. Spencer—1400 South Main


Shryer, F. W.—903 West 7th St

Simon, ]\Iorris P.—900 Spring Arcade

Bldg •

Simpson, Frank, Jr.—601 W. 6th St

Slaught, Albert E.—617 E. 1st St

Smiley, Ai'thur R

Smith, A. Carman—739 South Hope S*...

Smith, Edwin F

Smith, F. W.—757 South Broadway

Smith, Gordon C.—800 S. Spring St

Smith, Harold C—111 West 7th St

Smith, Horace O.—351 E. 2nd St

Smith, J. S. A.—6701-7101 So. Alameda


Smith, Maurice (Dr.)—906 Quinby B'dg. Smith, Merle D.—347 South Hill St. ..~.

Smith, W^illard D.—2455 E. 27th St

Smith, Xavier Martin—1107 Security Title

Ins. Bldg

Smock, Herbert H.—5th & Spring Sts. , . Snell, F. R.—716 South Figueroa St. ... Snyder, Blanchard M.—Hollingsworth


Snyder, William Cloyd—912 Washington


Socha, Max E.—409 So Hill St

Sokolow, Alexander T.—816 Standard Oil


Somcrville, Geo. W.—Subway Termmal


Sommer, Robert E.—214 E. 8th St

Souden, Oscar M

Spaulding, Easton E.—1235 Subway Terminal Bldg

Spaulding, Lawrence C.—P. O. Box 8,

Station C

Spear, Emerson—1955 E. 16th St

Spear, Lewis E.—1840 E. 15th St

Spearman, Thomas C.—514 Merchants

National Bank Bldg

Speik, Frederick Adolph (Dr.)—427 W.

5th St

Spence, Jay

Spieker, H. E.—1049 So. Hill St

Spindt, A. J.—1414 S. Hope St

Spry, Ehzabeth A.—2117 Violet St

Stabler, William Wallace—1010 Transportation Bldg

Stanley, Edgar S.—1851 Industrial St. , . Stark, Edward—515 Spring Arcade Bldg., Stauntoii, W. F.—517 L. W. Hellman


Stearns, Francis A.—516 American Bank


Stearns, Theodore L.—Box 155 ,

Steck, Florence Bartlett (Mrs.)—500 A. G.

Bartlett Bldg

Stein, Carlotta—1208 Bank of Italy Bldg.

Stern, Charles F.—6th & Spring Sts

Stern, Eugene Jay—603 Haas Bldg. , . Stern, Harold M.—601-4 Haas Bldg.

Stern, Jacob—601-4 Haas Bldg

Stewart, Alexander Barnes—315 W. 9th


Stewart, Edgar W.—443 So. San Pedro St. Stewart, John Nelson—Pacific Electric


Stewart, William Lyman, Jr.—Union Oil


Stewart, Willis D.—1001 Securitv Bldg. , Stires, Vern S.—4600 W. Washington St. Stirling, George J.—2912 Central Ave. . , , Stoakes, Floyd Kenneth—220 West 9th St. Stockwell, B. C—422 So. Western Ave., , Stockwell, V. E.—422 So. Western Ave. Stoddard, Geo. O.—3400 Avalon Blvd. , . Stoner, Clarence E., (M. D.)—520 West

7th St

Story, Walter Perry—529 Story Bldg

Stowcll. Henry Haskell—907 Buildings

Exchange Bldg

Strasburger, Arthur—Fourth & Hill Sts. Strauhal, John F.—Cor. 8th & Spring Sts. Stringfellow, William B.—215 West 6th St. Stromberg, Wm.—1092 No. Western Ave. Sucher, Samuel Guy—6780 Hollywood

Blvd ■

Sullivan, D. C—706 Stock Exchange Bldg. Sutphen, Joseph W.—548 South Spring St. Sutro, Rali)h Cohen—742 South Hill St., Sutton, F. B.—1106-21 Bank of Italy Bldg. Swafford, Henry W.—2050 E. 38th" St. ,


Los Angeles—(Continued)

Searingen, Byron S.—668 So. Rio St

Sweenev, Everett William—947 'East 4th St

Swensen, Fred—Hill at Ninth St

Swett, Raymond—711 W. 17th St

Sword, James O.—201 Higgins Bldg. , . .

Taft, Harris W.—Seventh & Spring Sts.. .

Tannehill, Charles C—409 Kerckhoff Bldg

Taverner, William E.—1261 E. 6th St

Taylor, Arthur W.—416 W^ 8th St.

Taylor, Raymond S.—815 So. Hill St.

Taylor, Reese Hale—1200 N. Main St.

Taylor, Waller—1200 No. Main St

Teagle, E. E.—422 So. Western Ave. . . .

Thayer, John S.—311^^ South Spring St., • Theobald, William Henrj^—405 Hill St.

Thorn, Catesby C.—Lane Mortgage Bldg.

Thomas, Charles S.—629 South Spring St.

Thomas, Daniel C—4591 Whittier Blvd..

Thomas, Frank H.—440 Chamber of Commerce Bldg

Thomas, Frank J.—710 F. P. Fay Bldg. , .

Thomas, John R.—516 Grant Bldg. .

Thomas, Ray—1240 So. Hope St

Thomas, William Howard—210 West Seventh St

Thompson, Harold R.—1102 Edward Wil-dey Bldg

Thomson, J. Dawson—680 I. W. Hellman Bldg

Thorne, Paul Chaney—820 Chester Williams Bldg

Thornton, Edward—1221 Hollingsworth Bldg ;

Thorson, Carlisle J.—625 S. Spring St. , .

Tietzen, James Herbert—509 Van Nuvs Bldg -. .

Tilley, Cresslyn L.—746 So. Hope St.

Tillinghast, George B.—315 W. 9th St. . .

Toll, Charles Hulbert—502 South Spring St ..

Toms, George Parker—900 California Bank Bldg

Toole, Frederick J.—Van Nuvs Bldg

Trask, Frank Ellsworth—1014 East 9th St.

Trask, George Harlan—1014 East 9th St..

Treanor, John—724 So. Spring St

TrefT, Henry C—Box 847, Arcade Station

Trengove, Richard Edgar .

Toplitzky, Joe—205 H.'W. Hellman Bldg.

Torrance, Lewis C, Jr.—1224 Security Title Insurance Bldg

Tower, Alexander M.—125 So. Vermont Ave

Townsend, Albert R.—500-600 Commercial St

Townsend, Francis Milo—Higgins Bldg. (see also Addenda page 1698)

Townsend, Lorenza M.—500-600 Commercial St , .

Troeger, Rov C—649 So. Olive St.

Trott, D. M.—306 West 3rd St

Tucker, Erving Palmer—720 So. Broadway

Tuller, Walter K.—Title Insurance Bldg'

Tuttle, Howard E.—609 South Grand Ave.

Tyler, Walter S.—713 Spring Arcade Bldg.

Tyre, Jack—3008 So. San Pedro St.

Tyre, Louis—3008 So. San Pedro St

Uhl, Edward Henry—806 S. Broadway . .

Ullensvang, M. L.—1414 So. Hope St...

Ulmer, Joseph Ames—2501 East 52nd St.

\^ail, Nathan Russell—520 Metropolitan Bldg

Vance, Champ S.—810 South Flower St.

Van Court, Albert E.—530 West 6th St.

Van Norman, James Linn—208 Chas. C. Chapman Bldg

Van Nuys, J. Benton—210 West 7th St.!"

Van Pelt, Walter G.—824 Van Nuys Bldg.

Veenhuyzen, J.—7th & Spring Sts

V'eselich, Stephen P.—1120 Board of Trade Bldg

Viault, Frank—1861 East 55th St

Vignolo, Isabel A.—1353 Bellevue Ave...

Vincent, Frank W.—844 South Broadway

Voelkel, Jos. G.—950 South Broadway..

Voigt, Albert H.—644-646 S. Broadway von Bibra, Carl—Board of Trade Bldg...

Von De Ahe, Charle.s—6021 Central .Ave. Vosburg, Roydon—650 So. Spring St.... Wade, Charles Howard— 722 So. Spring


Wade, Franklin S.—810 So. Flower St...

Waggoner, Waverl.v Phares—626 So.

Spring St




Los Angeles—(Continued)

Wagy, Wallace P.—639 S. Spring St.. . .

Waldron, Walter J

Walker, Albert Raymond—1031 South


Walker, Alfred G.—1002 Los Angeles Ry.


Walker, George Winfield—736 S. Hill St. Walker, Granville Edwards—Stock Exchange Bldg

(see Addenda page 1693) Walker, Howard W.—2901 Whittier Blvd. Walker, William H.—518 Security Bldg. Wallace, George M.—5th & Spring Sts. Wallis, Joseph E.—702 Citizens National

Bank Bldg

Walsh. Francis A.—1046 S. Olive St.... Walter, Benjamin A.—314 Van Nuys Bldg. Walters, Jessie L. (Miss)—3200 West 6th

St ■

Walton, W. J.—3000 Central Ave

Waltz, A. T.—1305 Pershing Square Bldg. Ward, George A.—1326 E. 7th St......

Ward, George Clinton—306 West Third


Wardell, Bryant Kent—Ambassador Hotel Wardlaw, Charlie T. —1305 Pershing

Square Bldg .

Warmer, Charles Andrew—211 Uetwiier


Warr, Albert W.—1900 E. 55th St

Warrick, James J.—210 Bimini Place..

Washburn, William J

Wasmer, Charles P.—417 So. Hill St.... Watson, Harry W. —335 Citizens National

Bank Bldg

Wattles, Gurdon Wallace—1110 Hellman

Bank Bldg

Way, Archibald C—Bel-Air

Weaver, Robt. S.—1124 W. Washington


Webber, Joseph B.—403 South Hill St. Weber, Karl Albert—5700 Avalon Blvd. Weidner, Perry W.—8th & Spring Sts... Weirick, Arthur M.—832 Van Nuys Bldg. Welch, Harry Valentine—1016 West 9th


Welch-, James M.—704 S. Spring St

Welch, Ralph S.—202 Financial Center


Welch, Torrjince C.—514 Merchants National Bank Bldg

Weldon, W. R. H.—111 W. 7th St

Welles, Arthur T.—229 So. Orange Drive Wells, Clarence L.—439 Merchants National Bank Bldg

Wells, Don L.—6331 Hollywood Blvd... Wernigk, Eugene—626 South Spring St. Westbrook, H. L.—1106 Bank of Italy


Westergard, Peter—838 South Indiana St. Wheat, Walter Ross—815 Rives-Strong


Wheeler, Henry Orson—639 S. Spring St. Wheeler, Horace M.—I. N. Van Nuvs

Bldg "..

Whelan, Weldon D

White, Floyd G.—4th & Spring Sts

White, Frank M.—602 Consolidated Bldg. White, Fred J.—Room 527 W. P. Story


White, Harrv L.—1346 Long Beach Ave. White, John Robert, Jr.—644-646 So.


Whitehill, Charles L.—950 S. Broadway Whiting, Dwight—325 Union Oil Bldg... Whiting, George N.—326 Union Oil Bldg. Whitney, Charles C.—140 North Orange


Wight, Lawrence H.—629 S. Spring St.. . Wilkinson, Robert H.—853 So. Lucerne


Willaman, Jesse S.—6701 South Central


Williams, E. v., Jr.—5700 Avalon Blvd... Williams, Otho C.—612 South Spring St. Williams, P. R.—401 South Spring St.. Williams, Tenney—625 Van Nuys Bldg. Williamson, Frederick W.—448 So. Hill


Williamson, Winfield Scott, Jr.—806-808

So. Broadway

Willis, Lina D.—Room 1200, 609 South

Grand Ave.

Wills, Bert Gipson—740- South Broadway Wilson, Elihu Clement—2301 E. Vernon


Wilscn, Eva Pearl—2301 E. Vernon Ave.

T.^s Angeles— (Continued)

Wilson, George Benton—2301 E. Vernon Ave

Wilson, Kenneth B

Wilson, William Joseph—1366 So. Figu-eroa St

Wiseman, Philip—1206 Pacific Mutual Bldg

Witmer, William Sullivan—903 Architects Bldg

Witter, Willis Guy—210 W. Seventh St.

WolfT, Ralph G.—Seventh St. at Flower

Wood, Frank L.—6 Laughlin Park

Wood, Henry C.—Suite .812, Spring Arcade Bldg

Woodhead, David—4800 W. Pico St

Woods, Donovan Whitney—1003 Higgins Bldg.

Woods, James

Woods, William Wallace, Jr.—Eighth ."t Hill St

Woollacott, James S.—1008 W. 6th St. . .

Woolwine, James Edmondson—147 So. Spring St

Woolwine, W. D

Worcester, Herbert M.—210 Stock Exchange Bldg

Workman, William H.—835 S. Spring St.

Worster, George Edward—1408 Crown Hill Ave

Worth, Edgar—4400 Worth St

Worth, Emma—4400 Worth St

Worth, Joseph Wm.—4400 Worth St

Worth, Walter G.—4400 Worth St

Wotkj'ns, Benjamin Marshall—704 S. Spring St

Wren, Charles Francis—1725 East 7th St.

Wright, Alfred—o29 South Spring St

Wright, James Long—609 S. Grand Ave.

Wurster, Chester L.—810 S. Spring St. . .

Wyatt. L;oyd Errett—718 Hillstreet Bldg.

Yarnall, John Lee

Yarnall, Mary A

Young, George Gilray—1111 South Broadway

Young, H. J.—6701 So. Central Ave

Yundt, E. R.—742 S. Hill St

Zimmerman, Joseph D.—1513 Mirasol St.

Zobelein, George—1920 N. Main St

Zobelein, John Graf—1920 N. Main St. . .

Zobelein, Philip—1920 N. Main St

Zombro, Sumpter F.—601 W. 7th St


Hamsher, C. F

McMurtry, George S.—100 West Main St.

Osborne. Antrim Edgar—Box 309


Connery, John H

Conway, Clarence Dexter


Greenamyer, Charles E.—11326 Long Beach B.vd


Butins, J. L

Christiana, Albert E.—116-118 So. D. St..

Harris, Delvin Burdett—Drawer F

Nelson, Emil Ervin—205 First National Bank Bldg.

Swift, Cyrus Briggs


Chattwood, Joseph


P^orbes, Charles W.—111 Sycamore Ave.

Jensen, Jens C

Williams, George


McPherson. John Archibald


Hale, Wm. A

Merrithen, Edwin Waring—706 Ferry St.

Rodgers, James Edward—Box 395, 819 Main St


Aaron, C. F.—328 Fourth St

Boulton, A. H.—302 D. St

Garden, H. B. P

Moncur, Robert

Rideout, Dunning

Swain, William B

Wilcox, E. B


Hall, Elmer E.—Box 308

Lakin, Bert W .


Melcher, Carl Albert


.Anderson, Joseoh M

Barcroft, R.—525-527 Main St



George, Wm. J

Landram, WilHam E.—619 17th St

Preston, Valentine G

Sinionson, John H

Turner, Ora A

White, William Lee


Ankers, Frank C

Grothel, Bernhard

Helmore, Paul

Huntoon, Chas. H

Petrie, Harry


Crabb, Irving M.—P. O. Box 176

Curtner. William M


Whitcomb, Frank R


Brink, Wilma—1021 J St ,

Broughton, James Richard

Cressey, George Albert

Cuneo, John Charles

Dennett. Lewis Lincoln—Modesto Bank


Dunn, John A.—901 8th St

Kewin, T. H.—430 Tenth St

Langdon, William H

MacBride, R. B.—Eighth & First Sts. . . Nelson, George C—19-20 Black Bldg. . . Nelson, Lena C.—12-13 Schafer Bldg. . .

Raraont, Kate—1021 J St

Ramont, William F.—1021 J St

Ritz, V/alter F

Stoddard, George R

Swan, Charles D

Thorp, James Erastus

Threlfall, George Alfred—P. O. Box 868

Turner, Alvin . Henry—912 9th St

Turner, Arlo V.—912 9th St

Turner, Everett W.—912 9th St

Turner, Henry G.—912 9th St

Turner, John Daniel—902 H St

Ulrich, George J

Walthall, John Madison

Yarnall, John Lee

Yarnall, Mary A


Bartle, John H.

Evans, Herbert Johnston—229 Bank of

Italy Bldg

Everest, Arthur J.—173 Highland Place.. Hoffman, Joseph J.—629 So. Myrtle Ave. Kalb, George B.—512 S. Myrtle Ave. . . . Kirschner, H. E.—512 South Myrtle Ave.

Langlie, Melvin—512 S. Myrtle Ave

Pottenger Francis M.—North Canyon

. Blvd


Reichman, O. H


Dodge, George Sinclair—5th & Whittier

^ Blvd ^

Zigler, Arthur Edward


Hovden, K

Lunde, William O.—David & Ocean Aves. Mack, Silas W.—Old First National Bank


Work, Thomas Albert


Maronde, John A. (Dr.j—329 N. Garfield


Thayer, Henry Payne


Sherman, Roger


Bamburg, Walter Scott—1043 Main St..

Bickford, Elmer Leonard

Brown, Clyde E.—Soscol Ave

Brown, Henry

Corlett, Benjamin—First and Brown Sts..

Goodman, Harvey P

Holden, Henry Carleton—R. F. D. 1, Box


Holden, Robert Smyth

King, Percv S

Lamdin, Robert P.—1016 Second St

Manasse, E. G

Miglavacca, Joseph A

Mount, John' N.—1014 First St

Norton, L. J.—68 Coombs St

Roper, Howard Ellis

Sawyer, Herbert H.—Box 263

Trower, Charles Edward


Boal, John E.—W. 9th St





Hoge, Arthur W

Rector, E. M

Rector, Gilbert James


Wilson, W. J


Newman, Louis )


Morrison, George F.—5059 Lankersh-"m

Blvd _..

Myers, Henr\- Deupree—5047 Lankershim

Blvd. . .. ."


Kulzer, Arthur


Rodden, Edward

Willms, Walter B


Abbott, Carl H.—436 14th St

Abraham, Ira—14th & Broadway

Aiken, Benjamin R.—Syndicate Bldg. . . . Anderson, A. P.—1117 Central Bank Bldg.

Bagbv, Earl A.—1919 Market St

Barber, Edgar H.—422-428 15th St

Barceloux, Geo. G

Baxter, E. Howard—2350 Webster St. . . Beardsley, Charles A.—1516 Central Bank


Beatie, Earle S.—1440 Broadway

Biddle, Samuel Edward—1560 Broadway. Bill, I.. H.—107th Ave. &■ Hollvwood


Blair, James R.—Syndicate Bldg

Blanchard. Harrv Gilbert—105th Ave. &

Foothill Blvd

Bonner, John M.—26th & Chestnut Sts.. Bradley, Arthur James—940 Arlington St. Bradlev, W^ G.—98th Ave. & Sunnyside


Breed, Arthur H.—Latham Square Bldg. Breed, Herbert L.—814 First National


Breuner, Louis J

Bridge, Rodney C.—Hotel Oakland

(see Addenda page 1688^ Brock, Eugene L.—1404 Franklin St. ... Budo. Louis S.—49th Ave. & E. 12th St. Caine, Joseph E.—501-03 California Bldg.

Capwell, H. C—14th & Clay Sts

Carrington-Imboden, Daniel—1447 Franklin St

Gary, Frank M.—2428 Webster St

Collins, James R.—Ft. of 5th Ave

Cooper, F. Werner—703 Syndicate Bldg. Corder, Arthur Elmer—P. O. Box 384 . .

Corder, Thomas A.—P. O. Box 384

Corder, Thomas William—P. O. Box 384

Corder, Walter E.—P. O. Box 384

Cox, Oscar L.—366 14th St

Crellin, Thomas Arthur

Dalton, Samuel E.—1201 46th Ave

De Freitas, Edmund—507-508 Easton


Dodge, N. S.—Park Ave. & Watt St

Eaglesome, Thomas Crawford—1540 San

Pablo Ave

Eccleston, James Young—1200 Broadway Edson, Henry Frederick—1354 Fruitvale


Field, Edward B.—13th and Harrison Sts. Fischer, Otto H.—Kennedy and East

Seventh St

Fitzgerald, Robert M.—1516 Central Bank


Fletcher, Howard French—1816 12th St. Fort, James H.—107th Ave. & Hollywood Blvd

Frost, Frank W.—22nd & Grove Sts

Gaines, Amv Corder (Mrs.)—P. O. Box

384 ■

'Garthwaite, W. W

Gear, Lewis S.—378 17th St

Goodhue, George B.—1537 Webster St..

Graham, W. Herbert—347 12th St

Greig, James—Foot of 5th Ave

Hagar, Gerald H.—Central Bank Bldg.

Hagstroni, Agnes—425 E. 11th St

Hagstrom, Emil A.—425 E. 11th St

Hancock, T. H.—1440 Broadway

Harms, H. A.—782-796 22nd St

Hassler, John F

Hawley, M. J.—268 Lee St

Heacock, L. H.—217 Alameda County

Title Bldg

Hearnc, Robert G.—1510 Franklin St. . .

Heath, George Rolph—695 37th St

Heinecke, E. B.—1604 Tribune Tower ..


Held, Joseph B.—1100 Clay St

Herbert, George N.—12th & Pine St. . . Hershey, Phillip A.—Central Bank Bldg. Hiller, Opal Perkins—Oakland Pier . .

(see Addenda page 1690)

Hiller, Stanley V.—Oakland Pier

Hinman, Henry L.—400-406 Alice St. . .

Horwnnski, Max—1537 Webster St

Hubbard, Samuel—244 Montecito .'^^ve.. . Hussey, Wallace M.—1440 Broadway . . . Jackson, Francis Frederick—Central Bank


Jackson, Frank Kennedy—13th & 14th


Jackson, Henry E.—1305 Clay Sr ....

Jacoby, Olin D

Jamieson, George Gillott—401 Water St. Jefferson, Louis W.—Tribune Tower . . .

Johnson, J. C.—940 Arlington St

Johnson, Jesse C.—940 Arlington St

Johnstone, Walter Lewis—1428 Harrison


Jones, Horace D.—Latham Square Bldg. Jurgens, William Charles—Hotel Oakland

Kehrlein, F. C—1640 18th St

Kehrlein, Oliver—1640 18th St

Kellogg, Walter Y.—15th & Wood Sts. Kewell, Fred W.—5th & Adeline Sts. . . .

King, Allen Edward—487 8th St

Klipstein, Henrv William. Jr.—351 5th


Knowland, Joseph Russell—13th & I'rank-

lin Sts

Lane, H. G.—392 14th St

Lavenson, George H.—504 Oakland Bank


Leet, Robert A.—712 Oakland Bank Bldg. Lewis, Irving C.—313 Henshaw B'dg. . . Love, Wm. DeLoss—First & Franklin


Lyon, Edmund Cobb—3400 Broadway . . Lyon, Harvey B.—3400 Broadway .... Maiden, Frederick Bruce—420 15th St. . .

Makin, William—354 Hobart St

Marchant, Rodney H.—Builders Exchange

Marks, Martin E

Marshall, Reginald Merritt—216 Central

Bank Bldg

Martens, Frank C

Martland, Robert Williams—Pacific Bldg. Maxwell, John P.—1318-1326 Washington


Mayhew, William Horace—320 10th St. McCarthy, John—1400 Franklin St. ... McCracken, William J. (Dr.)—1624

Franklin St

McCutcheon, William Hugh—1751 Franklin St

McDonell, Duncan A.—1440 Broadwav.. Mercer, Albert—15th & Franklin St. ". . . Meredith, Geo. S.—Franklin at 13th St.

Merrill, Alva Louis—379 4th St

Metcalf, William Henry—50th Ave. & F.

12th St

Millar, John Rutherford

Millar, John Yule

Miller, Louis Edmond—184 IGth St

Moeller, Theo. F

Mofifit, A. B.—319 14th St

Monroe, Charles Grant—14th & 15th Sts.

Moore, Arthur W

Mooser, Charles E., (M. D.)—California


Morcom, Fred N.—1724 Broadway

Mosby, George, (M. D.)—422 DalzJel


Mynard, Charles Edgar—Foot of Fifth


Narbett, James T.—1001 Franklin iilvd... O'Connor, Wm. J.—547 Mandana Blvd. Oliver, Roland Letts—1540 San Pablo


Oliver, William Harold—417 Madison St. Page, Stanley H.—Kennedy & Easi 7th

Sts :

Perry, Basil A.—1100 Clay St

Petersen. Cedric W.—1001 California


Peterson, Charles P

Peterson, Fred C.—511 Bank or Itah'

Bldg ".

Pizzotti, Joseph A.—1464 Webster St...

Post, Carroll L.—301 13th St

Ransome, Bernard—Hutchinson Bldg...

Read, Daniel—14th & Broadway

Readv, Lester S



Redlick, A. L.—12th & Clay Sts

Reed, Martin B.—1736 FrankHn St

Reimers, Frederick H.—Tribune Tower .

Rhodes, Alexander G.—401 Water St. . .

Richards, George L.—401 Water St. . .

Richardson, Frederic B

Robinson, Edward C.—1706 Franklin St.

Roller, R. A.—940 Arlington Ave

Rosemond, William B.—425 E. 11th St.

Rudiger, William Fred—12th & Pine Sts.

Schapiro, Bernhard—58+1 San Pablo Ave.

Schlesinger, James Wm. Lee

Schuyler, G. B.—40th & Adeline Sts

Senn, H.—lOSth & Foothill Blvd

Shea, Willard W

Shuey, Charles S.—5307 Telegraph Ave.

Shuey, Robert A.—5307 Telegraph Ave..

Smith, John F.—472 13th St

Sperry, James Clarence—45th * Holton St

Stenberg, Ernest W.—422-428 15th St....

Steves, Clifford Morrison—13th & Franklin Sts

Stuart, Reginald R.—5672 College \vc...

Sutton, Charles Zook—1001 22nd Ave...

Tapscott, Ernest Norvell—1916 Broadway

Thomson, James A.—12th & Broadwav.

Tibbitts, Walter G.—1104-05 Easton Bldg.

Tilden, Edwin M.—400 High St

Tilden, W.—400 High St. ^

Train, Frederick Lincoln

Travers, Fred B.—4250 Horton St

Travis, W. E.—1919 Market St

Truman, Charles H. J.-2935 Telegraph Ave

van Loben Sels, James F.—1225 Washington St

Van Sicklen, F. M.—364 4th St '.'.'.

Warenskjold, A. —Foot of 19th Ave

Washburn, A. E.—301 .Mameda Title Bldg

Washburn, W. K.—301 .A.lameda Title Bldg

Waters, Alexander William—379 4th St.

Watson, Thos. F.—206 Richfield Oil Bldg.

Wells, Ebenezer—3321 Broadway '

White, Carlos G.—6th Floor, Svndicate

Bldg :

Whitmg. Henry Hyer—Foot of 105th

Ave., Station "G" Whitney, George William—Clav, 14tb &

isth Sts ;

Wolcott, Lee W.—1450 Sherwin Ave .. .

Wood, Charles FL—414 14th St

Wood, Charles M.—1440 Broadway .. .

Wootten, Frank B.—216 Henshaw Bldg.

Wright, Maynard Edward—Foot of 19th Ave

Wright, Owen—10910 E. i4th St. .......

Wuepper, Frederick John—107th Ave. & Hollywood Blvd


Cleveland, George J

Dawson, Longfellow Garfield—214 Ashland Ave


Wisdom, G. W.—510 Second St


Burke, John J

(see Addenda page 1688)

Dennison, J. Waldo . .

Mallory, Geo. W '..'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.

Smith, Daniel


Brown, J. H


-Armstrong, John S.—408 No. Euclid Ave.

Arnold, Oscar—101 West "A" St

Ballon, Benton—119 Princeton St. .. .

Berg, Ffoward R.—cor. A St. & Euclid Ave

Cassel, Edward T.—616 East Grove St. '. '.

Chapman, H. O

Francis, Arthur C

Harding, Geo. B '

Henderson, John Oswald—2,'?5 North Euclid Ave

Huehn, John N ] ^

Huston, Clifford M.—102 No. Euclid Ave.

Latimer, Charles

McCrea, George .\.—Cor. Euclid & B Sts.

Middough, Edward—237 No. Euclid Ave.

Ostran, Peter E

Richardson, Earl Holmes

Smith, Glenn D.—217 So. Lemon Ave...





Traphagen, C. S.—Euclid Ave. & A St...

Wvnne, David B.—City Hall


Alden, Fred H.—Box 278

Bolinger, E. W

Boring, J. P.—172 So. Grand St

Cobiirn. Lewis F.—Ehlen & Grote Bldg.

Crist, Wilber F

Edwards, N. T

Ehlen. P. W.—42 Plaza Square

Havnes, Harry L.—20 Plaza Square

Perrv, William W.—R. F. D. No. 1, Box


Pixlev. Dewitt Clinton—192 No. Shaffer

St., P. O. Box 116

Smith, Willard

Stevenson, Lawrence A.—P. O. Box 176

Swayze, Addison W.—49 Plaza Sq


Frane, John E

LeMasters, Claude Gilbert

Wright, John Frank—Box 117


Faltings, John Elmert—Colusa St. at Railroad

Flaherty, Jno. J.—204 Fourth St

King, Edgar Melvin

Martin, Elmer E

Reager, Frank Sevmour—P. O. Box 642. . OROVILLE

Bolles, Walter Ehmann—Box ''J''

Huntington, C. F.—1800 High St

Land, A. H

Leonard, Raymond A.—80 Floral Ave.. .

Meek. Bert Bookham

Mitchell, Edward Franklin—322 Myers St.

Smith, Walter M,—1310 Montgomerv St.


Pierce, Russell Ely—425 B St

Scoles, Francis L

Staples, H. R.—344 Fifth St


Davis, Thomas Alderson—Garnet .\ve...

Nettleship, Neil—Garnet Ave. & Ocean Front


Eckhardt, George W

Gates, Arthur O.—569 Lighthouse Ave...

Smith, Cooke E


Buchan, Dean Winslow—251 University Ave

Buchan, M. A

Gamble, Edwin P.—1431 Waverley St. ...

Hare, Maurice H.—130 University Ave..

Hettinger, Eby A.—P. O. Box 224

Hoy, Andrew William—251 University Ave

Jordan, C. E

Jordan, Clarence H.—247 Hamilton Ave.

Montell, George Alfred


Brownell, Ralph E


Eymann, Edward Ralph

Holm, Fred P.—R. A. Box 304

Quick, H. B.—Route A., Box 68

Ross, Edwin

Ruth, John J.—P. O. Box A


Allen, Alfred G.—209 Braley Bldg

.A.llen, Harry Clifford—888 San Rafael Ave 1

Atwater, Almon B.—740 Oak Knoll Ave.

Baer, John WilHs, (Dr.)

Bankerd, John F.—325 Pacific-Southwest Bank Bldg

Barnes, Paul V.—311 E. Colorado St. ...

Barnhart, George Edward—1547 E. Walnut St

Bidwell, Howard E.—1047 S. Madison Ave

Bishop, Ellis—26 No. Marengo Ave

Blauvelt, Charles C.—Pacific-Southwest Bank Bldg

Bolt, Frank C—230 E. Colorado St

Brown, Arthur Meade—570 No. Lake Ave.

Brown, Paul—223 Pacific-Southwest Bldg.

Buckner, Walter C—859 Elizabeth St. . .

Burnham, William Henry, Jr.—^^54 So. Los Robles Ave

Byron, Harold B.—31 North Los Robles


Cameron, John E.— 311 E. Colorado St...

Chapin, Lon F.—525 East Colorado St. ..

Chase, William Stevens—995 East Green St

Pasadena — (Continued)

Cobbe, George H.—325 Pacific-Southwest

Bank Bldg.

Collins, Lillian E. (Miss)—Hotel Maryland

Coulston, John Bishop—Hotel Marjdand

Coulston, John Thomas

(see Addenda page 1688)

Craig, Charles L.—18 North EucHd

Curtis, Carl Clifton—510 Pacific-Southwest Bank Bldg

Curtis, George H.—67 N. Raymond Ave. Davis, R-oy Clair—119 E. Colorado St. .. Dobbins, Horace AL—53 West Colorado


Dodge, Albert—247 East Colorado St. ... Dorn, Joseph H.—30 So. Raymond Ave. Driver, Walter G.—801 Pacific-Southwest


(see also Addenda page 1694) Dunham, Frank C.—219 Citizens Savings

Bank Bldg

Evans, Harry M.—190 Arroyo Terrace . . Farrar, Hal Gordon—1767 E. Colorado St. Fleming, Arthur H.—1201 East California


Fleming, Clarence S.—P. O. Box 499

Foss, Robert F.—171 S. Los Robles Ave.

Franklin, W. M.—21 N. Allen Ave

Freeman, Breo—53 West Colorado St. .. French, Stuart W.—501 Bellefontaine St. Gates, Fred H.—102 Pacific-Soul hwest


Gianetti, Humbert L.—379 E. Colorado St. Godber, Harry H.—17 N. Raymond Ave. Gosnev, Ezra S.—26 No. Marengo Ave. Hahn," Benjamin W^—808 Pacific S. W.


Hall, Charles Joseph—230 E. Colorado St.

Hall, Frank H.—8 Singer Bldg

Halsted, S. Hazard—990 South Broadway Hamilton, Charles H.—990 South Broadway

Hampton, Lewis T.—100 East Colorado,


Harwood, Edward Charles—915 Orlando


Hisey, John E.—Suite 314. Citizens Savings Bank Bldg

Hogan, Frank Griffiths—16 N. Euclid St. Holloman, Ira J.—1767 E. Colorado St... Hosking, A. J.—Colorado St. at Oakland


Hotaling, Henry C.—52 East Colorado St. Howell, George F.—119 E. Colorado St.. . Hubbard, M. Vilas—Marengo & Colorado Hubbard, Wm. H.—Marengo & Colorado Huntington, George L.—241 S. Los Robles


Jarvis, Lucius E.—315 East Colorado St. Jones, Mack B.—400 Citizens Savings

Bank Bldg

Jordan, William G.—268-278 East Colorado St

Keller, Louis A.—325 W. Colorado St. . . Kellogg, F. W.—71 No. Raymond Ave. .. Kellogg, William Scripps—71 North Raymond Ave

Kendall, B. O.—35 N. Raymond Ave

Kendall. Jackson W.—35 N. Raymond


Knight, 1'. Fenton—31 No. Los Robles


Knight, Wm. F.—Colorado St

Lacey, W. De Witt—85 East Colorado St. Leishman, William Lathrop—240 West

Gren St

I.undeberg, Frederick M.—Boston Bldg.

Macdonnell, J. S

Machin, Harry D.—Cor. Marengo & Colorado Sts

MacLaughlin, Leo G.—119 East Colorado


Maple, Ray Cowser—119 East Colorado


Mattison, Fitch C, E., (M. D.)—65 N

Madison Ave

McDonald, John—32 East Colorado St... McVVilliams, John, Jr.—42 No. Raymond


Miilard, Mollie S.—268-278 East Colorado


Miller, Alex—Room 6, Union Savings

Bank Bldg

Miller, Harold L.—60 N. Raymond Ave. Mitchell, John James—Colorado at Marengo Ave



Modisette, Robert M.—54 So. Los Robles


Monroe, Irving S.—2236 East Colorado


Moore, Joseph A.—19 S. Marengo Ave..

Morriss, B. G

Morton, J. Russell—704 Pacific-Southwest


Nash, F. C.—Broadway & Colorado St. . Nay, Edward Oscar—186 E. Union St... Nottmever, August—635 N. Marengo Ave. Ormsby, Gus Phillip—268-278 E. Colorado


Palmer, Arthur H.—630 Security Bldg. .. Parker, George S. (Col.)—247 E. Colorado St

Parmele, Lucius A.—35 N. Raymond Ave. Pearman, J. Bertrand—119 East Colorado


Piesinger, Martin—1819 E. Colorado St... Poole, John Hudson—708 Pacific-Southwest Bldg

Prisk, Charles H

Revnolds, I. J.—330 Pacific Savings Bank


Ricketts, Louis Davidson—325 Pacific

Southwest Bldg

Roberts, William Humes — 65 North

Madison Ave

Royce, Stephen W.—Huntington Hotel.. Rubendall, Ward—414 Citizens Savings

Bank Bldg

Scoville, Wniiam Ray

Slack, Austin Bruce—540 E. Colorado St.

Smith, Theodore W

Spencer, Floyd H.—3600 E. Colorado St. Staats, William R.—311 E. Colorado St...

Stevens, Francis E

Stimson, Charles E.—12 S. Marengo Ave. Stone, Homer F.—Union Savings Bank


Stone, Willard John—65 N. Madison Ave.

Stuart, Holloway I

Sumner, Chester B.—171 So. Los Robles


Sykes, Ira J. H.—30 South Raymond Ave. Townsend, Wilfred D.—1767 East Colorado St

Whitworth, Carrie (Mrs.)—510 Pacific S.

W. Bank Bldg

Whitworth, Mary Curtis—510 Pac. S. W.

Bank Bldg

Willis, G. B.—2573 Alice St

Willis, George F. (Dr.)—406 Slavin Bldg.

Wilson, William—40 Garfield Ave

Wood, Frederick A.—501 Pacific S. W.

Bank Bldg

Woodworth, Wallace Sprague—200 E.

Colorado St


Campbell, J. Stewart

Lyon, R. B

Pfister, Albert


Harrison, Frederic S

Patterson, John Duncan


Butler, Harrv Everett


Lathrop, Frank L


Denman, Frank H

Elder, James W.—Cor. A & 6th Sts

Maclay, Thomas—137 Kentucky St

Maggard, Edward H

McNear, Geo. P

Tunzi, Fred E.—Star Route

Vogensen, Hans Peter—100 Washington



Hall, Elbert John—199 Lafayette Ave. .. Stoddard, Elgin—First & Market Sts. .. PINE KNOT

Ergenbright, Belle


Bretz, Joseph Edwin


Donovan, Hugh Henry

Schedler, Carl Wm


Hale, Harris H.—Route 1

Lang, Edmund David—R. D. 1, Box 24.. PLACERVILLE

Irving, James Andrew

Jones, Elmer E

Raffetto, John A.—Ivy Hotel




Placerville — (Continued)

W'eiitworth, Gin' E

Wood, Chas. F


Apperson, Randolph

Reimers, Henry— c/q Farmers Hotel . . .

Smallwood, Claude


Armour, Harrv W.—153 W. 2nd St

Avis, Walter M.—129 So. Thomas St. ...

Brnwnrigg, T. J.—309 E. Commercial St.

Cathcart, J. Lee—309 E. Commercial St.

Clark, George Earl—409 First National Bank Bldg

Dole, Arthur Macdonald—Home Telephone Bldg

Endicott, Paul—2nd & Thomas Sts

Fernstrom, F. O

Fernstrom, Frans Gustaf

Hickson, Alonzo L

Kelly, Elmer E. (Dr.)—513-519 First National Bank Bldg

Kennedy, William A.—2nd & Alain Sts...

King, Brice J.—408-409 First National Bank Bldg

Lee, Ira A.—434 Livestment Bldg

Lorbeer, Carl H.—280 So. Locust St

Lostutter, L. L

McCormick, William Arthur —260 S. Thomas St

Nichols, Allen Penfield—413-418 First I^'a-tional Bank Bldg

Palmer, Frederick Belcher—260 South Thomas St

Pitzer, Russel K.—454 Investment Bldg..

Revnolds, Elsbery W., Jr.—410 E. Second St

Reynolds, Elsbery W., Sr.—410 E. Second St

Revnolds, James M.—410 E. Second St. .

Simon, Wilford Wayne—409 First National Bank Bldg

Smith, Fred J.—2nd & Reservoir St

Smith, Ralph T., rM. D.)—342 Investment Bldg

Smith, Raymond E.—Second & Main St.

Teitsworth, Hugh S.—410 E. Second St.

Thatcher, Hugh A

Wagner. L,oran L.—309 E. Commercial St

Westgate, Harry B

White, Edward P.—108 E. 3rd St

Whyte, Fred E.—309 E. Commercial St.


Lawson, Edwin Stewart^—408a Main St.. .

Mentz, Wilko

Newbury, Andrew Jackson

Sprott, Walter E


Mullender, Joseph Frasier, Jr

Taylor, Cvril J


Bar, A. H •,

Bar, Harold H

Lee, Harrv Samuel

Miller, William John—Box 133

Ragley, Martin Joseph

Stephan, Jake Neseman


Sowle, William Arthur


Alderson, Harry ._. .

Meroney, Charles S


Combs, Otto Charles—715 Main St

Ellenwood, Fred Alden—717 Main St. ..

Gans, Erie

King, Gorham Kimball—749 Main St. ...

McCoy, Leo Lewis—Box 125

Murdock, Stanley Worth

Norvell, Robert M.—724-726 Main St. .

Ramsay, Thomas Henry

(see also Addenda page 1698)

Whitney, Raymond E.—719 Main St.

Zanibom', Ned—749 Main St


Saeltzer, Dudley V


Ball, Archibald E

Brock, A. E.—5 W. State St

Chapman, Thomas A.—4th & State Sts. .

Finch, Earl D.—Fisher Bldg

Ford, Harry H.—Box D

Garstin, Herbert H.—14 W. Curtis Ave. . .

Ginzel, Elmer W.—East Citrus Ave

Lelean, N. Leo—Sixth St

Logic, John Harold—Cor. 4th & State Sts.

Redlands— (Continued)

Lyon, Eldridge Merick—P. O. Box 67 . .

McDaniel, Bruce William

Park. Austin T

Prendergast, Arthur Curtis

Prcndergast, J. J

Reade, Otho Duncan—Box 346 ....:...

Rolfe, Carl D.—14 Fourth St

Rolfe, Charles A.—11-13 Fourth St

Shreck, John A., (M. D.)—Fifth & Vine Sts

Sweeney, Martin J. (Dr.)—State & Orange Sts

Tripp, Chrestus Joel—Citrus & Orange Sts


Freeman, Richard R.—322 South Catalina Ave

Koiner, C. Wellington—310 So. Catalina Ave

Perkins, C. Ernest—201 So. Pacific Ave.. .

Perry, Frank L.—129 So. Pacific Ave.. . .

Richards, C. W

Sweetser, Chase A.—409-411 No. Camino Rd

Walker, Claud O

Walker, James E.—131 S. Pacific Ave...

Walker, Loyd A


Beeger, Carl

Behrens, Louis Adelbert

Doxsee, Clarence M.—312 Webster St. . .

Lambert, Charles George—198 Broadway

Ross, George Carlos

Ross, Lee T.—First National Bank Bldg.

Schaberg, Herman W.—22 Broadway . . .

\\'alsh, Andrew D.—336 Broadway

Williams, Donald W.—610 Edgewood Rd.


Beckwith, Nathan Edward

Rasmussen, R. H


Copley, A. Ward


Caudle, Fred—Macdonald Ave. at (ith St.

De Lap, T. H.—American Trust Co. Bldg.

Downer, Edward M

McVittie, James A.—City Hall

Merrv, Seward B

Narbett, James T.—337 10th St

Newsom, Fred Stoddard—1019 Alacdon-ald Ave

Renwick, Charles S

Rooker. George N.—317 Sixth St

Sanford, Percy M.—337 Tenth St

Slattery, Richard E.—701 Macdonald Ave.

Wilson, Aubrey—705 Bissell Ave

Yonnce, Larkin J.—10th St. and Macdonald Ave


La Montague, Geo. B

McCormack, Daniel .

McCormack, Thomas


Julien, E. I-eonard


Best, Raymond—Evans Block

Bordwell, Joseph Shipp—777 W. 8th St.. .

Brouse, Charles E.—808 Main St

Burns, Claude B.—Market & Ninth Sts.. .

Chapman, Glenn W.—632 W. 7th St

Clancy, William B.—808 Main St

Cooper, Albert S.—771 W. 8th St

Covey, Eugene L.—Main at 10th St

Covey, Jules H.—Main at 10th St

Cuttle, Francis—596 Main St

Dangerfield, George B.—141 9th St

Dinsmore, Wm. T.—639 West Eighth St.

Goethals, Peter B

Hammar, O. J.—174 S. Jefl'erson St

Hammond, Harry Walter—Box 591 . .

Hampson, Richard B

Herrick, Stephen Henderson

Holmes, William Mowrv—P. O. Box 843

Jack, Alvin N.—P. O. Box 561

Killian, Jonas E.—801 Main St

Lewis, Francis George

Lynn, Harvey A.—391 West 7th St

Mathis, L. B.—629 West Eighth St

Mead, Ali)crt S.—660 West Seventh St. . .

Miller, Frank A

Reed, Harvey O.—660 7th St

Robinson, Wm. H

Ryon, Wallace H

Stalder, S. Gordon—660 Market St

Sullivan, Raymond T.—855 Market St. . .

Thuresson, Paul Frank—855 Market St. .

Tiljbetts, L. B.—660 W. 7th St



Twogood, Nelson H.—9th St. & S. P. RR. Track

Velzy, Dwight F

Waite, Howard E.—100 E. 6th St

West, Arthur B.—P. O. Box 590

Whitehead, Hiram Postill—138 E. 10th St.

Whitehead, Richard D.—138 E. 10th St..

Woodill, Alfred L.—P. O. Box 254


Burns. I. LeRov


Allee, Lisbon T.—724 "I" St

Anderson, Alden—700 "J" St

Ashley, Aldace B.—322-324 J St

Birdsall, Ernest Stratton

Black, R. H.—1700 J St

Bortano, Fred—710 "J" St

Bottorff, Harrison C

Boyd, Joseph C.—Forum Bldg

Brand, Clyde Holman—500 Capitol National Bank Bldg

Brand, Wilbur F.—724 J St

Briggs, W'illiam Ellerv—1027 10th St. ...

Brockhagen, C. tl.—1910 M St

Brown, H. O.—805 J St

Buckman, Harold H

Butler, John Winchel Spencer—Capital National Bank Bldg

Carter, Albert Baker—7th & J Sts

Chapin, William Wallace—1910 M St. ...

Florence, Edward Walter—1100 K St. ..

Gallaway, Alfred Russel, Jr.—817 J St. .. (see also Addenda page 1695)

Geeslin, J. W.—3rd & R Sts

Goddard, Alexander Edward—3rd & R Sts

Hails, Charles H.—2701 H St

Hart, Harry H.—520 K St

Hart, William S.—520 K St

Heilbron, Henry A.—2025 M St

Hender.son, J. K., Jr.—1101 J St

Henderson, James Mittchell, Jr.—1101 T St

Hickman, Frank—724 J St

Huston. E. P.—1010 8th St

Huth, Peter J.—2001 H. St

James, Wm. H.—911-13-15 Seventh St. ..

Jenkins, Geo. R.—807 J St

lohnson, Fontaine—706 Capital National Bank Bldg

Kimball, M. M.—607-11 K St

La Rue, Morgan E.—701 I St

Lubin, Simon J

Maginnis, A. I.—607-11 K St

Alason, Cyrus Lovett—3rd & R Sts

McClatchv, H. J.—809 J St

McClatchy, Valentine Stuart—809 J St. ..

McKevitt, Frank Benjamin—216 California P'ruit Bldg

McKevitt, Leila Lindley—3rd & Q Sts...

McLaughlin, Charles Emmett—1108 California State Life Bldg

A'IcNally, trank L.—1414 K St

M ichel, Frank E

Miller, Arthur Eugene—8th & J Sts

Miller, Royal—1520 K St

Milan, Henry

Murray, Edward Arthur—P. O. Box 323

Nagle, John Lawrence—California Fruit Bids

Nickel), Lew Wallace—1318 J St

Oliver, Emery—Forum Bldg

Peltier, George W

(see also Addenda page 1698)

Phinney, Alexander Van Voorhies—322-324 J St

Phinney, George Alfred—322-324 J St. . .

Pope, Samuel E.—730 J St

Prentiss, Charles F.—3rd & R Sts

Pritchard, William Lincoln •.

Riley, Ray L.—Capitol Bldg

Rowray, James Byron—11th and I Sts. ..

Ruhstaller, Frank loseph—Cor. 9th & J Sts

Rulison, Elbert Theodore, (M. D.)—926 J St

Scatena, Frederick Nicolas, (M. D.)—28th & L Sts

Scheld, Adolph P.—401 Bryte Bldg

Simmons, S. E

Swanston, Jennie E.—P. O. Box 323. . . .

Swanston, Rol)ert—P. O. Box 323

Tavlor, John Meister—1301 S St

To'bey, 1. O.—805 J St

Turnbull, Thomas J.—919-923 Front St. .

Vandenberg, Byron F., Jr.—1014 8th St.

Wanzer, H. S.—805 J St

California REGISTER OF DIRECTORS California

Sacramento—(Continued) San Diego—(Continued) San Diego—(Continued)

Watkins, Delos Sumner—2711 "P" St, ... Crane, Harriet E.—940 Third St McRae, Milton A.—603 Scnpps Bldg. ..

Watts, Samuel G.—3821 Miller Way Daney, Eugene—First National Bldg. . . Mcrcier, Armand Theodore—632 Spreck-

Waybur, Arnold Randolph—California Darnall, Orton E.—904 Sth St els Theatre Bldg

Fruit Bldg Davidson, Gilbert Aubrey Aternck, Albert H.—1065 Fifth St

Welch, Hilliard E Davies, Edgar G.—1437 Broadway Mills, Leslie B.—Foot of Crosby St

Williams, Austin D Davis, John Lynch, Jr.—Pacific Beach Morison, Norman R

Zoller, Geo. E.—700 J St Station Morris, Raymund Vincent—Front & B

'ST. HELENA Davis, John Lynch, Sr.—Pacific Beach Sts

Wheeler, John H Station Morse, Phiiip

Wheeler, Rollo Clark Deacon, Daniel Arthur—851 7th St. .. Mueller, Robert L.—1045 Seventh St. ...

'SALIDA De Jessop, Alonzo—952 Fifth St (see also Addenda page 1698)

Capps, Charles E Delacour, E. W. S.—321 C St Nelson, Clair Arvel—631-633 Broadway..

Vosti ' Henrv Dewar, Arthur—Sth & Broadway Ness, B. J.—1171 Third St

SALINAS " Drennan, Wm. A Novak, Roy A.—200 9th St

Farley, R. Walter Dunbar, J. B.—825 Imperial St Payson, Samuel Clifford—300 Broadway.

Hoffman, Earl N.—11 E. Gabilan St. ... . Durkee, John A.—3116 Maple St Pendleton, Jerome B.—1101 John D.

Pollard, James F.—163 Main St Edwards, Paul Carroll—7th & B Sts. . . Spreckles Bldg

Sanborn, Lucius W.—P. O. Box 843 . . Elliott, Benjamin Lincoln—5th & E. Sts. Planstiel, Jas. G.—303 U. S. National

Snell, Thomas William—139 Chestnut St. English, Clarence H.—1040 Second St.. . Bank Bldg

SAMOA Farnsworth, Earle F ; . . Phillips, William S.—Electric Bldg

Rankin, Joseph A F"errin, Charles A.—4882 Edgeware Road Raber, William F.—Electric Bldg

SAN ANDREAS Fisher, J. William—Foot, of Crosby St. Richards, Herbert S.—333-4-5 Spreckels

Tiscornia, Chester J Folsom Harry M.—363 5th St Theatre Bldg.

SAN ANSELMO Forward, Charles H.—303 Union Bldg... Rife, Thomas A.—101 Broadway

Taylor, Henry William Burslam—408 San Forward, Frank G.—1028 Second St. . . Robinson, Richard Taylor—El Cortez Ho-

Anselmo Ave Forward, James D.—1028 Second St. . . tel

SAN BERNARDINO Forward, John F.—1028 Second St Rogan, Nat.—Watts Bldg

Andreson, John, ]r. 516 Andreson Bldg. Forward, John F., Jr.—1028 to 1044 2nd Rossi, Dente Frank—3845 Imperial Ave..

Bailey, R. D. 479 Sth St St Russell, James L.—Second & Broadway.

Baylis,' John N. 654 Fourth St Fowler, Morton B.—Electric Building . . Russell, James Richard

Cooper, Gary Keys P. O. Box 1^97 .... Fox, Samuel I.—867 Sth St Sammis, Herbert M.—600 Sth St

Glasscock Wilmer N. 440 Court St. . . Franck, George T.—301 West Market St. Schiefer, Arthur—371 Eighth St

Harbison,' Robert Cleland—466-68 Court Frost, Albert A.—337 West Market St. .. Schned, Henry F.—1136 "K" St

St Frye, Frank A.—850 Third St Schroder, August Earl—627 Common-

HellyeV, George Warren—Syndicate Bldg. Gager, Wm. I.—911 7th St wealth Bldg

Holcomh Grant—417 Andreson Bldg .. Garrettson, D. F.—First National Bank Schulte, Christopher H.—1136 K St

Joyce, Harry Joseph—381 E. St Bldg Shaw, W. C—215 7th Ave

Katz, Maurice D. 315 E. St Gilmore, Myron T Shepherd, Arthur W.—4th & Market St.

Lashiee, Claude H. (Dr.)—4th & Arrow Goodwin, Percy H.—302 First National Shreve, Archie C—546 B St

head Ave Bank Bldg Shreve, Jesse H.—546 B St

Levering, Noah Lee—433 3rd St Gould, Elwyn B.—Sth & K Sts Simpson, Fred Wm.—1409 State St

Loock, Henning—493 E. St Grant, Ulysses Solon—Front & F St. . . Sinclair, Bently W.—2400 Sth Ave

Mack,'judah L.—440 Court St Gray, Gordon—416 Union Bldg Sloane, William A.—Suite 1230, J. D.

Mack! Royal H.—Chamber of Commerce Hage, Willard B., Jr.—835 "K" St Spreckles Bldg

Bldg Hail, Oakley J. (Capt.)—Foot of Broad Smith, Charles Angus—850 Third St. ..

McAllister, Henrv C.—570 Fourth St. . . way Smith, Laurence H.—303 U. S. National

McCook, R. D.—3rd & F. Sts Hammond, C. Weir—1133 Columbia St.. . Bank Bldg

Oakey, John L Hammond, Thomas C.—1125-47 Columbia Spalding, Frank C.—4th & Broadway ..

Oakey, John M.—Court & E. Sts St Sprocke.s, Claus—521 Union Bldg

Parker Herbert—943 Third St ... Hegg, Roy Edward—940 Third St Starke, Burns B.—215 7th St

Peachey, Fred E Heller, Mathias F.—18th & E. Sts Starkey, Harold Bellamy—1202 4th St.. .

Piatt. Frank C—479 E. St Heller, Milton F.—855 18th St Starkey, John Bellamy—1202 4th St. : . .

Piatt, Lawrence T.—479 E. St Hiatt, Charles C.—1202 Kettner Blvd Stearns, Frederic W.—301-305 Union

Rensch, Joseph R.—Gainer Bldg Hill, Eva F.—530 B St Bldg

Rich, Joseph E.—Box 292 Hill, George Vernon—1101 Sixth St Steinmetz, Nicholas—926 7th St

Roberts, Richard Evan Hodge, Edgar O.—Fourth & Broadway . . Strahlmann, Edward—401 Broadway ....

:Rogers, William H.—454 6th St Holland, Frank W.—6th & C. Sts Strait, L. B.—P. O. Box 1362

Smith, Wilmot T Holloway, Asher E.—857 6th St Temple, Courtland C—1202 Kettner Blvd.

Standish, Milton R Holzwasser, Charles S.—Fifth & Broad Thomas, Richard Baker—343 Spreckels

Stiles, W^m. H. (Dr.)—333 17th St way Theatre Bldg

Wood, J. S Hood, Wayne A.—1136 K St Thorbus, Ralph B.—John D. Spreckels

SAN DIEGO Hubbell, Edward E.—940 3rd St Bldg

Adsit, Henry B.—1171 Third St Irwin, I. Isaac Tuffley, Robert Alfred—945 7th St

Allen, Frank P., Jr.—713 First National (see also Addenda page 1697) Tye, Benjamin W.—421 Commonwealth

Bank Bldg Jenney, Ralph E.—614 Spreckels Theatre Bldg

Allen, Harry W.—506 Electric Bldg. . . Bldg Tyrrell, W. Bradley—9th & Broadway . .

-Amos, Chas. W.—201 Broadway Johnson, A. P., Jr.—940 3rd St Vance, Paul Otis 200 9th St

Anthony, Herbert E Johnson, Alfred T.—971 Fifth St Wangenheim, Julius—Southern Title Bldg.

Arey, Louis M.—933 4th St Johnson, Edwin—940 3rd St Webber, Lane D

Austin, Walter W.—1035 2nd St Judson, Charles Sterling—1122 Fourth St. Whitcumb, Walter 13.—5th & Broadway.

Bach, George J^—614 Electric Bldg Kelly, Herbert C.—516 Southern Title White, Ernest E. 645 A St

Barnes, Ford—1049 Second St Bldg White! Frederick M.—403 Union ' Bldg. '. '.

Belcher, Frank J., Jr.—Sth & Broadway Kettner, William—315 W. Juniper St Whitney, Guilford LI.—916-946 Sixth St..

Bell, Travis Howard—1064-66 Fifth St... Kier, William Ernest—813 First National Whitney! Guilford M. 916-946 Sixth St.

Benton, Charles H.—2136 Kettner Blvd. Bank Bldg Wilson, Charles W. 905 Fifth St

Bledsoe, Henry Rufas—1101 6th St. .. Klauber, Hugo—4th & Market Sts Wines, Sydney J. ■630 4th St. ...'.!!!!!!

Boettiger, Adam C.—235 Broadway .... Klauber, L. M.—Electric Bldg Woolnian, Claude 6th & Cedar

Bown, Geo. A.—1171 3rd St KHcka, Emil—3933 30th St Worth, Howard F.—601 ■firoadway !!!!

Bradley, Lester G.—Southern Trust Office Klicka, George—3933 30th St Wright, George Benton 348 5th St

Brockett, Irving T.—1064-66 Sth St Kramer, Albert—Fifth & Broadway Wurfel,' Walter Conrad 924 Second St..

Brown, Charles William—415 Elm St. .. Kramer, Zolton—Fifth & Broadway .... cavt nTMA*?

(see Addenda page 1688) Lamotte, Alfred D.—640 Broadway A/rtrlhnnt Fa r

Erown, James William, (Oph. D.)—206 Lange, Eric—627 Commonwealth Bldg.. . Xn^w t ' .^»^ q

J. D. Spreckles Bldg Lee, Royal B.-309 G St Walke; Harrv E-P " O ' Box G

Budrow, L. R.-2346 3rd St I^indley, Fred E.-420 Union Bldg ^i m ipAMPT^rn "^ ^"'^ ^

''Zn'rofftT"'~'°'^''"" '"'""'''^'^"^ LitchfieM,^Everett Stanton-4246 Univer SAN^FRANCISCO ^^^^^^^ ^^_^^^ ^^^._

Bush, Grant A.—321' c' St!' ' ' ' ! Lyman, John B.—1065 Fifth St fornia St

Bush, Kent G. 321 C St Marston, George W.—Fifth & Sixth at C Abbott, Frank A., Jr.—1045 Sansome St.

Carlson, Frank Otto—1409 ' State St St Achard, Elizabeth—432 California St. ...

■Chamberlain, Lawrence Stafford—Watts Martin, Charles H.—Sth & E Sts Ackerman. Lloyd—Hunter-Dulin Bldg .

Bldg Maxwell, Grant S.—314 West Broadwav. Ackley, Samuel P.—757 Monadnock Bldg.

Glark, Harry—343 Spreckles Theatre Maydole, Herbert E.—444 6th St. ....'.. Adams, Leland Drew—155 Montgomery

Bldg Maver, Sidney E.—330 Sth St St

Clayton, William—545 Laurel St McCabe, Clarence W.—501 W. Broadw.ay Adams, Wm. Fred—762 Fulton St

Cook, Ralph A.—825 J. D. Spreckles McConauehv, C. H. (Dr.)—1171 3rd St. Aicher, Augustine John—1008-10 Hearst

Bldg McDearmon, Thomas H.—600 B. St Bldg




San Francisco— (Continued)

Albers. George—V^allejo & Davis Sts. . . .

Aldenhagen, W. G.—444 Market St

Alderson, Harrv E. (Dr.)—490 Post St. .

Aldwell, Edward C.—1 Powell St

Alexander, Douglas C.—50 Post St

Alexander. Wallace McKinney—215 Market St

Ames, James Henry—2800 17th St

Amigo, Henry Joseph—356 Bush St

Anderson, Charles I.—1309 Financial Center Bldg

Anderson, Frank Bartow—California & Sansome Sts

Anderson, Sven B.—1201 Bryant St

Anderson, Thomas H

Andrews, Thomas P.—403-404 de Young Bldg

Andrews, William Samuel—260 California St

Angellotti, Frank M.—Mills Bldg

Arnold, G. S.—Balfour Bldg

Arnold, Mercy Eggleton—1750 Market St ".

Arnstein, Walter—306 Hobart Bldg

Athearn, Fred G.—593 Market St

Atkinson, Douglas G.—50 Post St

Atkinson, Frank F.—Wells Fargo Bldg.

Atkinson. J. W

Austin, Malcolm O., (M. D.)—605 Market St

Avenali, Ettore

Ayers, Grosvenor P.—665 6th St

Bachman, Lawrence—562 Mission St. ...

Bachman, Walter N.—87 First St

Bacigalupi, James Augustus

(see also Addenda page 1693)

Bacon, Edward R.—Folsom at 17th St. . .

Bacon, William R.—243 Montgomery St. (see also Addenda page 1693)

Bain, Charles H.—2 Harrison St

Baker, Herbert Francis—Underwood Bldg.

Baker, Robert D.—403 Monadnock Bldg.

Baker, Wakefield—700 Seventh St

Balch. S. D

Baldwin, Alphonsc N.—9 Main St

Bangs, Benjamin—Montgomery & California Sts

Barbash, Harry L.—432 California St. ..

Barber, Oscar T.—1535 Russ Bldg

Barkan, Hans—490 Post St

Barnum, E. K.—Hunter-Dulin Bldg. . ..

Barrett, Chas. L.—245 Market St

Barry, Edward L.—320 California St. ...

Barrymore, O. C—544 Eighth St. & 914 Hunter-Dulin Building

Barthold, Robert M.—10"^1 California St...

Baruh, Marcus M. —635 Battery St

Baxter, Alfred Megan—485 California St.

Baxter, H. X.—485 California St

Beatty, James—Golden Gate Theatre Bldg

Bee, Everett N.—310 California St

Behneman, F. J.—200 Pine St

Behr, Ernst Edward—225 Bush St

Belgrano, F. N., Jr.—2 Columbus Ave.. .

Benfield, Bernard—711 Kohl Bldg

Benjamin, Edward H.—303 Finance Bldg.

Bennett, Charles V.—215 Market St

Beranger, Malcolm—315 Montgomery St.

Bercovich, Harry—337 Sacramento St. ..

Berendsen, John C—883 Market St

Berger, Nat—852-868 Market St

Berghoefer, Edward C—3150 19th St. ..

Berl, Edwin D.—256 Montgomery St. . .

Berliner, Ronald Rowe—Mills Bldg

Bernstein, H. C—55 Sutter St

Beronio, D. A.—98 Battery St

Berry, William Robert—300 Crocker Bldg.

Berton, George A.—519 California St. ..

Birge, Fred Allen—1 Powell St

Bissinger, McKinley—133 Montgomery St

Bissinger, Newton—Front & Jackson Sts.

Bissinger. Paul—Front & Jackson Sts...

Black, Charles N.—58 Sutter St

Blain, Frank Lewis—230 California St...

Blake, Robert H.—Ill O'Farrell St

Bliss, Charles T.—260 California St

Bliss, Duane L., Jr.—2 Kansas St

Bloch, Louis—248 Battery St

Blondheim, Sylvan—995 Market St

Bloom. Joseph—39 2nd St

Blumlein, Jacob—155 Berry St

Blyth, Charles R.—Russ Bldg

Bocf]ueraz, Leon—1)31 Market St

Bocqueraz, Roger—110 Sutter St

Bogardus, D. T.—433 C"aIifornia St

Bolton, Robert C—219-224 Kohl Bldg.

San Francisco— (Continued)

Bonner, Shearon—351 California St

Bosschart, Daniel I.—208 Mission St....

Bostwick, Henry—445 Sutter St

Bostwick, Sprague N.—1348 Sacramento


(see Addenda page 1688)

Botchford, D. H.—215 Market St

Boucke, Ulrich Bertus—79 New Montgomery St

Bourn, Williams Bowers—425 Mason St.

Bower, Fred B.—845 Monadnock Bldg.

Bowes, William Ketcham—79 Post St...

Bradford, Clarkson B.—Ill Sutter St....

Bradlev, Frederick Worthen—Crocker Bldg".

Bradley, Philip Read—1022 Crocker Bldg.

Bradt, Gus H.—Ill Sutter St

Brandenstein, Alfred J.—665 Third St. . (see Addenda page 1688)

Brandt, Albert W.—87 First St

Breeden, V. E.—405 Alontgomery St....

Brehme, Karl—1203 Hobard Bldg

Brennan, Thomas L.—16 First .St

Brenner, Gustave—1209 Financial Center Bldg

Brickwedel, Frank J.—744 Market St

Brigham, Richard Douglas—-532 Market St

Brittain, J. N.—1400 Howard St

Broadwater, Charles C.—121 Second St...

Brock, Charles W.—69 Sutter St

Brooks, Joseph Franklin—225 Bush St...

Brown, Arthur M., Sr.—200 Bush St...

Brown, Carl Grover—565 Mills Bldg...

Brown, Charles F.—225 Eddy St

Brown, F. A.—Davis & Vallejo Sts

Brown, Frank A.—333 Folsom St

Brown, Horace Bernard—1515 Scott St...

Brown, Horace J.—440 Montgomery St...

Brown, Isidor Irving—738 Mills Bldg...

Brown. Jas. S.—215 Market St

Brown, Oliver K.—821 Market St

Browne, Louis E.—333 Kearny St

Broy, D. M.—375 Bush St

Broy, Geo. L.—375 Bush St

Bru, O. H.—391 Mills Bldg

Bruer, Ernest A.—956 Evans Ave

Brunei, Louis J.—315 Montgomery St....

Buck, Frank E.—2601 Russ Bldg

Buck. Frank H.—85 Second St

Buck, Leonard William—1800 Gough St.

Buckbee, Spencer C.—151 Sutter St

Bullock, J. T.—Crocker Bldg

Bunker, Homer W.—430 California St...

Burmister. Robert Bashford—1 Powell St.

Burnett, George Watson—1896 Pacific Ave

Burns, Charles Wesley—3 City Hall Ave.

Burtis, Prentis Townsend—5th & Market Sts

Burtt, Payson Dodge—1855 Folsom St.

Bushfield, Robert J.—335 Montgomery St.

Butler, Charles LeRoy—1101 Van Ness Ave

Bj'crs, 1-. J.—350 California St

Cadman, Chas. M.—58 Sutter St

Calder, George J.—525 Market St

Callaghan, Charles William—Room 239, Balboa Bldg

Callander, C. Latimer, (M. D.)—240 Stockton .St

Callaway. Richard Claude—625 Market St. .■

Cameron, George Toland—Chronicle Bldg.

Campbell, Louis—156 Montgomery St...

Campe, George—611 Howard St

Campiglia, Louis Ralph—215 Market St.. .

Cantelow. H. Clair—260 California St...

Carpenter, Russel D.—Grant Ave. & Geary .St

Carrier, Craig—Merchants Exchange Bldg

Carter, R. Brace—315 Montgomery St...

Cassidy, Richard F.—1203 Merchants Exchange Bldg

Caughy, James William—85 2nd St

Cavagnaro, Joseph Francis—550 Montgomery St

Cavalier, William—Insurance Exchange Bldg

Cavanagh, M. A.—485 California St

Cerf, Marcel E.—Mills Bldg

Chalmers, L. F. (Mrs.)—235 Front St....

Chandler, Charles S.—582 Market St.. . .

Chandler, John C—565 Alills Bldg

Chase. Geo. Q.—Ill O'Farrell St

Chatfield, Rey Edwin—200 Bush St


San Francisco—(Continued)

Chatham, William—16th & Illinois Sts...

Chickering, Allen Lawrence—465 California St

Chilcott, Richard Frederick—250 Montgomery St

Clark, Charles V.—360 Mission St

Clark, Edward Hardy—5 Third St

Clark, Edward Hardv, Jr.—464 California St ".

Clark, Harold H.—3150 19th St

Clark, Milton R.—Post & Montgomerv Sts ■

Clark, Travis Henderson—9 Main St

Clark. Warren D.—310 Sansome St

Clarke, Samuel A.—762 Fulton St

Clawiter, Edward I.—Nevada Bank Bldg.

Clay, Philip Tuggle—536 Mission St

Clavburgh, Herbert E.—482 California St.

Clavburgh, Leo. J.—95 First St

Cleary, Alfred John—439 Mills Bldg

Clinton, Clifford E.—1061 Market St

Clinton, Edmond J.—1061 Market St. ...

Coates, Barrett Nelson—354 Pine St

Cochran, H. M.—1011 Crocker Bldg....

Coe, Edwin W.—486 California St

Cohn, Max M.—Russ Bldg

Colburn, R. L.—373 Bush St

Coldwell, Colbert—57 Sutter St

Cole, Charles C.—Folsom & 15th Sts...

Cole, William I.—15th & Folsom Sts. . .

Coleman, John B.—833 Market St

Coleman, Robert Lewis, Tr.—Kohl Bldg.

Coleman, S. Waldo—2500 Russ Bldg....

Collbran, John Stuart—576 Howard St. . .

Collier, H. D.—225 Bush St

Collier, John Henry—333 Kearny St. ...

Collman, Frederick .\.—554 Market St...

Colton, Louis Arthur—534 Battery St...

Colvin, E. Guv—201 Mills Bldg. .'.

Condit, Clyde E.—1175 Howard St

Conklin, Charles Post—233 Pine St

Conrad, Barnabv—490 California St

Cook, Finlav—593 Market St

Cook, Morris Theodore—742 Market St.

Cook, W. H.--Sutter St., Grant Ave. & Post St

Cooley, Arthur Edward—206 .Sansome St.

Cooper, Alexander B.—444 Bush St

Cornell, Fav Dey—433 California St

Cortelyou, E. F.—504 Hobart Bjdg

Corwin, Thornton Johnson—1885 Folsom St

Costello, A. J.—317 Montgomery St. ...

Costello, Joseph V.—121 Post St

Costello, Richard W.—117-121 Post St...

Cotter, Harold Lionel Gergius

Cowell, H. E. (Miss)—2 Market St

Cowell, I. M. (Miss)

Cowen, Alexander H.—16 California St.. .

Cowen, Mervyn S.—16 California St

Craig, Robert G.—433 California St

Creech, Harry M.—351 California St. ...

Crittenden, William Clark—519 California St

Crocker, Chas. H.—464 California St. . .

Crocker, William Willard—Post & Montgomery St

Cronin, George D.—486 California St. ...

Crosby, Tames Winfield—1022 Crocker Bldg. ." _.

Cross, Robert William—55 Sansome St. ..

Crothers, George Edward—1201-8 de Young Bldg

Crothers, Thomas Graham—995 Mari-cet St

Cuddy, John—1290 Bush St

Cuneo, C. P.—1 Powell St

Curtis, Allen A.—Crocker Bldg

Curtis, Jesse W.—State Bldg

Curtiss, T. C—220 Natoma St

Cushing, John E.—215 Market St

Dahl, Arthur L.—351 California St

Dahler, Adam M.—58 Sutter St

Daingerfield, William R.—405 Montgomery St

Dall, Cornelius G.—351 California St. ..

Daly, Claude L.—233 Pine St

Dalziel, Anstruther Smith—1666 Mission St

Dalziel, William—1666 Mission St

Dann. Frank R.—1150 Divisadero St

Dashiell, Frank Everett—1405 deYoung Bldg

Dauler, George F.—315 Montgomery St.

Davenport, Dixwell—433 California St...

Davenport, Hewitt—155 Montgomery St. (see also Addenda page 1694)




San Francisco—(Continued)

Davis, Carlton Newman—7th & Trwin Sts.

Davis, George W.—Ill Sutter St

Davis, Williston W.—225 Bush St

Day, C. A.—Humboldt Bank Bldg

Davan, Judge Walton—610 Gearv St..,..

Deans, William—249 Pine St

De Bretteville, Alexander—2 Pine St.... De Camp, Clarence Eastman—1600 Iio-

bart Bldg

Decker. Thurlow W.—200 Davis St

Dedrick, Fredrik Kristian—332 Pine St.. .

Deering, Charles Jameson

Deering, Frank Prentiss—325 Standard

Oil Building

de Fremery, Paul W.—Russ Bldg

De Golia, Edwin B.—114 Sansome St. ...

De Graff, Deane C—Mills Bldg

de Grassi, Alberto A.—Russ Bldg

DeGuigne, Christian—636 California St.

(see Addenda page 1689)

De I.ano, Frank M.— 70 Spear St

De Laveaga, Joseph Vincent—880 Mills


De l.igne, A. A.—9 Mam St

de Loemaria, Charles Dn Pare—Grant

Ave & Market St

Demartini, Luigi—125 Clay St

Deming, E. A.—Vallejo & Davis Sts. ..

De Motte, Marshall

Dennett. H. Scott—315 Montgomery St. Dennis, Archibald Reid—Van Ness Ave.

at Bush St

Dennis, Chester I.—Merchants Exchange


Derby, Earle—225 Bush St

Detrick, Charles R.—612 State Bldg

(see Addenda page 1689) Detrick, George F.—220 Montgomery St. Deucher, Charles D.—111 Montgomery St.

Dewing, Albert Deecher—Mills Bldg

DeWitt, William Andrew—433 California


DeWolfe, Chapman—351 Afontgomery St.

Dexter, Dudley—200 Bush St

Dibblee, Benjamin Harrison—300 Montgomery St ...

Dickey, Charles H.—Fairmont Hotel ....

Dickson, Laurence M.—16 First St

Diericx, A. C—215 Market St

Dimond, Edwin R

Dinkelspiel, Henry G. W.—de Young


Dinkelspiel, John Walton—de Young Bid. Dinkelspiel, Martin Jerrold—de Young

Bldg :

Dinsmore, Paul A.—464 California St

Dispaux, John T.—68 Sutter St

Doane, C. W.—8th & Townsend Sts

Dodge, A. M.—225 Bush St

Dorgeloh, John Frederick—631 Market St.

(see also Addenda page 1694) Dorward, David, Jr.—311 California St. Douglas, William Wallace—1 Powell St.

Dow, Edgar L.—858-859 Mills Bldg

Doyle, James T.—85 Second St

Drew, Pierce Allen—215 Market St

Driscoll, William J.—1200 Van Ness Ave. Duff, William B.—433 California St

(see also Addenda page 1694) Duffey, Earl W.—351 Montgomery St. Duffy, William Francis—631 Market St..

Duisenberg, Walter—35 Post St

Dunbar, Aubrey T.—2901 Pacific Ave. .

Dunn, Leslie B.—1400 Howard St

Dunn, Ritchie L.—Broadway & Battery


Dunn, William F.—156 Montgomery St.. .

Durney, Harold John—1 Drumm St

Durney, Joseph—1 Drumm St

Duschak, Lionel Herman—Hobart Bldg..

(see Addenda page 1689) Dusenbery, H. Syril—998 Columbus Ave.. Duzan, William E.—803 Balfour Bldg. . . Dwight, Ward A.—260 California St. . .

Dwyer. Robert A.—844 Mission St

Dyer, Joseph Henry—65 Market St. . . . Fames, Alfred Warner—101 California St. Eastland, Thomas B.—485 California St. Eastman, Samuel Palmer—425 Mason St. Eaton, Gerald Thomas—264 California St.

Eberhard, Geo. H.—290 First St

Ebner, Gustave W

Eddy, Edwjn M.—315 Montgomery St. . Edgerton, Edwin Oviatt—310 Sansome St.

Edwards, E. H.—225 Bush St

Edwards, J. P.—79 New Montgomery St. Edwards, Thomas Oliver—65 Market St.

San Francisco—(Continued)

Edwards, William—337 Mills Bldg

Ehrman, Albert L.—519 California St. . .

Ehrman, Alexis L.—546 Third St

Ehrman, Alfred—546 Third St

Ehrman, Sidney M.—700 Nevada Bank


Eisner, Milton Daniel—57 Sutter St

Elberg, Abraham—1563 Polk St

Ellicott, Henrv William—64 Pine St. . .

Ellis, Aaron I.—534 Battery St

Ellis, Edward Whittemore

Emmick, Eugene H.—988 Market St

Engels, Henry—391 Mills Bldg

England, William Albert—208 Mission St.

English, Norris—433 California St

Epstine, C. B.—372 Bush St

Erickson, Erland O.—420 Kohl Bldg

Erlin, Frank W.—Call Bldg

Esberg, Alfred L—703 Market St

Etienne, Victor, Jr.—837 Folsom St

Euphrat, E. F.—290 Division St

Eustis, W. St. B.—Ill Sutter St

Eye, Clyde Milton—1107 Hobart Bldg. . .

Fagan, James J.

Fahrbach, E. F.—125 Battery St

Fair, Harry H.—432 California St

Falk, Adrien Joseph—155 Berry St

Farmer, Milton Thoma;;—723 Balboa


Faude, F. M.—908 Balboa Bldg

Fay, Paul Burgess—758 Phelan Bldg

Fay, Philip J.—Merchants Exchange


Feigenbaum, Ludwig—349 Monadnock


Feigenbaum, Lionel B.—555 Market St.. . Fellows, Claude W.—Wells Fargo Bldg..

Fennimore, W. D.—177 Post St

Field, Andrew J.—260 California St

Filippini, John V.—564 Market St

Fisher, Robert Earl—245 Market St

Fitzpatrick, John Edward—68 Sutter St.. .

Fleisher, Samuel—2860 Broderick St

Fleishhacker, Mortimer—532 Market St..

Fletcher, J. D.—433 California St

Flinn, Charles Forest—1501 Hobart Bldg. Foerster, Roland C.—1110 Crocker Bldg.

Fontana, Mark E.—2 Pine St

Foote, David Howard—245 Market St.. . .

Foran, Frank J.—369 Pine St

Ford, Bernard W.—485 California St. ...

Ford, William H.—704 Market St

Fortinann, Henry F.—111 California St. . Foster, Walter F.—Eddy St. at Pierce . . Foster, William Arthur—244 California


Fox. Lawrence W., Jr.—317 Montgomery


Frantz, Clarence S.—Foot of 16th St

Freeman, Edgar A.—315 Montgomery St. Freeman. LcRov A.—1300 Seventh St. . .

French, J. E.—O'Farrell & Polk Sts

French, Leon—640 State Bldg

French, William H.—1855 Folsom St. ... Freudeniierg, Gustav Adolph—582 Market


Freuler, John—485 California St

Prey, Robert D.—600 Minnesota St

Freyermuth, Otto G. (M. D.)—209 Post


Fricke, John W.—601-609 Mission St. ... Fricke, Leon Nelson—601-609 Mission St.

Fries, William—Mills Bldg

Fuller, William Parmer, Jr.—301 Mission


Gaines, Frank S.—818 Crocker Bldg

Gaither, Horace Rowan—301 California


Gale, Maurice A.—38 Sansome St

Gallagher, Herbert Richard—200 Bush St. (jardner, Charles W.—351 California St. . Gardner, William—901 Market St

(see also Addenda page 1695)

Garnctt, P. F.—465 California St

Garrod, Leopold Harry—112 Marker St.. Gartland, James—201-212 Alexander Bldg.

Gay, Geo. R.—324 Crocker Bldg

Gaylord, Robert B.—1332-7 Russ Bldg. ..

Cayman, Bert A.—3100 19th St

George, W. H.—2 Market St

Gerken, George T.—320 Market St

Gerstle, William I^.—310 Sansome St. .. Ghirardelli, Alfred—900 North Point St.. Ghirardelli, D. Lyle—900 North Point St. Giannini, Amadeo P.—Montgomery &

Sacramento Sts


San Francisco—(Continued)

Giannini, Lawrence Mario—550 Montgomery St

Gibbons, Henry Walter (M. D.)—995 Market St

Gibson, Walter D. K.—2 Pine St

Gilbert, William H.—300 2nd St

Gill, H. T.—564 Market St

C^ock, Alfred John—1 Powell St

Goodali, Arthur—Russ Bldg

Goodwin, Benjamin—60 Sansome St. ... (see also Addenda page 1696)

Goudey, Edward E.—351 California St. .

Graham, Clifford Roy—404 Wells Fargo. Bldg

Graham, Joseph Samuel—Geary & Taylor Sts

Grant, Joseph Donohoe—114 Sansome St.

Grantley, Harry R.—564 Market St

Graves, John Henry (Dr.)—977 Valencia St

Gray, Chester Earl-425 Battery St

Greeley, Carlos S.—405 Montgomery St.. (see also Addenda page 1696)

Green, Charles E.—510 Crocker Bldg. ..

Green, Mary E. (Mrs.)—510 Crocker Bldg

Greenbaum, Leo P.—58 Sutter St

Greene, A. Crawford—1300 Balfour Bldg.

Greer, Shelton W.—681 Market St

Gregory', Thomas Tingey Craven

Griffin, Andrew G.—311 California St. ...

Griffin, Frank Wood—58 Sutter St

Griffin, Maurice E.—58 Sutter St

Griswold, Augustus H.—140 New Montgomery St

Grotychn, Myron W.—333 Kearny St...

Guiney, Eugene—255 12th St

Guittard, Frank Louis—135 Main St. . .

Gump, A. Livingston—246-268 Post St. .

Gump, Alfred S.—246-268 Post St

Gundefinger, Edward R.—209 Kohl Bldg.

Gunn, Charles M.—444 Market St

Gunnison, Frank S.—146 Geary St

Gunst, Aforgan A.—601 3rd St

Gunst, Moses A.—601 3rd St

Haas, Louis S.—407 Montgomery St. ...

Haas, Milton—1100 Financial Center Bldg

Haas, Walter A.—98 Battery St

Hadley, J. C.—350 California St

Hagar, Gerald H.—Crocker Bldg

Hagens, Jacob Frederick Carl—9 Main St

Haines, Fred S.—350 California St

Hale, Marshal—Sth & Market Sts

Hale, Prentis Cobb—5th & Market Sts. .

Hale, Reuben Brook.s—5th & Market Sts.

Haley. S. Milton—315 Montgomerv St..

Hall, Chaffee E.—225 Bush St. . . .'.

Hall, Spencer—389 9th Ave

Halsev, Theodore V.—116 New Montgomery St

(see also Addenda page 1696)

Hamilton, Charles DeCoudray—311 California St

Hamlyn, John J.—351 California St

Hammersmith, Frank Arthur—1018 Crocker Bldg

Hamm.on, Wendell C.—351 California St.

Hammond, Frederick W.—646 Folsom St.

Hammond, Leonard C.—260 California St.

Hanna, Richard Judd—225 Bush St

Hannam, William H.—2 Pine St

Harding, Carroll Rede—65 Market St. ..

Hardy, Chas. C—681 Market St

Hardy, Vernon S.—1229 Russ Bldg

Hargear, Frank F.—407 Montgomery St.

Harper, Horatio, T.—225 Bush St

Harper, Robert T.—485 California St. ...

Harrelson, William H

Harris, David Edward—1201 Bryant St.

Harris, James W.—1061 Hyde St

Harris, Nicholas Roland—Pier 16

Harris, Russel S.—255 California St. ...

Harris, Thomas W.—1 So. Park St

Harrison, Maurice E.—Crocker Bldg

Harrison, Percy Crawford'—264 California St

Hart, Beniamin R.—101 California St. ...

Hart, Frank L.—Ill Sutter St

Hart, Julien—360 Mission St

Hartcn, John Edney—Merchants Exchange Bldg

Hasenauer. Raymond Patrick—225 Bush St :

Haslett, Oliver Cromv/ell—1107 Crocker First National Bank Bldg

California REGISTER OF DIRECTORS California

San Francisco—(Continued) San Francisco—(Continued) San Francisco—(Continued)

Haslett, Samuel Montgonierie—60 Cali- James, Chas. S.—525 Market St Leach, Frank A., Jr.—245 Alarket St. ....

fornia St Jannapolis, Albert—Post St. at Grant Ave. Lederman, Emanuel David.—544 Market

Haslett, Sanmel Montgomerie, Jr.—6C Jasper, O. W., Jr.—216 Pine St St

California St. Jenison, Edward S.—58 Fremont St Lees, Milton H.—524 Montgomery St. . .

Hastings, Paul Pardee—114 Sansome St. Jenkins, Reginald C.—Financial Center Legh-Jones, George—200 Bush St

Haufe, Charles Albert—170 1st St Bldg Leonard, Geo. L.—220 Kearny St

Hawkins, B. Alfred—718 Hearst Bldg. . . Johns, Fred J.—345 Taylor St Lesseman, Albert Lawrence—1215 Van

Havden, John Richard—114 Sansome St. Johnson, Charles R.—1010 Crocker Bldg. Ness Ave

Hayes, Jas. H.—85 Second St Johnson, G. S.—709 Phelan Bldg Lester, A. M.—101 California St

Haywood, Thomas Guj'—333 Folsom St. Johnson, Otis R.—Crocker Bldg Levison, Jacob Bertha—401 California St.

Heinberg, Jacob A.—16 California St. .. Johnson, Otto B.—709 Phelan Bldg Levy, Morris Harold—517 Stevenson St.

Pleller, Edward H.—665 Market St Johnston, D. W.—16 California St Lewis, Edgar S.—89 Battery St

Hellman, Frederick J.—2 Montgomery St. Jones, Chas. H.—315 Montgomery St. ... Lewis, Frank R.—375 Bush St

Hellman, Isaias Warren—744 Market St. Jones, Clifford Woods—206 Sansome St.. Leydecker, A. H.—703 Market St

Hellmann, Richard H.—517 California St. Tones, Madison Ralph—1220 Balfour Bldg. Liebes, Arnold Lloyd—167 Post St

Helms, Charles E.—900 Matson Bldg. .. Jorgensen, Lars R.—1203 Hobart Bldg. .. Lilienthal, Benjamin Philip—351 California

Henderson, Charles B.—421 Crocker First Jurgensen, Anne M.—432 California St. . St

National Bank Bldg Kaehler, Ronald E.—Russ Bldg Lilienthal, Jesse, W., Jr.—133 Montgomery

Henderson, F. B.—79 New Montgomery Kahn, George H.—54 Geary St St

St. .. . ; Kahn, Irving H.—485 California St Lilienthal, John L.—1 Montgomery St. . .

Henderson, Robert Burns—111 Sutter St. Kahn, Samuel—58 Sutter St Lilienthal, Max P.—310 Montgomery St.

Hendrick, Archer W.—1 Powell St Kahn, Sidney Philip—482 California St. . Lilienthal, Philip N., Jr.-2 Pine St

Hendrickson. William, Jr.—133 Mcnt- Kamm, Walker W.—250O Russ Bldg LilHck, Ira S.—900 Balfour Bldg.

gomerv St Kattelmann, Harry H.—1504 Russ Bldg.. Linden, Herbert E.—86 3rd St

Hengstler, Louis T.—Kohl Bldg Kaufmann, Adolph—838 Market St. ..... Linnard, D. M.—260 California St

Henley, Benj. J.—148 Montgomery St... Kaufmann, Joel William—835 Market St. Linnard, LeRoy—Fairmont Hotel

Henry, Carl A.—611 Mission St Kaufmann, William, 119 Grant Ave Lipman. Frederick Lockwood—4 Mont-Herb, F"rederick William—1409 3rd St.. . Keenan, Joseph B.—535 North Point St. gomery St

Herrmann, William—526 California St... Keesling, Francis Valentine—690 Market Little, Edward Peter—Kearny & Sutter

Heyman, Samuel—720 to 724 Mission St. St Sts

Heyneman, George—86 Third St Keller, James A.—111 Sutter St Livermore, Norman B.—85 2nd St

Higgins, Marvin Randolph—534 Batterv Kennedy, Eugene P.—1008 French Bank Loken, Gilbert, Jr.—Financial Center

St '. Bldg Bldg

Hill, William \'ance—58 Sutter St Kent, William, Jr.-24 California St Lombardi, Maurice E.—225 Bush St

Hills, Edward E.—2 Harrison St Keppel, Fred E.—310 California St Long, James I.—407 Balboa Bldg

Hills, Herbert Gray—2 Harrison St Kerns, V. V.—85 Second St Long, Robert J.—407 Balboa Bldg

Hinds, Charles G.—228 Montgomery St. Keyston, George N.—50 Post St Loucks, William Edwards—101 California

Hirsch, Barnard J.—7 Battery St Kilburn, Earl B.—485 California St St

Hirschfeld, Albert—98 Battery St Kimball, Rufus Hatch—433 California St. Lovegren, Carl N.—Ill Sutter St

Hise, Harley—464 California St .'. . Kimball, Sherman—111 Sutter St Loveland, Chester H.—485 California St.

Hockenbeamer, August F.—245 Market King, Arthur D.—626 Merchants Ex Lowe, John Bennett—310 Montgomery

St change Bldg St

Hoefler, L. M.—593 Market St King, Frank B Lowe, Williaqi H.—475 Brannan St

Ploehn, Charles J. P.—2902 19th St. .... King, George Lyman—65 Market St. ... Lowengart, Sanford P.—16 First St

Hoelscher, Wm. Sherman—111 Mont Kingsbury, Kenneth R.—225 Bush St. .. Lowry, Russell—464 California St

gomery St Kinley, William—220 Montgomery St. . . Lowther, Robert D.—341 Montgomery St.

Holland, Walton T.—310 Sansome St. ... Kinney, George Irving^235 Montgomery Lund, Paul Arthur—440 Howard St

Hollowav, C. E.—85 2nd St St ". Lundberg, Alfred J.—482 California St.

Holmes, Alfred Stearns—700 Seventh St. Kirschner, E. L.—525 Market St Lurie, Louis Robert—315 Montgomery

Holmes, Eugene Clarence—68 Post St. . . Klatt, Oscar H.—525 Market St St

Holmes, F. V.—947 Monadncck Bldg. ... Kleiser, George W.—1675 Eddy St Lyman, Edmunds,—604 Mission St

Holt, Wm Walter—151 Portrero Ave. .. Klinger. Harold F.—1623 California St.. Lyman, Genevieve Bothin—604 Mission

Hooper, Frank P.—110 Market St ■ Klink, William Marcy—300 Wells Fargo St

Hopkins, Cecil Blaine—681 Market St. . . Bldg Lynch, John J.—Russ Bldg

Hopkins, Timothy—111 Sutter St Klinker, Victor—1 Sansome St Lyon, Frederick George—564 Market St.

Florsburgh, David Watt—2710 Baker St. Klopstock, Frederick—3300 18th St Lyon, George Frederick—564 Market St.

Houdlctte, E. S.—Rialto Bldg Klopstock, Isaac D.—3300 18th St Lyon, Phillip H.—740 Polk St

Howard, Charles S.—1601 Van Ness Ave. Klopstock, Samuel—3300 18th St Maas, Carlos J.—604 Mission St

(see also Addenda page 1696) Klose, A. Victor—215 Market St Maas, Theodore A.—604 Mission St

Howell, James Bruen—366 Guerrero St. Knapp, Philip C—310 Sansome St MacBoyle, Errol—1112 Hobart Bldg....

Huckins, Leonard Wood—503 Financial Knight, Edward Dexter—430 Monadnock Macdonough, Dent William—318 Kearney

Center Bldg Bldg St

Hudson, Charles E.—210 Alexander Bldg. Knight, Samuel—310 Balfour Bldg MacGruer, George—266 Tehama St

Hudson, Georcre—346 Monadnock Bldg.. . Knowles, Albert—16th 8z Harrisson Sts. Machcn, Harry L.—1 Sansome St

Hudson, Horace R.—769 North Point St. Knowles, Edwin C. F.—114 Sansome St.. Mack, Adolph—350 Mills Bldg

Hueter, Ernest C.—Flatiron Bldg Knowles, F. E.—3 Potrero Ave Mack, Harold Lewis—633 Market St...

Hughson, William Leonard—1495 Market Krieger, Louis B.—440 Howard St Mackall, B. F.—813 Folsom St

St Knowles, H. L.—3 Potrero Ave Madison, Frank Delino—Standard Oil

Huie, Wiliiam'Henry Thompson—210 Ca'l Kroll, Clifton H.—260 California St.".'.'.'. Bldg

ifornia St Kugelberg, Frank C.—310 Sansome St Madison, Maurice Austin Hfenrv—200 Mc-

Humburg, John F.-387 Mills Bldg Kuhlmeyer Henry J.-443 Battery St. . . . ,/"ister St. . . .•■■•■■■•

Humphrey, H. E.-321 Grant Ave Kullman, J^-403 Mills Bldg. Magee, Harry H.-69 Sutter St . . .

Hunt Charles F.-l Sanscme St Lachman, Edward-Mission & 16th St.. Magee, V^.lham A., Jr.-69 Sutter St..

Hunter, James J.-400 California St j ^^^^'^m^"- ^'"stave-Miss.on & 16th St... Magnin, Grover Arnold-Grant Ave. at

Hutchinson. Edward Church—519 Cah- Jackie Gea_S.-311 California St .. *"^''-''^' c ,'-r'";'A ; r q.'

fornia St Lacombe, Pierre Lionel—79 New Mont Magnin, Samuel—(jrant Ave. at Geary St.

Tj , , . ■ ■„; ■ ■ ■.'V V iiic' \l' ' c'J ' ' gomery St Mailliard, John Ward—203 California St.

Huchmson, Wendell A—111 Sutter St Lamborn, Ben F.—519 California St Mailliard, John Ward, Jr.—203 California

Hyland, Richard C .—243 Sacramento St. (see Addenda page 1690) St

Irving, Harry Ajfred—110 Market St. .. LaMotte, V. J.—55 Mont-omerv St Mailliard, Thomas P.—203 California St.

Irving Samuel C—475 Brannan St r.ane, Beatrice—230 California St Mainland, David McBeath—58 Sutter St.

Ives C. D —525 Market St^ ■■■■■■■■ Lane, George B.—709 Phelan Bldg Mainland, William—233 Pine St

Jackling, Daniel Cowan—1800 Hobart Langendorf^ Bernard—1160 McAllister St Mallett, John Holland—626 Merchants

^'"^ Langendorf, Stanley S.—1116 McAllister Exchange Bldg

Jackson, Charles Benton—111 Sutter St. St Manheim, Henry—485 Caifornia St

Jackson, Harry Frederick—58 Sutter St. Lapham, Roger D. 215 Market St. .!!! Manson, Phillip I.—808 Kohl Bldg

Jackson, Harry W.—695 Bryant St Larsh, H. G.—744 Market St Manwaring, Halsey E.^The Palace Hotel

Jacobs, Albert P.—101 Washington St. . . Larson, Norman L. 98 Battery St Maples, Roscoe William—260 California

Jacobs, Harold Albert—337 Sacramento LaTourette, Emmett W.—1207 'Van Ness St

St Ave Marcus, Wm. A.—464 California St, John Lee—600 Minnesota St. ... Lauer, Robert George—315 Montgomery Marks, Edmund W.—950 Divisadero St.

Jacobs, Sam L.—2nd & Folsom Sts St Marks, Larrv H.—871 Market St

Jacobs, Will F.—398 Post St Laufenberg, W. P.—318-324 Kearny St... Marlow, Leigh R.—135 Stockton St....

Jacobsen, Rudolph E.—219-224 Kohl Bldg. Lausen, August F., Jr.—1675 Eddy St... Marsh. George Turner—400 Post St

Jacobson, Carl F.—Room 602, 2 Pine St. Layer, Harry—504 Hobart Bldg Marshall, John, Jr.—401 California St. . .

Jacohson, Samuel—75 Folscm St Layer, Herman—Hobart Bldg Martens, Henry—2902 19th St

James, Carlton Chenev--2]5 Market St... Layton, Walter B.—315 Washington St.. Martin, Archie Barnes—248 Battery St...




San Francisco—(Continued)

Martin, C. U.—635 Mission St

Martin, Walter S.—817 Crocker First National Bank Bide

Marj'e, George Thomas—Financial Center


(see Addenda page 1691)

Marx, Julius—3rd & Channel Sts

Mason, Edward Wilson—932 Mills Bldg.

Mason, John William—444 Market St

Mattei, "a. C— 215 Market St

Mattern, George A.—1453 Mission St....

Mauzy, Byron—605 Market Bldg

Maxson, Herbert Gardner—110 Market St

May, Adolph H.—26 O'Farrell St

May, Angelo M.—740 Mission St

Mayer, Harry G.—525 Crocker First National Bank Bldg

McAlIastcr, Birdsall Allen—65 Market St.

McAndrew, Alexander—Russ Bldg

McBean, Atholl—660 Market St

McCaffery, Francis Logan—65 Market St. (see Addenda page 1691)

McCann, James Corcoran—988 Market St.

McCants, Melnotte—58 Sutter St

McCargar, J. B

McClatchv. Valentine Stuart—910 Humboldt Bank Bldg

McCormack, Charles R.—215 Market St.

McCoy, Henry D.—1524 Bush St

McDermott, Edward J.—20 Bayshore Ave.

McDonald, James D.—482 California St.

McDonald, Mark L.—Mills Bldg

McDuffie, Duncan—21 Post St

McElroy, Robert D.—607 Phelan Bldg...

McElrov, Robert W.—607 Phelan Bldg.

McEnerney, Garret W.—582 Market St.

McFarland, A. G.—412 Claus Spreckels Bldg

McGarry, Bernard Walker—693 Sutter St.

McGilvray, John D.—634 Townsend St...

McGinnis, Felix S.—65 Market St

McGregor, Campbell—278 Post St

McGregor, J. A.—432 California St

Aiclntosh, Charles K.—400 California St.

Mclntyre, Harry Watkins—1 Drumm St.

McKannay, Harrv G.—708 Humboldt Bank Bldg

AtcKee, John D.—454 California St

McKee, John Ritchie—Mills Bldg

Mcl^aughlin, A. C.—79 New Montgomery St

McLaughlin, Dorsev E.—518 Rialto Bldg.

McLeran, Ralph—718 Hearst Bldg

McMurray, Welborn G.—114 Sansome St.

McNab, Gavin—625 Market St

McNear, John Albert—433 California St.

McNear, Seward B.—310 Sansome St. . .

McNeely, Grif?in T.—58 Sutter St

McShea, George E.—602 Humboldt Bank Bldg

Meertief, Abraham—Third & Channel Sts.

Mein, William Wallace—315 Montgomerv St

Mellersh, T. C—Foxcroft Bldg

Mendell, J. M.—369 Pine St

Menzies, Robert H.—320 California St.. .

Merrill, Charles H.—665 Sixth St

Merrill, Charles Washington—121 Second St !

Merrill, George A,—16th & Utah Sts. . .

Merritt, Ralph Palmer—1102 Balfour Bldg

Mesler, Artemus—814 Mission St

Metson, Wilfred Graham—517 Balboa Bldg

Metson, William Henry—517 Balboa Bldg

Meyer, Julian J.—310 Sansome St

Meyer, Theodore G.—Crocker First National Bank Bldg

Meyerfeld, Morris, Jr.—1075 Mills Bldg.

Michaels, Charles Frederic—42-60 1st St.

Middleton, Alex Whitten—290 Division St

Mierson, Max—433 California St

Milburn, Joseph—430 Monadnock Bldg...

Millberry, Guy S. (Dr.)—490 Post St. ..

Miller, C. O. G.—433 California St

Miller, Clay—210 California St

Miller, Douglas D.—315 Montgomery St.

Miller, Harold J.—460 Bryant St

Miller, R. E.—509 Crocker Bldg

Miller, Robert Watt—433 California St...

Millikin, John Duncan—490 Post St. . . .

Mills, Louis David—121 2nd St

Mills. Paul R.—1061 Market St

San Francisco—(Continued)

Mitchell, Harry A.—Mills Bldg

Mitchell, Lewis N.—433 California St.

Moar, David W.—986 Mission St

Moise, Lionel IT.—369 Market St

Monroe, Leo G.—65 Sutter St

Monteverde, Peter—100-110 Broadway .. Montgomery, Geo. G.—215 Market .St. . . Moore, Du Val—212 California St. . . ' .

Moore, Joseph A.—803 Balfour Bldg

Moore, Kenneth Allen—212 California ,St. Moore, Walton N.—405 Montgomery St..

Morcum, Leslie R.—208 Mission St

Morgan, David N.—533-539 Market St.. .

Morrin, Thomas—Phelan Bldg

Morris, Percy F.—260 California St

Morrow, William W.—U. S. Courthouse

& Post Office Bldg

Morse, Fred F.—Russ Bldg

Morsehead, Merrill C.—517 California St. Morsehead, Stanley W.—1052 Mills Bldg. Motherwell, Robert Burns—Market at

Montgomerv St

Motts, Edward D.—Ill CaHfornia St. ... Moulton, Irving F.—717 Clunie Bldg. . . .

Mount, Arnold J.—1 Powell St

Muhs, Fred R.—14 Montgomery St

Mulks, Frank—65 Market St

Muller, Alex—1556 Taylor St

Mulhn, J. C—720 Mission St

Mullin, William J.—39 Second St

Munck-Larsen, Knud—433 California St..

Murphy, Daniel J. . .

Murray, William Wallace—410 Hearst


Musto, Guido J.—535 North Point St...

Myers, Elmer E.—240 Clay St

Myers, R. E.—142 Sansome St

Nathan, A. L.—356 Bush St

Nedbal, Frank T,—730 Polk St

Neel, Rabun—215 Market St

Nellis, Geo. W.—260 California St

Nelson, William Mathew—311 California


Neustadter, Newton Henry—62 First St. Newcomer, Orrin A.— 333 Kearny St. ... Newman, Frank Z.-^2101 Mission St. ...

Newman, S. W.—871 Market St

Newton, Isaac B

Noack, Harry Richard—1201 Brvant St. Nolan, Ester W. (Miss)—5th &" Market


Nordstrom, Sven Johan—121 Second St.. Nordwell, William Walter—244 Kearny


Norris, C. A.—1022 Crocker Bldg

Norris, Luckus G.—429 Pine St

Northon, Herbert A.—405 Montgomerv

St ■; ".

Nougues, Chas. J.—320 California St. . Nounnan, Charles Taylor—55 Sutter St...

Nutting, Franklin P.—200 Bush St

Oakes, Roscoe F.—599 8th St

Oakley, Edward D

O'Brien, Thomas S.~200 Pine St

Oliver, B. P.—100 Montgomery St

Oliver, Edwin Letts—503 Market St. ... Oppenheimer, Leopold—742 Market St.. Orrick, William H. —1009 Financial

Center Bldg

Osborne, James Lyle—532 Alarket St. . . O'Sullivan, Curtis Dion—366 Mills Bldg. Otis, Frank—1203 Merchants Exchange..

Owslev, T. N.—225 California St. . .^

Oxnard, Robert—1020 ^^.fills Bldg

Oyster, Alfred J.—2608 Russ Bldg.

Paganini, Chas. M.—568-576 FToward St.

Palmer, Silas H.—503 Market St

Pardy, George William^550 California


Parr, Fred D.—1 Drumm St

Paschel, Philio P.—318 Kearnv St

Patrick, .A., R.—430 Monadnock Bldg

Pattiani, Wm. L.—42-60 First St

Paulsen, A. H.—Balfour Bldg

Payne, Fred W.—1000 Balfour Bldg

Payne, Geo. L.-—201 Main St

Payne, Redmond W.—177 Post St

Pearson, Edward N., fr.—350 California

St. :

Pedrini, Armando—1 Powell St

Peirce, Cvrus—432 California St

Pells, Sigfried—369 Market St

Pensa, Joseph—608 Montgomery St

Pentecost, ^^erne R.—301 California St... Pentz, William Richardson—400 California St


San Francisco—(Continued)

Perry, T. Claude (Dr.)—142 Sansome St.

Peters,"H. Z.—1215 Russ Bldg

Petty, George J.—Room 1918, !40 New Montgomery St

Phelan, James Dural—.';;03 Phelan P)ldg...

Phleger, Herman—Crocker Bldg

Pillsbury, Horace Davis—140 New Montgomery St. .

. (see Addenda page 1692)

Pischel, Kaspar—490 Post St

Plughoft-', A. D.—1701 __Van Ness Ave...

Plunkett, James 1.—335 Montgomery .St.

Pollok, Albian Jay—315 Montgomery St.

Pollok, Rudolf R.'—315 Montgomery" St..

Poore, George Bentley—315 Montgomer\-

St ■.

Pope, George A.—Russ Bldg

Porter, Abil Willard—101 (California St...

Porter, John William—611 Mission St...

Potter, Lyman J.—340 Kearny St

Poulsen, Oscar—Beale St

Powell, William A.—14 Montgomerv St..

Pratt, Clarence F.—518 Hearst Bldg

Pratt, Roy L.—101 California St

Prince, Eugene M.—220 Natoma St

Procter, John William—850 Mills Bldg...

Raas, Alfred E.—833 Market St

Raas, Chas—833 Market St

Raas, Joseph Charles—2545 16th St

Radius, Walter A.—7 Battery St

Raiss, Carl—429 California St ,

Ramsey, Ernest—164 Sutter St

Randolph, Benj. H.—818 Financial Center Bldg

Randolph, Rowland B. F.—1 .Sansome St.

Ran, Alfred T.—407 Montgomerv St

Ray, Milton's.—170 Sutter St

Ray, Rose Carolyn—170 Sutter St

I^ay, William Ruth—170 Sutter St

Reinstein, M.—441 Folsom St. . . .'

Reis, William B.—1028 Merchants Exchange Bldg

Revnolds, John—624 California St

Rhoades, I. O

Rice, Irwin Havs—851 Howard St

Rice, J. B.—616 Standard Oil Bhlg

Richards, John Evan—State Bldg., Ci\'ic Center

Richardson, David A.—1750 Market St.. . .

Richardson. George Forrest—1()8 25th .Ave

Richardson, William J.—Van Ness & Bush

Richey, Frank H.—Russ Bldg

Richter, Erwin Edmund—1 ^Montgomerv St ".

Ricks, Ezra—224 Kearny St

Ridley, Robert Morsley— ()33 Market St.

Rittigstein, J. M.—41 Sutter St

Robbins, Milton H.—354 Pine St

Roberts, Geo. Downing—Russ Bldg

Roberts, Jos. H.—327 Kearny St. . ^

Robertson, George H.—150 Post St

Robertson, Victor J.—Sansome St

Rocca, B. T.—62 Townsend St

Rodden, George Frederick—177 Post St.

Rodgers, Joseph Walter—403 Monadnock Bldg

Roesti, Max F.—477 California St

Rolph, George M.—215 Market St

Rolph, James, Jr.—60 California St

Rolph, Tames, 3rd—60 California St

Rolph, Thomas—525 Alarket St

Roos, Robert Achille—798 Market St....

Rosekrans, I. Newton—9 Scott ,St

Rosenfeld, Henry—1024 Alerchants Exchange

Rosenfeld, Max L.—600 Market St

(see Addenda page 1692)

Rosenthal, Joseph M.—65 Battery St. ...

Rosenthal, Julius—562 Mission St

Rossi, Edmund A

Rossi, Robert D.—51 Broadway

Rossitter, Ray S.—50 Post St

Roth, W. P.—215 Market St

Rothchild. Walter—334 California St

Rothschild, William Lansing—1290 Bush

St :

Roullier, Albert—Sutter St., Grant Ave. &

Post St

T^uckstell, John R.—703 Market St

Russ, Edmund F.'—343 Front St

Russ, Ralph A.—235 Montgomery St. ... Russ, Robert R.—235 Montgomerv St. . .

Ryan, Daniel A.—1224 Hearst Bldg

Ryone, Leroy T.—315 Montgomery St. ..

St. Goar, Chas. E.—427 Cahfornia St

St. Goar, Fred H.—427 CaHfornia St. ..

California REGISTER OF DIRECTORS California

San Francisco—(Continued) San Francisco—(Continued) San Francisco — (Continued)

Sampson, Wm. P.—215 Market St Smith, Wilbur R.—200 McAllister St. .. Tillman, Frederick Adolphus—1 Harrison

Samuels, Albert S.—895 Market St Sneath, George Richard—448 8th St St

Sanborn. Irving H.—808 Financial Center Sneath, Harry J.—448 Eighth St Timson, William—111 California St.

Bldg. Sneed, Robert C—112 Market St Tognazzi, B. G.-^25 Battery St

Santucci, Paul— 444 5th St Snodgrass, Harold G.—142 Sansome St... Trainer, William Harold—85 2nd St

Saunders, C. W.—215 Market St Somers, Prank A.—465 California St Traxler, Henry H.—405 Russ Bldg

Savage, Michael Joseph—804 Platiron Sommer, Max—838 Market St Touney, George—526 California St

Bldg Sooy, Charles Herbert—Mills Bldg Tousey, Prank R.—350 California St. ...

Sayre, Frederick Prelinghuysen—413 First Spaulding, William Holmes—408 Standard Toy, Harvey M.—915 Mission St

National Bank Bldg Oil Bldg Triest, Joseph—3rd and Channel Sts. . . .

Sbarboro, Alfred E.—485 California St. . . Speas, Harry E.—Foot of Hyde St Trump, William H.—1114 Merchants Ex-Schilling, August—225 Bush St Speyer, Walter Morris—334 California .St. change Bldg

Schilling, Rudolph—225 Bush St Spieker, W^arren—43 Beale St Tryon, Lorin H.—515 DeYoung Bldg. . .

Schindler, Andrew D.—1104 Balfour Bldg. Spinks, William A.—301 Madison Bldg.. . Tucker, Nion R.—485 California St

Schlemmer, H. P.—433 California St Spreckels, Rudolph—625 Market St Tully, Jasper W.—405 Montgomery St. . .

Schlesinger, B. F Springer, George E.—351 California St.. . Tupper, Frank Boyce—490 California St..

Schmidt. Max—461-499 2nd St Sproule, William—65 Market St Turner, L. Roy—225 California St

Schmidt, Richard—461-499 2nd St Staats, John S.—155 Alontgomery St Tyler, Joseph C—486 California St

Schmidt, Richard, Jr.—461-499 2nd St.. .. Stacy, N. T.—216 Pine St Tynan, Joseph James—215 Market St. ...

Schmieden, Edward G.—203 California St. Stanley, Harry H.—538 19th Ave Tyre, Morris—668 Townsend St

Schmitt, C. P.-369 Pine St Stein, Abraham—86 Third St Upham, Benjamin Prince—510 Market St.

Schmitz, Fred William—320 Market St. .. Steinberger, Nathan—519 California St. . . Urquhart, George Alexander—Eleventh &

Schneider, Henry Peter—164 Sutter St... Steinberger, Robert^—140 Geary St Mission Sts

Schuster, Gustavus A.—660 Sacramento Steinmetz, D. H.—-602 First National Vail, E. Morris—400-5 Claus Spreckels

St Bank Bldg Bldg

Schuster, Karl P.-762 Fulton St Stender, Frank Arthur—32 Clay St Van Buskirk, Edward—112 Market St. , .

Schwabacher, Frank—1510-11 Russ Bldg. Stern, Edgar L.—775 Brannan St Van Sicklen, P. W.—135 Berrv St

Schwabacher, James H.—735 Market St., Stetson, Harry N.—1020 Mills Bldg Van Sicklen, Frederick W.—135 Berry St.

Schwartz, Gustav Sutro—407 Montgomery Stettheimer, Walter W.—62 1st St. Van Wyck, Lawrence H.—364 Bush St..

St Stevens, Lloyd C.—433 California St. van Wyck, Sidney McMechen, Jr.—519

Schwartz, Sidney L.—410 Montgomery St. Stevens, Samuel S.—700 Nevada Bank California St

Schwarzmann, Edward G.—250 Montgom Bldg Vaughn, Orville R.—1601 Van Ness Ave.

ery St Stevenson, Howard Griffith—351 Cali Veitch, Lloyd—1101 Van Ness Ave

Scott, Albert Woodburn—215 Market St.. fornia St Verdier, Paul—S. E. Cor. Stockton &

Scott, Alfred William—235 Montgomerv Stever, Carl W.—607-618 Kohl Bldg Geary Sts

St Stevick, Guy Le Roy—814 Financial Cen Victor, Charles H.—132 Sutter St

Scott, Bert CarHsle—508 Crocker Bldg.. . tre Bldg Volkmann, D. G.—301 Second St

Scott, Clarence Marion—65 Market St., . . Stewart, Ashby O.—58 Sutter St Volkmann, Geo. P.—301 Second St

Scully, John Edward—Phelan Bldg Stewart, Charles H.—Geary, Stockton & Vollmer, Fred V.—532 Market St

Scares, Edwin—412 Golden Gate Bldg. .. O'Farrell Sts Von Der Leith, Walter—235 Front St. ..

Seely, P. Howard—57 Post St Stoddard, Thomas Albion—490 Post St.. Voorsanger, Leon M.—Harvard at Beale

Selover, Charles E.—244 California St. . . Stoney, Donzel—250 Montgomerv St. ... Sts

Senter, Howard W.—518 Hearst Bldg.. . Stolz, Max—360 Mission St " Wainwright, Chas. A.—201 Main St

Sesnon, Porter Stone, Ellerv W.—812 Hobart Bldg Walker, F. H.—201-212 Alexander Bldg.

Seybold, Arthur P.—225 Bush St Strang, M. A.—444 California St Walker, Percival John—Sharon Bldg. ..

Shainwald, Richard S.—475 Brannan St.. Strange, Ralph R.—904 Oceanic Bldg. ... Walker, Willis J.—307 Monadncck Bldg.

Sharon, Robert A.—225 Bush St., Room Stratford, Frank C—534 Batterv St. . . Wallacker, John Anders—200 Bush St. . .

418 Straus, Louis—51 First St Walsh, Kenneth—225 Montgomery St. ..

Shattuck, Paul W.—426 Battery St Stringham, Prank D.—609 Nevada Bank Walsh, Robert Joseph—110 Market St. ..

Shaw, Percy Joseph—639 Merchants Ex Bldg. ; Walsh, Thomas A.—740 Polk St

change Bldg Strong, Charles Asa—1001 Crocker Bldg. Walter, John I.—562 Mission St

Shaw, William L.—351 California St (see Addenda page 1692) Walthall, Edward B.—412 Hunter-Dulin

Shea, John Francis—562 Sutter St Struthers. Harry Ray—112 Market St. . . Bldg ^

Sheehan, Wallace—Balfour Bldg Stulsaft, Morris—548 5th St Wardwell, Justus S.—2801 Russ Bldg. ..

Sheldon, Blaine W.—290 Division St Sultan, Ernest J.—460 Bryant St Warner, Frederick A.—351 California St.

Sheldon, Willard H.—Ill Montgomery St. Summers, Wm. T.—631 Market St Warner, Ralph C—225 Bush St

Sherman, William Albert—Lombard & Susman, Leo H.—245 Market St Warren, Charles A.—519 California St. . .

Battery Sts Sutro, Alfred—220 Natoma St Waterman, Clyde—2028 Hunter-Dulin

Shinn, Elbert F.—814 Mission St Sutro, Emil—407 Montgomery St Bldg

Shoup, Guy V.—65 Market St Sutro, Oscar—Standard Oil Bldg Watson, Albert John—485 California St.

Shoup, Paul—65 Market St Sutter, Louis—532 Market St Watson, Dudley C—915 Mission St

Shuey, Herbert S.—121 Second St Swanberg, Charles Olof—1000 Sutter St.. Wayman, Willard O.—254 Bush St

Shuman, John Franklin—1110 Crockoi Swayne. Robert H.—240 Front St Weeden, Frank—315 Montgomery St. ..

Bldg Swett, Frank Tracy—216 Pine St Weeks, Geo. W.—405 Montgomery St. ..

Shuman, W. D. M.—133 Montgomery St. Swinerton, Alfred B.—225 Bush St Wehe, Prank R.—74 New Montgomery

Shumate, Thos. E., (Dr.)—1640 Divisa Swobe, Dwight M.—65 Market St „St .

flero St Symmes. Whitman—725 Mission St Wei Ado ph Leopold—310 Sansome St.

Shurtleff, Roy L.—Russ Bldg Symon, Samuel C. 664 Mills Bldg. Weill, Michel D.—Grant Ave. & Post Sts.

Silver, Manuel Joseph-369 Market St... Symonds Harry Clinton—614 Mills Bldg Weinberg, Robert—39 Second St

Simmons, Ralph P.—246-268 Post St Taussig Eric B—114 Sansome St Welch, Lyman M.—1068 Mills Bldg

Simon, Richard 0.-482 California St.. . Tayler, Howard M.—698 Minnesota St.' '. '. )!y'<^''"^p., J^',^" ^;. •" " •,-,•„• V o " '' '

Simpers, H. W.-22 Battery St Tayler, James Howard—Minnesota & 19lh ^est, Charles Pli"y-310 Sansome St. ..

Simpson, E. E g^g Westphal, Adolpn R.—Battery at Lom-

Simpson, Harry L —369 Pine St Taylor,' bV Grant—'434 State' Bldg. '".':'.'.'. ,, J?^'"'] ^ts, ......... .... •■••■■ ^ ■■

Sine air, John A.—1535 Russ Bldg. . Taylor, Prank L.-Hunter Dulin Bldg. . }l\'^^\'''- ^ \^4^' "at^ ^f \S^*- W '

Sinsheimer, Paul A.—464 California St.. . (see Addenda page 1693) Wheeler, William M.—903 Alexander

Skaggs, Chester Wilson—111 Sutter St.. -r i c i rj aa-t c ^.^ c^ r> Bldg

Slack, Walter-Crocker First National ^^30 H.-447 Sutter St., Room ^v^jte. Charles W.-667 Mills Bldg

Bank Bldg "" Whiteside, George Nelson—1 Drumm St.

Sloan, Charles Edmund-605 Market St... Tedesco, Joseph-315 Montgomery St. . . Whitman, Julian Carter-341 Montgomery

Sloss, Harry-895 Market St ^t^^"' ^'^''"""^ ^'^"Pi^ "''""'51 ^'- ' ' ^t

Sloss, Joseph-310 Sansome St Thayer. Raymond H.-l Drumm St. Whitney, Vincent-315 Montgomery St...

Sloss Louis, Jr.-215 Market St T^' '''"'J" Joseph-1046 Mills Bldg. . . wickett, Fred A.-14 Montgomery St. ..

Smith, Arthur A.-2501 Steiner St IJ^'f"' ^^'^:^^^'^°"'qPJ1?-- ,/ ' r,^ Wiel, Eli H.-25 First St

Smith, Carroll W.—Balfour Bldg Thieleman, Wm C.—916 Rialto Bldg. . wiener, Henry—135 Stockton St

Smith, Charles Lewis—532 Market St. ... Thompson, Frederick—5815 Third St. Wilcox, Walter Ernest—1 Sansome St. ..

Smith, George Ormond—332 Pine St. .. Thompson, H. S.—915 Mission St .. wildberg, Arthur A.—742 Market St. ...

Smith, Gilbert W.—Crocker First Nation Thompson, Harry T.— Sansome St ^ilkie, Frank A.—19 Leidesdo.rff St

al Bank Bldg Thompson, Mitche 1—311 California St. Willard, Robert H.—433 California St. ..

Smith, J. Luther-399 Golden Gate Ave.. Thompson, Wilfrid F--1675 Eddy St. Willcutt, George B.-58 Sutter St

Smith, James B.—369 Pine St Thomson, Gordon—605 Market St. . . .. Williams, Joseph White—925 Mills Bldg.

Smith, Paul X.—244 CaHfornia St rhornton, Francis George—230 Califorma Williams. Petej N.—1150 Divisadero St.

Smith, Reginald—Channel, between 4tli ^'^ Willis, P. G

and 5th Sts Thorsen, William R.—1107 Crocker First Wilson, Albert T.—433 California St. . ..

Smith, Reginald Knight—490 Post St. . . National Bank Bldg Wilson, E. W

Smith, S. M.—9 Main St Tilden, Charles Lee—217 Front St Wilson, Ernest—333 5th St

Smith, N'ernon H.—1000 Balfour Bldg. .. Tilden, Tilden C—532 Market St Wilson, Harry Porter—290 Division St...

California REGISTER OF DIRECTORS California

San Francisco CContinued) San Jose—(Continued) SAN PEDRO

WHson Herb° ^^^^ Hubbard. Albert Lester-384 W. Santa Baly, Robert Charles-7th & Mesa St..

W,-l.nn ';.nm„<^l Monntford—Room 943, Clara St Elliott, John_ A.---235 Sixth .St.

Wilson, Samuel Mountfcrd—Room 943. ^,.- - ^, ^ ,_, „, , e . r-i u n- .u n v> •jco 7,u c<.

Russ BldR Kittredge, H. S.—374 West Santa Clara Holhngsworth, C. B.—359 7th St

Wiknn Stokelv—Russ Bldo St Mee, James W.—5th & Front Sts

W nter' GH-727 Portola Drive La Motte, V. J.-248 South First St Regan, Joseph M.-P. O. Box 1058....

Witter'Dean-486CaCrniaSt Leib, R. C.-512 First National Bank Seward, Everett D.-359 7th ,St

Witter Jean C —Kohl Bldg Bldg SAN RAFAEL

Wobber, Edward H.—774 Market St Lisle, George H.—333 W. Julian St. Burnett, Albert Hood-539 Fourth St.

Wobber Herman—201 Golden Gate Ave. Loomis, H. A.—509 Bank of San Jose Lancel, Leon A^—/21 Fourth St

Wobber, William P.-412 Jessie St ^ Bldg ■ y ■^: • •: I^°ve 1, Robert B^Masonic Bldg^ .^

Wood, Benton Grant—485 California St. Lowe, Waldo Higgmson Warden, Russell Harvey—723-25 4th St.

Wood, Fremont—165 Sutter St Lyon, William Penn—30 West Santa SANTA ANA

Wood John H.-57 Post St ^ Clara St . Barr, Otis H.- 022 E. 4th St.

Wood Leonard E.—101 California St. . . . McCurdy, V. T .. ... • .^,. ■ • - • Beissel, P. G.—115 W. 4^h St^

Cotant, Charles Lowell—Post Office Box

Wood, Percy A.—4 Montgomery St McDonald, George K.—556 I\o. First St. Cota

Wood, Walter Thaver—1 Drumm St. .. . Menker Jno C.—W. Julian St r- , u , a

Wood, William Graham—Humboldt Bank Miller, John Johnston (Dr.) ....... Crookshank, Angus J.

gj^j ' Montgomery, Thomas S.—40 West ban Dunton, George—420 East 4th St

Woolams,' Leonard A.-l'oV California' St. , -Antonio St. • • • ■ ^ • • • • • ■ ^ • ■ ■ •.•■■■ George, J A.-429 N. Sycamore St

Wooster, Clarence Marshall—915 Mission Moreland, Samuel E.—81 W. Santa Clara Hanson, Harry L

c. St Hermon, James K.—102 E. 4th St

Worden,' 'Herbert ' Bairsto-1^1600 ' Hobart Alortensen, A M.—P O Box 306 .... Holmes Charles Duane—501 N. Main St .

Building ■ Normandm, Louis O.—220 W. Santa Knox, John—107 W, 3rd St

Wright. Alexander'■ 'b.—ViOO' ■ Financial ^ Clara St .................. • Kryhl, George Milton—118 East Fourth

Center Bldg O Bnen, Charles M.—30 So. First St.. . . St

Wright Kirkhani—33^ Piiie St Pabst, William H.—Santa Clara St. at Lentz. Norbert E.—1022 East Fourth St.

Wyckoff, A. C—200 Bush St. .'.'.'.".'.'.'. Market Mather, Cotton—Fifth & Sycamore Sts..

WyckoiT, John W.—2800 17th St Patton John Q.—350 North First St Munro George F—307 N. Mam St.

Wynkoop, G. P.-200 McAllister St Post, Alfred B. .. . .. . . .... Otis, William Eaton-200 The Otis

Yard, Willis Stuart—245 Market St E^.f'^', Willard L.—12/ So. First St Purinton, F. L.—206 W. 2nd St .. .


Yates, Robert R.—631 Market St R^iHy, Warren B.—296 So. First St..... Rairdon, C. W. (Dr.)—301 N. Sycamore

York, Ralph Edwin—775 Brannan St. ... Richards, Charles M. (Dr.)—Samte St. .. ..

Zehner, Harry S.-1400 Howard St ^ .Claire Bldg ... . Rankin, Herbert P.-4th & Sycamore .

Zellerbach, Harold L.—534 Battery St. .. Richmond, Edmund N.—64 \\. Santa .Smith Charles Frederick—PO. Box 2^8

Zellerbach, rsadore-S34 Battery St ^ Clara St . .. ......... . . Suddaby, Wm S.-1120 E. First St

Zellerbach, James David—534 Battery St. ^^oss Fred C—222 Bank of .San Jose Tedford, Walter B.—Drawer G

Zipf, Albert F.—110 California St „ ^^"^^f. • ■^- • •••••• • 7.\'^^^^h ^V'$ .^'^""^^^ E. 1st St

Zobel, Sidney-720 Missio.n St gowe H. D.-474 Jerome St Was. Frank John . . . . .

SAN GABRIEL Rudolph, Paul Williams, W. B.—4th & Main Sts

Henderson, Dick—250 So. San Gabriel Ryland, Joseph R.—374 W. Sanra Clara Worlc^^ Harry ^


MacPherson,"Frank'H.'— 'r."f."d:'i,'b'ox Singletary, ^Florence G. (Mrs.)—504 Bakewell, Benjamin—1421 State St

4^5 Growers Bank Bldg Birss, James—Box 674

McLeod,'j'.'D.—1607'S.s'a'n'Gabriel'Blv'd'. Singletary George Curtis—504 Growers Boldt, Charles

SANGER Bank Bldg Bullis, James Stevenson—1010 State St.. .

Coblentz George Samuel Singletary, Margaret E. (Mrs.)—504 Canfield, Robert Bage—831 State St. ..

CAM TAriMTn Growers Bank Bldg Chase, Harold Stuart—1012 State St. ...

bAW jAL^irjiiu Sontheimer, Urban A.—Hall of Justice.. Dalzell, T. Paul—P. O. Box 618

fsee Addenda'natre 1690) Sontheimer, Walter M.—69 S. First St.. . Dickinson, William R.—320 Junipero

Miller John H Staub, John Samuel (M.D).-Hotel Yen- Plaza

Pawson, Wm. h!,' Jr.'-P."6: 'Box 26'!'. 1! ^^<^?J^^ ■,• \V ' " ii<-c ' " t-' V q; Doremus, Augustus Boyd ........

A\- A A/r^,-u Stull, Karl M.—146 So. First St Durkee, Moreton Andrew—10 Parker

CAMTncw Thompson. Albert R.—333 West Julian Way

AWT.iAJt wir.. r ?=;7 Wn Market <;t St Easton, Robert E.—34 W. de la Guerra .

Alexander, Wm. u.—Zo/ JNo. Market bt ,- „ , c o /ht -rv \ /^iu p c „i„ -cjj Vj _ tj n

A,,^.....^ w r_^^^ T„i;^n <;t Van Dalsem, S. B. (M.D.)—6th & Santa Eddy, Herman Hall

Anderson, W. C.—333 W'est Julian St. Bardelmeier, Henry—Ko,cher Bldg.

Clara Sts Edwards, George Sexton

Walker, Leland H Geib, Geo. D.

f 14. --ru r-i„.^„„„ OAA c« T7;.-c-+ vv aiKcr, i^eiaiiu n vjciu, ueo. u

t>arnett, Ihomas Clemens—246 so. I'lrst ,,. tti j it i-n inr t r c*. r- * xj ixr

c^ Weaver, Floyd E.—333 W. Julian St Gentry, Harry W

vi^^i L ' V;.,',;V A ■ ■ p' n RoV hkk Witten. C. L George, T. M.—727 State Sl

Eorcher; Robert Henrv-396 N 1st' 's't bright, T. M.-19 N. 2nd St Heaney, John William-26 E. Carrillo St.

Bnl'ork M H rU D ) 6th & Sant-i SAN LEANDRO Hoefer, Frank A

Bulock, N. H. (M. D.)—6th & Santa ^^^^^^^ p^rlev Benj.-262 Broadmoor Tackson, Fred D.—19 East Carrillo St. .. .

Burrell, F L.-West' Julian 'StT '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. „Blvd. . . Jameson, John A-Howard Canfield Bldg.

Ti„+..i.»i- Ar-tK,,,- r Heacock, B. C Keeney, Seth A.^—901 State St

ro^^ikl'ii TTrl^t- V ■ ■ pVnC ■ 'r^f' ''^^^ ' Tni^P Holt, C. Parker Lewis, Merton F.—Box 202

Lampbell, l-'rank V.—bank ot ban Jose c^ /-\ t t • j ht- t- tt j /- z= u t.ij

r>. J Starr, Oscar L Lingard, Wm. E.—Howard-Canfield Bldg.

Campbell' 'Geo' B SAN LORENZO Lowsley, James Dennis—901 State St. . .

Campen ' Fritz 6—220 W Santa Clara Stenzel, Amelia Rose Ludwig, Herbert R.—320 State St

" c. ' ' " ■ ' Stenzel, Henry Charles Moses, Lincoln E.—1555 Alameda Padre

Chace,' 'John' D.'-^'nd' & 'St.' 'jam'e's' St'.'.'. 5t;"/-^'-„^„^bel Marie (Miss^ Serra . . . . . . . .

Challen,- Victor-T W. Santa Clara St... SAN LUIS OBISPO Ord Emmett G.-209 West Canon Per-

•Chase, Elmer E.-64 West Santa Clara ^^'P^""^^': ^.^^P' H.-983 Monterey St. dido St ......... .....

5^. ' Fitzgerald, Andrew Francis—994 Monte- Paul. William Glae—1010 State St

Clayton W S ^^^ St Paxton, Joe D

Col. Alphonse George-Growers Bank Green, Morris—871 Monterey M Phillips. Leon R.-Box 618

Bl^jg Herbert. John W.—855 Marsh St Porter, Wm. S.—1014 State St

Crummev', John 'David—Julian '&'Terrai'ne Hollister, William Mossman ^ .. Price, Francis—26 East Carrillo St

S^g ' Johnson, Chris L.—725-727 Higuera St... Ross, Charles Lewis—103 State St

Devanv,' 'd.'-SSO ' Gre'e'nwoo'd 'Ave. '.::.■■ Kemper Henry I Ross, Ross A.-245 San Marcos Bldg. ..

Edwards Wilbur J Lewin, Moses—792 Monterey St. Sheppard. James G.—1600 Garden St

Fitch, Hkrry H.—230-250 'No'. ' 1st'St. ^i 1'. Masengill, Wiley Thomas—Higuera De- Sloan James Esler .

Graham, Lozelle Forbe.s—Route A, Box , P°? ^t .. . ... . . ••■■■■■■_ Snoock, William L.—21 E. de la Guerra

^Q Muzio, David—870 Monterey St St

G^eco Victor V Polin, Oscar Martin—Chorro .Sr Monterey Soule, Winsor—116 E. Sola St

Haehl', May Burrel ':;;::'.:'.;;;;:;;;;::; „.Sts. • . ■ Stanwood, Samud Jameson .

Hambly, F. J.-222 Bank of San Jose Smsheimer, L. F Stow, Edgar Whitney—P. O. Box 545 ..

Bldg SAN MATEO Tallant, E. C—911 Chapala St

Hart AT Chidester, Walter C—23 Second Ave. . . . Williamson. John M.—First National

Haskins, j. L.—Bank of San jose Bldg.. EHis, Lynn W.—525 Crescent Ave A^rli!^* ^i^/* ^k

Hayes, Clara L.—30 W. Santa Clara St.. Ghirardelli, Domingo SANTA CLARA

Hayes E A . Lew, Edmond B Barry, Herbert M

Hayes! i- O.—30 W. Santa Clara St Olohan, Peter—456 Wisnom Ave Blois, Stanley L.—867 Sherman St

Hayes, M. B Ross, Hall C Brown, Frank P

Hazeltine, William Emery—596 So. 10th Stern, Sollis E Kreling, Joseph A

St Wiseman, Thomas T.—207 Second Ave. Monnet, Frederic L

Hill, Henry G.—313 Bank of San Jose Wisnom, David Roll, Andrew J.—867 Sherman St

Bldg Wisnom. John—231 Second Ave Roll, Robert Blum—1308 Bellamy St. ...





Bias, Harry J.—Title Insurance Bldg. . .

Byrne, Walter C.—46 Pacific Ave

Dowlinij, Stanley W. (M. D.)—Staffler

Bldg ■

Hinds, Leland F.—Cor. Pacific & Locust


Hinkle, Charles D.—P. O. Box 566 ....

Horton, Wm. A.—P. O. Box 604

Irish, Harlie E.—142 Pacific Ave

Jeter, W'illiam Thomas

(see also Addenda page 1697)

Leask, Samuel—100 Pacific Ave

Morgan, George A.—28 Cooper St

Phillips. Percy T., (Dr.)

Sharpe, Bruce L

Towne, Charges E.—28 Cooper St

Wessendorf, Lester H

Williamson, James R.—17 Mission St. . . SANTA MARIA

Baker, Major P

Holeman. Kess B.—Jones & McClelland


Pezzoni. Henry E

Scaroni, Leopold Pio—101 West Main St. SANTA MONICA

Austin, Aubrey E.—216 Dudley Bldg. . . Cotton, R. H.—221 Santa Monica Blvd...

Dickinson. George B

Dudley, Thomas Horace .

(see also Addenda page 1694) Engelbrecht, Henry J.—302 Santa Monica


Fehlinff, Otto T.—1337 Third St

Gandy, N. S.—1510 Third St

Greg.g. Wesley C.—526 Santa Monica

Bfyd ."

Hathaway, Worth M.—1328 Wilshire


Pratt, A:!)ert R.—1452 Fourth St

Rishel!, Tohn D.—221 Santa Monica Blvd.

Rivers, Ernest B

Taft, Harris W.—203 Dudley Bldg

Wagner, Frank J.—1600 Ocean Front .. SANTA PAULA

Beckley, Clarence

Blanchard, Sarah E

Browne, Isaac Proctor—959 Main St. ...

Culhertson, Tames D.—Say Rd

Hardison, Allen Crosby—908 Main St. . . Hoswell, Ira J-ame.s—117 No. 10th St. ...

Low, Keesler B

Shively, A. Lincoln


Bnndschu, Carl Eugene—426 Rosenberg


Clark. James Wesley—4th & Hinton Ave. Comstock, Hilliard—517 Rosenberg Bldg.

Corrick, William B.—520 4th St

Herrick, Leon Leslie

Holchcster, P. E.—Rosenberg Bldg

McNamara, Frank John—Box 434

Much, Herbert N.—605 Fifth St

Overton, Tohh P.—P. O. Box 404

Price, Walter Fitch—215 "B" St

Williams, J. R


Bacon. Harold


Rickell. Frederick Ross

Richards, Walter

Sperheck, H. W


Dias, James Joseph—Route 1

(see Addenda page 1689) Hannon, W. H.—310 Alexander Bldg. . . .

Rayburn, E. S


McKenzie, Elmer P


Newton, Harry H.—139 Main St


Fuller, Harry B

Merritt, Edson Charles

Paulson, Emil N

Sutton, Charles J.—R. F. D. 3, Box 271 .

Swain, .Arthur B

\'alentine, Joseph


I'Vceland. W. C


Culbreth, William G.—8921 Santa Monica


Douglass, F"rank M

Durfy, Leland James—8923 Santa Monica



Richardson, Ralph Valentine—472 E. Centra!


Montgomery, Lorena V

Monteomcry, Wavne W


'i'ognaz7ini, Valerio


Larrick, Herschell Gay


Boyd, Alden March .

(see Addenda page 1688 i

Harkson, Harald


Beretta. A.—P. O. Box L


Baer, JuHus E

Burden, William Edwin

.fohnson, George W

Morris. Saul

Mundorf, George

Reith, Lindley M

Segerstrom. Charles FI


Barron. Garnet T


McCartney, O. E


Brown. Frank A.—1028 Mission St

Clanton, Orville Ray

lohns, Ralph G

Marble, John E.—1313 Garfield Ave

Supple, Albert (Dr.)—Mission & Fair Oaks Ave


Black. Frederick William

Hynding, Andrew—219 Linden Ave

Haaker, Flenry L

Podesta, L. R.—Box 395

Potter, Ira H.—Grand & Linden Aves. ..

Ratto, David W.—319 Grand Ave

Reece, Charles W

Thompson, Martin C


Clark, Arthur Bridgman—4 Cabrillo Ave.

Green, Rufus Lot—13 Salvatierra St. ...

Wilbur, Ray Lyman (M. D.)

Wildman, Murray S


Atherton, G. A.—Belding Bldg

Barnickol, W. F.—646 S. California St. . .

Baxter, Thomas F.—620 Commercial Bank Bldg

Beatie, D. W.—P. O. Box 453

Bird, Charles Gladstone—Commerce & Sonora Sts

Burton, Geo. AL—312 Belding Bldg

Case, Carlton C.—Box 815

Chapman, Herbert S. (M. D.)—401 Medico-Dental Bldg

Charette, Edward H

Clark, Fred Pope

Cleghorn, Percy T

Connolly, Thomas E

Crump, John Edward—P. O. Box 792 . .

Davidson, Morris—740 North Wilson Way

Dietrich, F. J.—26 .S. San Joacjuin St

Ditz, George A.—605 Commercial & Savings Bank Bldg

Drury, Eugene Windsor—1155 West Vine St

Eagal, Tohn H.—317 N. El Dorado St. ..

Ellis, Agler B.—Market & Sutter Sts. . . .

Fuld, Edwin Bernard—113 No. San Joaquin St

Fyfe, Joseph—P. O. Box 489

Gamble, Edward L.—101 East Weber Ave.

Henr^^ Joe E

Holt, Pliny Eastman .

Inman, Jesse J.—307 E. Weber Ave

Jones, Henry Harrison—203 North Sutter St

Kelley, James E.—Sutter and Channel Sts

Leistner, Geo. W.—26 S. San Joaquin St.

Lyons, William Herbert

Martin, Irving—530 E. Market St. ,'. . . .

Mayo, Frank Veach—421 E. Miiner Ave.. .

McNoble, Geo. F.—United Bank & Trust Co. Bldg. . . .^

Mendenhall, Jesse Vertner—312 Belding Bldg

Often, Arthur John—First National Bank Bldg

Pearce, John Wilbur—47 N. Grant St. . .

Pearson, Chas. B



Perry, John M.—Main at San Joaquin St.

Powell, Dewey R.—501 Medico-Dental Bldg

Ranney, Wm. S. J

Roberts, Arthur F

Rothenbush, Alexander D

Schafer, Ward C

Seymour, Arthur T. (Dr.)—311 Elks Bldg.

Sloan, Burt W

Steele, Stanley J.—404 United Bank & Trust Bldg

Teefy, Robert B.—21 S. Hunter St

Thompson, John Henry—P. O. Box 550 .

Thurman, William Bludworth—819 Commercial & Savings Bank Bldg. . .

Turner, George A.—Commercial & Savings Bank Bldg

Wagner, Ernest Charles—Hotel Stockton

Webster, C. A.—P. O. Box 367

Wellington, Benjamin Franklin, Jr.—203 N. Sutter St

Wilhoit, Eugene I.—P. O. Box 511

Wilson. Wm. W

Yore, Stanley A.—Oak & Aurora Sts

Zitlau, August J


Hyland, E. M

Strain, M


Alexander, Jules '

Breitwieser, A. G ,

Spalding, John Bridger—Main St

Taylor, George H


Doyle, Fred F.—-Box T

Garner, Arthur J.—Box 3508 ,

Houchin, Lester H.—418 Main St

Pursel, Harry H.—Corner Fifth & North Sts

Ripple, Jacob Noble


Dohrmann, A. B. C

Rivinius, F. C. .


Winter, John E


Marx, Philip


Greenfield, Edward

Nienke. Albert F


Dunham, Clarence L

Duvall, Ira M.—Main St

Robins, George


Van Camp, Frank


Rickey, F. C


Russel, Robbins


Thomson, W. M


Faulkner, David Sinclair

Findlej", Donald—1510 Cravens Ave

Lancaster, Jesse Samuel—First National Bank Bldg

Neill, George W.—1261 Cabrillo Ave


Danile, Frank James

Deacon, R. O

(see Addenda page 1689)

Hughes. Maurice H

(see Addenda page 1690)

Potts, John S

Williams, Wade J


Mumford, Russell W. .

Vieweg, Frederic


Anderson, F. E.—139-141 E. Tulare St. , .

Linder, George William

Linder, Reynold—K & Kern St

Merritt, Hulett Clinton, Jr


Caldwell, A. A

Mollard, Charles

Walton, Dana J

Whipple, Howard Gregory


Hoxie, Wyckoff .

Nau, Sam W

Stevens, Sherman

Tubbs, Volney V.—Box 551

Vance, Charles Arthur


TIKTAH Watsonville—(Continued) YREKA

Bromley William-Standley & School Hitchings, Walter P.-R. F. D. No. 4, De Witt,^ Robert Hewitt-Muier bt

Sts Box 74 Steele, O. G

Maniion: '' Chades '' McFerson-Savings Luther, Ellersie Edgar-135 Walker Sv.. Wacker I^ms Ludw.g

Rank' RldsT McSherry, Eugene W.—9 Third St YUJJACliY

Thon"as. AkxanderR.' :::::::..::... . Palmtag, Charles A.-326 Main St S'l^i^'^V^l''"'' William-143 Almond bt.

Tracy, Arthur L.—Corner School & Stand Porter, John E ;••-;•, c Pu ., t,^ i ti

ley sts ■ ■ • Riordan, John H.—Sheehy Bldg Southworth, Edward P

UNIVERSITY CITY Rodgers, Carroll James--P. O. Box 6 .

Hersholt Tean Rodgers, Fraftk—32S Main St /^^1 ^~^ A^

UPLAND Ruppert, F. W.-9 East Third St LOlOraCiO

Barr, Charles Vincent—2nd Ave. & B St. Sheehy, James—309 Main St AMn«;A

Beattie, W^illiam K.—A St. & Second Ave. Vickery, Robert K. ... GroVnine Fred—Box 38

Cavers, W. B Wilson, Arthur Roberts-Drawer M .... J^•{^^""'(f(j^ ^

Hanson, G A. . , . .... . . .^ WEAVERVILLE ' ^^;„: ^ Albert—523' Stkte ' Ave. . ■.

Harwood, Charles Edward Fiheld, Josephine Af-.HHnv Arthnr T

Johnson, Arthur A.-281 Second Ave. . . . Fiheld Raymond R RatrWilharl'wlilis■•.:::::::..:;:;:::■.

Laidlaw, Geo. G w^-f. Tnli.n ATonre ^^ arren, Hartley Ellsworth

Lemon, R. Frank V\ hite, Julian JNloore 7j,rV,pic F-Tarrv \V

xNorton, Raymond C—South Ave. & B St. WEST BERKELEY AMXOMTxn ^

Palmer, Fred W.—274 B St Block, Roy—4th & Camelia Sts ^StLuf Vnhi FT

Podrasnik, A Campbell, Edward C—5th & Parker Sts,. 1%^^2-hi

Wilson, Harlow Scott—195 2nd Ave Force, H. W.—Fifth & Parker Sts d ii i # a

UPPER LAKE Hodgkin, Clarence Ray—Sth & Parker ^" '°'^f.'. ^ ^^

Sneed, Richard Herbert Sts a qoVm '

Youngreen, Marion A Norvell, Clyde W.—Sth & Grayson Sts,. . •g-^^^^^„ „

VACAVILLE Schurman, Robert—Foot Carlton St. . . Brown, George B

Andrews, Edward C WESTLY ^'•f'^'R w

Dobbins, Sterling P Cox, William W ' ATifV

McKevitt, Frank Benjamin, Jr WESTWOOD pi a fi

Uhl, Clarence J Rodman, Bert f'f.^,'"' AT^'^^}'' ■.■ ■ • •

VALLEJO Walker, Fletcher Loren filler, Benjamin H

Bvrne, B. C—Sacramento & Georgia St.s. Walker, T. S ^e'sler, Clarence L

Dudley, Lloyd M.—1123 Sonoma St WHITTIER i^eterson, i om hi

Fo ey, Dan—313 Virginia St Alexander, Ford—115 So. Milton St titLKinuuu

Gibson, Luther E.—516 Marin St Allen, Merle R.—206 E. Philadelphia St. i:;"nyan, John . .

Kellv, Joseph Alfred—518 Marin St Butler, Walter E cooMir

Sutton,'Samuel Demarest H.—Grecnleaf Ave. & Philadel S*^*^^^- , ■ i ^^'

VALLEY FORD phia St ^^"^'' ^„7.f,^"'^^ ^ ■•

Hinshaw, B. B Field, Dalton A.-First National Bank ^"^\^"u^^ " '^

VAN NUYS Bldg t5>JUL,utL.K

Houghton, S. O.—6630 Van Nuys Blvd. . . Foley, George Edward—140 North Green Bromley, Charles D.—Willard Building. .

Murray, William John leaf Ave ^heney, Cnarles H • ....... .

Smith, Rollin C—6330 Van Nuys Blvd. Frantz, F. E.-107/2 N. Bright Ave Collins, Alyah E.—Room 8, National State

VENICE Gallup, Orrin—117 North Bright Ave. . . ^^ Bank Bldg. . . .^

Bennion, L. L Gooch, T. L De Long, Ira M.-2009 13th St

Carrier, E. K Greene, Lindley M., (Dr.)—West Pern. ^°^^' Melvin C.-Willard Bldg

Eraser, Earl Alexander-4019 Ocean St Jl'""''f'/r""~^°p'' ^^^cnVp'' Tq; ''''

Front Gregg, Wallace—206 East Philadelphia . . "^f^'^^^L; ^^^°'^^,^ .?-~^^^^ ^^^""^ ^*- '' "

(see Addenda page 1689) Hazzard, Geo. L.—First National Bank ^,°u'^^^^r\^^■6^'^Vn^■7

Frederick, Rebecca L.-1810 Pacific Ave.. Bldg ^^ .''"' «"'°', ^'^ ^^m°^J I-' V VV "

Gerety, Tack—58/^ Windward Ave Johnson, C. Bevan Martin Harold Page—301-305 First Na-

Heinickle, William L.—228 Main St. ... MacLean, Milton A.—Cor. Philadelphia & t'onal Banx B.dg.

Jackson, W. H.—346 Rose Ave S. Greenleaf Ave Pe''.so»s,HarlonB.—2027 Twelfth St. .. .

Kinnev, Sherwood—68i/$ Windward Ave. Maple, Amos Colin—First National Bank Smith, Chares f< lint—12,^6 i earl St

Kinney, Thornton—68/, Windward Ave, Bldg A^","^'"' yy,^''^'^^ ^

VENTURA Matthews, Earl B.—P. O. Box 218 ■^-^^°n^^i^i^^r^r^^

Argabrite, Joseph M Maulsby, Orlando W.—P. O. Box 98 .... ^tib^LKiLNKlDUb.

Conkhn, Oscar Thompson—911 Main St. McBeth, Ira Guy—Box 218 ^,"^^^I^^\^,{-P Lesley

Corbett, Leonard White—RR. No. 2, Box Nixon, Herman W ^"K e, Elizabeth Margaret

43 Otis, Ashton M.—Box 96, Route 1 i;i!.^^'^^?[i''T'i^

Hickey, Wesley C—636 Main St Pellissier, Leon Albert—R. R. 3, Box 383 ^^-^^^^ ^^^^

Hofifman, W. H., Jr Perry, Herman L Buck, Ncrman H.

Newby, Thomas Sheridan—822-Main St. Rees, C. A.—109 E. Philadelphia St Lmerson, Ldwin B

Tychsen. Theodore Christian—815 Main Sawyer, Lewis M t,S?>.^^^^<XxT "^

St Schuyler, Harry A.—P. O. Box 218 .... „ , .^^ „, ,,

VICTORVILLE Sievers, John D.—509-510 First National Hopkins W M. . . . . , . . . . . .

Godshail, Clarence H. Bank Bldg Jennench, Elmer A —Main & Bridge St.

Marsh, Guy A Swain, John G.—214 E. Philadelphia St. f,^^'^^' fc-mi'e Rudolph

Richards, Samuel Burgess—Professional Wardman, Aubrey—117 N. Bright Ave.. ^^^f''',,^^,'"' ^'^iH'I?''

Bldg .^ WILDOMAR S'i"r/e^ ''^*"' °'^°"

Turner, John C Brown, Rudolph J iJKUbH

VINA WILLITS r.merson, Charles W

Woolsey, William Harold Foster, William A. S Mayborn Charles Harry ..

VINEBURG Long, Amv Requa Nu«s, John M.--Central Block ^ .

Batto, Fred Morris, Edward r at w am ' H.—Central Block ....


Carr, Robert Morgan-420 East Main St. Ritschel, Raymond C. J.-Cor. Main <^. ^^tT^ruXn'''

St Commercial Sts Mil ' tt h tV

Jacobs.' P.' G.—2i6' Bank 'of 'ita'ly' Bldg. '.'. WILLOWS PA MOM r TTV

Keeffc, Frank E-113-123 E. Mam St.. . Bell, Harry C.-123 West Walnut St.. . . Lktle wJlbur" T.-First National Bank

McClure, H. B Benoit, Lucien M j^l^l

Mitchell Susman-Box 25 Geis, Duard F.-Bank of Italy Eldg ^j.Kee, Louis E,-826 Main St.' '.::::;;::

(see also Addeiida page 1698) ^^°"f""''^' Edward C Nickelson, D. Edward-Main St

lT.l\.tr^^r^J^Vrl ^ • ■ ■ ^'"^' ^- ^ Roberts, Stanley J. (Dr.)-First National


Br.own, .\rthur A Russell, William Ogburn Rockafel'ow, Geo. F

Schumacher, Albert C WOODLAND Stiers, Flavious Josephus—R. D. 1, Box

WASCO Huston, Arthur Craig—702/ Court St.. . 170

Hull, Harold G. . .., Morris, Frank Leslie Thomas, John P., Jr.—Fourth & Main Sts.

Kilburn, Harvey M Morris, Harry V Wann, Ralph J


Aycr, Stephen Edison Day, Frank Overhults, VV. Clarence

WATSONVILLE Moore, Walter Spencer CENTER

( sllender. Earl G YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK Lauer, Ray E

Gumming, William Nelson—.309 Main St. Curry. Jennie F CENTRAL CITY

Dresser, Arthur T.—404 Main St. Tresidder, Don Jenkins, John. C ...-. . .,


CHEYENNE WELLS Denver—(Continued) Denver—(Continued)

Nelson, Henry C Apperson, Arthur Bert—Tramway Bldg.. Gates, C. C.—999 So. Broadway

COLORADO SPRINGS Armstrong, George E.—303 First Nat'l Gaumer, Wilber B.—701 Ideal Bldg

Adv Joseph W., Jr.—222 Burns Bldg. .. Bank Bldg Gee, Elisha—444 Steel Bldg

Armstrong, Warren N.—2420 W. Colo Arnold, Frazer—730-36 First National Gordon. R. W.—1720 California St

radoi Ave Bank Bldg Grant, James B.—517 First National Bank

Carlton, Albert Eugene—800 Exchange Baker, Dudley Ferguson—660 17th St Bldg

National Bank Bldg Ball, Max W.—1104 First National Bank Grant, William West, Jr.—732 Equitable

Carlton, Leslie Gilbert—Box 86 Bldg Bldg

Chinn, W. J.—Mining Exchange Bldg. .. Bancroft, Frank N Gregory, Walter C.—1749 California St. .

Dern, Joseph G. 26 So. Tejon St Bardwell, Rodney Jewett—723 Kittredge Grieve, George R.—39th & Williams St. .

Evan's Frank E Bldg Hardesty, Rudd—3063 Blake St

Evans' Frank P. 102 South Tejon St... Bare, Frank A.—1435 Wazee St Harrington, Frank G.—700 17th St

Fuller' Roswell S Bare, O. E.—1435 Wazee St Harris, George Waldo—1203 First Na-

Giddings, R. 0.-101-103 N. Tejon St. .. Barker, Charles Clyde—928 Equitable tional Bank Bldg

Graham Charles G Bldg Harrison, George B

Hamlin,' C. C—301 Mining Exchange (see Addenda page 1687) Hersey, Henry J.—703-10 Symes Bldg. ..

g](jg " Barnett, John T.—607 First National Bank Hicks, Samuel Nelson—131 Speer Blvd. .

Hayes-Davis, Jefferson Bldg Hodges, William Van Derveer—327 Colo-

Heizer, David N. 1432 Wood Ave Beatty, C. L.—Midland Savings Bldg rado National Bank Bldg

Hemming, W. D Beaudry, George H Houston, J. C.—■17th & Stout Sts

Howbert Irving Bell, Charles N.—605 C. A. Johnson Bldg. Houston, Joseph Clarke, Jr.—713 First

Hovvbert' William Irving Bennett, Horace W.—1010 16th St National Bank Bldg

Law Russell D Berger, George B Hover, William Adgate—14th & Law-

Lennoix Loring C Berger, Merriam rence Sts

Lloyd Vvilliam—117 E. Pikes Peak Ave. Berger, William B Huffman, Harry E.—2018 E. Colfax Ave.

Mann,' Virgil Hugh—800 Exchange Na- Bizallion, Henry H Hughes, D. G.—302 Ernest & Cranmer

tional Bank Bldg - ■ Blackmer, Myron K Bldg

McAlonev Thomas S Blayney, Hollister F.—48th & Gilpin Sts. Hughes, Gerald ■— International Trust

McGinnis ' Remsen—Golden' Cycie ' Bldg. Blayney, W. N. W Bldg

Nichols John L. 105 No. Tejon St Blunden, B. E.—-1435 Wazee St Hughes, Harry T.—900 15th St

Perkins' W Arthur Board, Virgil Lee—900 ISth St Humphreys, Albert Edmund, Jr.—1130

Pachard's William F. Boettcher, Charles—Ideal Bldg First National Bank Bldg

Rothrock, James H. Mining Exchange Boettcher, Claude Kedzie—828 17th St... Humphreys, Ira Boyd—1130 First Na-

gj^„ ' Borland, Eugene W tional Bank Bldg

Seldomridge, (Tharles B.—"u So. Cascade Bosworth, Arthur H. —660 17th St. ... . . . James, Budd Frank—363 Railway Ex-Shearer James Perry 20 N. Tejon St... Braukman, Ernest H.—1000 West Louisi- change Bldg

Shoup Oliver H.—519 Exchange National ana Ave Jenkinson. George Bestall, Jr.—929 First

Bank Bldg Bromfield, Donald Coleman—700 17th St. National Bank Bldg

Shoive Eugene Percy-^S09 Mining Ex Brooks, Horace H.—-610 First National Johnson. A. M.—315 E and C Bldg

change Bldg Bank Bldg Johnson, Arthur E.—First National Bank

«;insheimer Sidnev W.—Golden Cycle Brown, David R. C—730 Symes Bldg. . . Bldg

g|jj ' . .. .' Bro-\A'n, Harold F.—310 United States Na- Kassler. Edwin S.—613 Symes Bldg

Strachan Thomas C. .. . tional Bank Bldg Kendrick, Charles A.—16th & Stout Sts..

Thatcher Daniel 107 East Kiowa St. . . Bullock, Calvin—Colorado National Bank Keoughan, Sidney H.—Continental Oit

Tucker, ' John Speed—46 Independence Bldg. ^- • V ";, ir^^'^% ■■.■■■■■ ........ •■•••■•■

gj^„ Burger, James Cardwell Kerr, Henry H.—900 Fifteenth St

Tutt Charles Learning—301 Mining Ex- Bushnell, George A.—1503 23rd St Kohn, Samuel E

change Bldg Campbell, Clarence George—1625 Caliior- Kountze, Harold

Udick Walter w!—129 E. Pikes Peak nia St Krauser, Frederic C—546 Equitable Bldg

/^^g" Campbell, Lillian E.—1625 California St. Kunsmiller, Adolph—17th & Lawrenc<-

van biest Edmond Cornelis—204-5-6 Chanute, W. Octave—Security Bldg Sts

Mining Exchange Bldg Clark, John D (see also Addenda page 1697)

Wilson A. M. (3ity Hall Class. Harry Sherman—824 Equitable Lennon, Nellie M. (Miss)—660 17th St. .

COPE' ' ' c . . . Bldg Leonard, William Henry ... :

Fastenau N. L Cleavinger, B. D.—310 U. S. National Lewis, Aaron Dennison—16th & Stout

CORTEZ Bank Bldg Sts

Carpenter, N. E Cobb, Clarence—1010 Gas & Electric Bldg. Liggitt, Dye G.—1429 Champa St

Harrison ' William Henry (see Addenda page 1688) Lippitt, William Donald—Sugar Bldg. ..

Smith Stephen J. Cochrane, Jackson—100 State Office Bldg. Loisean, J. E.—900 15th St

p^^j'q" Collbran, Herbert Edward—200 Colorado Loughridge, Paul—Security Bldg

Pleasant, Floyd M.—205-206 First Na National Bank Bldg ■ MacFarland, Finlay Leroy

tional Bank Bldg Crocker, Howard F.—801 First National MacWhirter, Hugh L

Ranney, Frank B. ".!!!!! 1!!!!!'.'.!'.!!'.! ^Bank Bldg. Marks, J B^-820 Boston Bldg. ..

Van Dorn Charles A I^aly, Clarence J Marsh, K. K.—630 U. S. National Bank

Wise Thomas H. ...".!!!!!! Davis, Roblin H.—1628 15th St Bldg

CRAWFORD ^^y- Richard M.—420 First National Martin, Arthur Gourley—713 First Na-

Savage I-eslie J Bank Bldg tional Bank Bldg

CROO'k ' ^^ Compiegne, Henry A.'—903 First Na- Martin, Caldwell—Sugar Bldg

KreafTpr C W tional Bank Bldg McAfee, Harry Edwin—800 14th St

CROWLEY •"' nickson, T. A McCabe, William E.—660 17th St

Krenneman Daniel T Dieter, Clarence C.—Ernest & Cranmer McPhee, J. Elmer—23rd & Blake Sts. ...

Howard! E. A .'..'.'.'. Bldg McPhee, William P.—23rd & Blake Sts..

DAILEY .. Dietler, R. O.—First National Bank Bldg. Merryweather, Weir O.—605 First Na-

Wiens, Herman J Dines, Thomas A tional Bank Bldg

DEETRAIL Dines, Tyson S.—First National Bank Mitchell, Clark G.—17th & Curtis Sts. ..

Whalen, Frank M Bldg Morey, John William—P. O. Box 780 ..

DEL NORTE Downs, William D Morrison, Edwin—Sugar Bldg

Torbit, Harry Eaton, Irving—713 First National Bank Morse, B, P

DELTA Bldg Morse, Reuben J.—Ideal Bldg

Fairlamb Millard Edwards, Stanley J.—310 Patterson Bldg. Mullen, John Kernan—896 Penn Ave. ..

Parker, Charles e! Evans, John Murphy, J. P.—U. S. Yards

Penlev A E 620 Meeker St .... Faircloth, William Nagel, Henrv P., Sr.—734 Gilpin St

Raber",'R. C." Faller, Guy W.—900 15th St Newton, James Quigg—713 First Na-

Smith,' Harry Austin^Colorado Bank & Farrar, Fred—602 Boston Bldg tional Bank Bldg

Trust Co. Bldg Field, Theron R Olivier, Louis G.—1536 Welton St

Stewart, Watson Henderson-H356 Meeker Fillius, Jacob—402 Midland Savings Bldg. Osgood, Charles R.—Ernest & Cranmer

St. . .' Foley, Giles F Bldg

DENVER Foster, Alexis C.—Security Bldg Osgood, Lucile Reid—Ernest & Cranmer

Adler, Harrv—1066 Gas & Electric Bldg. ^°^- Edward V.—101 Interstate Trust Bldg . .

Aitken, Andrew D.-610 First National ^. Bldg. . .. . . Parkerson, Godfrey P.-Colorado Na-

UcnC RIHo freeman, Wm. Rufus—Ideal Bldg tional Bank Bldg

Aifken TeonardL.-610" First ■National Friederich, Philip P.-317 American Na Peck Albert I.-U. S. National Bank

Bank Bldg *'°"'''' Bank Bldg Bldg

Mexander Hugh John Gano, George W Petrikin, William Lloyd—Sugar Bldg. ..

Alexander^ P. K Gardner, Guy Nelson—630 Gas & Elec Phipps, Lawrence C, Jr.—613 Symes

Aley, Ben' B trie Bldg Bldg

Am'esse John William (see also Addenda page 1695) Pierson, Silas G.—814 Boston Bldg


Denver—(Continued) FLAGLER La Junta — (Continued)

Piatt, Denver R.—1536 Welton St Creighton, A. E Marshall, Archibald S

Price, Starling W.—660 17th St FLORENCE Marshall, Ed—Box 500

Pyeatt John Samuel—321 Equitable Bldg. Morris, William L Miller, Marion F

Randolph. Emmett F.—First National FORT COLLINS Norton, DeWitt A

Bank Bldg Dametz, Frank E.—211 North Grant St. Richardson, Herbert B.—2nd & Colorado

Reed, Albert Augustus—17th & Stout Sts. Handy, John R Ave

Reid Frederick H.--800 Fourteenth St. . Lowell, Charles L Todd, R. Clyde—Box 443

Rice, Charles J.—660 17th St Moore, L. C LAMAR

Rice, Robert—Railway Exchange Bldq,". . FORT MORGAN Parrish, John F

Ringold, Jas.—17th & Stout Sts Bloedorn, J. H Wilson, Floyd M

Rinker, Jno. E.—1536 Welton St Clatworthy, WilHam H.—301 Main St. .. LA SALLE

Roberts, Malcolm F.—410 First National Graves, Ansel E Behrens, John A

Bank Bldg Jacox, Leroy C Dobbs, T. F

Robertson, Howard S.—705 Tramway Roediger, J. H.—231 Main St LAS ANIMAS

Bldg FRUITA Bennett, Byron Lee

Robinson. Leroy Kent— 777 Broadway. .. Gavin, John Hageman, S. V. (M. D.)—624 Carson Ave.

Rogers, William F Warner, Robert E. Lee—Aspen Ave Rawlings, John W

Russell, George Thomas—2100 20th St. . GEORGETOWN Scott, Peter G

Sargeant, Raymond—P. O. Box 689 Basse, C. A LA VETA

Saunders, Sherman P.—500 Sugar Bldg. . Breitenbach, C. G Harrison, William H

Schirmer. Godfrey—17th & Lawrence Sts. Folev, James Benedict LEADVILLE

Schmidt, Fred R.—1925 West Third Ave. McFarland, Marguerite Seifried McDonald, Jesse F

Schuyler, Karl Cortlandt—510 First Na GLENWOOD SPRINGS Sharp, A. S.—719 Harrison Ave

tional Bank Bldg Hughes, Charles Edward ' Smith, Fred L

Seep, Albert H.—17th and Blake Srs. ... McCarthy, Charles R LIMON

Shaw, Alva J.—706 Ideal Bldg GRANADA McMurray, Carl C

Shaw, George H.—1217 First National Durham, Marion H Osborne, Joseph T

Bank Bldg Lee, Archie S Schaper, Robert H

Shoemaker, Joseph A. —Stockyards Sta- Thompson, Lewis N Sinclair, A. C


Sidlo, Charles T.—420 First National Campbell, William W.—South Seventh St. Ashbaugh, Flor

Bank Bldg ■ Daniels. Omri E., Jr.—357 Main St. •- . . Bourne, Sydney H

Simons, Burdick—420 First National Fox, Beman C Dunn, Preston B.—P. O. Box 128

Bank Bldg Hottes, Henry G Malcolm, Geo

Skaer, Arthur H Kurtz, William C LONGMONT

Skaggs, L. L.—319 Insurance Bldg McMullin. S. G.—Currie Block Donovan, D. C.—Donovan Block

Smith, Osmer—1002 Midland Savings Moyer, Wm. J Letford, Willard E

Bldg Parsons, Abner C—519 Main St Muth, William C

Smith, Ralph W.—Coronado Bldg Rump, Charles LOVELAND

Snodgrass, Benjamin W.—Ernest & Cran GREELEY Blair, Luther Burt

mer Bldg Bier, D. B.—Box 419 Kiplinger, Fred'k W.—409 Lincoln St. ...

Standart, Frederick W.—520 Patterson Bliss, Charles H.—Route 1, Box H ... Ritchey, A.—409 Lincoln St

Bldg Petrikin, J. M. B Robbins, Oscar B.—863 Cleveland Ave.. .

Stannard, Clare N.—900 15th St Southard, Charles E.—First National Scilley, Hugh

Stark, John Buell—31st & Blake Sts Bank Bldg Truscott, Raymond W

Stearns, Thomas Beale—1716 California GUNNISON • Ward, William Marion

St Curtis, Wilbur L.—R. F. D. Box 8 LYONS

Stephens, Wendell—602 Boston Bldg. .. . Spencer, Clinton F Turner, Marvin W

Stern, Harry A.—404 Patterson Bldg Spencer, J. F MANCOS

Sterne, Chas. Shepperd—1065 Gas & Spencer, Samuel P Shideler, Francis Marvin

Electric Bldg Steele, John Andrew MANITOU

Sterne, William Charles—1065-67 Gas & Winslow, Charles William Campbell, J. Frank

Electric Bldg HAXTUN Chase, Raymond O

Swan, Henry Banister, Delbert Ogilbee, H. M.—114 Canon Ave

Trott, Alfred Blake Intermill. Edward E Rhodes, Vance M

Turnbull, Clyde William—International HAYDEN , MANZANOLA

Trust Bldg Smith, George W Beaty, Robert Ross

Van Schaack, Henry Cruger—210 First HOLLY MEEKER

National Bank Bldg Allen, F. H Clark, John R.—24-25 Hugus Block ....

Vaughn, Frank M.—First National Bank HOLYOKE Neal, J. N

Bldg O'Neal, F. P Scott, Thomas B

Vincent, M. D.—Temple Court Bldg Paul, Charles Earl (see also Addenda page 1698)

Von Brecht, Gustavus Adolphus . Struble, Phil S., (D.D.S.)—First National Walbridge, L. B

Wade, Will H.—525 14th St Bank Bldg. MOFFAT

Walsen, Fred G.—Interstate Trust Bldg.. Worley. Smith Seth—400 Interocean Ave. De Vinna, J. F.—Logan Hotel

Welborn, J. F.—820 Boston Bldg HOTCHKISS (see Addenda page 1689)

Willcox, Charles McAllister Addams, Harry H MONTROSE

Wilson. Albert E.—17th & California Sts Myers, Charles Earl Akard, C. B.—402 Main St

Wire, Ward—604 Boston Bldg Riehl, G. A Callaway, N. B.—402 Main St

Young, Abner T.—Room 450, Equitable HUDSON Hoskins, Horace Reeve—Kellar Bldg. . .

Bldg Wristen, James Henry NEW CASTLE

Zahn, John Edward—305 Ideal Bldg HUGO Ritter. John W

Zang, Adolph F.—316 Symes Bldg Dickinson, John P NORWOOD

Zang, Philip A.—320 American Bank Thompson, Emmit I Harmon, Thornton


DURANGO Lerchen, Charles W.—Box 566 Entwistle, Amos

Ayres, Arthur W Spessard, Clayton I OLATHE

Camp, Alfred M '. ILIFF Tandy, Arthur A

Fritz, George F.—801 1st Ave Balfour, Edward Watson ORDWAY

McNeil, John L JULESBURG Buell. Jewett C, Jr

Rucker, Keith S Parker, B. D., Jr Caley, Jess R

Tyler. Justin R. C Parker, Cuthbert F Ward. Arhe M .

EADS Schroeder, Charles F.—First National OTIS

Pyles, F. Lawrence Bank Bldg McKenzie, Bert L

Pyles, Harold Thompson, Geo. H OVID

EASTLAKE KIOWA Johnson, Clarence R

Corlev, George O Backlund, Varner A PAGOSA SPRINGS

EATON Finnicum, Ralph E Hersch, David

Moore, Fred H KIT CARSON Hersch, Joseph B.

Wilson, John D Collins, Charles E Smith, Ray W

Wilson, Thos. H Jelinek, Frank PALISADE

ECKLEY Scott. Charles Griffee, Charles F

Boggs. Benjamin F LA JARA PEYTON

ENGLEWOOD Wilson, Samuel Herzberger, Emma B

O'Dell, Forrest E.—3501 So. Broadway . . LA JUNTA Pieper, A. L

ESTES PARK Bristol, Chester H PUEBLO

Macdnnald, Ralph R Lamb, John N Adams, Alva B

Colorado REGISTER OF DIRECTORS Connecticnt

Pueblo—(Continued) SEDGWICK SWINK

Barniim, Lewis—437 Thatcher B!dg McKinstrj', C. B Bundy, Decie D

Carlile, Chas. B McKins'.rv, Vance Glase, Albert F

Clark, Winfred Xewcomb—Box 747 ...^ McKinstrv, Walter R TELLURIDE

Dudley, Walter K SILVERTON Waggoner. Charles D

Everhart, Mahlon Thatcher—First Na Chase, Charles A TOWNER

tional Bank Bldg Mears, Otto Heanev, Cliarles E

Cast, Robert Shaeffer—Thatcher Bldg. . . Pitcher, Cora M TRINIDAD

Grigsljv, Joseph D.—422 First National Pitcher, J. R JIundelson, John C

Bank Bldg Way, William A Jeffryes, Eli

Hoag. Frank S.—Grand & Union Ave. . SIMLA Kehney William S.—Main St

Keeler, Clifford G.—122 West 5th St Eieser, Frank William Samuel, Oscar C.—300 Commercial Sav-

Lee, Charles W.—206 Colorado Bldg Downing, V. C ings Bank Bldg

Lee, Gale Auten—Colorado Bldg Gray, Edward Emerson Wood, Frank Russell—504 Bank Bldg. ..


McCabe, Edward Brown, L. L Cowing, Maurice E

Middelkamp, Edwin G.—Colorado Bldg. . Monson, Claude Raymond Dick, James Bute, Jr.—Box 488 '.

Nuckolls, Ezra Wheeler, Melvin S Kastner, Norman F

Nuckolls, George H STERLING Snodgrass, Ralph Lamar—501 Main St.. .

Nuckolls, V. W Blair, Frank H WELLINGTON

Pinkney, R. R. Coen'. John R.—Security'State Bank EMg. Shinn, E. A

Saxton Charles E Cribble, George Arthur WILDS

Smart, Willard C Sanders, John Newman Wi'd, Alfred

Smith, Harlan J Smith Arthur A WINDSOR

Taibott, Arnold M —122 West 5th St. . . Swedfund, Harry B.—131-133' No.' 2'n'd 'st. Hickman, E. C

Ihatcher Mahlon D. ■ • • • • -^ • • • • • Wilson, Chalkley A Hickman, E. P

1 rotter, George F.—Mam & Second Sts. ^,^,.0 a ctjiT-Dr' Hickman. Walter E

Weitzel, Elmer Hunter—Abriendo Ave... ^J-KAb^UKU WRAY

WMiooio,- vjr^^-ynr lottcn, Grcvcr Edwm t^. ii-n -r

Wheeler, Horace . ; Diss, vViIliam 1

SAGUACHE STRAlTON Grigsby, WilHam C. . .

Bovd, William F Borders, J. W Groves, Paul Coldren

Gc'tthelf. E. Gordon CalverJey, Raymond H Groves, Thomas Barr

SALIDA 'VV eibel, Frank Hilbert, Edward F. ..

Davenport, Neil P SUGAR CITY Prickett, Charles D. ..

Haight, Isaac W.—309 F. St Flogan, George E YAMPA

Pendergrast, Ralph J Floward, Frank S Wheeler, Charles J. . .


ANDOVER Branford—(Continued) Bridgeport—(Continued)

Benton, Arthur H Bradley, Richard—204 Main St Chapman, Paul S.—886 Main St

ANSONIA Foote, Wallace H.—204 Main St Chew, William—City Hall

Anschutz, Louis F.—63 Main St Foote, William R.—204 Main St Clark, Walter R.—P. O. Box 2012

I'liss, Charles F Griswold, Samuel A.—216 Main St Clifffiford, Daniel J.—165 Holland Ave. ..

Bradbury, Frank H Hamilton, Lewis G.—216-217 Main St. .. Coe, Charles P.—Stratfield Hotel

Bristol, Theodore L.—354 Main St Hammer, Alfred E Cogswell, Richard William—948 Main St.

Bryant, George C.—25 Main St Hitchcock, Wm. E Collier, John H.—South Ave

Carter, Chapel S Jourdan, Flenry F.—84 Maple St Comstock, Mortimer S.—603 W^ater St. . .

Clark, William Moulton—55 Liberty St.. . Nichols, Lester J Conlin, James John—70-72 Elm St

Cook, Alichael J.—City Hall Walworth, James J Connor, Arthur F.—First National Bank

Cowles, William A BRIDGEPORT Bldg

Davidson, John B.—205 Main St Adams, Clement Eugene—P. O. Box 157 Conway, John J

Davis, Frank J.—354 Main St .\lling, Noyes E. 929 Main St Cook, Howard P.—1550 Railroad Ave. . .

Drew. Frederick M.—City Hall Ams, Chas." M Coster, F. Donald

Eastop, Raymond W.—153 Main Si Anderson, Albert S.'-^146 Goiden' Hill' St. Coulter, James

Elliot, John—205 Main St Anderson, Percy P. 306 Fairfield Ave. . Ccurter, Frederick J.—71 Knowlton St. ..

Fmerson, Howard F .A.rmstrong, Charles Henry Crawford, George E.—435 Fairfield Ave.

Emerson. J. Ralph—241 Main St Ashmun, Bernard Ira—886 Main St.^ ! ' . Curtis, Harry B.—461 Iranistan Ave.

Farrel, Franklin, Jr -Atv\'ater, Fred Curtis, Lewis Beer.s—188 Garden St

Gordy, E. Sheppard—99 Main St Baldwin', Clayton A.-^354 Howard Ave.! Curtis, Walter O.—859-65 East Alain St.

Hoadley, Franklin R Barker, George W. 1049 Alain St Curtis, Walter S.—865 East Main St

Hitchcock, Carl—25 Main St Barrington, Charles V.—510 Main St. '.'. Danieis, George E

Holden, Frederick William—Box 427 ... Bayli.<-s, Wallace AI. 434 State St. Davis, Robert Blaine—Railroad & Bost-

Hotchkiss, Frederick D.—P. O. Box 425 Beardsl'ey, Samuel F.—945^ A-lain" St. .... wick Ave

Kyle, Samuel J.—354 A-lain St. Beers, Robert A Davis, T. Rice—719 South Ave

MacNish. John D Belkn'ap, William L.-^o'o 'Union A.'ve. .... Day- David S.—886 Alain St

Nelson, William A.—117 Mam St Belknap, William L., Jr.—800 Union Ave. Csee also Addenda page 1694)

Perry, Walter—25 Main St Bell, Frank Daniel—Howard Ave Day, William Horace—877 Park Ave. . ..

Pickering, Nelson Winslow—25 Alain St. Biss'ell, George N. 277 Mt. Grove St.... DeLoss, Harry H

Terry, Frank T.—200 Afain St. Blackman, Monroe J.—886 Main St. .'. . '. Dietz, Carl Frederick

Wallace, Thomas 3rd—63 A-fam St Boardman, William Bradford—502 Secnr Donnmg, George W.—718 First National

Walsh, John T i(-y Bldg Bank Bldg

Whiting, Irving—213 Wakelee Ave Bodine, Alfred V.—375 Howard Ave. .'. . Eaton, Sargent F.—1049 Main St

BALTIC Booth, James R. 434 State .St Edwards, George Holmes—276 Park Ave.

Donahoe, Alichael FI Bradbury, Frederick L.—108' s'tiil'ma'n '.St. Endean, Albert J „•••/•,••

BANTAM Brennan. Francis J.—208 Housatonic Ave. Engelhard, August M.—Broad & John

Cook, Harmon J Brown, H. Ellsworth Sts

Rogers. Winfield S Bryan, Gregory S Farre!!, Ralph G

BEACON FALLS Brvant, Waldo Caivi'n—'nil' State St".'. . . P"ield, John

F'erris, John U Brvant, Waldo Gerald—110 Mt. Grove St. Fletcher, Benjamin—948 Main St

Little, Clinton E Buckingham, Charles B.—181-185 State Flicker, Edward—140 Middle St

Tuttle. Carlisle B St. . Fones, Byron A.—217 Kossuth St

BERLIN Buda, 'Steplien' Michael—335' Noble Ave.'. Fosdick. Frank M . . .

Bovlan, Tames E Bullard, Augustus H.— I'oster, Carl—Fairfield County Court

Chare, Charles F Bullard, Dudley B House

BETHEL Bullard, Edward Payson, Jr Frisbie, Joseph P

Tudd, Howard M Bullard, Stanley Hale Gaynor, Joseph F

Alorse, Cadv R.—19 Fountain Place .. Burr, Hervcy E.—886 Alain St Gellatly, Charles L.—1481 Seaview Ave...

Senior, Harold B.—74 South St Burritt. Arthur W.—401 Knowlton St... Gilbert, Harry E.—945 Main St

Shepard, Horace L Burritt, Stanley C.—401 Knowlton St.. . Ciilbert, Horace L.—945 Main St

'^errv, Tsiah F.—Depot Place Bushnell, G. Stearns—277 Mt. Grove St.. Cioddard, Robert DeFcrest—167 State St.

BLACK HALL Butler, Marcus B.—211 State St Godfrey, Charles Cartlidge—340 State St.

Alarsh. Edward I Canfield, A. H.—191 Housatonic .Ave... Godfrey. Homer C.—315 Svlvan Ave

BRANFORD Carstensen, Fred R.—785 Union Ave. . . Goldman, Abraham S.—1113 Stratford

Baldwin, David—49 So. Alain St ChafTee, Edward E.—717 Kossuth St. .. Ave '.

Hovnton, Walter Norman—17 Wilford ChafTee, H. Almon—Box 2101 Goodridge, Gilbert Weld—1421 State St.

Ave '..... Chapin, Alurray H.—353 Water St Coodsell, Stiles E.—945 Main St. . . ... . . •.





Gramigna, John—277 Grand St

Greenbaiim, Samuel—First National Bank


Griiifith, William H.—Cor. Main & John


Griggs, G. Gresham—163 State St

Gunder, Philip—First National Bank


Hall, Dwight H..—820 Main St

Hall, F. Glendon

Hammond, Guj- L.—189 Osborne St

Hancock, Alvin H.—875 Main St

Hannan, Francis Henry—1314 Barnuni


Harris, Robert P., Jr.—900 Housatonic


Hawley, George S.—815 Main St

Hawley, William C

Hewlett, George Tyler—886 Main St. ...

Hevv-lett, William S.—886 Main St

Hill, Francis J.—35 Benham Ave

Hill, J. Walker—886 Main St

Hincks, Henry W.—880 Main St

Hincks, Robert Stanley—880 Main St. ..

Hine. Paul—92 Howard Ave

Hobbs, Willis F.—Iranistan Ave

Holcomb, Chas. F.—Railroad Ave. &

Garden ,St

Hooper, Elmer A.—76 Knowlton St

Hough, Charles E.—929 Main St

Howland, John G.—1049 Main St^

Hubbard, Frank

Hubbard, John Theodore Ludeling—iis

Main St

Hubbell, Harvey—State St. & Bostwick


Huber, Ernst—800 Seavier Ave

Hugo, George—1194 Stratford Ave

Hunt, Frank Cariey—880 Main St

Hutchinson, William Phil—33-35 South


Jacoby, Frank—1083 Broad St

Jennings, Erwin Morehouse—27 Harrison


Jennings, Henry A

Johnson, John B.—1481 Seaview Ave. ..

Jones, Daniel M.—1050 Broad St

Judd, Morton Frederick—Bostwick &

Railroad Aves

Kiehl, R. F.—140 Middle St

King, Harry O.—38 Austin St

Kingsbury, Frederick J

Kippen, Robert W.—44 Unicn Sq

Kirk, William Paul—749 Main St

Kirkham, Thomas A.—92 Howard Ave

Klein, Jacob E.—164 State St

Knapp, Herbert M.—886 Main St

Kochiss. Louis J.—930 Main St

Kollerstrom, Joseph T.—89 Reservoir


Kutscher, Louis, Jr.—224 Hallam St. . . . Lace}', Milton Silliman—875 Main St

Lashar, Walter B

Lavery, Albert E.—820 Main St. ..... .1'.

Lee, Martin—Cor. State St. & Hancock


Lewis, Arthur James ',]

Lewis, Henry L.—82 Pembroke St

Logan. Thomas E.—245 Housatonic Ave.

Lucas, Frank B.—3 Fox St

Ludlum, Jarnes G ^.

Luscomb, Henry Martin—174 Park'piac' Lyford, George D.—52 Fairfield Ave. . .

Lyon, Herbert M.—875 Main St

Lyon, Willis H

MacKenzie, Roderick J.—110 State St. .. MacKenzie, William Nelson—31 Bank St.

Macj', Arthur C

Main, Harold C—2834 Fairfield Ave.' .'." Mallette, Robert Clark—886 Main St, . . Marsh, Arthur Merwin—886 Main St. ...

Marsh, Egbert

Martin, Earle C—164 State St. '.

Mason. Clifford L.—800 Union Ave. . . Mathews, Jasper S.—39-45 Cannon St. . . Mathews, Leslie Rogers—39-45 Cannon


McEldovvney, Ralph E.—163 State St. . .

Mcintosh. J. L.—375 Floward Ave

McNamara, Thomas John—Coleman St.

McNaughton, William Black

Merritt, Albert J.—952 Main St

Miller, Guy P.—886 Main St

Miller, Paul Lathrop—945 Main St

Mills, John D.—80 Parallel St

Mills, William S.—80 Parallel St

Mofiitt. William H., 3rd—SO Churchill Rd.



Mooney, Samuel—245-255 Island Brook


Morfey, Hubert Cyrus—964 Crescent Ave. Morgan, Daniel J.—Main & John Sts. . . .

Morgan, Frederick E.—945 Main St

Morris, William Thomas—929 Connecticut Ave

Muirhead, William Row—541 Maple St..

Murphy, Frank J.—1024 Main St

Alurphy, Richard H.—156 E. Washin.gton


Neithercut, Richard I

Nelson, Jacob—1525 Railroad Ave

Neubauer, Charles—305 Knowlton St. ... Nevard, William E.—1049 Main St. ....

Nichols, Chester E

Nichols, Homer E.—35 Benham Ave. .. .

North, Walter C—871 Main St

Otis, John M.—930 Main St

Palmer. Elmer B.—880 Main St

Parker, Samuel C—1049 Main St

Patterson, Charles E

Patterson, James Tyler

Perry, Arnold A.—21 Congress Ave

Pierce, Bradford DcWitt, Jr.—1024 Main


Piatt, Arthur I

Plumb, Dutro—880 Main St

Powe, Louis B.—888 Main St

Primrose, William E.—58 Seymour St. . . Prior, Charles Edward, Jr.—2093 Main


Prior, William G.—1591 Railroad Ave. . .

Read, Harry H.—Broad & John Sts

Reck, Carl C—1040 Main St

Redden, William A.—952 Main St

Rhodes, Frederick—Brooklawn Park .. .

Righter, Oliver G

Riker, Andrew Lawrence—886 Main St. .

Roth, Michael—1390 Fairfield Ave

Sauer, Carl J.—95 Howard Ave

Scannell, Dennis J.—1189 Main St

Schine, Hyman—1273 Stratford Ave. ...

Schmidt, Carl Ludwig Julius

Schnee, .Abraham C.—1115 Main St

Schnee, Samuel N.—1115 Main St

Schroeder, Chas.—State St. & Hancock


Schwartz, Charles G.—95 River St

Scofield, George E.—1391 East Main St.

Scott, John—144 Golden Hill St

Seeley, Clinton Barnum—211 State St. ..

Seelgen, Conrad G.—212 Sixth St

Severn, William Francis—401 Knowlton


Seward, Clarence W.—394 Hollister Ave.

Shaw, Jacob C.—Harbor St

Siemon, Carl F.—State & Dewey Sts. . . .

Siemon, Carl Marvel

Simpson, Floward Clarke—Bostwick &

Railroad Aves

Simpson, Louise V

Simpson, Sumner

Slady, John D.—88 Algonquin Rd

Slosson, Frank S.—893 Clinton Ave

Smith, Andrew R.—207 State St

Smith, Horace Winfield—241 John St. ...

Smith, Richard A.—603 Water St

Snvder, Louis I.—35 Union Ave

Spafford, John A.—886 Main St

Spalding, Russell A.—880 Main St

Speed, Howard—880 Main St

Spencer, William Boyd—471 John St. ...

Sperry, H. L.—745 Hancock Ave

Sperry, Robert M.—745 Hancock Ave. . . Sprague, Earl D.—270 East Washington


Sprague, Henry H.— 33 South Ave

Staples, Frank T.—888 Main St

Stoddard. Sanford—886 Main St

Svihra, Michael—810-820 Lindley St

Tait, William F.—1591 Railroad Ave. . . .

Taylor, W. G.—1061 Main St

Terrill, Henry B

Tremain, Albert W.—859-865 East Main


Van Schaick, Arthur P.—929 Connecticut Ave

Warner, Charles L.—Stratford Ave

Warner, DeVer H.—325 Lafayette St....

Warner, Lucien T.—325 Lafayette St

Webb, William—875 Main St

Webster, William Reuben

Westbrook, James S.—163 State St

Wheeler, Arthur N.—First National Bank Bldg

Wheeler, D. Fairchild—875 Main St



Wheeler, David C.—Knowlton & Hicks


Wheeler, Dwight C

Wheeler, Nathaniel—144 Golden Hill St.

Wheeler, William Mills

Wheeler, Wilmot F

Whipple, Ralph H.—880 Main St...'..'. Whipple, Rollin D.—459 Iranistan Ave.. . Whitney, Archibald Brower—945 Main


Whitney, Horace M.—191 Housatonic


Whitney, Ray F.—930 Main St

Willett, Edward S.—44 Union Sq

Williams Charles Fenwick—92 Howard


Williams, Charles G.—929 Connecticut

Ave. .

Williamson, John K

Winter, Alpheus—410 Court Exchange

Bldg ^.

Wolfe, Edmund S,—888 Main St

Woods, George Herbert

Wooster, John Sherman—Main & Bank


Worman, Geo. M.—92 Floward Ave

Wren, Peter W

Wright, Wm. Winthrop—2050 Fairfield



Barnes, Arthur S.—99 Main St

Barnes, Harry C.—18 Main St

Beach, George S.—158 Main St

Birge, Nathan R

Calder, William P.—200 Main St '.'.

Chidsey, John Tuttle

Funk, George J.—11 Prospect St

Harper, Alexander

Hayes, William A.—Center Bldg

Anderson, Charles R

Bacon, Willis H.—83 Laurel St....'.'.'.'.'. Edgerton, Alarvin D.—Riverside Ave... Hitchcock, Arthur Cornwall—269 North

Main St

Holley, Julian R.—75 Bellevue Ave...!.'

Hubbard, Paul Minor—184 Main St

Hughes, Frederick G.—269 No. Main St.

Ingraham, Dudley S

Ingraham, E. Morton—No. Main St

Ingraham, Edward

Ingraham, Walter A

Ingraham, William S.—392 No. Main St.

Jennings, Newell—4 Oakland St

Malone, William J.—Suite 2-5 Center


Merriman, George M.—Boulevard . . . Muzzy, F"ranklin L.—168-172 Main St....

Peck, Edson M

Peck, Epaphroditus—170 Main St

Peck, Howard S

Peck, Miles Lewis

Riley, Charles R.—185 No. Main St.!!!!

Sessions, Albert L

Sessions, Joseph Brown

Sigourney, Lester G

Sirnmons, Charles B.—269 No. Main St. Spicer, Walter Edwin—Farmington Ave.

Tiffany, Morris L.—200 Main St

Treadway, Charles T.—200 Main St

Treadway, Morton C.—185 No. Main St.

Treadway, Townsend G

Wightman, William Elbridge

Wilson, Albert D.—580 Broad St

Woodford, Arthur F

Wooding, Charles L.^—5 High St.. . -BROAD BROOK

Brook, Harry C

Depatie, Oscar J

Goettler, Gus L

Smith, Frank L.—Main St


Atkins, Frederic C. -87 Church St

Haynes, .Samuel Brown


Fuller, Allyn

Fuller, George S

Lockwood, A. C

Lyles, Henry E

Parsons, Joseph L

Smart, William S


Prann, Winthrop J

Wright, Alfred R


Tillinghast, Fred W

Torrey, George R

Torrey, Willis H

Connecticut REGISTER OF DIRECTORS Connecticut

CHESHIRE Deep River— (Continued) GLASTONBURY

Bishop, John H. R Pratt, James R Carrier, William H

Bowditch, A. Havens Selden, Richard L Carter, Chas. P

Moore, Wilbur J., (M. D.) Spencer, Edmund C Curtis, Frederick R

Piatt, Toll 11 Raymond Spicer, George W Gates, William E.—295 Main St.

CHESTER DERBY Goodrich, Arthur B.—Welles St

Bates, Carlton J Abbott, Frederick F.—268 Main St Howe, Louis W

Brooks, Louis M Allis, Terence S.—231 Main St Llewellyn, Ernest V

Brooks, Malcolm G Atwater, James B.—40 Elizabeth Sl Phelps, Willard G

Deuse, James Smith Baldwin, L F Pinney, George H

Edwards, Jacob C Birdseye, Henry S.—Main St Robinson, Elmer A

Jennings, Ernest A Chatfield, Robert Wilson—96 Main St. . . Roser, Herman

Jennings, William Russell Cotter, Frederick W.—239 Main St Roser, John H

Pretzat, Ma.x F Curtiss, William M Roser, Martin L

CLINTON Drew, Harold E.—272 Main St Turner, B. Floyd

Eliot, John L Farrel, Franklin, Jr Welch, Henry K. W

Hull, George S " Gager, Edwin B., Jr.—731 First St Williams, James S

Hull, Henry C Gardner, Edward E Williams, Philip K

Moran, John Gardner, Robert S.—116 Main St Williams, Richard S

Pelton, Charles A Giddings, Daniel B,—293 Main St Williams, Samuel Hubbard

Redfield, Sturges G Hallock, Donald A , GLENBROOK

COLLINSVILLE Kellogg, F. E. Osborne (Mrs. Waldo S. Phillips, Alfred Noroton

Newton, Albert E Kellogg)—500 Hawthorne Ave Soule, George H.—88 Maple Ave. ......

Reed, Walter M. Kelly, Fergus GREENWICH

Sanborn, Howard L Mortimer, Ernest Bowman, John Edgar

Smith, Edwin J Peck, Irving H Brettman, William H.—Greenwich Ave.. .

CORNWALL Phillips, Albert William—322 Caroline St. Brush, Ralph E.—Smith Bldg

Starr, Edward C Scranton, George H.—22 Elizabeth St. . . Chamberlain, Robert L.—Greenwich Ave.

CROMWELL Stuart, Henry J. Cooke, Thomas N.—Post Rd

Buggie, William H. Torrance, Walter S. (D. D. S.)—38 Eliza- Drew, George A

Coe, Raymond S beth St Finch, William Edwin—Greenwich Ave.

Couch, William P . Wanning, Francis Downs at Havemeyer Place

Hallock, Frank Kirkwood—CromwellHal! Wanning, Henry F Griswold, William L

Hallock, Kate Avery—Cromwell Hall White, Eugene H. . Higgons, Warren W

Pierson, Wallace R DEVON Hirschberg, William Smith—Smith Bldg.

DANBURY Fillebrown, Victor L Knapp, Harold L

Adams, Eugene Miles—70-84 Beaver St... DURHAM Marshall, A. W. Walton

Bailey, Ernest Vv —228 Main St Scranton, William S Mitchell, Albert Elmer—Hackett Bldg.. .

Beckett, Herman N.—238 Alain St EAST BERLIN Morehouse, Harry S

Belden, John M.—220 Main St Rowland, William Samuel Peters, Edward Heath—128 Field Point

Biggs, James D EAST HADDAM Rd

Bowen, Thomas J Peck, Elmer N Pomeroy, Theodore L

Brown, Fred C—210 Main St EAST HAMPTON Putnam, Eben F.—253 Greenwich Ave.

Carter, Charles E.—238 Main St Burnham, Clark W.—66 Main St Soutter, James T.—Parsonage Road

(see Addenda page 1688) Bevin, C. G Willard, George B.—253 Greenwich Ave.

Clarke, George B Hill, Norman N GROTON

Cowperthwait, George E.—238 Main St.. . Hodge, Hubert C Bailey, Henry L

Doran, James F Sexton, Albert W.—7 Main St Cable, Frank T

Downs, John C—229^4 Main St Starr, Albert B Schumacher, Elmer H

Fanton, Sterling H Starr, Ambrose M Spear, Lawrence York

Griffing, Martin H Torkelson, Charles E.—68 Main »t Wellington, Frank O

Hall Fred E —436 Main St Watrous, Clifford M.—6 Walnut Ave. . . GUILFORD

Hodge, Eber A.—226 Main St EAST LYME Beckwith, Leon P.—65 Whitfield St

Hodskin Mfred A Barber, E. Peckham Butler, Elisaph H.—9 Boston St

Hovt, E. Thacher—23 East FrankHn St... EAST PORT CHESTER Dudley, Nathan C

Hubbell, Luman L.—226 Main St MacDonald, Prior Griswold, Alfred R

Ives, Joseph Moss—215 Main St Stetz, Michael—Stetz Bldg Leete, Earle B.—98 Fair St. . .,

Joy, Frederick T Towne, Frederick Tallmadge—Foot of Lombard, Arthur H

Mallory, Charles A Chestnut St Norton, Robert H., Sr

Mallory! Harry B ELLINGTON Spencer, Frederick C

Mallory', William E.—Rose & Rose Hiii Charter, Marshall E Stone, William L


McLean, David—78 Deer Hill Ave Bailey, Ernest A Adams, Frank W.—1080 Windsor Ave.. .

Meaney, Richard—93 Tow Hill Ave. . . . Barnes, Harry B -A.dams, Kenneth S.—36 Pearl St

Mercier, Warren C—70-84 Beaver St. .. Bull, Egbert Comstock Ahern, Edward F.—390 Windsor St. . . .

Merritt, Charles Hart—436 Main St Dickinson, Edward E Aishberg, Edwin—52 Imlay St

Peck, Charles S Dickinson, Edward E., Jr Alfred, Merntt A.—201 Asylum St

Redfield, William H.—234 Main St Mather, Charles H A^en. Harry Anthony—1080 Windsor

Rundle, George Mortimer—291 Main St.. Tiley, Chas. B Ave

Settle, Thomas A.—261 Main St FAIRFIELD Allen, Isaac Almarin, Jr.—100 Farming-Tweedy, Arthur E.-E. Franklin St. .. Bradley. Simon C , /°" ^"^^ ■ ■ ■ ■■■■ ■,■■;■■-

^^on Gal, George E Dillistin, Edward Ellis A len R. DeB.-2S2 Asylunt St

Woodman. Howard H Donaldson Wm H Alvord, George Buell—75 Pearl St

DANIELSON Huntington, David H.' S.' '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.".'.'.'.'. A^dretta, Antonio S.—96 Windsor St....

Anderson, Victor T Sauer, Henry Joseph-Post Rd a"!'^"^'' l^'^u^ ^'t; "J, V.V cu •,• 1 '"

Atwood, Harold B.—24 School St FALLS VILLAGE Anthony, Graham Hudson—133 Sheldon

Bard, Sidney W Dpan rinncrtnt pr . ,

Burroughs, George M., (M. D.)—5 Broad u;,kk'Ji w?J % Anthony. Henry Burr—49 Pearl St

St fa ' V Hubbell Wm. R Arnold, John A.—125 Trumbull St

Butler' 'dbadiah ^ '"^''^' J' Sedgwick Austin, Basil G

Guild,' George B.—184 Main St FARMINGTON Austin, John Turnell

Jacobs, Frederick Augustus—35 School St. P^?"V"^', -,^'r^n- ' » Bailey, Jesse Mitchell—167-169 Asylum

Lewis. John F.—51 Reynolds St Hitchcock Wilham A St

Pilling, Luther KefP. Robert Porter . Balgley, Jacob—53 High St

Russell, Sabin S .' Williams, George Goodwin Ballard, Eugene—Stock Exchange Bldg..

Starkweather, Clifford H.—100 Main St.. FORESTVILLE Ballard, Nathan B

DARIEN Fletcher, Arthur T.—Box 415 Barbour, Lucius B.—125 Trumbull St...

Bearse, George F.—Post Road Fletcher, Fred S.—Middle St Barnes, Rov Timothy Higgins—125

Lynch. Franklin Geruldsen, Hjalmar Trumbull St

DEEP RIVER Humason, Lawrence C Barney, Austin Dunham—266 Pearl St..

Brooks, Harvey J Sessions, William Kenneth Barnev, Danford Newton—750 Main St...

Cheney, George Locke GEORGETOWN Bartlett, Burton W.—252 A.sylum St

Kelley, Daniel J Hunter, William H Bartlett, Edward L.—115 Pearl St

LePlace, William G Miller, David H Bartlett, Raymond Griswold—49 Pearl

Larson, Francis D.—74 Main St GLASGO St

Marvin, Charles R Shaw, Alexander F., Jr Bartlett, Warren T.—760 Main St

Prann, Ernest L.—6 Elm St Shaw, William Burton Bassett, Lilian C. (Mrs. Merton W.)—

Pratt, Arthur M., (M. D.)—76 Main St... Stanton, Benjamin Gallup 1005 Main St





Bassett, Merton W.—1005 Main St..

Beach, Charles Bradford—98 High S1;.. . Beach, Goodwin Batterson—720 Alain St. Beach, Jo.seph Watson—25 Central Row Beardslev, Guy Erastus—670 Main St....

Beckerly, William R.—36 Pearl St

Beckwith, Oliver R.—20-22 Trinity St

Beekley, W. C

Belden, Clark—3 Lewis St

Bennett. Edward B.—847 Main St

Benton, Collins W.—252 Asylum St

Bernstein, William W.—983 Main St

Berry, Edward Sidney—56 Prospect St...

Beveridge, Frank S

Bidwell, Daniel Doane

Billings, Frederic Church—1 Laurel St... Bissell, Richard M.~690 Asylum Ave....

Blake, Charles S.—56 Prospect St

Bliss, Frederick J.—36 Pearl St

Blumenthal, Harry S.—75 Willow St

Roardman, Robert A

Bolles, Burton W.—115 Pearl St

Bolles, Calvin C

Bond, Harrv S.—320 Asylum St

Bose, Andrew A.—32 Pratt St

Boss, Thomas Berthelot—115 Broad St. Bosson, Frank Edward—6 Central Row..

Bowen, Edwin C.—550 Main St

Bowers, Fred W.—30 Trinity St

Bovce, Clarence A.—West Hartford

Bradley. Mark S. (M.D.)—36 Pearl St... Brady, John Joseph—Brady Place

(see Addenda page 1688)

Brainard, Morgan B.—650 Main St

Brainard, Normand Daggett—252 Asylum


Brazel, Theodore W.—234 Pearl St

Breed, James O.—64 Pearl St

Brewer, Ernest Jason—168 State St

Brewer, Samuel G.—410 Asylum St

Brewster, James H., Jr.—650 Main St... Brewster, Robert M.—93 Asvlum St. ...

Brigham, Clement H.—95 Pearl St

Britton, John D.—50 Lewis St

Broadhurst, Leon P.—803 Main St

Brockway, George D.—900 Main St

Brosmith, William—700 Main St

Brown, Tom W.—18 Asylum St

Brown, Walter S.—3 Ann St

Bryant, Earle L.—1477 Park St

Buck, Henrv Robinson—60 Prospect St.

Buell, Robert C—49 Pearl St

Bulkelev, Houghton—6 Central Row .... Bulkeley, Richard B.—419-425 Franklin


Bulkley, William E. A

Bulkley, William H.—419 Franklin Ave..

Bulkley, George Edward—55 Elm St

Burnham, George L.—670 Alain St

Burnham, Herbert E.—66 Asylum St. .'. Burnham, Myron J.—19 South Main St.,

West Hartford

Burt, Clayton R.—436 Capitol Ave

Burt, George H T

Bushnell. Frank—650 Main St

Buths. Louis S.—36 Pearl St

Butler, Earle Dudley—6 Central Row .. Butler, George Morris—103 Asylum St...

Butler, George S.—64 Pearl St

Calhoun, J. Gilbert—36 Pearl St

Cammack, Edmund Ernest

Camp, John Spencer—158 Woodland St.

Campbell, Charles L.—36 Pearl St

Campbell, James N. H.—36 Pearl St

Campbell, LeRoy Walter—124 Asylum St. Campbell, Thomas Whitlock—98 High St.

Carlson, Franz J.—36 Pearl St

Carroll, William E.—1175 Main St., East


Carvalho, Bertram N.—115 Broad St

Castonguay, Fred J.—102 Pearl St

Chapin, Ralph W

Chapin, Robert D.—777 Main St

Charter, Wesley I.—868 Windsor St ... Chase, Charles Edward—690 Asylum Ave.

Chase, Clayton C.—124 Asylum St

Chase, Porter B.—70 Farmington Ave. . .

Cheney, Louis R.—36 Pearl St

Childs, Thomas S.—48 Pratt St

Church, Henry E.—34 Asylum St

Clark, Ernest W.—9 Sigourney St

Clark, Horace Bushnell—66 State St

Clark, Robert R

Clark, Walter H.—Municipal Bldg

Clifton, Harry Coltman—30 Farmington

Ave ; . . . .

Coates, Charles F.—750 Main St


Coburn, James Hanson—700 Main St. ...

Cohan, Harry Denton—242 Trumbull St.

Cohen, Samuel—242 Trumbull St

Cole, Francis W.—750 Main St

Cole, Richard H.—55 Elm St

Collens, Arthur Morris—79 Elm St

Colvin, Allan D.—266 Pearl St

ConkHn, William P.—71 Elm St

Conland, Henry H.—64 State St

Cooke, Frank N.—New Park Ave., West Hartford

Cooke, James H.—15 Lewis St

Cooley, Arthur H.—75 Pearl St

Cooley, Charles P.—31 Pratt St

Coombs, Joseph F.—741 Main St

Cornwell, Silas H.—79 Elm St

Corson, William Russell Cone—56 Prospect St

Cosmus, John A.—Trinity & Elm Sis. ..

Cotton, Earl R.—1080 Windsor Ave. ...

Countryman, W. Arthur, Jr.—15 Lewis St

Cowles, Walter G

Cox, Raymond J.—140 State St

Cragin, Donald Brett—650 Main St

Crampton, Edwin M

Crofut, Sidney W.—31 Pratt St

Davis, Irving Wilder—6 Central Row . . .

Davis, Roger Wolcott—750 Main St

Day, Arthur Pomeroy—760 Main St

Day, Edward Marvin—750 Main St

Dettenborn, Louis F.—307 Sheldon St. . .

Dewey, Albert T

Dewing, Harold A.—129 Trumbull St. ...

Dewing, Leonard C.—129 Trumbull St. . .

Dickenson, Robert C—700 Main St

Dillon, Edward H.—904 Main St

Donahue, M. Stephen—15 Lewis St

Donchian, Paul Samuel—205 Pearl St. . .

Donegan, William Robert—339 Trumbull St

Dunham, Donald A.—66-68 Pearl St

Dunham, Howard P.—State Capitol ....

Dustin, Edward F.—Asylum & High Sts.

Dwyer, Robert W.—65 Pearl St

Eddy, E. Welles—Hartford-Conn. Trust Bldg

Eddy, Ernest J.—414 Asvlum St

Ehn, John H.—36 Pearl St

Eitel. Walter O.—90 Pearl St

Ellis, Richard W.—State Capitol

Enders, John Ostrom—835 Main St

Englund, G. A.—2074 Park St

Ensworth, Horace H.—340 Front St. ...

Erving, Henry W

Erving, Rollin K.—356 Asylum St

Faulkner, Thomas D.—36 Pearl St

Ferguson, .Samuel

Ferriss, Lester R.—128 Allyn St

Filon, Frederick H.—1030 Main St

Fischer, Camillo L.—673 Park St

Fischer, Gustave—237 Asylum St

Fisher, G. Burgess—Hartford-Aetna Bank Bldg

Flannery, Edward M.—100 Wellington St.

Flynn, Benedict Devine—700 Main St...

Ford, William H.—115 Broad St

Fowler, Clarkson A.—75 Elm St

Fox,, Arthur Ward—1 Laurel St

Frayer, William Watson—446 Asylum St.

Freeman, Harrison B.—50 State St

French, E. Kenneth—49 Pearl St

Frisbie, Leonard W.—750 Main St

Fuller, William Spenser—225 State St. . . (see also Addenda page 1695)

Gaffey. John F.—57 Pratt St

Gale, Philip Bartlett—476 Capitol Ave...

Garvin, B'dward T

Gay, George A

Geer, Charles M.—195 Church St

Geer, Erastus C.—195 Church St

Gilbert, Albert Waldron—6 Central Row

Gill, Michael Henry (M. D.)—735 Prospect Ave

Glazier, Daniel J.—690 Asylum Ave

Glazier, Robert C—31 Pratt St

Gocher, W. H.—18 Asylum St

Goeben, William C.—50 Lewis St

Goodell, Earl Warren—95 Pearl St

Goodwin, Charles A.—15 Lewis St

Goodwin, Charles L.—181 Elizabeth St...

Goodwin, Edward S.—720 Main St

Goodwin, Francis, 2nd—102 Pearl St

Goodwin, Francis Spencer—IS Lewis St..

Goodwin, Henry H.—8 Hurlburt St

Goodwin, William Brownell—670 Main St

Gorton, Joseph C.—55 Elm St



Gorton, Philip Griswold—55 Elm St

Graves, George—64-68 Pearl St

Grav, Henry W.—20 Trinity St

Gray, Robert W.—614 Windsor St

Greene, Jacob H.—140 Garden St

Greenough, Samuel O.—74 Union Place.

Gregory, Arthur W.—56 Pearl St

Grier, Edward R.—103 Hawthorne St. .

Griswold, Donald R.—50 Lewis St

Hatheway, William E.—Bostwick Ave. ..

Havens, Elmer H.—245 Water St

Gross, Charles Welles—49 Pearl St

Gross, Jacob M.—100 Pliny St

(see Addenda page 1690) Grosvenor, Frank Livington (M.D.)—700

Main St

Gunther, Fred C.—115 Asylum St

Gustetter, Frederick C

Haas, Benjamin L.—152 State St

Haas, William P.—152 State St

Hadley, Ralph G.—48 Edwards St

Hagerty, Frank A.—124 Asylum St

Hakewessell, Reinhold—730 Main St. ...

Hall,Henry Francis—90 Allyn St

Hallowell, Charles Grady .

Hamilton, R. C. L

Hammond, H. Pierson—700 Main St. ... Harbison, Alexander W.—699 Broad St..

Hart,Edward A.—909-939 Main St

Hart, Owen S.—125 Trumbull St

Hastings, R. Cleveland—50 Pearl St. . . Hatch, James W.—100 Wellington St...

Havens, John L.—380 Sheldon St

Hawley, John G.—75 Pearl St

Hayes, James M.—^^617 Park St

Hazen, Maynard Thompson— 111 Main


Healey, Leonard H.—Hotel Garde

Heath, Charles L.—71 Elm St

Heminway, Edwin H.—726 Main St

Henney, David B.—18 Asylum St

Heublein, Arthur C—53 High St

Heublein, Gilbert F.—53 High St

Hewes, George M.—36 Pearl St

Hewes, M. Lewin—49 Pearl St

Hewes, Thomas—18 Asylum St

Hibler, Orlo M.—803 Main St

Higgins, Ernest C.—650 Main St

Higgins, Richard T.—State Capitol ....

HoiTer, Frederic S.—805 Main St

Holcombe, Harold G.—49 Pearl St

Holcombe, John Marshall, Jr.—6 Myrtle


Holt, Fred P

Holt, Henry Turnbull

Hooker, Joseph K.-^9 Pearl St

House, Albert H.—36 Pearl St

House, W. Watson—350 Sheldon St

Howard, James L.—700 Main St

Howe, William T.—749 Farmington Ave.,,

West Hartford

Hubbard, Elijah Kent—50 Lewis St

Hubbard, L. Marsden—704 Main St

Hunt, George Lester—805 Main St

Hunt, Henry H.—50 State St

Huntington, Robert W

Ingalls, Phineas H.—650 Main St

Ives, Ralph Burkett—670 Main St

Jackman, Elmer A.—155 Charter Oak


Jacobs, Alfred W.—124 Asylum St

Jaynes, Charles W.—410 Asylum St

Jeffers, Frederick Lysle—436 Asylum St.

Johnson, Elijah C

Johnson, Harold C.—106 Ann St

Johnson, Richard—50 Trumbull St

Jones, Richard F.—15 Lewis St

Kane, George F

Kashmann, Seymour S.—53 Mulberry St.

Katten, Abraham—104 Asylum St

Katten, Myron^—104 Asylum St

Kautz, Walter C—350 Sheldon St.

Kay, George W.—307 Sheldon St

Kearney, James L. D

Keith, Luther M.—30 Oak St

Kierstead, Grant U.—730 Main St

King, Joseph Harrington—16 Sigourney

King, Olcott Frederick—720 Main St.'!.' Kingston, Frederic E.—66-68 Pearl St .. Kneeland, H. Tracy—125 Trumbull St. . .

Knox, John B.—30 Trinity St

Kofsky, George M.—642 Park St

Korper, Louis J.—1416 Park St

Laiman, Theodore W.—390-400 Windsor


Laird, John Melvin—55 Elm St

Connecticut REGISTER OF DIRECTORS Connecticut

Hartford—(Continued) Hartford—(Continued) Hartford—(Continued)

Lake, Everett 1.—17 Albany Ave Powell, William Francis—116 Ann St. . Taber, Earle Malcolm—128 Allvn St. ..

Lamb, Chauncey B.—112 Al'lyn St Pratt, Waldo S.—156 Woodland St Taber, Russell P.—128 Allyn St.

Lamoureiix, Eugene C.—-440-450 Church Price, Laurence F.—140 State St Talcott, George S.—750 Main St

St , Prince, Nathan Dyer—760 Main St Tarbell, Thomas F.—700 Main St

Lancaster, John' H.—36 Pearl St Proctor, Joseph R.—56 Pearl St Taylor, Charles Lincoln—P. O. Drawer

Layton, F. D Putnam, William H.—6 Central Row .... 2069 . .

Leavenworth, Dana T.—410 Asylum St.. Rankin, George Douglas Taylor, Edward I

Leavitt, Y. Russell—46 Pearl St Rankin, Mather I Taylor, Frederick M.—74 Union Place

Ledger, W. L.—119 Oxford St Ray, George A.—54 Arch St Taylor, Morgan W.—108 Charter Oak

Lee, J. Collins—690 Asylum Ave Reid, Stewart W.—66 Pearl St Ave

Leroux, Jules (Hon.)—805 Main St Relyea, Charles A.—722 Main St Tempie, Thomas C

Liedike, William R.—690 y\sylum Ave. . . Rentschler, F. B. ^ Ten Evck. Charles A.—103 Hawthorne

Lillie, Charles Albert—803 Main St Rice, Charles D.—581 Capitol Ave st '. . '.

Lingo, Kelsey F.—53 High St Richardson, Herbert H.—New Park Ave., Thompson, John H.—75 Pearl St

Linton, James M.—Prospect St „.West Hartford Thomson, James L.—56 Pearl St

Little, Mitchell S Rl^hter, Ferdinand—94 Pearl St Timberlake, Channing S.—690 Asylum

Lockwood, James L.—11 Edwards St. ... Ricketson, Gerald B.—34 Potter St Ave

Long, George A.—16-30 Arbor St Riley, Charles William—720 Main St Tolles, Charles L.—15 Lewis St. ......

Loomis, James Lee R^ley, William J^17 Albany Ave Tomlinson, Carl Perkins—414 Asylum St.

Ludlow, Samuel, Jr.—750 Main St S'^^^""' r^^'^^.^'^^^c. ^^^''^ ^^- ' v; Tomlinson, Charles C—108 Charter Oak

Luther Kendrick A.—650 Main St Roberts, John Allen—8 Sigourney St. ... \^^

Lynch, John E.—266 Pearl St Robinson Lucius F. ^ . . Tomlinson Henrv R

MacKenzie, Ian Douglas—9 Sigourney St Rogers, Thomas J.—760 Main St Tr^t Irvi'n"c 68 s;;;tV St'

Macomber, Frank G -308 Asvlum St. . . Root, Judson HaIl-218 Washington St... Toonin Hubert'M 2074 Pa;k 'st'

Manternach, G. W.-55 Allvn St Ropkins., Edgar Luke-271 Sheldon St. . . lowns^nd Harrv P 5 cfestnu? St " "

Manternach M C —55 Allvn St Roraback, J. Henry—36 Pearl St 4- k d ' J ^^^ w *-''|f ""* ^^^ • • •

MartTn O ';ood Crocker--48-S8 P^a t St Rosenfeld, William Horace (Dr.)-I039 ^roub, Rernard-lOO P iny St. ^ • • ■ ■ ^. • •

Mart n, vjsgoou v^roLKci to jo xicili A/Toir, c:t Ulnch, .Arthur Leroy—17 A^an Dyke Ave.

Martin, Richard P.—48 Pratt St Mam ^t. ^_ .. . . . ^ TJtlev Roland T —835 Main St

Mason, Arthur C.-803 Mam St Rossiter, Lucius-874 Windsor St Veeder Curtis 'Hiissev

Maxim Hiram Percy-410 Asylum St. .. . Rowley Clayton W. .... . .^ ^S^f'^ -^^^'^ g"^^^>

Maxwell, Sidney Thornton-95 Pearl St.. . Rush, W.lliam^24 Asylum St Vreeland John h'-75 'p'lm 'St

MrArthir T \—233 Pearl St Russell, Thomas W.—50 Lewis St a\^ i 1; 1:1 w u t onn o Tc:

McArtnur I. .A. ^jj ircdii ol. ....... • p„_„„,, ii/incioT,, 70 Trim Q+ Wakefield, Walter L.—209 Pearl St

McCain, William Ross—670 Mam St. . . Russell, Wmslow—79 Elni St. . _ . .. ^Vj^ij^g^ rharles E —408 Main St

McCook, Anson Theodore-50 State St.. . Sampson, Thompson S.-670 Mam St. . ^^jj^^r, ^lanes t.^4U» Mam M

Mccormick, James H.-75 Elni St c^Xnrn WillLm Adams ' 36' Pearl St ' ' Walkle;, Henrv H.-803 Main St'. !! !'.!!!

McCoy, Alvia P.—89 Asylum St c u / ' t i^ u ^7"x? f c! Wander EmilC —241 /^svlum St

A,r»or-i-, Wniitino-ton P 4 North Main St Scheide, Lester Beach—36 Pearl St w V t i A il t V-^^t!. • ",■;■■•

West Hart ord Scheide, William C.-36 Pearl St Ward, John Car ton rr.-4/6 Capitol Ave.

Af irrnw Ceor/e W -28'raurd'st Schoen, August F.-868 Windsor St. ... Ward, Samuel L-7S0 Mam St. ^

Marrow' ?osenh M ' A Laurel St Scholl, Charles F.-20 Trinity St a^^™''' ^"l^f ^'^^^^ ^'^''"'" ^^

Merrow, Joseph M..—zo i-aurei C3i c.i.,„4.t Po,ii vr 900 p^^ri ';t Waterman, Edgar F

Merrow, Paul G.—28 Laurel St Schutt, Paul F.—209 Pead St. . . Watson George I —209 Pearl St

TV/Ti-irn^Kror.^ T n>iU Francis-56 ProsDect Schutz, Robert H.—1075 Prospect Ave. . . f kY, ? 1/-n^^

Middlebrook, Louis 1 rancs rrospec g^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ g _p q g^^ ^^^j (see Addenda page 1693)

^^- ■ ■ ■ ■. ; ■ ■ ■;'on \Vr' 'a a'"" Scotland, Thomas H.—690 Asylum Ave.. Way, John L.—171 Bloomfield Ave

Millard, George A.—1080 Windsor Ave . . g^^^^ Clement—750 Main St Welch, Archibald Ashley—79 Elm St. ...

Milligan, Edward—30 Trinity St_^. Seaverns, Charles Frederic Taft—1265 Welch. Maurice B.—171-3 State St

Molt, Ernest R.—171-173 State St. .... .. Asylum Ave Welles, Afartin

Moonev, William Leonard—242 Trumbull gellew Frank S —647 Main St " Wells, James Dudley

St Seymour, Clarence W.—36 Pearl St Wells, Ralph O.—750 Main St

Moore, Harry B.—115 Asylum St Seymour, Fred B.—95 Pearl St W^estbrook, Stillman F.—650 Main St. ..

Morcom, Clifford B Shaw, Guthrie Whaples, Heywood Hotchkiss—125 Trum-

Morgan, James H.—108 Charter Oak Ave Shean, Clarence Henry bull St

Morgan, William Denison—79 Elm St. .. Sheketoff, Chas. Joseph—24 Central Row. Whaples, Meigs Haywood—760 Main St.

Morrell, Daniel S.—134 Oxford St Shepard, C. Gilbert—127 Trumbull St. . Whipple, Frank H.—164-168 State St. ..

Morrison, H. Terry—56 Pearl St Shipman, Arthur Leffingwell—15 Lewis Whipple, Merle W.—164-8 State St

Mulligan, William J.—69 Bloomfield Ave. St White, Frederic C—690 Asylum Ave. . .

Murphy, D. Hayes—410 Asylum St Silver, Joseph S.—22 Village St White, Herbert H.—140 Garden St

Murphy, Francis S.—10 Prospect St Skinner, William C—37 Lewis St White, J. Warren—729 Main St

Murtha, John J.—49 Pearl St Slimmon, James B.—650 Main St Whiting, Archie L.—219 Asvlum St

Myers, Rawdon W Sloan, Adrian Boyd—806 Windsor St. . . Whitman, Henry Pirtlc—30 Trinity St. . .

Nearing, Harold T.—75 Pearl St S!o_an, Adrian P.—806 Windsor St. . . Whitney, Clarence E.—237 Hamilton St.

Neilson, \'ictor I.—75 Pearl St Sloan, Edgar J.—670 Main St. Whitney, Grenville DeLano—115 Pearl

Neweli, Robert Brewer Sloan, Harry Emerson—806 Windsor St.. St

Newton, .Mien H.—750 Mam St Slocum, Wellington R.—700 Main St. .. Whitney. James Andrew—921 Main St.,

Newton' Loomis A.—647 Main St Small, Frederick F.—95 Pearl St East Hartford

Nichols,' Frank Clark—17 Van Dyke Ave. Smith, K Goodwin—333 Homestead Ave. whitnev, James Andrew—65 Buckingham

Noble, Kenneth B.—249 Pearl St Smith, Harry Alex.—95 Pearl St St '

Nnrth'am Russell C.—36 Pearl St Smith, Herbert Knox—P. O. Box 21.21 . . ixru-..* i r-i t> i^-^-^ li i c

0°Brien Thomas James-234 Pearl St... Smith, Thomas A.-571 Main St :5'h>«elsey. Chas. B.-1477 Park St. ...

O'Connell, Michae"! D.—East Hartford .. Smith, Willis Norton—102 Pearl St WiIco.k Prank Langdon—U. S. Security

Ocilbv Remsen Brinckerhoff Smith, Wilmot M Axrij"^ t ' tj'''c-'ij-i ' ' c^'

ofdl Frank A —164 State St Sobv, Ralph Hazlewood—16-30 Arbor St. Wilde, hrazar B.—5.-> Elm St

O iszewsk E 'j -334-336 Asylum St. .. Soren, Townsend Hodges-266 Pearl St.. . W. 'ams, .\lmeronR-34 Evergreen Ave

X -All ^'A ifi^ A^,. Qt Snain Charles W Fast PTartfnrd Williams, Frederick W.—277 Connecticut

O son, Albert O.—106 Ann St Spam, L naries w tiast riartiora . _ Hartford

Orr Fred W —3 Lewis Sr Sparver, Edward Chester—140 Garden St. ,,.^ y"^'-' ^^^''^ %T^-i Vn c:

Ow^ns Midiael F.-618 Capitol Ave. .. Spencer, Ira H.-New Park Ave., West W. lams, Garey V/.-61 Albany St. .

Page Bertrand A.-700 Main St Hartford W.lhams, George C F.-Charter Oak

Fafk^r John M., Jr.-650 Main St Spencer Norntan Church-607 Main St. . Ave. & Governor S^ .

Parker I ewis D —12 Haynes St Sperry, Henry M.—50 State St -iVrMr ^omri it. /uu Main :3t

Parmeiee Vine Randall-36 Pearl St. .. Squires, William Grant-Union Station.. W, hams Samuel P.-342 Capitol Ave. ..

Pardons Francis Stackpole, Joseph S.-115 Asylum St Wdson, Howard C.-4 0 Asylum St ...

?rr?rid^ge,!lTwis A.-803 Main St^^ Stanley, Guy-358 Conn. Blvd., East Hart Win.alski, Jo.m S.-1851-^855 Park _St._..

?:^s:r^^Srli^J^:a^l"'°^'. ■.. sLt Francis E.-308 Asyhm. St! ■•.•.•.•,•; Wise, J^e^^S'^^'st'^

Penfield Walter H Stevens, Norman C—650 Mam St ^ \ , r^ , r iu^l^ K':, 'Fi^ 'c^;

reiuieiu, vvd.ici jlx. • , „ ■di,:i;.^ w /^e. v> Qf Woodward, Charles Guilford—55 Llm bt.

Perkins, Clififord D.—180 Wells St Stevens, Philip H.—65 Pratt St. ■ ■ -^ • ■ w,Hi;.^ Rnbr-rt R —106 Ann St

Perkins Henry A.-Trinity College .... Stevenson, George Stanley-56 Pearl St. Wy Ik RobcrM^- ^^l^m Ave

Perkins Thomas C.-36 Pearl St Stoeckel, Robbins B.-State Capitol .... yL^^'J^rsoh^on

Philbrick, Halsey-367 Homestead St. . . Stone, Samuel M ^ 7arl er ^ 'Fdmimd-766'Mai^^^ 'St

Phillips Sidney E.—New Park Ave., West Stoner, Louis E.—2074 Park St Zacher, ^. .Kdmund /UU Main bt

Hartf'ord " Stoughton, Geo. H.—39 Pearl St HAZARDVILLE

Pierce Edwin S.-IO Ford St Stowe, Elniert C—1320 Main St., East Bridge, Amos D 2d

Piatt 'Philo T Hartford Bridge, Charles Andrew

Poindexter Victor—125 TrumbulVst.' '.'. .. Stryker, H. H.—115 Broad St Bridge, David A—7 School St

Pond Harvey C—103 Hawthorne St. ... Sturhahn, Carl F.—115 Broad St Bridge, H. Stephen

Post David J Suisman, Samuel Charles—75 Willow St. Bridge, Robert P

Powell Cecil (Miss)^lO A.sylum St. ... Sullivan, Robert John Gordon, Arthur G



HIGHLAND PARK Meriden—(Continued) Middletown—(Continued)

Case I auTcnce W Hart, John B.-163 Pratt St Butcher George Matthew-16 Hsk Hall

HIGHWOOD Hirschfeld, WilHam _F.—381 E. Main St. Fauver, Eflgar—Wesleyan^ University

lliam H

IVORYTON Hubbard, >rank S.—Hanover ii

II Holcomb, Frederick W.—31 Camp St. . . Fountain, Fred B.—483 Main St.

H,-nr1incrpr W^illiam H HolCOmD, l^reOencK vv.—Ol ou .. ruuniaiu. ii^u jj. .w>^ x,

^VORYTON Hubbard, Frank S.-Hanover St Fox, James C.-Drawer 439

Seelev Ceor-e Cheney Immick, Hollis Douglass , Fr.'fseH- ^''^nk H -52 Silver St.

^^..'v^iJr^^^^^? ^ Ketelhut, Henry W.—14 W. Main St. ... Gilbert, Alston W

Tir^vTrTT riTV Ketelhut, Jrienry vv.— i^ vv. main .t)i. ... vjnucii., ^-iistun w .■■•■■

Rrownin-r Frank D . Kilbourne, Frederick Wilkinson - 380 Guy, Harold S.-329 Main St

i? ,.,"=' T , J V' Crown St Guy, James K

lurd'ick Xlbeiis'^C '. King! Edmund" G.-51-63 Colony St Hubbard, Henry W.-75 South Main St..

rsee Addendfpage 1688) ' ' ' Lane, Arthur Sherman-35 Colony St... . Hubbell, Elmer S.-472 Main St. ......

(see Addenda page io»oj Lane E I e Roy Jones, Walter Clinton—315 Mam St

Dolan fames'Q -Main 'st !!!!'. L ttle, Harold S.-47' Bellard St Lyon, Randolph S.-320 Main St

Dolan, James y Mam ^t. ^ . . _ Merriam Robert T Markham, Revilo C—363 Main St

?i?btr?ad?E nJst-Tls'ELfkain St. MHes" William V-6i:63 Colony St. . .. Meech, George Ellsworth-404 Main St..

Tennin-s Vxeorge H. . .?. Miller, I. Burton Merriam, Joseph

Jodo iC Edmond J.-45 Main St Mills, E. Stanley-10 Colony St.. Rodgers, J- L .

Johnson Oliver L Minor, William Frost—99 Center St Ryan, Leonard O.—321 Man St

iChnsCn Phihp A Morehouse, Andrew C.-24 Miller St Slavin, Edward F.-363 Mam St

jonnson, rniiip/^. ............ -jt i: c.^t^ c. Snear W am P—Box 194

RobinsSn, Frank E.-52" kain "StV ::::::: Morse, Herman W.-33-35 State St Spear, William P-Box 194

Tracy. John H.-2 Tracy Ave Moss, Ernest B S one Berk ey C.-30 William S

KENSINGTON " Munson, George Douglas Stroud William E.--315 Main St

tacon William Stevens Murdock. Thomas P.-H/^ Church St... Irue George W -276 Mam St

cacon, v\ iiuam o.cvci.s NVnier fames H Wagner, Paul Richard—55-59 Hubbard St.

rS 't' ::::::::::::: g-Brien.-^D^nls T.,- j;.-34/; E: -Main st. Wafner, Howard H.-363 Main St

KENT Ostrom, Claude Conant—119 Colony St. Weeks, Frank B. .

Scollard Clinton Parker, Charles S.—48 Elm St }Yr']''°''' S-^"^ ^^^}^^'' t

kTlLINGLY Parker Wilbur F.-48 Elm St Wilcox, William Waltei, Jr. .

Greig N I orne Perking, Charles S iyT'?'i?At°^'P'' ^'-^^^ ^^'" ^*

LAKEViLLE Phelps, Charles S.-134 State St MILFORD ^ _^ ^. ^

Callender, Heman B Pierce, Elbridge W Bissell, W.lhani Garfield-River St.

Hoadlev, Henrv Albert * Pooley, W. H.-98 State St Brown, Jervis D., Jr.-49 River St

McNeif Nelson A Porte, Edward H.—Pratt & Miller Sts. . . Cheney A anley J.

Rober s, Albert C Raven, J. Edgar-59 East Main St C ark, Arthur. B.-24 R-er St . ......

LITCHFIELD Reeves, Herbert J.—48 State St Clark, Frederick Merritt—24 West River

BisselK William Jerome Rettenmeyer, Frederick W St. . . . . .

Buel. John Laidlaw (Dr.)—North St Rockwell, George Downes, Henry P^51 Broad St

Clock, Albert W Rossire, Chas, C, Jr Furman George H

Howe, Ernest Sands, Frank Elbert—rournal Bldg Greene, David Joy . .

Hubbard, John T Savage, Albert W Harrison, Charles W -22 Broad St

Hubbard. Phihp P Savage, (George E Hawkins Sanford-53 Broad S

Marsh Wm. T Schenck, XVilliam A.—658 Broad St Hoyt, William T.—46 Broad St

Switze'r George John—West St Schmelzer, Ernest Edmund—29 Cooper Kennedy, Katherine A.—RR. Ave. ......

Woodruff, George Morris St M^^.l'f' n'''■ , i ' ' ■ ' ' a7 p' ' ' " 'q; "'"'

Woodruff, James P Schwarz. Michael Nettleton, David Lewis—67 River St. ...

LYME Smith, Edward Wier—199 West Main St. Smith Frederick M. ■;^- • • . • • •

Marvin. William Smith, Edwin E.—Record Bldg J,'}^^^}^- Norton P^—40 Broad St. . . .

Stark T Warren Smith, Harry Huntington—14 West Main Whitford Henry R.—Hill St., Cor. Els-

MADISON St ' worth Ave

Dowd George • Smith, Wavne C—Crown & Perkins St.. Willings Richard E

Hull, J. Myron Snow, William G.—62 South Colony St. . ^/^^^^V^t

Hull, William Seward—14 Wall St Sokel. George J.—18 Colony St S'"T"*l\..',J'"'"^^^

Neal, John William—Boston Post Road.. Stockwell, Harry L.—34-36 Colony St. .. Brooks, Wilhani C

Rindge, Milo P Thompson, Baldwin L—21 Church St. . . Knapp, Oscar G._

MANCHESTER Tracy, Reginald Pierce P^''>f' ^"^" F""

Blish, Fred Thomas—877 Main St Turner, Fannie Handel (Mrs.)—381 East i ii°^'' ^^™''" S

Holman. Charles W.—405 Main St Main St MONTVILLE

Lvdall, Edwin A.—10 Depot Srt Upham, Charles L.—44 Colony St Page, Robert L. ....

Lvdall, Walter E Vosper, John T L°^^'-^Ji^^''^^ Averill

Miller, John M.—52 Main St Warnock, Thomas H.—Record Building. "lOODUS

Norton, Ralph P.—Hilliard St Warren, Roy J.—163 Pratt St y^^ffee, Arthur W

Robertson, WilHam W Wendover. Sanford H.—Crown & Perkins ^'Jll'l^' ^Vil^

Simon, Scott H.—52 Main St Sts : MOOSUP „ ^^ ^ „, ^,. . .,

Wall, Fred H.—52 Main St Wheatley, Harold L.—14 W. Main St. . . Danielson, Bradford W.—Mam St

MELROSE L, Wickstrand, Martin A.—Hanover St. ... Richardson, Harrv

Thompson, Charles Abbott Wilcox, Ernest C—70 Britannia St Seaton, Thomas Jackson .

MERIDEN Wilcox, Frank N w^^^I ^a^^^^^ ,

Alexander, Wilford S.-27 E. Main St.. . Wilcox, George H. ^v°c^Tr'

Allen, Tames Ferguson Wilcox, Horace C f** ^ ? ^ ^^„ , .

Allen, Walter-Tournal Bldg Wilcox, Louis E r^,T°'^' ^'''^^"^ , '„

Armstrong, Clifford G.-80 So*: Vine St... Wilcox, Roy C Gildersleeve Alfred Henry

Armstrong, Herbert Cowles—80 So. Vine Yeamans, George H.—48 State St Grmnell John B

5f MIDDLETOWN Noyes, Henry B

Barker.'George Packard—134 State St.';; Allen, George I.—Main St Phillips, John W.—4^ West Main St. .

Bartlett, Harris S.—59 East Main St. ... Allin, L.- Arthur—100 Main St Seamans, Eugene B

Beckwith, N. Union—40 Linsley Ave. . . Allison, Cari A.—73 Union St ,,V,"^°,"' ■'^f^^ , t^' ' Wr o.

Benham, Charles J.—464 Pratt St Arrigoni, Frank—624 Main St ,;., i^'"' t , n^ ^TT^^^^o ^*

Billard, Frederick H.—14 West Main St. Atwell, Ralph J.—254 Alain St ^X'^^, *"' <?''" ^■77^%^*^'' St-

Birdsey, Eli C.^197 Broad St Bacon, John P.—36 So. Main St Wfieeler, Norton C—Water St

Brighton, Harold R.—47 Winthrop Ten. Baldwin, Dayton A.— 111-117 Church St.. Wilcox, Elias F.—56 W. Main St

Burdee, Clifford S.—43 East iMain St... Baldwin, James Gordon—351 Main St. .. NAUGATUCK

Carter, Robert W.—301 South Colony St. Baldwin, Linus—Farm Hill Road Adgate, Matthew

Church, Robert G.—45 So. Colonv St.. . . Beach, Francis A Berger, Charles L. ............ ._ . . .

Church, William B Blatchley, Clifford M.—404 Main St. ... Brown, Walter E.—Post Office Building

Clark, George A.—Probate Court Boughton, A. Leslie—264 Main St Cross, Arthur B,—7 South Main St

Cooke, Rowland R.—134 State St Bouteiller, William H.—34 Lawn Ave. .. Dalby, Harry A

Curtis, Flovd Bunce, James H.—376 Alain St Dibble, Lewis A.—Risdon St

Curtiss, Homer A.—21 Linsley Ave Bunce, Richard H.—372-386 Main St Dreyer, Isaac—85 Maple Si

De Bussv, Wales L.—134 State St Butler, Dale D.—264 Alain St Freedman, Clarence—191-199 Church ;)t.

Delaney, Joseph M.—Charles St Butler, Earle C—185 Main St Kehoe, William F.—77 Walnut St

Gardinor, Clifford Ross—48 State St Church, Frank E Kennedy, Edward J.—52 Rubber Ave.. .

Gardner, Byron R.—East Main & Crown Clark, Elton E.—185 Main St Linsley, James L

Sts Connery, James F.—154 Main St Alannweiler, Emil

Gearing, Charles M.—290 Pratt St Cornell, M. S., Jr.—Hubbard St Megin, Wilfred J.—51 Elm St

Clock, Charles W.—72-78 West Main St. Craig, George A Pearsons, Harry S

Griswold, Prescott Davis, Charles T Peterson, Victor N

Hall, Howard B.—19 No. George St. . .. Davis, John M.—61-6S Hubbard St Phinney, C. S.

Handel, William F Davis, Newland Evan—181 Main St Rodenbach, William T.—Maple St

Connecticut REGISTER OF DIRECTORS Connecticut

Naugatuck—(Continued) New Britain—(Continued) New Haven—(Continued)

Schaffer, Frederick F.—Maple St Rogers, Paul K Bradley, Seymour M. —154 Manchester

Tuttle, Donald Seymour—Rockwell Ave. Rossberg, William B.—136 West Main St. Ave

Warner, Oscar L.—250 Meadow St Russell, Isaac D.—10 Franklin Sq Bradley, Wesley H.—P. O. Box 1887 ....

Whitlock, Erastus W Saxe, Morris D.—338 Main St Bray, Dwight E.—153 Court St

Whittemore, Harris, Jr.^—327 Church St. Schupack Henry—338 Main St Brennan, Edward James—902 Chapel St..

Wigmore, George T Searle, Frederick A.—Center St Brewer, Henry—275 Winchester Ave.

Woolson, Geo. B Sheldon, Curtiss L Brewster, Frederick Foster—129 Church

TSTPTTATM Shepard. Harold E.—301 Park St St

AM A1K . M in 17 1 r c Shjerden, Emi! O.—Walnut St Britton, Wilton E

Abbe, Albert .\.—lU J^ran.vlmbq. Skinner, Edward J.—344 Church St Brooks, William Harrison—152 Temple

.\lderson, W.lham Hulburd (Rev.) Skinner Robert B St. . ..

.\nc rews, John A.--14 Wa nu St . gloper, Andrew T Broome, Charles P.-125 Munson St

Andrews. Joseph R.-29-43 Commercuu gloper, Harold t.-2S W. Main St Brown, Harry B.-lOO Audubon St

^t- ...... ... •••••• ••••••■ • • ■ • ••••••■ Smith, Charles F.—47 Center St Brown, Harry H.—27 Columbus Ave. . . .

Arzylowicz Stan F -108 Broad St . .. g ' ^^ p j^^ ^^^1^^^ p _g9 p^ j^^ g^

Attwood, Wi ham Ehjah-255 Mam St. ^ Sprague, Leon A.-255 Main St Buckingham, Norman S.-71 Meadow St..

Bannan, Michael W.-39 Washmgton St. Stanley, Alix W.-P. O. Box 704 Buckland, Edward Grant-71 Meadow St.

Karnes, Llarence t±--- • • • • ■■■••; • • • • • ■ Stanley, Edward North—178 Main St. ... Burgess, George F.—42 Church St

Bassford, Walter M.-51 West Mam St. Stanley, Maurice-Booth St Burroughs, Frederick C.-153-155 Church

Bean, George Edward McCormick—63 Stanley, Philip B St.

John St ... . . •••••• Stone," Joseph E.—195 Lake St. ".'.'.'.'.'.'.'. Burton, Charles' E.—157" Church St.' '.'.'.'.'.

Bennett, Clarence F.-195 Lake St. Twitchell, Reuben C Cahill, Thomas W

Bojnowsk! Lucian, (Rev.)—Cor. N. Bur y^^^^^ Tohnstone—67 Church St Calechman, Samuel L.—42 Church St. . .

x> }u M^ru- u^' Vibberts, Frank G Campner, Samuel—129 Church St

Booth, William hi. . .. .. Wagner Bruno—Main St Carangelo, Vincent—138 W^inchester Ave.

Brown Robert S.—140 Chestnut S Walter, Henry S.—110 Elm St • Chamberlain, Dwight L.-^2 Church St..

n'lu T^rn- u ^^A" D ■ ;A;^' ■ ■ Wheeler, Herbert H Chamberlain, Robert Rensselaer—50 Or-

Cadwell William H.-P. O. Box 1012 .. ^j htman. Elbridge M ange St

Camp Mortimer H. . W^ilbur, James Benjamin, Jr Chapman, Edward T.—129 Church St. , .

Chamberlain, Frederick Stanley^ ... young, Louis W. Chapman, Ralph C—233 State St

Chernoff, Joseph M.—136 West Main St.. Zimmerman, Frank M.—27 W. Main St. Chase, Horace F.—1018-1020 Chapel St. . .

Christ, Ernest \Vil.son CANAAN Chester, Manley Earle

Cooper, Elisha Hilliard l-!, ~ , ,vi , ■ i o'> tvt • o^ Clark Arthur E 208 General Office

Corbin, A. F.-26 Church St Behre, Gerhard Frederick-82 Mam St. . . ^'^rk Arthur Ji. ZU» General Uttice

CorlMn, George L.-127 Arch St Rn^lTelf' nn^Id Clark Thom'a's F'.-63'Center "St.■'.'::.'.'. .'

Davidson, Samuel M.—201 Main St. . ,,?'^ j ,A'.,v tt ••••.••■ oe' ;;•:" "c: Coan George R —74-80 Orange St

(see Addenda page 1689) ^^' eed, William Francis-8S Main St. , . .. ^Xy Edmond J.-ll 10 Mu/son St. V.V.

Doyle, Edmund J.—25 Washington St. . . NEW HARTFORD Cooke, Clayton G.—24 William St

Doyle, James L Jones, Clarence E Cooper, Harry L—233-239 State St

Doyle, Walter J.—25 Washington St NEW HAVEN Cornwall, Charles E.—809 Chapel St

Dunn, George, (M. D )—259 Main St. ... Abbctt, Raymond O.-llO River St Costello, Charles M. A.—Water & Chest-Dyson George H.-54 Mam St. ^^ Do„^ld Anison-152 Temple St. ^ nut Sts

Eddy, Stanley R.—65 West Mam St Alexander, Jesse Aleade—152 Temple St. Cowles, Louis C—Water & Chestnut Sts.

Farmer, Malcolm ^,1^^^ Henrv W —215 Church St Cox, Thomas H.—177 Church St

Halloran, Joseph M.—Commercial Trust Ailing A B ... Crenshaw, Luther W.—275 Winchester

Co. Bldg. . AHingi Edward' W.';.! ^ Ave. .

Hart, Ucorge f Allyn Eugene G 135 Church St Cross, Wilbur Lucius—Yale Limversity . .

^^^^' ?T°^^^''1, ^o Anderson, Charles Herbert—450 State St. Crowell, Geo. B.—P. O. Box 228

-Hart, Maxwell S. ., Andretta, Antonio—629 Chapel St Curtis, Rosewell Mansing—15 Trumbull

Hart, Stanley ^ Andrews, David B.—North Haven ^ St.^ . . .^ ...

rr ' V;.?'^^'' tV Armstrong, Ralph M.—59 Center St Curtiss, W. Perry—57 Church St

Hart William H . . . . .. ,^ .. . , Atwater, Harry Hall—129 Church St. ... gaggett, Leonard M --42 Church St

Hatch, Harold W.-29 West Mam St. . . r^jj^^^ Bertram B.—157 Church St Dana, Arnold G.--61 Mansheld St

Hatch, William L.—29 West Main St. . . j^^^^^' Maurice H.—67 Franklin St Dane, Nathan—67 Church St.

Hawkins Charles W.—250 Park St. ... jj^j^^^, Ellis B., Jr.—157 Church St Dann, Clarence B.—96 Orange St

Hjerpe, Emil--53 Church St. ..... .^. . g^i^gr, J. Frederick—42 Church St Dann, Paul Nelson . . ^ . .

Holmes, Frederick M.—500 East Mam bt. Baker L B 42 Church St Davis, Burton Augur—Box 280

Howard Harry H ...... -^ Baker' William B.—First Nation'a'l' Bank Day, Clive—44 Highland St. .

Hubbard, R. H.—185 Main St Bldg Day, George Parmly—Yale University . .

Humphrey Howard Starr •.••....•• ■ ■ ■. Baldwin, 'Charl'es '6.'—129 'Chu'rch 's't. ".'.'. Day, Julius G.--173 Orange St.

Hungerford.Wm. Churchill—City Hall.. Baldwin, David H.—956 Chapel St Day, Osborne A.--57 Church St

Hyatt, L Robert—267 Park St Barnes, George F.—152 Brewery St de Bussy, Albert p.--l53 Court St.

Johnson, E. M. Barnum, George S.—P. O. Drawer 706. . Dobbs, Char e.sM.—149-157 Derby Ave..

King, Patrick F^ ...... Barnum, Starr H.-P. O. Drawer 706 ... ^°^'8^^' ^•'^"'^ ^-^ ■ VV n",- q;

Kinkade, James A.—25 Washington St . . Eartlett Charles T Dodge, Raymond E.—43 Oak .St

Knowles, Harold A.—89 W. Main St. ... Bassett' George Jarvis—754 Cliapei St Domkee, John H.—680 Third .^.ve.. West

Lienhard, Henry A.—19 Woodland St. . Bates, Vernal W.—46 George St '. '. '. ^^aven ....... . . . ..

Lockett, John W.—25-31 Washmgton St. Baumann Robert L 492 Congress Ave Doolittle, Charles Benjamm—157 Church

Loomis, John Carlton ■■■■■■■ Belford, Jacob R.—39 Church St. . . .\ . . . ^^t. . .

Lucas, Noah—84 Dover Road Benedict, Paul Maltby—129 Church Street Downs, Water R.—170 St.

Lukens James E.—Box 1012 ........ Benham, Sidnev T.—125 Temple St Drew, Frank G.—275 Winchester Ave. . .

Macomber, Frederic Wilson—Cor. Mam >V Bentcn, Roger Armstrong—760 Chapel St. Droege, John A.—Meadow M . . ^

C hurch Sts Berger George W 135 Derby Ave Durham, Earle Seymour—33 Olive St. .

Maxon, Clarence H.—136 West Main St.. Berger' Wendell P 135 Derby Durham, Myron R.—215 Grand Ave. . .

McCutcheon, Samuel—500 East Mam St.. Bettcher, Carl Welch—Truman & Barciav Eames, W. Scott—West Haven

Minor, John B.—127 Arch St sts . .' ^^^^ ^'®° Addenda page 1695)

Moore, Ethelbert Allen Beyer Chas E—219-221 Elni St ".'.'.'.'. .' Eddy, Arthur Calvin—306-312 State St.. . .

Myslewiec, B. S.—330 Broad St Bidwell, Charles Hubbell-240 Orange St. Eldridge, William A.—5 Artizan St

Neumann, Carl S,—296 Church St Birney, William T.—275 Winchester Ave. English, Harold Kimball—839 Chapel St..

Page, Logan E Blakesice, Albert D.—58 Waverly St. . . English, Henry F.—839 Chapel St

Pajewski, Peter Joseph—111 Broad St. .. Blakeslee, Dennis A.—58 Waverly St. .. English, Philip Henry

Paonessa. Angelo M.—238 Hartford Ave. Blakeslee, Dwight W.—Box 1828 Everett, Jacob W.—P. O. Box 228

Parker, Charles J Blakeslee, Frank Hawley—102 Hill St . . Farnam. Thomas Wells—Yale University

Par!5ons, Charles B Blakeslee, Miles Grant—58 Waverly St.. . Farnham, Hubert James—19 Congress St.

Pease, Herbert Hoyt Blakeslee, Theodore Robert—120-116 Hill Farnsworth, Fred B.—250 Ashmun St. .

Pease, Maurice H St Farnsworth, Paul B.—250 Ashmun St. ...

Piatt, Frederick G.—32 Grcve Hill Blumer, (George (Dr.)—195 Church St Fenner, Frederick P.—91 State St

Porter, Alphonzo B Botwinik, Harris—67 Water St. . . .'^. . . . Ferguson, J. Fulton—185 Church St

Porter, Frank J.—222 Main St Boynton, T. Irving—956 Chapel St. Fificld, George T.—19 Congress Ave, . .

Porter, Maxwell S Bradley,'Edward ^Holbrook—215 Church Fisher, Irving—Yale University

Prentice, George E St Flickinger, Walter J.—129 Church St

Rackliffe, Frank E.—Park & Bigelow St. Bradley, Edward M.—215 Church St. Floyd, Clarence B.—680 Campbell Ave.,

Rackliffe, Frank E., Jr.—114 Franklin Bradlev,' F. Stanley—167 Water St. . ' ! ! West Haven

Square Bradlev, Frederick T.—154 Winchester Foote, G. Clifford

Rackliffe, Frederic Omer—250 Park St. . . Ave Foss, Winfred Labberton—190 Whalley

Rattenbury, William H. Bradley, George W.—5 Artizan St Ave

Rickey, Pardon C—47 Center St Bradley, Milton P.—317 State St Frisbie, Walter E. .




New Haven—(Continued)

Frost, Arthur L

Fuller, Egbert C—129 Church St

Gaillard, Gourdin Y.—100 Crown St

Galpin, Henry L. .

Gamble, David S .

Gauch, Orlando S.—67-69 Daggett St. ... Gilbert, George Howard—102 Hill St. Gilbert, Lewis Loder—22 Spring Glen


Gillies, James A.—178 Goffe St

Gilson, John Lee—169 Church St.

Goodhart, Jacob P.—185 Church St. . .

Gordon, Harry W

Gould, Sydney W.—175 Orange St

Gre.gorv, Howard C.—104 Elm St

Greist, Mary F. Woods (Mrs.)—446 Blake

.St, Walter C—446 Blake St

Hadley, Arthur Twining—93 Whitney


Hall, George Elisha—129 Church St

Hall, Henry A. L.—129 Church St

Hamilton, James Alexander—127 Church

St '..

Harmon, W. C, Jr.—1475 Whallev Ave. . Harmon, William C—1475 Whall'ey Ave.

Hartpence, Edgar Leon

Hayward, Thos. E.—42 Church St

Hemingwav, Louis L.—135 Church St. .. Hemingway. Samuel—135 Church St. ..

Hemming, Carl H.—205 River St,

Herman, Ralph E.—72 Church St

Hewitt, Brower—P. O. Drawer No. 1820

Hewitt, Harrison—121 Church St

Hickey, William J.—106 Elm St

Hincks, John Morris—104 Elm St

Hinkle, Hutchinson S.—Alton & Main Sts Hodson, George E.—600 Whitney Ave. .

Holbrook, Abel—809 Chapel St

Holbrook, Ralph L.—740 Chapel St

Hook, James W.—Blake & Valley Sts. ..

Hooker, Thomas—42 Church St

Hoppen, William R.—30-36 Crown St. . . Hoslev, H. Everton (Dr.)—129 Church

St. ■

Hotchkiss, Frederick G.—145 Orange S<. Hotchkiss, George W.—215 Church St. .

Hotchkiss, Henry L.—P. O. Box 604

Howard, Harold M., Jr.—250 Boulevard

Howard, Russell C.—250 Boulevard

Humiston, Lauren A.—5 Artizan St

Hurd, Henry B. LI.—North Haven

Hutton, Wallace Charles—Hallock Ave. .

Hyman, Robert E.—50 Orange St

Jenkins, Leonard Abbot—130 Bristol St.

Jenkins, Merrill C—940 Chapel St

Johnson, Carl W.—154 Winchester Ave. Johnson, W. Perdue—175 Whitney Ave.

Judd, Josiah— Stiles St

Judge, Edward Allan—185 Church St. . .

Katz, Jacob H.—42 Church St

Kauffman, James D.—129 Church St. ...

Keeler, Charles G.—5 Artizan St

Kelsey, Horatio G.—291 Campbell Ave.,

West Haven ^..

Kilborn, Holloway—196 Chapel St

Kirschner, Charles Louis—114 Linden St.

Kleiner, Charles—177 Church St

Kraft, Albert W.—128 Temple St

Kusterer, Frederick C.—153 Court St. . .

Knight, Harry C—157 Churcli St

Larash, William L.—493 Campbell Ave.,

West Haven

Taubersheimer, R. H

Law, John Harold—35-37 Crown St

Lederer, David A.—492 Congress Ave. . .

Lee, Lewis William—99 Water St

Lee, Wilson H.—246 Meadow St

Legg, John G.—294 State St

Leichter, Max B.—837 Chapel St

Levy, Irwin S.—395 Norton St

Levy, Samuel S.—100 Orange St

Lewis, Frederick Parker—157 Church St. Lightbourn, Robert C.— 33 Broadway. . .

Lincoln, Charles T.—240 Orange St

Lincoln, Hawlev W.—100 Broadway. .. .

Lines, Willis Levi—840 Elm St

Toeb, Louis S.—113 Church St

Loma.s, John E.—175 Orange St

Lomas, Russell E.—175 Orange St

Lvman, Dean Belden—57 Church St

Lyon, Carl B.—278 State St

Mabee, G. W.—James & Alton Sts

MacDonald, Donald D.—67 Orange St. . .

Maconi, G. Vincent—67 Church St

Mansfield, Burton—42 Church St

New Haven — (Continued)

Manson, John T .

Manwaring, Robert A.—128 Temple St.. Mapes, Milton Crawford—139 Orange St. Marshall, Ingram D.—188 Longwharf . .

Martin, Robert B.—152 Temple St

Mason, Frank H.—42 Church St

Mathewson, AlbertMcClellan—129 Church


Mathewson, Harold B.—72 Church St. . . McCarthr, Richard T.—42 Church St. . . McCarthy, Russell R.—42 Church St. ... McGann, Michael Flvnn—14 Whiting St.

McKeon, John J.—157 Church St

McLean, William Allen—201 Hazel St. . . Mendillo, Joseph Anthony (Dr.)—42 College St

Meyer, William Walter—229 Railroad


Midas. Alexander—47 Orange St

Miller, Charles Griffin (M. D.)—738

Whitney Ave

Minor, Edward S.—451 Grand Ave. .

Mix, Eli—County Court House

Morris, Charles Gould—139 Orange St. .

Mullen, Arthur D.—1225 Chapel St

Murray, James A.—75 Daggett St

Nabstedt, Arthur Theodore—152 Brewery


Nettleton, Donald E.—175 Orange St. .. Nettleton, Edward L.—175 Orange St. . . Nettlet.on, Kenneth E.—175 Orange St... Newton, Arthur Gove—P. O. Drawer


Newton, Floyd I.—138 Winchester Ave.. Newton, William Giles—146 Munson St. Nichols, Charles B.—19 Congress Ave. ..

Nicolari, P. George—41 Franklin St

Norcross, J. Arnold—80 Crown St

North, Donald G.—96 Elm St

North, George A.—680 Campbell Ave.,

West Haven

North, Herbert B.—238 State St

Oppe, Charles—138 Winchester Ave

Osborne, Thomas Burr—153 Huntington

St ■... .

Oviatt, Edwin—315 Whitney Ave

Page, Leigh

Page, Mary Thornton (Mrs.)—244 Livingston St

Palmer, Howard Shirley

Pardee, Frank Wyckoff—129 Church St.

Paterson, William—207 Orange St

Pearson, Edward Jones—Room 207, Railroad Bldg

Peck, Winton C.—69 Broadway

Peterson, Herbert—153 Temple St

Peterson, Herbert M.—153 Temple St. . .

Phelps, William Lyon—^Drawer 12, Yale Station

Piatt, Frank S.—350 State St

Podoloff, Abraham—173 Church St

PodoloflF, Maurice—173 Church St.

Porter, John E

Prentice, Thomas M.—71 Meadow St. . .

Punderford, John K.—129 Church St. . .

Redfield, Paul W.—157 Church St

Redfield, William G

Reigeluth, Rav T.—58 Waverly St

Rice, Frederick W.—167 Water St

Richmond, Arthur L

Richmond, Isaac—39 Church St

Ripple, Paul Woodman^—129 Church St.

Root, Edwin P.—133 Hamilton St ■

Rosenbluth, Arthur J.—129 Church St. ..

R,osenbluth, Louis M.—129 Church St. . .

Ross, George C.—153 Court St

Roth, Victor—175 Whitney Ave

Rowe, H. Gordon

Rowe, Jonathan N.—9 Center St

Sachs, Joseph J.—185 Church St

Sachs, Louis—185 Church St

Safiford, Ralph Kirkham—36-42 Canal St.

Sage, Henry P.—64 Trumbull St

Salisbury, Jessup—291 Campbell Ave.. West Plaven

Salzman, Henry—51-53 Congress Ave.

Sanderson, Lucien—Main St., West Haven

Sanford, Charles E. P.—129 Church St. ..

Sargent, Edward R.—45 Water St. . . .

Sargent, George Lewis—Water St

Sargent, Ziegler—P. O. Box 1940

Scoville, J.ohn—67 Orange St

Scranton, William D.—157 Church St. . .

Semon, John—110 Bristol St

Seymour, George Dudley—129 Church St.

Shaffer, George I.—233-239 State St


New Haven—(Continued)

Shaffer, William R

Shartenberg, Henry M.—763 Chapel St. Shearer, Robert Booth—278 State St. ... Sheppard, J. Forsyth—278 State St. . . .

Sloan, John T.—129 Church St

Sloane, Arthur John—Temple St

Smith, Dean David—219-221 Elm St

Snow, Levi T.—152-56 Brewery St

Sperry, .Sereno C.—1475 Whalley Ave. . . Sperry, Sereno C, Jr.—1475 Whalley Ave. Squier, Shelden L.—680 Third Ave., West


Stannard, Jay F.—740 Chapel St

Steele, Thomas M.—42 Church St

Steinert, Rudolph—183 Church St

Stephan, George P.—141 Brewery St. . . Stetson, Willis Kimball—Elm & Temple


Stevens, Carleton H.—129 Church St. . .

Stokes, Sydney—930 Chapel St

Strouse, Benjamin—9 Vernon St

Sucher, Theodore R.—80 Crown St

Taylor, Carl W.—139 Orange St

Taylor, John H.—123 Temple St

Thompson, Clarence E., Jr.—159 Court


Thompson, Fellowes—277 Chapel St

Thompson, George E.—Yale Station . . . Thompson, Graham Fellowes—277 Chapel


Thompson, Leslie H.—275 Winchester


Thomson, William A

Tobler, William A.—275 Winchester Ave.

Todd, James E.—255 Kimberly Ave

Tracy, John Clayton—-15 Prospect St. .. Townsend, Herbert B.—53 Church St. .. Townshend, Henry H.—185 Church St. . .

Trowbridge, Frederick L

Tully, Thomas Allen—125 Temole St. . .

Tuttle, J. Birnev—120 Church St

Tuttle, Roger Walker—125 Temple Si... Twitchell, Clarence Beecher—P. O. Box


Tyler. Leonard Sanford—P. O. Box 1820

Tvler, A^ictor Morris

Usher, Harry C—43 Oak St

Valentine, Frank W.— 33 Olive St

Venter, Josiah Gillespie—115 Water St...

Verdi, Anthony J.—444 Grand Ave

Verdi, William Francis (M.D.)—27 Elm


Warner, Lewis Havelock—481-483 Canip-

bell Ave., West Haven, Conn

(see Addenda page 1693)

Walker, Charles M.—760 Chape! St

Walker, Paul Monson—760-768 Chapel


Walton, David S., Jr.—James & Alton


Warner, Roland T.—1-7 Grand .\ve. . . .

Warner, William A

Watrous, George D.—121 Church St

Watrous, George Stone—82 Audubon St.

Weaver. Harold

Webb, George L.—42 Crown St

Weibel, Joseph A.—532 Oak St

Weil, Joseph A.—125 Hill Si

Weil, Samuel J.—125 Hill St

Welch, Pierce N.—127 Chestnut St

Westcott, Harrv R.—139 Orange St

Wetmore, Frank D.—930 Chapel St

Wheeler, James E.—42 Church St

Whipple, Harry Victor—177 Church St... Whipple, Oliver Mavhew—177 Church St.

White, Chester A.—39 Church St

White, Roger S., 2nd—177 Church St...

Whitehead, Richard Henrv

Whitlock, C. E. H.—219-221 Elm St. ...

Whitnev, George A

Whitney, Leon F.—185 Church St

Whittlesey, Charles W.—26.1 State St...

Wiepert, George F !'.

Wiggin, Frederick H.—42 Church St

Williams, Fred O.—253 Hallock Ave....

Williams, Walter D

Willis, George Rogers—809 Chapel St... Winternitz, Milton Charles— 333 Cedar St. Wittstein, Herman L.—125 Water St. . Wolff', Frederick A.—259-271 State St... Woodruff, Harold Rollin—lOo Elm St... Worthen, Albert Lewis—67 Church St.. . Wuesterfeld, Geo. B.—190 Whalley Ave. Wulf, Raymond Harvey—5 Lawrence St.

Yerxa, Douglass John—34 Broad St

York, Samuel Albert

Zeleny, John—Yale University

Connecticut REGISTER OF DIRECTORS Connecticut


Ailing, Ward Tiffany—158 State St Hartson, Leslie F White, Charles Davis—248 Broadway ...

Andrews, Orvin G.—47-53 Main St NORTH WOODBURY Woodard, Frank L.—33 Broadway

Apley, William Lewis—6-10 Union St.. . Mitchell, Asahel W Worth, Joseph C.—No. Main St -.

Armstrong, Benjamin A NORWALK Yerrington, Herbert L

.•Armstrong, Benjamin L.—33 Granite St.. Betts, Albert Allen NORWICHTOWN

Avery. Ira S.—61 Bank St Betts, Albert Raymond—59 Wall St. ... Tracv, Edward Avery—24 Scotland Rd. .

Bennett, James Edward Betts, George F.—Main St OLD MYSTIC

Belcher, Nathan—61 Bank St Christofiers, Glaus H Siswick, Sidnev

Bird, Viggo Edward—33 Union St Curtis, Seymour—67 Wall St ORANGE

Bodenwein, Theodore—47 Main St Fitch, D. Warren—28 West Ave Treat, Charles R

Bowker, William Henry—85 State St.. . . Gager, Charles William—51 Wall St Woodruff, Watson S

Brown, Sidney A.—70 Huntington St... Hayes, John T.—7 Main St PAWCATUCK

Buell, Colin Sherman Heyn, Roman H.—8-12 Hoyt St Robertson, Frederick Murray—(P. C,

Burrows, Warren B.—40 Bank St Howard, Michael J.—73 Wall St Westerly, R. L) '

Calkins, Arthur B.—Plant Bldg Keeler, Samuel J.—74 Wall St PINE MEADOW

Caulkins, Cecil P.—56 State St Malkin, Albert R.—3-7 Mechanic St Chapin, Frank M

Chappell, Donald—288 Bank St A/Tiller, Wilham B Smith, Darius B

Chappell, Henry C—286 Bank St Muller, Richard Smith, Harry M

Chappell, Robert Bishop—286 Bank St... Olsen, William L PINE ORCHARD

Chappell, William S.—79 Green St Schultze, Oscar F Porter, Ray W

Coit, Alfred—Manwaring Bldg Smith, F. Irving—Main St Warner, Milton J

Copp, Belton A Spining, I. P.—59 Wall St Whiting, Howard M

Costello, Cornelius Connor—52 State St. Thomas, Edwin S PLAINFIELD

Cutler, Frank Chapin—31 State St Tracey, William Joseph (M. D.)—23 West Brown, Everett E

Darrow, Wm. M.—96 Bank St Ave Buttervi.-orth, Samuel T

Davis, Marion R.—201-205 Mercer Bldg. Tracy, William J. (Dr.)—23 West Ave.. . Kingsley, Walter

Davison, Alice L. S. (Mrs.)—56 State St. Treadwell, John Prime PLAINVILLE

Da\'ison, Gregorv Caldwell—56 State St. Van Buren, Robert S.—Mechanic St Cooke, John W.—14 East Main St

Fenner, Geo. P. (Mrs.)—38 Pequot Ave. Wheeler, Arthur C—214 East Ave Gwillim, Stanley S

Fitzgerald, Jeremiah E.—85 State St Whitehead, John W Lamb, John E.—6 Crown St

Foran, John Kennedy—258 Bank St Wulf, Otto E.—28 & 34 Wall St McKernan, Joseph Newall—17 Pierce St.

Foran, Valerie Shannon—258 Bank St... Voung, William Lindsay—55 Wall St. .. Newton, Charles H

Goldsmith, E. Victor—131 to 143 State Young, William Lindsay, Jr.—55 Wall St. Peck, D. C

St NORWICH Phelps, Burton H.—26 Pierce St

Goldsmith, Samuel A.—131 to 143 . State Bailey, Casper K.—340 Main St Trumbull, Henry

St Bartlett, Reuben S Trumbull, John Harper

Goldsmith, Stanley A.—143 State St Bishop, Barzillai P.—45 Water St Wheeler, Frank T

Grout, George H.-^7 Main St Briggs, Harvey M.—66 Franklin St PLANTSVILLE

Hammond, Edward C.—Box 664 Butts, Charles Richards Pcrsiani. Charles C

Harwood, Pliny LeRoy—224 State St.. . Butts, George C POMFRET CENTER

Hetherington, Howard Lee—38 Pequot Cadden, Julius W.—135-143 Main St. ... Covell, Willis Campbell, Hugh B. (M. D.) Cushman, Charles Van Brunt

Huntley, Edward S.—310 State St Carroll, Adams Pope—17-21 Water St. . . Goodridge, Ethel M

Johnston, James Polk—150 Broad St. .. Gary, Herbert Bishop—129 Main St Grosvenor, John Pavson

Learned, Horace C—Plant Bldg Case, James L.—40 Shetucket St POQUONNOCK BRIDGE

Mann. Ludwig—16 Bank St Chandler, Charles Edward—Thaver Bldg. Anderson, Arthur P

Marshall, Benjamin T Clark, J. F.—45-47 Commerce St PORTLAND

Melcer, Ralph H Disco, David D.—255-257 Main St Barry, John C

Palmer, George S Dolbeare, Guy B.—4 Broadway Davis, Ernest S ■

Palmer, Howard Donohue, James J.—43 Broadway Dodd, John A.—Main St

Prest, George Booth—250 State St Eastwood, Wm. Manley, Jr.—71 Main St. Ellswortii, Oliver B

Reeves, William H.—18 Broad St Ely, Grosvenor Gildersleeve, Alfred

Rogers, Ernest E Fuller, Walter E.—685 North Main St. . . Hubbard. F. Perry

Sheffield, Lucius Tracy—Waller St Gallup, Charles D.—685 North Main St.. PUTNAM

Sheffield, Washington Kyle—14-33 Waller Gallup, Henry H.—685 North Main St.. . Bradley, George S.—60 Front St

St Gallup, Herbert W.—45-49 Water St. ... Brousseau, George E.—25 Main St

Sisk, Robert J.—1 Sparyard St Gallup, Walter Henry Brown, Charles H

Slocum, Walter M.—47 Main St Gibbs, Nathan Augustus Bugbee, Byron D

Stamm, Earle W.—250 State St Gilbert S. Alpheus—68 Broadway Byrne Daniel T

Stebbins, William G.—6-10 Union St. ... Hall, Lloyd Grosvenor—Box 337 De Coudres, Thos. H.—225 Main St

Vibber, Wheeler H.—32 Maple St Harris, Edwin A.—362 Main St Fuller, Lucius H

White, Charles E.—63 Main St Hempstead, Frank—Main & Cliff Sts.. . . Gilman, Alexander—Main St

Whiton, Lucius Erskine—190 Howard St. Henderson, James C Law, Louis E.—Providence St

Winchester, Edgar C.—Room 420 Plant FIull, Harold P.—4 Broadway Lizo'tte, Armand J.—61 Main St

Bldg Huntington, John Perit—4 Broadway . .. Macdonald, Archibald. Jr.—Putnam Sav-

Woodworth, Oliver—3o Pearl St James, Charles V.—303 Thayer Bldg. . . Jno-s Bank Bldg

NEW MILFORD Jordan. Alexander—50-56 Market St. ... Nikoloff, Subbo—207 Pomfret St

Barton, Willis FI.—20 Bank St Lanz, Henry W.—45 Commerce St Rogers, Earl Clinton

Merwin, Marcus G Larabee, Harold Davis—362 Main St. . . Russell', Frank Fenner—Main St

Murphy, Robert E Learned, Ebenezer—28 Shetucket St. . . Smith, Arthur Ellis—Main St

Mygatt, Roland F Lester, Walter F.—59 Broadway Walker, T,eon N

Pepper, Seymour Woolsey—West St. ... T ibby, Arthur F.-—63 Broadway Warren, William P.—80 Front St

Robertson, William H Miner, E. B.—685 No. Mam St Wheelock, Henry A.—58 Pomfret St

Smith, George R Munz, Jacob .•■.••■■ Williams, Albert H.—200 Main St

Staub, Verton P.—Aspetuck Ave Murphy, Timothv C.—Thayer Building.. T3Tr»r»ir-irT-PT r»

NEWTOWN . , Noyes, Charles D.—66 Franklin St ^ V ^i , • i . -nt

Curtis, Hobart H Oat, William H.—66 Franklin St ^-l' u p i.Vt

Hubbcll, H. Carlton Palmer, Shepard B.—Thayer Bldg Bissell, f ^i^vey riatt

T !• TT 1 1 c TD 1 XT 1 Davis, Archibald V

Loveh, Edward S Parker, Nelson fi * c , »i c

Nettleton, Arthur Treat Pav.son, Aurin E Denton, bamuei s

Peck, David C Peale, Arthur L.—.59 Broadway RIVERTON

Smith, Arthur J Peck, Henry G.—45-55 West Main St. . . Raley. Helen B

Tavlor, Cornelius B Perkins, John H.—33 Broadway ROCKVILLE

NORFOLK Perkins, Robert W.—362 Main St Belding. Frederick N

Brown, PIdmund Porteous, John—91 Main St Bissell, Arthur T

Clark, Mvron N Powers, Henry F.—71 Ma.n St Bottomley, Charles S.

Haniant, Irving Louis Schwartz, Abner—74-80 Main St Cameron, John P.—Box 175

O'Connor, William Savin, Frank D Cooley, Frederick J.—40 West St

NORTHFORD Smith, F. Russeil—282 Franklin St Cummings, Sherwood C

Griswold, Elmer Justus—Middletown Ave. Stanton, Howard L.—24 Chestnut St Elliott, James Arthur—64 Orchard St....

NORTH GROSVENORDALE Storms, Charles Seeley Fahey, John E.—14 Park Place

Faucher, Louis P Tarrant, John R Fisk, John Everett

Reardon, John F Tirrell, Henry Archelaus Hammond, G. B.—9 Kim St

NORTH STONINGTON Turner, Walter Edwin Holt, Frederick fl

Stone, George H Ulmer, Henry Frank—269 Broadway ... Leonard, Parley B.—32 Elm St

NORTH WESTCHESTER Van Wagennen. Albert M Martin, Albert Leroy-30 Davis Ave

Norton, Clarence H Warner, Franklin B Maxwell, Francis Taylor

Connecticut REGISTER OF DIRECTORS Connecticut

Rockville—(Continued) South Norwalk—(Continued) Stamford—(Continued)

Maxwell, Wm Lane, Henry M Palmer, Eugene H.—476 Canal St

McCarthy, Dennis J.—Henry Bldg Light, Freeman—100 Washington St. .. . Pierson, Norris Edward—First-Stamford

Phelps, Charles—Rockville National Bank Light, John H.—100 Washington St National Bank Bldg

Bldg Lockwood, George Henry Pierson, .Samuel (AT. D.)—61 Broad St. .

Rady, Thomas F Lole, A. Frank—Chestnut St Purdy, Clayton S

Randall, George W.—5 Park St Loring, Arthur E.—144 Water St Rhinehart, Lionel D.—418 Atlantic St. ..

Squires, Chas. M McCausland, Morton R Scofield, Isaac M-—1 Bank St

Swindells, Frederick—41 West Main St... Musson, Alfred C.—108 Water St Scofield, James Harvey

Swindells, Frederick W.—41 West Main Nash, Harold L.—Wilson Ave Skiddy, William W

St Quintard, Frederick H.—69 Water St. .. Smith, Charles Stewart—54 Hope St

Sykes, David A Solmans, Alden—101 Washington St. . . Spelke, Morris—419 Main St

Wendheiser, George Peter—Wendheiser Swartz, Christian—83 Washington St. .. Staub, J. Howard (M. D.)—100 South St

Bldg Taylor, Joseph R.—91 Washington St. . . Taylor, Frederick C.—First-Stamford Na-

ROCKY HILL Tristram, Charles F.—214 East Ave. , . . tional Bank Bldg

Enquist, A. R Velsor, Samuel S Thompson, Clarence E.—300 Main St. ...

Lis. Leon Charles Wadsworth, Alvin DeWitt (Dr.) Wald^'ogel, Edward C

Milliken, Earle L Woodward, George L.—101 Washington Waterbury, Harrv G.—11-17 Bank St. ...

ROXBURY St Waterbury. Russell—69 Clinton Ave. .. .

Hodge, Charles Watson Wylie, Howard M West, Frank M.—18 Park Row

SAUGATUCK ' SOUTHPORT Wigg, John G.—462 Canal St

Wakeman, Austin Merwin, George H Wilson, Odbert P


Gates, Charles S Perry, John Walter Cutler, Benjamin S

SEYMOUR Rennell, Henry H.—Pequot Rd Cutler, Thomas Whitridge

Atwater, Clifford J.—135 Main St SOUTH WINDSOR Hinckley, Elias B

Boeker, Otto F. G.—87 Franklin St Newberrv. Harold M Pendleton, Moses A

Boies, Clayton S.—115 Main St STAFFORD Robinson, George H.—129 Water St. ...

Jerome, Franklin S Park, William STORRS

Matthies, Bernard H , Pinnev, Charles B Wheeler, Charles Augustus


SHARON Alden, Hannibal Goddard, Walter E.—2366 Main St

Chaffee, Jerome Stuart Allen, Christopher—102 E. Main St. ... Hawley, Frederick S.—-P. O. Box "A" . .

SHELTON Baker, Frank H Keys, Robert M.—E. Main St

Brinsmade, Daniel E.—292 Coram Ave... Chandler, Charles F.—Furnace Ave Lake, Simon—East Main St

Clapp, Roger Otis—223 Canal St Luce, Francis C Ober, George Everett—2383 Main St. ...

French, Philipe E.—P. O. Box 57 Mitchell, Alexander I Peck, Elliott W.—Main St

Grififing, Bruce N Moore, Charles H Pons, Louis J

Krueger, Alfred P.—255 Canal St Patten, Freeman F Thompson, John W.—1062 Church St. . .

Krueger, Theodore H Sanford, Frederick G.—Main St Warner, Burton Capewell—Stratford Ave.

Palmer, Stephen T.—470 Howe Ave Scott, Walter . Warner, Leon Atwood—Stratford Ave. ..

Severson, Ole—Hull St Sheppard, James, Jr.—Center & West SUFFIELD

Walsh, James J Sts Perkins, Edward

Willis, George S.—487 Howe Ave Smith, Robert W Reid, Samuel N

SILVER LANE Valentine, Richard H Spencer, Charles Luther, Jr

Gould, Arthur L Wildey, Fred Spencer, Samuel Reid


Brandon, Joel Kell Adams, Robert R.—31 McGee Ave S'f^^^j.^oji^J"''^"'^ ^

Chandler Woods Adler, Noah-135 Main St TALCOTTVILLE

Ellsworth, Henry E Allen Walter C Talcott, Charles Denison

Pattison, Alexander T Andrews", Wm. Taylor—Drawer'321 ".'.'.'. Talcott, John G

ok J™o,^t7t H Barnes, Frank Haselhurst (M. D.)—N. TERRYVILLE

SOMERSVILLE Ave Allen, Howard D

Kenney, R. Leland Bartram, Floyd B. .......... .....'.'.'. ... Clark, George C

Kenney, Ralph D Behre John H Hamlin, Clifford A

?P^,'^?^.F?^ ^ Bell, Clarence W—303'Main St.'!!!!!"" Hough, O. B

Mitchell, Robert C Biglev Tos H (Colonel) Lister, Amos H

SOUTH GLASTONBURY Bishop, Lester C.-322 Main'St.' "!!!!"! Pond, Dwight Warren

Glazier Frank D Bogardus, Frank W.—455 Canal St Pon-J. Edgar L

Pratt Alfred H Bogardus. J. Howard—293 Main St THOMASTON

Purti , John W . Boren, Addison—200 Henry St Adams, Mason T

™'J|,' J°i!" ^Y;',/'' Bowes, Walter H.—723 Pacific St French, Ralph L

S.OUTHINGTON Boyle, Joseph A.—Hillcrest Ave Roberts, F. I

Barnes, Bradley H Carter Kenneth W THOMASVILLE

Elhott, Richard—50 Center St Cloonan, John J. (M. ID.)-South St Bushnell, Guy F

MacKenzie, Samuel H.—102 Center St. . . Cressy, Warren F.—292 Main St. . . THOMPSONVILLE

Pratt James H. Daskam, Walter D.—300 Main St Browne, J. Francis—50 Pearl St

Sm.ith, Charles E.—22 Main St Dater Alfred Warner Bank St Javorski, F. Antoni

Smith, William E.—168 Gentry St Delao' W. J —48 Park Row " Mallard, Frederick William

Wells, Albert Rcssiter—328 N. Main St. Durey, John C—Stamford National Bank Schwabe, Walter B.—15 Central St

\\ ells, Frank N.—328 Main St Bldg Sweetser, John Anderson

Woodruff, Paul C—121 Main St past, Edward N.—129 Atlantic St TOLLAND

SOUTH MANCHESTER Foster, Dean (M. D.)—322 Main St. .... Fuller, Edward E

Alvord, Harold C—923 Main St Gillespie, Richard Henry—258 Atlantic Jewett, I. Tilden

Anderson. Frank H.—Main St St West, Chauncey Hibbard

Cheney, Charles—146 Hartford Road .. Gillespie, Schuyler—258 Atlantic St TORRINGTON

Cheney. Charles H.—146 Hartford Road Gillespie, William Frederick Appelt, Frank R

Cheney, Clifford D Godfrey, Wm. T. (M. D.)—295 Atlantic Baldwin, Frank M.—40 Water St

Cheney, Horace B St Bennett, Clark G

Cheney, William C Healy, Michael J.—Stamford Hall Brahm, Herman Im

Crowell, Albert L.—Highland Park Hertz, John D.—46 Bedford St Braman, Frederick L.—179 Water St. ...

House, Charles E.—955 Mam St Home, Joseph A.—200 Henry St Brooks, John N.—P. O. Box No. 36

House, Herbert B.—955-961 Main St. ... Houghton, Frederick M.—49 Bank St. .. Bryant, Thomas W

O Leary, Patrick J.—113 Summit St. ... Judd, William Hawley—Canal Dock .... Burg, A. W

Russell, Robert LaMotte—923 Mam St. Lockwood, Charles Davenport, 303 Main Burgess, Harry Frost—535 Migeon Ave.

Seaman, Earl G.—825 Main St St Castle, Howard J

Sipe, Lewis H.—805 Main St Luders, Alfred E.—P. O. Box 560 Damon, Frank J

Tryon, Henry Russell— 945-947 Main St. . Maxwell, Maxwell C Doster, Alexis

Watkins, C. Elmore Mead, Alvah D.—303 Main St Ellis, Henry G

Watkins, F. Ernest—937 Main St Mead, Benjamin H.—41 Bank St Fuessenich, Frederick W

SOUTH NORWALK Merritt, Schuyler Griffiths, Francis Hugh—Lawton St

Barnum, George R.—Marshall St Mix, Clarence E.—Box 971 Hotchkiss, Walter A.—199 Water St

Candee, Nehemiah—United Bank Bldg... Mix, Elisha—Woodland Ave Lyon, Waldo Bissell

Cavanagh, Thomas C—17^4 So. Main St. Mix, James E.—Woodland Ave Mallette, Ennis B.—61 Main St

Dibble, J. Irving—149 Washington St. ... Mix, Moseley W.—Woodland Ave Mallette, James E.—61 Main St

Goodchild, Frank Morris, William Giles—194 Atlantic St. . McNeil, Charles Leverett—69 Water St.

Keogh, John Naldrett, Amos W.—170 Atlantic St. ... Pease, Harlow A

Knapp, Philip N Palmer, Benjamin F.—135 Main St Peterson, George W.—190 Water St. . ..

Connecticut REGISTER OF DIRECTORS Delaware

Torrington—(Continued) Waterbury—(Continued) Westport—(Continued)

Reid, William R.—59 Field St Hart, Alfred—63 No. Main St Salmon, Frederick M

Roraback, Charles E.—59 Field St Haves, Frank—76 East Main St Tavlor, W. L.—Box 266

Ross, L. J Hazelhurst, William H—17 Brook St.. . WETHERSFIELD

Travis, Frank ^[.-69 Water St Hess, Frank E.—192 Meadow St Harris, Chas. C—263 Main St

Vincent, Clive B.—59 Field St Hewitt, Thomas H.—32 Center St WILLIMANTIC

Wadhams, Clarence G.—P. O. Box 12 Holland, Lewis M.—40-42 North Main Ahern, John F.—850 Main St

Wadhams, John M.—67 Main St St Alpaugh, Clifford J.—North & Valley Sts.

Wadhams, John M., 3rd—67 Main St. . . Hollister, Clifford F.—414 Meadow St. . , Bass, Edgar E.—Box 2,7

Waterman, William B.—187 Church St... Hughes, John R.—110-140 Bank St Bill, Arthur I.—54-56 North St

Wilcox, Arthur H.—70 Franklin St. ... Hungerford, Charles S Branch, C. Harry—54 North St

UNIONVILLE Hunt, Edwin S Brick, John E.—738 Main St

Alderman Elliott Tackle, Fred A.—236 Grand St. Bugbee, E. Frank

Bill Charles G ^. Jackson, Thomas F.—111 W. Main St... Crane, Charles L.—147 High St

Bro'adbent Charles C ... Jourdan, Albert S.—111 W. Main St...... Daniels, Nelson A.—670-678 Main St. ...

Case Rav'mond S Judd, Stuart Edwards Elliott, George S.—670 Main St

rrnrtptt "Thnmnc; T Tudson, Fletcher W.—195 Grand St Fullerton, James B.—692 Main St

Dower Edward J ''' Kellogg, Isaac P.—63 Bank St Grant, William D.—36 Valley St

Hart Hubert Chauncev Kelsey, Samuel R.—89 Bank St Holt, George L.—225 Church St

Horsfall Tohn D Kennedy, Peter M.—65-67 Bank St Huber, Herbert W.—676 Main St

House Everett T Kenworthy, Abel—E. Aurora St Jordan, Roland B.—1029 Main St

T pi,-tnn Frank D Kenworthy, Charles F.—195 Piedmont St. Kmg, Walter R.—670 Main St

Parsons' Luke \ Kiessling. Max—54 Maple St King, William A.—87 Windham Rd

Rourke," Thomas 's'.-Main St. .! '..'. Kimball, Arthur Reed ... .^. k^^'^^Pf 1^' ^ a r°"fi' {• ' a

Spencer, Herbert D I^ake Fred W.-21 South Mam bt Re.lly, John-Maiisfiela Ave

Thomnson Tosenh C Leach, Robert H Shafer, George H

.X, A Tm^^^ir^^T^ Leary, Daniel J.-1663 So. Main St Taylor, George F.-47 Milk St

WALLINGFORD LjUglJ.; Theodore-Ill W. Main St WINDSOR

Andre'w-s, Roland t Martus, Martin L.—1036 So. Main St.. . I^avis, Gustavus F

Boyd Gilbert Dixon , ........ McEvov, Martin J.—51 West Main St.. . Dillon, James J.—192 Broad St

Carroll, John H. (Rev.)—68 No. Colony ^[[^^^ Anson W —^6 Crane St Edwards, Earle E

,, St ^jij^ti^ J LeRoy—99 W. Main St WINDSOR LOCKS

Cleborne Edmund B.-Valley St y^ Roswell A.-872 So. Main St Bell E. Everett

Cowles, tredenc M Nea"-le John S Coffin, Arthur Dexter

Eidsall William H. ... .^ .... .^ Newton, Clark'n'. 'w.—Exchange'Place! Coffin, Dexter Drake

Ives, Delavan W.—R. F. D. No. 3 .... ^lorthrop, Edwin C—60 No, Main St Jackson, Leander

Loucks, Charles—6 Ernest St ^^^ Charles D 60 B-ink St ■ Lord, John M

Lum William J —2 North Main St .... Q'Neill, Mary C. (Mis?)—549 So.' 'lleon Montgomery, George A'lilton

MacKenzie, William A.— i own Hall ... ad St ... Montgom.ery, J. R

Martin. John A.—350 Center St Paine ' Ralph FI Montgomery, J. Roberts, 2nd

Marx, Frederick William—14 N. Main St. Pape,'william Tamiesoii—61 'l.ea've'nworth Montgomery, Spencer

Morns, C harles D ^^ " Moran, Raymond Alfred—120 Main St.. .

O'Brien, Harry Bowman ^ . . Pe'terso'n,'John Edward ".'.'.'..'.'.'.'.'..'.'.'.'.'. P^^se, Allen

Stevens, Evarts C.—22 South Cherry St. phiHips, Francis T.—63 No. Main St. ... P^ase, Howard S.—158 Main St

Wilkmson, Alexander K.. . . Phillips, Rowley W.—63 No. Main St. . . ^fSan, Joseph C . . •.:.......

Wooding, James F.—R. t. D. 2 Phime S KelloEre Rising, George C.—20 Spring St

WASHINGTON DEPOT Preusser,' Richarcf-N'o'.' M^in ' s't.' '& 'Ab' Wallace, J. Finton-11 Spring St

Kilborn, Frank J ^^^^ j^^^ Wingate, Herbert A

Seeley, Powell G Puffer Charles E 137 Bank St WINSTED

WATERBURY Purinton, Forrest Granville—41 Brown '^'Y.^'^'J; Danforth Fletcher—690 Main St.

Anderson, Ernest Arthur St Brill, George M

Beardsley, Charles E Rignev, Joseph L ^ase, Lyman P. . ...

Beardsley, Fred B Rutherford, Eugene W.—72 Brown St.. . )f^\' Luman C—97 Mam St. .

Blakeslev, Albert J.—195 Grand St Schick, Louis R.—65 Bank St Drake, George F.--17 Hillside Ave

Boyd. George Eustis—170 Grand St Schoenmehl, Harold B.—1036 South Main Frazee, E^.sworth A

Breux, Ovide W.—33-39 S. Main St St ^ay ord, Edward B . .

Bristol, Howard Hall Schumaker, Albert—60 Meadow St ?/^ °'"^' Robert Edward

Bristol, Samuel R.—Piatt's Bridge Seelev, Henrv S.—132 Grand St Vr^h ,/^''^"K °; ,;.-.;,•/•,•.■ ■■■A

Bron.son, Bennet Skilton, Charles H.—531 Bank St g^^t' Albert D.--119 W illow St

Brvan, Wilbur Peck—81 West Main St.. Sperrv, Leavenworth P i^lolmes Ralph W

Bulger, John E.—Leavenworth St Sperry, Roger Sherman tiu' ^^f *£[ ^^ ■ ■■; • •; : ■-^

BurVall, Tohn M Sprague, Starbuck—39 Spring St Hurlbut, LeRoy B.—64 Main St.

Byrne, Edward M Tanner, Arthur A -jo*?^?• Edward Payson—519 Main St. . ...

Campbell. Alexander James—111 West Thompson, Hugh Lindsay—57 North j-f'^'^^on, Robert James

Main St R/Iain St ... Light, Howard W

Carley, Leonard R Thomson, Alexander j.—60 Meadow St.. ^f ^"^h^^t^''',^T"^^F,'^Yi'''-'^""/''^ ^^'"" ^^•

Carmodv, Terence F.—Ill West Main St. Tracv, George—52 Benedict St ™"""' ^^rr-Toir -J^ ^^

Carter, L. Russell—11 East Main St Tracy, George Edward—52 Benedict St.. ^f'e z, VVm h.—68 Main St . .

Chase, Frederick Starkweather-236 Grand Tracv, Morton Cornelius—52 Benedict St. 'ry -l^^^- William H.—655 Main St. ....

St Tuttle, Edward L.-132 Grand St c "^'-t^ V ^^°'^!u Trt^^'^- -^^1'" ^^^ "'

Chase, Irving Hall Walker, Robert S,—81 West Main St.. . . Sm'^'^- J^ines Albert—654 Mam St

Chase, Rodnev—236 Grand St Wavland, Elton Scovill—414 Meadow St. ^t/°"g' T^redenc C.

Chesson, Frederick W.—132-136 Grand White, William Henry—214 Bank St. .. . i!l?'"P^'°^' ^'^"If" f/A if- •,■ • ' c^

St .... Wilcox Levi .. Tiflany, Dwight B.—119 Rowley St

Coe,' Benjamin L.—779 So. Main St Wildman, Rov ' S. " ! ! ! . ! Tr^n^V-J^7'^''^^* ^'^

Coe, Benjamin S—779 So. Main St Williams, Edwin H ^'^}: <-harles B. .

Coe, Harrv S.—Countrv Club Rd Wilson, Edward E.—52 Benedict St. ..... Williams, Charles E.—276 North Main

Coe, Tohn Allen—414 Meadow St Yates, Edmund FL—414 Meadow St -txr^VM^TiVT'-Dv

Grain", Tohn L—East Aurora St WATERTOWN WUUiJhSUKY

Cross. Henry T.-Railroad Plill .St BuckinghLV, C B H^S^v Remus F '^

Daly, Mirhael J.--541 Bank St. Heminwav, Buell H., Jr Hitchcock Henrv' S

Day, Irvin W-111 \Vest .Main St. .... Heminway Harry H. Tor^linson s'muel C

Dayton, Almon B —4 West Main St. .... Mason, Frederick G WOODMONT

Dayton, Charles Harry-166 Grand St. . . R„l,erts, Harley Fish Gutcnbere. Werner B.-23 Cherrv St. . ..

de Lacey, Darragh WAUREGAN' VAT F^VTT T F

De Mott, Clavton Merle—99 Mil! St gaf^^, j^if,, a Z^h^JtY^h^.


Dow. Harry B.-31 Cherry Ave ^'^""' J°'" '' McKcnzie, William T.

Draher, Tohn—70 No. Elm St r-i i r-i i t t-». -i

Durfep. Tohn P—26 Crane St '-'»'''^- (-'larlcs L IJelaWare

Ely, Richard D WEST CHESHIRE J-yCiaWdi C

Fnrrington. Daniel T„ Sr.—65 Bank St.. Bristol, Drurie S CLAYMONT

Finnegan. Thomas—29 Central Ave WESTPORT T-odge, George

Frisbie, E. L Bradiev, Daniel B McMillan, J. Gordon

Fulton, William Shirley—425 Bank St. .. Burr, William H DELMAR

Fulton. William E.—150 Hillside Ave. ... Fable, Charles-State St Brown, J. Frank

Goss, Chauncev P., Jr.—90 Mill St .... Harris, Channing P DOVER

Goss, John H.—99 Mill St Hubbell, Fred B.—61 State St Benson, William J.—Priscilla Block

Gnggs. David Cullen .,,,.,,, Ruland, Frederick D. (M. D.) Denriey, Wm. D

Delaware REGISTER OF DIRECTORS District of Columbia

Dover (Continued) Wilmington— (Continued) Wilmington—(Continued)

Hardesty, Chas. W.—205-9 S. Governors Garretson, Cornelius D.—P. O. Box 910. . Wilson, Joseph S.—Fourth St. Wharf ..

Ave. " Graham, Henry T.—du Pont Bldg Winchester, James Price—10th & Market

Hardesty Frank L.—205-9 S. Governors Harrington, Willis F.—du Pont Bldg. . . . Sts

Ave Haynes, Edgar L.—505 Market St Yost, C. E.—834 Market St

Hartnett, Maurice A.—Railroad Ave. & Heald. William H.—300 Equitable Bklg.. WYOMING

Forrest St Holland, William E.—710 Market St Bancroft, Frank C

Hughes, James H Howell, Harrison W.—824 Washington Jenkins, Willis C

Nowry, Samuel E. (M. D.) St

Ridgely, Henry Hughes, A. Victor—605-7-9 Market St. . ^ ,

EDGE MOOR Isaacs, Henry Richards—604-608 Indus- F^iel-rir'lf- rkf r^olnmKia

Bradford, Sidney George trial Trust Bldg LJlQlLK^l Ui ^UlUlLlUlcX

Sellers, William Ferris Janvier, Francis DeH.—Citizens Bank WASHINGTON (CITY OF)

FELTON ^'^^W •■■ • -.p, Adair, Herbert J.—60 M. St., N. E

Heyd, John Jones Daniel E ^ Adair, John A. M.—60 "M" St., Northeast

FRANKFORD Keil, Max—2103 Blvd ^ ... Adams, Byron S.—512 11th St., N. W.. .

Murray, Levin Edgar Sf'l^P' Robert D.--50S Market St Addison, Francis G., Jr.—9th & "G" Sts.,

GEORGETOWN Klcitz, George—6th & Market Sts N. W

Cahall, Joseph Laws Kreshtool, Isador K.—5716 King St \ldrich Richard S

Layton, Daniel J Laffey, John P-—3108 du Pont Bldg Xllen, Harry Edward—1818 F St., N. W.

LAUREL ^ Laird, Wiliam Wmder ..... . Arnold, Ray Horton—1010 Vermont Ave.

Records, Victor Clinton—Willow & Coop Earner, William Angamar—du Pont Bldg. Aspinwall, Clarence Aikin 1140 15th St.,

er Sts Layfield, Walter A.—Delaware Trust Bid. N W '

LEWES Layton, Caleb S.—duPont Bldg Baden, James H ................ .

Beebe, James Lyon, Leland—Delaware Trust Bldg. . . B-^ird Bruce

MIDDLETOWN M aloney, Levi L. . . Baldwin, Albert' ' L.—515' ' Union' Trust

Betts, Watson Kirk Marean, Browning Endicott Bldg

Cann, Richard Thompson, Jr ^-^7f^' ^^^'^''' T.—3165-3174 du Pont Baldwin,'Thomas M.,'Jr'.—Rooms'223-227

Reynolds, John D. Bldg Distric*^ Bldg

Stevens, Daniel W Marvel, Joshia—du Pont Bldg Baltz, Edward C —500 I'lth sV ' N W '

MILFORD McMullen, Richard C.—4th & Monroe St. Barnes, Noble Price, (M. D )

.Aldred, William R - Medill, George I Birney' Dion Scott—1422 F St N W

Davis, Thomas—10 South Walnut St. . . . ■ Metten, William F . ... Bitting'er, Henrv E.—1727' Pennsyivan'i;i

Hall, George H.—9 Front St Miller, Nathan—9th & King Sts Ave N W "

Hering, Johri W Miller, Townsend Walter—501 E. Second Blake, Harry—11th & G. Sts., N. W. '. . '.'.

Hirsch, Daniel ,...,. St Bogley Emory H —Woodward Bldg

Holland, Joseph E.—Peabody Ave Mitchell, Edmund—827 Market St Boiling Rolfe E 15th & H Sts N W

Tnntt John C Moller Kenneth . . . . . . . . . . Booker,' Yelverton Evans—1508 H St., N.

MILTON Monaghan, Thomas M.—4th & Madison w

Burrows, Charles iV,, Sr Sts ... . . . . . ■■■■■■■■■■ Bowen,' s'. 'Russeil—'231' 14th' St.',' N.' w'. '. '.

Douglas, William E Moreton, Geo. \\\—9th & Church Sts. .. Bowles B Ao-ee

f/™T J^^T^I- Fo A^J^T-r Morford, James R.—du Pont Bldg Brahan'y, Thomas W.—'823' Fi'fteenlh 'St.',

MOUNT PLEASAN i Mowbray, Thomas J jvj \Y

Eliason, Morris F. Mullin, James Paul—6th & Market Sts.. . Brandenburg Fdwin C —344 D St ' N W

SEAFORD Murphey, Franklin--713 Lancaster Ave... Brawner, John'w.—1700 I St., n'.' W. . ."

Cannon PhihpL Nowland, Otho—9th & Market Sts Breuninger, Henry L.—14fh & C Sts..

Holhs, Charles M. (Dr.) Paterson, Charles Loeser—9021 du Pont x w

o^™^!"- ^ T.--^,'^^-, ■■;.---i--:-,-V,;---;--^-■••;.• ■■;■..••• Breuninger, "Lcw'is'E'.-^26'jackson"Pl'a'ce',

SMYRNA Pickard, Frederick W.—du Pont Building N W

Harmonson, Charles G.—Mt. Vernon & Phimstead, Joseph E.—Delaware Mills, Brice A,rthur Tilghmaii—1711 ' M '.St

Main Sts P. O. Box 1228 N W "

Hoffecker, Walter O P"ckett Clifford Denslow Buck, Charles 'Boyde'n—920 'e ' St.',' N.' w'.

Price, Lewis M Rand, NDwight—De aware 1 rust Bldg. Campbell, Edmund Douglas-822 South-Price, Warner W Raskob, William F.—du Pont Bldg. ern Bldp

Raymond, Clarence B Reese, Charles Lee-8024 du Pent Bldg. Carll, David 's.-'3'6th & 'm 'st's'.,' 'n.' 'w.' '. '.

STOCKLEY Reese, Richard—9th & Market Sts Carroll, Harry R—714 Twelfth St N W

Goslee, James E ,^. • • ■ Rbeuby, Gould G—1326 Delaware Trust Cassedy, John Irvin—Munsev Bldg

WILMINGTON i^-^,'*^^', "V J" V Cavis, Fred L.—1132 Munsey Bldg

Allen, Wm. P Richards, Leonard Jr Chamberlain, Geo. E.—National Press

Ashbrook, Donald S 5°'^T^°^; ^°^^- ^-^. •■,--^\ -W ' ' Bldg

Bacchus, Thomas W Rooa' Norman Paul—Delaware Trust Church, William Alexander Harris—800 C

Backus, Cecil Franklin—Dupont Bldg. . . .^ B'a?- •■■••••■.••• ••■••■ • ■ ■ • ■ St., S. W

Bailey, Henry J.—211 Shipley St Rosenblatt, Louis—3.06 Delaware Trust Clark, Allen Culling—816 14th St., N. W.

Baker, Scott S.—9th & Market Sts .^ ^ Bldg ........ Chephane, Walter C—1512 H St., N. W.

Bancroft, John Rossel!, John Settles—Market at Sixth St, Colladay, Edward F.—1331-33 G St., N.

Bancroft, Joseph Rupert, William Swift W

Bissell, George Perkins—du Pont Bldg. . . ^f"^^^^Y^'V•1■^°'^" J o Conant, William S.—1402 31st St

Bridgham, Carlton Thayer—P. O. Box Shaw, W. Miller-Lombard & Second Sts. Conard, Charles—2310 California St

1258 ^ Shoemaker. Wni. M., Jr.—Maryland & Cooper, Wm. Knowles—1736 G St., N. W.

Brown, H. Fletcher—du Pont Bldg ...^f.^^^T^*^- • • ™ Corbett, Lee Cleveland—220 14th St,

Brown, J. Thompson—du Pont Bldg Skelly, James Thomas—Delaware Trust s. W

Bryan, Royden C—909 Shipley St ^ Bldg Corby, William S.—26 Jackson Place,

Bve, Chas. C—I. O. O. F. Bldg Smith, John Budd—1400 Market St N W

Bye, Reed C—10th & King Sts Souder, Ellwood—Ninth St. at Orang_e .. p„vi11p FrpHpWrl^ V

Carpenter, R. R. M.—du Pont Bldg Spcakman, Willard Allen Cox Tosenh W --lOOl' 'I's'th' St' ' N ' W ' '

Carpenter, Walter S., Jr.-9020 du Pont Springer, Willard-lOth & Shipley Sts. .. Sa^4°^n li;nry S^Slf & M^ Sts.',

Bldg Stirling, James S.—909 Shioiey St ivr \m

Chandler, James T.—1011 Jefferson St... Stout, Haldeman C ^ ■ ,;• i:':i, ''/:":'::'"

Cooke, Robert O Stout, Leslie W Cromelin, Paul Bowen—National Press

Coyne, Wm Stradley, Wilmer—911 Market St ^ Bldg. . . . .

Craig, Harry Raymond Taylor, Edward Molineux—Room 4030 Cunningham, J. Harry—48 Post Blcig. . ..

Crane, Jasper E.—du Pont Bldg du Pont Bldg I^^'aV ■^°'''' ' Harding—313 9th St.,

Crichton, Alexander F Townsend, S. D r^ , iV ■ V-,' V,'-' ' W ,'■," 't

Dillon, Samuel M.—Front & Madison . . Turner, Howard A.—413-427 West Second *-"thell, Chester W.—1143 Investment

Douglas, William Edgar—9th St. at Tat St .^ Bldg. ..

nail Van Lear, John Findlay—Delaware Trust gavis, Harry W.—100 W. 10th St

Dunham, Russell H Bldg .Davis, William T. ....

du Pont, Francis Victor—8034 du Pont Walker, Vincent C—1606 Pennsylvania I^avison, Emmett C—6th Floor, Machin

Bldg Ave ists Bldg

(see also Addenda page 1694) Warner. Alfred D., Jr.—10th & King Sts. I^eal, N. B

du Pont, Irenee Warner, Charles fie Lashmutt, William R.—14th & L Sts.,

duPont, Pierre Samuel—9012 duPont Bldg Warner, Charles, Jr N. W

Echols, Angus B.—du Pont Bldg Warner, Irving—10th & King Sts Dismer, Henry F.—3124-3126 14th St. ..

Edge, James B. D Webster, William J.—Delaware Trust Drew, Fred—2525 Pennsylvania Ave.,

Elliott, George A.—Equitable Bldg Bldg N. W

Ellison, Harry J W'illin, Madison Drury, Peter A

Finger, Aaron—2305 Harrison St Willis, J. Wirt—P. O. Box 1258 Duckett, Thomas Howard—816-19 Evans

Fogg, Isaac^9th & Market Sts Wilson, Horace—Foot 4th St Bldg

District of Columbia REGISTER OF DIRECTORS District of Columbia

Washington—(Continued) Washington—(Continued) Washington—(Continued)

Dugan, George H.—1300 Pennsylvani;, Jennings, Coleman—741 15th St Ofi'utt, Hilleary L., Jr.—1406 G St.. N. W.

Ave Johnson, Holcombe G.—Commercial Na Ogden, Laurence M.—60 M St., N. E. . .

Dulany, Henry Rozier, Jr.—Wilkins Bldg. tional Bank Bldg Ogilby, Charles F. R.—1422 "F" St.,

Ellerson, James Roy—734 15th St., N. W. Johnson, Oliver Hazard Perry—613 15th N. W

Ellis, Frankhn Henry—624 Southern Bldg. St., N. W O'Hara, Frank—1314 Massachusetts Ave.

Ely, Hanson E., Jr.—1312 New York Ave Julihn, Louis G.—708 Ouray Bldg Oliver, Elmer Rogers—1300 Pennsylvania

Emmerich, George Monroe—511 Seventh Kappler, Charles Joseph—Transportatioa Ave

St., N. W Bldg Owen, Robert L.—1380 National Press

Etz, Edwin H.—1217 G St., N. W Keferstein, Carl B.—311 Stoneleigh Court Bldg

Everett, William W.—10th, 11th, F & C Keiper, J. Claude-13th St. & New York Parker, Andrew—900 F St., N. W

Sts., N. W. . .'. Ave Parker, George H.—603-4 Southern Bldg.

Eynon, William John—512 Eleventh St., Kenny, Albert Sewell (Admiral, retired)— Peek, Ernest D. (Lt. Col., C. of E.) —

N. W 1402 Chapin St., N. W State, War & Navy Bldg

Fadeley, Charles Fenton—160 M St., N. E. Keyes. Frank B.—Florida Ave. & Ecking Perot, Edward S., Jr.—60 M St., N. E. . .

Farrington, Frederic Ernest—Chevy ton Place Peter, Arthur—Washington Loan & Trust

Chase School Kindle, Charles H.—300 '"B" St., South- Bldg

(see Addenda page 1689) east Petit, Fernand—1006 Vermont Ave.,

Faust, Frederick DeC.—403 Metropolitan King, George Anderson—728 17th St. ... N. W

Bank Bldg Kolb, T. Leo—923 New York Ave., N. W. Peyser, Julius J.—Investment Bldg

Finley, Mark Florus, (Dr.)—1928 I St., La Gorce, Tohn Oliver—16th & M St. . . Phillips, Alexander K.—900-4 F St., N. W.

N. W Lamb, L. Hovt—201 Marvland Ave., N. E. Plugge, August H.—7th & N Sts., N. W.

Flather, William J., Jr.—1508 "H" St.. Larner, John B.—Ninth & F Sts Poole, John

N. W Latimer, Lee Duncan—912 15th St., N. W. Pope, Christopher H.—Munsey Bldg. ...

Fleming, George E Lawlcr, Thomas B.—807 15th St., N. W Porter, Deruelle Smith—725 13th St., xV.

Fleming, Robert Vedder—1503 Pennsyl Lee, Tesse B. K.—8th & G Sts., S. E. . . W

vania Ave., N. W Leonard, Henrv—Wilkins Bldg Pratt, Walter Scott, Jr.—915 F St., N. W.

Forsberg, Gustave W.—8th & Water Sts., Levengood, Paul B.—1010 Vermont Ave Preston, Ord—411 10th St., N. W

S. W Levi, Harold H Quinter, H. R.—1437 K St., N. W. .. .

Furman, George Blacknall—613 Southern Libbev, Edward W^ Ramsey, Harry Clinton—^1132 Munsey

Bldg Light, Charles Porterfield—741 15th St.. . Bldg

Garfinckel, Julius—13th & F Sts., N. W. . Low, Frank M Ratcliffe, Charles D.—1329 E St., N. W.

Gatley, Albert S.—7th & D Sts., N. W. . . Luce, Robert—278 House Office Bldg. . . Redman, Samuel C—1337-54 D St., S. E.

Gatley, H. Prescott—Colorado Bldg Lynch, Arthur J.—Munitions Bldg Reed, Daniel Alden—407 House Office

Gerstenberg, Ernest—Pennsylvania Ave. Macka}', Charles DeSaussure—130 Penn- Bldg

& 20th St svlvania Ave., N. W Reynolds, James B

Ghiselli, Frank E.—15th & H Sts., N. W. MacKenzie, Frederick W.—491-499 C St, Rheem, Edmund D.—727 15th St., N. W.

Gibbs, Malcolm G.—77 P St., N. E N. W Riordon, J. M.—7th at E St., N. W

Glover, Charles Carroll, Jr AlacLeod, Donald Reed—1221 Munsey Robbins, Rpland S.—ISth & G Sts., N. W.

Glockeler, C. J.—1406 "G" St., N. W Bldg '. Roberts, Charles Francis—917 Woodward

Gowin, Vernor—222 Munsev Bldg Marks, .A.rthur David Bldg

Graham, Edwin C—1330 New York Ave. Martin, Julius C—717 Southern Bldg. .. Rodgers, William Ledyard—1738 R St...

Green, James M.—1406 G St McCoy, Charles E.—1714 Pennsylvania Roebling, Robert C.—843 Transportation

Green, Lincoln—1300 Pennsylvania Ave. Ave., N. W Bldg

Griffith, W. W.—1319 G St.. N. W McElroy, John—44 G St., N. E Rose, Irwin Linton—1300 Pennsylvania

Groom, Thomas Joseph—536 8th St., McGlue, G. Percy—1410 H St., N. W. ... Ave., N. W

Southeast Mclntyre, Frank—Munitions Bldg Rosenberg, M. D.—Cor. 7th & E Sts.,

Grosvenor, Gilbert—16th & M Sts. .. :.. McKee, Fred—427 Investment Bldg N. W

Gude, William Frederick—1212 F St., McKee, Henry H.—316 Pennsylvania Roth, Alfons M.—1410 H St., N. W

N. W Ave., S. E Rudolph, Cuno H.—Second National

Ham, WiUiam FeUon—14th & C Sts., N. McKenna, Royal Thomas—815 15th St., Bank Bldg

W N. W Russell, Percy H.—S. W. Corner 15th &

Hanna, John H.—36th & M Sts McKennev, Frederic D.—723 15th St. . . . K Sts., N. W

Hannay, William M.—509 Seventh St , McLachlen, Archibald—10th and G Sts., Rust, Elsworth Marshall—502 District

N. W N. W Bank Bldg

Harman, Frank P., Jr.—15th & H Sts., McLachlen, Lanier P.—10th and G Sts,, Rust, H. L., Jr.—1001 15th St., N. W. ..

N. W. . N. W Sacks, Eckert j;.—629 F St., N. W

Harney, Thomas R.—Washington Loan Sz (see also Addenda page 1697) Saul, B. Francis—925 15th St., N. W. . .

Trust Bldg Mead, Elwood Schreiner, Luther Eberts

Harper, B. Ogle—823 15th St., N. W . Meany, Tohn T.—804 17th St.-, N. W Scott, James Brown—2 Jackson Place ...

Harper, Franklin W.—1009 Pennsylvania Meem, Harry G.—9th and F Sts., N. W. Shannon, Herbert T.—1435 K St., N. W.

Ave., N. W Meyer, Eugene—7th and E Sts., N. W. . . Sherwood, James L.—12th & Newton St.,

Harris, Geo. A.—222 Munsey Bldg Meyer, John Franklin N. E

Harrison, Walter T.—14th & G Sts Milans, Joseph H.—908 G St., N. W Shoemaker, C. Wendel—N. W. Corner

Hayne?, Harry V.—Wisconsin Ave & M Miller, George—1311 E St., N. W Wisconsin Ave. & M St

St., N. W Miller, Henry Watkins—1300 Pennsyl Simon, Morris—Suite 340 Woodward

Hazen, Melvin C.—District Bldg vania Ave., N. W Bldg

Hazen, William Patterson Clark—511 E. Mills, Laurence—1311 G St., N. W Slaughter, Laurence A.—14th & G Sts.,

Capitol St Minnigerode, Cuthbert Powell—The Cor- N. W

Heartfield, Maurice K.—60 M St., N. E. coran Gallery of Art Slaughter, R. Kemp—815 15th St., N. W.

Hendrick, John Thilman—Woodward Mitchell, Leonard H.—Union Trust Bldg. Small, John H., 3rd—Dupont Circle

B'dg Montgomery, William Smith, D. A

Herrmann, John Philip—901 7th St., N. W. Moran, Howard—15th and Pennsylvania Smith, Frederick McCurdy — National

Herron, Lerov Whitley A.vf., N. W Press Bldg .

Hertzler, Wm " ['/, Morris, Charles Wesley—1420 New York Smith, Odell S.—1120 7th St., S. W

Herzog, Sol—Cor. 9th & F Sts., N. W. . . Ave Smith, Sidney Fuller—3712 Harrison St.,

Hibbs, Wm. B.—Hibbs Bldg. '. '.'.' Morris, George Maurice—815 Fifteenth N. W . . .... ..^. ........,

Hickman, Thos. P.—10th & Pa Ave St N W Smith, Wallace J.—77 P St., N. E

^T^\ "^^■^;^- • ■,• --r. •' Morse, Frank P.—729'i5th St' '.'.'.'.'.'..'.'.. Smithy, Horace G.—1418 I St., N W., .

Hight Frank S.—The Willard Hotel ... Moses, George H.—U. S. Senate Smoot, Read—215 Senate Office Bldg

Hill, Francis W., Jr.—Woodward Bldg. Muehleisen Wm Somerville, Andrew Jackson—312 13th

Hill, William Alexander—730 17th St., Mvers, Geo'rge Hewitt—ISOS'ii St.,"N.'W. ^ ^t., N W V/V ioo'i'-i.Y'c: ' "<'■

Northwest Newbold Fleming Somerville, 1 homas—213-322 I3th bt, J\.

Himes, Joseph Hendrix—514 Transporta Newbold', John Lowe—920 E St.,' 'n.' 'w." '. ^ W- • / ■ ■ ■■ - ■ ■■

tion Bldg. Newcomer, Henry Clay—The Ontario . . Spaid, W. W.—Hibbs Bldg

Hoyt, John C—Cosmos Club Nichols, John Beniamin (M. D.)—1607 Speer, Luther F.—1003 Munsey Bldg

Huidekoper, Reginald Shippen—1512 H 16th St ' Spencer, Henry Benning-Munsey Bldg.

St., N. W M V r^'j Stanton, Thomas J.—1237 Wisconsin Ave ,

Hutchins, Walter Stilson—1308 i6t'h 'St' -ri'^olson, G L. ... . . . . . ... .... ... j^_ ^^

N. \Y. . . . .' ^•^"^,?;^*' Clarence F., Jr.-7th St. Wharr, ^^^^ Addenda page 1692)

James, George Roosa—290 Treasury Bldg Starkey, George L.—Seventh and C Sts.,

Jarrell, Thomas E.—721 Tenth St., N. W Noyes, Frank B N. W

Jeffries Louis Eugene 1300 Pennsyl O'Brien, Arthur — 843 1 ransportation Stephan, Anton—1215 l" St., N. W

vania Ave. ^'^S Stetson, Frank—15th St. & New York

Jenkins, Charles Francis—1519 Connecti O'Brien, Daniel J.—Mayflower Hotel . . . Ave., N. W.

cut Ave O'Donnell, James Stone, Frank W _^. ....... ._.

Jenks, Holland Winfield—723 7th St., Offterdinger, Henry T.—833 17th St., Strasburger, Milton—917 15th St N. W.

ii_ \s/ N. W Strasburger, Milton—Investment Bldg. . .

District of Columbia



Washington — (Continued)

Sullivan, William C—927 15th St., N. W.

Symons, William L.—700 10th St., N. W.

Taylor, Wirt—1221 New York Ave., N. W

Texter, John Gordon—315 Mills Bldg. . .

Thayer, Lewis Miller—909 12th St., N. W.

Thom, Alfred Pembroke, Jr.—902 Transportation Bldg

Thompson, Eugene E.—823 ISth St., N. W

Thompson, Lorenzo Wolford—1220 26 Good Hope Rd

Thompson, Robert—1220 Good Hope Rd., S. E. :

Thorpe, Merle—U. S. Chamber of Commerce Bldg

Todd, George Carroll—1001 Fifteenth St.. N. W

Townshend, Orval P.—War Dept

Tribby, J. Clinton—3115 M St., N. W. ..

Trimble, James—Seventh & C Sts., N. W.

Twogood, Merton Elwin

Tydings, Millard E.—347 Senate Office Bldg

Vaughan, George Tully—1718 I St., N. W.

Walker, Samuel Hamilton—458 Louisi-anna Ave., N. W

Walker, William Henry—734 Fifteentii St., N. W

Waller, Austin C—807 ISth St., N. W. ..

Waller, John R.—807 15th St., N." W. ..

Walser, Daniel Charles—1132 Munsey Bldg

Walsh, John—Southern Bldg

Walson, George O

Wardman, Harry—1437 K St., N. W. . .

Watson, James A.—Mather Bldg

Weaver, Robert D.—1339 Wisconsin Ave., N. W

Weedon, John Catesby—912 15th St., N. W

White, George Whitney—613 15th St., N. W

White, William H., Jr.—1143 Investment Bldg

Wiley, Harvey W.—506 Mills Bldg

Wilkins, Howard Lincoln—-3261 K St., N. W

Wilkins, John Franklin—1700 Massachusetts Ave., N. W

Willard, Henry Augustus—Kellogg Bldg.

Willard, William Bradley—1416 F St., N. W

WilHams, Franklin P.—923 15th St., NT. W

Willis, Thomas Capel—Munsey Bldg. . .

Wilmer, Richard Hooker—^Transportation Bldg

Wilson, Charles Frederic—403 Metropolitan Bank Bldg

Wilson, Harley Payton—Rooms 619-623 Investment Bldg

Wimsatt, William A.—12th & Water Sts.

Woodward, Donald—11th & F St., N. W.

Wynn, F. S

Yeatman, Rudolph Henry—722 ^Munsey Bldg

Yort, J.—601 13th St

Zepp, Wilbur H.—14th & U St., N. W. .



LeRoy, Henry N

Traxler, Earle S


Marks, Harry DeWitt

Marks, Harry DeWitt, Jr

Montgomery, Samuel Egbert

Ruge, John G


Cross, Harry

Holtzendorff, Lovick

Raulerson, J. Ed

Turner, Robert O

Welles, Benj. Franklin

Welles, William G


Anderson, A. V

Chapman, John V.—1 West Main St.

Durrance, Samuel P

King, William

Marshall, William A

Moffett, Charles Henry


Fairchild, H. E

Lawrence, Charles Wyman


Bullard, Albert F

Work, E. C


James, M. E

Stuart, Edward Grosland—120 Central Ave

Wirt, Erie L.—105 N. Broadway


Brenk, J. A

Smock, N. M


Prim, Charles A

Sessoms, Kelly Parker


Pierce, Charles W


Balis, Raymond B

Barnes, Edwin C

Campbell, John T

Curry, Whitney

Day, Lee Sunmer

Denny, George V

Ford, N. Dwight

Green, E. P., Jr.—Manatee Ave. & 10th St

Green, Emmet Patrick—Cor. Manatee Ave & 10th St

Gregg, Jacob B

Groft', Otto Delvitt

Herrin, Marius Kendrick

Knowles, Gordan Brown—24 First National Bank Bldg

Lathrop. William Ulysses—1015-17 4th Ave

Murphy, Garrett

Rice, Edward C.—Bradenton Bank Bldg.

Rood, E. B

Singeltary, John Bennett—Manatee Ave. & 12th St

Stewart, J. J


Lewis, William A

Shuler, Lamar B


Stinson, Ewell


Price, Chas. Monroe


McKenzie, W. H

(see Addenda page 1691)


Gate, Pren. M


Bonham, W. R


Andrews, George R

Fowler, William M

Turner, James Wilcox


Hauss, Edward A.—P. O. Box "G"

Ranney, Arthur W


Wells, Angus Lee


Strickland, Edgar Eugene


Hefner, T. F.—7th St


Bayly, Traver—Cleveland St

Bivins, Harry W

Claj'ton, Julian

Dillard, Albert N.—405 N. Osceola Ave.

Gage, Asahel W.—P. O. Box 2092

Gregory, Lewis Thurston, Jr.—Box 2086

Jacobs, Kenneth W., Sr.—P. O. Box 1135

Kilgore B

Kingsbury, John Charles ..

Leach, Robert

McClung, J. N

Washburn, Alden F.—South Fort Harrison Ave

Washburn, George F


Baker, Charles Dale

Brantley, S. B

Johnson, Herbert L

Roe, Floyd B

Stokes, Harry K.—First State Bank Bldg. CLEWISTON

Bryant, F. E

(see Addenda page 1688)

Stewart, Elbert L

Williamson, F. L



A'larston, L. C

McLeod, J. C

Paterson, William Gordon

Yager, George P


Christiance, De Forest Fairchild—P. O. Box 36

Humphreys, R. N

Pierce, Fin L.—3516 Ingraham Highway

Thomas, Irving J.—3516 Ingraham Highway


Swicord, David Walter


Fowler, Ernest A

Murphy, Nicholas Joseph—2202 Ponce de Leon Boulevard

O'Leary, Frederick James—2319-31 Ponce de Leon Blvd

Renuart, Achille O.—Renuart Arcade..

Webster, Frank Wingfield—Administration Bldg


Melzer, Julius Otto

Warner, Willard A

White, Kirk M


Bryan, Thomas Fairis


Allen, Charles E

Van Rov. Frederick


Auvil, Arthur L

Larkin, William Monroe •

Williams, Mason

DANIA, Martin C

Parker, I. Terrell


Baggett, B. B.—736 S. Beach St

Bainum, Noah C

Bingham, Charles M.—312 27th Ave. . . .

Cameron, Walter D.—252 So. Beach St..

Frederick, Herbert B.—148^ S. Beach St

Howe, James Murrav, Jr.—Box 14

Nivcr, Fred J.—252 South Beach St

Otis, Arthur N

Parkinson, John R.—148 S. Beach St. ...

Petersohn, William—114 South Wildolive Ave

Selden, Ray Leonard—Selden Bldg. ...

Sherman, Lawrence Y.—First National Bank Bldg

Thompson, Laurence H.—228^ South Beach St

Vo.well, Louis S


Thorpe, Edwin White


Bennett, Richard Gillen—102 N. Blvd...

Conrad, Eugene Ray

Dreka, George A

Fountain, Victor Montrose—129 N. Blvd

Gould, V. Ward—109 W. Indiana Ave. ,.

Jordan, Samuel D

Marsh, James B ,

McCormick, J. Will

Mickle, E. L - .

Miller, Chas. A.—P. O. Box 263

Munson, A. S. (M. D.)—310 Dreka Bldg.

Nahm, Russell H.—112 South Blvd

Osborne, Frank R

Tuten, David B


Furt, Frederick N


Reed, Robert H

(see Addenda page 1692)


Skinner, Francis Lee—Corner Moinroe St. & A. C. L. RR

Skinner, Lee Bronson—Victoria Drive ..


Neville, G. W

Rawls, James T


Foley, Jeremiah S


Williamson, Jay Gould

(see Addenda page 1693)


Hart, Wililam Sylvester


White, I. L


Ham, William Otis^-^agnolia Ave.

Hannah, Harry C—P. O. Box 1089


Eustis—(Continued) Jacksonville—(Continued) LAKE WORTH

Ilaselton, T. Stin—P. O. Box 507 Cochran, Howard E.—327 West Forsyth Council, David Pendleton—8 North Dixie

Tavlor, Lawrence J.—Box 816 St Greenberg, Max—813-815 Lake Ave. ...

EVERGLADES Covington, R. V.—P. O. Box 233 LEESBURG

McLeod, Daniel William Dearing, Frank P.—206 St. James Bldg.. Bourlav, Arthur Hugh

FERNANDINA Denham, T. B. S.—327 W. Forsyth St.. . . Cooke, R. F. E

Humphreys, David Granville Denham, Thomas P Fiske, Arthur D

FORT LAUDERDALE Dunk, Thomas William—400 E. Forsyth McClelland, W. S

Stanford, A. John-—205 First National St Tuller, R. J

Bank Bldg Fleishel, Marc Leonard Wettstoin, B. E

Thi<tlewaite. Lemar—100 Las Olas Blvd. Fleming, Francis Philip—Barnett National Wettstein, Otto, Jr


Densfcrd, James O Flynn, D. M.—Box 376 Blue, Geo. A.—Blue's Stock Yards

FORT MYERS Gilland, D. L Blume, James Waltei"—First National

Alderman, Frank C Gray, Frank S.—32 to 44 West Bay St. . . Bank Bldg •

Blanding, John William Groover, Frank Clayton—Market & For- Hargrett, Wesley Thomas

Campbell, J. Bowers—Box 1055 syth Sts Hillman, Winder Joseph

I'tars, J. H Gunn, Earnest Linwood—P. O. Box 534 . Hopkins, Richard Parkhill

Flynn, Maurice T.—P. O. Box 2105 Hamby, Thomas B.—325 W. Forsyth St. Price, Joshua Marvin—Alemar Bldg

Fo'xworthy, James E.—1001 W. 1st St. .. Hardacre, Benjamin E.—Florida National LONGWOOD

Henderson,' Robert A.. Jr.—Collier Bldg Bank Bldg Entzminger, Charles W

Holmes, F. Irving Hardee, George W.—800 E. Adams St.. Hartle}', Lee Jackson—P. O. Box No. 155

Kinzie, George Fredrick—46 City Dock Heggie, Norman M. (Dr.)—33-36 Buck- Walker, James E

McWilliams, John Wesley man Bldg MADISON

Miles, Charles F.—1614 McGregor Blvd. Hoyt, Harry B.—2 East Bay St Tomlinson, Carlie D

Newman Robert L., Sr.—P. O. Arcade, Kelly, William James—708 Consolidated MANATEE

Box 551 Bldg Brown, Arthur H.—16th St. & 2nd Ave.. .

Pursley, Charles C Kendall, Courts P Wiggins, K. W

Robb, Virgil C.—Hendry St Knight, Raymond D.—Atlantic National MARIANNA

Williams, Al C—Starnes Arcade Bank Bldg Adams, Robert Hamilton

FORT PIERCE Lane, Edward W.—121 W. Forsyth St.. Milton, William Hall—101 S. Madison St.

Byington, William H Larzelere, L. J.—720 W. Bay St Ormond. J. A

Marvel, Charles S Loftin, Scott Marion—414 Graham Bldg. Packard, J. C

M cMul'len Frederick G Alann, Charles H.—Forsyth & Newnan Smith, L. N

Nobles, Orris Sts MELBOURNE

Rinehart, C. W. P. O. Box 356 McCord, Lodwick Pearl Henley, Glenn—Melbourne Hotel Bldg. . .

FROSTPROOF McQuaid, William Ravenel Nobles, Hardy Robert

Maxcy, Jonathan Perry, Arthur Franklin Stewart, Charles H.—236 New Haven

Maxcy^ Latimer Phillips, Thomas T.—213 W. Adams St. Ave .

Owens', William W Pope, Paul Marvin Trogdon, Samuel Leonard—P, O. Box 65

GAINESVILLE Redding, Wesley Albert Wade, Ernest Howard—Riverside Drive.

Carmichael, James B.—Corner E. Main Taylor, H. Marshall, (M. D.)— Ill W. MIAMI

& Union Sts Adams St Babcock, Austin Lewis .

Tavlor, Herbert Eugene Tucker, Lawrence K., Jr.—301 W. For Brand, John—P. O. Box 7006 (Winter). .

GOULDS syth St Brattin, H. A.—128 N. E. 1st Ave

Chandler, Luther L Valz, Fred M Brice, Vincent R.—28 N. W. 17th Ave. .

GRACEVILLE Yerkes, Fred G.—16-20 East Bay St Burdine, Roddey Bell—22 E. Flagler St.. .

Paterson, Ezra Dalton—49 Brown St. .. Weathers, Benjamin Seaborn Burdine, WilHam M.—22 E. Flagler St...

GREEN COVE SPRINGS White, Brooke G. (Rev.)—250 E. First Buss, Ralph H

Geiger, George W St Carlisle, John M.—73 N. W. 8th St. .

Hall James Oliver Wilson, Giles L Chaille, Josiah Frederick—117 N. E. 26th

Shands, Alvin Glenn Wilson, Lorenzo Arthur—772 West Bay St

GROVELAND St Claussen, John W.—1002 First National

Hi.ghtower, Jno. H J'^^?^^^ . ,,. r , . Bank Bldg

Russell, Austin S Worley, O. A.—West Central Ave Culbertson, W. W. . ,

Sheppard, H. W JENNINGS Dammers, Edward Emory—17 East Flag-

GULF HAMMOCK 1-ane, Hugh Vaughan ler St

Dowling, William Hampton JUPITER (see also Addenda page 1694)

HAINES CITY Pennock, Herbert A Davis, Clark B.—116 East Flagler St. ..

Atkinson, Thomas H ?5?,^^^,^^ • , t Devine, J. C

Pettit AN Kilhan, Daniel L Dockrell, G. Graham—17 East Flagler St.

Randall ' Frank Alfred—O. K. Arcade KEY WEST Felt, Fred D.—105 N. E. 1st Ave

Bldg ' Kemp, Richard H Freeman, H. J.—3638 N. E. 2nd Ave

Smith Lisie W Warren, William Richard Prix, Julian Boyd—172 S. E. First St. .

Spenc'er C 0-139 6th St KISSIMMEE Fuller, Alvin Elmo—46 West Flagler St.

iVrav, Victor—Wray Bldg Autrey, Daniel . Fuzzard, F. W

HASTINGS Bryan, Nathan C Geiger, August—58 S. E. 7th St

T arson Leslie Orrin Lupfer, James E Geiger, Ruth M. (Mrs.)—58 S. E. 7th St..

HIALEAH Rivers, Thomas M Geiger, William August—58 S. E. 7th St.

Prip-ht lames Harris ^^ BELLE Oilman, James H. .

HOMESTEAD ^^11, F. Watts Hoffer, Albert L.—400 Northeast Second

Chandler Luther L ^""' William Thomas Ave :

Cok, H. L \\oox^, Robert J Hudson, Frederick M.—830-852 Seybold


Le Baron Stephen Mallory Markham, Henry Walter Inglis, Edgar A.—402 First National

MacRae, 'james Alexander Wise. Arthur Rufus—Madison & Marion Bank Bldg

Tl^JVF'R^IF'^S Sts Junkin, John E.—227-8 Sevbold Bldg. . . .

vVnrW T^ac Oscar LAKE HELEN Kurtz, E. B.—808 Security Bldg

v^hir'ArHrr, Mace, John P LeGro. F. C. B.—1216-1219 Ingraham

TA^^'coMVTT ttt' LAKELAND Bldg

JACKbUWVil.i.ii Council, Jesse Faircy Macfarlane, William A.—1010 Congress

Adair, Henry P.-Atlantic National Bank j,^^^^ ^^^^^ ^ ^^^^^ «

, ,7 ?■ c • \ Haynes, K. T.—P. O. Box 80 Marshburn, Robert Jordan—246 South

Alford. S. A. ..... .^. ... . •„•--■ • - • • • Mack, Edward LeRoy—215 E. Main St.. Miami Ave

.^nthon>^ Augustus Pope-Graham Bldg. ^^^^^^^.^ g^,,^^^ ^._i„ ^^,,^1, Tennessee Martin, Ambrose Cortez-105 N. E. First

Baker, John D.—404 btockton bt . . .

Baldwin, George Hull-1424 Barnett Na ^^^^^^ --.- g.' ! !!!!!! ! !! !!!!!! ! !!!! !! M^uliffe.' Thomas R ! !!!!!! : ! ! !!!!!! !

tional Bank ^5klg . . Overstreet, W. T.—Box 40 McKibben, William Watson—205 Calu-

Barnett, Donald Murray . . ^. . .^ j^^j^, WsWr^^xx^ Frederick met Bldg

Bisbee, Prank Doan-1424 Bainett Bank ^^^^,, ^^^^ B.-P. O. Box 40 Middleton, Earle L.-129 Seybold Bldg.. .

Blaloc1< ■ John ' Thomas—327' West For LAKE PLACID Milam, Marcus Alexander—1800 No.

^^.u St Whitmore, Albert C Miami Ave

Blalook: John ■wiliiam-305' Atlantic Na LAKE WALES Miller, Fred C.-759 N. E. 68th St

tional B-mk Bldr Buchanan, F, C Mdler, George B.—906 Exchange Bldg. .

Cheek Leon T Craig, Roy Alexander Moore, Theo W.-N. E. 2nd Ave. at 40th

Chestnut, Charles H Draper, Henry E.—202 Stuart Ave St. ..

Christooher John G.—416-422 East Bay Wheeler, Lee A Munro, John G.—218 Bedtord Bldg . .

^ Sj ' ' •• Worthington, Justin E.—154 Park Ave... Newman, Mark B.—42 E. Flagler St. ..





Oak. Calvin

Opshal, John—49-61 N. E. 26th St

Orr, Alexander, Jr.—45 N. W. 3rd St. . . Ott, John H., Jr.—136 N. E. 2nd Ave. . . Parker, Harry E.—1334 S. W. 1st St. ...

Pepper, Frank J.—Box 885

Pereno, J. C

Romfh, Edward Coleman

Romfh, George B

Schilling, Irwin E.—125 North East 6th


Sewell, John—66-72 E. Flagler St.

Shutts, Frank B.—Flagler St

Simmons, J. P.—First National Bank Bid. Sims, Charles O.—316 N. E. 21st St. _. . Smathers, Frank—Suite 601, First National Bank Bldg

Stokes, John P.—627 Ingraham Bldg. . . .

Tatum, B. B.—200 E. Flagler St

Tatum, Tohnson Reed—172 S. E. First

St. ."

Tatum, Smiley M.—200 East Flagler St. Taylor, Paul Charles—1502-04 Congress


Waldhouser, John T.—330 S. W. North

River Drive

Weaver, A. Vernon—147 N. E. Sixth St. .

Whitten, George Easton


Fisher, Carl Graham—846 Lincoln Road

(see also Addenda page 1695} Mead, D. Richard—1659 Lenox Ave. . . . Pancoast, Thos. J.—846 I-incoln Rd- . . .

Walkling, Thomas W

Wall, F. Lowery


Sherman, W. C


Walker, Cason


Bishop, Thos. G

Miller, Hampton Knox

Sattler, Frank J


Cottrcll. John S

Parkinson, Cecil V


Denham, Alva David


Curtis, Rosewell Mansing—Naples Hotel


Barnett, Charles William

Burns, Warren E ....

Sims, George R.—Boulevard & Main St..

Wright, Edgar A. .


Ashton, Maurice W

Shryock, William Porter--406 So. Hills-

boro St

Smith, Daniel Perkins

Webster. E. M.—400 Canal St


Chazal, Louis Richard—P. O. Box 475 . .

Duval, Louis Weyman—Holder BlockT . .

Elhs, W. E

Ferguson, D. Niel—Robertson Bldg

Gray, William Theodore—20 N. Magnolia,


Long, Clyde Connor

Munroe, Theodore T

Palmer, Whitfield M.—19 North Main Si.

Peek, Eugene G

Therrell, John Henry—Broadway & Magnolia St

Wilson, L. P


Reasoner, Korinan Anderson


Taylor, Frank S


Asher, Julius B.—12 McKenney-Rylander

Barr, Harrv Watts—128 South Oran^x,:

Ave " .

Bland, William Thomas—132 Soutli

Orange Ave

Bumby, Alfred W.—112 W. Church S<-

Chase, Joshua C—P. O. Box 451

Crittenden, A. M

Currier, Gerald E.—24 Wall St '.'.

Douglass, Aldrew Roscoe—114 North

Orange Ave

Fort, L. B.—41 W. Central Ave

Guernsey S. Kendrick—12-14 Guern'^ev

Bldg ..-.

Howe, Stephenson Waters—101 Norch

Orange Ave

Johnston, Geo. C. (Col.)—19 E. Pine St


Leedy, Loomis C—501 State Bank Bldg.

Leu, Harry P.—Box 1710

McCTormicic, Joe M

McCulloch, John

McEwan, John S., (M. D.l

McGill, Edwin E

Miller, C. DeWitt

Miller, Walter C—501 State Bank Bldg.

Newton, Victor Berion—Rylaiider Bldg .

O'Neal, William P.—30 Court St

Phillips, Louis R

Rhan, W. R.—69 East Church St

Robertson, Loren M.—53-61 West Jackson St

Slicrh, Samuel Jefferson—907 State Bank Bldg

Swope, Oliver P.—404 Orlando Bank & Trust Company Bldg

Wright, James N.—501 State Bank Bids;.

Wheeler, Howard S.—501 State Bank Bldg


MilHgan. Jolm Sterry


F"eitner. Peter T


Smith, B. G

Ward. H. A


Lair. William Henry


Davies, Oscar Godson


Churchwell, James E

(see Addenda page 1688)

Payne, Thomas C

Sellars, John D

Stokes, John Edward

Sudduth, Henry L

Woolf, Henry W

Wilkerson, Ernest H


Clark. Francis Orville

A'lorton, Davis Walter


Andrews, James William

Beggs, E. D.—Blount Bldg

Freeman, Robert Russell—American National Bank Bldg. . . .

Hagler, Lee Conner—San Carlos Hotel..

Hutchinson, Clarence 'Edward — 3'0 3 Blount Bldg

Kugelman, David—117 East Government St

Levy, Joseph M.—614-615 American National Bank Bldg

Malone, Edgar Robert

McCormack, John H

Merritt, John A.—804 So. Palafox St

Nobles, Laurence Edmund—29 Sontli Palafox St

Pace, Ashley DeWitte—Box 1616

Pasco, Samuel—American National Bpnk Bldg ,.

Reese, James Simpson—215 S. Palafo:: St

Shine, Cheever Lewis—Theisen Bldg. . . .

Stanley, Welis Marion

Weis, Carl Albert—P. O. Box 1618 ....



-P. O. Box 609



Loughridge, John Woods, James P.— Weaver, William PLANT CITY Merrin, Philander

Moody, Moreau Estes

Moody, Thomas Edwin

Roux, Edwin Timanus


Robinson, Horace P

Walton, John W

West, William P


Closson, Herbert R

Ham, Harold H


Eells, Byron W


Yeats, James G.—P. O. Box 97 . . .


Heusted, Luman George—Box 226


Jordan, Norman B

Love, Meade Alexander

A'facGowan, William Leroj-

Munroe, Mark W



Bearer, Paul T.—Drawer "A"

Colee, James A.—Cathedra! St

Davis, H. W.—P. O. Box 622

Dunham. David R.—27 Jefferson Theatre Bldg

Foster, J. Clifford R.—82 Marine St

Gilbert, Cephas, 3rd

Harrold, Frank F

Hoffman, John W.—210 City Bldg

Lamont, Clarence Arnold— 332 Citv Bldp;.

Mac Williams, William A.—312 First Na,'-tional Bank Bldg

Mason, Robert L.,. Tr

Meserve, G. S.—11 Aviles St

Nobles, Willis Hampton

Perrv. Peter R.—312 First National Bank Bldg

Pomar, T. A .—16 Carrera St

Puller, J. D

Rahne'r, Joseph D

Rodenbaugh, Henry Nathan

Sargent, Fred H

Terwilligar, Alexander Clement

Upchurcl,, Frank D.—500 First National Bank Bldg

Young, Charles Edward

White, Reginald


FJunter, G. C

Moses, Graves M

Porter, Sidney William

Zetrouer, H. F


Beach, D. E

Carr, C. C

Christian; Eugene—2nd St. & 2nd Ave., N.

Dann, Herman A.—1900 2nd Ave., S. .. .

Eaton, Wm. Thomas—2099 Euclid Blvd.

Fitz, Max A. H

Fuller, Walter P.—417 Power & Light Bldg

Gandy, George S.—5th & Central Ave. .

Hibbs, Henry Wilkin.s—960-964 Third St., South

Jonsberg, Frank F.—317 Central National Bank Bld.g. .

King, William G.—310-315 Magnolia Arcade

Latham, Byrd M. —Gandy Bldg

McCuicheon, Robert James, Jr

Owen, Crockett—First National Bank Bldg

Pearce, Robert Strange—445 Central Ave.

Poynter, Paul—l^imes Bldg

Purdy, Edwin S.—The Claymoor

(see Addenda page 1692)

Thomas, Robert Henry—Room 401, First National Bank Bldg'

Thomasbon, Alfred F

Vinev. John Irwin—401-416 T. Bruce Sm'ith Bldg

Watson, William L

Willson, F, B


Branan, .-Vrthur

Lawton, Thomas Willingham — Court pTouse

Whitner, Benjamin F.—103 E. First St..


Bundy, Morris E.—630 Rowe Place ....

Edwards, Arthur Britton—Edwards Theatre Bldg

Gill, To

Gill, John

Hauer, Kenneth

Hitchings, Clarence E

Prim.e, George B.—176 6th St

Rowland, Charles Edgar—255 Palm Ave.

Sawver, Herbert S.—First Bank & Tru.;t Co. Bld.g ;■.

Skaggs, Allen Orrin

Townsend, Monte L

\A'ilson, Cullen B


Bobb, G. F

Durrance, Robert Neil—102 .South Circle

Hainz, Fdw. L

Nelson, G. T

Rippberger, P. J


Brown, LaFayette A.,—215 Peacock Arcade

Fuge, Edward A

Fuge, Percy

Kitching, Stanley—P. O. Box 1049

Kuney, C. G

Til ton,, Warner B-. .


Stuart—(Continued) Tampa—(Continued) Albany—(Continued)

Varnedoe. John Ely Woods, Lemuel Robert—36th St. South Hodges, Kenneth Brj'ant—318 N. Jackson

Wallace, Andrew R of East Broadway St


Gunter, Herman—Martin Bldg Plammond, Thomas C Huckabee, Thad

Gwynn, George Humphrey, Jr.—Perkins TARPON SPRINGS Jones, Robert Lee—117 North Washing-

Bldg McCrocklin, Junius Clifford ton St, . ,

Lewis, George Edward TAVARES Kalmon, Edmond Herman—218 North St

Lewis, S. D Burleigh, Edward S Keaton, John Cox, (M.D.)—Davis Ex-

Meginni,-s, Benjamin A.—Exchange Bank I'readway, Chester B.—Florida Telephone change Bank Bldg

Bldg Bldg Leader, Leo . .

Mitchell Carl TITUSVILLE Legg, W. Milton—221 Fhnt St

Mizell, Cincinnatus L Nobles, James Edward McCollum, Hubert E

Stoutamire, William David—Star Route, Scobie, George Webster Neuman, Carl L.—211 Broad St

P. O. Box 85 Spell, James C Patterson, Harman Wayne

TAMPA TRENTON Reynolds, John Wiliiam

Acree, Cecil Weslej'—2724 Nebraska Ave. Lang, Robert Campbell Tift, Charles W.—603 N. Jackson St. . .

Arango, Francisco—P. O. Box 403 UMATILLA Ventulett, Thomas Walker—148 Broad

Beckwith, Wm. Reynolds—502 Tampa Neal, John Basil St


Bentley, Frank—700-702 Zack St Jarvis, Phillips F ,. McBride, Clifford

Binnicker, Richard J. Watson, James Oglesby , McBride, Marvin P.

Bize, John Trice WABASSO McBride, William T

Booker, George Vanderipe—Morgan & Michael, Alfred Benjamin AMBOY

Bell Sts WAUCHULA Pate, Arthur

Caraballo. Martin —1001-1006 Citizens Stansfield, Harry AMERICUS

Bank Bldg Williams, S. D Council, Charles Monroe

Carman, T. A. P.—4008 Nebraska Ave. . WEST PALM BEACH Crisp, Charles Frederick

Carruth, Melville W.—304 Exchange Hrown, George W.—605 Guaranty Bldg. Crisp, Charles Robert ..

Bldg Burguieres, Jules Martial—403 South Hudson, Lee

Clewis, Richard Martin—624 Twiggs St. Olive Ave Sheffield, Frank

Cooper, F. M.—P. O. Box 98 Cole, Bertram Dudley—P. O. Box B-17 ARLINGTON

(see also Addenda page 1693) Conkling, Donald Herbert—Post Bldg. . Martin, J. E

Cuesta, A. L., Sr.—P. O. Box 995 Conners, William James—313J4 Clematis ASHBURN,

Fairclotii, Charles A Ave Garner, E. W

Gannon, Francis J.—Davis Islands Cornish. Ed Johnson, John S. .

Gillett, David Collins—Box 226 Fenno, Fred E.—Court House Pate, James Hardy

Grable, J. A. M.—1821 Bayshore Blvd. .. (see also Addenda page 1695) Story, Warren L.—Box 151

(iray, Walter B.—Citizens Bank Bldg. . . Hall, Stiles C ATHENS

Griffin, James Arthur, Sr.—P. O. Box 57 Maxfield, Barnet A Bird, J. Ovid

Jackson, Frank D.—P. O. Box 917 Morris, S. D.—814 Citizens Bank Bldg. . . Brand, C. H

Jackson, W. P.—1201 P'ranklin St Ohmer, C. J.—Box A-30 Hodgson, Edward Reginald

Joughin, Robert Y.—1502 Franklin St. . . Rumsey, Earl C Michael, Max—Southern Mutual Bldg. . .

Kerr, Donald W .' Simon, Lorrain Noble—338j4 Clematis Michael, Simon

Kirchick, Samuel L.—1214 Franklin St.. Ave Morton, John White

Knight, Charles J^afayette—103 E. Lafay Smith, J. Warren Moss, John D

ette St Wagg, Alfred H.—215 So. Olive Ave. Nickerson, Thomas H.—272-280 E. Broad

Knight, Peter Oliphant—Stovall Profes Wagner, Ralph B.—510 Clematis Ave. . . St

sional Bldg Winters, Bert—Guaranty Bldg Parker, Albert S

Maas. Isaac WEWAHITCHKA Phinizy, Billups—Southern Mutual Bldg.

Martin, Douglas Dickenson,' (M. D.)—906 Kelley, James Hayward Snelling, Charles Mercer

So. Rome Ave Meriwether, Thomas Talmadge, John E., Jr.—Thomas St

McKay, Donald Brenham Morgan, Charles Lafayette ATLANTA

McKay, Kenneth Ivor—Citrus Exchange WHITE SPRINGS Allan, J. P. Buist—313 West Feachtree St.

Bldg Bullock, Bryant William N. E

McLeod, L. B Bullock, Burton Finley Allcorn, F. W., Jr.—41 Marietta St

Mills, John Herman, (M. D.)—910 East WILLISTON Allen, Ivan—40 Marietta St

Michigan Ave Philips, Shelton .' Allen, Scott Wyley—P. O. Box 191, Sta-

Mitchell, Lucien B.—First National Bank WINTER GARDEN tion "A"

Bldg Fairchild, J. S Alston, Robert Gotten-1204 Citizens &

Moore, Earle G.—1019 Citizens Bank Ficquette, Arthur Stephen Southern Bldg

Bldg Smith, George Thomas Arkwright, Preston S.—558 Elec. & Gas

Morrow, Charles Jackson—Citizens Bank Sullivan, J. M Bldg

Bldg WINTER HAVEN Ashcraft, Lee—Trust Co. of Georgia Bldg.

Nickerson, H. Guy—515 Citizens Bank Dugger, J. A.—South 5th St Atkinson, Henry Morrell—558 Electric &

Bldg Gray, W. D.—519 W. Central Ave Gas Bldg

Palermo, Andrew Charles—1702 E. Broad McCoy, C. W Austin, J. Hollis—P. O. Box 1708

way Register, Don—P. O. Box 338 Baker, William B

Fendas, Jaime—Tampa St. & Frances Viertel, Max E.—519 Central Ave. West Barnes, Edward H.—Candler Bldg

Ave Walthall, Edward B.—729 Ave. A. S. W^ Barnett, Stephen Trent—26 Linden Ave.,

Perkins, Alfred William WINTER PARK N. E. . . . . .

Perry, John O.—P. O. Box 57 Bacheller, Irving Beaudry, E. G.—169-171 Marietta St.,

Philbrook, Howard G.—Davis Lsiands . . Cady, Frederick W !^- ^'^^ . . • • j ■;;o'7^

Pierce, Lyle O.—107 W. Comanche Ave. Dickinson, David Knox—408 New Eng (see Addenda page 1687)

Reeve, Herbert Ogden—311-316 Stovall land Ave 2^^\ J' Frank—805 Atlanta Trust B dg.

Professional Bldg Hughes, Robert T Beckham, Frederick Ernest—Norris Bldg.

Shackleford, Thomas Mitchell, Jr.—700 Mendsen, Edward Boone Bell, S Inman—302-6 Norris Bldg

Tampa Theatre Bldg Sutliff, O. L.—152 E. Park Ave. S Bickelhaupt, Carroll O.—Hurt Bldg

Stallings, Otto P.—First National Bank Ward, H. A gl'^^^l'staff, Charles A

Bldg ZEPHYRHILLS gkckburn Palmer—313 Camden Bldg.. .

Steinberg. Oskar—1611 Seventh Ave Shaw, John Dee ni J" A W'lliam J . ...

Stovall, Wallace Fisher—708 Stovall's Blodgett, Sherwood Brandon—906 Citi-

Profesional Bldg „ ""« & Southern Bldg

„,. ,T-TiTi ' f~^ ' Boston, Joseph E

Taliaferro, E. P 3rd .. .. . UeOFgia Brine, George William-Electric & Gas

laylor, Peter—Birst National Bank Bldg ^=> s<](] r

Thomas, Walter C. . . •......,••• • w^i^^Sf'^^-ivmnnH Smith Brook^ Emory' L.-736' Jefferson St.,' N.

Thompson, C. Fred—Stovall Professional wuiiams, Kaymond :5mitn y,

Bl^g ADAIRSyiLLE Brown,' Dowdeli—Hurt Bldg. .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'

Thompson. James Herbert Scott, J. E Brown, George M .

Thompson. M. A.—200 N. Edison Ave. .. ADEL Bugg, Benjamin Lamar—410 Brown Bldg., Irving Sutton, C Burnett, Richard A.—152 W. Whitehall

Wohl, Louis—1705 16th St ALBANY St., 25-27 E. Hunter St

Walker, Chas. H.—Citrus Exchange Bldg. Beatie, David L.—230 Pine St Burnett, W. Gordon—-51 Ivy St

Watrous, Harry J.—Tampa Theatre Bldg Burt, Walter Holton—401 Davis Ex Butler, Frank L.—Electric & Gas Bldg..

Whitaker. Karl E.—Stovall-Professional change Bank Bldg Calhoun, F. Phinizy—478 Peachtree St.. .

Bldg Davis, Harry Emerson Camp, William M.—Room 3, Atlanta

Wilder, C. D.—P. O. Box 166 Gortatowsky, Henry—101 Broad St Terminal Station




Atlanta— (Continued)

Campbell, J. Bulow—240 Marietta St. .. Candler, Asa Warren—1415 Candler Bldg. Candler, John Slaughter—1415 Candler

Bldg ,

Candler, William—lOOJ Atlanta Biltmore

Chipley, Hunt—Hunt Bldg

Choate, Herbert Emory—336 Hurt Bldg. Clarke, Peter F.—Cor. Carnegie Way &

Ellis St

(see Addenda page 1688)

Clay, Ryburn G

Collins, Berry U.—63 No. Broad St

Cooney, Robt. Lee—^Haas-Howell Bldg. Couch, Hugh C.—315 Southern Railway


Courts, Richard W., Jr.—113 Hurt Bldg. Cowles, Dudley Redwood—29 Pryor St.. . Crandall, Fred—99 Luckie St., N. W. ..

Dargan, Milton—1250 Hurt Bldg

Davis, Horace B.—784 Marietta St

Davis, William Joseph—90 Alabama St.,

S. W

Dealy, Timothy W.—Hurt Bldg

De C^ive, J. L.—Grand Building

Dobbs, Samuel C, Sr.—1604-5-6 Candler


Dobbs, Samuel C, Jr.—1606 Candler Bldg. Doran, James Joseph—Peachtree and

Ellis Sts

(see also Addenda page 1694) Edwards, Joseph Lee—26 Cain St., -N. W.

Elsas, Benjamin—P. O. Box 1726

Elsas, Jacob—P. O. Box 1726

Elsas. Louis Jacob—170 Blvd., S. E

Elsas, Norman Emerson—170 Blvd., S. E.

Erwin, Thomas Cowan

Etheridge, Frank Scarborough—719-20 Atlanta Trust Co. Bldg

(see also Addenda page 1695)

Farrell, D. A.—222 Ivy St., N. E

Floyd, James S

Foreman, Lauren—315 Southern Railway

Bldg. :

Foreman, Robert L.—Fourth National

Bank Bldg

Francis, WiUiam M.—1107 Atlanta Trust

Co. Bldg

Gellerstedt, Lawrence L.—Broad at Marietta St

Gentry, James C—P. O. Box 1417

Glenn, Thomas Kearney

Goddard, N. J.—P. O. Box 978

Goodrum, James J., Jr.—N. Prvor St.. Gordon, Fielding G.—P. O.'Box 1417...

Gregg, Robert—P. O. Box 1714

Haas, Edwin R.—Haas-Howell Bldg. . . .

Hagan, Lee—Cor. Irwin St., N. E

Haverty, Clarence—22 Edgewood Ave... Haverty, James Joseph—22 Edgev.'ood


Hawkins, Frank

Henry, William Thomas—P. O. Box 1726 Hinman, Thos. P. (D. D. S.)—503 4th

National Bank Bldg

Hirsch, Harold—1415 Candler Bldg

Hirsch, Jake H -

Holleman, Joseph Travis—10 Auburn


Hopkins, Lindsey

Hopkins, Walter—70 Forsyth St., N. W.

Howell, Clark, Jr

Howell, Clark, Sr

Howell. George Arthur—Haas-Howell


Hudson, Robert James—588 Whitehall


Hudson, Scott—44 Carnegie Way

Hynds, John A.—703 Atlanta Trust Co.


Inman, Edward Hamilton—1038 Hurt


Inman, Frank Martin—16 Ivy St

Jones, Boiling H

Jones, Harrison—Plum St. & North Ave.

Kellogg, F. E.—State Capitol

Kennedv, Henry Bissell—18-20 Marietta

St. ."

Kennedy, Joseph Sherrard

King, Mitchell Campbell—Atlanta Trust

Company Bldg

Larkin, Frederick —Medical Arts Bldg... Law, Thomas Cassels—P. O. Box 1558.. I-ewis, Leonard Charles—57^ Peachtree


Lippitt, Alfonso Linton—1408 Candler


Atlanta — (Continued)

Little, George William—178-180 Prvor St., S. W ■

Lowndes, George S.—186 The I'rado ....

Maddox, Robert Foster

Martin, H. Warner

McBurney, Edgar Poe—619 Trust Company of Georgia Bldg

McCandless, Edward S.—247 Courtland St.. N. E

McCarty, Geo. W., Ir.—-Trust Co. of Ga. Bldg ."

McClatchey, Marvin R.—47 No. Broad St

McCord, Joseph A.—Cor. Carnegie Way & ElHs St

McCord, Joseph A., Jr.—Cor. Carnegie Way & Ellis St _. .

McGee, Benjamin L.—315 Southern Railway Bldg.

McGruder, Millard Reason—1326-B, Hurt Bldg

Milton, Lorimer Douglas—210-212 Auburn Ave., N. E

Mitchell, Flarry C—315 Brown Bldg

Moore, Wilmer L.—1233 Candler Bldg.

Morton, George L.—74 For.sylh St., N. W.

Morton, J. C.—315 Brown Bldg

Nenhoff, I-orenz

North, Frank G.—417 Fourth National Bank Bldg

Nunnally, Charles T.—41 E. Mitchell St.

Nunnally, James H.—86 Edgewood Ave.

Nunnally, Winship—86 Edgewood Ave. . .

O'Beirne, E. N.—339 Hurt Bldg

Orme, Aquilla Johns

Orr, Joseph K.—32 Auburn Ave

Ottley, John King—P. O. Box 1700 ....

Parks, Llovd Bowers—37 & 39 Peachtree

St :

Parrish, Howard

Patterson, Frederick W.—96 N. Forsyth

St. ...^

Paxon, Frederic John

Pegram, Robert Baker, 3rd—315 Southern Railway Bldg

Perkerson, William Thomas

Pierce, Sam K.—Healey Bldg. .

Powell, John H.—Atlanta National Bank


Pringle, Robert Smith—1012-19 Norris


Rainwater, Charles Veazey—909 Norris

Bldg. -

Randall, William Lane—95 Marietta St.,

N. W

Randolph, Hollins N.-^22-430 Healey


Ransom, Ronald

Read, Benjamin Stalker—Hurt Bldg

Rivers, E.—403 Palmer Bldg

Roberson, John Linton—201 Hurt Bldg. Robert, Lawrence Wood, Jr.—7th Floor,

Bona Allen Bldg

Roberts, E. P.—Trust Co. of Georgia


Roberts, Tom—314-34 Candler Bldg

Robinson, Jas. D

Rogers, Harold O.—682 Whitehall St. . . Royer, William C.—Atlanta Biltmore


Ryan, Chas. I

St. Amand, Joseph G.—140 Peachtree .St. Sale, Benjamin Cecil—588 Whitehall St. Skaggs, Joseph Everett—82 North Pryor

St ■...

Smith, Edward D.—1745 Hurt Bldg

Smith, Hoke—Grant Bldg

Souders, Byron—Ansley Hotel

Spalding, Jack J.—Suite 1401 Atlanta Trust Bldg

Spaulding, R. E.—101 Marietta St

Speer, Thomas M.—101 Marietta St. Bldg.

Stewart, John P.—Candler Bldg

Stockbridge, Basil—Cor. Carnegie Way & Ellis St

Stone, Fenn Orletson

Stovall, William Burroughs

Tappan, Clarence Alexander—145 S. Forsyth St

Tarpley, Robert Ernest—319 Southern Railway Bldg

Thomason, Charles Augustus—315 Southern Ry. Bldg

Thomson, William D.—Candler Bldg. . .

Tompkins, Henry B.—22 Marietta St. ..

Tye, John L.—417 Trust Co. of Georgia Bldg



Vincent, William Holmes—120 East Hunter St

Wardlaw, Wm. Clarke

Watkins, Edgar—4003 Atlanta Trust Co. Bldg •

Wellborn, Maximilian B

White, Robert Hugh—Station "A"

White, Robert Hugh, Jr.—Station "A" . .

White, William Emmett—Station "A" . .

Wickersham, Charles A.—4 Hunter St.,

S. E :

Wilkinson, iiell R.—66i trust Co. of

Georgia Bldg

Williams, H. C.—Cor. Carnegie Way &

Ellis St

Williams, R. Clyde—P. O. Box 1700 ....

Winship, C. R

Woodruff, Ernest—P. O. BOx 589

Woodruff, R. W.—Plum St. & North Ave. Woolford, Cator—90 Fairlie St

(see Addenda page 1693) Woolford, Thomas Guy—90 Fairlie St.,

N. W

Yancey, Herman C.—315 Southern Railway Bldg

Young, H. Lane

Yundt, George J.—Hurt Bldg


Shaeffer, C. M


Anderson, Albert W

Battcy, W. Whatley, Jr.—561 Teefair St.

Belding, J. G

Bothwell, Warren—138 8th St

Burum, Henry Percy—669 9th St

Bush, William Eve—Lamar Bldg

Callaway, Enoch Howard—711-14 Marion


Carr, Chas. D

Carswell, John Franklin—116 8th St

Caswell, Theodore D.—City Hall

Chafee, Henry Campbell—Box 917

Gumming, Bryan—911-915 Marion Bldg. Cumming, Joseph B.—911-915 Marion


Etheredge, J. Lee—102 8th St

Fortson, Samuel A.—P. O. Box 660

Garrett, Henry Burt—Southern Finance


Gray, Thomas Stephen—769 Broad St. .. Hollingsworth, William J.—323 Masonic


Howard, Henry Grady—Southern Finance

Corp. Bldg

Kitchen, A. B.—701 Broad St

Land, Robert H.—1168 Broad St

Lawrence, Chas. K., Jr

League, James Robert—Herald Bldg. . ..

Lee, Lansing B.—716 Lamar Bldg

Lyeth, LeRoy W.—827 Broad St

Maxwell, Grover Cleveland

Mulherin, James B.—714 Southern

Finance Bldg

Mulherin, John P.—620 13th St

O'Shea, James John—615 Eighth St

Pendleton, Edmund Allen—823 Broad St.

Phinizy, Bowdre—731 Broad St

Phinizy, Coles—101 8th St

Phinizv, John—305-309 Eighth St

Purvis, H. W

Sancken, George A.—919-927 Walker St..

Sancken, John—639 15th St

Save, Sam W.—P. O. Box 903

Schweigert, William

Slusky, David—1009 Broad St

Slusky, Moses—1009 Broad St

Stearns, George R

Tunkle, Max—650 Broad St

von Kamp, Albert B.—Herald Bldg

Wallace, Fielding

Whaley, Russell Keener—641 Broad St. ..

Williams, John Skelton, Jr


Callahan, John Wesley

Coleman, Robert Bruce

Ehrlich, J. B.—234 Water St

Hale, John Clifford

Jones, Frank Standifer

Simmons, John M

Vickers, Elzie Franklin


Hendrix, Marion Gordon

Thomason, Luther R


Owen, Marvin Pierce

Stafford, Ruben Alvis


BAXLEY Columbus—(Continued) ' EATONTON

Watson, Wade Hampton Davidson, Harry O Adams, Meriwether F

Whitaker, Charles Arthur Dimon, Joseph Homer—Cor. Broad & Ingram, Edison Willet

BLACKSHEAR 14th Sts ("see Addenda page 1690)

Memory, S. F Flournoy, John F.—1207 Broad St EDISON

Moore, Andrew Alarion Garrard, Frank U.—Garrard BIdg Manrv, Leroy CorneHus

BLAKELY Harding, Reynold M.—Broadway & ELBERTON

Warrick, L. F.—P. O. Box 25 Triangle St Brown, M. ]

BOWDON Hollis, Howell—Macon & Pleasant Sts. . . Dennis, John T., Jr

Adams, William Cleveland Hudson, Thos. Charlton ELLIJAY

BREMEN Hunt, William Wilkerson Hamrick, Dow

ilurphv. AViUiam Harvey IHges, John P.—600 12th St Hudson, Ernest T

BROOKLET Jordan, G. Gunby—P. O. Box 946 FAIRBURN

McElveen, Jesse Morgan Joseph, Dan—9th St. & 10th Ave Longino, James Henry

Robertson, John William Kirven, J. DuPont—1136 Broad St Longino, Young Hugh


Sapix Tames L Kyle, George S Rogers, Robert Lee


Aiken, Isaac Means—1419 Newcastle St.. McPherson, L. W.—10th Ave. & 9th St. Avret, Jesse T

Lissner, Jacob J Pease, J. J FITZGERALD

Reese, Millard—National Bank Bldg. .. . Power, Frank G.—Post Box 236 McDonald, Alex Jackson

Varner, Paul J Swift, Edward W McLendon, William R.—127 South Main

BUCHANAN Swift, Geo. P.—Box 716 St

Moore, W. C Swift, Herman Hoist—Murrah Bldg. . . . Paulk, Drew W

BUENA VISTA Turner, Don Abbott T Pryor, Shepherd Green, Jr.—lYl E.'Ceii-

Burgin, Joe S Walton, John H tral Ave

Lewis, Oleous Haslam Williams, Harry Lawrence Seanor, John B.—117 East Pine St.

Wooten, William Council COMMERCE Turner, James Elbert

BUFORD Hubbard, Geo. L Ware, Dudley B.—P. O. Box 49

Pattillo, Leonard Perry Montgomery, Claud FOLKSTON

Perry, Carl CONCORD Mizell, William, Jr

Vance, Edgar Walter Smith, Charles Theodore Mizell, William, Sr.

BUTLER Strickland, George E FORSYTH

Adams, Louis Robinson Strickland, Roger Head Chapman Paul R

CAIRO CONYERS Hill, Charner W.'.'.'.'.'..'.'.'..'.'.'.'.'.'.'..'.'.

Bell, R. C Suns, G. C Persons, George Ogden

Pope, Jeff A Still, Robert Hillyer Stephens, John F

Searcy, Wh CORDELE Worsham, Hugh S

Warnell, John Braxton—110 S. Broad St.. Boatnght, Fred Grant—P. O. Box 337 .. FORT GAINES

Wight, Alvin Butler Vv'illiams. Britt Nathan—308 13th Ave.. . Grimsley, Joseph Best


Wight, John Byron Ellard, William Benton Martin, Charles Edwin

Wight. Thomas Grant, Benj. Worth GAINESVILLE


Erwm, J. G. B Adams, George Claud Dunlap Samuel C

CAMILLA Callaway, John Lamar—P. O. Box 277 . . Estes, Henrv Henderson—Box 33

Baggs, G. B Godfrey, Peter Walton Perrin, Lew'is Wardlaw

Butler, Joe W bv/ann, Thomas Chalmers Pierce, John A.—41-43 W. Spring St. ...

Ledbetter, J. Drewey DAHLONEGA Pilgrim George Ezra

CANON Meaders, Robert C Pruitt, John Claiborne '.'.'./.'.'/..'.'..'.'.'.'.'.

Westmoreland, W. H bpeer, John Sims Veazev W B

CANTON Townsend, Wm. B Wheeler, Alonzo C.—Box 385.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.''

Blackwell, William L JJAl^i^AS GARFIELD

Elliott, William S Byrd, William F Cowart O. F

Fincher, Olin Holland, Henry Y GLENWOOD

Gait, William ...^ ^^9^j;'i^VT Charles B. . . . . ; Colson, Dell Cassidy

J ohnston, Green B UAL ION GRANT VILLE

Johnston, Joseph E Head, Sam J.—Hamilton St Banks, William Nathaniel

Jones, L. L ••.••■• McLellan, James G.—Hamilton St Brasch, Charles Edwin

Jones, Paul Walker, Sr DANIELSVILLE Colley, C. S

Westbrook, Luther Felton Moselev, Berrv Thomas GRAVES STATION

CARROLLTON DARIEN Dismuke, Drew Monroe

Cheney, Jame,s Gordon ........... • .^ .. T^-^o"' Chas. M GREENSBORO

Henderson, Charles K., Jr.-First Na DAWSON ^ ,,, Goodwin, Henry D

tional Bank Bldg Petty, Herbert Andrew—Box 424 Ri^e, Thaddeus B

Jackson, Robert D Raines, 1 homas B GRIFFIN

Lyle, Charles A Rainey, Eugene Leigh Bailev Nathaniel H -105 So 10th St

Mandeville, John Appleton—15 Alabama Saville, Robert Lee—423 Stonewall St... Bailey, Seaton G. 114 East Solomon St

St Smith, Roy D gpjl j N '

Whatley, Vachel David—Courthouse .... DEERING Blakeley" Benianiin Rush

CARTERSVILLE Rodgers, George Lloyd Cheathai^, John Henry .'.'.''.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.

^"11 "'c-D^'Ti.?!^' S ■ DEXTER Cleveland, Lloyd-Hill St

CAVE SPRING Taylor, Loomis Drake, Gilman J

Turn in, Albert Joshua Taylor, William B Ingram, William Franklin

?^nAPTnWM DOERUN Riviere, Hal-Box 503

^ , r n I McPhaul, Neal Alexander Rogers, Jno. Harrison

forcers, 1.. '-"arden . . . . . . . ^ Addenda page 1691) Williams, Davis Earl—Box 512

Henderson, Edgar Long—314 Mam St... .^' .,^„, .^ trAUT-DA

Holmes, Wadsvvorth K DOUGLAS ?^?{?^ m

Perkins, William Leonard ^.''^f ^'■' Joseph C Bartield, ti. M

Scarborough, Clarence I.—401 Main St.. . Shelton, J L ^oppage, ^ J. .

PHARTNO Stubbs, Sidney Johnston Coppage, John W

Garn>H Shums Yeomans, Ralph N Gaskins, Virgil A

Mo. eome V B F DOUGLASVILLE Jones, Joe S

Montgomcr>, B. 1 . . . Huffine Futrene M Lastinger, W. W

Rogers, R(.ibert Oscar, Sr iiuuinc, r.-u)3eiie ivi p.


Olliff .•\. N Bashinski, Izzie Alford, Drewry Cade -.

COLLINS (see Addenda page 1687) Morris, Louie Ligon

Yeon.ans, William Henry Molonv, Charles Skelton, James Howard, Jr

COLQUITT Stevens, Harry Garland Thornton, Samuel William


Wilkin, Willie Joe Duggan, I. J. . , Parsons, William N

COLUMBUS Joiner, H. D Ragan, Thomas B.—126 Jackson St. . .

Bradley, William Clark—P. O. Box 721.. EASTMAN HAZLEHURST

Browne, Rhodes—1046 Broad St Smyly, St. Clair Matthews, Jamie Franklin

Chappcll, Lucius H.—214 Masonic Temple Wall, John Cox—104-5-6 Wiliiamson Bldg. Smith, C. O

Crowell, Henry B Williamson, Jay Gould HELEN

Crowell, Laurence H.—1330 Broadway . . (see .Addenda page 1693) Williams, Marion lasper


HILLSBORO Macon—(Continued) Newnan—(Continued)

McCullough, Edward Bernard Taylor, Robert Jenks—Box 41 .. Stevens, Frank L

HOMERVILLE Tinslcy, T. D.—Poplar St Wright, William Carter

Hiiey, Horace Gordan Yates, J. E.—Foot Mulberry St NEWTON

HOSCHTON MADISON Hall, jnnies Henderson

DeLaperriere, Arthur Leon Foster, Albert G.—Cor. Main & Washing Odoni, Robert Benton

Wilson, Beniamin Franklin ton Sts NICHOLLS

IDEAL (see Addenda page 1689) Patterson. William C


ILA Johnson, Winfield B Creech, Oscar F

Westbrook, Robert Johnson Trotter, Mack M., Jr Norman, John T


Watkins, Richard Wright Collins, Lee Roy Spccr, Alva E •

JASPER Fowler, John Robert OCILLA

McCiain, Robert Lee Gann, Gordon B Little, Josepli Harrison

JEFFERSON Cortelyou, Adrian A'" Faulk, J. L

Ayers, Jere S Hancock, John W Rogers, Henr}' Levy

(see Addenda page 1687) Latimer, P. B., Tr. Willis, John M'

Mobley, Henry Isham Legg, Fred V OGLETHORPE

Pendergrass, James Bascom Massev, J. E Wilburn, William Eugene

Pcndergrass, Phillip Trout McNeel, M. L PARROTT

Smith, William H Northcutt, Guy H Pinkston, Roy

Turner, j ohn Collier M ARSHALLVILLE PELHAM

JENKINSBURG Frederick, J. Walter Cooper, W. C

Minter, J. O Rice, William Henry Curry, Bostick Underwood


Blalock, Alfred C Greer, W. J Hollis, Fred D

LA FAYETTE Pullin, John George McDonald, H. L

Massev. John William Turner, Ralph Lesley Payne, J. R

Patton, James Moore McRAE Twittv. William C

Shaw, Walter Barnett Horton, William Daniel PEMBROKE

LA GRANGE McRae, E. F Bowers, Victor Pinckney

Burks, Henry Dawson—33 Court Square MEANSVILLE Lanier, W. C

Caliawav, Cason Jewel Langford, Henry G Strickland, T. O

Callaway, Fuller Earle METTER PERRY

Childs, Harold H.—4 Court Sq. . Bird, Andrew J Gilbert, Henry Tucker

Daliis, Roy Collins, Perry Q Grubb, James A

Dunson, Walker Sanford Kirkland, John Dekle Houser, Houston Parks

Glanton, H. D Kirkland, Tyree Hines Nuun, Samuel A

Holmes, W. A.—405 Vernon St Nevil. James L PINEHURST

Hutchinson, Richard , . MILLEDGEVILLE Moore, L. W.-R. D. lA, Box 164

Longley, trank P.—-405 Broad St Allen, Henry Dawson Peavv M C

I.ovejoy, Hatton—The La Grange Na Beesoii, Jasper Luther Wilson A M

tional Bank Bldg Bell, Juiias Furman I, ' '

Smith, Henry Gaillard—513 Park Ave. .. MILLWOOD FUlMii^Y

Truitt, Cornelius V.—Corner Main cK: Boone, Walter R Patterson, James McCready

Broome Sts MOLENA (see also Addenda page 1698)

Turner, William H., Jr Storey. William Enoch—R. F. D. 1 . . .. QUITMAN

LAKELAND MONROE Beunet, Stanley Spencer

Patten, Robert Lee Adams, J. P.—100 N. Broad St Branan, Fred Harris ^

LAWRENCEVILLE Arnold, Harry M Cater, Charles Franklin

Brand, Levi Mangum Bell, Wevman P Haygood, Milton M

Pentecost, Frank T Felker, George W Jelks, Edwin L

Ware, Clarence R Nunnallv. William H AlcMichael, Jack Richard—105 N. Lee St.

LESLIE Radford, John Robert—100 Broad St.... Oglesby, J. W.—First National Bank

Sims, R. J Tichenor, Edgar Stanton Bldg

LEXSY MONTEZUMA Powers, Charles Morris

Youmans, John N Harrison, James Leon Rountree, Samuel S

LINCOLNTON Lester, James David Stubbs, Herbert William

Crawford, William B Mason, Guv Turner fil'man, Charles Thomas—First National


Abbot PhiUips Allen, Herschel Wilson, Joseph D

Abbott, William Wright, Jr.* .'.".".'.'.'.'.'.*.*.'.' Ballard, G, S RAY CITY

Clark, Ernest Matthews ^ Harvey, David Nesbitt Jones, Charles Xenophon

PhilHps, John Robert Kelly, Elmo Clyde REIDSVILLE

Sinquefield, W. R MOULTRIE Adamson, J. P

LYONS *" ' Cooper, Robert Anthony Newton, James Erastus

Smith, W. P. C Hackett, John K.-Main St REYNOLDS

-.yr. ^.^.,r Pidcock, Charles W., Jr x- ■ i t i u j

MACON Pid.ock, Charles W. Sr tVsiZ'Jr.^'

Anderson, William Dickson Pidcof-k F R ROBERTA

Coleman, Saniuel T.—P. O Box 347 .... pidcocki James' Nel'son ".'.'.'.'.'.'.'..'.'.'.'.'.'.'. J-o^'.^, Kingman P

Cox, W. R.—Georgia Casualty Bldg Vereen William Jerome Walker, Ben F

Dunlap, Robert C—321 3rd St NAHUNTA ROCKMART

Dunwody, William Elliott—460 Broadway Mizell, Albert S Simon, Daniel B

Dure, Leon S. ....... ................. NASHVILLE ROME

Hall, J. Ellsworth— 615 Georgia Casualty „ i, t u \-rt -a r^r^t^oii t^v,.,

D,,-^ '' •' Powell, John W. E Cantrell, John

„^'°S- T 'xr"'i^<'^r\'-'yi: NAYLOR Gumming, Julian—100-120 No. 2nd Ave.

Hogan, James K.—321 fhird St ^ ^ t , y,, .,,■ tj^,,.,^^ v>^^-a -r u, ,

Tones, Bruce C.-610-20 Citizens & South garter, John Plnll.p Haynes, Basil Tolberr.

ern Bank Bldg NELSON S ' m'V r F

Jones, George Salley-Citizens & South Anderson, Alexander m t^- r V 9-7=;iV'n ' ' V c/

D r t>-j Tarlrsnn Paul McKoy, L. J:^.— IZ:)Y2 Broad St

ern Bank B.dg jacRson, raui Nixon Georiye F

Jordan, Robt G NEWINGTON P^nn ' w;n^! wV;' i V ' d' '^-'du a

T • /-u 1 TD1 1 11 r 17 .1 Tu Phillips, William Wriglit—9 hifth Ave...

Lewis, Charles Blackwell •^•. • • ■ • •, Connor, Frank H ^,„^^^ ^^,,,^^^ ^,^^

Lovelace, Thomas B.—144 Hmes Terrace Woods, Charles A ^^ ^^^ T.—312 Broad St

Macewen, Harry L NEWNAN Wilson Ralph I

Magraw, Lester Andrew—220 Second St. Arnall, Flugh Walker Wright' Graham

Mason, Richard Holmes, (Dr.)—Macon Blackburn, Brvan—57 Broad St v>^^^^\T^^ i v

National Bank Bldg Cole. Edward Guy—55 & 57 E. Broad St. ^r^ r .f

Murphey, J. Clay Cole, Frank Bartow—Box 563 r o m ti^

Neel, Joseph Norris—520 Cherry St. . . Cole, Robert Duke ^'^^^^ ' T . T

Patterson, George E Cole, Roy N.-57 E. Broad St S^" ."'TV "

Porter, J. H Cuttino, David S.—Lock Box 333 ROSWELL

Porter, James Hyde—Box 37 Freeman, Robert W Broadivell, H. M

Riley, Joseph B.—408 Broadway St. .. Goodrum, Thomas M ROYSTON

Schofield, Alonzo D.—P. O. Box 172 .... Hardaway, John Steger, Jr Bowers, Sam

Smith, Louis G.—Georgia Casualty Bldf; Powell, Jack H Sanders, Harvev J


Georgia REGISTER OF DIRECTORS Hawaiian Islands


Roberts, William Thomas Moore, William Richard Jordan, Harry A

Wallace, James Paul SHELLMAN WALESKA

Wallace, Roy William Crittenden, Hiram O Cline, James Luther

ST. MARY'S Curry, James Martin WASHINGTON

Townsend, Sinclair C.—The Bank of Curry, William Riley Fortson, Benjamin Wvnn

Camden County BIdg Martin, J. Truitt Slaton, William A. . . .'


Tarbutton, Benjamine J Shropshire Wesley—Lock Box 85 Frizzell, James Edward

Warthen, George D SPRINGFIELD Pitts, W. L H

SARDIS ^^^'""'' Orville Augustus WAYNESBORO

Godbee, Francis B STATESBORO Skinner, Charles Wesley

«5AT?rTrMT '^°'^^' Howell WEST POINT

SAKGKNT Dorman, Alfred Allen Herzfeld Toe

Arnall, Alton W r;„ff William Henrv raerzieiu joe .

QAVAMMAW r ' ^^"™ J^^^^^ Lamer, George Huguley

bAVAJNJMAlrl Groover, Samuel C Lanier 1 aFayette

Adams, A. Pratt—Savannah Fire Ins. Groover, Samuel Edwin WHITE PLAINS '

Bldg Lanier, Fred Thomas Tappan George R

Adams, Samuel B.—205 E. Gaston St.. . Lewis, S. W.—28-30 No. Main St '

Adler, Leopold—Bull & Broughton Sts. Mathews, James L TJ ^-.^t^H^*-, Tx>.1^^J^

Airey, Charles T.—233 West Broad St. Mooney, Alfonso J., Sr.—Bank of States OaWalian 1813.1108

Altstaetter, Frederick William—American boro Bldg HAIKU MAUI

Bank & Trust Bldg .. . ... .... Preetorius, William S Baldwin,' William Dwight

Anderson, Jefferson Randolph—Citizens Simmons, Brooks Lindsay, David C

Trust Bldg Sinith, Egbert Andrew—14 East Vine St. HAKALAU HAWAII

Battey, Frank C—12 Bryan St. W SUMMERVILLE Ross John M ""^"^"^^^

Bernstein, Morris H.—416-420 Realty Farrar, Baker W HAWI, HAV/AII

Bldg Myers, Graves Trenholm Hind J Henry

Blun, Henry—Bull & Broughton Sts Whisnant, John Black HILO HAWAII

Budreau, J. Lindly—917 to 920 Realty (see Addenda page 1693) Beers 'William Henrv

Bldg SWAINSBORO Guard, Thomas

Cahill, Michael Harrison—Realty Bldg... Powell John Rountree, Jr.—Courthouse Gurney, A. S. leBaron—P. O. Box 547'"

Cann, George T.--Blun Bldg ?"";,9lll P''^'^^^ Henderson, James—P. O. Box 1027 . . .'. .

Cann, J. Ferris—Blun Bldg SYLVANIA Lyman Levi C

Carson, Gordon Cubbedge—904 Liberty Evans, Thomas J Matthias, Gwynn J. .........

Bank & Trust Bldg Howard, Joseph Henry Russell Tames W

Cohen, Abram J.—19 East Broughton St. Reddick, Jack Cuthbert Willfong, George ' w'.—Box' 742'! '.'.'.'.'.'.'.

Cope, Robert S.—106 Bay St. East Sharpe, William Green wnMnr ttt tt wam/att

Cunningham, Thomas Mayhew, Jr.—26 Thompson, Emory H a 7^ ' u-uu j

Bryan St. East SYLVESTER '" ^""Sus George Hibbard .

Foss, Howard C.-Bay & Whitaker Sts. Alford, Greene Floyd, Sr.-lOl E. Pope aIp^v Winf.m C nl^A^.'l.fSt

Frank, Edwin M.—217 W. Broad St St ^ , 7' t u a^ • i^ /''^'^^^ ooL

Frank, Hugo I.-217 V/est Broad St Hillhouse, C. W. ..'.!!!!!.'!!!! 1!!!!!. ' S^'"^' J^" ^'^I'^^" p n n"" l^L ' ' '

Gay, Charles E., Jr Jeffords T C S?',"^"' Kenneth B.—P. O. Box 3380 . . .

Haines, Garrard—7 E. Bay St Strangward, Charles H.—Alford Bldg ^^^ a i-^^°^A

Hitch, Robert M.—17 Drayton St TALBOTTON ' gogardus, Everadus

Horrigan, John 'j.—209 West Congress Jordan, James W Bottomley, Allen W. T.—Fort & Queen


Huli Robert' 'm.-605' 'bIuu' 'Bidg.',' 'and Litchfield H L S^'T"' ^^f^^^^ l'~'^^^ ^- ■^'??F ^u ' . V

City Hall THOMSON ^""^^l' Alexander Grow—Merchant &

Hunter, Charlesworth J.—141 Bull St... Kunnes R A r- u?i a1" ' "J" t -rn i^'"'u'' 1

T on^ m;ii= r rvuHuet., iv. j\ Campbell, Alexander James—79 Merchant

Lane, Mills B. ....... ......... THOMASVILLE St

tawf encl'AlexaTd7r AtkinLl-l'5'C'om^ Culpepper James T Castle, 'Aifred ' L.-312' Castle '& Cooke

mercer gijj ^ Atkinson Z5 Com Dawes, Edwin Allen—401-7 Williams Bldg

T awtnn AIpvanHpr RiiHnlf 1 fi Rrvan St ^ ^'^^ Castle, William Richards—312 Castle &

Lawton, Alexander Rudolt—10 Bryan bt. driver, Louis Frazer . Cooke Bldg

Letner Edwin Ferguson, Lonnie D.—128 South Broad Catton, Robert—2236 Vancouver "Highway

Lowden, Harry Ol'iver—2i6'w: 'Bay' 's't.' r,,^,[ " •„■ U' „r "t '', c. 9^\\ ^^^^^ E.—816 Fort St

(see Addenda page 1691) ^" '^,'^' ^^^^ Bascom-W. Jackson St. Cockburn James Lowrie

McCarthy, Cornelius Aloysius h rrff a 't;^ "" 'li""' V cV ^°°^^' Clarence Hyde

McCartney, John D g^^' ^'fford E.-Broad St. . Cooke, Joseph Piatt,

McKinstry William B Holland, Truman- 28 S. Broad St Damon, Cynl Francis

Murphey, William-Bav & Drayton Sts. J^'"'^°"; J' . ^c~^','.l'T n ^\^^ R^'^°"'a ,^°''c ' f "^ " 'ion c " iu ' i/-' '' c.

Mvers, Lee Roy-17 West Bay St ^°°^^' Louis S.-M.tchell Bldg Davis, Alan Sanford-120 South King St.

Nash, Joseph Cheshire-8th Floor Savan ^""f^^)^/"'^"'/^^''*^ " V 'w' 'i:- '"; ' n' r"^^^""' ¥m'u'^ ^"p n" p^'' «««

nah Bank & Trust Bldg Scott, Wilham Fred-West Washington Dillingham, Walter F.-P. O. Box 3288

O'Leary, Michael J.-118 Bay St. E ^ ^t Dole. James Drummond-Box 3.380 ...

^ „^ T7,.oM=^,v^ T-r ?i/L A,-r,<>,-;^^,i RiricT Steyerman, Louis Dowsett, John M.—410-412 S. M. Damon

Upper, rrederick xl.—ol4 American rJlclg. t. t> i ^ ir,a n j c^. -nu

r-.;fV, ninf A,-^ari^ RiHo Thomas, Robert—108 Broad St Bldg

Utto,Ulat— Arcade Biag. ^ Hansell—104 N. Broad St Duisenberg, E. G.—115 Merchant St

Uxnard, Benjamin Alexander, jr -iirn n ^ ■ •• • i ? t? -n /^ d oncn

Oxnard Thomas-Savannah Bank Bldg. Williams, Homer Fenwick, J. F.-P. O. Box 2750

Pardonner, William Stanley-Savannah THOMSON Fleming, John Lund.e-185 South King

Bank & Trust Bldg Hadaway, Robert I^ee ^'^- • ■ •"' ' , oX c ' i/-'- c*'

Pelley, John Jeremiah-233 W. Broad St. TIFTON FrL"r wXr"^ ^"^

Pollard, Henry Douglas McLeod, Ben Hill ^„,f5; r^i.„» r^A^^

Powers John J.-20 West Broughton St. tIGNALL Gait JofnRfndorpfcl20 South'king St.

Read, Abram C. Bolton, Claude D Hapai Henry Chase ...

Reid Robert D^16 E Bryan S McNeill, Robert John Hemenway, Charles Reed-119 Merchant

Smith, George Heber—27 Bull St TOCCOA St

Solomons Isaiah A. Jr.. Henshaw,' 'Mar's'hall 'b: '..'.'... .'.' '. . .'.'.'.'.' '.

Sprague, Benjamin Oxnard Mitchell, Ephraim E. ..!'. . .'.: . ..:... .. Hopper, William Lewers-P. O. Box 596

StroDnar, A u.. .............. Jeasley, Ohn A Hummel, Frederick G.—1128 Alakea St.. .

Thorpe, Cortney-2 East Bryan St TUCSON ' Johnson, Horace-Box 3470

Tr'ain'Thn Ki'rk (M. ■d.')'-11'07 'BuII St. Martin, Jack Barnes-P. O. Box 1146. . Judd, Albert F.-309 Inter Island Bldg. .

Trn^^flpl Finar S —M Bav St F;5st UNADILLA Kamuri, Nenichi

Wall 'ThomL'F.iillkeftty Bldg.! !!! Nichols, W. B Lewis Abraham Jr -185 South Ki^

Williamson, William Wayne-26 Bay St. UNION POINT Lowrey, Frederick Jewett-167 South

E Ivev, Ira W at . "? ^ iVi '<-<v-'i'^

,,, . , , -.TT-,,- TT T ™K xjr.^^\A Matsui, Totaro—161 N. King St

Wright, Wi nam H Lamb, Harold ■«<■/- ji t v, a a -d r\ -o

*= ' . ^ „ . McCandless, John Andrew—^P. O. Box


Hutchinson, Homer G McBride, H. G McCoy, Lester—Box 2595

Hutchinson, L. L VALDOSTA McLean, Peter K

McKnight, C. C Pendleton, Philip Coleman—220 S. Pat- Peck, S. S.—P. O. Box 3440

Morgan, Othei terson St Peirce, John Mattinson—1128 Alakea St.,

SHADY DALE Strickland, Allan James—108 South Pat Petrie, Thomas H.—Merchant & Bishop

Lancaster, Oscar Eugeni; terson St . Sts. .

Hawaiian Islands REGISTER OF DIRECTORS Illinois

Honolulu—(Continued) TrlaVirk KELLOGG

Prever. James Lawrence—213-214 Kauike xClciIlO Easton, Stanly A

olani Bldg BOISE Prather, Lee

Purvis, Robert McBryde . . . .^ Barton, C. A.~Empire Bldg LEWISTON

Ramalter U. J.—120 S. King St Boone, James L,—Electric Bldg Cox, Eugene Andrew—Lewiston National

Rice, Arthur Hyde—227 S. Kmg St Brookman, Murray—317 Noble Bldg. . . Bank Bldg

Richards Atherton Budge, Alfred Erb, Robert S.—Fifth & D Sts

Russell, John Edward . .^ Burns, Willard W.—Empire Bldg matv/tba

Schaefer. Gnstav R—P O Bn-x- 2780 r-^cciJ <-_„■ u ' ^ NAMPA

Schaefer, Gustav E.—P. O. Box 2780 . . , , Coffin' Craie H ' NAMPA

Searby, William .^ Cough'lin, Christopher' tV !!! ! ! !!!'.".! !: ! ! ^^7' v'^'^'^ Henry-Dewey-Scales

Shingle, Robert Witt ._...^ . Cunningham, John W ^ ^\^^A, ^°°"^ ^1

Spalding, Edward Irwin—P. O. Box 374 ^., t_, -A t,___ oo. ^^^d' Clayton C.

Shingle, Robert Witt

Spalding, Edward Irvmi— ±.. ^. j^^^ ,j,-r t-^ , ^ , _^ „ _..

Spalding, Philip E Daly, John D.-Box 824 POCATELLO

Sumida, Daizo-P. O. Box 979 Eagleson, Ernest George-206 & 8 Sonna |™ q ^^"

Sutton, Edwin White—909 Bishop St, ^^ '^;. •••■:■••' '' " " ' ' ■^- •.; ;. Bussell, James "sherrili ".'.'.'.'.'.'.

Tenney, Edward Davies—P. O. Box 2990 Haga, Oliver O.—Idaho Building .... Cleaves David B

Thompson, F. E.—2-12 Campbell Block. . Hansen, Walter—City Hall . .•

Trent, Richard—916-926 Fort St Hoover, Edgar M.—State House SAM

Van Valkenburg, Albert W.—P. O. Box Johnesse, Frank E.—623 Empire Bldg. .. Forrester, John Bryce

3288 Johnson, F. F , (see also Addenda page 1695)

von Hamn, Conrad Carl—King & Bishop King, Richard Buel—7th & Bannock Sts. SPENCER

Sts MacLeod, William—623-25 Empire Bldg. Hagenbarth, David V

Von Holt, Herman V.—97 Merchant St. . . McLean, Charles Alexander Hagenbarth, Frank J

Waldron, John William—Castle & Cooke Afeholin, Montford P.—9th & Idaho Sts. Hardy, Charles W

Bldg ; Morse, Guilford Alden—Empire Bldg. STAR

Walsh, John J.—185 South King St Pierce, Walter Edgar—Suites 5 & 6 Paci Roberts. John E.

Waterhouse, George Shadford—King & fie National Bank Bldg WAT I ACE

1.—P. O. Box 162 er G.—710 Hotel St.

White.-WiilTrm Xms'trong-lSS South sfTfair'^^S ^ Callahan, Donald A.

Waterhouse, George Shadford—King & he National Bank Bldg WAT I ACE

\^Pl^^u^ ^^^'t- u ■ • '1 in \r ■ • t- c Putnam, William R Becker Wm -

Waterhouse, John-1 9 Merchant St. . . . Regan, Rose C.-718 Idaho St gJown Home,

5^l1'^?S"i'fltl.„. i.^ c:...u ?^^-- .William V ^anXn Son

nite, wiuiam Armstrong—185 South st. Clair, John S Coe, W.L ...... .'

ing '^t. .......... .-. Sproat, Hugh—Box 359 Hale Ellis L Banl

■•^J^^'rl^'ri/izll^ "'"*'"" ^'- ■ Turner. J„s?ph Ja„,es-621-623 Idaho a. Sanson Walter H-

S;ifc'Sr"Ga".r„?d™P^;i=."'"'''"'.='■.:. S™i j;SVjT„%st52,:623 ,<iahoS. SaSoS Wafc7R-\ol'c.da; si.

Wilder, Samuel Gardner-120 South King ?r^^-^^T • tt ^/n'^^'^'l'^^' '^'''"'"^^

5^ " Hanley, Lewis L McCarthy, James i".

Williams,'John Norman'Spencer CALDWELL Mortimer, George A. ... .....

Yamamoto, Seizo—169 North King St.' ' Lyon, Will P Ramstedt Axel P.—Day Bldg. .

Yamashiro, Matsutaro—206 N. Beretania CAMBRIDGE Taylor, J. H

St Looney, Eugene WEISER

PAPAIKOU, HAWAII r-r, ttttd t^.at T:«xTt:. Sommer, Nathan—401 State St.

Moir, John Troup COEURDALENE Stover, Fred D

WAHIAWA, OAHU Harding, George Young, Legrand

Whitmore, John Lawler JEROME WINCHESTER

WAIPAHU, OAHU Bremer, George A Geddes, W. C

Greene, Ernest W Shepherd, Russell E Van Ostrand, Edwin H


^LTON Belleville—(Continued) CHESTER

Baker, Henry S.—214 W. Third St Twenhoefel, Edmund WilHam—Public Cole. Charles Briggs

Ferguson, Frank F Square-Market Square CHICAGO

Levis, Charles—Broadway & Washington BELVIDERE Aagaard, Walter Scott—208 South La

Sts List. R. F Salle St

Levis, Geo. M Marshall, George 'm'.— 703 Pearl 'St. '..'.'.'.. Aage, Richard L.—209 So. LaSalle St...

Levis, R. H.—Broadway & Washington Pierce, H. D Abbott, John J-—208 South LaSalle St...

Aves • BENTON Abbott, William Rufus—212 W. Wash-

Levis, Wm. E.—Broadway & Washington Tones, Paul A.—Swafford Bldg ington St

Aves Jones, W. R.—The Swafiford Bldg. . Adams, Benjamin Stearns—41 So. La

McGinnis, John T.—State St BERWYN Salle St

McKinney, George Abner—320 Easton St. Stuchlik. Edward—6243 W. 22nd St Adams, Edward Martin—38. So. Dearborn

Schlafly, Louis A.—34 W. Broadway BLOOMINGTON St

AURORA Agle, Charles F. J Affleck, Benjamin FrankHn—208 So. La

Adamson, F. G.—100 Ridgeway - Chew, Roy E.—316 No. Main St Salle St

Alschuler, Benjamin P.—81 Fox St Condon, John Joseph Agur, Ernest Avery—2011 Straus Bldg..

Chapman, Judd Franklin, Bertram A z\hrensfeld, Henry B.—N. Dearborn St..

Colby, Russell H.—430 West Park Ave. Hall, Homer W.—Unity Bldg Aikman, W. V.—30 N. La Salic St

Colwell, Charles E., fM. D.)—150 So. Hoblit, Harris K.—Corner Main & Wash Alderson, E. R.—536 Lake Shore Drive

Lake St ington Sts Aldrich, Frederick C—Room 705-112 W.

Cooper, H. J Holton, Campbell Adams St

Copley, Ira C Klemm, Charles W.—105 W. Jefferson St. Alexander, H. G. B.—910 So. Michigan

George, William Livingston, Sigmund Ave

Grometer, C. H.—24 So. Broadway Read, G. B Alexander, James Greenleaf—125 West

Hartz, Peter G.—12 S. Broadwav Rice, Frank M Monroe St

Lord, Joseph F.—20-22 Broadway Smith, Lawrence L Allen, Harry W.—110-118 N. Peoria St.

McWethy, Henry L Williams, Chas. U Allen, Irving R.—1801 Lytton Bldg

Pierce, Milo M.—Room 38, Frazier Bldg. Williams, Walter W.—Hanna & Bell Sts Allen, Leon M.—723 LaSalle St. Station

Robinson, R. H BLUE ISLAND Ailing, C. A

Snook, Albert M.—38-40 Main St Klein, John C—292 Vermont St Allman, Geo. D.—2101 W. Pershing Rd.

Stephens, Leroy S Peschel, Jos. F Allport, Hamilton—39 S. La Salle St.. .

Thon, George L Zacharias. John L.—279 Western Ave.. . Allyn, Arthur Cecil—67 W. Monroe St..

BATAVIA BRADLEY Alward, Vaughn Lee—666 Lake Shore

Wade, Henry N Peschel. Jos. F Drive

BELLEVILLE BROCTON Andersen, Arthur Edward—1814-111 W.

Abend, Edward Price, W. C Monroe St

Conroy, John Keane—First National Bank CAIRO Anderson, Charles K.—134 No. La Salle

Bldg Aisthorpe, Halliday R.—8th & Washing St ,

Gass, Phil—Public Square. ton Ave Anderson, Daniel F.—10101 Ewing Ave.

Hilgard, Richard W.—20 East Main St. Beadles, Jesse A.—44th Sr Sycamore St. Anderson, Hjalmer O.—3959 Lincoln Ave.

Hueckel, John T.—Sycamore St. & L, & Dewev, William S.—800 Commercial Ave. Anderson, Robert—6000 S. Halsted St. ..

N. RR Roos, Charles M.—1103 Washington Ave. Anderson, William B.—5844 N, Harlem

Kaercher, Peter J.—20 East Main St. ... Wood, Walter H.—611 Ohio St Ave

Kohl, Emil J.—200 W. Main St CARMAN Andrews, Rodney D.—4790 Milwaukee

Lengfelder, Henry A Crane, F. C Ave

Lutz, Herman CHARLESTON * Angsten, Peter J.—11 So. LaSalle St

Rogers, George B. M Lord, Livingston C Antonisen, William Merle—3252 S. Hal-Turner, Lucius D.—Advocate Bldg Starr, Nathan—Cor. 6th & Jackson Sts. sted St



Chicago— (Continued)

Antonow, Benjamin A.—-3600 Roosevelt Rd

Antonow, Samuel L.—38 So. Dearborn St. Appcl, Vallee Orville—1000 Fulton St... Appleton, Albert I.—1701-29 Wellington


Aranoff, Nathan K.—350 W. Erie St. . . Armour, A. Watson—Union Stock Yards Armstrong, L. B.—166 West Jackson


Arnold, Bion J.—565 W. Washington


Arnold, Marshall—137 S. LaSalle St. . . Arnold, Robert Melville—565 W. Washington Blvd

Ashbrook,' E. S.—North American Bldg. Ashcraft, Raymond M.—134 So. LaSalle


Atkinson, Charles Thomson—209 So. La

Salle St

Augustus, Godfrey—209 S. LaSalle St.. Aurelius, Marcus A.—9047 Commercial


Austin, Henry W.—179 W. Washmgton

St :

Avery, Sewell L.—300 West Adam^^ St .

Babcock, Orville E.—137 So. LaSalle St.

Badenoch, Joseph W.—332 S. LaSalle S<:.

Badger, Rodney T.—2218 So. Michigan Ave

Badgerow, Harve Gordon—910 So. Michi-s;an Ave

Baehr, William A.—230 So. Clark St. ...

Baehr, William B.—231 So. LaSalle St...

Baglev, John J.—Bankers Building ....

Bam, 'j- W.—360 N. Michigan Ave

Bain, John H.—3150-3152 W. 63rd St. ..

Baird,"Wyllys W.—134 S. LaSalle St. ..

Baisaloux, James G.—1501 E. 63rd St. . .

Baker, Charles M.—1000 Postal Telegraph Bldg

Baker, Hart E.—33 South Clark St

Baker, J. S.—2700 Southport Ave

(see Addenda page 1687)

Baker, Tames C—208 S. LaSalle St

Baker, L. K.—208 S. LaSalle St

Balaban, Barney—175 No. State Si

Baldwin, Henry R.—74 W. Washington St

Baldwin, William Wright—547 Jackson St ^

Bale, Henrj' Beniamin—175 W. Jackson Blvd

Ballard, Charles Miller—1301 Peoples Gas BJdg

Ballard. Roger Kingsley—Bankers Bldg.

Ballard, Seymour—110 W. Monroe St. ..

Ballenberg, Adolf G.—Ill W. Washington St

Ballon, Ralph North—155 No. Clark St.. .

Bame, Adolph—3601 W. 26th St

Banks, Alexander F.—208 So. LaSalle St.

Barbee, Robert E.—6910 Wentworth Ave.

Barbour, Frank^—Insurance Exchange . . .

Bard, Francis Norwood—1801 Winnemac Ave

Bard, Ralph .Austin—105 South LaSalle St

Bard, Roy Emerson—105 South LaSalle St

Barker, Emmett G.—332 So. LaSalle St.

Barnes, Nelson L.—137 S. LaSalle St...

Barnett, John George—175 W. Jackson Blvd

Barret, John F.—111 West Jackson Blvtl.

Barrows, Stanley H.—155 E. Superior St.

Barry, William P.—4806 W. Chicago Ave.

Barsaloux, James G.—1501 E. 63rd St...

Bartheli, Edwd. E.—208 So. LaSalle St.

Bartlett, Robert D.—13501 Baltimore Av,-.

Bartling, Herbert W.—208 So. LaSalle St. .

Barton, Walter P.—1014 So. Kildare Ave.

Batchelder, Frank C.—Grand Central Station

Bauer, A.—2500 So. Dearborn St

Bauer, Carl T.--1534 Altgeld St

Baum, Alvin H.—10 So. LaSalle St

Baum, Harry Hart—1415 W. 35th St. . .

Baumruckcr, Otto (Dr.) —3856 W. 26th St

Baxter, John—38 S. Dearborn St

Bear, Robert Guy—300 W. .A.dams St. . .

Beard, C. E.—1000 Crosby St

Beatty, William T.--400 N, Michigan Ave.


Beaudway, William L.—12000 S. Racine

Ave., West Pullman

Beck, Edward S.—Tribune Tower

Becker, Benjamin V.—134 S. LaSalle St. Becker, Frederick G.—935 Conway Bldg. Becker. James H.—137 So. LaSalle St. . . Beckley, Gordon D.—1801 Michigan Ave. Beckman, William Henry—3228 Lincoln


Beda, P. W.— Illinois Merchants Bank


Beecroft, Edw.—208 So. LaSalle St

Beerly, Gustav E.—612 Chamber of Commerce Bldg

Begg, James A.—68 Board of Trade Bldg. Behrens, Eugene T.—3959 Lincoln Ave.. Beh.rens, Herman A.—910 So. Michigan


Behrmann, John—4550 West Jackson


Beirs, Edward A.—416 S. Frankhn St. . . Belden, Edgar Stanton—1027 Marquette


Belden, Joseph C.—2300 S. Western Ave.

Bell, Laird—134 So. LaSalle St

Bendelari, Arthur E.—134 N. La Salle St. Bender, Frederick M.—224.2 Grove St. .. Bcndix, Vincent—105 West Adams St. . . Benjamin, Jack A.—212 W. Monroe St... Benjamin, Reuben Berkley—128 S. Sangamon St

Bennett, James E.— 332 So. La Salle .St. Bennett, Nelson J.—175 West Jackson


Bensinger, B. E.—623 South Wabash Ave. Bensinger, Norman E.—61 W. Madison


Bensinger, Robert F.—623 South Wabash


Benson, George R.—1295 Milwaukee Ave. Benson, Olof A.—838-29 So. LaSalle St.. .

Benson, Ragnar

Benson, Thaddeus R.—929 Rookery Bldg. Bent, Maurice H.—105 South LaSalle St,

Bentley, Arthur—1354 S. Robey St

Berg, Martin—4258 Armitage Ave

Berger, David H.—326 So. Michigan Ave. Berkson, Isaac E.—11020 Michigan Ave..

Berky, Peter—589 East Illinois St

Berry, Vinal D.—416 S. Franklin St

Berryman, John B.—836 S. Michigan Ave. Berta, Alfred J.—231 So. La Salle St. . . Bertha, Edward M.—11 So. La Salle St. . .

Beste, Harry C—209 So. La Salle St

Bethke, William—4101 Michigan Ave. . .

Betts, Arthur M.—141 So. La Salle St

Betts, William H.—910 So. Michigan Ave.

Beven, John L.—135 E. 11th Place

Bicek, Frank H.—155 North Clark St'. . . Bierd, William Grant—340 West Harrison


Biliter, Ben F.—3401 S. Michigan Ave. . , Billig, George W., (M. D.)—2041 Byron


Bippus, Rupert F.—134 North LaSalle St. Birdsev, Charles Robert—300 W. Adams

St. "

Biron, Frank J.—2447 Michigan Ave

Bishop, Howard F.—69 West Washington


Black, John Donald—38 South Dearborn


Blackham, Wm. C—112 West Adams St. Blair, Henry Augustus—231 South La

Salle St

Blair, William McCormick—209 South La

Salle St

Blake, Chas. Geo.—1000 E. 67th St

Blanchard, Ralph Ward—61 W. Kinzie


Blaul, Daniel—2756 Irving Park Blvd. . . Bledsoe, Samuel Thomas—80 E. Jackson


Blome, R. S.—First National Bank Bldg. Bloss, Sidney M.—127 North Dearborn


Blount, R. L.—6847 Wentworth Ave.

Blum, David—41st & Wallace Sts

Blum, Harry H.—624 South Michigan


Blumenthal, Harold—137 So. LaSalle St. Boettcher, Henry R. (M. D.)—6336 Harvard Ave

Boheim, Otto A.—208 W. Randolph St. . Boisot, Louis—1608 First National Bank




Boiler, Phil J.—1939 Milwaukee Ave. . . .

Bonner, Francis A.—209 S. La Salle St. .

Booth, George Ernest^—166 W. Jackson Blvd

Borland, Chauncey Blair—105 S. La Salle St

Boughey, Frank M.—900 S. Wabash Ave.

Bowe, Frederick O., (M. D.)—3000 Belmont Ave

Boyd, Henry W.—173 No. Franklin St.. .

Boyd, Thomas M.—14 E. Jackson Blvd. .

Boyden, Preston—231 So. La Salle St.

Boyden, William Cowper—134 So. La Salle St

Boyles, Charles Dickinson—^2750 W. 35th

St ■

Boyles, James Thomas—4628 Greenview Ave

Boysen, Louis K.—38 So. Dearborn St. . .

Brach, Emil J.—Kinzie & Kilpatrick Aves.

Bracken, Edward P.—547 W. Jackson Blvd

Braese, Otto C.—Tribune Tower

Brailsford, Walter R.—208 So. LaSalle St

Brannan, George E.—11 So. La Salle St.. .

Brassert, Herman Alexander—310 South Michigan Ave

Breckenridge, K. S

Breit, Fred D.—1010 Fisher Bldg

(see Addenda page 1688)

Brennan, B. G.—3916 Normal Ave

Brennan, John F.—211-219 So. La Salle St

Breseman, Rudolph Henry—53 W. Jackson Blvd

Brewster, Walter Stanton—112 W. Adams St

Bridges, Frederick J.—24th St. at the Lake

Brietzke, William Charles—6314 Western Ave

Briggs, Joseph H.—231 S. La Salle St. . .

Brigham, E. R.—327 So. La Salle St

Brigham, H. H.—327 South La Salle St. .

Brister, Charles James—La Salle St. Sta.

Brohm, Henry Dore

Brookby, Harry Esmond—300 W. Adams St

Brooks, Chason Winslow—1629 Monad-nock Bldg

Brooks, Robert E. L.—10103 Ewing Ave.

Broome, Thornhill Francis Bagshawe—38 S. Dearborn St

Brown, A. L.—Clarke & Monroe Sts. . . .

Brown, Alvia K.—4636 South Parkway . .

Brown, Charles A.—58 E. 25th St

Brown, Edward Eagle

Brown, Robert M

Brown, William Listen—332 So. Michigan Ave

Bruce, Alexander Douglas—1450 Railway Exchan£fe

Brucker, A. E.—5200 W. Chicago ~Ave. . .

Bruckner, Wm. T.—208 S. La Salle St. . .

Brueshaber, Martin W.—1535 South Paulina St

Brumbaugh, Denford Allen—105 West Monroe St. .

Brundage, Avery—110 South Dearborn St.

Brunda,e:e, Edward J.—110 South Dearborn St

Brunker, Albert Ridgely-111 W. Washington St.

Brunt, John Paul—Conway Bldg

Bryan, Benjamin B., Jr.—141 West Jackson Blvd

Bryan, Frederick E.—435 N. Michigan

Brvant, Donald Runiiells—400 East iiith St

Bryson, A. E.—201 So. La Salle St

Brvson, William John—Room 507, 410 South Michigan Ave

Buchanan, Fletcher William—600 West Jackson Blvd

Bucher, Hal M.—3600 Bankers Bldg

Buchsbaum, Herbert Jerome—159 North State St

Buck, Nelson L.—3535 So. Ashland Ave.

Buckbee, John Calvin—1764 First National Bank Bldg

Buckingham, George Tracy—105 So. La Salle St

Bucklin, V. R.—1826 Diversey Parkway

Budd, Britton Ihrie—72 West Adams St.

Budlong, Joseph J.—Lincoln & Belmont Aves, , ,




Buehrle, Chas. F.—801 North Clark St. Buhlig, Walter Herman, (M. D.)—5421 S.


Buffiiigton, Eugene Jackson—208 South

La Salle St

Buhlig, Paul—231 South La Salle St.... Buhlig, Walter Herman (M. D.)—5421 S.

Morgan St

Bullock, Edward J.—910 So. Michigan


Bunte, Chas. F.—3301 Franklin Blvd

Bunte, Theodore W.—3301-59 Franklin


Bunting. Guy J.—135 East 11th Place.. Burch, William Elbridge, Jr.—59 East

Madison St

Burdick, A. S.—14th & Sheridan Road,

North Chicago

Burdick, Arch O.—175 W. Jackson Blvd. Burke, E. A.—211 East North Water St.

Burke, John

Burke, John H.—754 West Jackson Blvd. Burke, Leonard J.—5444 Lake Park Ave. Burley, Clarence Augustus—112 West

Adams St

Burnham, Claude G.—547 West Jackson


Burnham, Frederick—208 So. La Salle St. Burnham, Harry William—307 North

Michigan Ave

Burnham, Hubert—160 N. La Salle" St... Burns, Frank J.—4400 W. Division St. Burns, Wm. H.—139 W. Van Buren St. Burr, Walter D.—Ill W. Washington St. Burrows. Wm. F., Jr.—208 South La

Salle St. .

Burt. Henry Jackson—645 North Michigan Ave

Burt, Thomas A.—645 North Michigan


Burt, William G

Burton, Oliver M.—2024 So. Racine Ave. Busby, Leonard A.—1676 First National

Bank Bldg

Busch, H. F.—112 W. Adams St

Bush, Earl J.—26th St

Bush, Guy L.—130 N. Wells St

Butler, Edward Burgess—Randolph &

Canal Sts

Bu+ler, Rush C—1414 Monadnock Bldg. Butler, W. P.—4621 E. Ravenswood Ave.

Byiield. Ernest L

Byfield, Eugene V

Byler, Avenry D.—5600 W. Taylor St.. . Byram. Harry E.—874 Union Station . . Cahill, Walter—104 So. Michigan Ave.... Cahn, Bertram J.—415 So. Franklin St... Cahn, Morton D.—209 So. La Salle St... Caldwell, Clifford D.—332 So. Michigan


Cammack, Herbert M.—39 South La

Salle St

Campbell, H. W.—4600 Diversey Ave. . . . Campbell, John M.—208 So. La Salle St. Caples, Ralph C.—225 East Erie St. ... Cardona, Raymond — 3026 Washijagton


Cardwell, James R.—332 South Michigan

Carlson, Victor—10831 Michigan Ave.... Carney, William James—33 So. Clark St. Carney, William Roy— 33 So. Clark St.. . Carpenter, W. M.—1461 McCormick Bldg. Carr, Franklin Robert—310 South Michigan Ave

Carr, H. C.—Union Stock Yards

Carrington, Edward—122 South Michigan


Carroll, John Alexander—5300 Lake Park


Carry, Edward Francis—79 E. Adams St. Carton. Alfred Thomas—1030 First National Bank Bldg

Carton, Laurence A.—Union Stock Yards Cartwright, C. M.—175 W. Jackson Blvd. Cassady, H. J.—310 S. Michigan Ave... Castle, Perley D.—5645 West Lake St... Castle, Ward C—112 West Adams St... Carpenter, Charles C. — 3300 Franklin


Cathcart, James A.—410 No. Michigan


Cavanangh, L. D.—168 No. Michigan Ave. Cave, Charles Robert—3049-59 E. 92nd


Cermack, Anton J.—3347 W. 26th St.... Chace, Paul G.-41 South La Salle St,,

Chicago — (Continued)

Chalmers, William J.—208 So. La Salle St

Chamberlain, Oscar Pearl—111 W. Washington St

Chamberlain, Thomas Franklin—5634 W. Chicago Ave

Chaimberlain, William—231 So. La Salle St

Champlin, Charles F.—1232 West North Ave

Channell, Charles Arthur—4501 So. Western Blvd

Chapline, Jesse Grant.— South Michigan Ave

Chapman, John A.—112 West Adams St.

Cheney, F. G.—209 So. La Salle St

Chiniquy William F.—1700 Washington Blvd

Christensen, O. A.—5437 N. Clark St....

Christensen, Theodore—2701 No. Kildare Ave

Christie, Thomas K.—208 So. La Salle St.

Christy, Robert Chauncey—75th at Fix-change Ave

Citron, William—1401 W. Jackson Blvd.

Clarisey, John E.—3211 So. Wood St....

Clark. David W.—3158 W. Madison St.

Clark, Henry B.—59 E. Madison St

Clark, Leroy J.—72 West Adams St

Clark, Sheldon—332 So. Michigan Ave...

Clark, Wm. Jerome—836 So. Michigan Ave

Clarke, Broadus James—831 First National BanW Bldg

Clarke, Harley L.—327 South La Salle St.

Clarke, Philio Ream—231 South La Salle St '

Clarke, Ralph Emerson—Room 1701, 910 South Michigan Ave

Claypool, Glenn F.—910 Michigan Ave.. .

Cleaveland, L. K.—56 W. Randolph St.

Clement, Allan M.—231 S. La Salle St...

Clcmons, Earl A. —35 East Wacker Dri^'e

Cleveland, Paul W.—41 So. La Sal'e St.

Clift, Albert Earl—135 East 11th Place

Clinch, R. Floyd—209 So. La Salle St...

CHthers, Delbert A.—4010 W. Madison St

Clow, Harry Beach—536 So. Clark St...

Clow, Kent S.—201 N. Taiman Ave

Clow, William E.—201-299 N. Taiman Ave

Clow, WilHam E., Jr.—201-299 N. Taiman Ave

Coe, Aimer—105 N. Wabash Ave

Coe, Frank Gait—141 West Tackson Blvd.

Cohen, Lilian E.—728 W. Roosevelt Rd.

Cohn, Edward—1705 S. Clark St

Coit, A. Merrill—208 S. La Salle St

Cokins, George A.—167 West Quincy St.

Colburn, Warren E.—9129 Commercial Ave

Cole, Arthur Throop—30 North Michigan

" Ave

Coleman, Clarence L.^27C0 S. Wabash Ave

Coleman, John, Jr.—120 W. Adams St.. .

Collins, Norman B.—767 Milwaukee Ave

Colliver, J. W.—Illinois Merchants Bank Bldg

Colnon, Aaron—410 S. Clark St

Compton^D. M.—215 N. Michigan Ave.. .

Condon, Jidward J., Jr.—230 So. Clark St.

Condon, Edward J., Sr.—231 S. La Salle St

Conklin, Oscar B.—3959 Lincoln Ave. . .

Conlon, Walter J.—19th St. & 52nd Ave.

Conn, Warner S.—Ill W. Monroe St. ..

Conroy, Charles L. (Dr.)—Clark & Broadway at Diversey Blvd

Cook, Horace Wright—29 S. La Salle St.

Cook, Robert A.—340 West Harrison St.

Cook, Sidney A.—4517 W. 26th St

Cooke, George A.—310 South Michigan Ave

Cooke, James L.—231 So. La Salle St...

Cookson, Joseph E.—935 at 111 W. Washington St

Cooper, Henry N.. Jr.—110 So. Dearborn St

Cooper, Ralph S.—600 W. Jackson Blvd.

Copeland, Frederick Kent—122 South Michigan Ave

Copland, David—230 So. Clark St

Corbett, Charles R.—3616 Ogden Ave...

Cornelius, Martin P.—910 South Michi-san Ave



Corns, O. G.—231 So. La Salle St. .....

Costello, Thomas Joseph—310 S. Michigan Bivd

Cotton, Joseph Day—3018 S. Wabash


Coultry, Gilbert H.—110 W. Monroe St. Cousin, Robert—19 S. La Salle Si. . . . Cowham, Robert Neil—111 W. Monrc^e


Cowles, Alfred—332 S. La Salle St. ... Cox, James C.—400 N. Michigan Ave... Coxon, Thomas T.—105 S. La Salle St. Coyne, Daniel J.—6100 N. Western Av''.

Coyne, P. J.—111 West Monroe St

Coyne, Richard H.—P. O. Box 991 ....

Coyne, Thomas—141 S. La Salle St

Craigie, Alexander Miller—360 N. Michigan Blvd

Crandall, George E.^—618 West Chicago


Crawford, David A.—79 E. Adams St. . . Crawford, William W.—72 West Adams


Cremin, Joseph W.—30 N. La Salle St. Cresap, Mark Winfield—36 S. Franklin


Croft, William H.—Room 721, 80 East

Jackson Blvd

Croll, Frederick W.—208 S. La Salle St. Cromwell, George O.—2032 Clybourn


Crooks, Harry D.—5967 W. 65th St. .. Crossett, Edward C.—80 E. Jackson Blvd. Crowell, Henry Parsons—1600 Railway

Exchange Bldg

Cudahy, Edward A.—Ill W. Monroe St. Cudahv, Edward A., Jr.—111 W. Monroe

St. "

Culver, W. T.—231 S. La Saile St .... Gumming, Effa H.—131 North Frankhr,


Cumnock, Claude B.—209 S. La Salle St. Cunningham, Frank S.—426 W. Randolph

St ._

Cunningham, John T.—2235 W. Van Buren St

Curme, Arthur A.—209 S. State St. ... Curran, Wm. J.—1700 W. Washington


Curtis, Augustus D.—1119 W. Jackson


Curtis, John F.—231 S. La Salle St

Curtis, Kenneth—236 W. Jackson Blvd. Curtis, Leigh G.—Grand Central Station Curtis, Robert M.—141 S. La Salle St. . . Cushway, Charles Peter—4201 Belmont


Cummings, Leo Patrick—25 N. Dearb<yr;i


Cummings, Walter J.—111 West Monroe


Cummins, Albert S.—231 S. La Salle vSt. Cummins. Henry C.—231 S. La Salle St. Cutting, Charles Sidney—11 S. La Salle


Dahlberg, Bror G.—645 N. Michigan Ave. Dailey, Ulysses Grant (Dr.)—3736 S.

Michigan Ave

Dall, Justin M.—69 W. Washington St... Dallas, Charles Donald—820 Orleans St.

Dalton, Edmund J.—536 S. Clark St

Dalton, Nellis Norman

Dammann, Gustav—1980 Milwaukee Ave. Dana, Walter D.—1501 West 15th St. ...

Dangler, David—HI W. Monroe St

Daniels, Horace L.—606 S. Michigan Ave. Dankowski, Ignatius Frank—1618 W

18th St

Darfler, Walter L.—201 So. La Salle St., . Darling, Ira Calef—175 W. Jackson Blvd.. Dashiell, C. Russ—2542 Michigan Ave. . . Dato, Edward A.—936 No. Michigan Ave. Davi.d, Theodore W.—4848 N. Clark St.. . Davie, George F.—104 S. Michigan Ave. . Davies, John E.—24th St. at the Lake . . Davis, Abel—69 West Washington St. . .

Davis, David S.—2375 Lincoln Ave

Davis, Edwin A.—72 W. Adams St. . . Davis, Louis, Jr.—208 South La Salle St..

Davis, Paul H.—37 So. La Salle St

Davis, Ralph Waldo—37 So. La Salle St. Davis, William C—215 North Curtis St.. Dawes, Edward L.—233 East Walton Rd. Dawes, Henry M.—35 East Wacker Drive Dawes, Neil B.—209 So. La Salle St. ... Dawes, Rufus C.—1615 Harris Trust Bldg.



Chicago — (Continued)

Dawes, William Ruggles—125 W. Monroe


Day, Darby Arthur—Adariis and Clark


Dayhoff, Lvle H.—28 E. Jackson Blvd. DeAcres, Clyde H.—243 South Wabash

Ave. .

Dean, George A.— 1279 Milwaukee Ave.. .

Dee, George W.—30 No. La Salle St

Dee, Samuel Allerton—30 No. La Salle St. Dee, William Edward—30 No. La Salle


Defrees, Joseph H.—Hotel Windermere.

Dehning, C. H

Denman, Burt J.—733 Illinois Merchants

Bank Bldg

Dennis, Charles H.—15 North Wells St. Dering, C. Maxwell—10 S. La Salle St.. . Dewes, Edwin P.—111 West Alonroe St.. DeWitt. William H., Jr.—11 South La

Salle St

DeWolf, Wallace L.—105 W. Monroe St. Dickinson. Augustus E.—1317 Tribune


Dickinson, Guy Vassar—35 East Wacker


Dickinson, J. M., Jr.—231 So. La Salle St. Dickinson, Robert Belville—140 South

Dearborn St

Dilks, Lorenzo C.—160 North La Salle


Dingman, Harry W. (Dr.)

Dirks, Hermann J.—Racine & Lincoln


Dixon, Cecil—208 South La Salle St. . . Dixon, George W.—425 So. Wells St. . .

Doering, Otto C

Doern, Edwin A.—111 West Jackson St.. Dolan, Wm. S.—2221 So. Rockwell St. . Donahue, William J.—310 So. Alichigan


Donaldson, Charles R.—209 So. La Salle


Donica, J. F.—844 Rush St

Donnelley, Thomas Elliott—731 Plymouth

Court .

Donnelly. Michael J.—209 South State St. Donohue, Michael A.—701-733 So. Dearborn St

Donohue, William F.— 701-733 So. Dearborn St

Douglas, Arthur H.—326 N. Michigan


Douglas, James H.—80 East Jackson Blvd. Downs, L. A.—135 East 11th Place . . . Doyle, Edward J.—72 West Adams St. .

Drake, John B., Jr.—The Drake

Drake, John Burroughs

Drake, Lauren J.—134 North La Salle St. Drake, Lvman Manley—175 W. Jackson

St. .:

Drake, Tracy Corey—The Blackstone . . .

Drake, William McClellan

Draper, Arthur W.—35 No. Dearborn St. Drever, Thomas—1800 Roscoe St. ... Drum, A. L.—Illinois Merchants Bank


Drymalski, Paul—1360 W. North Ave. . . Dugan, A. G.—410 N. Michigan Ave. . . . Dulany, George W., Jr.—111 W. Monroe


Dumanowski, Frank J.—2700 S. Kildare


Dunbaugh, George J.—7332-48 Kimbark


Dunn, Samuel O.—105 West Adams St, Durbin, Fletcher M.—59 East Madison St. Durham, Raymond E.— 243 South Wabash


Dwyer, John E.— 105 So. La Salle St

Dynes, Owen William—892 Union Station


Eastman, Robert M.—4600 Diversey Ave. Eastman, William—418 South Market St.. Eaton, Stanley Gale—208 So. La Salle St. Eaton, Willard R.—3639 S. Ashland Ave. Eberle, Robert—5200 W. Chicago Ave. Eberle, Robert H.—19 South La Salle St.. Eckert, Walter H.—10 S. La Salle St. . Ecklund, Oscar F.—1180 E. 63rd St. . . Eddy, George Albert—1535 So. Paulina St. Edmonds, Claude A.—63rd & Cottage

Grove Ave.

Egan, W. B.—33 So. Clark St

Ehrenberg, Jacob—163 West Washington


Ehrman. Max—3158 W. Madison St

Chicago— (Continued)

Eib, Charles H.—725 Marquette Bldg. . .

Eidmann, Herbert W.—6910 So. Halsted St

Eitel, Robert J.—520 W. Madison St

Ekern, Herman L.—208 S. La Salle St. . .

Elenbogen, Herman—3222 Lawrence Ave.

Elfborg, Henry G.—149 Wacker Drive, North

Elias, Joseph J.—N. W. Cor. of 33rd & So. Halsted Sts

Elliott, Frank Rumsey

Elliott, Harold H.—4114 Ravenswood Ave

Elliott, Lewis G.—Michigan at 41st St.

Ellis, C. S.—McCormick Bldg ...

Ellis, Frederick W.—L^^nion Stock Yards

Ellis, Howard—1400 Union Trust Bldg..

Elston, Isaac C, Jr.—39 So. La Salle St.

Elting,_ Philip Lf.—1833 Seward St

Ely, Richard T.—Northwestern University

Emerich, Melvin Lloyd—105 S. La Salle St

Fmig, Howard A.—105 So. La Salle St.

Emrick, Franklin G.—208 So. La Salle St.

Engel, Edward J.—1015 Railway Exchange Bldg

Ennis, Callistus S.—35 E. Wacker Drive

Epstein, Max—Illinois Merchants Trust Bldg

Erickson, Elmer—1500-1524 South Western Ave

Erickson, Halford—231 So. La Salle St.

Erlach, P. A.—2025 Peoples Gas Bids'...

Esdohr, Fred Henry—4790 Milwaukee Ave

Esmond, John W.—231 So. La Salle St.

Essroger, C. V

Fttlinger, Alfred—231 So. La Salle St...

Eunson, Alex R.—7850 Cottage Grove Ave

Evans, Timothy W.—La Salle Street Station

Everitt, George Bain—618 West Chicago Ave

Ewin.g, Charles Hull—5 N. La Salle St.

Fairbsnk. Kellos'sr—112 W. Adams St...

Falk, Rollo E.—820 Orleans St

(see also Addenda page 1695)

Fail, J. H., Jr.—120-128 South Sangamon St

Fallon, Bernard T.— 12 West Adams St..

Faragher, Warren Fred—320 So. Michigan Ave

Faroll. Barnett—166 W. Jackson Blvd...

Farr, Fr^nk D—221 F. 20th St

Fa.rrell. Wm. W.—541 W. Jackson Blvd.

Farwell, John V.—208 So. La Salle St....

Fanntleroy, Cedric E.—1201 Milwaukee Ave

Faust. Henrv S.—2750 W. 35th St

Fav. Albert R—4659 Cottage Grove Ave.

Fe^r. Fred—608 S. Dearborn St

Feikhenfeld. Bismarck-1200 E. 63rd St..

Fe'dmann, William J.—4806 No. Western Ave

FpiQ»nthal E. G.—144 So. Wabash Ave.

Feltman. Charles H.—209 S State St...

Fplfon. Samupl M.—122 S. Michigan Ave.

Fentress. Calvin—208 So. la Salle St...

Ff-Qfuson, Louis Alovsius—72 W. Adams St

Ferrv, Tames H.—2240 Estes Ave

F-M. Stanley—231 So. La Salle St

Finigan. Thomas—332 So. Michigan Ave.

Finn, Joseph M.—190 North State St....

Fischer, Gustave F.—801 N. Clark St....

Fi='"her. Herman A.—1565 First National Bank Bldsr

Fischer, T onis E—231 S. La Salle St....

Ficrher. Roborl John—112 West .Adams St

Fisher. Tosenh—10 So. La S-1le St

(see also Addenda naee 1695")

Fisher. W Merle—1624 W. 6^M St

Fi'=her. Walter Tavlor—111 W. Jackson Rlvd

Fisher, William Henry—3152 W. 63rd St. (see also Addenda page 1695)

Fitzmorris, Charles C.—332 So. Michigan Blvd

Fitzoatrick, James Raymond—133 West Washington St

Fitz-Simmons, Thomas A.—137 So. La Salle St

Fitzsimons, William J.—208 So. La Salle




Fix, Fred W., Jr.—1351 W. 37th Place..

Fix, Frederick W.—1351 West 37th Place

Fleer, H. H.—243 So. Wabash Ave

Fleming, Harvej^ Brown—231 So. La Salle St

Fletcher, John—41 So. La Salle St

Florsheim, Leonard S.—231 So. T^a Salle St

Florsheim, Milton S.—541 W. Adams St.

Folds, Charles Weston—208 So. La Salle St

Folds, George Robert—2700 Southport Ave

Follansbee, Mitchell D.—137 So. La Salle St

Foote, Roger L.—1610-1.34 So. La Salle St

Ford, Eugene E.—4636 So. Parkway....

Ford. John G.—110-118 North Peoria St.

Foreman, Edwin G., Jr.—30 No. La Salle St

Foreman, Henry G.—40 N. Dearborn St.

Forgan, David Robertson—134 So. La Salle St

Forgan, James B., Jr.—385 Dearborn St.

Forrest, Marshall—105 So. La Salle St...

Forsyth, Holmes—1132-140 S. Dearborn St

Foster, Charles K.—816 So. Michigan Ave.

Foster, Volney—122 So. Michigan Ave..

Foster, William C —222 W. Adams St.. . .

Fowler, E. W.—231 So. La Salle St....

Fowler, John Whittaker—79 West Monroe St

Fox, Charles E.—1527 E. 53rd St

Fox, Charles Harold—79 W. Monroe St

Fox, WilHam A.—72 West Adams St...

Frank, A. Richard—129 So. La Salle St.

Frank, John M.—2850 No. Crawford Ave.

Frazer, Geo. Enfield—208 So. I,a Salle St.

Frechette, Charles Joseph—1800 Roscoe St

Freeman, Charles Yoe—209 So. La Salle St

Freeman, Charles Yoe

(see also Addenda page 1695)

Freeman, Theodore F.—111 W. Washington St

Freeman, Walter W.—HI W. Washington St

Freitag, Frank J.—2100 Indiana Ave

French, Burton—14 So. La Salle St

French, William Henry—829 S. State St.

Friedeman, Wm. F.—5501 Prairie Ave. ..

Frisbie, C. O.—327 S. La Salle St

(see also Addenda page 1695)

Fritch, Louis Charlton—La Salle Station

Fucik, Edward James—10 S. La Salle St.

Fuller, Harry W.—231 S. La Salle St...

Fulton, Darrow Bruce—21 E. Van Buren St

Furman, Martin S.—8745 Commercial Ave

Furneaux, Harry C.—415 S. Franklin St.

Gallagher, Thomas Francis, Jr.—1230 W.

Randolph St

(see Addenda page 1690)

Gallagher, Thomas Francis, Sr.—12,i0 W. Randolph St

Galvin, WilHam A.—3849 W. Lake St...

Gambill, Charles E.—2230 S. Michigan Ave

Gann, David B.—105 S. La Salle St. ...

Garard, Elzy A.—39 S. La Sal'.c St ....

Gardiner, Sydney—208 S. La Salle St...

Gardner, Addison L., Jr.— 134 S. La Salle St

Gardner, Geo. H.—1060 Wrigley Bldg. . .

Gardner, Harry M.—5645 W. Lake St . .

Gardner, Robert Abbe—231 S. La Salle St

Garner, John P.—5200 West Chicago Ave.

Gartz, Adolph Frederick, Jr.—836 South Michigan Ave

Garvey, Benjamin S.—212 W. Washington St

Garwick, Floyd—3319 Lincoln Ave

Gates, Leslie Freeman—166 W. Jackson Blvd

Gates, Philetus W.—648 S. State St

Gawne, Daniel—6 E. 31st St

Gavlord, George S.—Wrigley Bldg

Gazda, Joseph A., (M. D.)—5159 South Robey St ;

Gazzolo, Frank A. P.—2354 Madison St.

Geer, Lynford E.—908 Chamber of Commerce Bldg




Gehle, August H.—6258 S. Halsted St...

Gerken, Henry—5435 Giddings St

Gerwig, Frank L.—39 S. La Salle St.. .

Getz, Henry—137 S. La Salle St

Giblin, Walter M.—37 S. La Salle St. . .

Gibson, Carl L.—222 E. Superior St

Gifford, Byron T.—22 W. Monroe St. . . Gifford, Frederick C.—2840 Archer Ave.

Gilbert, P. E.—606 S. Michigan Ave

Gilbert, Samuel H.—33 S. Clark St. .... Gilchrist, Francis Harry-—122 S. Michigan Ave

Gilchrist, James M.—8700 S. State St.... Gilchrist, John Foster—72 W. Adams St. Gillick, James T.—848 Union Station . . Gilruth, Irwin Thoburn—100 W. Monroe


Gladson. Guy A.—1400 First National

Bank Bldg

Glick, Louis G.—835 S. Hermitage Ave. Glore, Charles Foster—120 W. Adams St. Glover, Lynn A.—29 S. La Salle St. . . Goddard, Leroy A.—135 W. Washington


Goddard, Roy H.—208 S. La Salle St. .. Godhelp, Jacob C.—111 W. Washington


Goelz, Arnold H.—4221 W. Diversey Ave. Gold, Egbert Habberton—1450 Rf:ilway


Gold, Ernest J. A.—800 W. Garfield Blvd. Golden, Terence F.—6760 Stony Island


Goldenberg, Sidney D.—350 N. Clark St.

Goldstine, Harry—744 Bowen Ave

Good, James William—231 S. La Salle St. Goodman, Milton F.—212 W. Monroe St. Goodman, Wm. E.—Halsted St. & 48th


Goodman, William Owen—80 E. Jackso!)


Goodnow, Geo. F.—1026-39 S. La Salic


Goodwillie, Arthur— 77 W. Washington


Goodwillie, Perley Mahlon—1208 W. 22nd


Gordon, Frank M.—Monroe & Clark Sts.

Gordon, Robert—80 E. Jackson St

Gordon, Robert D.—38 S. Dearborn St... Gorham, Si(;lney S.—39 S. La Salle St... Gorton, Charles O.—Union Stock Yards Gottlieb, Harry N.—306 S. Michigan Ave. Gouget, William T.—32 S. Wabash Ave. Goven, Edouard Thomas—105 S. La Salle


Gowing, J. Parker—320 W. 26th St

Grace, Thomas L.—134 S. La Salle St... Grace, Timothy J.—134 S. La Salle St.

Graf, Robert J.—231 S. La Salle St

Graft', Byron G.—6306 Cottage Grove .. . Graff, Walter A.—208 S. La Salle St . ..

Graham, E. V.—72 W. Adams St

Graham, Ernest R.—80 E. Jackson Blvd. Grannis, Uri Balcom—112 W. Adams St. Granville, William Anthonv—1607 How-

ard St ; .■^...

Graper, Gilbert William—1987 W. llltli


Grau, Martin J.—1951 Milwaukee Ave. . .

Gray, C. J.—332 S. Michigan Ave

Gray, Carl Raymond, Jr.—1110 W 35tli


Gray, Carroll E., Jr.—231 S. La Salle St. Gray, Edward T.—825 W. Chicago Ave.

Greene, Arthur—231 S. La Salle St

Greene, Henry E.—37 S. La Salle St. . . Greenebaum, Edgar N.—11 S. La Salle


Greenebaum, Henry E.—La Salle & Madison Sts

Greenebaum, James E.—9 S. La Salle St

Greenebaum, John—9 S. La Salle St

Greenebaum, M. Ernest, Jr.—11 S. La Salle St

Greenebaum, Walter J.—9 S. La Salle St.

Greenwald, Joseph B.—3039 E. 92ud St.

Greigg, Max Clemon—111 W. Monroe St.

Gridley, Logan A.—231 So. La Salle St..

Griffiths, George W.—228 N. La Salle St.

Grimes, J. Frank—7 South Dearborn St..

Groves, John W.—79 West Madison St.

Grut, Harry N.—541 West Jackson Blvd..

Gueroult, M. E.—10 So. La Salle St

Guinan, James J.—310 South Michigan Ave


Gulbransen, Axel (j.—3232 W. Chicago Ave

Gulick, John H.—72 West Adams St. . . .

Gulliksen, John—2326 S. Michigan Ave..

Gundlach, Louis John—754 West Jackson Blvd

Guthrie, S. Ashley—137 So. La Salle St..

Guthrie, Seymour—1066 W. Adams St. . .

Haake, Clarence W.—1285 N. Milwaukee Ave

Hackett, John W.—Wilson & Ravenswood Aves

Hagenberg, Frank—310 So. Michigan Ave.

Hagey, John Franklin—38 So. Dearborn St

Hair, Thomas R.—1750 N. Ashland Ave..

Hajicek, Frank G.—3337-3339 West 26th St

Hale, Floyd Orlin—212 W. Washington St

Hales, George Willard—327 So. La Salle St

Hall, Charles R.—1513 S. Wabash Ave.. .

Hall, Richard C—209 So. La Salle St. . .

Hallbom, Gustaf W.—5157 N. Clark St. .

Halperin, Albert Z.—4001 Sheridan Rd. . .

Hamilton, Alex'K.—208 So. La Salle St. .

Hamilton, Frederick P

Hamilton, George Wellington—72 W. Adams St

Hamilton, Henry R.—1856 N. Leclaire Ave

Hamilton, L. A.—53 West Jackson Blvd.

Hamilton, Thomas Benton—Room 680, Union Station

Hammond, Alonzo J.—111 West Washington St

Hanawalt, Leslie H.—30 N. La Salle St. . .

Hankins, Edward Robert—111 West Washington St

Hanley, Henry L.—231 S. La Salle St. . .

Hansen, Arthur H.—2959 East 92nd St.

Hansen, Howard S.—166 W. Jackson Blvd

Hanson, Richard M.—50 So. La Salle St.

Hardenbrook, Burt C.—78 West Monroe St

Hardin. John H.—6 North Michigan Ave.

Harding, Charles F., Jr.—137 So. La Salle St

Harding, Edwin L.—1720-105 South La Salle St

Harding, John Cowden—222 West Adams St. ...:

Hardy, Henry W.—Union Stock Yards .

Hardy, Samuel Jerome—77 West Washington St

Harker, H. L.—115 West Adams St. .

Harkness, Edward B.—208 So. La Salle St

Harmon, Matthew A.—5300 Lake Park Ave ;

Harper, Thomas J.—2354 W. Madison St.

Harries, Geo. H. (Maj. Gen.)—231 So. La

' Salle St

Harrington, Gay Ralph—720 N. Halsted St

Harrington, George B.—332 So. Michigan Ave

Harris, Albert Wadsworth—115 West Monroe St

Harris, David J.—11431 S. Michigan Ave.

Harris, Francis L.—1601-231 So. La Salle St

Harris, Harvey Louis—2340 S. Springfield Ave

Harris, Joseph—1033 West Van Buren St.

Harrison, Jeremiah—110 W. Monroe St..

Harriss, George M.—1751 W. Austin Ave.

Harstad, Oscar Norris—Union Station Bldg

Hart, Earle L.—912 W. Washington Blvd.

Hart, Emerson C.—1050 Wilson Ave. . .

Hart, Harry—36 South Franklin St

Hartman, I. H.—144 So. Wabash Ave. . .

Hartray, William Charles—Well & Randolph Sts

Hartwig, Otto J.—1950 Milwaukee Ave. . .

Haskell, Frederick T.—231 So. La Salle St

Hasterlik, Victor C—3159 W. Roosevelt Rd

Hastings, Samuel M.-—323 West Madison St

Hattstaedt, William O. J.—3179 North Clark St



Haugan, Oscar H.—133 W. Washington St

Hausmann, Frank W.—1601 Milwaukee Ave

Hawkins, Roswell W.—5100 S. Ashland Ave

Hawhurst, Ralph Reynaud—137 So. La Salle St

Hay, Thos. J.—2521 S. Michigan Ave. . .

Hayes, Charles M.—3254 Michigan Ave.. .

Hays, Clyde Thomas—1526 So. State St.. .

Hayward, E. L.—209 So. State St

Hayward, Horace L.—122 South Michigan Ave

Hazlewood, Craig Beebe—7 So. Dearborn St

Heafield, John M.—2956 Milwaukee Ave.

Heath, F. S.—35 East Wacker Drive . . .

Hedly, A. H.—2032 Clybourn Ave

Hedrich, Otto H.—2134 Lunt Ave., Rogers Park

Heffron, Arthur Daniel—2750 West Thirty-Fifth St

Heggie, Charles—2364 S. Ashland Ave. .

Heidelj Charles W.—6235 So. Michigan Ave

Heidkamp, Emil M.—4806 N. Western Ave. .

Heineman, Oscar—2701 Armitage Ave. . .

Heintz, Philip F.—137 South La Salle St.

Heiss, Herbert P.—208 South La Salle St

Heldmann, R. D.—1010 Fisher Bldg

(see Addenda page 1690)

Hellberg, Chas. F.—3551-59 Addison St..

Helm, Wilbur—33 So. Clark St

Helquist, Adolph S.—3158 Roosevelt Rd.

Hemphill, Claude Leonard—310 So. Michigan Ave

Henke, Louis C.—137 So. La Salle St.. . .

Henkle, Orvis Thaddeus—Exchange Bldg., Union Stock Yards

Henlev, Warren—1933 Conway Bldg. . . .

Henning, C. L.—2341 St. Paul Ave

Henning, Charles F.—300 W. Adams St..

Hennings, Abraham J.—10 So. La Salle St

Henriksen, Henry M.—350 No. Clark St.

Henschen, Henry S.—510 So. Wabash Ave

Heppes, O. A.—521 Peoples Gas Bldg...

Herrick, Chas. E.—3916 Normal Ave....

Hertel, Hugo S.—1633-35-37 W. 63rd St.

Hertz, John D.—57 East 21st St

Hessert, Gustav—536 So. Clark St

Hettler, Herman Henry—2601 Elston Ave.

Hexter, Stephen—36 So. State St

Heymann, Emanuel M.—3944 So. Hamilton Ave

Heymann, Walter M.—38 So. Dearborn St

Heyworth, James Ormerod—606 South

Michigan Ave

(see also Addenda page 1696)

Hibbard, Frank—211 E. N. Water St....

Hickey, Joseph A. (R. A.)—192 No. Clark St.

Higgins, John—925 Homan Ave

Hiland, James H.—708 Union Station..

Hill, Charles B.—1750 N. Ashland Ave.

Hill, Cyrus G.—105 W. Adams St

Hill, Frederick A.—5636-38 W. Lake St.

Hill, Richard, Jr.—123 W. Madison St...

Hillstrom, Oscar R.—7244 University Ave.

Hillyer, D. E.—Union Stock Yards....

Hilton, Henry Hoyt—2301 Prairie Ave...

Hines, Edward—100 West Monroe St....

Hinkle, Charles Lyman—1123 Peoples Gas Bldg

Hirschboeck, Stephen D.—1955 W. 35th St

Hitchcock, Fremont B.—39 So. La Salle St

Hitchcock, Walter A.:—2447 Michigan Ave

Hitt, Joseph Emmert-—310 South Michigan Ave

Hitzenian, Frederick H.—411? W. 26th St

Hoag, F. D.—311 East North Water St.

Hobart, Chauncey G.—Milwaukee Ave. at Paulina St

Hoch, William—925 So. Homan Ave. . . .

Hoffman, Ira E.—519 W. Jackson Blvd.

Hogan. John H.—208 So. La Salle St. ...

Hogue, Oliver Robert—72 W. Adams St.



Chicago— (Continued)

Holden, Charles Revell—7 So. Dearborr)


Holden, Hale—547 W. Jackson Blvd... Hollander, Albert Hat r}-—1616 Milwau

kee Ave

Hollis, Henry Leonard—1549 Railway


Holloway, Edwin G.—1232 West North


Holmes, Dwight H.—Illinois Merchants

Bank Bldg

Holtorff, Ernest H.—6233-5 So. Halsted


Holzer, Frederick L.—29 So. La Salle St, Honnold, Fred C.—343 So. Dearborn St. Hoover, Fred W.—231 So. La Salle St... Hopkins, Claude C.—35 E. Wacker Drive Hopkins, George D.—4100 So. Ashland


Horner, Walter A.—327 So. La Salle St.

Horween, I.—2015 Elston Ave

Horwich, Arthur N.—2301 So. Paulina St. Hostv, Thomas Edward—231 So. La Salle


Houghteling, James L.—15 No. Wells St. Hovey, William S.—90^0 So. Wabash Ave. Howard, Harry—201 So. La Salle St.... Howard, Nathaniel Lanison—1121 Peoples

Gas Bldg

Howe, Lawrence—209 So. La Salle St.. . . Howell, Thomas Montgomery—327 So.

La Salle St

Hubbart, Ralph D.—41 So. La Salle St... Hudson, Mortimer L.—100 W. Monroe


Hughes, George Alexander—5600 West

Taylor St

Hughes, James—235 W. 63rd St

Hughitt, Marvin, Jr.—226 W. Jackson


Hulburd. DeForest—35 E. Wacker Drive Hummel, Frank F.—1815 Prairie Ave...

Hunt, Albert P.—4750 Sheridan Rd

Hunt, Robert G.—231 So. La Salle St... Hurd, Harry Boyd—231 So. La Salle St. Hurley, Edward Nash—28 East Jackson


Huston, Guj'—208 So. La Salle St

Hutchins. James C.—231 So. La Salle St. Hutchison, George S.—2750 West 35th St.

Hyman, Rae F.—208 So. La Salle St

Hyman, Robert W.—175 West Jackson


Hvmers, Edward—332 So. La Salle St.. . Ilg, Robert A.—2850 N. Crawford Ave..

Immel, John P.—2800 Belmont Ave

Ingalls, AUin K.—19 So. La Salle St....

Insull, ATartin J.—72 W. Adams St

Ishani, Henry Porter—38 So. Dearborn


Isham, Ralph N.—1735 Armitage Ave. . . Ives, Edward Lee—310 So. Michigan Ave. Jackson, Charles John—646 Washington


Jackson, William John—332 So. Michigan


Jacob, WilHam Charles^—3 Board of Trade


Jacobs, Nicholas—131 No. Franklin St.. Jacoby, William Lawall—-1066 W. Adams


James, R. L.—Union Stock Yards

Janisch, Harold Peter—180 No. Michigan


Jaquith, Walter Allen (M. D.)—29 So. La

Salle St

Jarchow, Charles—3717 Armitage Ave... Jarnagin, Wm. N.—1110 West 3Sth St. Jasper, Samuel Merrel—Union Stock


Jelke, John F., Jr.—759 So. Washtenaw


Jenk?, P. G.—Tribune Tower

Jensen, J. F.—5902-10 So. Halsted St...

Jervis. John F.—222 W. Adams St

Johnsen, Charles—3228 Lincoln Ave

Johnson, Alvin O.—133 W. Washington


Johnson, C. F.—608 S. Deirborn St

Johnson, C. Wallace—740 Rust St._

Johnson, George L.—515 S. Loomis St...

Johnson, Harry G.—347 W. 63rd St

Johnson, Lawrence E.—1231 to 1247 Macedonia St

Johnson, Leroy P.—3623-25 S. State St.. Johnson, Oscar William—134 N. I>a Salle



Johnston, Charles L., Jr.—332 S. La Salle


Johnston, F. H.—Halsted St. & 48th PI. Johnston, Hugh McBirney—141 S. L.i

Salle St

Johnston, William Robert—105 West

Adams St

Jones, George Herbert—3.S S. Dearborn


Tones, George R.—72 W. Adams St.. . .

Jones, John H.—10 S. La Salle St

Jones, Richard George—110 S. Dearborn


Jones, Shelby C—1232 W. North Ave . .

Jones, Thomas A.—1685 Elston Ave

Jones, Thomas D.—140 S. Dearborn St.. . Jones, Walter Clyde— 17 W. Washingtor,


Jonswold, Carl R.—3211 S. Wood St. ..

Joyce, D. G.—307 N. Michigan Ave

Jovce, J. S.—307 N. Michigan Ave

Kahane, B. B.—190 N. State St

Kahn, Louis—3211 S. Wood St

Kallen, Arvid E.—231 S. La Salle St. . . Kalman, Paul Jerome—Wriglev Bldg.. . Kampp, Joseph P.—318-320 N. Central


Karel, Frank L.—22nd St. & Kedzie Ave.

(see also Addenda page 1697) Karger, Samuel I.—135 S. La Salle St... Karger, Sidney W.—135 S. La Salle St. . Karker, Maurice Harmon—5 N. Wabash


Karpen, Adolph—636-678 W. 22nd St. ... Karstrom, C. E.—37 W. Van Buren St.. . Kaspar, Otto—1900 Blue island Ave. .. Kaufifman, R. King—350 N. Clark St. ... Kauffmann, Alfred—910 S. Michigan Ave. Kaufman, Harry Livingston—Congress


Keane, Hugh Victor—118-132 E. 20th St.

Keeler, Edwin R.—230 S. Clark Si

Keep, Chauncey—230 S. Clark St

Keig, Marshall E.—111 W. Washington


Keith, Leigh S.—53 W. Tackson Blvd. . . Keith, Orlando S.—80 E. Jackson Blvd. Keller, Theodore C—1425 Old Colonv


Kelley, Russell Phelps—634 N. Western


Kelley, William V.—14th & Robey Sts.. . Kellogg, Mary J. Atkinson—1351 W. 37th


Kelly, Cornelius S.—6915-17 Wentworrh


Kelly, D. F.—140 S. State St

Kelly, Harry E.—19 S. La Salle Si:

Kellv, P. T.—836 S. Michigan Ave

Kenip, George W.—1172-4 E. 63id St. Kemper, Abraham—141 W. Austin Av.-. Kemper, Hilda M.—209 S. State St. . .

Kendrick, A. J.—64 E. Jackson Blvd

Kennedy, David B.—805 W. Madison Sn Kennedv, James Melvin—820 Orleans St. Kent, Henry Robinson—105 S. Dearborn


Kent, John F.—134 S. La Salle St

Kenyon, Robert E.—310 S. Michigan Ave Kenzel, Charles Herbert—208 S. La Sail"


Kesner, S. H.—57 E. 21st St

Kiddoo, Solomon T.—900 S. Wabash Ave. Kiesgen, Arthur O.—53 W. Jackson Blvd. Kimball, Burton F.—105 W. Monroe St. Kimbcll, Raymond Grant—3600 Fullerton


Kingsley, Howard F.—625 W. Jackson


Kipfer, H. S.—i-Armitage & Hamlin Avcs. Kirchman, Frank—22nd St. & Kedzie


Kirk, Walter Radcliffe—327 S. La Salic


Kittermaster, William Anthony—209 S.

La Salle St

Kittredge, Rufus Jay—812 W. Superior


Kixmiller, William—231 S. La Salle St... Klafter, David Saul—64 W. Randolph St. Klauber, E. C.—Cor. Armitage & Hamlin Aves

Klein, Irving N.—1345 S. Halsted St. . . Klicka, Joseph—1826 S. Washtenaw Ave, Kline, William S.—605 N. Michigan Ave. Knapp, Kemper K.—208 S. La Salle St.



Kneeland. Frank N.—Ill W. Monroe St. (see also Addenda page 1697)

Knickerbocker, Charles K.—410 No. Michigan Ave

(see Addenda page 1690)

Knight, Augustus—137 S. La Salle St...

Knight, James S.—2701 N. Kildare Ave..

Knoche, William P.—1600 W. 63rd St. ..

Kochka, Norbert F.—3951 W. 26th St...

Koegel. Otto E.—327 S. La Salle St

Kohn, Frank J.—1542 W. 47th St. ..

Kohn, Hvman N.—2326 S. Michigan Ave.

Kohn, J.'Louis—100 N. Halsted St

Kolar, Andrew J.—Cottage Grove Ave. & Oakwood Blvd

Konsberg, Edgar Thedore—53 W. Jackson Blvd

Koontz, F. L.—208 S. La Salle St

Kopecky, Joseph—3337-39 W. 26th St...

Korzeniewski, Joseph—2340 St. Paul Ave.

Kotilinek, Joseph, Jr.—78-80 lUinois St., Chicago Heights

Kowalski, August J.—1201 Milwaukee Ave

Krabol. Olaus O.—1740 U. Maplewood Ave

Kraft, Charles H.—400 Rush St

Kraft, James Lewis—400 Rush St

Kraft, John H.—400 Rush St

Kramer, Lerov—Illinois Merchants Bank Bldg "

Krause, John Jacob'—1200 N. Ashland Ave

Krenn, Edwin D.—936 N. Michigan Ave.

Kreuter, Adam—1800 N. Spaulding Ave.

Kroehler, Peter Edward

Krohmer, William Frederick—42-48 West 61st St

Krohn, William Franklin—332 So. Michigan Ave

Kruesi, Frank E.—72 West Adams St...

Krutckoff, Charles—315 County Bldg....

Krzykowski, Frank—3003 N. Central Park Ave

Kuhl, Hugo H.—1723 No. Desplaines St..

Kulp, Benjamin—3300 Franklin Blvd....

Kurrie, Harry Rushworth—608 So. Dearborn St

Kurtson, Morris—1430 S. Talman Ave. . .

Kurzka, Elmer Albert--601-208 So. La Salle St

Kussman, Arthur C—752 W. 69th St

Lacey, James D.—231 So. La Salle St...

La Chance, L. H.—4535 Fullerton Ave.

Lackowski, Frank E.—2956 Milwaukee Ave

Laing, William—1000 Crosby St

Lambert, Frank B.—228 No. La Salle St.

Lamont, Robert Patterson—410 No. Michigan Ave

Lamont, Van—201 So. La Salle St

Lamy, Joseph F.—268 So. I^a Salle St...

Lance, Gilbert S.—666 Lake Shore Drive

Landry, Alvar A.—2452 Michigan Ave. . .

Landsberg, Edward—2519 Elston Ave...

Lane, Wallace Rutherford—140 So. Dearborn St. .

(see Addenda page 1690)

Langill, Banford B.—1002-137 South La Salle St

Langstrom, Carroll N.—3452 S. State St.

Lansing, Albert J.—360 No. Alichigan Ave.

Lapham, Ralph Lvon—111 W. Monroe St.

Larkin, George F.—3605 W. 63rd St....

Larson, Louis P., Jr.—711 W. Lake St.

Latham, Carl R.—134 So. La Salle St...

Law, Bertram Norman—2236 So. Lumber St

Lawler, Joseph B.—614 So. Dearborn St.

Lawlor, William J.—Dearborn. Monroe & Clark Sts

Lay, Robert D.—29 So. La Salle St

Lavcock. Hartlev C—1542 W. 47th St.

Lee, George—111 West Monroe St

Lee, George Ross—1406 First National Bank Bldg

Leesley, Clyde L.—N. Crawford & Peterson Aves

LefTel, Philip Clark—500 No. Dearborn St

Le.gge, Alexander—606 So. Michigan Ave.

Leibrandt, George F.—9-11 E. 31st St..

Leigh, E. B.—1928 West 46th St

Leiter, Joseph—21 East Van Buren St...

Leith, E. Hill—201 So. La Salle St

Lennox, Edwin—1151 Roscoe St

Lenz, George—6258 So. Halsted St




Leonard. Arthur George—120 Exchange Bldg., Union Stock Yards

Leonard, Arthur T.—1615 Harris Trust Bldg

Leopold, A. F.—122 So. Michigan Ave.

Leopold, Howard F.—2234-40 Ogden Ave.

LeRow, Frank Curtis—2100 Fullerton Ave

Lester, Albert G.—209 S. La Salle St. ..

Lethen, Arnold J.—35 E. Wacker Drive

Letton, Harold W.—441 Insurance Exchange

Levinson. David— 11 W. Washington St.

Levis, John M.—402 West Randolph St.

Levy, Maxwell, 845 Rees St

Lewis, Benjamin F.—137 So. La Salle St.

Lewis, David—330 So. Wells St

Lewis, David R.—2430 Lake View Ave.

Lewis, Fletcher—1414 Monadnock Block

Lewis, Frank J.—2500 S. Robey St

Lewis, Julian Herman—3621 So. State St.

Lewis, William E.—Ill W. Monroe St.

Lewis, William Harold—2500 S. Robev St.

L'Hommedieu, C. H.—829 So. State St.

Liddle, Charles Allen—79 E. Adams St.

Lindsay, Charles Rogers, 3rd—161 East Grand Ave

Lingle, Bowman C.—115 W. Monroe St.

Linner, John G.—111 W. Washington St.

Linton, Ben B.—537 S. Dearborn St. . .

Litsinger, Fred G.—913 W. JacksOn Blvd.

Little, John L.—160 N. La Salle St

Littlejohn, George W.—536 S. Clark St.

Llewellyn, James S.—12000 S. Racine Ave

Llewellyn, John T.—12000 S. Racine Ave.

Llewellyn, Paul—104 S. Michigan Ave...

Lloyd, Edward W.—72 W. Adams St.. .

Lobdell, Harry H.—166 W. Jackson Blvd

Locks, Geo. D.—624 S. Michigan Ave. . .

Loehr, Leon L.—231 S. La Salle St

Loesch, Charles E.—1540 Otis Bldg. . . .

Loesch, Frank J.—10 S. La Salle St

Lonek, Adolph—3951 W. 26th St

Longley, Arthur Ashleigh—1525-1S27 Marquette Bldg

Longman, George C—666 Lake Shore Drive

Lorish, Fred M.—1326 E. 63rd St

Loucks, Charles O.—10 S. La Salle St. ..

Loucks, Vernon R.—10 S. La Salle St.. .

Lovett, Raymond H.—4000 W. North Ave.

Low, John William—109 S Water Market

Lowrey, Forest Roderick—332 S. Michigan Ave

Lowrey, Frederick Charles—332 S. Michigan Ave

Lowy, Felix—360 N. Michigan Ave

Luby, Oswald Daniel—10 S. La Salle St.

Lucas, Thomas J.—231 S. La Salle St...

Lucius, Edward B.—1252 First National Bank Bldg

Lupton, George William—1023 Railway Exchange Bldg,

Lutter, Henry J.—3959 Lincoln Ave

Lutz, Samuel G.—340 W. Harrison-St.

Lyford, H. B.—211 East North Water St.

Lynch, Bernard W.—231 So. La Salle St.

Lynch, John A.—134 So. La Salle St. . .

Aiabbatt, Richard H.—209 So. La Salle St.

MacChesney, Chester MacKenzie—2840 Archer Ave

MacChesney, Nathan William—30 North La Salle St

Macgregor, Donald—4201 Belmont Ave. .

Mack, Edwin Frederick—125 West Monroe St

Mackenzie, Wentworth Park—200 S. La Salle St

MacLean, M. Haddon—115 West Monroe St

MacLeish, John E.—134 So. La Salle St.

MacLeod, Murray—4201 Irving Park Blvd

MacMurray, Donald—2840 Archer Ave..

MacMurray, James E.—112 W. Adams St.

MacNeille, Clarence T.—201 So. La Salle


(see Addenda page 1691) Macomber, F. L.—211 East North Water St

MacVeagh, Fames—333 W. Lake St. ... Macy, John Williams—408 Wrigley Bldg. Madden, Frank J.—112 W. Adams St

Madlener, Albert F.—38 So. Dearborn St.


Mahoney, Joseph P.—140 So. Dearborn St

Makinney, William Clinton—3840 Michigan Ave

Mallard, Robert R.—29 So. La Salle St..

Maloney, Thomas J.—606 So. Michigan Ave.

Malooly, James A.—6824 Stony Island Ave

Maltman, James—2375 Lincoln Ave

Manegold, Frank W.—771 Mather St. . .

Mann, Albert C—135 E. 11th Place ...

Manning, L. B.—208 So. La Salle St

Marcy, George E.—208 So. La Salle St.. .

Maremont, Leo S.—Ashland Ave. & 17th St

Marfield, C. Howard—9 So. La SalleTt. . .

Mark, Anson—111 W. Washington St. ..

Mark, Clayton—111 W. Washington St. .

Markham, C. H.—135 E. 11th Place

Markham, Herbert I.—37 So. La Salle St.

Ad^arkley, Joseph C.—111 W. Monroe St. .

Marples, George—111 West A-Ionroe St...

Marquart, Arthur A.—4010 W. Madison St

Marriott, A. R.—69 W. Washington St. . .

Marsch, John—1307 Wrightwood Ave. . .

Marshall, James Waller—81 West Monroe St

Martin, Hugh T.—1212 Lake Shore Drive

Martin, James L.—209 So. La Salle St. . .

Martin, Mellen C.—7 So. Dearborn St. . .

Martin, Oliver Joseph—110 W. Monroe St.

Martin, Wells—2520 Quarry St

Martyn, Chauncey White—910 So. Michigan Ave.

Martyn, Wallace H.—231 So. La Salie St.

Mason, George, Jr.—2364 S. Ashland Ave.

Alassey, Peter J.—4600 Diversey Ave. . .

Massmann, Frederick H.—1000 Crosby St

Masters, J. E.—2750 Lakeview Ave

Mather, Alonzo C.—-326 N. Michigan Ave.

Mather, Morris—100 West Monroe St...

Mathias, Robert D.—4701 So. Ashland Ave

Matthews, Francis E.—327 So. l^a Salle St

Matthews, Fred C—231 So. La Salle St..

Maverick, Manton—910 Michigan Ave. .

Mavor, Morton R.—7 So. Dearborn St.

Maxant, Basil—118 S. Clinton St

May, John E.—231 So. La Salle St

Mayer, Oscar G.—1241 Sedgwick St

Mazza, Joseph A.—29 So. La Salle St. . .

McCabe, George Washington—3179 N. Clark St

McCall, Sumner T.—332 So. Michigan Ave

McCarthy, Donald Vincent—307 No. Michigan Ave

McCarthy, John T.—844 Rush St

iVIcCarty, Charles M.—211-219 So. La Salle St

McClelland, R. L.—Ill W. Washington St

McClure, D. C—209 So. La Salle St

McClure, Donald T.—80 Illinois St.. Chicago Heights

McCollough, Walter Stanton—209 So. La Salle St

McConnell, A. H.—460 E. Ohio St

McCordic, Alfred Edward—209 So. La Salle St

McCormick, Cyrus, Jr.—606 So. Michigan Ave .

McCormick, Cyrus H.—606 So. Michigan Ave

McCormick, Edith Rockefeller—936 No. Michigan Ave

McCormick, John A.—81 West Monroe


(see also Addenda page 1697)

McCormick, Oliver E.—72 W. Adams St.

McCormick, Robert Hall—332 So. Michigan .Ave ..

McCormick, Robert Rutherford—435 No.

Michigan Ave

McCoy, Flerbert N.—161 E. Grand Ave. McCuIloch, Charles Alexander—231 So.

La Salle St

McCulloch, Hathorn W.—585 Illinois

Merchants Bank Bldg

McCurdy, John W.—231 So. La Salle St. McDermott, Francis O'Donnell—129 So.

La Salle St



McDougall, Edward G.—Union Stock


McErlean, Charles V.—39 S. La Salle St. McFarland, W. M.—209 S. La Salle St.

McGraw, Max—208 S. La Salle St

McGuire, James D.—1351 W. 37th Place McHale, Thomas M.—623 S. Wabash


Mcllvain, Robert Wallace—35 E. Wackv^r


Mclnnis, Emmett E.—1211 Railway Ex


McKav, Robert J.—310 S. Michigan Ave. McKee, Gertrude P.—1313 W. Randolph


McKee, Philip L.—1313 W. Randolph St. McKenna, Edward P.—141 W. Jackson


McKinlay, John—219 W. Adams St

McKinlev, William—166 W. Jackson


McKinney, John V.—1726 Illinois Merchants Bank Bldg

McKinnev, Robert Morris—134 La Salic

St. ...".

McKinsev, James Oscar—7 South Dearborn St

McLain, Albert O.—309 South La Salle


McLain, H. O.—309 La Salle St

McLaury, Walker Gailey—The Wacker

Drive at La Salle St

McLennan, Donald Roderick—164 West

Jackson Blvd

McMenemy, Logan T.—410 No. Michigan

Ave '. . .

McNab, Joseph L.—69 W. Washington


McNair, Frank

McNallv, Frederick Lee—536 South Clark

St. ..'

McNally, Raymond F

McNear, Charles Webber—3600 Bankers


McNeills, Charles P.—3182 Archer Ave. . McNulty, Bernard L.—160 No. La Salle


McPherson, Donal F.—11 South La Salle


McQueen, William Charles—608 So. Dearborn St

Meeker, Arthur

Megowen. Robert Lee—1041 W. Harrison


Meier, Frederick Wm.—5704-08 Chicago


Meighan, George F.—221 Institute Place Meigs, Alerrill Church—Hearst Square .

Mendelson, D. H

Mendelson, E. M

Mercer, Frederick N.—4201 South Hal-

stcd St

Meredith, Roby B.—230 S. Clark St

Merrell, Tohn H.—122 S. Michigan Ave.. Merrill, Courtenav R.—3026 E. 92nd St. Merrill, Herbert Gra>—2834-2840 Archer


Merrill, Philip—2032 Clybourn Ave

Merrill, William Weslev—1501 W. 15th

St ;

Meservey, Benj. F.—601 W. 53rd St

Mesler, William Henry—1325 Milwaukee Ave

Meyer, Davis

Meyer, Joseph H.—1230 N. Clark St. ...

Meyer, Joseph T., (M. D.)—735 W. 79th St

Meyer, Karl Albert—Pittsfield Bldg

Meyer, William F.—310 S. Michigan Ave.

Meyercord, George R.—133 W. Washington St

Meyerhoff, Irving Edwin—231 So. La Salle Si

Michael, Leo—1939 Milwaukee Ave

Miktyn, Anthony I.—1423 Fullerton Ave.

Millard, Everett Lee—69 West Washington St

Miller, Amos C—39 So. La Salle St. ...

Miller, Bavier C.—Insurance Exchange Bldg

Miller, Charles J.—946 First National Bank Bldg

Miller, Edward S.—3625 S. State St. ...

Miller, Frank A.—332 So. La Salle St. ..

Miller, Tohn J.—33 S. Market St

Miller, Tohn S., In-231 So. La Salle St.

Miller, L. H.—600 W, Jackson Blvd

Chicago—(Continued) Chicago—(Continued) Chicago—(Continued)

Miller, Thomas—231 South La Salle St. Nichols, Herbert L.—231 So. La Salle Peabodv, Augustus S.—ID So. La Salle

Miller, Walter Ewing—900 South Wa St St '.

bash Ave Nichols, John M.—347-349 W o3rd St. Peacock, Robert E.—101 So. State St...

Miller, William—1334 N. Kostner Ave. .. Nicol, William A.—2218 Michigan Blvd. Peaks, George H.—160 No. La Salle St.

Millet, Aime F.—208 So La Salle St Nissley, Warren W.—105 So. La Salle St. Pearce, Charles S.—360 No. Michigan

Mills, W. S.—208 So. La Salle St Noble, Frank H.—555 W. 59th St Ave

Mitchell, George Franklin—122 So. Michi Noel, Joseph R.—1601 Milwaukee Ave... Peck. Gerald Wilbur—208 So. La Salle St.

gan Ave Nolting, Ernest F.—29 So. La Salle St. Peck, Ralph L.—100 West Monroe St...

(see Addenda page 1691) Norris, James—40 Board of Trade Peeples, C. J

Mitchell, John James Norton, Eben D.—309 So. La Salle St... Peirce, Albert Edwin—209 So. La Salle

Mitchell, Leeds—The Rookery Norton, George Haseltine—29 So. La Salle St

Mitchell, Ralph B.—310 S. Michigan Ave. St Pellet, Clarence S.—175 W. Jackson Blvd.

Mitchell, Wilham Hamilton—231 S. La Norton, R. H.—2836 Archer Ave Peltier, M. F.—332 So. Michigan Ave. ..

Salle St Novak, John L.—1817-19 So l.oomis St. Perkins, Herbert F.—606 So. Michigan

Moderwell, Charles M.—307 No. Michi Novak, Joseph P.—1817-19 So. Loomis Ave

gan Ave St Perlman, Israel B.—1050 Wilson Ave. . .

Moir, Harry C—79 West Madison St. . . Novy, Joseph J.—2434 S. Ridgeway Ave. Perrill, Alger—231 S. La Salle St

Molan, M. L.—844 Rush St (see Addenda page 1692) Perrill, Rodney N.—231 So. La Salle St..

Molvneaux, Thomas F.—140 W. Van Noyes, David A.—208 So. La Salle St... Perry, Lee J.—2100 Indiana Ave

Buren St Nyden, John A.—190 No. State St Perry, Ward S.—2100 Indiana Ave

Monheimer, Milton L.—212 West Monroe Nyquist, Carl—139 W. Van Buren St... Pesicka, James Joseph—4701 S. Ashland

St Oates, James BVanklin—209 So I .a Salle Ave

Montgomery, A. R.—Ogden & Monroe St Peter, William F.—1025 La Salle St. Sta-

Sts Oatis, Vincent P.—39 So. La Salle St. .. tion

Montgomery, John T.—35 E. Wacker O'Brien, Frederick—223 W. Jackson Blvd. Petersen, Jurgen—i648 Beimont Ave

Drive O'Brien, John J.—231 So. La Salle St. Peterson, Carl A.—77 W. Washington St.

Montzheimer, Arthur—105 West Monroe O'Brien, Michael Joseph—209 So. La Peterson, Chris

St Salle St Petit, Adelor J.—33 So. Clark St

Mooney, T. J.—29 So. La Salle St O'Connell, Brendan M.—6314-20 S. West- Petre, L. D.—14 East Jackson Blvd

Moore, Harold A.—127 No. Dearborn St. e™ Ave. .. . .: Petru, Frank J.—1443 W. 18th St

Moore, O. L.—208 S. La Salle St O'Connell, Lloyd—231 So. La Salle St... pfaff, M. O.—4801 Lincoln Ave

Moore, William T.—127 No. Dearborn St. O'Connell, Richard J.—1934 Illinois Mer phelan, James J., Jr.—39 South La Salle

Morrill, Stanley—111 West Adams St. .. chants Bank Bldg St

Morris, Ira Nelson—232 South Clark St. O'Connell, Thomas Lloyd—231 So. La Phillip, George Peter—7001 No. Clark St.

Morris, John D.—4101 Michigan Ave. ... Salle St Phillip, Peter—7001 No. Clark St

Morris, Nelson—1659 First National Bank O'Connell, William Lawrence—.^1381-99 Phillips, Bradford E.—39 South La Salle

Bldg -Archer Ave St

Morris,' Richard S.—ioS'W.' Adams St." '. '. O'Connor, Thomas—844 Rush St Phillips','E.' j.'—'39 'So.' lla' Sall'e 'St

Morrison, James T.—707 E. 111th St. ... Oestmann, Jacob Louis—1232 \\'. North Phillips, Floyd M.—2634 E. 75th St

Morrison, Matthew A.—231 So. La Salle Ave Phillipson, Samuel—828 W. Roosevelt Rd.

St Off, Chfford—307 No. Michigan Ave.. . pjck, Albert—134 No. La Salle St

Morse, Charles Hosmer—900 So. Wabash Offield, James R.—38 So. Dearborn St... pjck, Albert, Jr.—208 West Randoph St.

Ave Ogle, Geo. Braddock—536 So. Clark St.. . pjck, George—72 West Adams St

Morse, Milton M.—35 Wacker Drive Olcott, Henry Chapman—208 So. La Salle pjck, Hugo—208 W^ Randolph St

Morse, Robert Hosmer—900 S. Wabash St ....... ... pickett, John D.—137 So. La Salle St. ..

Ave O Leary, John W.—79 W. Afonroc St. . Pierce, Dana—207 E. Ohio St

Morse, Willis E.—1418 Consumers Bldg. Oleson, John P.—38 So. Dearborn St.. . pierce, Frank Ellis (Dr.)-139 W. Van

Mosley, Elmer W., (M. D.)—3325 Lin Oliver, Mark J.—o53 Railway Exchange Buren St

coin Ave Bldg. . .... pjerzynski, Albin Joseph—1720 W. 47th

Mosser Stacy C 29 So La Salle St Olmsted, George—166 W. Jackson Blvd. st

Moulto'n, F. R.-'327 So. La Salle St". '..'.'. Olmsted, John M^231 So. T_.a Salle St. Pina'rd','A'rmand E.-^Io'n. M'ichigan Ave.

Moulton, William A.—6306 Cottage Grove Olson, Augustus E.—6236 Cottage Grove pipenhagen, Chas. A.—404-424 N. Sacra-

Ave ^, ^ ■;-■■■;;■,■■ 'r-' '■ V ■ ;'■•',' ■ ' "' mento Blvd

Mowrv, Otto D.—230 South Franklin St. Olson, Edgar F.—35th St. & Michigan -p^^^^^ j^hn T.—366 West Adams St

Mudge, Burton—1336 Railway Exchange ^A^^' t^V ' ■ ' ' \ ' ''^r V i' V,V Y- "': * • Pitcher, John Charles—208 S. La Salle St.

Mudgc, Solomon H.—324 So. La Salle St. ^tlson, Ldwm A.—Clark & Washington piac^ek, Edmund Eugene—1800 S. Ash-

Muehlstein, Charles—327 S. La Salle St. „,^ts. ■■■■•■• ■„•■.•;• • • • ■ • • - • ■ •••••• - • land Ave .,

Mueller, Carl A.—5200 West Chicago 5 •'°"' ?°''t°".?i''°"~~17^'°. ^^^.^^ ^^*'' ^* Plummer, Harold Pierson—909 London

Ave S^?"'„J?^",7"^^^T ^^-.J^^'^^nr Ac*" Guarantee Bldg

Mueller. Paul ONeill, Wilham L.—68 E. 2oth St.. poj^i^^^ Joseph F.—22nd St. & Kedzie Ave.

Mulford, Herbert B.—105 S. La Salle St. Oplatka, _ Edward—1700 West 18th St... p^^^ Marvin Bemis—Randolph & Canal

Mulliken, Alfred Henry—140 South Dear Oppenheim, Alfred L.—1285 Milwaukee gts

born St ^'^^'-", •. V :. .V yWo'yrr Poor, Fred A.—1310 Railroad Exchange

Mullins, Kenneth—29 South La Salle St Oppenheimer, Juuus—47th St. & So. Ash Poppenhusen, Conrad H.—11 So. La Salle

Munroe, Charles A.—231 South La Salle ^'f" , at u' "" iV^V c'A^if-y ••■••••;••• St

St Orthal, A John—1336-54 Milwaukee Ave. Poronto. Halsey E.—38 South Dearborn

Munroe, Treadway Barker—645 North Osborne, Harold—801 West Madison St. st

Michigan Ave Osborne W. Irving—190 No. State St . Porter, Grant W.—1320 E. 63rd St

Munson": Charles M.—208 So La Salle O Shaughnessy, John Patrick—10 So. La Postell, John Taylor—223 West Jackson

St Salle St Blvd

Murchison, T. E.—37 So. 'La Sslle St... !R^'.^'=% J^^ J'^^^^^ *^l'o'c''f?r V. c': Potter, Kenneth E.—2447 Michigan Ave..

Murphy, John Benjamin—435 No. Michi ^tis, Josepli Edward—125 W Monroe St. Poulton, John J.—7 So. Dearborn St

gan Ave ' . Otte, H. E.—134 So La Salle St. ...... Powell, Isaac N.—4659 Cottage Grove

Murray, James C—1600 Railwaj Ex S^^^'^'^'^rff ^t?^'"^!^? w°ri,-*^*'' a^'"' ^ve

change ' Owen, Clifford P.—5146 W Chicago Ave. Powell, Thos. Carr—332 So. Michigan

Murray, Martin J.-137 So. La Salle 'st. 2^T' ^ri David-39 So. La Sale St ^ve ,

Myers, Lewis E.—Monadnock Bid- Packer, Charles Swasey—231 rso. La Salle Powell, William H.—Ill W. Washington

Nance, Clement A.—1527 E. 53rd' St.. . ^^ St '

Nason, Albert John—37 W Van Buren Paddleford, Fred A.—208 So. La Salle St. Powers, Jno. W.—332 So. Michigan Ave.

St ' Page, Frederick W.—2006 North Keeler Powers, Walter P.—3950 W. Madison St.

Nathan, Abe—1316 E. 63rd St Ave Pratt, Joseph M.—38 So. Dearborn St. ..

Nau, Otto F.—135 East 11th Place Palbicke, Frank B.—222 West Adams St. Pratt, Richard A.—29 South La Salle St.

Neal, R. J.—Cottage Grove Ave. & Oak Palmer, Potter—1549 Railway Exchange Prebis, Edward J.—1201 Milwaukee Ave.

wood Blvd Bldg Preus, Jacob A. O.—134 South La Salle

Neal, Thomas C—125 W. Monroe St. . . Pah, Frank J.—3205 So, Morgan St St

Neise, George Nicholas—-30 No. La Salle Park, David G.—836 So. Michigan Ave... Price, Charles W.—53 W. Jackson Blvd..

St Parker, James V.—1333-5-7 E. 5.ith St... Price, Enoch J.—Ill West Washington

Nelson, Carljohan-5200 West Chicago l^^^ons, K B.-23rd St. & Western Ave. St. ... ......... .

A^g ^ ■ Partridge, M. A.—208 La Salle St Price, Ira M.—University of Chicago

T,T . ■ V,' " ^' ■ 'oic iir ' i"i' oV 'i'" ' Patten, James A.— Ill W. Jackson St,. . Price, Morgan W.—666 Lake Shore Drive

Nereim, Roy O.—215 W. Jackson Blvd Patterson, Floyd E.—410 No. Michigan Price, Paul R.—140 So. Dearborn St

Neuberger. Franklin J.—39 So. La Salle Ave Prickitt, William B.—39 So. La Salle St.

^•^ Patterson, George E.—135 E, 11th Place Primley, Walter Sinionton—105 W. Mon-

Newton, Peter Augustin—3426 East 89th Patterson, Wm.—5153 No. Clark St roe St

St Pauley, Clarence O.—110 So. Dearborn Pringle, William James—7 So. Dearborn

Nicholas, Richmond—332 So. Michigan St St

Ave Payne, Harry M.—209 So. La Salle St... . Prodie, Theo. J.—3959 Madison St




Chicago — (Continued)

Pruitt, Raymond S.—10 South La Salle St

Prybylski, Lawrence H.—1200 N. Ashland Ave

Prvstalski, John—111 West Washington S\

Putnam, Frank A.—6000 S. Halsted St. .

Quackenbush, Samuel H

Quinton, Osborne Elmer—6236 Cottage Grove Ave

Quisenberry, T. E.—209 So. La Salle St.. (see also Addenda page 1698)

Haggio, Dante A.—3401-3461 W. Division St

Rahlf, John Jacob—105 S. La Salle St. . .

Raleigh, James F.—404-424 No. Sacramento Blvd

Ramey, James Finus—1607 Howard St...

Ranney, George A.—606 « So. Michigan Ave

Ranson, James W.—730 Cass St

Rapp, Harvev W.—5506 West North Ave.

Rathbun, Acors Wells-738 W. Van Buren St

Rathje, Walter D.—Wilson & Ravens-wood Aves

Rathje, WilHam J.—801 West Madison St

Rauland, Einar N. A.—4201 Belmont Ave.

Ravenscroft, E. H.—14th & Sheridan Rd., North Chicago '

Rawleigh, James N.—110 W. Monroe St.

Rawson, Frederick Holbrook—7 So. Dearborn St

Raymer, Walter J.—1423 Fullerton Ave..

Reade. Wm. A.—2032 Clybourn Ave

Redfield, Manlv L.—1535 South Paulina St .'

Redheffer, Raymond L.—39 So. La Salle St

Reed, G. W.—332 So. Michigan Ave

Reed, Kersev Coates—219 West Adams

St :

Reed, Philip Loring—Union Stock Yards.

Reeves, George C.—1014 So. Kildare Ave.

Regan, John C.—5 No. Wabash Ave

Regnery, William H.—Jefferson at 22nd St

Reichwein, Henry J.—624 West 120th St.

Reid, Geo. C—Laflin & 15th St

Reid, Leonard—Conway Bldg

Reno, Harrv S. L.—105 West Adams St..

Rensenhouse, Proctor D.—8700 S. State St

Renshaw, Charles Clark—231 South La Salle St

ReQua, Charles H.—141 W. Jackson Blvd

Revell, Alexander H., Jr.—141 So. Wabash Ave. .

Revell, Alexander Hamilton—141 S. Wabash Ave

Reynolds, Arthur—208 South La Salle St.

Reynolds, Earle Hay— 32 North Michigan Ave

Reynolds, Frank G.—500 N. Dearborn St.

Reynolds, George McClelland—208 So. La Salle St

Reynolds, Montgomery A.—1321-1Z5 W. Jackson Blvd. .

Rheinstrom, Robert I.—105 So. La Salle St

Rhodes, Charles George—645 North Michigan Ave

Rice, Charles Leslie—Hawthorne Station

Rich, Elmer—2116 Indiana Ave

Richardson, Guy A.—231 So La Salle St.

Rickcords, Francis Stanley—69 West Washington St

Ricksen, Robert E.—208 So. La Salle St.

Riddell. Charles F.—10833 So. Michigan Ave

Riley, Harrison Harnett—69 W. Washington St

Ringer, Charles—79th St. & Exchange Ave .

Rioch. Charles H.—4217 Belleplaine Ave

Riordan, Thomas L.—35th & Iron Sts. ..

Ripley, Robert Harris—410 N. Michigan Ave

Roach, Edward Andrew—209 So. La S.ille St

Roberts, W. F.—122 So. Michigan Ave.. .

Roberts, William H.—910 So. Michigan Ave

Robinson, Earl J.—208 S. La Salle St. . .

Chicago — (Continued)

Robinson, Gertrude Gheen (Mrs.)—163

East Ontario St

Robinson, Theodore Winthrop—208 So.

La Salle St

Robinson, William A.—1601 Calumet Ave. Roche, Walter P.—243 So. Wabash Ave. Rochford, James F.—4628 Greenview Ave. Rockwood, Frederick Thomas—208 So.

La Salle St

Roemer, John H.—231 So. La Salle St...

Roennitz, Frank L.—1724 E. 54th St

Roesch, J. Albert, Jr.—129 South Jefferson St

Roessler, Ernest C.—320 So. Clark St. . .

Rogers, Hopewell L

Rogers, Joseph E.—901 W. Van Buren St. Rogers, Sampson, Jr.—3900 Wallace St. Rogers, Scott M.—208 So. La Salle St... Rogers, Walter A.—37 W. Van Buren St. Rollins, Charles E., Jr.—175 West Jackson Blvd

Roloson, Robert M.—209 So. La Salle St.

Rose, Emile—105 So. Dearborn St

Rose, George E.—2701 E. 106th St

Rose, Landon Cabell—137 So. La Salle


Rosenberg, A. H.—2326 So. Michigan


Rosenblum, Frank—409 So. Halsted .St ..

Ross, John—54th Ave. and 18th St

Ross, Walter Southack—80 E. Jackson


Ross, William Leavell—231 S. La Salle St. Rosset, Barnet L.—20 West Jackson Blvd. Rostenkowski, Peter—1372 Ingraham .\ve. Rothschild, Jesse A.—135 So. La Salle St. Rothschild, Joseph—3158 West Madison


(see Addenda page 1692) Rochschild, Maurice—640 Straus Bldg... Routh, George Edward, Jr.—410 N.

Michigan Ave

Rowe, Cole Yates^43-45 East Ohio St.. . Rowe, Richard Yates—43 E. Ohio St. . . Rumbold, E. Howard—624 W. 119th St.. Rumsey, Wallace D.—38 S. Dearborn St. Runnells, Clive—703 Pullman Building . . Runnells, John Sumner—80S Pullman


Rushkewicz, John F.—2405 Augusta St. . Rushton, Alfred E.—2443 Cottage Grove


Rushton, Jos. A.—137 So. La Salle St. . . Russel. Andrew^—39 So. La Salle St. , Russell, Edmund A.—600 Jackson Blvd. Russell, Edward Perry—112 W. Adams


Russell, F. G.—211 East North Water St. Russell, Martin W.—Drexel Ave. and SSth


Rutzen, William M.—79 W. Madison St. Ryan, John Francis—738 W. 43rd St. . . Ryan, Philip J.—122 So. Michigan Ave. . . Ryan, William M.—13501 Baltimore Ave. Rye, Fred A.—164 W. Jackson Blvd. . . . -Ryerson, Edward Earned, Jr.—2558 W.

16th St

Ryerson, Joseph Turner—2558 W. 16th


Sackett, Robert E.—29 So. La Salle St.. .

Sadler, Fred D.—208 So. La Salle St

Sager, Charles W.—North Chicago

Saibert, Frank J.—332 So. La Salle St. . St. Clair, Edward—209 So. La Salle St.. Sajewski, Wladyslaw H.—1017 Milwaukee


Salat, Joseph J.—22nd St. and Kedzic


Salerno, Fred G.—1049 W. Harrison St.. Salk, Moses—1134-36 W. Roosevelt Rd.. .

Sammon, Howard F

Samms, Charles F.—2012 West Jackson


Sampsell, Marshall Emmett—72 West

Adams St.

Sandera, Frank M.—5634 W. Chicago


Sargent, Fred Wesley—^226 W. Jackson


Sauer, William A.—122 S. Michigan Ave. Savage, Henry Seymour—2551-53 Milwaukee Ave

Scannell, Albert T.—2438 W. 34th Place. Schaffner, Joseph Halle—=36 S. Franklin


Schaffner, Robert C—137 S. La Salk St 61


Schein, George L.—7 So. Dearborn St...

Scheppers, Paul F.—2805 No. Clark St. . .

Schiavone, M. F.—10 So. La Salle St. ...

Schiff, Benjamin J.—728 West Roosevelt Road

Schlesinger, Rudolph W.—4301-27 S. Ashland Ave

Schlytern, Charles E.—25 North Dearborn St

Schmid, Theophilus—10833 S. Michigan Ave

Schmidt, F. O.—2206 Lawrence Ave

Schmidt, John A.—10 South La Salle St..

Schmidt, Oscar F.—208 So. La Salle St...

Schmidt, Richard E.—104 So. Michigan Ave

Schmidt, Walter E.—11431 Michigan Ave.

Schmidt, William H.—1201 Milwaukee Ave

Schmitt, Andrew X.—4750 Washington Blvd

Schmitt, Roland G.—744 Bowen Ave...

Scholl. William M. (M. D.)—213 W. Schiller St

Schramm, Charles E.—96th St. & Calu-River

Schroeder, George—1232 W. North Ave.

Schryver, Clyde H.—828 Exchange Ave., Union Stock Yards

Schuberth, William A.—209 So. La Salle St

Schulz, Otto—711 Milwaukee Ave

Schulze, Paul—25 N. Green St

Schwarz, Herbert Ewing—309 So. La St

Schweppe, Charles H.—209 So. La Salle St.

Schwind, Benjamin J.—1279 Milwaukee Ave

Scott, Albert S.—618 West Chicago Ave.

Scott, Bruce—547 W. Jackson Blvd

Scott, George Eaton—416 North Michigan Ave

Scott, Harold—208 South La Salle St...

Scott, John William—366 West Adams St.

Scoville, John H.—520 Postal Telegraph Bldg

Scribner, Gilbert Hilton, 3rd—38 So. Dearborn St

Scudder, Lawrence W.—110 So. Dearborn St

Seabury, Charles Ward—164 West Jackson Blvd .

Seaman, George Milton—411 West Ontario St

Search, J. Gist—29 So. La Salle St

Seaverns, George Alfred—208 So. La Salle St

Seaverns, Louis C.—208 So. La Salle St.

Secrist, Courtland C.—5750 W. Roosevelt Road

Seidal, Walter Felix—1245 Garfield Ave..

Seip, Emil George—9047 Commercial Ave.

Seitz, Enoch Berrv—10 So. La Salle St...

Seitz, J. Charles—134 North La Salle St.

Selz, J. Harry—40 So. Market St

Senior, John Lawson—111 West Monroe St

Sexton, Sherman J.—352 W. Illinois St..

Shanahan, David E.—115 S. Dearborn St.

Shanks, Mark—4501 W. Lake St

Sharp, Willard C.—72 West Adams St...

Shaw, Arch Wilkinson—660 Cass St.. . .

Shaw, Ralph M.—1400 First National Bank Bldg

Sheehy, Edward—Randolph & Canal Sts.

Sheehy, James Frederick—9746 Ave. "N," South Chicago

Shepard, Guy C.—HI West Monroe St...

Sherer. Albert W.—231 So. La Salle St.

Sherer, Renslow P

Sherer, Samuel James—1705 So. Clark St.

Sherman, Roger—137 So. La Salle St...

Sherman, Wilfred W.—Union Stock Yards

Shinners, John Joseph—231 So. La Salle St

Shire, Leo Daniel—1701-09 So. Clark St...

Shoup, Alonzo—1545 W. 35th St

Shrader, F. K.—201 So. La Salle St

Shrider, Elmer A.—208 So. La Salle St.. .

Shumway, Philip Raymond—517 South Wells St

Shurtleff, Wilford C

Sidlo, Charles—3951 W. 26th St

Sierocinski, John A.—4228 W. 26th St...

Sills. Clarence W.--201 So. La Salle St...

Chicago—(Continued) Chicago—(Continued) Chicago—(Continued)

Simmons, J. Lavelle—549 West Washing Stevens, Edward J.—30 So. Dearborn St. Tenney, Horace Kent—137 S. La Salle

ton Blvd Stevens, Ernest J.—Michigan Ave & 7th St

Simons, Joseph—166 W. Jackson Blvd. St Tessmer, Ernest—3228 Lincoln Ave. ...

Simpson, James—219 W. Adams St Stevens, Eugene M.—231 South La Salle Teter, Lucius—81 W. Monroe St

sincere, Ben E.—231 So. La Salle St... . St Thayer, Henry W.—Longwood Drive t^

Sincere, Charles—231 So. La Salle St... Stevens, Raymond W.—1212 Lake Shore 111th St ..

Singer, Mort H.—418 State Lake Bldg. Drive . Theurer. Peter S.—332 S. Michigan Ave.

Siqueland, Tryggve Albert—State Bank Stevenson, Robert, Jr.—120 W. Adams St. Thies, Henry F.—6258 S. Halsted St. ..

Bldg Stevenson, Robert D.—1101-1119 W. Con Thorn, James Dale—2130 105 W. Adams

Sissman, Peter—32 W. Randolph St gress St St

Skala, Frank J.—970 W. 18th St Stewart, Pritchard—211 East North Thomas, Evan W.—Bankers Bldg

::kinner, Paul B.—39 So. La Salle St Water St Thomas, Frank W.-—110 W. Monroe St.

Skooglund, David—1138 Wilson Ave. ... Stewart, Robert W.—910 So. Michigan Thomas, John J

Skubic, Victor S.—3843 Ogden Ave Ave Thomas, Walter H.—6760 Stony Island

Slakis, Anthony A.— 3252 So. Halsted St. Stiger, Charles Warren—64-68 25th St. .. Ave

Slama, John T.—3951 West 26th St Stoddard, A. MacKay—112 West Adams Thomason, Samuel Emory — Tribune

Sleep, W. I.—201 So. La Salle St St Tower

Smale, John Hale—208 So. La Salle St... Stoelting, Max Carl—1735 No. Ashland (see also Addenda page 1698)

Smart, Gale—208 So. La Salle St Ave Thompson. Charles E.—72 W. Adams St.

Smart, Richard H.—208 So. La Salle St. Stone, Judson Floyd—30 North La Salle Thomoson, Charles F.—Room 200, 307 N.

Smeal, William S.—131 N. Franklin St. St Michigan Ave

Smidt, Gunnar A.—1279 Milwaukee Ave. Stone, O. Ray—Tribune Tower Thompson, Frank F.—332 S. La Salle St

Smietanka, Julius F.—3026 E. 92nd St... Storey, William Benson—1015 Railway Thompson, George W.—208 S. La Salle

Smith, Alexander—105 So. La Salle St. .. Exchange St

Smith, Alfred H.—3158 W. Madison St.. Strachan, A. L.—2209 W. 63rd St Thompson, John R., Jr.—350 N. Clark St.

Smith, Blaine Spray—210 So. La Salle St. Stransky, Franklin J.—230 South Clark St. Thompson, Orville W.—118 S. Clinton

Smith, Charles B.—1826 Diversey Park Strassheim, Arthur G.—2805 N. Clark St. St

way Strattan, Stephen S.—Harris Trust Bldg. Thompson, Roy A. H.—1010-20§ S. La

Smith, Edward Page—HI West Monroe Straus, Arthur W.—310 So. Michigan Ave. Salle St

St Straus, Joseph G.—11 So. La Salle St. .. Thomson, Florence L.—761 McCormick

Smith, George D.—231 So. La Salle St. Straus, Alartin L.—144 So. Wabash Ave. Bldg

Smith, Jesse L—200 So. La Salle St.... Straus, Samuel T. T.—310 So. Michigan Thorp, George G.—208 S. La Salle St.

Smith, John S.—4170 Drexel Blvd Ave Thorp, William J.—South End Miclii-

Smith, Lorenzo Bradv—420 Orleans St.. . Straus, Simon J.—10 S. La Salle St gan Ave. Bridge

Smith, P. L.—231 So. La Salle St Strawbridge, C. H.—Halsted St. & 48th Thorsen, Arthur C—744 Bowen Ave. ..

Smith, Thomas Sylvester—35-37 South Place Thulin, Frederick A.—10 S. La Salle St.

Water Market Strawn, Silas H.—First National Bank Tierney, Albert M.—100 N. Halsted St...

Smith, Warren W.—2959 East 92nd St.. . . Bldg Tilt, C. A.—4517 W. 26th St

Smithers, Perry L.—205 No. Michigan Strawn, Taylor—35 E. Wacker Drive .. . Timme, Ernest G.—910 S. Michigan Ave.

Ave Street, Charles R.—310 S. Michigan Ave. Titus, Andrew P.—340 W. Harrison St.

Smrz, Emil F.—1900 Blue Island Ave. .. Street, Harry L.—2415 Elston Ave Tomczak, Frank J.—4711 Ravenswood

Smulski, John F.—1201 Milwaukee Ave. Strom, Eugene Nathan—112 W. Adams Ave

Snow, Edgar Morton—69 West Washing- St Tracy, Sherman W.—754 W. Jackson

ton St Strong, Walter A Blvd

Snyder, Erwin Paul—400 Rush St Stuart, Harold Leonard 201 So. La Traer, Charles S.—2840 Archer Ave

Solari, Jcseph—332 S. ^Michigan Ave. .. . Salle St Trautmann, Felix—1501 W. 15th St

Sonnenschein, Hugo— 77 W. Washington Stuart, John—1600-80' East Jackson St... Traynor, William Bernard—Union Stock

St Studebaker, Clement, Jr.—231 So. La Salle Yards

Soper, James Philander—30 N. Michigan St Torbet, Albert W.—208 S. La Salle St.. .

Ave Stuntz, H. L.—340 W. Harrison St Tourtelot, Edward M.—38 S. Dearborn

Sossong, A. C—29 S. La Salle St Sturgis, Charles I.—547 W. Jackson Blvd. St

Spaulding, Howard E.—Continental & Sturtevant, Jack C.—The Rookery Trieschmann, Adam—821 Railway Ex-Commercial National Bank Bldg Suckow, Elmer A.—4806 N. Western Ave. change

Specht, A. R.—Ill West Washington St. Sullivan, Boetius Henry—310 South Triner, Joseph—1333 S. Ashland Ave. ..

Speer, William W.—38 S. Dearborn St... Michigan Ave Tripp, Chester Dudley—1616 Straus Bldg.

Spencer, Earl W.—209 S. La Salle St... Sullivan, Denis E.—Court House Troup, Clarence Gordon—231 S. La Salle

Spencer, Frank E.—176 W. Adams St. . . Sullivan, T. T.—1826 Diversey Parkway. . St

Spens, Conrad E.—547 W. Jacksonville Sunny, Bernard Edward—212 W. Wash Trout, George Henry—1134 W. Austin

Blvd ington St Ave

Spindler, Oscar—Archer & Leo St Sweeny, Tohn M.—Illinois Merchants Trowbridge, Edward—122 S. Michigan

Spofford, Charles William—620 South Bank Bldg Ave

Michigan Blvd Swett, Arthur Holhster—6153 South State Troy, Leo J.—Ill W. Monroe St. ...

Sprague, Albert .A..—600 West Erie St. . . St Truesdale, William Day—38 S. Dearborn

Spratlen, Leo W.—874 Union Station . . . Swift, Alden B.—Union Stock Yards St

Squire, Benj. A.—624 S. Michigan Ave... Swift, Charles—137 So. La Salle St. ... Tucker, James Ehot—1659 First National

Squires, John Gardner—3228 Lincoln Ave. Swift, Charles H.—Union Stock Yards .. Bank Bldg

Stafford, John Francis—410 No. Michigan Swift, Edward Foster—Union Stock Tucker, William Z.—Milwaukee Ave. at

Ave Yards Paulina St

Stanley, William Edwin—Illinois Mer Swift, Harold H.—Union Stock Yards .. (see Addenda page 1693)

chants Bank Bldg Swift, Louis F.—Union Stock Yards .... Turner, John W.—7527 Cottage Grove

Stanley, William H.—400 No. Michigan Swigart. Phil D.—717-723 South Wells St. Ave ••,••,■•■•

Ave Svkes, Aubrey L.—2300 W. 58th St. ... Tuttle, C harles R.—209 Jackson Blvd. . .

Stannard, Harry William—38 So. Dear Talbot, Joel Francis—111 W. Washington Tyson, Howell N —40 N. Dearborn St...

born St .Sf Tyson, Russell'—247 Monadnock Block..

Stanton, Charles' isi.—4V5'o' sV Halsted St. Tamminga',' Douwe' ' j'.—imd ' Michigan Uihlein, Edgar J.—966 N. Ogden Ave. .

Stanton, Howard Clinton—Union Stock Ave Ullmann, Harry M —416 S. Franklin St.

Yards Taylor, Benjamin F.—137 So. La Salle St. Ullmann, Herbert Satterlee—820 Orleans

Stanton, Robert T.—243 South Wabash Taylor, C. C—175 W. Jackson Blvd. .. . ,,St ••,•-,■.•■••;;•■•.■•• • VrV \\; ' \V ' •;

Ave Taylor, Herbert H.—1945 Ilhnois Mer Ulvestad, Oliver Martin—2753 W. North

Stanton, Samuel Cecil—3401 S. Michigan chants Bank Bldg r-, 7^' ' ' \' '^, t ■ •; ■ ■ ■;■; \kr 'Or'' '

Ave Tavlcr, Louis Sherman—Pullman Bldg Underwood, Thomas Ingle—105 W. Mon ■

Starrels, Joel—231 S. La Salle St Tavlor, Orville T.—231 So. La Salle St.. . ,/°^ ^t. . ... . ■■■■■■■■■ ■■■ ■■•••• ■ • ■

Stedman, Cresswell E.—645 No. Michigan Teich, Curt-1745 Irving Park Blvd Ungaro, Gerard M.—408-134 N. La Salle

Ave Teich, Max L.—320 S. Clark St TTu''r^ d "' io^"c'\V-'u-' ''' i' '

Stedman, Seymour Teller, Carroll A.—127 N: Dearborn St. Upham, George B^—122 S. Michigan Aye.

Steele, Sidney J.-l 11 W. Washington St. Templeton, Kenneth Stuart-332 S. La Upham Robert Bradford-32 N. Michi-

Stehr, Frederick W.—231 So. La Salle St. Salle St ,,^an Ave. . . . .

Stein, Benjamin F.-211-219 So. La Salle Templeton,^Walter Breakenridge-1020 S. S"sch,^Suf' Saie^I-ieS"^.''6iVd

sSn! !"^^;;Sr^2;i^ri:ryle' st i^^ fi-^'^T^'^'it^^^^^r F }i^\:i''^z-s^^' .?^ ff'^'^,1 ^r

Steinberg, Samuel E.-231 So,. La Salle Pennant. Colin McK.-175 W. Jackso-.i Van Allen, Willis C.-327 S. La Salle St.

St hJlvd van Deusen, Robert H.—38 S. Dearborn

Steinhoff, C. F.—3600 Bankers'Bldg. ... Tennant, John W. R.—2447 S. Michigan St

Steiskal, Frank—1817-1819 Loomis St. .. Ave Van Doren, Ray N.—226 W. Jackson

Sterling, Edward J.—400 Bankers Bldg.. . Tennant, William G.—2447 S. Michigan Blvd

Stern, Herbert L.—175 N. State St Ave Van Dyke, R. C—166 W. Jackson Blvd.





Van Houghton, Wm. A.—30 N. La Sa!!c St

Van Sicklen, Norton Harding—850 Lake Shore Drive

Vause, Harrv Russell—323 E. 55th St., Garfield Bl'vd

Vedder, Beverly B.—1414 Monadnock Block

V'eeder. Henry— 33 S. Clark St

Venn, Charles J.—54th Ave. & 18th St. . .

Vernia, Edward P.—608 S. Dearborn St.

Vette, John Lyle—1822-31 S. La Salle St.

Victor, Benjamin J.—5750 Roosevelt Rd.

Victor, John Harvey—5750 Roosevelt Rd.

Victor, Joseph B.—5750 Roosevelt Rd. ..

Virgil, Carleton C—251 E. Grand Ave.

Vognild, Ludvig S.—2746 W. Division St.

Voss, Adolph G.—1151 Roscoe St

Waddington, William Holt—5 N. La Salle 'St

Wagner, John E.—111 W. Monroe St. ...

Wagner, Louis C.—6222 Cottage Grove Ave

Wakeley, Arthur W.—37 S. La Salle St

Waldeck, Herman—208 S. La Salle St. . .

Walker. George—1243 W. Washington Blvd

Walker, Lyman T.—1220 Conway Bldg..

Walker, Paul—1517 Conway Bldg

Wallick, G. S.—Lincoln, School & Ashland "•

Walhn, Van Arthur—130 N. Wells St...

Walsh, Howard T.—122 S. Michigan Ave.

Waish, James Joseph—4011 Madison St.

Walsh, Richard B.—38 S. Dearborn St...

Ward, James E,—744 Bowen Ave

Ward, James Patrick—4401 E. Ravens-wood Ave

Warmington, Andrew E.—32 N. State St.

Warner, Ezra Joseph—600 W^est Erie St.

Warner, Rawleigh—35 E. Wacker Drive

Warnes, Harry T.—209 So. La Salle St.. .

Warren, Allyn D.—223 West Jackson Blvd

Warren, F. H.—211 East North Water St.

Watkins, Frank Alonzo—326 North Michigan Ave

Watkins, Jesse M.—326 N. Michigan Ave.

Watkins, Samuel A. T.—3625 So. State St.

Watson, Charles H.—10 So. La Salle St..

Watson, John C.—608 So. Dearborn St. . .

Watson, John W.—1180 E. 63rd St

Watson, Oliver L.—5624 Irving Park Blvd

Watson, Wm. R.—720 112 W. Adams St.

Watts, Harry Cathcart—37 So. La Salle St

Waud, Ernest P.—410 North Michigan Ave .......

Wayman, Charles A. G.—836 So. Michigan Ave

Weaver. George M.—1526 So. State St.. .

Webb, Walter E.—29 So. La Salle St. . .

Weber, Frank C.—6319 Lowe Ave

Weber, Norton H.—35 E. Wacker Drive

Webster, Frederick Norton—209 So. La Salle St

Webster, Stuart—209 So. La Salle St. ...

Wecker, W. A.—140 So. Dearborn St. ...

Weddell, Thomas R.—953 Insurance Post

Weigel, Amos H.—222 E. Superior St. . .

Weil, Walter G.—205 No. Michigan Ave.

Weimar, Marcus C.—173 N. Franklin St..

Weis, Paul—33 S. Clark St

Weis, Samuel Washington—1938 Straus Bldg

Welling, John Paul—1609 Harris Trust Bldg

Wellington, John L.—835 W. 63rd St. ...

Wellner, Charles V.—6355 No. Clark St..

Wells, Arthur George—1023 Railway Exchange

Welter, John N.—320 W. 26th St

Welton, Arthur Dorman, Jr.—1400 First National Bank Bldg

Wemple, Leland F.—1028 McCormick Bldg

Wendell, Barrett, Jr.—209 So. La Salle St.

Weston, Charles Valentine—1485 231 So. La Salle St

Westphal, Oscar Bernard—5 No. Wabash Ave

Westrich, Frank A.—4628 Greenview Ave.

Wetmore, F. O.—38 So. Dearborn St. .

Wetten, Albert H.—231 So. La Salle St..

Wetten, Emil C—2116-134 No. La Salle St


Wheeler, Harry A.—7 South Dearborn St.

Wheeler, John B.—738 W. 43rd St

Wheelock, William W.-—Marquette Bldg.. Whipple, Charles John—211 E. N. Water


White, Charles Archer—11 E. 31st St. .. White, Edward J.—209 So. La Salle St. . . White, Frank Edson—Union Stock Yards White, Harold F.—137 So. La Salle St.. . White, James Addison—166 W. Jackson


White, Samuel Walter—134 So. La Salle


White, Willard C—Union Stock Yards . Whitehouse, Howard D.—208 So La Salle


Whiting, Frank Simpson—400 No. Michigan Ave. .

Whiting, Lawrence Harley—400 North

Michigan Ave

Whitley, Arthur H.—215 West 63rd St.. . Whitmore, A. M.—122 S. Michigan Ave.. Whitney, Charles Pratt—175 W. Jackson


Whitney, Wildon F.—5354-60 W. Chicago


Wieboldt, Elmer F.—Milwaukee Ave. at

Paulina St

(see Addenda page 1693) Wieboldt, Werner A.—Milwaukee Ave. at

Paulina St

(see Addenda page 1693) Wiedeman, Charles F.—111 W. Washington St

Wiese, Gustav—3637 No. Clark St

Wilbur, J. R.—844 Rush St

Wilcox, Charles H.—105 W. Monroe St.. . Wilcox, Roland E.—3700 Milwaukee Ave. Wild, Harry C—104 So. Michigan Blvd..

Wilder, John E.—1038 Crosby St

Wildes, William H.—231 So. La Salle St. Wilhartz, William—1501 First National

Bank Bldg

Wilhelm, Frank E.—Ill W. Monroe St.. . Willard, Bernard William—Western Ave.

at 63rd St

Willard, Staples X.—Ill West Washington St

Willets, George Millard—Union Stock


Williams, Arista B.—112 W. Adams St. . . Williams, Dixon C.—1966 Southport Ave.

Williams, George R. E

Williams, Harry W.—Exchange Bldg.,

Union Stock Yards

Williams, J. Lester—10 So. La Salle St. . . Williams, James—340 W. Harrison St. Williams, John Forest—1212 Lake Shore


Williams, Lawrence

Willits, Ward W.—319 W. Ontario St. . . Willman. Edson Stayman—29 S. La Salle


Wills, V. L.—14 E. Jackson Blvd

Wilmerding, Charles Henry—134 So. La

Salle St

Wilsey, Robert E.—831 First National

Bank Bldg

Wilson, Clyde H.—Ill W. Washington St. Wilson, F. D.—Room 1246, 228 N. La

Salle St

Wilson, Harry H.—59 East Madison St. . Wilson, J. H.—122 So. Michigan Ave. . .

Wilson, Milton—528 So. Wells St

Wilson, Oliver Tousey—528 So. Wells St. Wilson, William H.—666 Lake Shore


Winiecki, Leo J.—2140-2142 Clybourn


Winston, James H.—1400 First National

Bank Bldg

Winterbotham, John H.—8 South Dearborn St

Winters, Alfred C—230 So. Clark St. Wise, William G.—77 W. Washington St. Wolcott, Henry K.—175 West Jackson


Woldenberg, Max—159 W. Kinzie St. ... W^olf, Waher B.—134 So. La Salle St... Wollenberger, Hermann—105 So. La Salle


Wood, Edwin Thomas—507 Rookery


Wood, John C—70 Board of Trade Bldg.

Wood, R. E •.

Wood, Robert Arthur—929-209 So. La

Salle St


Chicago— ( Continued)

Woodruff, George—134 So. La Salle St...

Woods, Frank Henry—1120 McCormick Bldg

Woods, Henry Cochran—332 So. Michigan Ave

Woodward, Arthur Herbert—15 South Throop St

Woodward, Charles—111 W. Washington St

Woodward, Wm. J.—Illinois Merchants Bank Bldg

Woolley, Witliam J.—2057 W. Fulton St.

Worcester, Chas. H.—19 So. La Salle St.

Wray. James G.—105 W. Adams St

Wright, William V. D.—1335-1.!2 South Michigan Ave

Wrigley, Philip Knight—400 No. Michigan Ave

Yager, William A.—410 No. Michigan Ave '. ..

Yates, David Miller—121 No. State St...

Yerkes, Richard Watson—910 So. Michigan Ave

Youilg, Geo. W

Young, Hobart P.—134 So. La Salle St.

Young, W. \'ictor—38 So. Dearborn St.

Zacharewicz, John W.—903 West 33rd St

Zacharias, Michael C.—1800 So. Ashland Ave

Zech, N. P.—First National Bank Bldg..

Zeis, O. M.—6401 So. Irving Ave

Zelezny, John G.—3856 W.'26tli St

Zelezny, John V.—3854-_56 V/. 26th St...

Zepp, Carl William—2950 I.,awrence Ave.

Zimmerman, Arthur J.—10833 Michigan .Ave .'

Zinder, Benjamin Lee—3600 W. Roosevelt Road

Zook, Joseph D.—332 .So. Michigan Ave.

Zucker, Winfred Tames—1856 Diversev Blvd ."


Cuchna, Frank—ti018-20 West 22nd St...

Fry, Ira Benton—2834 So 61st Court . . (see also Addenda page 1695)

Haynie. Walter Thomas—52nd .Ave. & 19th St

Higgins, Colin M.—4810-12 W^ 22nd St.

Jedlan, Jno. W.—5600 West 22nd St

Radosta, Adolph—5600 W. 22nd St

Tykal, Henry F.—5600 W. 22nd St


Bass, Fred—43 No. Vermilion St

Butterworth, Frank W.—P. O. Box 591

Butcher, Frederic E.—806 First National Bank Bldg

Ely, Howard Montgomery—220 No. Vermilion St

Kimbrough, E. R. E.

Melville, James Burnett Forbes—1 West Harrison St

Parrett, W. J.—17 W. North St

Rankin, William C—P. O. Drawer 591

Swallow, Howard A.—1106 First National Bank Bldg

Van Valkenburgh, William H.—Plaza Hotel


Augur, Ravmond O.—Wabash Ave. & 7th

St ; ;

Atlass, Max—P. O. Box 155

Brownback, Joseph M

Burwell, T. C—P. O. Box 317

Gallowav, James H. . .

Gorin, Jerome P.—104 No. Water St

Gorin, Orville B

Johnson, James D.—127 F. Prairie St...

Lloyd, Walter Ross—1226 Garfield Ave.

Meriweather, John Austin—130 No. Water St

Miller, J. Glen—135 E. Main St

Mueller, Adolph

Redmon, William E.—National Bank Bldg

Scheiter, Edwin K.—Box 317

Staley, A. E., Jr

Wagner, John A

Wayland, William K.—1275 East Sangamon St

Williams, Geo. A.—1226 East Garfield



Alexander, E. D.—421 West I'irst St. . .


Miller, Harry C

TTAOT AI TON GRANITE CITY Kankakee—(Continued)

olTn ToI.n M, Boggs, Joseph G Stone, Harlan M.-189-91 Court S^^

EAST MOLINE Frede, Charles F Swannell, Frederick W.—286-298 East

Stone, Charles Newhall Griffith, R. W ..'^T"^ ^^ ' VAr,V " ' 'c '" Wa "^ 'n'' \

EAST ST. LOUIS Hoblitzell, Harrison Vanderwater, Walter S.~154 E. Court

navis Gordon 7.—101 Collinsville Ave. Howard, Geo. E St

Dehnore E J -2nd St. & Lvnch Ave.. . Howard, Karl S KENILWORTH

Dietrich,' Shuman B.—2nd St. & Lynch Morey, Arthur T Skeel Fred F.—338 Woodstock Ave. .. .

,i^yg Niedringhaus, George Hayward Kii/WANlLH,

Fekete Thonias "L— 234A Collinsville Niedringhaus, George W Baker, Benjamin Franklin

^ve ' Pflager, Harry M Cherry, Harry D

Fox Charles B —35th St. & Missouri Ave. HANOVER Cook, Arthur

Gregory Thomas W.—7 Collinsville Ave. Speer, J. A Dickson. Robert B

Hanlev ' Robert Emmett—3,S00 Missouri HARVEY Lay, Frank M.—1st & Chestnut Sts" ' Child, Guy B Mather, Archie j

Hemker Ferd W Conant, Earl D Pursell, H. E

Horner ' Charles Milton—513 E. Missouri Dee, Simon R.—ISSth St Smith, H. A.—730 So. Chestnut St ' Hammond, Thomas Stevens Stokes, Thomas R.—i^ irst & Chestnut Sts.

Klapp Frank J —229 Collinsville Ave. .. Howell, Walter Rufus Terry, Charles D.—First & Chestnut Sts.

Matthews, Joseph R Ingalls, Frederick A.—147th & Wood Sts. Waller, Peter A.—First & Chestnut Sts. .

Nebel Joseph—Second & Lynch Ave. . . Johnson, Harrv Arthur—15332 Myrtle KIRKLAND

Owen' "Flvnn—20th & Baugh Aves Ave Ault, George W

Philippi, t. F.—31st & Ridge Ave McDougall, Andrew H KIRKWOOD

Reeb C Broadway & Collinsville Pascoe, Raymond A Ricketts, Myra Tubbs

Reis,' Michael C—2022 State St. . . .• Place, Frederick E Tubbs, Albert Ray

Roo-er, Chas.—700 East Broadway Sloan, Harry Morris LAKE FOREST

Rogers Clarence G Townsend, John S Hixon, Frank Pennell

Rucker Ray F.—3300 Missouri .Ave Whiting, John Hill LA SALLE

Schlafly, Paul A HIGHLAND PARK Barnes, E. T

Smith " Duncan C.—3300 Missouri Ave... Appel, Jacob Martin Carus, E. H

Spivey, Allen T Gushing, Frederick W Duncan, Stuart—654 First St

Sunkel', Eugenia E. (Miss)—7 Collmsville Grant, Charles F.—399 Central Ave (see also Addenda page 1694)

Ave.' . .^. Paul, Harry Hummer, Wayne

Welsh George W.—7 Collinsville Ave.. . Pilsbry, Frank Wilson—269 Laurel Ave.. McKay, Alexander J

Whitnel, Josiah—505-511 First National HILLSBORO Moyle, Richard, Sr

Bank Bldg Bliss, Charles W.—Montgomery New? Swift, C. C

EDINBURG Bldg ' Wilson, George A.—135 Marquette St. ..

Stokes Campbell A Cress, Henry Absalom, Sr.—200 So. Main LAWRENCEVILLE


Barnsback, R. S ; Finley, John M, Fritts, Frank

Boeschenstein, Charles Fisher, George H.—200 S. Main St LIBERTYVILLE

Gie<=e, Gilbert S.—117-119 Second St Miller, Rice—1123 School St Leesley, Clyde L


Holloway, Charles A.—Wabash Ave Lamb, Channcey T Brandt, J. C

ELGIN JACKSONVILLE Johnston Vernon 6 —Scully B'd'--^

Edwards, A. D.—119 N. State St Bellatti, Walter—609 Ayers National Bank Reinhard't Mathew I O O F Bid"-

Hunter, George E.—325 Watch St Bldg MACOMB .... ^. • .

Pearsall, Benjamin S Capps, Harry M Clawson William R

Wolff, Charles ■• Chapin, Troy A.—Allen Ave Wilhelm', Lawrence 0.-312 No. Lafay-

ELKHART Crabtree, Edgar E ^^^^ _c;t ......

Oslesbv, John G Deitrich, George MANTENO

EVANSTON Bnn\^p,yL. F.-2 Public Square Larocque, Fred H

Anderson, Isak—608 Davis St Elliott, Frank MATTOON

Bobb, Dwight S.-1569 Sherman Ave.. . . Elliott J- Weir . . . . Lumpkin, R. A.—113 So. 17th St

Dean, Albert P. " ■,' c; ' ' ^o^"^*^'' Williani G.--2 Public Square . Purcell, E. A.—Lumpkin Bldg

Dyche, William Andrew—619 Clark bt... Johnson, Charles Albert—71 East Side ii/iTrT ■cx-.o-c tiatdt^

Foley, Thomas J.—1521 Lyons St Sq a , ° a n ^^^^^ , ,o i ^1 r i

Hahn, John F.—1623 Sherman Ave Osborne, Marcy W ^;?.t"#tCt^""'^^ F.— 129-131 Broadway . .

Kuehl, Chas. W.—422 Davis St Rowe, Cole Yates—P. C. Drawer 248 . . MOLIN^ ^

McCann, Daniel—1223 Oak Ave Rowe, Frederick H Amsworth, George Rodney—2203 ..rd

Pearsons, Harrv Putnam—800 Davis St. Rowe. Richard Yates . .^ ",'' 'tt

Peterson, Harold G.—2200 Lincoln St. .. Thompson, Owen P Ainswortn, H .. ..........

Reynolds, Charles Henry—1569 Sherman TOLIET ^"^n, Frank Gates—501 15th St

Ave Blackball, John R.-301 N. Ottawa St. . . "^"^''1°"' 9\F''*'1fA/^ iVVi' c;

Rosenberg, Harry M Blatt, George N.—Young Bldg geal Albert M.-415^ 15th St

Scheidenhelm, F. J Cameron, Robert A.—122 N. Chicago St. B ackman, K. . _ . . . .^. . .... .. .. . . . . .

Sherman, Edwin—800 Davis St Carlson, John L.—823 Cass St Blandmg, Lowrie Church—210 Sohroeck

Smart, James Russell—1564 Sherman Ave. Chamberlin, Fred M.—122-124 N. Chi t. vi^; , " Vt A" VooV'n^,'■' J ' 1 ■

Speed, Charles F.—Transportation Bldg.. cago St Bredfeldt, Henry C.—1824 Third Ave. ..

Stevens, Charles N.—800 Davis St Erb, George Butterworth, William

Stewart, George Craig (D. D.-L. H. D.)— Felman, Albert T.—301 E. Teffersoh St. . . ^opp, Herbert G.

Hinman Ave. & Lee St Heise, Wm. de Zeng—Rialto Square Bldg. C^r^'^P^on George W . . . . .

Tomlinson, George Horace Heun, William Henry—301 N. Ottawa Dmneen, Harold Blake—1404 3rd Ave. . .

Ware, Charles Edward—1621 Benson Ave. St Dorsey, Machair J

Weiland, John—1614 Sherman Ave Higinbotham, Harlow Davison Foster Alfred i homas

Wigginton, James D.—1115 Oak Ave. .. . McManus, Peter F Getz, Harry \V ... . . .

Wright, Wirt Redmond, William—222 N. Chicago St.. Hagebocck Arthur E.—115 21st St. . .

FRANKLIN PARK Robinson, Jesse P Hirsch, Sol—SOl 15th St.

S])encer, Robert Jacob Savage, John H.—606 Morris Bldg <-See also Addenda page 1696)

FREEPORT Smith, Thompson Hosford. Willard Deere

Bennethum, Roy M Stoos, Alfred J.—122 No. Chicago St. . . Huesing, Arthur T

Graham D F Woodruff, F. W Hunt, Wilson P . .

Gund, Fred M.—Crum '& Forster Bldg. . . KANKAKEE Johnson, (xcorge W.—Ill 2nd St

Robins. Harry M Beckman, Arthur L Johnson, Sifford H .............

Steele, Matthew A Beckman, Louis E.—138 So. Schuyler Kough, Benjamin James—1401 30th St..

GALESBURG Ave Kuehl, Henrv H.—1509 ISth St

Drake, Edward R.~227-235 E. Main St.. Caulkins,' Edward D. ■•••,•• ^- • -, ^- ■ Lea, Robert Wentworth-1410 3rd Ave. .

Nielson Louis Ferris, Benjamin Burr—182 E. Court St. Loosley, G. M.—416-420 15th St

Paden, 'Alonzo F.-l 103 'e.' Main StV '.■.:: Geiger, Charles W—504 Cobb Bldg. . . . Lourie, Ralph B

Sinclair, Robert Gordon Granger, Alexis L.—City Bank Bldg. . . . Lundberg C. F .........

Williamson, Moses O Huse, George ■■■■■-^ ■■■■■ — ■■■■■ y MacDonald, Robert B.--Serv,ce Bldg. . .

r-TTMTrcTT/-. Moissant, Shirley E.—164 N. Schuyelr Nelson, Herman W.—1824 3rd Ave

GENESEO ^^^ Otis, Gerald E

Ho.t, Otis W.—Cor. State and First St.. . ^^^^j^ j-,^^.;^ n.— 209 East Court St. ... Peek, Burton F

GLENCOE Radeke August C—138 South Schuyler Richmond, George K.—1824 3rd Ave. ..

Eller, Abraham—208 So. La Salle St. ... Ave Seaholm, J. P

GLEN ELLYN Roat Oakley—916 S. Greenwood ;Vve. . . . Shallberg, Gustavus A.—Peoples Bank

Fuller, Charles R.—526 Maple St Small, Len Bldg


Moline—(Continued) Pccria—(Conlinued) Quincy—(Continued)

Shallberg, R. C Herschel, Paul E,, Jr Skaer, Arthur H

Sillovvay, Frank—1102 10th St '. . . Herschel, Paul E., Sr Sprick, Harvey Henry—801 State St

Sonneville, Louis—841 l8th Ave Hunter, Jay T.—Commercial Bank Bldg. Tenk, Rudolph—121-125 So. 5th St

Tressel, Harry S.—Sohrbeck Bldg Jobst, George J.—Lehman Bldg Thomas, Joseph Loren

Wessel, Perry H.—Wessel Bldg Jobst, Valentine, Jr.—1209 Lehman Bldg. ROCKFORD

Wharton, Theodore F.—1325 Third Ave. Kinney, G. De F.—201 No. Water St. . . Aldeen, G. W.—18th Ave. & 7th St

Wiman, Charles Deere . . . .■ Kuck, Henry G.—2800 S. Adams St. ... (see Addenda page 1687)

MONMOUTH La Porte, Charles William—923 Jefferson Anderson, Arthur E.—324 Mulberry St..

Ditfenbaugh, John Doner—509 So. 1st St. Bldg Anderson, E. A

Frantz, Delevan C Lockwood, James E.—701-702 Ccmmercial Barnes, William Fletcher—813 N. Main St.

French, Cell S.—609 W. Broadway National Bank Bldg Brantingham, Charles S.—Independence

Tubbs, James Arthur—100 Public Square Luthy, Ferdinand—217-219 South Adams Aye

Woods, William Hamilton St Brolin', VVillard' A.—1015' 9th" St'. '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.

Work, Robert Marshall Luthy, George L.—217 So. Adams St. ... Burpee, H. Stanton

Zimmer, John E Lynch, Henry W.—924 Glen Oak Ave.. . ' Chapman, Roscoe S.—129 'No. Wyman St.

MONTICELLO Macy, Jay K.—1039 Jefferson Bldg Curtin, John P.—707 So. Main St

Dighton, Asler Car May, Emmet C.—Peona Life Bldg Darwent, Watson E

Diiatush, Frank V McDowell, John W.—Commercial Nation- Dobler, George—305 Mulberry St

Hetishee, Frank J al Bank Bldg (see also Addenda page 1694)

MORRIS McRoberts, William G.—602 Commercial Ekstrom, Eric Sigfrid.

Barnard, Earl Walter National Bank Bldg Faust, Levin

Wilson, Lee L Miles, Charies C Fisher. Arthur E.—Court House

MT. CARMEL Miller, Frank T.—1400 Pecria Life Bldg. Floberg, August P

Barnhard, Philip—314'Main St Morgan, Elisha—Bond & Voris Sts Florberg, Albert Rudolph—427-9 E. State

Stansficld, Russell N.—335-337 Market St. Neilson, John T.—800 So. Washington . . St

MT. VERNON Nicol, William Washington—513 So. Forbes, Duncan P.—P. 6. Box 1001

Emmerson. Louis Lincoln Washington St Forbes George O —Peoples Ave

NATIONAL STOCK YARDS Oakford, Aaron Samuel—304 So. Wash Gill, Thomas E.—401 Forest City Na-

Bisbee, Ernest F ington St tional Bank Pidg

Briggs, George E Page, George T.—604 Federal Bldg Gilruth, Andrew

Coy, Charles I Page, Gerald Hays—710 Commercial Henry,' Christian F.—129 No. Main St.

Delmore, John L Bank Bldg Hinchliff, Ralph

Garvin, Robert D Puterbaugh, Franz—333 Fulton St Hultberg, Oscar C—1526-28 Seventh St.

Shaver, Chas. B., Sr.—Box 114 Puterbaugh, Walter Hyer, Stanton A.—402 Forest National

Sullivan, Owen J Quinn, Frank J.—1103 Lehman Bldg. . . . Bank Bldg

OAK PARK , Rogers, Nathan Louis—717 Peoria Life Jackson, Albert T

Braese, Otto C—125 N. Oak Park Ave... "Bldg Jilbert Harry J .

Cady, Cholett—210 S. Euclid Ave Roth, John Herman—228-230 So. Wash Kecler, Edwin Holton—201 East State St.

Dusek, Joseph—342 So. Oak Park Ave... ington St Kjcllgren, Martin A.—401 East State St.

Einfeldt, William—104 N. Oak Park Ave. Russell, Samuel Moorhead—Union Station Mallon. I.J

Gilmore, William Y.—137 N. Oak Park Sandmeyer, Henry—605 Bryan St Peterson, Fred—1206 Kishwaukee St

Ave Sehm, Adolph Carl Martin Peterson', William O.—408 East State St.

Hebner, Charles N.—259 W. Lake St. ... Shurtleft, Geo. A.—911 Central National Prescott, Delos E

MacArthur, Teller—1110 North Blvd. . . . Bank Bldg Raynolds, Thomas j

Rattenbury, Wil.iam H.—840 S. Oak Park Siihring, Albert—Cor. Adams & Liberty Robertson, William T.—1611 National

Ave Sts Ave

Rehm, Arthur D.—840 So. Oak Park Ave. Sommer, Benjamin L Roper. Mabon Powell—707 So. Main St.

Zimmerman, Paul E.—1044 Lake St Sommer, Henry G Ruhl, A. S.—909-11 So. Main St

OTTAWA Sommer, John Sand'ers, Cecil Frank

Berge, Bernhard O » Sommer, William H Shafford, George Catlin—401 E. State St.

Catlin, J. P Stone, Harry C.—213 So. Jefferson Ave. Starr, Chandler

Knott, Richard F.—834 Congress St. ... Stone. William E.—210-212 So. Adams Thayer, Warren Bovden—18th Ave. &

Richmond, Waldemar Spaulding—407 St 10th St

Central Life Bldg Stone, William E., Jr Thomuson, Norman F.—East State & So.

Taylor, Charles P Todd, Hiram Eugene—903 Central Na- Second Sts

OZARK tional Bank Bldg Wantz, Ray

Smith, Lindley M Wachenheimer, Jacob W^elsh, R. K

PANA Walker, Edward H.—Oak & Washington Wise, G. J. . .'.

Cutler, Frank A • St Ziock, VVm. H.—417 So. Wyman St

McKoy, Harry Wallace, Ross Strawn—316 So. Jefferson ROCK ISLAND

Scl'uyler, H. N Ave. . . . . ^ ^ Armstrong. James W.-24th St. & 4th

PARIS Weber, trank B.—210-212 So. Adams St. ^^^

2'^^i^' ^T^nJ-~^^^''' ^^^- '^°'"'^ ^'- • ■ wL"!^' ^ru-^'^ r?-- ^iV ^io'c' ■ -A y ■ c ■ Cleaveland',' ' Harrv' ' 'hI-IOI ' ' 'Robinson

PARK RIDGE White, William C.—217-219 So. Adams St. gj^^p.

Immel, John A.—43 So. Prospect Ave. .. Wolfenbarger, James B.—1027 Peoria Life Curtis^ Hugh Fverett—306 Centrai Trust

PAWNEE Bldg glj ■ . / ..'

Calloway, Charles AVoolner, William B.—506 Lehman Bldg. r>o,-t Wt^' i-i' ' Vl V VotVi Vt'

PECATONICA P^^^'T^^?^ • , T.. • r « EdvJ'ards Frank R.-24th It '&' 4th ' a'v'c :

rlamm, Eugene S. . Hopkins, Carl Edwin—C ourt House .... T7->r=tPr a^nrcyp T nucrhead 41 ^ Safetv

PEKIN PRINCETON %'f^'' ^^^'^^^ ....

Green, William S Trimble, Perry D . . .^t \r ■ c

Hergee, Henrv George ^. . .. QUINCY 5^^^7'u^°'' w' •i,,-4 o, c ' ' ' ^ a

PEORIA " Arends, Gerhard G Horst, Henry W.—1417-23 Second Ave.. .

Allen, Arthur William-985 Jefferson Arnold, A. Oti.s—337 Hampshire St <^°"'?,^'^?ij ^j u

Bldg Best, Ezra—630 Jersev St ,. , . . Krell Edward Henry

Altorfer, Silas H Binkert, George A.—1240 Park Place. . . . Mitchell Phil . . . . . ■■■■■■- •■•■■_■■• •

Atwood, Hinckley G Channon, Harry O.—422 Maine St Olmsted Robert W.—204-6 Safety Bldg,

Baker, Murray Morrison Crane, Frank W.—426 Maine St Potter, John William—The Argus

Bethard, Douglas H.—Oak & Washing Decker, William T Roth, George Wdliam ■■■■

ton Sts Duker, William T.—6th & Maine Sts. . . Stricter, Alartm E —1417 2nd Ave

Blossom Frederick K—Adams & Main (see also Addenda page 1694) Vetter, John L.—1224 5th Ave^

lilossom, Frederick K. ./\dams & Mam ^.,^^^ ^ Arthur~127-135 Maine St ^^^ner Robert A.—3152 5th Ave

R ;■ ■ ■ V/. ■; ■ ■ ■;;.■ •■•■■••••;••■ • • • ■ • ■ Fischer, Joseph J.—Room 915, W. C. U. Wf^.^^- ^'"^."'^ Perry—24th St. & 4th Ave.

Boatner, Victor Vincent—Union Station Bldo- " White, Trvm S

Bowen, K R -2300 North Adams St. . . Fisher"'John J.-Sio' So! Fi-ont 'St.!! ! ! ! ! ! ! ST. CHARLES

Causey, V^ alter G.—236 S Jefferson Ave. Gardner. T. Willis Hall, Martha S.—Thorn Apple Lodge . .

Crerner. Mathias S.—323-327 Peona Life Gardner, Ralph Gifford Janes, Herbert

^-'^S Gerdes, William F.—137 North 2nd St.. SANDWICH

Durkin, Jos. P.—301 South Adams St. . . Jackson. Roval W Castle, Latham

Elliott, John M.—1400 Peoria Life Bldg. Knapheide, Henry E.—436-440 South 6th Hinman, D. Abram

Foster, Edgar C St Jones, Charles C

Hamilton, E. Bentley—832 Peoria Life Michael, Joseph J.—1535 Broadway Mosher, Edward C

^'as Monroe, Edward Nelson—301 Oak St.. Steele, John M

Harsch, Harold Lewis Musselman, D. L SAVANNA

Hazzard, William—301 -305 So. Adams St. Philpott, Arthur James Bennett, Robert D

Herschel, Arthur Dee Seifert. Charles—805-807 State St Bowen, F. P.—214 Main St

Hersche', H. Robert Sieckmann, J. H Jenks, Frank H.—318 Main St

DIB.— c 65




Miles, Laurence H.—227 Main St

Mullen, John E.—303 Main St


Abels, Henry ■ • ■ •

Barber, Baylis L.—500 E. Monroe St

Barnes, Donald L.—4th & Mpnroe Sts. . . Blackstock, Ira B.—213 E. Jefferson St. . .

Bristow, I-. R.—4th & Monroe Sts

Brown, Milton Ha}—First National Bank


Brown, Owsley—1901 E. Capitol Ave. . . Bunn, George W.—927 East Adams St.. .

Bunn, Henry

Carroll, Charles C

Clayton, J. Paul

Coleman, Logan

Converse, Henry A—600 Booth Bldg. . . .

Cripe, C. E.—Public Service Bldg

Dixon, Louis M

Fairlie, James—413 So. Sth St

Gietl, Louis M.—109 So. 2nd St

Gullett, James W.—Supreme Court Bldg. Hall, Edward A.—Sth & Adams Sts. . .

Hatch, Pascal E

Hill, H. B.—413 So. Sth St

Hodde, J. H.—Uth & Converse St. ... Hoff, Alonzo—604 First National Bank

Bldg • • • Y

Holbrook, Joseph Howard—114 South

Sixth St

Holtz, Frederick Carl—11th & Converse


Jpnes, Joseph W.—Sixth & Lawrence


Keys, Edward D.—500 E. Monroe St. . . Keys, George Edward—Sth & Monroe


Lanphier, Robert Carr

Maxon, Oscar F

McAnulty, Reason H.—902-3 Myers Bldg.

Merriam, Henry M.—800 S. 6th St

Miller, Cornelius R.—Room 122, State

Capitol Bldg

On-, Walter A

Rees, Thomas—609 E. Monroe St

Roberts, J. D.—Public Service Bldg

Ryan, Andrew E.—4th & Monroe Sts. . . Schuck, Charles—923 E. Jefferson St. . . Snyder, D. W., Jr.—9th & Adams Sts. . Souther, Latham T.—First State Trusi &

Savings Bank

Sudduth, Thos

Tulpin, R. B.—Public Service Bldg. .... Uhl, Victor A.—First National Brink


White, Otis •• •


Dillon, Paul W

Powelson, Abram James—20S W. Third


Schmoeger, Sebastian A.—204 Sth Ave. . .


Hogan, John E.—First National Bank Bldg

Long, Troy L. .

Morrison, Frank—405 E,. Market St. . . .


Arthurs. Walter C—7th St. & L. & N. RR


Rickert, J oseph W


Barwell, John William

Burnett, H. Clinton—4 So. Genesee St .

Collette, John R

Morris, Thomas E.—Box 529

Vesper, Vern A

Yager, Louis J


Weiland, John—1161 Wilmette Ave



Crini, Otis P.—ISth & Fairview Sts

Dye, Augustus T

Ellis, Willis S

Groble, J. C

Matthew. Edward H

Nicholl, Harry A

Shroyer, Walter—619 Farmers Trust


Van Winkle, John Q

Vermillion, Jesse Loui = —1001 Meridian



Nave, J. Shannon—303 E. Monroe St. . .

Propst, Charles F

Sorenson, C. V


Faulkner, Roy H

Murray, Albert Linn

Schaab, William Kenneth—725 W. 11th St


Garrott, I. Floyd


Black, Herschel C

Rothrock, David .-\ndrew

Sears, William Henry—10th & Alorton . .

Siebenthal, Lane E


Barr, William R.—Market & Main Sts. ..


Hemenwav, George R


Poor, Chester M

Robb, J. W.—310 S. Main St


Armuth, William—934 Seventh St

Hilger, Joseph V

Irwin, William G

McGinnis, H. J

Miller, Hugh T. H.—301 Washington St.

Miller, Nettie S. (Mrs. Hugh Th.)—608 Fifth St.

Ong, Lewis K

Parker, William Eddy—Sth & Washington Sts

Reeves, Girnie L.—1225 7th St

Rost, Herman L

Scott, William H.—Cor. Sth & Washington St

Setser, Charles M

Suhre, Fred H.—1156 E. Second St

Sweeney, Elsie I. (Miss)—608 Fifth Ave.

Sweeney, Linnie Irwin, (Mrs. Z. T.) . .


Abbott, Corwin C.—Canal & Water Sts.. .

Ansted, George W.—109-110 McFarlan Bldg

Barrows, Burton M

Bryson, T. C.—Central State Bank ....

Cassel, Charles—536 Central Ave

Cotton, Edward W.—Mount & High Sts.

Glass, L. E

(jordon, Charles T.—Canal & Water Sts.

Johnson, Harry Mahlon—536 Central Ave

Johnston, Edpar Dwight

Meeks, Erie G

Meeks, Esther J.—900 W. Sth St

Michener, Scott—1719 Georgia Ave

Rickert, Edwin L.—501 Central Ave

Spilman, Frank J.—Central Ave

Vincent, J. Werle

Thorns. Wm. F


McCabe, Charles M.—408 Ben Hur Bldg.

Reynolds, A. E.—Commerce Bldg


Steeb, Jacob J


Brewer, Frederick A,—402 E. Shore Rd,


Voglewede. Charles J.—125 N. Second St.


Crawford, Wiiliam W.—1200 W. 145th St.

Riley, Walter J.—First Calumet Trust & Savings Bank Bldg


Berton, Francis Everett—301 S. Main St.

Best, Floyd C—1142-1228 W. Beardsley Ave

Boyer, James F

Greenleaf, Carl D

Schult, William John—605-607 S. Main St

State, James H

Wallick, Jay G.—Cor. Main & Marion Sts.


Amos, Henry O.—326 Water St

Bittler, George A.—1100 W. Frankhn St.

Boetticher, Wm. H.—1-15 Fulton Ave...

Bosse, Gilbert Henry—600 W. Maryland Ave

Bourland, Harry D.—110 Main St

Carson, William A.—Read St. & MoVgan Ave .

Cook, Henry E.—214 S. Seventh St. . .

Cook, Stephen W.—Furniture Bldg. . . .

Daus, Louis A.—100 S Water St


Evansville—Continued), John Oliver—116 Main St

(see also Addenda page 1694)

Diekmann, E. F.—SUO Park St

Emig, John Nicholas

Enlow, Charles B.—Third & Main Sts. ..

Fendrich, John Herrmann

Fenneman, Henry F,—100 Walker St. . . . Fischer, George C.—1030 W. Franklin St.

Folz, Frank J.—300 St. Joseph Ave

Ichenhauser, Sidney L.—Old National

Bank Bidg

Igleheart, Austin S.—2200 First Ave

Igleheart, John Giltner—2200 First Ave..

Igleheart, John L.—2200 First Ave

Johnson, Lambert Dunning

Karges, Albert Frederick—301 W. Maryland St '..

Kleymeyer, Henry C.—Furniture Bldg. ..

Kuhn, Sylvester H

McCurdy, WilHam H

Millican, George Raymond—214 Locust

St "

Muhlhausen, Gus—317 S. Fifth St

Ortme\'er, Daniel H.—214 Mercantile

Bank Bldg

Rosencranz, Richard—101 N. 1st St

Shopbell, Clifford—301 American Trust


Sonntag, Marcus S.—530 Main bt

Trimble, George Arthur—101 No. P'irst


Wilson, Frank Reed—416 Main Si


Heckniann, Edward J

Muller. Leonard


.A.ckerman, Abe

Barrett, James M., Jr.—1001 First National Bank Bldg

Bechtel, Sylvanus B.—1302 East Creighton


Beebe, Frederick H

Bohn, Frank E.—303 East Berry St

Bohn, William A.—1121 W. Berry St. ... Bond, Stephen D.—Medical Arts Bldg. .. Bowers, Jesse W.—418-424 Tri-State


Buesching, Charles H.—719-721 Court St.

Curdes, Louis F.—125 East Berry St

Cutshall, Frank H

Dissek, Edward J.—801 Calhoun St

Disser, John J.—Calhoun & Hohnan Sts.. Doud, Wallace E.—908-11 First National

Bank Bldg

Eschbach, Jesse E

Fisher, Max B

Fisher, Roger I

Foellinger, Oscar G.—Barr & Washington


Foster, David N.—715 Court St

Foster, Samuel Monell

Freese, August—618 W. Creighton Ave.. Freiburger, Herman—119 E. Columbia St.

Geake, William C

Goll, Walter Scott—1635 Broadway

Graeter, Wm. F.—121 & 123 E. Main St.

Griffin, W. M

Grosvenor, Herbert J

Gutelius, Will B

Hall, Arthur Fletcher

Hamilton, Allen, (M. D.)—337 W. Wayne


Heaton, Benj. F.—Citizens Trust Bldg. . . Heaton, Owen N.—Citizens Trust Bldg..

Heine, Fred C—801 Calhoun St

Heit, Anthony W.—113-121 E. Jefferson


Hoffman, Edward George—Cor. Berry &

Calhoun Sts

Hoffman. Frederick Evans—800 W. Main


Hogan, Harry G.—Court & Berry Sts. . . Jones, Frecmont L.—North Washington

Rd., Wildwood Park

Keplinger, Harry A

Langford, Ira W

Lepper, Henry W

Leslie, Gaylard M.—1602 Hanna St

Link, L. Heeley—1602 Hanna St

Magee, Ralph L.—202 Utility Bldg. .....

McCulloch, John Ross—First National

Bank Bldg

McDonald, Donnelly P.—913-915 Calhoun St

McDonald, Patrick J.—913-915 Calhoun


McKay, Neil A.—Clinton & Superior St


T7^rf Wavnp—rContinued^ Huntington—(Continued) Indianapolis—(Continued)

EirKim Win B^o" W DeWald St... Hieks, tames M.-325 No. Jefferson St. Hahn, Samuel Lionel~29-22 VV. Washiug-

McMillen Dale W.-717 Davis St Wickenhiser, Frank E.-310 No. Jefferson ten St. . . . . . . ..

Me^d, Franklin B.-Lincoln Life Bldg.. . St Harns hd^vard W.-302 W South St.

MUler, Edward C.-840 Hayden St INDIANAPOLIS Hebblethwa.te, A. R.-ll So. Meridian

Miller, Henry J.—Fox Bldg Aldrich, C. G.—1402 No. Capitol Ave u , W 'k"i}

Moellering, Henry F.—110-112 West Aley, Robert J Heiskell, A K. . . ..

Columbia St. ..: Vndru.s, Lucius B.-519 Guaranty Bldg. ^'1,2'"^' William R.-1008 Odd l^ellons

Moellering, William L.—326 East Wash Arga))rite, Clarence C—903 J. F. Wild „.Y'°&; ■•■>•,•■■';•■"■ a' '" i iV "v" aV ' "

" . ^ s, uij^ Hilgenberg, Christian A.^152 E. Mar-

mgton Blvd Bldg ■•■ ,° c^

Morris, John—Peoples Trust Bldg Ashby, Edgar—615 Bankers Trust Bldg. ."^^^ •=^- ■V'^nVr "I- r "i

Morris! Stephen . Atkins, Henry C.-402 So. Illinoi.s St.. . ^'^f°"' ^""^ T.-203 Fraction i.ermmal

Mulholland, Samuel Emmett—Utility Aufderheide, Rudolph C—316 Guaranty tt^'"^- •■■■•. V'oin 'i d ^'

RIH Bldg Hogan, William J.—240 So Peniisyl-

Myers, Edgar M Avant, William H.—38 No. Pennsylvania Tj^fj"!^ ^^: , " ' o ' ' 'iniV 't ' ' i' ' ' pV.

Niezer Charles Mahlon-119-127 W. St Ho hday, Alex R.-1017 Lerncke Bldg .

Berry St Ayre.s, Frederic M Holtzman, John W.—1541 Lonsohdated

Noll, William H.—123 W. Columbia St.. Bamberger, Ralph—902 Meyer Kiser Bank „^l^S„ • ,'' -^ ' ■;A,f-" ' \' ' 'm i ' Vx' 'r'v

Offutt, Harrv C.-201 Central Bldg Bldg : Hook,_Katherine (Miss)-Market & Cali-

Paul Henry C Beckett, Charles H ^J°^'^^^^ a" "r," 'r^' \lr",' " 'A ''

Perfect, Arthur H.-Ciay & Columbia Sts. Bennett, Henry W ?°r^'Afc^ iT l^' o ^r^' i^a7

Pickard Artemas W Birdsall, Paul D.—602 Guaranty Bldg. . Insley, William H.—P. O. Box 167

Pocock,' Fred H.—709 Court St Block, Abrani L.—33-39 W. W^ashingtu-n Jackson, G. . . . ■„■■•••-

Quimby, Walter Clyde-126 E. Washing- St Jewett Charles Webster-Sl 1 Fletcher

ton St Bovd, Bert—608-609 Board oi" Trade .... ^ Trust Bldg . .

Rohan, William Henry—215 E. Berry St. Brewer, Scott R.—9 E. Market St Jones, Allen D^—129 E. Market St

Rosenthal, Maurice I. (Dr.)—St. Joseph's Brown, Arthur Voorhees—120 E. Alarket (see also Addenda page 1697)

Hosoital St Jordan, Frank C.—113 Monument Circle

Scheumann,'Edward Frederick—W. Berry Brown,'LemueV M.—lig'K "]\Tarket Si'.!! Jordan, Harry E.—113 Monument Circle

St Buttolph, Henry Wright Joseph, Louis N.

Shepard. Walter T.—Lincoln Lite Bldg.. . Byers, Russell T Kaufman, Thomas M.—316 Guaranty

Smock, Frank L.—Clinton & Superior Sts. Cannon, William T.—21-23 Virginia Ave. „,i^^ ■;••, '.ka \^ ' \{r '','■ V '

Stephan. William—2611 Winter St Caperton, Woods A ^elly, C. Milton—108 E. Washington St.

Storm, Trygve—4224 Piqua Ave Carter, Vinson Kendall, Victor C—1-15 W. Washington

Thieme Fred J . Clavton, Helen Elizabeth—109 No. Penn- St

Thieme! Theo. F sylvania St Kirk, Clarence L.—47 So. Pennsylvania

Van Arnam, George H.—23'H-233:> Taylor Coffin, Charles E St. . . ... .

St "... Coffin, Charles P.-1231 State Life Bldg. K^^'^'"' J^''^" J.—128 East Washington St.

Vordermark Harry E 331 Pearl St Cohn, Melville S.—128 E. Washington Kiser, Sol S.—136 East Washington St.. .

Waldschmid't, George—719-721 Court St. St Knefler, Ernest—165 Palmer St

Wentz, Theo—719-721 Court St Coleman, Lewis Austin—115 No. Penn Kobin, Henry V.—600-700 North Noble

Wilson, Edward M.—136 East Berry St. sylvania St St. •■••••

Worden, Charles Howard Cook, Clarence Allen—1008 Chamber of Kobin, William C—600-700 N. Noble St.

Zuber, Apelles D. 709 Clay St Commerce Bldg Kuhn, George A.—706 Guaranty Bldg. ..

FRANKFORT Cooling, Parke A.—American Central Landers, Pierce J.—Room 202, Union

T) p p. Life Bldg . Station

M"cCarihv,"MoTton T.'-'Peopies Life' Bldg. Dale Frederick Amerman-129 E. Mar Landon, Hugh McK. . . . .

FRFTMCH T JCK '^et St Lieber, Albert—Cornell Ave. & 26th St.. .

Treeart Thomas ^^^^' W- Marshall—129 E. Market Si.. . Likely, Frederick A.—109 North Pennsyl-

Tallart: Thomas D.' !! .!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! Day, Thomas C.-Fletcher Savings & vania St. ... . . . .. .

^^ Trust Bldg Lilly, Josiah K., Jr.—210 East McCarty

GARY Deitch, Guilford .\ St

Chase, Charies Warren—1085 Broadway. Dessau, Max L—20 W. Washington St... Logsdon, Edwin Day—817 Traction Ter-

Davis, Robert M.—632 Broadway ..... . . Dissette. James Irving—1300-1500 Beecher minal Bldg

Fitzgerald, Leonard—5th Ave. & Broad st Marmon, Howard C

way ■■ -J ■■■■■■■ Duck. Berkeley AVilson—Delaware at New Martindale. John T.—Maryland & Mis-Hamilton, Thomas Graham—108o Broad- York St souri Sts

way Dungan, Samuel O.—1100 E. 15th St. . . McGowan, Joseph A.—fraction Bldg. ! ! !

Kemp, Frank M.—1085 Broadway Efroymson. G. .'\.—10 W. Washington McMurray, Thomas S., Jr.—752 Bankers

Luscombe, Wm.—5th Ave. & Bioadway. st " Trust Bldg

McNamee, Lawrence W.—5th Ave. & gitei, Henr\—Virginia "! & Pennsyl Metzger, Albert E. '!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

Broadway . . . vania St .". Metzger, Norman—230 South Pennsyl-

Norman, J. A.—1085 Broadway . Evans, Edgar H vania St

Schaaf, Ferdinand Richard—632 Broad- Evans, Edward D Meyer, Ferd S

way Ewbank, Louis B.—408 Guaranty Bldg... Meyer, Sol ! !!!!

Simpson, Ernest C.—632 Broadway .... Ferguson, John—519 Guaranty Bldg Miller, Dick—108 E. Washington St

Wildermuth, Ora L.—690 Broadway Forrey, George C, Jr .^ Miller, Samuel Duncan—US N. Pennsyl-

GOSHEN Forry, Edwin H.—150 East Market St. vania St

Deahi Ray—Salem Bank & Trust Co. Foster. Ronald A.—400 Fletcher Trust Millett, Grover A.—20-22 West Wash-

Bldg " ^^^S ington St

Egbert Haines Fo^' William F., Sr.—3540 No. Pennsyl Millikan, Frank M.—1403 New City Trust

Nymev'er, WilHam H.—101 So. -Main 5it. vania St ,,^'^S

Stout "C Edwin Frenzel, John Peter, Jr.—11 So. Meridian Mooney, William J.—101 South Meridian

' ■ St St

rStr-V^nlS^ F Garman. Harr!v ' '6.-836' ' 'kn'ights ' ' o'f Moores, Merril'l—1606' City'frust'Bldg.!!

J^^it'ivri A c^T i Py^h'-'^^ ^Idg Morrison, Frank White-P. O. Box 368. .

GREENCASTLE Gavin, F. E.—1612-16 Hume-Mansur Morse, Howard Scott

S^A^^rtir/^xT^" Jackson St Bldg Moskovics, Frederick E.-lOth St."and

HAMMOND ^^ ^,, „ ^ ^^ Gihbs, Carl C—10 E. 32nd St Capitol Ave

Beckman, John N.--611 Hohman St Glossbrenner, Alfred M Mote, Carl H.-l 109 Hume-Mansur' Bld'g.

Belman, William C—611 So. Hohman Godfrey, Wilson W.—3702 No. Pennsvl- Moxley, George Barret

„^^- •■'^^ ■■•■,• Vt'■■ "A" ■■(?■ "wu" ■ ; vania St . Moynahan, John R.—716 Union Title

Emery, David T.-Fayette & Hohman Goldstein, Albert S.-Washington & Dela- Bldg ......

^^^ • ware Sts Moynahan, T. A.—710 Union Title Bldg

Fletcher, Charles Shanks Goodman, J. A Mueller, J. L.—700 N. Noble St

Fletemeyer, May S.—649 Hohman St Goodman, Lazure Lester—624 No. Noble Murphy. Dwight A

Meyn, Julius H. • • • • •, -: '' St Noyes, Nicholas Hartman—200 e! ' Mc-

Meyn, Peter W^--Fayette & b.t£. Goodrich, Edward S.—143 E. Ohio St. . Carty St

Meyn, Walter E.—611 Hohman St (see Addenda page 1690) Ogden, James M.—909-917 State ' Liite

Sharrer, H. E. (Dr.) Goodrich, Pierre F.—712 Coniincntal Bldg

Steelman, Berton J.—723 Summer St. . . . Bank Bldg Oppenheimer, I. L.—1100 Wild Bl'dg

Tapper, Anton FL—728-730 Calumet Ave. Goodwin, Clarence L Oracroft, Edward B.—430 East Market St

Wanner, Flarry C Gorrell, Edgar Staley—10th St. & Capi Payne, Gavin L.—207 Continental Bldg...

Weis, Jos W.—98 State St tol Ave Perkins, Lafayette—209 E. Ohio St

HUNTINGTON Grinsteiner, George C.—312 Guaranty Perry, Norman A.—48 Mo,nument Circle

Caswell, John Wallace Bldg •. Peterson, J. Dwight—108 E. Washington

Emley, John R.—354 No. Jefferson St.. . Guthrie, William Anderson—10 E. Mar- St

Fitch, Everett V ket St Pickens, William A.—9 E. Market St. .!




Indianapolis — (Continued)

Powell. John—Union Stock Yards

Prentiss. Christopher 1.—401 West Maryland St

Purdv. Hal L.

Rappaport, Leo AI.—612 Illinois Bldg. .. Rasmussen, Alvin Christian—Olney &

East St. Clair Sts

Ranb, Edward B.—2960 N. Meridian St... Rauh, Charles Sterne—Ihiion Stock Yards

Rauh, Samuel E

Reagan, Joseph E.—720 Century Bldg. . . Richardson, Earl H.—108 East Washington St.

Richardsc.n, William C.—48 Monument


Robinson, Lewis P.—Fletcher American

National Bank Bldg

Roesch, Edward F

Rogers, Harvey E.—209 E. Ohio St

Rosenthal, Albert M.—440 So. Illmois St. Rucker, Alvah J.—525 Indiana Trust Bldg. Ruddell, Almus G.—120 S. Meridian St. Schiesz, Louis B.—620 Guaranty Bldg. . . Scott, Elmer Eueene—907 Fletcher Savings Si Trust Bldg

Seaton, .Vlbert—518 American Central


Shaneberger, Harvev F.—430 East Market St

Shaneberger, Roy C—430 E. Market St. Sheerin, Thomas D.—Fletcher Savings &

Trust Bldg

Smith, James M.—8 E. Market St

Smith, Ralph K

Smith, Riley E.—150 East Market St. ... Sommercs, Charles B.—Capitol Ave. &

Washington St

Speers, Henry A. O.—ITnion Stock Yards

Stalnaker, F'rank D

Stayman, Guy L.—429 North Pennsylvania St

Stempfel, Theodore

Stout, Elmer W

Stuart, Wm. Russel—150 E. Market St... Sutphin, Samuel B.—717 W. Washington


Thompson, Charles N.—900 Fletcher Savings & Trust Bldg

Thornton, Henry C—628-630 N. Illinois

St •

Todd, Robert I.—901 Traction Termmal


Van Arsdel, Ernest—1100 J. F. Wild Bldg. Vcnnegut, Franklin—120-124 E. Washington St

Wag.goner, Alvah C.—1402 No. Capitol


Wagner, Carl S

Wainwright, G. A.—502 Kentucky Ave...

Wainwright, Lucius M

Weaver, George M

Welch, John R.—23 West Ohio St

Wild, John 1^-123 E. Market St

Williams, Charles N.—150 East Market

Si ;^.

Williams, Irving—222 E.. Ohio St

Wilson, Calvin H.—801 No. Olney St. . . Wilson, Harry Ritchie—8 East Market


Wolcolt, Eben H.—808 K. P. Bldg

Vv'olf, Theodore L.—Market & California


Wolfard, Pliny H.—Room 205, State


Woollen, Evans—Pennsylvania & Market


Woollen, Herbert Milton—8 East Market


Wynee, Thomas Neil—1024 Chamber of

Commerce Bldg

Young, lames Byron—640 Bankers Bldg. KINGMAN

Booe, Elvis Scott


Barnes, Earl B.—610 Citizens National

Bank Bldg

Blacklidge, Kent H

(see Addenda page 1687)

Brown, Mark A.—105 Broadway

Conradt, A. V

Davis, George L

Fredrick, John E

Haynes, March—1915 South Webster Si. Hill is, Glen R.—600-604 Citizens Bank


Jenkins, 1 )avid C

Johnson, J. Paul


Kautz, John Arthur—Lhiion and Mulberry Sts

Levi, jacoi) S.—Cor. Main & Walnut Sts.

Palmer, Phil H.—400 No. Main St

Roemer, Henrv A


Ball, Charles H

Ball, Walter J

Brockenbrough, Brown

(sec Addenda page 1688) Corj', Charles E.— First Merchants Bank


Duncan, Thomas—Third & Mechanic Sts. Eisenbach, Rudolph Carl—504 Main St.. Holmes, Frederick—Third & Mechanic


Kemmcr, A. E

Levering, Guy P.—616 Columbia St

Mitchell. William C—217 N. 4th St

Peirce, Oliver Webster—218 N. 3rd St...

Sample, John G

Sample, Richard B.—300 Main St

Stuart, Allison E.—801 Lafayette Life


Wallace, Robert Bee—318 So. 3rd St. ...

Werklioff, Aljner E


Ballentine. W. 1

Berger, Adolph Herman—1001 Lincoln


Cook, Charles M.—419 Lincoln Way .... Hoover, Ernest Isaac—419-21 Linccdn


Ingersoll, Royal R

Lonn, E. J

Martin, John Gordon—Box 334

McCormick, Harry F".—802 Lincoln Way Morrison, Francis FI.— JOZyi Lincoln


Mount, Finley P

Pitner, Frank J.—802 Lincoln Way ....

Scott, Emmett—Box 23

Taylor, William E.—1213 Michigan Ave. LEBANON

Buntin, Virgil—215 No. Lebanon St

DeVol, William J

Kirtley, Lewis W


Brookmever, John F.—314 Fourth St. ... Fernald, Willmont L.—700 North St. . . .-Hoilovvay, William A.—201 South 3rd St, Murdock, William O.—-500^ Broadway .

Rice, F'rank M.—Barnes Bldg

Wilkinson, h'rank B.—601 Erie Ave


Ballard, Jesse M.—E. First St

Bell, Geo. A

Cole, George L

Condo, Gus S.—701-705 Marion National

Bank Bldg

F-rlewine, Henry L.—Third & Big Four


Leigh, Edwin F

More, Arthur S.—Indiana Park

Rhue, John A

Stephenson, Joseph V\^

Thomas, Oliver M.—Branson & 12th Sts.

Thomp.'on, Oscar S


Miller. George C


Peters, Joseph J


Ball, E. A

Ball, F. C

Ball, George A

Ball, Lucius L

Bernard, Frank Basil

Boyce, Arthur Earl—321 E. Main St. ... Clark, Walter M.—Clark & Penn Sts. . . Cromer, Geo. W.—201 Western Reserve


Davis, Charles Strout

Goddard, Joseph A.—215 W. Seymour St. Gray, Mvron Fl.—108 East Washington


Haymond, William Thoma.s—108 Easi

Washington St

Hitchcock, William E.—457 The Johnson


Johnson, Abbott Livingston

Johnson, Ray Prescott, Sr

Kimbrough, James Lloyd

Kloper, Fred—410 E. Gilbert St

Koontz, Charles h



Lettler, James H.—Western Reserve Life Insurance Co.'s Bldg

Malnoski, John George—Highland Ave. , •

A'laxon, H. R.—P. O. Box 352

Maxon, J. H

Oesterle, Karl A

O'Haira, J Carl—Walnut & Charles Sts.

Penzel, Charles Adam—211 So. Walnut St

Sample, Warren M.—718 So. Elliott St..

Sampson, W^illiam C

Skillen, D. O.—510-511 Wysor Bldg

Tracv, Frederick B

Udell, John


Baker, Frank R.—316 Pearl St

Clark, George M

Gadient, John A.—13th & McBeth Sts.

Gwin, Will D

Hartman, H Anton—Pearl & Oak Sts.

Jewett, Henry E

Knoefel, Chas. D

Knight, E. Vernon (Colonel)

Lewis, Roscoe H.—420 State St

Stein. Louis C.—314 Pearl St

Stov, Raymond L


Bond, William C

Boor, Howard H.—7 Stratford Court....

Byrket, W. F

Davis, Ray

Goodwin, William M.—Broad, Main & Race Sts

Leakev, Joseph R.—920 Indiana Ave

Mouch, Charles W.—1390 Broad St

Nixon, Frank W

Saint, Fred C


Hall, G. T.—P. O. Box 73


Weiler, Morris


Bartel, Fred J

Browne, LeRoy E.—25 N. 9th St

Brunner, Roy S

Elmer, Charles Willard—8th & Main Sts.

Elmer, Dudley N.—8th & Main Sts

Freeman, Gath Perrv—202 Medical Arts

Bldg. ;

Gennett, F'red

Harrington, Timothy C.—32-34 North 8th


Hill, Edward Gurney—Easthaven Ave... Johnson, John H.—Second National Bank


Lontz, Harry R

Lontz, John M.—1 Washington Ave

Matthews, Albert G.—Cor.' 8th & Main


McGuire, Charles Albert—North 13th & F


(see Addenda page 1691) Miller, George W.—176-194 Fort Wayne


Harris, Martin L.—R. R. 2


Frazee, Will M.—106 E. 2nd St

Goodricii. William W


Carter, H. H

Griffitts, Lon Carle—109}/$ N. Chestnut


Welch, Elbert Stewart—10954 No. Chestnut St


Cheney, John C


Badet, Frederic H.—Mar-Main Apartments

Badet, Harry S

Becker, Edward J.—216 W. Jefferson


Beistle, Clayton W.— 333 So. Lafayette


Bickelhaupt, Frederick John—712 Forest


Bingham, George U

Campbell, Marvin—112-14 W. Jefferson


Carlisle, Charles Arthur

Cunningham, C. Frederick

Davis, H. Gail—533 South Chapin St... Ellsworth, John Ch(!ss—111 N. Michigan


Erskine. Albert Kiissel




South Bend—(Contir.ji-jd)

Farabaugh, G. A.—301-309 Union Trust


Fish, Frederick Samuel

Fleming, Lew—350 Associates Bldg

Gilmer. Frank—605-616 Associates Bldg. Haberle, John B.—311-313 Hydraulic Ave. Hammerschmidt, Louis M.—717-721 J. M.

.S. Bldg.

Hoffman, Paul Gray

Hynes, Thomas A.—Dean Bldg

Jackson, Claude J

Tones, Vitus G.—708 Sherland Bldg

Joyce, Patrick A.—402 S. Chapin St

Keller, Fred William

Lamport, William K.—525 J. M. S. Bldg.

Lippincott, Charles A

Marshall, Hobart E.—304 Citizens Bank


McMichael, Guv H.—112-114 W. Jefferson


Miller, Eugene H.—101 N. Michigan St.

Millhouse, Charles L

Morris, Ernest M.—350 Associates Bldg.

Neff, Toseph E.—Union Trust Bldg

Oliver, Joseph D., Jr

Oliver, Joseph Doty—533 S. Chapin St. Perkins, Chester A.—Associates Bldg....

Pyle, Dan—624-626 Associates Bldg

Reynolds, John F.—216-218 W. Jefferson


Rodgers, Elmer E

Rose, Schuyler—513 E. Madison St

Rumpf, Arthur G

Shafer, John Irwin—611 Citizens Bank

Bldg. ■

Smith. R. R

Stephenson, Joseph Maxwell—122 South

Main St

Vance, Harold S

Weiss. Harry—2501 Miami St

Wellington, Frederick H

Woolverton, Jacob

Zigler, Charles L


Huthsteiner, Walter F


Beasley, John F.—John F. Beasley Bldg.

Bogart, Paul N

Cooper, James A., Jr.—613 Terre Haute

Trust Bldg

Cowgill, S. Macy

Cox, Wilson N

Dix, George O.—1001 Citizens Trust


Eggleston, David W.—308 N. 9th St.

Ely, Walter C—P. O. Box 164

Failev, Bruce F.—721 Wabash Ave

Farwell, Hart F.—711 Poplar St

Freeman, William J.—705 Terre Haute

Trust Bldg

Hale, Frank Robert

Heinl, Fred G.—129 South 7th St

Herz, Milton E

Nicolai, George O.—301 Tribune Bldg. . .

Paddock, Charles

Ray, Charles H.—128^ So. 6th St

Ross, Edwin W.—131 North 8th St

Royse, Clarence A.—716 Terre Haute

Trust Bldg

Royse, James S

Royse, Samuel D.—613 Terre Haiste

Trust Bldg

Sparks, William L.

Stadermann, Albert L.—711 Poplar .St. ..

Steen, Albert J . .

Steen, Will Ed—28 South Eighth St. . . Tune, Horace E.—500-502 Wabash Ave..

Walker, Robert E

Wood, David Russ


Patchell, James J


McGill, James H


Alsop, William McClellan—501-507 American Bank Bldg

Bastin, Frank—Sixth & Willow Sts

Bond, Frank M.—Box 195

Brokhagc, John T.—317 Main St

Ebner, Lawrence A

Emison, Ewing R.—500-504 Oliphant Bldg

Glass, Robert M.—209 Main St

Gould, Marion D.—406 La Plant Bldg. .

Hall, John F

La Plante, John B. E.—217 Main St

Vincennes — (Continued )

Lenahan, Patrick William—215 Busseron St

Schaffer, Ira D

Simpson, Harry D.—R. R. No. 2

Watters, John S

Winkler, Claude Curtis—412 American Bank Bldg


Gillam, Grant L

Honevwell, Mark C

Huff,"Willard L

Snideman, C. J

Walter, Fred B.—Box 253


Frazer, Theodore C •.


Goodrich, James P

Goodrich, John B.—104 So. Meridian St..

Goodrich, Percy Edgar—Main & Perl St.



Lee, C. G


Rudolph, Samuel H.—Chestnut & Sth Sts.


Bettendorf, Edwin Joseph

Bettendorl, Joseph W


Crooks, Clvde H

McDonald," Frank P.—8th & Story Sts. ..

Otis, Charles—802 10th St

Quinn, Charles C

(see Addenda page 1692)

Schmidt. Fred O


Artz, Clarence J.—212 Tama Bldg

Bongert, Wm. M.—201 Jefferson St

Carson, William—1100 Agency St

Chittenden, Henry Ward

Churchill, Warren Newman

Clark, Charles C

Eaton, Waiter B

Edwards, James Lyman

Gilbert, Samuel Parker

Gilman, William F.—1100 Agency St. ..

Grupe, Wm. Henry—101-111 Valley St...

Higbee, George G

Klein, F. Albert

Kriechbaum, T. W.—200 Jefferson St....

Perkins, Charles E

Phelps, E. S

Rand, Horace S.—1100 Agency St

Schramm, Frank Edgar

Seerlev, John J.—406-411 Tai:ia Bldg. ...


Miher, (rreorge L


Lcavitt. Roger


Averill, Glenn M.-—606 Security Bldg. . .

Barnes, Don—Higley Bldg

Beals, Frank A.—321 S. 3rd St

Boyd, William R.—Box 383

Boyson, Hans N

Brewer, Luther Albertus—328 S. 3rd St..

Canieron, Ernest B

Cherry, Howard H

Clark, Charles Francis—213 Second Ave.

Clark, Paul N.—203 Second Ave

Cook, Robert S

Dinwiddie, J. M

Dows, Sutherland

Dunshee, Wm. H

Dvorak, F. T

Ellis, Melvin Wilbur—712 Lawler St. . .

Ely, John M.—414 Cedar Rapids Savings Bank Bldg

Fov, Charles H.—328 Dows Bldg

Hach, Edward E.—121-14 Ave. E

Hall, Howard

Hamilton, James E

Hedges, George T.—Dows Block

Hedges, Horace G

Howell, David E.—401-11 S. 1st St

Hutchinson, F. D

Kuning, Chas. C

LaTourette, William C

Lenders, A. W. H

McCartney, E. D

Miller, George F

Moore, Ernest Robert

Morrison, Wesley Jones, (Dr.)—408 2nd Ave •

Pinney, Eugene Elbridge—1020 Merchants National Bank Bldg


Cedar Rapids— (Continued)

Poe, Arthur

Ramsey, Addison J

Reed, John A.—Dows Bldg

Roijbins, Charles Burton — American

Trust Bldg

Runkle, E'.mer A.—445 S. 1st St. W

Shaffer, Van Vechten

Sigmund, Jay G.—1005 American Trust


Sikora, Otto

Sinclair, Archer Coit—Box 1079

Smith, Isaac B.—Dows Bldg

Stubbs, Lurton H.—O. R. C. Bldg

Svoboda, Charles B.—American Trust


Terry, John B.—411 Seventh Ave

Tlusty, John—31 16th Ave. W

Walker, Harry L.—Security Bank Bldg...

Walpole, Tom

Wick, B. L.—115 S. 2nd St

Wilcox, Lucian Thames—1015 Merchants

National Bank Bldg

Wilder, Stephen Wayne

Wilhelm, George T.—29th St. & B Ave...

Woodward. C. S


Bulmahn, Edward F

Pavne, Frank S.—305 N. 13th St


Fairbanks. William Henry—N. Grand


Frudden, Nanning

Holbrook, E. W.—710 Kelley St

Sherman, Frwin Milo

Walleser, Loren—712-714 Keliev

St ■;

Witt, Albert H.—Lawler St


Armstrong, Roscoe Whalen—238-40 5th

Ave. S

Brvant, Arthur P

Cook, Ward W.—216 Sth Ave., S

Curtis, Eugene Judson

Curtis, George Lewis

Gabriel, Milo J.—114-124 4th Ave. S...

Gobble, T. Wilson—119-121 Sth Ave

facobsen, Bernhard M.—417 So. 3rd St.. Tefferies, John Q.—218 Fifth Ave., South

Korn, Otto—231 4th Ave

I.angan, R. C

Petty, Oliver Perry

Schuyler, A. L

Seaman, Halleck W.—Weston Bldg. . . Smith, Alfred Garrett—226-228 5th Ave.,


Smith, William R

Ward, Frank T

Whitlev, R. S!


.\rnd, William—204 So. Main St

Fverest, Frank F

Jensen, T. Chris—305 Broadway

Knox, Painter—22 So. Alain St

Maxfield, Rov

Mavne, Joel H.—103 Pearl St

McGee, Fuse}—105 Pearl St

Spooner. Geo. F

Stoll, Edward Joseph—103 Pearl St

Tinlev, Emmet—Park Bldg


Englund, Carl V.—313 W. Adams St

Pickett, .^.dam


.Alexander, Robert—First National Bank


Rechtel, Geo. M.—211 Bradv St

Bechtel, Harold R.—211 Brady St

Bollinger, Tames Wills

Cable, George W.—817 First National

Bank Bldg

Cundy, R. G.—409 Kahl Bldg

Dawson, Albert F

Decker, George E.—617 Brady St

(see also Addenda page 1694)

Dougherty, Lee J

Dow, Bert T.—526 So. Pine St

Gehrmann, W^illiam H

Glaspell, .Spencer G.—510 First National

Bank Bldg

Green, Irvin Judson

Griggs, Thos. W.—1101 Kahl Bldg

Grilk, Charles—201 Putnam Bldg

Hall, J. Clark—501 Union Bank Bldg

Harned, Rowland H

Henising, Maurice—218 Brady .St

Heuer, William

Hickey, William .'\ugustus—424 Brady St.




Hill, Otto

Huiitoon, Tohn G.—United Light Bldg...

Kaufmann, Ed—123 W. 3rd St

Kuhn, George G.—United Light Bldg...

Lane, Dick R.—Hotel Blackhawk

Lane, J. Reed—218 Brady St

Lee, Joseph Ross—211 Brady St

Littig", Adam Earl—617 Brady St

Littig, Harry E.—United Light Bldg... Mitchell, Ardo Watson—218 Br.idy St...

Mueller, Edward C—130 Scort St

Mueller, Frank William—2nd & Scott Sts. Murphy, Timothv A.—919 First National

Bank Bldg

Neuman, Irienry W.—507 Harrison St. . .

Nyemaster, Ra>—125 West Third St

Oakes, J. L.—218 Brady St

Oetzmann, H. P

Peck. Raymond Edw. (M.D.)—910 First

National Bank Bldg

Phillips, Blair A.—510 First National

Bank Bldg

Priester, Walter A.—1005-6 Kahl Bldg... Richardson, Tennis Brock—517 Citizens

Bank Bldg.

Sears, Isaac Lewis—218-222 Perry St. . . Smith, Robert J.—United Light Bldg. . . Soenke, Ernest E.—217 W. Fourth St... Steffen, August E.—2nd & Harrison Sts.

Stueben, Gustav

Throop, Frank D.—409-11-13 Brady St.. Weeks, Harvev E.—301 United Light


Weir, William R.—Putnam Bldg

Willis, Paul M.—218 Brady St

Wyman, Fred—501 Citizens Bank Bldg.. . Zeuch. Herman T.—218 Harrison St


Alberson, Raymond B.—Sixth & Grand Sts

Aldrich, H. E.—6th Ave. & Locust St.. .

Ayres, George N.—1000 Insurance Exchange Bldg

Aj'res, Wm. S

Baker, Walter E. (M.D.)—1102 Equitable Bldg

Barlow, Laverne M.—E. 5th & Locust..

Barrett, Wm. E.—4th & Walnut Sts

Bartholomew, Lee Bradley—6th & J.ocust St

Beer, Paul—7th & University Sts

Benjamin, H. A.—Flarger & Blish Bldg.

Bernd, Otto H.—114 11th St

Bieghler, E. B.—114 11th St

Boekenhoff, Harry J.—712-14 W. Locust St

Brenton, Clyde Edward

Brown, Ernest W

Casady, Simon

Chamberlain, Davis Sydney, 2nd—702 6th Ave

Chambers, Frank C.—11th & Mulberry Sts

Christie, John T.—215 E. Third St

Clark, Howard J.—500 Crocker Bldg...

Cole, C. T., Tr.—Walnut & 4th Sts

Condon, C. Benjamin—806 Hubbel Bldg.

Cowles, John

Darling, Jay Norwood

Davis James C—1115 Bankers Trust


(see also Addenda page 1694)

Decring. Charles C—409 R. U. L. Bldg.

Dewey, Frank H.—608 Youngerman Bldg.

Dunn. LeRoy C—2121 Grand Ave

Fisher, Claude—No. 921 Flemmmg Bldg.

Fitzhugh, Alex—Coliseum Bldg

Fowler. George Wesley

Frankel, Henry—7th to 8th on Walnut St

Green, Harry J.—604 Securities Bldg. . . .

Green, J. B

Hadley, B. F.—684 Locust St

Hartley, Oscar B.—Great Western Insurance Bldg

Hawley. Henry B.—Great Western Insurance Bldg

Hoak, Percv E.—606 Hubbell Bldg

Howell, John W.—100-110 Court Ave. ..

Hubbell, Frederick C.—6th Ave. & Locust St

Hubbell, Frederick M.—6th Ave. & Locust St ;•

Hubbell, Frederick Windsor—1809 Equitable Bldg

Hughes, John N.—819 Southern Surety Bldg

Des Moines—(Continued)

Hunter, Robertson G,—6th Ave. & Locust St

Hynes, John F.—617 Equitable Bldg. . . .

Ingleman, A. R.—301 Iowa Bldg

Jaeger, William W

Jolmson, Griff

Kauffman, Benjamin Franklin

Kinney, Emmit S.—114 W. 11th St

Koch, William—Royal Union Bldg

Kurtz, Loi»is C—312-14 Walnut St

Leland, Cyrus A., Jr.—312 6th Ave

Malpas, R. M

Mandelbaum, Morris—507 Walnut St. . .

McPherrin, Grant

Mills, Pleasant J.—120 S. Fifth Ave

Moseley, G. A.—505 Sth Ave

Mountain, E. B.—Sth & Park Sts

Muelhaupt, Joseph—100 Maple St

Nollen, Gerard Scholte—1216 Liberty Bldg

Nollen, Henry S.—6th Ave. & Locust St.

Norton, R. A

Oranskv, Abe—Sth & Walnut Sts

Oranskv, David—501 Walnut St

Oransky, Milton—Sth & Walnut Sts

Parrish, James L.—902 Register-Tribune Bldg

Pearsall, Amos C—10th & Tuttle Sts. . .

Pearsall, George Emmons

Piper, Alvin Meade—801 2nd St

Pitkin, Harry W.—502 Liberty Bldg

Plumb, Ralph H.—600 Walnut St

Polk, Harrv Herndon—201 Equitable Bldg. ...'.

Powell, Watson Whiteside

Rawson, Chas. A.—E. 4th & Hayes St..

Rex, Harrv E.—801-816 Flemming Bldg.

Rollins, R. E.—East 28th & Dean Ave...

Savage, Arthur Craig

Shambaugh, John Jacob — Register-Tribune Bldg

Shloss, Max—306 Court Ave

Sigler, Vernon U.—918 Vallev National Bank Bldg

Spencer. Richard E.—604 Securities Bldg.

Stephenson, H. R.—7th & High Sts

Sterrett, Harold R.—551-55 Seventh St. .

Stewart, Graham—801 Second St

Stotts, Earl R.—1101 High St

Strauss, Oscar—600 Crocker Bldg

Stutsman, Carl—Vallev National Bank

Bldg ...:....

Ungles, F. A.—Register-Tribune Bldg. ..

Vance, Charles S.—750 Insurance Exchange Bldg

Van Evera, George M.—716 Equitable Bldg

Vorse, Blanchard Beaver

Waterbury, F. C

Watters, Thomas, Jr.—902 Register-Tribune Bldg

Watts, William Andrew—Valley National Bank Bldg

Weeks, Carl—124 Des Moines St

Weitz, Fred W.—713 Mulberry St

Wells, Fred L. (M. D.)—Equitable Bldg

Windsor, Leland

Wood, Robert L.—Box 1615

Wormhoudt, Henry E.—920 Murphy St. .


Bissell, Lester C

Brown, Wm. Thomas—895 Main St

Burch, James Merrill, Jr.—7th & White Sts

Burch, Kendall—7th and White Sts

Escben, Hermann L. E

Loetscher, Arnold E.—Box 376

Loetscher, Emil C—7th & White Sts. . .

Loetscher, John Andrew—7th & White Sts

Lusch, Edward F.—9th & Main Sts

Maclay, John H.—147 W. Sth St

McFadden, Joseph F.—145 W. First St.

McKav, Richard V.—145 West First St.

Myer.s^ Geo. W.—409 Iowa St

Orton, Harvev C—1000 Main St

Rose, George DeForest—8th & Washington Sts

Roshek. John Jerome

Rvan, Eugene—7th & White Sts

Schrup, Charles J.—Bank & Insurance Bldg

Stampfer, Thomas M

Trewin, Clifton B.—255 W. 8th St



Winall, J. Walhs—4th & Locust Sts

Ziepprecht. Carl Williain—Grand Opera

House Bldg


Lesinger, Joseph W.—Cor. 12th Ave. &

So. 3rd "St


Mason. Fred D


Anderson, Mark

Case, Charles D.

Neal, George A.—Warden Bldg

Rich, George L.—627 Central Ave

Schmidt, Fred O

Smeltzer, C. B


Hitch, Tanjore T.—533 Avenue F


Wohlenberg, Carl Tacob


Hurst, .■\. A


Myers, C. H.—211-13 East Washington



Annable, John Irvin

Buck, Alfred E

(see Addenda page 1688)

Cameron, James—17 So. 7th St

Logan, W. A

Sage, William Nelson


Pedersen. Soren C


Bellamv. Herbert—1216 Marion St


Carr, Edward M

Carr, Hubert

Dunham, Geo. W

Tones, Josiah S

iVIcCormick, Chas.—110 W. Main St

Seeds, Charles J


Anderson, Jesse Edward—129 No. Main


Brown. Edwin Boyd


Abbott, Lewis Cutler—Lynn & 2nd Ave..

Boardman, C. H. E.—Tremont Block .

Brewer, F. E

Demmon, W. W

Denmead, Harry K.—2 W, Main St

Hull. Willard B.—20-22 South First St. . ,

Lewis, Carl S

St. Clair. Charles Casnor—2 W. A'lain St. MASON CITY

Bagley, Willis G. C

Decker, Tay E

Duffield, Fred G

Hanlon, Frank James—22 Second St., N.


Harrer, George H

Keeler, Fred E.—19 West State St

MacNider, Hanford

Selbv, Edward S

Sherin, Arthur L.—807 M. B. A. Bldg. . . Smith, Robert P


Carpenter, Henry M. • •

Stimson, Frank Elwin

Stuhler, William


Downer. William E.—-100 West 2nd St. . .

Ewen, Cecil Edwin—Box 176

Giessler, H. F —200 E. 2nd St

Hagermann, C. C

Roach, John W. . .

Titiis. G. M.—211-213 Iowa Ave


Maytag, Elmer Henry

Mavtag, F. L

Nelson, Harrv E

Ogg, E. C

Ogg, Harrv Lamb

Pickens, W. L

Smith, W. A

Sparks, W. I

Tenney, D. C.—Box 266


Beman, C. F'd

Hofifmann, Phil—123 North Market St. .

(see Addenda page 1690) Johnson, Irving C—121 Hight Ave. East McGregor, Tames Rutherford—301-303-

305 High Ave., West

Nash, Frank T.—Evans Bldg



Oskaloosa — (Continued)

Porter, C. M.—500 High Ave. West . . .

Sawver, C. E


Blake, Cyrus K

Bopnifield, William B

(see Addenda page 1687)

Hall, Walter T

Harper, Clarence Samuel—216-222 Commercial St

Harper, William T.—120-124 W. Main St.

Harris, Homer H

Haw, Carl Thomas—211-219 South Green St

Powell, Jas. F.—213-217 E. 2nd St

Roderick. T. C

Simmons. George B

Tisdale, William D.—105 No. Court St.


McKlveen, John H


Anderson, Herman C.—340 Exchange Bldg

Andrews, R^obert J.—602-4 Metropolitan Bldg

Benn, William H.—Live Stock Excharige

Bldg :.

Bertke, William John—524 Nebraska St.

Bonesteel, ^^erne Clinton

Brubacher, Ralph R.—524 Nebraska St... Buckwalter, F. B.—514 Nebraska St. ... Burdick, Harry Hatten .-

Carter, Homer B.—515 5th St

Childs, Clarence C

Corbett, Edward M.—509 Security Bldg.

Crouse. Harry J.—Cor. Fourth & Nebraska Sts

Currier, Edward C.—504-10 Douglas St.

Darling, Arthur Beebe

Flinn, Edward B.—218-219 Grain Exchange Bldg

Fredericksen, Carl L

Haley, Ralph J.—300-304 Jackson St. . .

Henry, Lemuel H.^502 Pierce St

Hoffman, Plarl A

Keefe, John B.—218-219 Grain Exchange Bldg

Kmgsbury, Byron H.—105 Sioux National Bank Bldg

Kirk, Edwin L.—Commerce Bldg

Knapp, Walter S.—212 Nebraska St

Large, John J.—1721 Grand View Blvd.

Lvon, Isaac M.—500-502 4th St

Manley, Leonard R

Mitchell, John L.—5th & Pierce Sts

Morrison, Charles F

Pettit, Orvis D.—501 Pierce St

Sam, Adolph G

Saxton, Burton H.—511 Warnock Bldg!

Searing, Rov B.—524-526 Nebraska St.

Shenkberg, Franz—Nebraska & 4th St.

Silknitter, George F.—340 Live Stock Exchange Bldg

Sinclair, George—4th & Nebraska St

Van Dvke, John Wilfred


Armstrong, Charles A.—114 Twelfth Ave.


Bloedel, A. S

Stopper, E. V


Cherrv. Herbert T


Struble, George H


Brinkerhoff, J. G-

Butler, Clifford E

Cass, Claude D

Cheney, Claude M.—325 E. 4th St

Frank, Abraham H. ..

Graham. James M

Huntley, Cieo. W.—400-2-4 Sycamore St..

Knowles, J. B

Miller, Edmund Welch

Myers, H. Verne—622 Commercial St...

Pickett, Charles Edgar—502-509 Pioneer Bank Bldg

Rodamar. Ira

Tuthill. John S.—410-415 Commercial National Bark Bldg

Wente, Herman W.—Commercial National Bank Bldg


Martin, Wesley—713 Des MiMnes St


Krabiel, William C—108 N. 1st Ave

Steele. James Putnam


Coe, George W. Kinnev, H. S. . YARMOUTH Redfern, Ray . . .



Beamer, Morris C.—300 Noith Cedar St.

Coulson. Fred—300 No. Cedar St

Heller, Sam R.—Brov/a Bldg

Itwin, Woods M.—Brown Bld^^

(see also Addenda page 1697)

Verckler, L. O

Wareham. Harrv Pratt


Berryman, Jerome W


Harwi, Frank Edwin—826-832 Commercial St

Hetherington, Webster Wirt—600 Commercial St

Mattocks, Edgar E.—600 Commercial .St.

Raterman, Charles T

Rathburn, C. M

Waggener, Balie Peyton—4th & Commercial Sts

Waggener, William Peyton—401 Commercial St


Allen, Arthur Newton—11 E. Main St._ ..

Breyfogle, Frank L.—Fourth & Forest . .

Jones, John J

Tones, Milo T


Dehner, Lela Hall—514 N. Washington .

Wright. Earnest A


Pielsticker, Frederick Alonzo—300 So. Main St


Finney, W. W

Fisher, Hiram W.—529 Commercial St..

Martin, John Elmore—13-17 West 4th St. (see Addenda page 1691)

Teicligraeber, Richard F


Hoffman, Ralph Waldo


Klock, George Edwin

La Dow, Byron E


Wilson, Andrew S.—1802 Main St


Gillespie, F. A

Stewart, J


Beach, Ross


Pratt. Charles Bruce


Lamme, Charles—600 Oregon St.


Carey, Emerson

Hall, .Charles—Court House

Harris, G. C

Hills, Daniel Ward—811 E. Sherman St.

Mallov, Allen C—604-5-6 Rorabaugh-Wiley Bldg

Meyer, Eugene L

Thoma, Augustus Marmaduke

Winchester, Stanlev Allen

Woleslagel, E. G.—527 North Main St. .


Fitzpatrick, William Samuel

Guernsey, George T., Jr

Johnson, Paul R.—402 Commercial National Bank Bldg

Kelsey, Dana Hamilton

Masters, James Neal—201 No. Pen Ave.

Moody, Nelson K

Nees, Paul Bertram

Trubv, Marvin L.—402 Commercial Bank Bldg


Barnev. Louie Frank—208 Brotl'crhoocl Block

Brcidenthal, Willard J.—700 Central Ave.

Brokaw, Charles Livingstone

Browne, Kenneth L

Brugh, Andrew T.—18th & Minn Ave. . .

Cleary, James F.—Adams & Kansas Ave.

Dengel, Adam G.—721 Min'nesota Ave. . .

Fitch. Howard A.—Argentine Station . . .

Holsinger, George Wilmer


Kansas City—(Continued)

Lilley, Neil Graham—21st and Metropolitan Ave

McAnanv, Edwin S.—604 Commercial Bldg

Nesselfode, Clifford Calvin—704 Commercial Bld.g

Peet, Albert William—Packers Station . .

Robertson, Fred—428 Brotherhood RIdg.

Sandcll, John Harvev

Trickett, Charles William—710 Minnesota Ave


Blanchard, William C—700 Massaclui-setts St

Cowgill, Charles D.—936 Kentucky St. . .

Dolley, Joseph N

Hill, Irvine^ ■

Metcalf, Wilder Steven.s-720 Massachusetts St

Purccll, L. S

Rice. Raymond F.—700 Massachusetts St.

Skinner. John Thomas—700 Massachusetts St


Lysle, F. D

Porter. S. C


Cortelvon. John Vanzandt

Haines. W. D.—Box 36


Pusch, Oscar Charles—1001-1005 Broad-wav


Ranchor, Gordon H

Benton. Gerald D

Benton, Harwood Otis

Musser. Wheeler W


Hodges. Frank


Tewell. 14. L


Lanvon. Se.qrle Henry

Shank, William Capen—Globe Bldg

Spencer, Charles Favor—Globe Bldg. .. .


.A.bel, Fred—P. O. Drawer 557

Grosser, William F.—108 West Iron Ave,

Lee, C. A

Litowich, B. I.—Putnam Bldg

Morgenstern, R

.Schwartz. Chas. L

Short, R. H.—Fifth iSr Elm Sts

Watson, Winfield W.—419 North Santa


(see Addenda page 1693) Wilson. John O.—14854 So. Santa Fc



Christv. Robert Binford


Afeehan. Patrick H


Bovce. Tames G.—520 State National

Bank Bldg


Abrahams, Tohn V.-S. B. A. Bldg

Anderson, Elisha Hoffman

Anderson, William O—132-134 North

Kansas Ave

Bowman, Clarence S.—106 West 8th Ave. Bowman, W. W.—201 Hotel Kansan . . . Burrow, James Randall, Jr.—-701 Kansas


Burrow, Joel Randall—701 Kansas Ave...

Catlin, Arch M.—Mulvane Bldg

dinger, F. F. . .

Collingwood, J. H.—600 Kansas Ave. .. Copeland, Edward Lincoln—Ninth &

Jackson Sts

Cronoer, Oscar T.—Capital Bldg. & Loan


Crosby, Erastus Hollingsworth—708 Jackson St

Davis, W. H.—535 Kansas Ave

Dean, W. Laird—Columbian Bldg

Docking. William

Farley, D. E

Freeman. Frederick William—501 Kansas

Frost. Russell Edward—600 Kansas Ave. Gasche. Wilfred B.—119-121 E. 8th Ave.

Griest, Tohn Edmundson

Guild, Geo. A

Hayter, Iva Glenn—National Reserve


Heinz. Paul H.—Columbian Bldg


Topska— (Continued) Wichita—(Continued) Covington—(Continued)

Hursh, Guy L.—310 Crawford Bldg T,asater, Milas Percival, Harry White—S. W. Corner

Jaccbs, \Vm. Jr.—517-519 Kansas Ave. . . Lindsley, H. K.—721 Beacon Bldg Fourth & Scott Sts

Jones, John Ernest—501 Kansas Ave. . . Long, Chester I.— 830 First National Rouse, Shellev D.—401-404 First National

Kirkpatrick, James M.—7th & Harrison Bank Bldg Bank Bldg':

Sts Masemore, W. J.—Beacon Bldg .Schroetter, Hans August—429 Madison

Lehman, Frank A McCorkle, Charles A.—624 Fourth Na- Ave

Lillard, Thomas M.—312 New England tional Bank Bldg Wilson. L. B Liberty Theatre Bldg "

Bldg McDonald, Thaddeus J.—3557 F. Douglas CRESTWOOD

McBride. Will W.—Libertv Life Bldg... Ave Ott Henry L

McEntire, George P.—219 Quincy St. .. Middlekauff, Ralph H.—205 First Na CYNTHIANA

AIcKeen, Carl W tional Bank Bldg Bedford, Ben F.—R. D. 1

Merriam, ■ Carroll Burnham—701 Kansas Naftzger, Maurice Clifton Durbin, Daniel P. O. Bo.x 33

Ave NeSmith, R. L.—516 Fourth Nation^a! Lebus, Orie

■^'erriam, Frank D.^70\ Kansas Ave. .. Bank Bldg DANVILLE

Merriam, John E Noftzger, T. A.—Beacon Bldg Browning, Earl—308 W. Main St

Messman, John D NoL, Charles A.—619 Beacon Bldg ELSIECOAL

Miller, Clyde -Winwood—Insurance Bldg. Parr, Charles E.—247 N. St. Francis St. Miller, Ed\vard Francis

Mitchell, Charles L.—110-112 E. 8th Ave. Powell, Lon H FLEMING

Mohler, Jacob Christian—State House. . Ripley, L. O Haymond, Thomas S

Monroe, Lee—310 Crawford Bldg Rochester, A. N.—Union National Bank FRANKFORT

Mcore, George Godfrey Bldg Hoge, Eugene E

Mulvane, Joab Rounds, Dwight C Hoge, S. French

Patten. Albert Morss—808 Kansas Ave.. . Rounds, Ralph M Lindsev, Thomas Noble—612-613 McClure

Paulen. Ben Sanford—8th & Van Buren Sears, Clifton W.—614 Fourth National Bldg

Sts Bank Bldg Lindsey, D. W., jr.—209-210 Peoples

Pierce. Robert—3rd & Jackson Sts Smyth, Charles H.—Suite 515, Brown State Bank Bldg

Russell, H. A.—611 Kansas Ave Bldg Wilson, Ralph R.—Peoples State Bank

Sa iee, Eugene E.—C. B. & L. Bldg Stewart, James H Bldg

Scliolle, F. H.—300 W. 8th St Stout, William A.—Schweiter Bldg GEORGETOWN

Smith, Wm. R Vermilion, R. R.—First National Bank Waller, Richard Herndon

Stephenson, William C—611 Kansas Ave. Bldg ' GLASGOW

Stone, Robert—807 National Reserve Watkins, E. A.—200 North Waco St Dickinson, Thomas C

Bldg Webb, Carl E.—Beacon Bldg Dickinson! Thomas P '

Swan, (isorge J.—200 West Sixth Ave. .. Wheeler, Howard V.—120 South Market Harlin, John Harrison

Sweet, Paul Bailey—Crawford Bldg St (see also Addenda page 1696)

Van Petten, Alfred E.—409 Mulvane Bldg. Yankev, Chas. G.—724 Fourth National Porter. WMlliam Logan P O Box 405

Whitekcr, Thomas C—1st & Kansas Ave. Bank Bldg HENDERSON

Wilson, Walter Everett—106 W. 8th St. WINFIELD Delker, Frank H

Wolft, Charles, Jr.—Mulrene Bldg Chahiiers, John P.—State Bank Bldg. .. Farmer, Flenry Hughs

Woc.dward, Chester Gary, George Gordon Geibel, Clarence W.—Second & Main Sts.

Zahner, Augustus—^^925 Kansas Ave Katterjohn, Charles Arthur

WELLINGTON jy- . •. Khiimel Singleton Husband

Bowers, A. E KeOtUCky ,^'"-,' ^,^'t^\\. ^--r^^''?,%'\,^^t -^^cT

Burks W H Lambert, William T.—232 No. Main St.

Stewart, C. D.-222 South' F. St.' :'.:::::: ASHLAND , ,, • , ^oyster, X R.-132 Second St

^ Berger, Walter E. — Second National boapcr, Wilham Henderson

WlcnilA oAo c , • i^ank Bldg Starling, Edmund Lvne, Jr

Basham, David Vvalker—802 Schweiter Coleman, Robert Logan—701 Ashland Stitcs, W^m. H ."

p S>; National Bank Bldg Tapp, Frank P.—103 North Main St

Kasse Lhas. . .. Davis, Lewis N Witt. Bcrn.nrd G.—Main & Second St...

Bauerle, Louis W—109 N^ lopeka Ave. pj^jj ^^ ^ HTMLERVILLE

Beachy, C. M.—813 First National Bank pigher, John Henderson—Second National Himler, Martin

Bldg ... Bank Bld^ HOPKINSVILLE

Bennett, Merle K^206E. Douglas Ave filler, James Clare Trimble. Selden Y.—710^^ Main St

o" ,'■ o\r"°" H.—205 First National shj,ut, Theodore I Wood, Hunter

Bank Bldg ••••■.•• • • ■ Weinfurtner. Edward M LEXINGTON

Brooks, Charles H.—Beacon Bldg. . AUGUSTA Allen. John Rowan—1504 Favette Nat-brown Geo M.—213-229 So. Rock Mathews. Joseph Robert ional Bank Bldg ". . '

Island Aye. . . ••••••• • • ■ Waters, Barrett Anderson, Richard T.—Short & Mill Sts.

Butts, Jacob Archibald—209 N. Lawrence BLOOMFIELD Bassett, J. E.—Main and Upper St

Ave McMakin. Pevton R Bosworth. J, Cloud—R. R. 2

Campbell, Robert Bruce-416-418 W. BOWLING GREEN Bradley, T. C—421 W. 3rd St

Douglas Ave. Cuthbertson, Sterett—P. O. Box 595 .... Breckinridge, Desha

(.arey, Charles VV i^^,^^^ Emory G.—Park Row Brent, Charles Scott—128 So. Broadway

Carson, hrank Lee pjt^h, Henrv D.—910 State St Carev, Geo. B.—Guaranty Bank Bldg...

Chandler, Charles Quarles hjI,^ j Murray Coleman, John W.—211 No. Broadway

Uapp, K. p. vV. . . . .. Nahm, Max B.—422 Main St Coleman, John W., Tr

Cooper, S \\., Jr.—309 North Rock CADIZ Combs, James Horton—439 East Main St.

Island ..:. Burnett, Arthur C Combs, Thomas A.—439 East Main St.

Cox, George W—Beacon Bldg Smith, George L Cooper. Thomas Poe

( raig, James William—601 W. K. H. White John Preston Cromwell, Thomas B.—200 Phoenix

T-. t^ • • \y ■ -Vnon o 13,-," White, Wilham Cleland, 2nd Hotel

Deal, Tom M.—1029 Beacon Bldg CARROLLTON Davies, Harrison G

(see also Addenda page 1694) Gaines Perrv B • ' l^avis, John Bruce—159 W. Short St....

DeBernardi, .Albert HenSing C O, Frank P

Dockum, Harry A neinpnmg, v,. kj FiiLrelken F H

Dold Fred W CATLETTSBURG rr l^n w'lr " 6 W " "v; "t^ \

i^uiu, I reii \\ ..... . Estill. William Rodes—R. R. 4

Eaton Dudley W.—205 4th National I atton, \\ . A Featherston, Steve Black—168-82 N. Up-

Bank Bldg CLEARFIELD per St.

Eblen, Roy E.—1000 Bilting Bldg Gearhart, Geo. H Goodwin, ' William' ' j.'—Corner' 'Main ' '&

Evans, Earle W.--923 First National Bank COVINGTON Ramson Sts

,,.^}'^S- ; • ■ ■. Adams, Ben. A.—Fifth & Madison Graves, George Keene—124 W. Main St.

Helds, John—Unum National Bank Bldg. Feuss, Chas. H Halley, Samuel H

Gardiner, James B Prjes, Daniel—N. W. Corner Second &■ Harting, Rudolph R.—408 Trust Bldg...

Hall, Standish—Beacon Bldg Madison Ave Hunt, George R.—Security Trust Co.

Hart, Edward L., Jr.—Live Stock Ex (}ilmore. Park—423-425 Greenup St Bldur

change Bldg Haehnle, Charles—12th & Fisk St Hunt, W^aller Bullock—Alain St. at Broad-

Heimple, Harry H Harton, William H.—Third & Court Ave. wav, W. M. G Hill, George L.—27-29 Pike St Kloecker, John—300 E. Main St

Innes, Walter P Hoppenjans, Wm. H.—200-229 Main St. Land, Charles

Jackman, Charles M Hughes, Gregory W.—502-4 First Na- LeBus, Frazir D.—416 W. Third St

Johnson, Thomas Charles—705 Fourth tional Bank Bldg T.eConipte, Joseph—133 So. Broadway ..

National Bank Bldg Humpert, Henry J.—Madison at 6th St. Manning. Charles N

Kelley, L. C—200 East Douglas Ave. .. Kelley. J. Robert—212-20 West 4th St. Martin, Elijah Lee—414-416 W. Main

Kelly, John C—120 Market St Lee, D. Collins St

Kimmell, Garman O.—402 Schweiter Lee, E. S ■ McDonald, Edward L.—402 Wolf-Wile

Bldg Linnemann, Bernard Joseph Bldg




Lexington — (Continued)

Northcutt, Robert L.—712 Trust Co. Bklg.

Porter, Ira T

Porter, Joseph \V.—Third St. & Walton


Richardson, John Waller—135 E. Main St. Roszell, Calvert T.—Broadway & Holiver


Scott, Thomas Skillman—610 Trust BIdg,

Shoiise, Leonard B

Skain, John—Box 654

Smith, J. Robert

Snyder, Frank L

Stoll, John G.—Lexington Leader Bldg.

Stoll, John William

Stone, James Clifton—620 South Broad-


Talbert, William B.—Henry St

Tonkin, Thos. J., jr.—140 West Short


Tunis, J. Curry—262 E. Main St

Van Deren, James F.—340 W. Main St...

Walker, Kenner

Wallace, Salem A.

Warren, William F.—Main & Upper St. Weeks, George S


Alev, Charles R.—401 W. Main St

Allison, Young E.—405 So. Fourth St... Allison, Young E., Jr.—P. O. Box 617.. Almstedt, Henry—119 South Fifth St. .. Anderson, Lawrence L.—1065" Starks


, Atherton, Peter Lee—1310 Lmcoln Bldg. Bacon, Edmund Harrison—Brook & Main


Barnes, James P

Bean, Richard

Bernheim, Isaac W

Bingham, Robert Worth—300 Libertv St.

Black. William—1721 So. Seventh St

Bogard, George T.—1350 Starks Bldg...

Bohon, Thos. A.—238 E. Main St

Booker, S. E.—401 W. Main St

Booker, W. F.—Columl.iia Blvd

Boomer, George O.—231 West Main St. Booth, Percy N.—903-9 Lincoln Bldg... Breed, Lawrence W-—238 E. Main St...

Brentlinger, W^ S

Brown, Eli H., Jr.—54 United States

Trust Bldg

Brown, Owslev—1908 Howard St

Brvan. Wiley Blount—1310 Starks Bldg. Bullitt, William Marshall—1711-26 Inter-Southern Bldg

Burge, Joseph—401 West Main St

Byers, Gardner K.—Realty Bldg

Caldwell, Walter Evans—Brook & Bran-

deis Sts

Caldwell, William E.—Brook & Brandeis


Campbell, W^illiam Scott—2910 High St. Clarke, W^ Newman—235 So. 5th St. . .

Clore, L. B

Cole, Whitefoord R.—908 Broadway ... Coleman, Harris W.—1212 Tnter-Sonth-

ern Bldg

Conde, Raymond Warner

Cowan, Gilbert S.—421 W'. Main St. ... Cox, Attilla—1706 Inter-Southern Bldg. Cox, William Nettelton—Brook & Mairt-


Crady, Wood—1100 Lincoln Bldg

Culbertson. S. A.—Inter-Southern Bldg. Culver, Samuel T.—212 E. Liberty St., . Dale, William Pratt—1301-3 Lincoln Bank


Davis, James B

Dorman, J. C

Donohue, James J.—9th & Broadway . .

Downing, J. R

Duncan, Stuart English—401 West Main


Durham., Joseph H.—401 West Main St. Eisenbeis, John F.—423-27 W. Jefferson


Embry, Foster H.—Bourbon Stock Yards Evans, George E.—Ninth & Broadway.. Ewing, Charles Oscar—981 .So. Third St.

Fenley, Oscar—1005 Columbia Bldg

Filson, Roi:)ert Edgar—739 W. Main St.. .

Frazier, S. I

Garibaldi, John G.—14th & Broadwav. .

Gates, Robt. H.—1215 S. Seventh St

Gifford, Ralph Clayton-5th & Court PL Goodridge, Fleet Hinton—Bourbon Stock


Gwin, Earl S


Hagedorn, Harry F.—30th & Grand .Sts.

Hays, Edwin W.—127 So. Fifth St

Helm, Thomas Kennedy—1212-1226 Inter-Southern Bldg

Hermes, .A.rnold A.—712 Marion E. Tav-lor Bldg

Harrington, Lewis Butler—1350 Starks Bldg

Fleuser, Gustave A.—10th & Ormsbj- Sts.

Hilliard, Edward IL—419 W^ Jefferson St "

Hilliard, Isaac—419 West Jefferson St. . .

Hoge, Wni. L

Holtevert, H. B

Homans, J. Smith—110 So. 5th St

Howard, Andrew J.—419 W. Jefferson Si.

Howell, Walter

Hudson, Richard N.—131 W. Main St. . .

Huh.ein, C. F.—1721 S. Seventh St

Huhn, John E.—207 W. Market St

Humphrey, Alexander Pope—1109 Inter-Southern Bldg

Hutchison, George W.— 2Zi S. Fifth St. (see also Addenda page 1697)

Johnson, Lewis Y.—1406 Lincoln Bank Bldg

Joyes, P. P.—4th & K Sts

Kave, Lewis G.—4th & Guthrie Sts

Kave, William H.—325 Marion E. Tavlor Bldg ."...

Keisker, Fred W.—313-315 W. Walnut St.

Klapheke, J. W\—224 W. Main St. ......

Knight, Charles Henry—914 E. Market St

Kuehn, A. L.—401 W. Main St

Laib, G. Fred

Laib, Geo. H

Laib, Phil F.—18th & Magnolia St

Lampton, Dinwiddle—709 Inter-Southern Bldg

I^av'ieLe, W. Robinson R.—505 W. Main St

Lee, Howard Barnes—715 Inter-Southern Bldg

Lindley, C. H

Lipscomb, James E.—8th & Breckenridge St

Logan, Dulaney

Logan, W. Hume—1115 Franklin St

Long, George J.—P. O. Box 2360

Lyons, S. C—112 S. 5th St

McChord, John Hynes—9th & Broadwav

McDonald, Donald, Jr.—1721 S. Seventh St

McGonigale, William J.—P. O. Box 2360

McHenry, Lemuel H.—LTnited States Trust Bldg

McLellen, L. W.—1350 Stark's Bldg

McPherson, J. G

Mengel, Charles Christopher—11th & 12tn Sts •

Michael, Joseph C.—Ninth St. & Broadway

Miller, Wilham J.—1447-1455 S. 7th St.

Minary, Thomas J.—316 W. JefTerson St.

Monroe, Herman F.—620 South 3rd St.

Morton, David Cummins—912 E. Broadwav

Mueller, Arthur E.—413 S. 5th St

Otter, John D.—Pendennis Club

Otter, Wm, Mills-Fifth & Main Sts. . .

Paslick, John M.—1715 Arbegust St. . .

Peter, Arthur—715 Inter-Southern Bldg..

Peter, C. Robert—320 S. 5th St

Pickrell, Otis W.—209-211 E. Main St. .

Pirtle, John B

Price, John Williamson, Jr.—507 Brown Bldg

Quin, Huston

Ray, Charles T.—1721 South Seventh St.

Render, L. M

Reynolds, Abram D

Reynolds, Clarence K.—118 Starks Bldg., Arcade

Reynolds, Richard S.—30th & Grand Ave.

Rose, Hugh L

Rush, Noel—Fourth & Market Sts

Russell, Frank B.—40 U. S. Trust Bldg.

Russell, Louis G.—106-111 S. Fifth St ..

Sachs, Edward—605 Marion E. Taylor Bldg

Samuels, Theodore O'Hara—1715 Arbegust St

Shannon, Woodford—659 S. Ninth St. . .

Sliger, J. W

Smith,- Addison P.—908 W. Broadwav . .

Snyder, Keith P.—Floyd & Bloom Sts. . .


Louisville —(Continued)

Speed, Evart.s—401 W. Main St

Speed, William Shallcross— iX'i Guthrie St ...^ .^

Steuerle, Louis F.—Alamo Theatre Bldg

Stewart, J. D '.

Stewart, Wm. K.—425 S. Fourth Ave. ..

Stites, John—Fifth and Market Sts

Stoll, Charles C—207 W. Broadway . .

Strater, Harry A.—659 S. 9th St

Streng, Lewis Starr—311 W. Chestnut St.

Swearingen, Embry L

Tarvin, William Harvey—714 Marion E Taylor Bldg

Taylor, Horace Ayers—458 S. 4th St. . .

Tavlor, Thomas Pickett, Jr.—458 S. 4th St

Thacker, Thomas R.—18th & MagnoHa Sts ,

Thurston, R. C. Ballard—1000 Columbia Bldg

Trimble, Robert M., Jr.—1446 Levering St

Turner, Clarence F

Tuttle, Arthur Austin—1363 Starks Bldg.

Van Dyke, Burton

Vaughan, Robert F.—525 Marion E. Taylor Bldg

Veech, Bethel B .

\'ogt, Henrv—10th & Ormsby Ave

Wakefield, Dunlap—127 S. Fifth St

Ward, Ossian Peay—Lincoln Bank Bldg.

Warfield, Allen Elisha—401 W^ Main St.

Waterfill, J. H

Watkins, Clarence—Columbia Bldg

Watts, Warren S.—2934 Grand Ave

Wiley, Rodman—714 Marion E. Taylor Bldg

Williams, Thomas M.—401-13 W^ Main St

Willson, James C—130 S. Fifth St

Wirgman, Men.efee

Woodward, Ernest—615-621 Inter-Southern Bldg

Woodward, William Forbes

Woosley. Elbert S.—401 W. Main St. ...


Patterson, Clark B

Trimble. Robert M


Bourne, Henrv Kirby


Ager, William Henry

Andrews, Frank M

Cheesman, Joseph William

Donaldson, Lincoln—6th & Washington Ave


lones. John William


Pool, Millard P


Brodie, Robert

Ewing, Samuel Ridle\—519 Locust St. . .

Little, L. Freeman

Stimson, Dayton C


Hills. Walter J

Langstaff, George—438 So. Second St.. .

Petter, Henry A

Utterback, James Caldwell


Walker, Wood


La Viers. Henry

Preston, George Washington

Turner, Jas. W


RatHfT, Robert


Asher, Robert


Pettit. Duke—Richland

Pool, Reuben Medle}^—Main St


Turlev, R. E


Bates, Sturgis Goodwin


Foster, John B


Butler, John E

Stearns, Robert Lyon


Richardson, Charles Freemont


TAYLORSVILLE Lake Charles — (Continued) New Orleans — (Continued)

Gray, J. E Roberts, Frank D'Antoni, Carmel—Indemnity Bldg

WALTON Weber, Willis P Danziger, Alfred D.—1204 New Orleans

Vest, John Lewis—12 S. Main St MANSFIELD Bank Bldg

Jenkins, Ned Walter Danziger, George—343 Carondelet St. ...

Nabors, William Campbell Danziger, Harold—So. Peters & Robins

T f\l 11 CI Jl n ^ Provost, George Foster—100 Polk St. ... St

i^KJlAi-^LCXLlCl MARRERO d'Aquin, James J.—3402 St. Charles Ave.

ALCO Dahlberg, Carl Frederick Davison, George Wm.—307-311 Pcydras

Wadlev, John Keener (see Addenda page 1689) St

Wadley William D Marrero. Leo Antonio DeBardeleben, Henrv F.—1812 Pere


Albert, A Limday, Charles G De Gruy, Joseph V.—860 St. Charles St.

Alexander, James Wallace MONROE Denechaud, Charles Isidore^—1142-3-4

Bauer, George 314 Johnston St Bernstein, Henry, Sr.—Ouachita >Jational Canal Bank Bldg

Hill, Walter D Bank, Bldg Dickinson, Edward Foster—823 Hibernia

Hoiioman, Thomas Wvnn—803 Guaranty Breard, John M . Bank Bldg ■

Bank Bldg Downes, Richard, Jr.—De Siard and St. Diukins, Lynn H.—P. O. Box 920

Lamkin, X'ictor X'ance—Third & Johnston John Sts Dorrestein, Cornelius A. M., (Dr.)—1112

St Ethridge. William Linton Pere Marquette Bldg

Pcrwcrs, John Thomas, Jr Plaas, Sigmund—Lock Box 117 Douglas, Wil H.—118 N. Front St

ALGIERS ' Horuff, Albert Dunbar, Charles E., Jr.—United Fruit

Bodenger, Julius—Ferry Bldg Hudson, Frederick Gray, Jr.—Ouachita Co. Bldg

Rosamano, Marco—712 Teche St National Bank Bldg Dunn, Peter F.—Carrollton Ave. & New

Vanderlinden, Joseph J McHenry, Carl H Basin

ANGOLA Millsaps, Frederick Flournoy Ellis, Caswell Prewitt, Jr.—90S Hibernia

Dippel WiUiam Morton, Oliver B.—105 De Siard St Bank Bldg

BATON ROUGE Oliver, Travis Fllis, Crawford H.—321 St. Charles St. ..

Barnes, William Preston Parkes, William Jay—Ouachita National Ellis, Richard M.—90S Hibernia Bank

Cazedessus, Eugene Romain Bank Bldg Bldg

Connell, William Phillips Potts, John James—Ouachita National Ellsworth, Fred W

Davis, Edw. Greene Bank Bldg Emery, Rchert Lee—144 Carondelet St...

Gebelin, Joseph—Third St Slagle, Clarence E.—705 Ouachita Na- Engelhardt, John W.—720 Union St

Taylor, Benjamin Brown—Louisiana Na tional Bank Bldg Evans, Frederick Watkins—Dauphine &

tional Bank Bldg Snellings, George Marion—200 De Siard Iberville Sts

Ward, Walter Lerov—440 Third St St Farris, William Elmer—903 Whitney-

BAYOU LA CHUTE Stubbs, Frank Palmer—Old Cen.ral Sav- Central Bldg

Robinson, John Milton c '"^"^ §''"'' ^\'^f^ " 'li ' ' ■;rQ ^^^y- ^has. Spencer—Pan Am. Bank Bldg.

BOGALUSA Sugar, Emanuel G.—Box 658 Fenner, Charles E

Scanl-m V M Terzia, Felix Andrew, Jr Fenner, Erasmus Darwin, (M. D.)—1810

suiii.;.;, William ■ Heni^y■:::::::■.::■.:::: ^'5.^^^^ /pM°r?Tv t^ ^^- ^^"^'l"' ^r^ ••,■ ^ ^^ ■.;••■ w

CLARKS MORGAN CITY Ferguson, Joseph J.—1309 Pere Marquette

T, 1 „ A , -ijr-M Norman. Maurice E Rider

Johnson, August William _ -oiu^.

Shcppard, Charles Clinton ....;. NEW ORLEANS Ferguson, Joseph \ mcent—208 Board of

CROWLEY Airey, Thomas L.—816 Union St Trade Annex

Hunter, William Hawkins P. O Box 335 Alexander, Lester F.—830 Audubon Bldg. Flowers, Herbert Baker—317 Baronne St.

DE SOTO PARISH " Allen, Jcsiah Samuel Freeman, Alfred Bird— 109 North Robert-Robinson, Emniett Toole Allison, Sinclair Edward—Whitney-Cen- son St

DIXIE ' tral Bldg French, Chauncey—451 Howard Ave. . ..

Scntell, John Mercer Asbury, Thos. O.—210 Baronne St (see also Addenda page 1695)

ELIZABETH Ash. Levi Maurice—1401 Tulane Ave. .. Gauche, Jules A.—402 N. O. Bank Bldg.

Smith, Benjamin Franklin Baldwin, CJustave B.—130 Camp & Com George, Ernest T.—907 Baronne Bldg. ..

FISHER '' ' " inon Sts Gibbcns, John T.—2700 Howard Ave. ..

Bloomer. P /\ Bandi, J. A Gibbons, Thos. P

GARYVILLE Bancs, Jose R.—423 Gravier St Gidiere, Philip S.—United Fruit Bldg. . .

Stebbins, Walter T Barkdull, Roy E.—82! Gravier St Gleason, Friend Weslev—1202 Whitney

GRAYSON " Barr, Maurice F.—1401 Tulane Ave Bank Bldg '

Clarkson I W Eauman. C. S.—140 Carondelet St Glover, Geo. J.—1033 Whitney Central

HAMMOND Bendel, Isaac B Bldg

Naltv, William H Billups, George Wiltz Godchaux, Charles

JENNINGS Bobb, J. Carroll—822 Gravier St Goodman, Harry—3000 Poydras St

Heinen, J. H.—Calcasieu National Bank Bouden, John E., Jr Gould, Harry Russell—829 Union St. ...

Bldg Bremermann, H. J.—1317 Union Indem Gueringer, William Henry—1401 Tulane

Hoag, Herbert H. .................. "'ty Bldg Ave

LAFAYETTE Brewer, William^—904 Queen & Crescent Hardie, Harry—212 Carondelet St

Demanade, Harold . ^^'^S Hardin, J. D., Jr.—1206 Union Indemnity

Evans, T. Lawrence Bright, Edgar Allen Gordon—204 Marine Bldg

Teanmard, J. R. . Bank Bldg Haspel Joseph—Bernard .Ave. near Broad

LAKE CHARLES Bright, George Clement—1119 Hibernia St

Chalkley, H G ■ Bank Bldg . Hausmann, Louis—730 Canal St

Cobb, W. J Brittm, Abraham—510 Baronne St Hayne. Franklin Brevard—614 Cotton

Erwin, Mason Pilcher S" ,'?.■,■, "J rA^n^^^^- ■■■^■■\ Exchange Bldg

(see also Addenda page 1695) uu' ^''^^"' S.—508 Cotto.n Exchange j^^^j^j^ Rudolf S

Foster, James Alton Bldg. . ^Kl-jfi^.'J ' uVa'^. Henderson, Hunt—749 South Peters' St.

Hale, Robert Langdon—Rvan & Pujo St. Carroll, Walter—Maritime Bldg ... Herbert George Jr—SOI VerretSt

Hall, Charles E.-708 Ryan St. . . .' Caslins bTc ''~ "' Se[herwickrM-'l825 Union St . !! !

Hereford ^S V" 707' Ruan' ''^c ChaiTet''Henrv II .-724 Whitney' Central ^'''''- J'!"]^-^ ^"^^^"'5^0^ .Sn"'l' ^'p ' ■,•

j-ieretorci, I rank J.—/u/ Kyan M .'. - Hood, William Allen—1424 \\ hitney Bank

Hollins, Arthur-318 Pujo St r u V ? ' ' i' ' V^V P " ' V '' 'i; Bldg

Kaufman. L.—725 Bilbo St ^.^flona, Joseph—231 Poydras St. .. . Howard Mvin Pike—170S Hibernia Bank

King Geo M Chipley, Buckner—1424 Whitney Bank H.Ov\ara, Ai\in t iKe j/uo HiDernid cank

Knapp, Hudson Murdnck—Suite 16, Kauf J^.'^S:. ■ • • • Hudsmi, w'.' 6.-1523' 'st'. 'Charles 'Ave. '.'.

man Bldg C aiborne. Char es de Balathier . . Hyams, Chapman Henry, 3rd—610 Com-

Knaiip, S. Arthur Claiborne, Duralde—320 St. Charles St. . . ^.^.^^^^ ^^

Krause, Hmlolph , ^ • ■ . • . . • • ■ • ■ -^^ •••■■.• Clark, Rus,sell-826 Gravier St Jahncke, Ernest ' Le'e-Canal' B'ank ' Bld'g.

Krause. Rudoli)h Edward—1823 so. Rvan Clarke. E. M.—1401 1 ulane Ave Tr^lmcr^n XMcrr-nr,

, St. Jay, George William—822 Gravier St. .. j^.^^ j^^^^ Anderson-344 Camp St. . . .

Taw. George William Coiron, Auguste—312 VVhitney Building Jordan, Clement D.—210 Barcnne St. ...

Managan, CM. . . Coleman. Warren O.— i.ibcrty Bldg Rammer. Alfred C—Hibernia Bank Bldg.

Managan. William Henry , . Conklm.XV alter A.--837 Gravier S . . Kearny, Warren—520 South Peters St. ..

Moss, Clement Murphy—Muss Bldg. . . . Cottam H^Thom--700 rchoupito.ulas St. KeifTer, Lenard Brown—Canal & Dau-

Muller, Maurice J.—62.T-631 Ryan St Crusel, J. Edw.—407 Carondelet St phine Sts

Musser, Benjamin M Cunningham, Thomas F.—1311 Hibernia ,^ .„ ,,,',/' n ooi V^ ■ ' <-\ '

Neely, George D Bank Bide Keiffer. Walter Brown—821 Gravier St.

North, Newton Edmunds—801 Rvan St.. Curraii, Daniel D Kepper. James Henry—Carondelet &

Paret. Milnor Peck—First National Bank Dane. John—217 Carondelet St Gravier Sts

Bldg Danna, Joseph A., (M. I).)—401 Chaille Kernaghan. William A—409 Baronne St.

Reinaiier, Solomon—813 Rvan S' Bldg Koen, li.—722 Gravier St




New Orleans—(Continued)

Kohlnieyer, Charles—601 Canal St

Krower, Alfred J.—Canal & Exchange


Labenberg, M. H.—740 Gravier St

Laroussini, Paul H.—New Orleans Bank


Leach, Neal M.—424 Whitney Bldg

Legier, John—140 Carondelet St

Lemann, Monte M.—New Orleans Bank


Lemle. (Justave—619 Hibernia Bank Bldg.

Levert, John B.—823 Perdido St

Lew, Frank L.—804 Hibernia Bank &

Trust Co. Bldg

L'Hote, George V.—3901 Carrollton Ave. Lockett, Andrew M.—Queen & Crescent


Logan. R. Bland—500 Interstate Bank


Lotz, George A.—622-624 Conti St

Mackie, Albert—800 Tchoupitoulas St.. . ]\Taginnis, George H.—1246-1247 Canal

Bank Bldg

Mann, Sol S

Manson, James J.—401 Common St. ...

Alarfield, W. T

M^arks, Sumter D., Ir.—United Fruit Bldg. McLellan, Charles—2308 Chartres St...

Mente, Eugene W.—1007 Camp St

Michel, Edward Harrison—Calliope &

Magnolia Sts •■

Miller, J. M

Milling, Robert E.—Whitnev Central

Bank Bldg

Milling. Robert E., Jr.—Whitney Central

Bank Bldg

Molitor, Edgar D

Monroe, J. Blanc—1116 New Orleans

Bank Bldg

Moog, Jacob—Masonic Temple Bldg

Aloore, Robert, Jr.—610 Common St...

Mortimer, Frank Hastings

Moses, Elkin—610 Maison Blanche Bldg. Moss, Mike M.—^LTnion Indemnity Bldg, Mos, W. Irving—Union Indemnity Bldg.

Mysing, August W.—Perdido St

Mysing, W. A.—Perdido St

Newman, Julian B.—212 Carondelet St. Nolan, Ralph P.—427 Esplanade Ave...

Odenheimer, Sigmund

O'Neal, Wm Pierce

Palmer, Frederick L.—210 Baronne St. Pearce, Furman Barnes—Union Indemnity Bldg

Pedrick, Norman O.—1311 Hibernia Bank


Penicic, William Svdnor—1449 Canal Bank


Petersen, Aage Qvistgaard—1741 Canal

Bank Bldg

Pfaff, William—931 Lafayette St

Phelps, Esmond—United Fruit Bldg

Phillips, John W.—523 Gravier St

Phillips, Louis—910 New Orleans Bank


Plant, George—1026 Whitnev Central


Pool, L. M

Prevost, Henrv C.—520 Poydras St. ...

Price, I. R ^

Qvistgaard-Petersen, Aage—1741 Canal

Bank Bldg

(see Addenda paee 1692) Richards, Ernest Vincent, Jr.—1401 Tu-

lane Ave.

Richardson, Keith K.—812 Gravier St... Rives, C. G.. Jr.—St. Charles & Gravier Robertson, George W.—Baronne & Common Sts

Robin, James A

Root, L. Carroll—212 Carondelet St

Rougeiot, Robert E.—501 Esplanade Ave. Saal, Raymond H. — Whitnev-Central

Bank Bldg :

Saenger, Julian Henry—1401 Tulane Ave. Saunders, Paul H.—212 Carondelet St... Schlegel, E. M.—319 Pan American Bank


Schneider, Harry Justin—1039 Decatur St. Schwegmann, Geo. A.—901 Piety St.... Senton, Moritz S.—222 Carondelet St... Shwartz, S. J.—1206 Union Indemnity

Bldg '.

Simmons, Edward G.—1304 Whitnev

Bldg ".

Simmons, Joseph B.—451 Howard Ave.



New Orleans—(Continued)

Simmons, Theodore Middleton Whitney Bldg

.Simpson, W. P

-Souchon, Marion Sims (M. D.)

Whitney Central Bank Bldg

Souers, Sidney W.—Baronne & Common Sts

Spitzfoder, Adolph, Jr.—Algiers

Stallings, A. J

Stanton, Gideon T.—601 Hibernia Blvd.

Stearns, Ellis Johnson

Steinhardt, JefTrey—730 Gravier St

Stern, Edgar Bloom—840 Union St

Stockhausen, Thos. G.—212 Carondelet St.

Sugarman, Charles—305 Magazine St....

Swartz, E. G.—4718 St. Charles Ave

Terrell, Roy—1222 Canal Bank Bldg

Terriberry, Geo. H.—The Maritime Bldg.

Tessier, Charles A., Sr.—134 Carondelet St

Tessier, Charles A., Jr.—134 Carondelet St

Thomas, Roland Alvin—833 Howard Ave.

Thorn, Charles B

Trufaat, S. A.—New Orleans Bank Bldg.

Vaccaro, John—909 Hibernia Bank Bldg.

Villere, St. Denis J.—552 Canal Bank Bldg

\'incent, G. Owen—222 Carondelet St...

Waterman. John S., Sr.—426 S. Peters St.

Waterman, William—426 So. Peters St.

W'egmann, John X.—2123 Magazine St..

Weil. Walter H.—830 Union St

Weinberger, Jacob—Masonic Temple....

West, Alonzo Minor—316 Baronne St...

Wtstfeldt, George G.—528 Gravier St. . .

Wheeler, Augustin Beers. Jr.—720 Common St

White, S. J.—Pere Marquette Bldg

Williams, Benjamin Joseph—825 Gravier St

William. Frank B.—1323 Whitney Bldg..

Williams, Geo. E.—822 Gravier St

Williams, L. Kemper—1323 Whitney Central Bldg

Williams, W. Horace—833 Howard Ave.

Wilmot, Robert W.—1032 Hibernia Bank Bldg

Woodward, James E.—1304 Whitney-Central Bldg

Woolfolk, John Winter—720 Common St.

W3-lie. Wm. Bruce—Hibernia Bank Bldg.

Yates, Emmet Quintard—222 Carondelet St


Edwards, James B


Pharr, H. N


Williams, Harry Palmerston


Cohn, Henrv, Jr


Ardis, Jackson Bryan—200 Commerce St.

Baird, Geo. O.—American Bank Bldg. . .

Baker, Lara H.—Market & Mielam Sts.--

Belchic, George—905 Slattery Bldg

Bernstein, Ernest Ralph—P. O. Box 207 and 1309 Texas Ave

Biedenharn, O. L.—Box 85

Blatterman, Joseph Baron—629 Market St

Brown, Joseph Hobert

Browne, Eppes Wayles—1017-22 Slatterv

Bldg : ".

Browne, Percy N.—1017-22 Slattery Bldg. Bullock, Otis W.—506 Commercial National Bank Bldg

Crawford, Edward Tacobs—213 Crockett

St ■

Files, John B.—321 Commercial National Bank Bldg

Gray, B. H.—Commercial National Bank Bldg

Hall, Pike, Jr.—1225 Slattery Bldg

Hamilton, David Philip—Commercial National Bank Bldg

Hearn. Bradford—P. O. Box 101, 1012 Commercial National Bank Bldg. . . .

Hearn, Hardie B.—419 Travis St. ..'...,

Hicks, S. B., Jr

Hinton, Harley Ross—819 Ardis Bldg...

Hunter, Sam Douglas—703 Commercial Bank Bldg

Jacobs, Ed—419 Travis St

Johnson, Ben—Texas & Market Sts. . .

Jordan, Tpseph Homer



Laskey, Charles G.—907 Slattery Bldg . .

Lawhon, Zach R.—513i/l Market St

Lee, John Mercer

Levy, Marx M.—326-330 Texas St

Alann, E. O.—Lake & Commerce St

Merren, Kem E.—709 City Bank Bldg. . . Moffitt, Louis Moseley—301 Ardis Bldg.

Moore, R. T

Murrell, Val H

Oakes, Guv—820 Ardis Bldg

O'Brien, Raymond John—921 Slatterv


Randolph, Edward Hughes— 333 First National Bank Bldg

Ricliardson, George

Rubenstein. Joe—517-1') Milan St

Sippel, Paul

Smitherman, James E.—901 Commercial

Bank Bldg

Stewart, Angus Augustus—1209 Fairfield


Stringfellow, Robinson Lazare—331

Franklin St

Sutherland, Robert Roy—617 Edwards St.

Thomas, L. E

Tippin, James J

Trimble, William Lvman

Walker, Marshal! f.—Travis & Marshall


Watson, Ivie—202 Texas St

Wilkinson, John D.—1525 Slattery Bldg.. Wilkinson, William Scott—1525 Slatterv

Bldg ".

Willis, P. C

Young, Wm. L


Skriiinal. Henrv L


Ciaunt, Alice (Miss)

Maxwell, Samuel W .

McNamara. John A

O'BrA-an. Felix Daniel


Hardtner, Quintin Theodore



.\bbott, Edward Farrineton—209 Court St _. "^^^

Bradford, Kdwin L

Crawshaw, William J.—66 Gamage A-s-c..

Fitz. Amos G.—24 Jamave Ave

Haskell. Weston B.—Minot Ave

McFadden. L. H

Smith, Everett L

Smith, P-nrker B

Walton, Fied R.—33 Second St

Whittum, William H.—117-121 Main St.

Wing, George C


Adams, Delbert W.—190-202 Water St...

Barker, Henry G.—205 Water St

Bowditch, Horace E.—59 Grove St

Bradv, Thomas Stanley

Downing, Charles Eastman—265 W.nter St ■

Everett, John Stephen—317 Water St . . .

Franum, Francis H

Gannett, William Howard—20 Willow St.

Hirhborn, Charles S

Hill, Percv V

Hutchine, W. D,—284 Water St

Jennings, Harold Delmont—9 Green St.

Lord, Fred Raymond—20 Willow St.. . .

A-facomber, Geo. E.—284 Water St

Manley, Samuel P.—71 Stone St

Newbert, Elmer E

Sanborn, Walter Martin—283 Water St.

Spencer. Geo. Oti.s—9 Green St .

Viles, Blaine Spooner—284 Water St...

Williams, George .Seth—9 Green St

Williamson, William B.—Colonial Theatre

Wyman. Walter Scott—9 Green St

Wvman. William Frizzell—9 Green Si...


Bass, Albert E.—39 Hammond St

Bragg, Franklin E.—27 State St

Collett, H. E

Crafts, George E

Cushman. Henry W.—2 Hammond St...

Graham, Edward At.—84 Harlow St. ...

Head, Walter L.—73 Broad St


Bangor-(Continusd) LYMAN Portland-(Contmued)

Palmer, V/iUiam \V.-31 Central St.. . . Rol>erts, Arthur L Payson. Herbert-93 Exchange St. . ..

Sare>ent, Albert H.-27 Central St MADISON Payson Ph.lhps W.-93 Exchange St...

miirn,an Frank 3rd—84 Harlow St Clark, Ciiarles H Pennell, William M.—465 Congress St. ..

is""' Jarrnce C^16o Broadway . . . MILLBRIDGE Peters, Walter N.-208 Middle St , .

Todd Percy R —Graham Bldg Gray, Henry H Phillips. Herbert Owen—202 Commercial

Towk, J. Norman-170 Exchange St. . . MILLINOCKET St. ^. . ... ^

Webster, Alden Palmer-First National Whitcomb, VVm. A Pote Frank S.-^92 Congress St._

Bank Bid" MONSON Randall, Ernest A.—84 Commercial St..

WinL. \Vii> oli D—41' State St Morrill, Harold E Redlon, Franklin R.—80 Union St

BAR harbor' " " NORWAY Rines, Henry P

Browne. Daniel Baillet—134 Main St... Sanborn, Fred W Shwartz, David—602A Congress St. ... .

RAT? MTT T <? Stearns, Albert J .'5hwartz, Harry M.—102 Exchange St. . .

Ro^Jers I ouis OLD ORCHARD Shwartz, Sidney P.—602a Congress St. . .

bath' ' Libby Frank H.—Portland Ave Small, Ernest Linwood—88 Exchange St.

Drake. James Edward-72 Front St ORONO Smiley, Thomas-509^S11 Congress St.

Dunton Arthur L—72 Front St Palmer, Perley B Swasey, Frederick D.—273 Commercial

Moses, 'oiiver-55 Front St PHIPPSBURG St. ... p " ' ^V p ' v, c/ " ' '

Plnmnier Walter F —'=;3 Front St Mniott, Chanes V Sweetser, Flarry P.—85 Exchange St. . .

.UTtrVilHar^ S - ''° '_ PORTLAND Thaxter, Sidney St. F-443 Congress St.

Stetson Harry E. 40 Center St Alexander, Charles D.—143 Middle St. .. Thomas, William Widgesy—184^ Middle

BELFAST Allen, Charles G St

Cooper Ralph I. 22 Water St Allen, Morrill—45 Water St Walker, Frederick—5 Monument Square

Howes Ra'ph H —^6 Maine St Allen, William C—204 Middle St Waugh, James Hayes

Perrv Trviii"- L " Ashton, Linwood E.—120 Exchange St... Weeks, George H.—467 Congress St

Sherman, Elmer .A.-Swan'Lake Ave... . Aycr, John Peter-269 Commercial St West, George F.—120 Exchange St

Thompson. Selwvn-56 Church St Bailey. Scott George-336 . ommercial St West, \ ernon F.-120 Exchange St. . .

Westcott riement W Barnard, Herbert Webster, Jr.—45 Water Wheeler, Edward W.—232 St. John St..

BETHEIy St. . . Whitney, Samuel H.—213 Federal St. ..

Pamcpll T Ipwellvn W Baxter, Clinton L.—97 Exchange St. ... Winslow, Howard—464 Commercial St..

S-e kt'bert C ' '.'.'.".'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.' .'.'. Baxter, Eugene R.—97 Exchange St PRESQUE ISLE

BIDDEFORD Berry, Charles F.—443 Congress St Alline, Lawrence H.—8 Highland St. ...

Ayer, Harrv Bennett-Probate Office, Berry, Harold Lee—149 Middle St. . . Gould, Arthur R

Citv Bldp-" Bisbee, Spauldmg, Sr.—605 Fidelity Bldg. Gould, L. E

Clark Cecil' "P —Main St '"".'.'.'.'.'. '.'.'.'.'. B'.ake, Arthur William—79-85 Conimer Perry, Nathan F.—206 Main St

Deering, John 'p.-124 Main St.' '.'.'.'.'.'... cial St . ... Spragiie^ Rah^h H

Staples Harold J.-City Bldg Blake, WilhamL. . RANGELEY

Stride T Burton-237 Main St ... Bosworth, Arthur Sewall—465 Congress burbish, Harry .A.lbert

Walker,''Nathaniel B.--147 Alfred St.... St V c ' Vc'^.V V- ■'i" cV §°^^^;^^,^ ^ ,x.-

Waterhouse Homer Tarlox Boyd, Samuel S.—65 W. Commercial St. Berry, Charles H.—Winter St

Wheaton, ^ Fred Blair—319 Main ' 'St^ ". . . Bradley, George—45 Water St. . . . .^ . Buffum, Harry A . . . ...

BRIDGTON Brown, Herbert J.—404 Commercial St. Kalloch, Charles M.—374 Main St

Plumrner, Carl T Brown, Philip G.—218 Middle St Packard, Arthur Bird

icjPTTlvr^lWTrK' Bruan, Robert—522 Congress St Wood, George Babcock

BfxVer lanies P . Tr Cary, George Foster-195 Middle St. . ., . RUMFORD

Baxter Rupert H Conant, Frederick O.—229 Commercial Coke, Hcrry Schumate

Catlin ' Edfjar S St Eaton, Frederic O.—49 Congress St. ...

Rickard Ed"-ar" Cook, Charles Sumner—465 Congress St. Hawley, Theodore

RTTrffFTFT'^n Cousens, Jasper B.—22 Monument Sq... Parker. P..alph T.—114 Congres'; St

frich Tnnv-s F Cox, Edward W.—154 Middle St Pratt, Elisha

CALAIS Crosby, Horace B.—149 Middle St. ...... SACO

Curr-in B Y —19 Nor^h St Crosman, George L.—Deering Junction. . Garland, Harry P

Curran; George A.—19 North 'St.' '. ".'.'.;;; Cunningham. John J.—181 State St. . . SANFORD

Downes, George Douglas.s Dana Carroll—222 St. John St, Heming, Frank Everett

Dudley Herbert J . Dudley. Frederic C—75 St. James St. . . Goodall, Geo. B

CARIBOU Dunton, Guy Franklin—477 Congress St. Goodall, Louis Bertrand

Spaulding. Atwood W.—29 Sweden St.. . Eastman, Fred E —492 Congress St. ... Goodall, Thomas M. ...

CHINA Eastman, Haroldi Benjamin—492 Con- Hewetl, Eugene M.—176 Main St

Bailev, W B gress St Hussey, Edward E. 1 High St

COOPERS MILILiS Eastman, Laurence E.—492 Congress St. Johnson, Curtis R.—266 Main St

Abbott Tames Rust Elwell, Edward Richardson Leavitt, J. Will—176 Main St .

CUMBERLAND MILLS Estes, Bay Edward—185 Middle St Gutter Wni. S

Warren Tosenh A Flagg, Charles F.—102 Exchange St Willard, Hiram

EASTP'ORT Eobes. Harold B.—60 Union St SKOWHEGAN

iJrown, Oscar H,—14 Washington St. . . Fo^s, Chas S.—36 & 38 Brown St ^[^"[f^"'': ^^^ .^^ /o' ,i; ' ' ' 'c

FARMINGTON Freeman, Eben Wmthrop PhilbricK, S. W.—68 Water St.

Mosher Herbert T Frothingham, Thomas J.—^26 Temple St. Swett, Herbert L

F'ORT 'FAIRFIELD Frothingham, Thomas W.-26 Temple St. SOUTH CHINA

Hacker Tom F Frothingham, William A.—26 Temple M. Webber. Conv N

Power.s' Clarence \ Gannett. Guy P.—177 Federal St SOUTH POLAND

GARDINER ' Gerrish. George L.—350 Commercial St. Ricker, Edward Pavson, jr

Anderson, J. Franklin-Brunswick Ave. Gignoux, Fred E.-176 Middle St. . . SOUTHWEST HARBOR

Si Water Sts Coding. Charles W. T.—120 Office Ex- Fuller. George R

Barstow, Nathaniel' Cushi'ne—Water St. '. '. change St. . . . . ^. . THOMASTON

Russell. Edwin L.—145 Water St Hale, Robert—57 Exchange St. . Ehot Richard O

Ha/;zard. R. P Hammons. Walter S.—120 Exchange Si UNION

GRe'eNVILLE TUNCTION Hav, Charles M.—15 Clififord St Grinnell. J^erbert L

Oakef I oilis J ^^"-^ ^^'^ Hersey, Henry C.-208 Middle St WATERVILLE

•HniTT TOW Heywood, Harry B.—801 Fidelity Bldg... Boutelle, George K.—182 Mam St

mVrk T eith S Hinds, Albert H Bridges, J. Merle—182 Main St

Giina^'rick Ora Hobbs, George Sayward—127 Pleasant St. Daggett. Cecil Maurice—65 Temple St.

rnrh-im GeorLre \ Huston. William Roy Daviau, Arthur—7 Chaplin St

T nHwi?r O '' Jones. Harold D.—193 Middle St Dean, James L

!^" „,A;J;..: Jordan. Arthur Wheeler—195 Middle St. Dunn, Reuben Wesley—40 College Ave.

LEWISTON ^ .^j^g ^j.,^ H.—Clapp Bldg Hesjarty, George D.—99 Main St

Cohuni, James E—Canal St. j^^^^,j^_ Henry—186 Middle St Johnson, William T.—110 Main St

Goss, Geo. W.--157 Maine St. ... Linnell, William Sheidierd—5 Temple St. Joly, Cyril Matthew—165 Main St

Lane, George W.. Jr.--55 Lisbon St Mason, William . Woodman—120 Ex- McGowan, Edwin W

Marcotte, P X^132 Lincoln St. ^ ^^^ 5^ Perkins, Carroll Norman-110 Main St.

Mcllroy, John Henrv—457 Maine St '^ , ^ -, , o To,rlr,r lnHan D '\7 Colletre Ave

Newell William Henry-145 Lisbon St. McDonald Morri.s-222 St^ John St. . Taylor -\"l'^"i;- 53(^^^°"|f /^\^; ; .

Parker, Elvert E.—145 Lisbon St Mc"Dougall, H. Nelson-120 Exchange St. ^^a;^'^^'^' ^p^^^../^--76 Main St

Skelton. William B.-ll Lisbon St Merrill. Henry F.-84 Commercial St. ^ ^eSTBROOK

Stewart Samuel Montgomery, Alfred A.—481 Congress St. WEblBKUUK

^tcwan, ^^amue -■■-.■■ • Afr^rcp Walter U^alkire Dana, Phi1r,)--347 Thrown St

Sweeney, Alfred—8 Lisbon St Morse. VV alter V\ allace ■••■•••■•■• wF«;t POT AND

Wage. Frederi-k E Moulton. David Edward-98 Exchange WEST P^L.AND

LIVERMORE FALLS St. ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■:.■■■■ WTirAqSET ^

Maxwell. John H.—Pettengill Block .... Nelson, Gardner L.-15 India St . ZtV^ % ]

Pettengill," Oliver Alanson Payson, Harold Conant—93 Exchange S, bewail, .^. j





Parant, Leo John


Mrirshall. Frank D

Simpson, Joseph W. . . .■



Barton, George C—22 Mam St

Gassawav, Louis Dorsey—5 Church Circle

Holladay, \V. Meade

Lee, Charles F

Meredith, Carey L

Munroc, James M.—Savings Bank Bldg.


Abraham, Charles K.—703 American Bldg.

Adams, Frank B.—7 South St

Adams, James Wallace—39 Hopkins Place

Ades, Harry—343 St. Paul PI

Alcock John Leighton — 1528 Munsey Bldg.

Alexander, James—2701 Boston St

Alexander, Richard W

A.shman, Louis Sidney—18 E. Lexington St ■•

Ashman, Wm. G.—18 E. Lexington St.

Atkinson, Joseph M. —Pulaski & Mc-Henry Sts ^

Austin, ■ Theodore N

Axtell, Fred S. ^

Bach, Frank A.—713 Fidelity Bldg

Baer, John P.—305 N. Charles St

Baetjer, Charles H.—Calvert Bldg

Bagby, G. P.—Standard Oil Bldg

Bailey, John L.—Lexington Bldg

Baker, Henrv F

Baker, William G., Jr.—Calvert & Redwood Sts

Barclay, F. Henry—209 E. Fayette St.

Barnes, G. Harry—South & Water Sts.

Barrett. Adam P.—3 E. Lexington St...

Bartlett. J. Kemp, Jr.—34 U. S. F. & G. Bldg

Bartlett, William K.—110 West Redwood St

Barton, Carlvle—1606 Munsey Bldg... .

Barton, Randolph, Jr.—207 N. Calvert St.

Bell, Webster—100 W. Lexington St

Bellamy, John M.—-Govans

Bender", Geo. C.—833 Greenmount Ave.

Benesch, Jerome W.—549 N. Gay St...

Benjamin, Roland

Benson. Carville D.—1400 Lexington Bldg

Bernev, Albert—Baltimore & Hanover Sts.'

Biddison, Thomas E.—1525 Fidelity Bldg.

Blake, Benson, Jr.—20 St. Paul St

Bland, Richard Howard—Calvert & Redwood Sts ; • •

Blaustein, Jacob—Americaii^ Bldg

Boisseau, John E.—3 & 5 E. Fayette St.

Bolgiano, Ralph^—11 E. Pleasant St

Bond, Edward Johnson, Jr

Boome, R. Sanchez—Court Square Bldg.

Bourne, Blake—39.-45 Hopkins Place

Bouton, Edward H.—Roland Park

Boyce, C. Prevost—6 S. Calvert St .-

Boyce, Fred G., Jr.—200 E. Redwood St. Boyce, Heyward E.—Eutaw & Fayette


Boyce, W. Graham—^Charles & Fayette


Brady, George Moore—Fidelity Bldg.... Brady, J. Faunce—Calvert & Redwood


Brady, James PL, Jr.—Calvert & Redwood


Brady, S. Proctor—Woodberry

Brady, S. Stansbury—7 South St

Brewster, Benjamin Harris, Jr.—25 So.

Calvert St.

Brogden, John G.—Calvert & Redwood


Brooks, Earl H.—227 St. Paul Place... Brooks, Rodney J.—213 St. Paul Place Brooks, Waiter B.—South & Water Sts.

Brown, Alex—135 E. Baltimore St

Brown, Kerner F. —Light & Redwood Sts.

Bruce, Howard—200 Scott St

Brune, Herbert M.—931-967 Calvert Bldg. Buck, Charles H.—1st Floor Munsey Bldg.

Buffington, John T.—108 Light St

Burger, Charles P.—5510 Harford Road Burns, Albert—Charles & Saratoga Sts. Burns, F. Highlands

Baltimore— (Continued)

Cahn, Frank Bernard—Equitable Building

Cain, James William

Carev Andrew G.—119-121 E. Lombard St

Carey, Francis James—Calvert Bldg. . . .

Carey, James, 3rd—937-957 Calvert Bldg.

Carter, Allan L.—517 W. Lombard St...

Carter, Merville H. (Dr.)—517 W. Lombard St

Casey, William J.—Baltimore & Calvert Sts

Cator, Franklin P.—13 & 15 W. Baltimore St

Caughy, Frank J.—220 E. Lexington St.

Chapman, W. J.—Sharp & Lombard Sts.

Chestnut, W. Calvin—1137-1161 Calvert Bldg

Childs, William T.—6 So. Calvert St

Christhilf, Stuart M.—120 S. Calvert St.. .

Classen, Charles H.—Central & Eastern Aves

Coady, Charles P.—10 South St

Cohn, Charles M.—Lexington Bldg

Colston, George A.—403 Keyser Bldg...

Compton, Key—619 Light St

Connolly, H. T.—100 So. Howard St

Cook, John Henry—Calvert & Redwood Sts

Cook, Parker

Cook, Vernon—1137-1161 Calvert Bldg...

Cornwell, John Jacob

Cottman, Thomas F",.—Calvert & Redwood Sts

Cover, Loring A.—1 Calvert Bldg

Cox, Walter A.—54 South Fulton Ave...

Craddock, John W., Jr

Crane, John Garrett—13th Floor, American Bldg

Crane, William Herbert—13th Floor American Bldg

Cromwell, William Kennedy—726-740 W. Pratt St

Daily, John Thomas—Pier 2, Pratt St. .

Dalsheimer, Simon—Greenmount Ave. & Oliver St

Davies, H. Landon—15 Stock Exchange Bldg

Davis, E. Ashbury—119 S. Howard St. , .

Day, Alfred S.—705 American Bldg

Dee, Thomas Joseph—1100 Garrett Bldg..

Dennis, John McPherson

Dickey, Edmund S.—309 E. Sarotoga St.

Diehl, Millard N.—107-9-11 E. Redwood St

Dietrich, A. Clarence—362-364-366 N. Gav St

Dietrich, Andrew J

Dolfield, Frederick A.—Clinton & F:iliott Sts

Doyle, J. J.—100 S. Howard St

Duer, Henry Lay—Calvert Bldg

Dulin, P. C.—Woodberry

Duncan, Alexander Edward—Citizens National Bank Bldg

Duncan, John H.—Gay St. & Fallsway

Dunn, Jphn B. H.—Baltimore & St. Paul


Eager, Auville—111 East Redwood St...

Early, William—1012 Continental Bldg...

Easter, James M.—30 Hopkins Place . . .

Eby, C. Arthur—1101-2 FideHty Bldg. ..

Edgar, William A.—26 S. Calvert St. ...

Egerton, Samuel E.. Jr.—28-30 E. Pratt St _

Eliasberg, Louis—Munsey Bldg

Elphinstone, Douglas C.—120 S. Calvert St

Emmons, Charles DeMoss—1005 Continental Bldg

Emmons, Howard M.—Charles & Chase Sts

Emmons, Samuel Ewart—1005 Continental Bldg

Engel, Jacob—Baltimore St. & Hopkins Place

Epstein, Jacob—200-220 W. Baltimore St.

Epstein, Nathan—Baltimore & Liberty Sts

Evans, Harry G.—Charles and Lexington Sts

Evans, Henry C.—6 S. Calvert St

Fahnestock, Albert—Stock Exchange Bldg

Fahnestock, Harry—Stook Exchange Bldg

Fallon, Wm. B

Fehsenfeld, William H.—401 Keyser Bldg.



F'enhagen, James Corner—Reedwood &

South Sts

Ferguson, William Eddy—100 E. Pleasant


Field, Isaac S.—Water & Commerce Sts. Filbert, George—1828 Munsey Bldg

(see Addenda page 1689)

Fink, A. J.—Southern Hotel

Fisher, Edward McCulloh—7 South St. . .

Fisher, F'rank—7 South St

Fitchett, T. H.—Calvert & Fayette Sts. . . F'lanigan, Patrick—Harford Ave. & 25th

St -

Flanigan, Pierce J.—Harford .\ve. & 2Sth


Flynn, Daniel H.—Calvert Bldg

Fonteneau, E. L.—430 South Entaw St.. . Ford, Horace R.—3 E. Fayette St. . . Fox, Charles James—Raspeburg, R. F. D.

France, Jacob—Calvert Bldg

Franke, Edward P.—112-114 S. Eutaw St. Freeman, J. Douglas—Calvert & F"ayette

Sts .'...,

Fries, Archibald—Room 417, Baltimore &

Ohio Bldg

Froehlinger, Richard A.—Pier 2, Pratt St. . Furst, Frank A.—Pier 2, Pratt St

(see also Addenda page 1695) F'usting, F. Erwin—1511 Guilford Ave. . Gallowav, Charles William—Baltimore &

Ohio Bldg

Garrett, John W.—Garrett Bldg

Garrett, Robert—Garrett Bldg

Garrett, William M.—100 South Howard


Gary, James A., Jr.—204 American Bldg.

Gascoyne, Wm. J.—27 S. Gay St

German, Arthur R.—Charles & Saratoga


Gibbs, E. Everett—3500 East Biddle St... Gideon, Wm. H.—South St. at Lombard. Gieske, Alfred W.—911 Munsey Bldg. . . . Gildenzopf, Emil C.—Kevser Bldg. . . Gill, Robert J.—1804 Citizens National

Bank Bldg

Gillespie, B. W.—Saratoga & Davis Sts. . Gillespie, Herbert A.—609 E. Lombard St. Gisriel, William, Jr.—Calvert & Federal

^ Sts

Glines, Carroll Vane—Homewood Apts.. Glines, Stephen Douglas—Homewood


Goodenow, Rufus K., Jr.—Gay St. &


Goodrich, G. Clem—111 E. Redwood St.. Gorman, Douglas—800 Continental Bldg. Gottlieb, F>ederick H.—Roland Park


Gould, Clarendon I. T.—713 Park Ave. . . Gould, Frank—Commerce & Water Sts.. Grief, Leonard L,—Homeland Ave.,


Griffiss, Warren—708 Maryland Trust

Bldg "

Grimes, William H.—Citizens National

Bank Bldg

(see Addenda page 1690) Griswold, B. Howell, Jr.—Baltimore &

Calvert Sts

Griswold, Robertson

Gross, Jacob, Jr.—38 South St.

Grove, Herbert R.—211 Keyser Bldg. ...

Hall, John W.—Westport

Flail, Sidney—Calvert & Redwood Sts. . . Hamburger, Samuel—549-557 N. Gay St.. Hammond, Charles Percy—807 Citizens

National Bank Bldg. . . "

Hammond, Thomas Ormond—807 Citizens National Bank Bldg

Hann, Samuel M.—Charles & Lexington


Harlan, Henry D.—Charles St., at Lexington

Harris, B. Aubrey—211 Keyser Bldg. . . . Harrison, Hartman K.—linden Ave. &

Dolphin St

Hart, Robert S.—Fidelity Bldg. , Hartman, Herbert M,—Cathcdrpi St. &

Mt. Royal Ave

Harvey, Harry D.—1206 .\r.ii-rican Bldg Harwood, Jno. Tevis—Ro'and Park .... Hatter, Elmer L. (C. P. A.)—Citizens National Bank Bldg

Flecht, Moses S.— Baitimore & Charles


Heinekamp, Rudolph J.-—Keyser Bldg, . . Hilbert, George A.—30.) Park Ave





Hildt, Thomas—Baltimore & Calvert Sts. Hilken, Henry G.—2 Ea:,t Redwood St. . Hill, John T.—1316 Continental Bldg. . . Hirshey, Charles—501 K. Preston St. ... Hirshey, Nathan—501 E. Preston St. ...

Hock, Joseph T.—Pier 2. Pratt St

Hoff, Snowden

Hoffman, Richard Curzon, Jr.—Bayard &

Hamburg Sts

Holland, J. Monroe—7 St. Paul St

Holzbaur, T., Jr.—207 East Redwood St. Hooper, James Edward—3502 Parkdale

Aye., Woodberrv

Hopkins., \^'alter^409-!21 W. Kedwoc'


Hopper, Stuart Cator—13 W. Baltimore


Houghton, Ira Plolden—211 N. Calvert


Houston, G. Porter—Waited States Fidelity & Guaranty Bldg

Howard, John Duyall—South & Redwood


Hudson, Ralph C.—Charles and Lexington St

Huncke, Max—26 So. Calyert St

Hundertmark, A. J.—Citizens national

Bank Bldg

Huntington, Warner Dare—1100 Garrett


Hurst, John Edward—39-45 Hopkins PI. Hutzler, Albert Dayid—210 No. Howard


Hvnson, W. George—Calvert & Redwood


Iglehart, Francis Nash—11 E. L/.xington


Iglehart, James Davidson (M. D.)—211

West Lanvale St

Iglehart, Joseph A. W—102 St. Paul St. Jackson, George Soni'^rville— F;iiden &

Dolphin Sts

Jackson, Howard Wilkinson—1309-10

Court Sq. Bldg

Jackson, Richard Newton—1506 Citizens

National Bank Bldg

Jacobs, Henry Barton (Dr.)—11 Mt. Vernon Place

Janney, Stuart S.—Title Bldg

Jefferv, Elmore B.—Calvert & Fayette


Jenkins. T. Courtenay—10 South St

Jones, Arthur H.—105 E Redwood St. . .

Jones, Arthur L.—Calvert Bldg

Jones,'Harry R.—6808 Park Heights Ave.

Jones, John M.—P. O. Box 1113 . .^

Jones, Laurance—25 E. Baltimo'-e St. ...

Jones, Lewis J.—P. O. Box 1113

Joyce, Hazelton A., Jr.—829 Park Ave... Joyce, William Brewer—109 E. Redwood


Karr, Harry E.—1503 Fidelity Bldg

Katz, A. Ray—Baltimore & Liberty Sts.. Keech, Edward P., Jr.—901 Maryland

Trust Bldg

Kennedy, Joseph P.—Charles & Wells


Kent, Frank R

Kimberly, George M.—304-5 New Amsterdam Bldg

King, George Wilson—42 S. Paca St. ... King, Henry S.—13-19 West North Ave.

Kitlowski, E. A.—10 E. Fayette St

Knox, William F.—30i Vickers Bldg. ... Koppelman, Walter—219-221 E. Redwood


Krieger, Al)raham—1516 Munsey Bldg. . . Krug, Theodore F.—109 Roland Ave.,

Roland Park

Kunkel, Fred J.—3008 Hamilton Ave. ...

(see also .A.ddenda page 1697) Lanahan William Wallace—Calve't Bldg. Landsbcrg, Benjamin L.—110 E. Lexington Si

Lansburgh, Sidney—200-220 W. Baltimore


Larrimore, Walter E.—100 So Howard


Latane, James y\.—1100 Calvert Bldg. .. Lauchheimer, Sylvan Hayes—111 N.

Charles St

Legg, John C, Jr.—Ill E. Redwood St..

Levering, Eugene

Lewis, A. Leslie—8 East Camden St

Lewis, George H.—2701 Boston St

Linthicum, John Charles—20 E. Lexing-

toj) Si

Baltimore — (Continued)

Littell, Emlen T.—Munsey Bldg

Little, Pere Wilmer—Fidelity Bldg

Long, Charles F.—104 W. Lexington St.

Lubbehusen, Leonard J.—Howard & Saratoga Sts

Lucas, H. P.—1310 Standard Oil Bldg. . .

Lucas, J. C. M.—1310 Standard Oil Bldg.

Luhn, John Andrew-—607 Fideluy Bldg,.

Lyons, J. Thomas—American Bldg

MacGill, William O.—Charles and Saratoga Sts

Mackubin, Geo.—HI E. Redwood St. ...

Mahool, John Barry—10 E. Fayetie St. .

Mandelbaum, Seymour—1511 Fidelity Bldg

Marburg, Wm. A.—P. O. Box 872

Markell, Charles—1137-1161j:alvcrt Bldg.

Marriott, William—14 No. hLutaw St. ...

Marshall, John W.—13 South St.

Martien, James Carey—1413 Lexington Bldg

Maslin, Robert S.—1016 Munsey Bldg. . .

Alason, Allen Wallace—17 South St

Mason, S. Blount, Jr

Matthai, Joseph Fleming

Matthai, William H.—lOiJl Light St. ....

Matthews, Thomas Stockton—South & Redwood Sts

Mavnadier, T. Murray 406 Waier St. ..

McAleer, D. C—703 Lexington Bldg. . . .

McCormick, Willoughby M.—Light, Barre & Charles Sts

McCurlev, W. Stran—403 American Bldg.

McEvoy," Patrick Joseph—310 W. Baltimore St

McHenry, James—Calvert & Fayette Sts.

McLanahan, Austin

McManus, Charles E.—Highlandtown ..

McPhail, Charles E.—214 West Henrietta St

Mead, Gilbert W.—Eastern Ave. & 35th St

Merrick, Robert Graff—337 St. Paul Plaza

Merrick, William S.—303 Keyser Bldg. ..

Merrifield, George E.—13-15 W. Baltimore St

Michel, Francis A.—S. W. Cor. Calvert & Redwood Sts

Middendorf, J. William—Calvert & Redwood Sts

Middleton, Jonathan Ira—Howard & Lexington St

Miller, C. Wilbur—Garrett Bldg

Miller, Charles R.—Charles & Lexington Sts

Miller, Jasper Fraid<lin—St. Paul & Fayette Sts

Miller, John M.—214 Saint Paul Place ..

Miller, Laurence M.—109 E. Redwood St.

Mintz, Ju ms—722-724 Equitable Bldg. . .

Moonev, John H.—211 Keyser Building..

Mortoii, Samuel P., Jr.—118-120 E. Pratt St

Mullikin, Addison Eugene—1601-2 Citizen National Bank Bldg

Murphy. Frank K

Muth, John C—23 & 25 S. Charles St. ..

Myers, Harry

Nagengast, Jno. G.—Baltimore & Commerce Sts

Nelligan, John J.—13 South St

Nelson, J. Arthur—227 St. Paul St

Neubert, Charles

Newcomer, Benjamin Franklin—South & Redwood Sts

Newcomber, Waldo

Nclan, Bernard I.—Pulaski & McHenrv Sts

Norris, Harry O.—Gay & High Sts

Norton, Eugene Levering—17 South St...

Novak, Eduard—10 East Fayette St

Olivier, Stuart—Munsey Bldg

Oppenheim, Burton E.—Pulaski & McHenry .Sts

Owens,' Walter Dawson—Bait. & Ohio Bldg

Padgett, William R.—1320 N. Monroe St.

Page, William C.—Howard & Saratoga St.s.

Parker, 'l"haddeus C, Ir,—12-26 S. Front St

Parker, William High—Baltimore & Calvert Sts

Parr, Ral—Connncrce & Water Sts

Pearre, Sifford—Munsey Building

Pierscn, William Ovvings—Cliarles & Fayette Sts



Penniman, Yates—Gay & Water Sts. ...

Pfeiffer, Jacob R.—200 N. Paca St

Phillips, Charles L.—Calvert & Redwood


Pittroff, Edward L.—6 South Calvert St. Plummer, Ralph G.—Equitable Bldg. . . .

Poe, PhiHp L.—Standard Oil Bldg

Porter, G. Harvey—1504 Lexington Bldg. Potter, Henry Bertram—1005 Continental


Powell, L. R.. Jr.—718 Continental Bldg. Powell, Stephen D.—Charles & Saratoga


Prentis, Morton M.—South & Water Sts.

Preston, Herbert R.—B. & O. Bldg

Preston, James H.—916 Munsey Bldg. .. Proctor, Ralph Fenno—40th St. & Cedar


Purkins, Robert Thomas—Caroline &

Dock Sts

Radcliffe, George L.—622 Fidelity Bldg. Reagan, Frank H.—South Charles &

Cromwell Sts

Reed, George W.—Gay & Water Sts. .. Richardson, Clinton O.—13 Guilford Ave. Ridgely, D. Stewart—Calvert & Fayette


Rieman, Charles E.—14 No. Eutaw St. .. Rigger, William L.—Court Square Bldg. Riggs, Alfred R.—632 Equitable Bldg. ..

Riggs, Henry G.— Z2 South St

Riggs, Jesse B.—129 E. Redwood St. ... Riggs, Lawrason—632 Equitable Bldg. ..

Robertson, John—211 Fidelity Bldg

Robinson, Edward L

Robinson, W. Champlin—212-214 Chamber of Commerce

Rcloson, Charles H., Jr

Roman, John William—39-45 Hopkins


Rosenburg, Abel A.—231 E. Redwood St.

Rosenfeld, Jesse

Rother, Robert M.—7 Hopkins Place

Rothschild, Felix—109 E. Redwood St. . . Rothschild, Moses—109 East Redwood St. Rothschild, Solomon—109 E. Redwood St. Rothschild, Stanford Z.—Sun Life Bldg. Rouse, Jo'.n Gould—40th St. & Cedar


Rowland, James Harvey—406 Keyser


Rowland, Samuel C.—1 Calvert Bldg. ... Samuels, Morton—719 West Lombard St.

Schaefer, J. W.—1828 Munsey Bldg

Schier, Oscar Bernard—Linden Ave. &

Dolphin St

Schmidt. William, Jr.—Lexington &

Liberty Sts

Schoenewolf, John—Baltimore & St. Paul


Scott, B, T.—Hearst Tower Bldg

Scott, Townsend. Sr.—209 F". Fayette St. Scott, Walter—St. Paul at Mt. Royal,

23rd St

Sceman, Frederick C.—110 Hopkins Place Shafer, J. Fred—332 & 334 Guilford Ave. Sherwood, Dcnald H.—Curtis Ave. &

Plum St., Curtis Bay

Shoemaker, Dudley—Woodberry

Shriver, George G.—10 S. Calvert St. ..

Shriver, George McLean

Shriver, Thomas F.—Gay & Water Sts... Simmonds, Laurence M.— 111 E. Redwood


Simpson, Edward Ridgely—1110 Continental Bldg

Simpson, Robert P.—36th St. & Roland


Singer, Samuel M.—37 Hopkins Place. . . . Slingluff, Jesse—701 Maryland Trust


Smith, H. Webster—1110 Continental


Smith, Horace L.—507 Continental Bldg. Smith, Wilbur F.—Commerce Trust Bldg. Snowden, Wilton—Charles & Lexington


.Solmson. Moses—C-olvert & Lexington


.Sonneborn, Siegnund—Pratt & Paca Sts.

Sonnehill, Edwin .

Soper, Harry Bates—401 Vickers Bldg... Speed, William G.—30 New Amsterdam


Stanley, William—302 Morris Bldg

Staub, John T.—906 Continental Bldg...




Baltimore— (Continued)

Stewart, Arthur Benbrigiit—Continental

Bldg.' •••■ ••■

Sticknev, George H.—502 Keyser Bldg...

Stockhausen, Charles L.—Gay .t Water Sts • • ■ •

Strauff, Edward A.—2 E. Lexnigton St...

Strauss, Jacob M.—111 E. Redwood St...

Strobel, Peyton Brown—206 E. Lexington St • • • •

Strohmever, John Henry—1109 Calvert Bldg

Stromenger, Walter Nelson—13.i t.. Baltimore St •

Strother, T. Nelson—Calvert & Redwood

Stubbf. Norman Elmo—907 Continental Bldg

Supplee, F. M.—10 South St

Swann. Sherlock—908 No. Charles St...

Swindell, Charles J. B.—Bayard & Russell

Sts •. ■ • • •

Swope, Harrv P.—135 E. BalUmore St...

Swope, John L.—903 Continental Bldg...

Symington, Donald

Symington, W. W.—Calvert & Redwood Sts • • • ■

Tailey, B. Leo—Centre St. and Park Ave.

Tavlor, Frank J.—10 E. Pleasant St

Tavlor, Paul M.—231 E. Redwood St....

Thomas, Douglas—Baltimore & St. Paul Sts , -••■••■■-

Thomas, Penrv B., Tr.—Baltimore & St. Paul Sts

rhomas, V\'allace A.—Linden Ave. & Dolphin St

Thompson, Richard H

Thompson, Robeson Lea—302 \'ickers Bldg

Tinslev, T. Garland—1806 Citizens National Bank Bldg

Tormey, Alfred Jenkins—443 Guilford Ave

Treide, Henry Ernest—107 Hopkins PL.

iriplett, Clarence P.—Baltimore St. & C'irrf)llron Ave

Tschudi, Samuel W.—South ^ Water Sts.

Turk, Heinrich—Eastern Ave. &: 23rd St.

Turk, Karl—Eastern Ave. & 23rd St

Turner, Tames F.—301 No. Holliday St.

Tweedy, John H., Jr.—204 Southway. Guilford

Ullmann, Harry W.—10 E. Fayette St...

Van Ness, Carroll—N. W. Cor. Calvert & Redwood Sts

Veazey, George Ross—1137-1161 Calvert Bldg

AVagner. Herbert .A..— I.exmgton Bldg...

Walker, Joseph R.—200 E. Redwood St.

Walker, M. Barratt—S. W. Cor, Calvert & Redwood Sts . ■

Walker, Robert Hunt—914 Fidelity Bldg.

Wallace. Frank T.—11-15 F. Saratoga St

Walls, John .\.—1611 Lexington Bldg...

Warfield, Edwin. Jr.—15 E. Saratoga St.

Warfield, Henry M.—101-103 Chamber of Commerce Bldg

Warfield, [. N

Warfield, Joshua N., Jr.—10 East Fayette St

Warnken, S. Ralph—1137-61 Calvert Bldg.

Waters, Arnold Elzev—209 itas'; Fayette St

Waters, Francis Edward—90- Jmon Trust Bldg.

W-tts Sewell S.—Calvert & Redwood Sts ■

Weikart George S.—1507 Court Square Bldg •••

Weilepp, Walter M.—Munsey Bldg. ... .

Weinberg, Abraham L—Baltimore & Liberty Sts

Wesrheimer, Henrv F.—211 E. Redwood St

Westheimer, Milton F.—211-213 Last Redwood St ■ •

Wheeler, J. Harold—233 E. Redwood St.

White, Henry M.—210 Fidelity Bldg...

White, James McD.—807 Citizens National Bank Bldg

White, Miles, Jr.—607 Kevser Bldg

Whitehead, Holbrook, Jr.—N. W. l or.

Pulaski & McHenry St

Whitehill, Henry—Homeland Ave

Whitehurst, Jesse H.—114 W. Lexington St

Wliit.'hurst lohn L.—401 E. Ohver St..

Baltimore— (Continued)

Whiting, George F.—2100 East North

Whitman, Ezra Bailey—18 East Lexington St

Whitridge, William—Keyser Bldg

Wilcox, Henry B

Wilhelm, F. Osborne—211 Fidelity Bidg. Wilhide, Claude W.—Calvert and Redwood Sts

Willard, Daniel—Baltimore & Ohio Bldg.

Williams, C. T.—211 FideHlv Bldg

Williams, David E.—400 E. Lombard St. Williams, F. R. V.—109 Fast Redwood


Williams, Selliiian —1005 Continental Bldg

Williams, R. Lancaster—1100 Hearst

Tower Bldg

Willis, R. C, [r.—Citizens National Bank

BId.g ■

Witters, Thomas E.—N. W. Cor. ITiilen

& High Sts

Wood, Frederick W. —2429 Key worth


Wooden, Ernest E.—1829 iiunsev Bldg. WooFord, Custis W^aples—308 B". & 6.


Worthington. Ellicott H.—Calvert B!dg. Wright, Edward Barhvte—2005 Citizens

Bank Bldg

Young, G. Frank—=1-24 N. Gay St

Young. Howard F.—2701 Boston St. . . . . Zell, Arthur Stanley-11-19 E. Mt. Royal


Zimmerman, Louis S.—Maryland Trust



Dallam, Richard


Gt>uld, Ezra—536 8th St.. S. E

Tuckerman, Walter R

Perry, Benjamin Cecil—7006 Rockville



Bayly, A. Hamilton—17 High St

Brinsfield, Zoro H

Skinner, Edgar M.—Race St

Webb, P. Watson—112 High St

Leonard, James C.—Lock Box 92

Noble, L. D. T.—34 Race St

Pavne, P. P


Taihert, E. Hume—14 W. Kirke St

Troth, Horace Edgar—6709 BrookvilK" Rd


Gardiner. Asa Bird


Hill, Thomas C—330 W. Main St


Brewer, \'\'illiam R

Coulehan, William T.—30 Wineow St.. .

Footer, Harry— 32 North Liberty St

Lowndes, Tasker G

McMullen, Hugh A

McMullen, Hugh Aloysius, Jr.—Libert\-

Trust Bldg ".

_Pitzer. H. A

Rosenbaum, Morris

Shaffer. I^lovd L.—Court House

Shriver, Flenry—Baltimore St

.Shriver, James Caustcn—The Lilierly Trust Go's Bldg

Walsh, Willipm C—Liberty Trust Bldg.

W^Titing, F. Brooke—Law Building ....

YonnfT. Geo. G.—201 S. Mechanic St. . .


Stingley, Thomas W


Adkins, William H

Kemn. William H

Twohv, George J


Decker, Josef Benjamin—249 W. High St.

Miller, Thomas B


Crumlish, John ^

.Se^bold. Louise


Chambers, Thomas H


T piniV/^'-h, George Matthew


Apple. Joseph Henry

Delaplaine, Robert Edmonston—Court Sr

Delaplaine, William Theodore—Court St. Dcrtzliaugh. Frank M


Frederick — (Continued)

Ebert, Harry L.—505 N. Market St

Haller, Thomas H.—Patrick Court Bldg.

Mathias, C harles McC

Norwood, Frank C

Palmer, G. Lloyd

Ross, Richard P.—Peoples Insurance Co


Schildknecht, Calvin E.—East & Fiftli


Seeger, Chas. F.—45 S. Market St. ...

Summers, C. Thomas

Town, Raymond Edgar

Winebrenner, David Charles, 3rd—The

Law Bldg


Annan, Roberdeau—1 East Main St. ...

Chambers, James Thos.—27 W. Main St.

Hitchins, Clayton S

Jeffries, Charles S

Stern, George—49 E. Main St

Schuckhart. Gurnmand A.—35 Bowery St.


Brugh, Lynn Kanaga, Jr.— Negley Bldg.

Cushwa, Victor M.—416 Salem Ave

Flook, Ci'rus Frank—W. Washington St.

Heard, Albert—City Hall

Hilliard, Charles Edward

Holzapfcl, Henrv, Jr.—55 E. Washington

St. ■ " . .

Kohler. Milton—27 W. Washington St...

Lane, William Preston

Lane, William Preston, Jr.—Maryland

Surety & Trust Co. Bldg

Loy, Park W. T.—55 F. Washington St.

Oswald, Edward

Ramacciotti, Domenico

Smead, E. J., Jr

Smith, R. Paul—55 E. Washington St...

Stickell, Daniel Addison

Thomas, Dan. A ^


Hayward, Thos. Bertram


Coad, Jas. Francis


Patterson, George Warren


Spedden, Howard P


Hemp, Abraham


Philli])s, Robert H


Mitchell, Walter J


Sears, Richard Henrv


Fngle, John Alvah—R. F. D. 1 .


Leatherman, John C ''


Nicodemus. Vernon W


Hopkins, L T. C, Tr


Sisk. Albert W


Zouck, Fr^uik H


Adkins, Frederic Paul

Jackson, William Pinnell

Price. Tesse D


Farquhar, Allan


Brady, Zadoc M

Pls^^ter Hnh»rt T


Lee, P. Blair


Gardenhour, George William


Corddrv. William D


Shannahan, John H. K


Allen, William Cowan

Black, Robert Duncan

Black, S. Duncan

Decker, Alonzo G

Johnson, Edward 1^. —Pennsylvania Ave.

Stumpf. Walter

Rowe. William Albert—402 E. Joppa Rd. WESTMINSTER

Albaugh, Geo. W


Crocheron, Eugene . . . •





Daniels, Arthur B

Harrington, Henry Lester

McPeck, Edwin K.—51 Park St

Thompson, G. T


Batchelder, George L., Jr.—11 Harvard

Ave ■

Edmands, Edward T.—60 Everett St. ... Ripley, Edward J.—Harvey Steel Road.. Short, William H.—183 Brighton Ave. . .

Tufts. Eugene L.—130 Lincoln St


Hodge, George E.—6 Hillside Ave

Sargent, Benjamin P., .Tr.—60 Merrimac



Cadwell, Frank A.—23 Pleasant St

Elwell, Edmund W.—43 So. Pleasant St.

Kendrick, George S

O'Connell, J. J.—H Pleasant St

Whitcomh, Ernest Miller


Burrage, William E

Clark, Myron H

Endicott, George ■ • •

Flagg, Burton Sanderson—Bank Bldg. ..

Lawrence, George Leonard

Piper, Walter Elbridge

Tyer, Henry George


Bishop, John A.—655 Massachusetts Ave.

Ciark, Wilson D., Jr.—626 Massachusetts


Eberhardt, Phillip—1171 Massachusetts


Frost, Harold L.—20 Mill St

Holt, James O.—12 Pleasant St

Howe, Charles Eugene—195 Massachusetts Ave

Hutchinson, John G.—659 Massachusetts

Ave •

Moore, M. Ernest—361 Massachusetts


Walker, Frank H.—8 Ravine St


Ball, Frank A.—121 Crescent St ,. .

Drury, James Henry—70 Monroe St. . .

Duncan, William S

Findlay, David

Horigan, John H

MacKay, Simon

McSkimmon, William B

Nims, Willard G.—1-121 Crescent St. ...

Starrett, Arthur H.—Crescent St


Bosson, Edward P


Agard, Chas. G

Clulee, Stephen J.—107 Dean St

Crosby, Alfred D.—94 County St

Gilmore, Ernest D.—357 South Mam St. Gowen, Edward L.—67 Mechanic St. . . Ingraham, Albert S.—52-54 Union St...

Jacobs, Solomon B.—48 Park St

Kendall, Walter M.—Bronson Bldg

Leach, Edwin F

Luther, Wm. J.—29 Dunham St

Makepeace, David E

Moore, Charles E.—Maiden Lane

Smith, Hugh A.—Box 213

Smith, Lewis R

Stone, Samuel M

Sweet, Harold Edward—191 North Main


Sweet, Joseph Lvman—191 North Main


Thayer, Edwin F.—Court House Bldg.,

North Main St

Watson, Clarence L.—67 Mechanic St. . .

Wells, George W.—41 North Ave

Wells, Grace S. (Mrs.)— 41 North Ave...

Winslow, Wadsworth—41 North Ave. . .


Fiske, George Mann—438 Wolcot St. . .


Sargent, W. W


Babson, Roger W

Branch, Ralph Henry

Coleman, George William

Lyons, Martin V. B

McGill, Herbert Nathaniel

Dougherty, Nona Margaret

Fittz, Austin Hervey •■•


Eabscn Park — (Continued)

Peavey, Leroy D

Stone, Clarence N


-Shepardson. Edgar A


Bannon, John F


Brodrick, Roval T.—10 Leonard St. ...

Gilbert. Arthur W. (Dr.)—48 Stone Rd.


Delaney, Thomas F.—207 Cabot St

Perry, Walter .A.lbert— 22 Broadway ....

Rogers, Andrew W.— 221 Cabot St


Connolly, Stephen J

Knight, Frank P

Knight, Roland H


Abbe, P>ederick R.— 11 Franklin St

Al)bev, Halsey E.—205 Lincoln St

Abbot, George—60 State St

Abbott, Frederick F.—3 Park St

Abbott, Ciordon—17 Court St

Abbott, W. Herbert— IZ Tremont St. ... Abercrombie, Daniel P.—200 Devonshire


Adams, Cecil Q.—35 South St

Adams, Charles F.— 12, Water St

Adams, Charles Robert—150 Congress


Adams, George Wendell—206 Massachusetts Ave

Adams, John—84 State St

Adams, L. Sherman—70 State St

Adams, Wilman Edward—316 Huntington Ave

Adlard, Walter—4 Liberty Sq

.A.gassiz, Rodolphe Louis—12 Ashburton


Alden, Horatio—732 Tremont Bklg. .... Alden, Merton R.—564 Atlantic Ave. ...

Aldrich, Charles E.—183 Essex St

Allen, Alfred S.—139 Federal St

Allen, Claude LeRoy—209 Washington St '. . . .

Allen, Edwin H., (M. D.)—197 Clarendon St.

Allen, Frank G.—248 Summer St

Allen, Frederick Richmond—200 Dartmouth St

Allen, John K.—107 Falmouth St

Allen, Joseph C—50 State St

Allen, Lloyd K.—79 Milk St

Allen, Thomas—6 Beacon St

Allen, William Hermon—40 Broad St. ...

Almv, Charles—603 Sears Bldg

Alsterlund, Henry E.—8 City Hall Ave. .

Ames, Charles F.—211 Congress St

Ames, Daniel E.—97 Massachusetts Ave.

Ames, Oliver—96 Ames Bldg

Ames, Seth K.—168_Milk St.

Amory, Francis I.—50 Congress St

Amory, Harcourt—1 Federal St

Amory, Robert—48 Franklin St

Amory, Roger—809 Shawmut Bank Bldg.

Andrews, John Gilbert—47 Winter St. . .

Angevine, J. B.—199 Washington St

Anthony, Arthur C.—15 State St

Apollonio, Theron A,—1 Tremont St. . .

Appel, Daniel F.—87 Milk St

Appleton, B. Earle—50 Congress St

Appleton, Francis Henry, Jr.—709 Barristers Hall

.Armstrong, Frank L.—40 Central St. . .

Armstrong, George R.—96 Beverly St. . .

Armstrong, Robert W.—115 Chauncy St.

Arnold, Glenn—834 Commonwealth Ave.

.Arnold, W. Richmond—50 Federal St. ...

Arrington, James—40 Water St

Atherton, Louis M.—79 Milk St

.\tkins, Nathaniel H.—50 State St

Atwell, Andrew Y.—80 Federal St

Atwood, Howard—620 Atlantic Ave. . . .

Atwood, R. M.—620 Atlantic Ave

Atwood, W. Elmer—31 Boston Fish Pier.

Auger, Arthur G.—161 Devonshire St. . .

Austin, .A.lbert M.—India Wharf

/Vyer, Elmore—210 Lincoln St

Ayer, Nathaniel F.— 11 Franklin St

Ayer, Perley F.—88 Broad St

Ayre.-, Samuel L.—222 Summer St

Ayting, Charles Lincoln—50 Congress St., Edward E.—212 Summer St

Babcock, Lewis H.—474 Dorchester Ave.



Babson, Paul T.—210 Newbury St

Babson, Robert T.—18 Tremont St

Bacheller, Carl W.—45 Sudbury St

Bacheller, George W.—45 Sudbury St. .. Bachnian, Robert R.— 7>21 Summer St. ... Backman, Kenneth Byron—25 Arch St. .

Bacon, A. Barry—151 Tremont St

Bacon, Anselm L.—2343 Washin.gton St.,


Bacon, Charles Francis—151 Tremont St.

Bacon, Clarence L.—29 Gibson St

Bacon, George Ransom—161 Devonshire


Bacon, J. Murray—146 High St

Bacon, James F.— 11 Franklin St

Bacon, Loui.s—111 Devonshire .St

Bacon. Robert Cram—177 Milk St

Bacon, William—100 Alilk St

Badger, Arthur Campbell—962 Park Sq.


Badger, Daniel B.—75 Pitts St

Badger, Erastus B.—75 Pitts St

Baglev, Edward C. R.—134 State House.

Bagnell, Allen W.—70 State St

Bailey, Alvin R.—60 Congress St

Bailey, Charles W

Bailey, Harry L.—93 Franklin St

Bailey, Willard L.—14 Haymarket Sq. ...

Bailev, William Meniii—88 Broad St

Bain, William H.—41 India St

Baird, Charles L.—63 High St

Baird, Frederick H.—87 Milk St

Baker, Arthur Freeman—199 Washington


Baker, Austin Lothrop—35 Sleeper St. . . Baker, Austin Lothrop, Jr.—35 Sleeper St. Baker, Benedict J.—209 Washington St.. Baker, George Bramwell—50 Congress St.

Baker, George D.—50 Federal St

Baker, Harry P.—6 Beacon St

Baker, Lorenzo D.—148 State St

Baker, Walter F.—42 Lincoln St

Baker, William B_.—18 Tremont St

Balch, John—50 Oliver St

Balch, Joseph— 11 Franklin St

Baldwin, A. T.—SO Federal St

Baldwin, Clarke Tileston—30 Federal St.

Baldwin, Frank B.—99 Chauncy St

Baldwin, George Storer—53 State St. ...

Baldwin, Harry Stevens—169 High St. ... Baldwin, Thomas Fl.—19 Congress St. ...

Ball, Edward C—80 Sudbury St

Ball, Francis L.—200 Devonshire St

Ballard, Walter C—78 Chauncy St

Ballard, William H.—45 Milk St

Ballou, Russell A.—79 Milk St

, Bancroft, Albert F.—13 Wormwood St. . .

Bancroft, Charles G.—205 Lincoln St. ..

Bancroft, Gu\—30 Kilbv St

Bancroft, Hugh—30 Kilby St.

Bancroft, James R.—260 Tremont St. ...

Bancroft, Samuel P.—351 Atlantic Ave...

Bangs, Francis R.—18 Tremont St

Barber, 13. Fletcher—124 Summer St. ..

Barber, Harold F.—80 Boylston St

Barber, Ralph F.—124 Summer St

Barbey, Jacob A.—87 Milk St

Barbour, Samuel Lewis—115 Devonshire St

Barham, Henry B.—Neponset

Barker, B. Devereux—35 Congress St. ...

Barker, Charles M.—18 Tremont St

Barker, Edgar S.—180-188 Congress St...

Barnard, Frank Melvin—368 Congress St.

Barnes, Charles Benjamin—334 Tremont Bldg.

Barnes, Clarence Alfred—85 Devonshire St

Barnes, George L.—209 Washington St...

Barnes, W. (Tarleton—51 Ellery St

Barney, Charles H.—80 Federal St

Barney, Harry M.—55 Blackstone St. ...

Barnej'. James L.—Box 22, Dorchester Center Station

Barnum, Dana D.—100 Arlington St. ...

Bariuim, H. Ware—722 Park Square Bldg.

Barnum, Major-General Malvern-Hill— Park Square Bldg

Barrel!, William L.—52 Chauncy St. ...

Barrett, W. Emerson—144 Addison St. ..

Barrier, Edw. A.—185 Franklin St

Barron, Clarence W.—30 Kilby St

Barron, Elmer W.—520 Commonwealth .\ve





Barron, Joseph—llO Harrison Ave

Barrows, Frank Gridley—40 Central St.

Barrj-, Edward P.—10 I'remont St

Barry, John F.—70 State St

Bars'to.w, Francis Vinal—735 Exchange Eldg

Barstow, Thomas T.— 77 Summer St. ...

Bartholomew, William Fayette—50 Congress St

Bartlett, D. Wendell—185 Franklin St. . .

Bartlett, Sidney W.—63 High St

Bartlett, Stephen L.—68 India St

Bartlett, William B.—197 Clarendon St..

Barton, Charles C, Jr.—40 Court St

Bassett, F. Clifton—43 Ames Bldg

Bassett, J. Colby—30 Federal St. ......

Batchelder, F. Winthrop—1 State St

(see Addenda page 1687)

Bates, Henry D.—200 Congress St

Bayley, Edward B.—148 State St

Baylies, Lincoln—48 Franklin St

Real, Henry Williamson—102 Ames Bldg.

Beai, Thomas P.—111 Devonshire St

Beal, William Deford—53 State St

Beale, William Ripley—30 Kilby St

Beals, Geo. C.—7J Tremont St

Beam, Charles A.—100 Milk St

Bean, Horace S.—31 St. James Ave. ....

Beck, Benjamin N.^—151 Tremont St. . .

Beckford, James A.—1134 Columbus Ave.

Beckwith, Harry H.—317-324 Statler Bldg.

Beebe, Junius Oliver—129 South St. . . .

Belcher, Alphonso W.—551 Tremont St.

Belcher, Charles Edwin—141 Milk St...

Belcher, Donald M.—65 Tolman St., Ne-ponset

Beiden, Charles Francis Dorr—Copley Square

Belknap, Charles—148 State St

Bell, Hermon P.— 73 Tremont St

Bell, John W.—141 Milk St

Bell, Sto.ughton—60 State St

B.elt, Harry N.—100 Milk St

Bemis, Albert Farwell—40 Central St. ..

Bemis, Albion F.—85 Devonshire St. ...

Bemis, Harry H —33 Congress St

Bennett, C. Randolph—530 Atlantic Ave.

Bennett. Edward L.—150 Congress St. ..

Bennett, Frederick W.—Spice St

Bennett, March G.—141 Milk St

Benoit, Armand William—201 Devonshire St

Bent, John A.—52 Devonshire St

Bentley. George Wm.—192 State St. ...

Bentley, George Wm., Jr.-192 State St.

Bentley, Harry Clark—921 Boylston St...

Benton, Austin Corning—426 Washington

Berger, Alexander M.—Bankers Bldg. . . .

Bergin. Patrick J

Bernhardt, Samuel—530 Atlantic Ave. . .

Bernkopf, Max E.—611 Tremont Bldg. ..

Bertelsen, Jens—80 Border St., East Boston

Bertelsen, Paul J.—80 Border St., East Boston

Bertram, James—307 W. 3rd St., South Boston •

Besse, Carroll E.—51 South St

Besse, Harry William—84 State St. ...

Best, Wilham H.—50 Federal St

Beyer, David S.—1100 Park Sq. Bldg. ..

Bianchi, John—232 Summer St

Bicknell, A. Ingham—6 Beacon St

Bicknell, William J.^73 Essex St

Bigelow, Alanson, Jr.—511 Washington St

Bigelow, Albert F.—80 Federal St

Bigelow, Carle M.—1020 Park Square Bldg

Bigelow, Charles Willard—256 Summer St

Bigelow, Edward Alden—33 Congress St.

Bigelow, Joseph S

Bigelow, Prescott—87 Milk St

Biggar, Walter—99 Chauncy St

Bill, Alexander Harvey—65 Commercial

St :

Billings, Edmund—50 Kilby St

Billman, Christopher L.—40 Water St. . .

Bingham, Solon W.—77 Bedford St

Binney, Henry P.—60 State St

Binnian, Walter B.—111 Devonshire S* .

Bird, Paul P.—88 Broad St

Bird, Reginald W.—Park Square Bldg... Biscoe, Howard Morton—South Station. ,


Bishop, trederick H.—95 South St. ... Bishop, George L.—68 Devonshire St. . . Bitner, Laurence S.—426 Washington St.

Black, Aiired S.—31 Milk St

Black, Frank A.—426 Washington St. ...

Black, S. Bruce—Park Square B!dg

Blackall, Clarence H.—31 West St

Blackburnc, Edward Best—131 Clarendon


Blackett, Alexander Henry—962 Park

Square Bldg

Blackman, Arthur W.—299 Congress St.

Blaine, Graham B.—9 Spring Lane

Blair, Donald M.—220 Devonshire St. . .

Blaisdell, Bertram D.—67 Milk St

Baisdell, James William—334 Boylston St.

Blake, Almon W.—Bedford St

Blake, Harry J.—246 Summer St

Blake, J. A. Lowell—111 Devonshire St.. Blakely, Sidney R.—Centre & Bickford

Sts., Jamaica Plain

Blakeslee, Asa D.—40 Broad St

Blanchard, Charles V.—50 Oliver St

Blanchard, Herbert W.—126 State St. . .

Blaney, Francis J.—P. O. Box 5130

Blaney, Roger—30 State St

Bliss, Charles J.—10 State St

Bliss, Elmer Jared—125 Summer St

Bliss, Frederic W.—89 State St

Bliss, Henry H.—80 Federal St

Bliss, Henry M.—80 Federal St

Blodgett, William E.—40 Court St. ...

Blood, W. H., Jr.—49 Federal St

Bloom, William—62 Summer St

Boardman, Geraid D.—56 Ames Bldg. . . Boardman, Richard deBlois^—1 Court St.. Boettger, Charles Russell—10 High St. . .

Boettger, Howard A.—10 High St

Boettger, William H.—10 High St

Bogart, William M.—69 Newbury St. . . .

Bolinger, John—40 Water St

Bolster, Stanley M.—10 State St

Bolton, Stanwood K.—24 Federal St

Bond, J. Waldo—Park Square Bldg

Bond, Percy C.— 77 Summer St

Bonelli, Edward Hood—110 State St. ..

Bonner, A. I.—257 A. St

Boothby, Oren C—610 Sears Bldg. . . .

Bosson, Campbell—30 State St

Bothfeld, Henry E.—67 Milk St

Bourne, Austin G.—291 Atlantic Ave. . .

Boutwell, Harvey L.—40 Court St

Bowditch, Ingersoll—111 Devonshire St.. Bowditch, James Higginson— 73 Tremoiit


Bowe, William H.—47 Broad St

Bowen, Robert M.—1 Federal St

Bowman, Joseph H.—124 Brookline Ave. Boyd, Ralph Gates—161 Devonshire St.. .

(see Addenda page 1688)

Boyden, Albert—50 Federal St

Boyden, Walter L.—6 Beacon St

Boynton, Alvah R.—50 Congress St. .. Boynton, George H.—135 Devonshire St. Boynton, Herbert Freeman—50 Consress

St ..

Brackett, Charles S.—59 Bedford St. ... Brackett, George R.—201 Devonshire St Brackett, Hon. J. Albert—Park Scmare

Bldg .'. ..

Brackett, Ledru J.—24 Fulton St

Brackett, William D.—606 Atlantic Ave..

Bradford, Harry F.—27 Kilby St

Bradlee, Edward Chamberlin—84 State .St.

Bradlee, Frederick J.—17 Court St

Bradlee, Henry Goddard—49 Federal St. Bradlee, John Tisdale—78 Chauncy St. ... Bradlee, Stanwood G.—10 Post OfTice Sq. Bradley, Elihu A.—200 Devonshire St. Bradley, J. D. Cameron—305 Sears Bldg.. Bradley, Joseph Gardner—712 Sears Bldg.

Bradley, Robert Stow—92 State St

Bradshaw, J. Edwin—53 State St

Bragdon, Horace E., (M. D.)—7 Central

Sq., East Boston .

Brainerd, Wm. H.—89 Franklin St

Braithwaite, Ernest—256 Summer St

Bramwell, Gerald A.—211 Congress St. Brannan, Frank D.—160 Congress .St.

Breck, Joseph F.—85 State St

Breck, Luther A.—85 State St

Breed, Charles Blaney—6 Beacon St. Breed, Francis Stewart—Shawmut Bank


Brennan, James Dowd—67 Milk St. ... Brett, Arthur L.—2267 Washington St. Brett, Harrie I.—50 Congress St



Brewer, Clifford M.—115 Devonshire St. . Brewer, Robert D.—36 Temple Place ....

Brewster, John F. F.—10 State St

Brier, Frank L.— 73 Tremont St

Briggs, Alton E.—So. Market St

Briggs, Arthur Wilson—93 Berkeley St. . Briggs, Edward Wright—179 Tremont St. Briggs, Frederick H.—18 Boylston St. ... Briggs, G. Loring—244 Washington St. . . Briggs, Henry P.—10 Post Office Sq. . . . Briggs, Wjliiam C.—10 Post Office Sq.. . .

Brigham, Henry R.—53 State St

Bright, Alexander Harvey—84 State St.. . Bright, William Ellery—53 State St.

Brirv, John F.—239 Causewav St

Brock, Elbert H.—197 Clarendon St

Brock, James W.—10 High St

Bronsdon, Herbert C.—48 Boylston St. .

Brooks, Edwin D.—18 Tremont St

Brooks, Frederick M.—261 Franklin St. . .

Brooks, George M.—79 Milk St

Brooks, Lawrence G.—53 State St

Brooks, N. B. Kneass—185 Summer St.

Brooks, William C—65 Bedford St

Brooks, William Woollev—50 Congress

St '

Brophy, William B.—185 Franklin St

Brown, Charles Alva—246 Stuart St. . . . Brown, Charles William, Jr.—273 Summer


Brown, Clinton C.—51 Melcher St

Brown, Daniel L.—60 State St

Brown, Edmund R.—470 Stuart St

Brown, Edwin P.—205 Lincoln St

Brown, Fergus—261 Franklin St

Brown, Frank A.—800 Albany St

Brown, Frank D.—3 Park St

Brown, George Edwin— 73 Tremont St. Brown, George W.—281 Summer St. Brown, Guilford D.—236 K St., South


Brown, Howard Kinmonth—53 Devonshire St

Brown, J. Goddard—210 Lincoln St. . . .

Brown, Jacob F.—273 Summer St

Brown, John H.—511 Medford St

Brown, Lawrence E.—35 Congress St.

Brown, Lyle A.—741 E. 6th St

Brown, Alartin A.—131 State St

Brown, Milton S.—120 Tremont St

Brown, Thomas Jefferson—Little Bldg. . . Brown, Walter E.—291 Atlantic Ave. Brown, William H.— 77 Franklin St. . . . Brown, William S.—230 Summer St. .

Brundage, Percival F.—60 State St

Bruns, Harry H.—620 Atlantic Ave. . . . Bryan, Henry Bell, Jr.—192 South St. . . Brvant, Frank Winslow—111 Devonshire


Bryant, Herbert A.—330 Summer St. ... Buchanan, Leonard Brown—49 Federal


Buckley, Daniel F.—1 State St

Bucklin, Walter Stanley

Bucknam, Charles C.—85 Devonshire St.. Bucknam, Herman F.—185 Summer St Buerkel, John F.—20 Union Park St. Buff, Louis F.—329 Lamartine St., Jamaica


Buker, Clarence H.—64 Long Wharf . .

Bullard, George P.—38 Chauncy St

Bullard, W. Irving—80 Federal St

Bullivant, William M.—207 South St. . .

Bundy, Harvey H.—60 State St

Bunker, Clarence Alfred—903 Barristers

Hall, Pemberton Sq.

Bunker. George W.—677 Centre St.,

Jamaica Plain

Burchell, Durward Earle—80 Federal St. Burckhart, Nicholas A.—488 Nepon-^et, Dorchester

Burdett. Fred H.—18 Boylston St ,

Burge, Howard W.—17 Court St. ... Burgess, Charles G.—64 Long Wharf . . . Burgess. Robert S.—84 State St. ....

Rurgoyne, Stephen C.—35 Sleeper .St. . . .

Burhoe, Winslow P.—89 State St

Burkard. Ralph F.—44 Stillings St

Burke, Edmund J.—221 High St

Burke, leremiah E.—15 Beacon St. . . Burleigh, Charles B.—84 State St. Burley. Harry B.—65 Bay St., DorcheL;tcr


Burnett, John T.—437 D St

Rurnham, .Addison C.—1 Federal St

Burnham, Arthur H.—9 Bowker St





Burnham, Horace Blanchard—33.i Wash

ington St

Burnham, W. Franklin—2^)4 Washington St

Burnhant, William P.—68 Melcher St....

Burns, Paul S.—31 Milk St

Burr. Allston—OO State St

Burr, I. 'I'ucker—53 State St

Burr, I. Tucker, Jr.—53 State Si

Brrrage, Francis John.son—100 Franklin


Burrage, George Dixwell—60 State St. . Burrage, Harry L.—201 Devonshire St... Burton, Hiram M.—85 Devonshire St.... Burton, Milton C—470 Atlantic Ave. . . .

Burton, Robert P.—38 Union St

Bush, Samuel Dacre, 2nd—153 Milk St..

Buss, Walter H.—80 Federal St

Butler, Morgan— 11 Franklin St

Butman, George A.—10 Post Office Sq.. Butterfield, Charles B.—53 State St. .... Buttcrworth. George T.—347 Summer St.

Buttinger, Walter B.—40 Broad St

Buttrick, .Allan Gordon—68 Devonshire


Buttrick, Arthur William—131 State St...

Butts, Chester C.—44 Stanhope St

Butts, Frank B.—199 Washington St. . . . Buxton, Frank E.—52 Devonshire St., . . . Byrnes, Frederick E.—55 Congress St. . . Cabot, Charles Raymond—19 Congress


•Cabot, George Edward—60 State St

(Cabot, Godfrey Lowell—940 Old South


Cabot, Henry B., Jr.—111 Devonshire St. Cabot, Henry Bromfield—60 State St. ...

Cabot, Paul C.—50 Congress St

Cabot, Samuel—141 Milk St

Cabot. Thomas D.—940 Old South Bldg.

Cadv, Allen D.—114 Pearl St

Cady, Edwin T.—179-193 South St

Cahill, Charles Tracy—205 Lincoln St...

Cahill, Richard M. F.—15 State St

•Calkin. Pitt R.—60 India St

•Callaghan, Daniel J.—157 Essex St

■Calvert, James H.—33 Summer St

■.Campbell, Archie W.—1033 Park Square


Campbell, Chester Irving—329 Park Sq.


Campbell, Edmund C—240 Milk St

Campbell, John W.—77 & 79 Stidbury St.

Carens, Frank J.—21 Milk St

Carletcn. Philip Greenleaf—38 Chrumcy


Carleton, Williard T.—100 Franklin St.. Carlson, Benjamin A.—330 Boylstoa St.

Carlson, Harry Johan—89 State St

Carlton, Charles E.—200 Devonshire St.

Carman, Flugene M.—34 South St

Carr, Ashton L.—State & Congress Sts. Carr, Francis James— Zl Franklin St.... -Carruthers, John—1020 Park Sq. Bldg. .

Carsley, Willis E.—28 T Wharf

Carter, Al!)ert P.—25 Pemberton Sq . . .

Carter, Andrew F.—141 Milk St

Carter, Elno A.—-150 Oliver St

Carter. Frank B.—832 Park Sq. Bldg... Carter, Harry D.—Park Square Bldg.... Carter. Hubert Lazell—246 fjevonshire

St ;

Case, Clarence Orrin—131 State St

Caskev, Paul D.—301 Congress St

Casson, Robert—575 Boylston St

Cate, Frank C.—54 India St

Cavagh, John T., 2nd—473 Dorchester

.'\ve , South Boston

Chadwick. George W

Chamberlain, Clyde— 11 Franklin St

Chamberlain, George N.—24 South Market St

Chamberlain. William Edward—State &

Congress Sts

Champlin, Edgar Robert—10 Post Office


Champlin, George P.—29 Sleeper St. ... Chandler, Alvah P.—124 Summer St. ... Chandler, John Howard—124 Stmmier St. Chandler, Milton A.—124 Sumn'.-r St.... Channing, Henry Morse—18 Tremont St.

Chapin, .\rthur Beebe—50 State St

Chapin, E. Barton—84 State St

Chappie, Will H.—952 Dorchester A\e..

Charlton, Rov H.—113 Purchase St. ...

Chase, Arthur Taft, (C. P. A.)—84 State



Chase, Frederick—511 Sears Bldg

iJhase, Leon Grover—53 State St

Chase, Linwood C.—250 Stuart St

Chase, Marcus—75 Batteryraarch .St.

Chase, P. Coggeshall—28 Lincoln St

Chase, Talbot Coggeshall—28 Lincoln St.

Chase, \\'illiam F.—35 Congress St

Chase, William H.—201 State St

Chatfield, Harold G.—755 Boylston St.. .

Cheever, Murray—206 Eustis St

Chellis, Olin F.—24 Purchase St

Cheney, Chas. W.—^41 Central Wharf .. . Cheney, Herbert Neal—100 Arlington St.

Chesterton, Arthur W.—64 India St

Chick, William Converse—IS State St. .. Childs, Arthur Edward—77 Franklin St. Childs, Paul Dudlev—50 Congress St. .. Childs, Philip Moen—77 Franklin St. ... Chilton, Frederick A.—54 South St. . . .

Chisholm, Guy T.—142 Berkeley St

Chittenden, George Peters—1 Federal St. Choate, Charles F., 3rd.—30 State St. ...

Choate, David F.—29 Fish Pier

Chrimes, Walter A. S.—80 Federal St. .. Church, Frederick C. P.—220 Devonshire


Ciaflin, Thomas M.—50 Congress St

Clafiin, Wm. H. Jr.—74 State St

Claggett, Strabo \'ivian—35 Congress St.

Clapp, Clift Rogers—SO F^ederal St

Clapp, James Wilkinson—439 Boylston St.

Clark, Atherton—140 Tremont St

Clark, Charles—SO Congress St

Clark, Charles H.—65 Franklin St

Clark, Edward L. C.—11 Beacon St.

Clark, Elton—19 Pearl St

Clark, Franklin Haven—515 Atlantic National Bank Bldg

Clark, James N.—30 Federal St

Clark, Jesse W.—101 Milk St

Clark, Paul F.—1 Federal St

Clark, William Abbott—141 Milk St

Clark, William Edwin—75 Newbury St...

Clarke, Charles A.—156 Oliver St

Clarke, Hermann F.—15 State St

Clay, Sherared—250 Devonshire St

Clemons, Maynard E. S.—294 Washington St

Clifford, Charles P.—19 Congress St.

Clifford, George H.—49 Federal St. ...

Ciough, George H.—SO State St

Coakley, Frank [.—88 Broad St. ...

Cobb, Charles H.—113-115 Purchase St .

Cobb, George F.—774 Albany St

Cochrane, James A.—76 Essex St.

Codding, Oscar W.—67 Milk Sl

C odman, Charles R.—50 Congress St. ...

Codmaii, John—15 State St

Codman, Russell S.—SO Congress St. ...

Codman, \\'illiam Coombs—15 State St

Coe, Herbert R.—100 Arlington St

Coffey, Frederick P.—80 Boylston St. ...

Coggan, Linus C—73 Tremont St

Coggeshall, James, Jr.—1 Federal St.

Cohan, Abner—757 Washington St.

Cohan, Bernard—757 Washington St.

Cohen, Abraham K.—Tremont Bldg.

Cohen, George—209 Pemberton Bldg.

Coit, George Chandler—6 Beacon St

Colby, Alfred Edward—24 Federal St

Colby, Alfred H.—60 Canal St.

Colby, Charles S.—80 Federal St. ,

Cole, Alduc B.—31 St. James .Ave.

Cole, Edward A.—68 Devonshire S'

Cole, Edward D.—373 Washington St

Cole, Harold E.—712 Tremont Bldg

Cole, Walter Irving—131 State St.

Cole, William Herbert—128 Cross St

Coleman, Dennis E.—1620 Tremont St

Collett, William Charles—1078 Boylst.-n St /

Collier, George W.—177 Milk St. .. .".

Collins, Charles A.—82 Devonshire St

Colt, James D.—53 State St

Combs. Arthur P., Jr.—161 Hanover St.

Comerford, Frank D.—SO Federal St

Conant, Henry V.—20-22 South St. .

Connick, Charles J.—9 Harcourt St. . .

C onnor. John Henry—205 Lincoln St.

Connor, William N.—Park Square Bldg

Conover, S. A.—99 Chauncy St.

Conrad, Arcturus Z. (Ph.D., D. D.)

Conrad, Bertram Ballin—19 to 29 Winter St

Conrad, Sidney Smith—19 to 29 Winter St. Conway, Earle E.—422 Park Square Bldg Cook, .Arthur Doane—24 Winter St. . ,



Cook, C. E.—248 Summer St

Cook, C. Sydney, Jr.—24 Winter St. . ..

Cook, Frederic W.—State House

Cooke, Charles E.—147 Milk St

Coolidge, Arthur W.—28 Summer St

Coolidge, Harold Jefferson—82 Devonshire St

Coolidge, John Gardner—171 Commonwealth Ave

Coolidge, Russell—50 Congress St

Coolidge, Thomas Jefferson—17 Court St.

Cooney, William Joseph—70 Federal St.. .

Coonley, Howard—88 Pearl St

Cooper, Carl Curtis—261 Franklin St. .

Cooper, Frank Irving—172 Tremont St. . .

Copeland, George Elsworth—55 Kilby St.

Copeland, William Adams—251 A St. ...

Corbus, Edward T.—44 F'arnsworth St. .

Cordingley, Ronald W.—266 Summer St..

Cordingley, Wm. R.—266 Summer St. . .

Corey, George H.—10 Post Office Sq.

Corwin, Charles R.—2 Basement, F'ancuil Hall Market

Corwin, Harry J.—2 Basement, Faneuil Hall Market

Cotting. Charles Edward—70 Federal St.

Coulon, Emile Frederic

Couper, George—26 Palmer St., Roxbury

Courtney, Eric—97 Massachusetts Ave. .

Covel, Nathan Edward—128 Fulton St. .

Coveney, William Thomas—157 Essex St.

Cowdrev, George A.—97 High St

Cox, Channing H.—67 Milk St

Cox, Charles C—80 Border St.. East Boston

Cox, Charles M.—177 Miik St

Cox, George M.—100 Arlington St

Cox, Guy Wilbur—197 Clarendon .St. . .

Cox, Raymond B.—199 Washington .St..

Cox, William Stanlej'—150 Orleans St.. East Boston

Craig, Edgar A.—570 Columbia Road, Dorchester

Crandall, James Lyle—102 Border St.. F2ast Boston

Crane, Clarence—475 Commonwealth Ave.

Crawe, Edwin P.—52 Union St

Crawford, Frank E.—104 Sudbury St. ...

Crawford, William W.—266 Devonshire St

Creighton, Gordon K.—154 Tremont St.

Crocker, Andrew F.—15 Bromfield .St. . .

Crocker, Courtenay—1101 Pemberton Bldg

Crocker, Edgar—SO Congress St

Crocker, Percy G.—35 Congress St

Crocker, Walton Lee—197 Clarendon .St..

Crockett, Arthur J.—470 Atlantic Ave...

Crommett, Orrin J.—142 Berkeley St. . .

Crompton, George Edward—311 Summer St

Cronin, Daniel J.—10 State St

Cronin, John F.—160 Court House

Cronin, John Walter—1100 Park Square Bldg

Cronkhite, Leonard W.—310 Congress St.

Crosby, Arnold B.—178 Border St., Boston '.

Crosby, Frederic J.—8-12 Warren St. ...

Cross, Charles Herbert—125 Summer .St.

Crowley, James J.—10 Province St. .....

Crowley. William F.—79 Milk St

Cudworth, Charles H.— 12> Water St

Cummings, Charles K.—8 Beacon St. . .

Cummings, Fred A.—33 Chauncy .St. . .

Cunningham, George C.—48 Franklin St.

Cunningham. Henry Vincent—635 Tremont Bldg

Cunningham, Stanley—700 Harrison Ave.

Curley, James M.—16 Court St

Curley, John J.—24 School St

Currier, Guy W.—152 Cambridge St

Currier, Ralph Bertrand—88 Pearl St. . .

Curtaz, Charles J.—350 Atlantic Ave. . ..

Curtis, Albert B.—53 State St

Curtis, Albert H.—176 Federal Si

Curtis, Charles H.—677 Centre St., Jamaica Plain

Curtis, Fayette S.—482 South Station . .

Curtis, John D.—50 Federal St

Curtis, Laurence—19 Congress St

Curtis, Louis—60 State St

Curtis, Louis, Jr.—60 State ,St

Curtis, Paul O.—176 Federal St

Curtiss, Elmer L.—89 State St

Curtiss, F'rederic Haines—30 Pearl St.

Cushin.g, Arthur Percy—80 Federal St. . .




Boston—(Continued )

Gushing, Grafton Diilany—719 Barristers


Gushing, Walter F.—112-114 Federal St.: Gushman, Roy M.—45 Newbury St. . . .

Cutler, Charles F.—14 Fulton St

Cutler, Sewal!—14 Fulton St

Gutter, Frank B.—44 School St

Gutter, Henry O.—44 School St

Cutter, Victor M.—1 Federal St

Gummings, Willard H.—176 Federal St..

Cummins, Thomas K.—70 State St

Dadmun, Leon E.—1 Washington St

Dakin, Francis J. V.—53 State Si

Daland, George Mansfield—Medford Station

Dallinger, Frederick W.—89 State St..

Dalton, Edmund G

Daly, Francis L.—93 Cummings St

Darnon, Arthur H.—31 State St

Damon, George E.—7 Peml)erton Square

Dana, Gorham—18 OHver St

Dana, Ripley L.—53 State St

Dana, Robert W.—281 Summer St

Dane, Ernest B.—6 Beacon Si

Danielson, Emil O. J.—340 Washington


Daugherty, James Howard—178 Atlantic


Davenport, Edward Means—232 Summer


Davidson, Charles W.—40 Summer St. .. Davidson, Frank Forest—42 Summer St.

Davidson, William D.—53 State St

Davies, Henry W.—10 State St

Davis, Albert M.—530 Atlantic Ave

Davis, Bancroft G.—50 Congress St

Davis, Edmund A., Jr.—37-41 Temple PI.

Davis, Edward A.—40 Water St

Davis, Francis W.—65 Allerton St., Ro:<-


Davis, Frank S.—80 Federal St

Davis, G. L.—110 Federal St

Davis, Herbert T.—24 School St

Davis, Herman L.^—1 North Market St... Davis, Howard Clark—Shawmut B.j.nk


Davis, Livingston—30 Federal St.

Davis, Philip—11 Pemberton Square. ...

Davis, Richard M.—79 Milk St

Davis, William A.—474 Dorchester Ave., South Boston

Davison, Robert Howell—35 Congress St.

Davol, Stephen Bradford—2 Park St. ...

Dawes, Herl:)ert N.—261 Franklin St. ... Dawson, Elmer E.—Boston Grain & Flour

Exchange Bldg

Day, Chas. A.—199 Washington St

Day, John Victor—52 Summer St

Day, Wilfred N.—Sears Bldg

Dean, James—30 Federal St

Dean, Laurence G.^100 Franklin Si

Dean, Sydney Smith—SO Congress St. ...

DeBlois, Geo. L.—11 Pemberton Square.

Decatur, Irving G.—255 Atlantic Ave. . . DeCorniis, Redington Mudge—111 Devonshire St

de Menocal, Daniel A

Denio, F. Winchester—17 Court St

Dennett, Carl P.—80 Federal St

Dennie, Hubert S.—4 Liberty Square. . . .

Dennis, Arthur E.—30 Kilby St

DePass, Louis W.—177 Milk St

DeRosset, F. Nash—43 Leon St

DeRosset, Frederick N

Desmand, Danie! P.—60 Devonshire St. .

Devereux, Joseph J.—117 Pearl St

Dewey, William R.—141 Milk St

Dexter, Gordon—50 Congress St

Dexter, Philip—40 State St

Dexter, William—10 State St

Dicker, Louis S.—237 State St

Dickie, Logan Rockwell—88 Pearl St. ...

Dickson, Brenton H., Jr.—141 Milk St. . .

Diehl, Harold D.—294 Washington St. . .

Dillenback, Henry B.—76 South St

Dillingham, Isaac Snow—229 Franklin St

Dillingham, Norman S.—189 State St. ...

Dillon, Theodore Harwood—1 Federal St.

Dix, T. Marshall--232 Summer St

Doane, George B.—216 West First St. ..

Dodge, Laurence Paine--111 Devonshire St

Doe, William ;V.—37 Faneuil Hall Market.

Boston —(Continued)

Doleman, D. Currie—1041 Commonwealth Ave

Doliber, Franklin W.—177 State St

Dolloff, Jesse F.—11 Beacon St

Domett, Kenneth S.—248 Summer St. . ^

Donald, Malcolm—1 Federal St

Donham, Harold G.—205 Lincoln St. . . .

Donovan, Peter A.—1 Boylston St

Douglass, Kenneth Russell—1108 Boylston St

Dow, Herbert B.—87 Milk St

Dov/ling, William T.—78 Chauncy St. . .

Downes, J. Edward—54 South Bay Ave., Roxbury

Downey, Jeremiah F.—108 Massachusetts Ave.'

Downey, Joseph E.—40 Broad St

Downey, Joseph L.—648 Warren St., Roxbury

Downs, Franklin H.—99 Chauncy St. . . .

Downs, Jere A.—87 Milk St

Downs, John W.—11 Beacon St

Dowse, Granton H.—40 Broad St

J^oyle, Louis Carr—53 State St

Drake, John Harold—85 Savin St

Draper, James Battles—281 Summer St. .

Draper, Joseph Porter—281 Summer St. .

Draper, Leonard D.—82 Devonshire St. .

Dresser, George H.—50 Oliver St

Drew, Herbert S.—104 Kingston St

Dreyfus, Carl

Driscoll, Edgar J.—95 Milk St

DriscoU, Frederick John—40 Kilby St. . .

Duane, Iiarrv B.—119 North Washington St ■

Duffill, John H.—20 Exchange Place. . .

Dubig, John M.—270 Congress .St

Dumaine, Frederick G.—10 State St

Dunbar, William Harrison—161 Devonshire St

Duncan, Albert Greene—50 Kilby St

Dunham, Stewart P.—983 Commonwealth Ave

Dnnkle, Robert J.—108 Water St

Dunniore, Arthur Chester—49 Federal St.

Dunn, Frederick Julian—50 Congress St.

Dunn, Henry W.—1 Federal St

Durell, Albert Benjamin—1 Federal St. . .

Dustin, Guy King— 11 Franklin St

Dutch, Charles F.—60 State St

Dutch, Dana M.—State & Congress Sts.

Dutton, George D.—177 State St

Dwinnell, Clifton Howard—67 Milk St. .

Fames, Burton E.—Ames Bldg

Fames, Edward N.— IZ Tremont St

Early, Samuel S.—90 Ames Bldg

Easterbrook, Frank W.— 111 Huntington Ave

Easton, Elwood T., (M. D.)—209 Newbury St

Eaton, Frederick W.—1 Federal St.

Eaton, John E.—148 State St

Eaton, Robert K.—197 Clarendon St

Eaton, Theodore—27 State St

Eaton, William S.—27 State St. . . .

Eddy, John H.—17 Pearl St

Kddy, John L.—336 Adams St., Dorchester

Edgar, Harry Thomas—49 Federal St. ..

Edgerly, Harrv A.—110 Norway St

Edgerton, Herbert O.—75 Kilby St. . . .

Edmands, F. A.—87 Lincoln St

Edwards, David F.—147 Milk St

Edwards, Harry S.—1089 Commonwealth Ave

Ehrlich, Adolph— ZZ Summer St

Ehrlich, Richard A.— ZZ Summer St

Eicker, C. G.—100 Linden Park St

Eidson, Chas. G.—11 Elkins St., South Boston

Eighme, Frank—10 High St

Elder, Albert H.—79 Milk St ...

Eldrcdge, Albert Edward.s—148 State St.

Eldredge, Edward H.—10 State St

Eldredgc, William Daniel—36 Bromtield St

Eldridge, Stanley H.—35 Sleeper St

Eliot, Amory—131 State St

Eliot, Samuel—131 State St

Elliott, .\lbert W.—481 Summer St

Elliott, lames A.—24 School St

Ellis, .\lexander—99 Milk St

Elhs, George W.—Statler Bldg

Ellis, Moses—93 Albany St

Ellis, William H.—Harrison Sq., Dorchester


Boston — (Continued )

Ellison, William—26 South St

Ellsworth, Frank Ray— 11 North Washington St

Elton, William J.—206 Eusiis St

Elweli. Clinton W.—40 Broad St

Ely, Charles G.—Roxbury

Emerson, Natt W'aldo—10 State St

(see also Addenda page 1695)

Emerson, Raymond—614 Sears ialdg. ..

Emerson, Robert Greenough—o7 l\4ilk .St.

Emery, Ralph C—126 State St

Emery, Sam T.—40 Broad St

Endicott, Henry—Shawmut Bank Bldg. . .

Endicott, Henrv Wendell—831 Shawmut Bank Bldg. '.

England, George C.—49 Federal St

English, Walter C—31 State St

Engstrom, Ernst O.— 11 Nortli Washington St

Erhard, George Pierre—1715 Hyde Park Ave

Erhard, Henry A.—50 Congress St

Ernst, Roger—SO Federal St

Eshleman, Frank Mercur—481 Summer St

Esselen, Joseph—94 Arch St

Estabrook, Robert F.—SO Oliver St

Eustis, Frederic Augustus—13! .State St..

Evans, Ernest H.—730 Gcinmonvvealth Ave

Evans, Llewellyn S.—115 Devonshire St.

Evans, Wilmot Roby—30 School St

Everett, Henrv Coffin, Jr.—24 Federal St.

Everett, Richard M.—89 Franklin St. ..

Jtverts, .-\!l)crt Paine—82 Devonshire .St.

Ewer, Frank M.—40 Central St

Fahey, Frank J.—15 West First St

Fairclough, William R.—274 .Smnmer .St.

l^'ales, Herbert E.—100 Milk St

b'ales, Thomas C.—60 Congres.s St

Fallon, Thomas F.—1277 River St., Hyde Park

Falvey. T. J.—20 Kilby St

Farley, John Wells—1 Federal St

(see Addenda page 1689)

Farnham, Charles H.—53 State St

Farnsworth, Harold Vincent—132 Congress St

Farquhar, Charles S.—419 Atlantic Ave..

Farr, Raymond S.—40 Court St

Farrell, William R.—57 Long Wharf ...

Farrington, George E.— lli Water .St

Farrington, H. J

Fasset, C. \. —85 Devonshire St

F"aunce, Charles M.—90 Warren .St

Faxton, Huntington P.—45 l^lilk St

Fay, Harry F.—148 State St

Fav, Robert Ervin—1 Court St

Febiger, William S.—273 Summer St. . . (see Addenda page 1689)

Feldman, Albert—10 Post Oftice Square

Fellows, Charles H.—111 Devonshire St.

Felton, W. Sidnev—1 Federal .St

Fenno, Edward Niccoll—87 \] ilk St

l^'enno, Edward N., Jr.—30 Federal St...

Fenno, John A.—350 .Atlantic .\ve

Ferguson, Kenneth J.—60 Devonshire St.

Ferguson, Stanley W.—202 State St

Ferguson, W^illiam—111 Devonshire St...

Fernald, George H., Jr.—344 South Station

Ferris, Cyrus Y.—49 Federal St

Fessenden, Russell Greene—50 State St.

Fessenden, Sewall Henrv—SO (rongress St '

Field, Elias—185 Devonshire St

Field, Frank Hanson ....

Field, Fred Tarbell—84 State St

Field, W. Stanwood—141 Fssex St

Fields, Charles Weeks—63 High St

Filene, A. Lincoln—426 Washington Sc...

Filene, Edward .A.lbert—426 Washington St

Finlay, .Albert W.—272 Congress St. ^. . . .

Finlay, George Ellis—272 Congress St...

Finneran, William F.—SO Congre.-s St. . .

Fish, Frederick Perry—84 State St

Fisher, George E.—Statler Bldg

Fisher, George L.—122-126 Dudley St...

Fisher, William .A.rms—179 Tremont St..

Fisher, Willis Richardson—210 South St.

Fiske, C. Arthur—24 Milk St.

Fitch, Warren—24 Fish Pier. .'

Fitts, Harry Wilfred—38 Chauncy St....

Fitz, Edward G.—18 Tremont St

Fitz, Eustace Carey—IS N. Alarket St...

Fit/, Robert Francis--189 State St... ..





Fitzgerald, William T. A.—43 Tremont St.

Fitzpatrick, Frank G.—104 Kingston St..

Flanagan. Thomas F.—Little Bldg

Flanders. Albert L.—310 Congress St. ...

Flanders, Howard Augustus—399 Boyl-ston St

Flanders, Howard Nelson—115 Devonshire St

Flanders. Ralph Lindsay—296 Huntington Ave

Flanders, Wallace F.—40 Broad St

Flather, Frederick Arthur—79 Milk St..

Fletcher, Charles William—20 Kilby St..

Fletcher, i-rederick C.— j1 St. James Ave.

Fletcher, William L.—80 Federal St

Flint, Lester E.—1 Federal St

Flvnn, Cornelius G.—107 South St

Flynn. John J.—20 Kilby St

Fogg, Charles E.—8 Atlantic Ave

Fogg. George P.—35 Congress St

Folsom. Frank Edson—511 Washington St

Folsom, Grenville W.—120 Harrison Ave.

Folsom, Lucius B.—470 Atlantic Ave....

Folsom, Robert Morse—250 Stuart St...

Forbes, Allan—Corner State & Congress Sts

Forbes, James Murray—107 Common-wrealth Ave

Forbes, W. Cameron—614 Sears Bldg....

Forbes, William Stuart—P. O. Box 5130

Forgie, John R.—17 Merchants Row....

Forrest, Clarence A.—131 State St

Forsyth, Thomas B.—259 Washington St.

Fort, Gerrit

Forte, Orville W.—276 Summer St....

F'oss, Benjamin S.—Hyde Park

Foss, Noble—60 State' St

Foster, Douglas B.—202 Siate St

Foster, Hatherly, Jr.—30 State St

Foster, John H.—1011 Park Square Bldg.

Foster. John R.—4 Park Square

Foster, Joseph L.—Sears Bldg

Foster, Lindsev K.—40 Court St

Foster, Reginald—87 Milk St

Foster, Roy John—10 State St

Foster, William T.—19 Congress St. ...

Fovargue, Franklin Henry—38 Chauncy St

Fowle, Eliot R.—199 Washington St

P'owler, Robert T.—702 Centre St., Jamaica Plain

Fox, Walter S.—55 Kil1)y St

(see also Addenda page 1695)

Frankel, Max—42 Summer St

P'rankel, Milton M.—42 Summer St

Franklin, Ralph S.—25 Haverhill St

Frary, Charles S.—349 Congress St

Fratus, Catano—597 Atlantic Ave

Freeman, Deane M.—128 Cross St

Freeman, Ernest Bigelow—Hyde Park . .

Freeman, Warren F.—31 Milk St

French, Albert M.—373 Atlantic Ave

French, Edward Vinton—185 Franklin St.

French, Elmer Eddy—291 Atlantic Ave.

French, Frank N.—95 South St

French, Frank W.—80 Federal St

French, George Albert—745 E. Sixth St., South Boston

French, George E.—1 State St

French, Herbert Frederic—100 Summer St

French, Hevwood S.—683 Atlantic Ave.

French, Hollis—210 South St

French, James W.— 12> Tremont St

Frenning, Alfred B

Friend, Archer D.—87 Milk St

Frohock, Joseph Atkinson—79 Milk St.. . .

Frost, Charles Kimball—488 Neponset Ave., Neponset

P'rost, Edward J.—426 W^ashington St...

F'rost, George A.—551 Tremont St

Frost, Henry A.—488 Neponset Ave., Neponset

Frost, William—105 State St

Frothin.gham, h'rancis E.—60 State St...

Fuller. Frederic D.—120 Boylston St

Fuller, George H.—170 Newbury St

Fuller, Gilbert Edmond—22 Beacon St...

Fuller, Henry Holton—10 State St

I""uller, James Edvyard—11 Beacon St

Fuller, Richard Frederick—50 Bromfield St

Fuller, Willard P.—40 Central St

Furber, Harold Far(|uhar—419 Atlantic y\ve


Furness, Howard Francis—294 Washington St

Gaddis, Maxwell Pierson—590 Atlantic Ave

Gade, Horace Upton—45 Milk St

Gaffney, Chas. E.—109 Linden Park St..

Gage, Frank H.—87-93 Lincoln St

Gagen, Thomas F.—53 State St...

Gale, Burton L.—125 Prescott St., East Boston

Gale, Herbert E.—216 Lincoln St

Gale, Lyman W.—SO Congress St

Galvin, Joseph A.—43 Leon St

Gambles, Ernest E.—377 Broadway

Gammons, Charles W.—159 Devonshire St

Gammons, Everett W.—6 Park Square..

Gannett, Thomas Brattle—53 State St...

Gano, Seth Thomas—199 Washington St.

Ganse, Franklin W.—1 Federal St

Garcelon, William F.—199 ^Vashington St.

Gardiner, Robert Hallowell—11 l.'ember-ton Square

Gardner, Darwin Earl—15 State .St

Gardner, G. Peabodis Jr.—19 Con.gress St.

Gardner, George K.—84 State St. .....

Gardner, George Peabody—30 State St. . .

Gardner, Harrv E.—354 Congress St

Gardner, Russell O.—85 State St

Garfield, Irvin McD.—30 State St

Garrison, William L., Jr.—60 State St...

Gaskins, Frederick A.—14 Eeacon St...

Gassett, Harry B.—157 Pea-i St

Gates, Ellis Lorin—209 W^ashington St...

Gates, Silas P.—79 Milk St. . .\'

Gaudette, Hector L.—80 Ferieral St

Gavin, Basil—1 Federal St

Gay, George W.—100 Northampton St...

Gay, George Willard—213 Congress St...

Gay, Harold W.—30 Kilbv St

Gear)-, Edward L.—60 Congress ,St

Geib, Henry W.—45 Milk St

Gerrish, Bernard O.—103 Medford St., Charlestown District

Gerrv, Harrv E.—128 Fulton St

Gibb, Thomas R. P.—248 Bovlston St...

Gibbs, Edwin F.—178 Atlantic .Vve

Gibby, Arthur W.—96 Condor St., l-.ast Boston

Gibby, Ernest R.—60 Canal St

Gibby, Geo. H.—Condor St., East Boston

Ciibson, Charles E.—131 State St

Gibson, James R.—65 Long V/harf .....

Gierasch, Walter S.—40 Kilby St

Giese, Henry W.—140 Tremont ,St

Gifford, Charles H.—60 State St

Gifford, Josiah H.—80 Boylston St. . . .

Gilbert, John Holman—1 State St

Gilbert, Percival—50 Congress .St

Gilbert, Royce W.—250 Stuart St

Gillette, Alfred Adams—Shawnait Bank Bldg

Gillies, H. Clarke—510 Chaniber of Commerce Bldg

Gilman, Frank B.—701 Beacon St

Gilman, Harris Hunt—84 State St

Gilman, Harry A.—15 State St

Gilman, Joseph T.—25-33 Franklin .St. . .

Gilman, Osmon B.—332 Newl;ury .St

Gilmour, William—40 Broad St.

Gilmour, William E.— 11 Sudliury St

Gilson, Howard A.—295 Franklin St

Ginn, Edwin—70 Federal St

Ginn, Percy Edwin—172-186 Green St., Jamaica Plain

Ginzberg, Albert A.— ZZ'S Washington St.

Ginsburg, Ed-\^'ard—82 Devonshire St....

Ginsburg, Samuel J.—40 Broad St

Gladwin, Albert E.—95 Milk St

Glazier, L. Gordon—560 Atlantic .Vve. . . .

Gleason, Gav—S3 State St

Gleason, Hollis T.—60 State St

Gleason, Sidney—115 Devonshire St

Glidden, George B.—551 Tremont St. ...

Glidden, Waldo F.—50 State St

Glover, E. T.—511 Washington .St.

Goddard, Henry A.—35 Congress St. . . .

Godfrey, Arthur Wilbur—Statler Bldg...

(iodfrey, I'rank Harriman—Statler Bldg.

Gofif, Luke Lionel—85 Devon.shire St...

Golden, Nathaniel— 12> Tremont St

Goldthwaite, Vincent—60 Congress St....

Goodale, Francis G.—S3 State St

Goodhue, L. Gushing—84 State _St

Goodr.ow, Edward Livingston—581 lloyl-ston St



Goodwin, Fred M.—100 Arlington St. . .

Goodwin, Hollis E.—Statler Bldg

Goodwin, Homer—53 State .St

Gordon, Albert F.—93 South St

Gordon, George E.—309-31.'^ Pemberton •


Gordon, Saul S.— Ici Broad St

Gordon, Terry B.—581 Bovlston St

Gorman, John J.—209 Washington St. . .

Gould, William— 11 Franklin St

Grady, Frank G.—52 Elm St

(jraham, Benjamin J.—145 Border St,.

East Boston

Grahr.m, Collins—108 Water St

Grandin, John Livingston—31 Milk St. . .

Grant, .Alexander Gait—S3 S<:atc St

Grant, George W.—17 Court St

Graves, James P.—60 Congress St. . . . .

Gray, Everett Frank—80 Federal St

Gray, Francis Calley—82 Devonshire St. Gray, Joseph Phelps—185 Franklin St. . .

Gray, Roland—50 Federal S' .

Gray, W. Chester—209 Washington St. .. Greathead, William L—250 Devonshire

St :

Greco, Charles Raggio—11 Beacon St. ..

Greeley, Julian F.— 12 Georgf St

Greene, Edwin Farnham—24 ["ederal St..

Greene, Everett A.—24 Federal St

Greene, L. Lloyd—8" Kilbv St

Greene, N. Lincoln—65 Brookside Ave., Jamaica Plain

Greene, S. Harold—24 Federal St

Greene, Thomas C.—10 High St

Greener, George C.—39 North Bennet St..

Grcenslet, Ferris—2 Park St

Greenwood, Levi H.—209 VVashington St.

Gregory, Warren F.—275 Congress St. . .

Grew, Edward Wigglesworth—40 Central St

Griffin, Arthur L.—221 State St

Griffin, Leslie Everett—148 State St

Griffin, Louis J.—62 Chardon St

Griffin, Ralph Mason—368 370 Washington St

Griffith, Norman H.—60 Congress St. ..

Grinnell, Frank W.—60 State St

Griswold, Merrill—82 Devonshire St

Gross, Dana H.—85 Devonshire St

Gross, Robert H.—85 Devonshire St

Grozier, A. G.—259 Washington St

Grozier, Richard—259 Washington St. ..

Grozier, William A.—259 Washington St.

Crush, Merton E.—150 Congress St

Gryzmish, Mortimer Charles—549 Shaw-mut Ave

Guernsey, Benjamin W.—17 Court St. ..

Guild, Courtcnay—144 High St

Guild, Henry Rice—1 Federal St

Gunby, Frank M.—201 Devonshire St. ..

Gurnett, Daniel W^—SO Congress St. . .

Gurnett, Edward F.—35 Congress .St. ..

Gurney, Franklin P.—100 Borden St., East: Boston

Gustin, J. Ernest—90 Clinton St

Gutterson, Herbert E.—210 South St

Hackett, Wallace—6 Ivy St

Hackett, William H. Y.—74 State St. ...

Haff, Willard—93 Franklin St

Hagar, Donald C.—470 Atlantic Ave

Hagar, Joseph C.—470 Atlantic Ave. .. Haines, Arthur W.—10 Post Office Sq....

Haines, Samuel R.—222 Summer St

Hale, Albert—35 Congress St

Hale, Ernest A.—44 Bromfield St

Hale, Frank Judson—147 Milk St

Hale, Henry A., Jr.—10 Milk St

Hale, James P.—199 Washinj.,ton St

Hale, Richard Walden—60 State St

Hale, Robert S.—39 Boylston St

Hale, Roger Drake—147 Miik St

Haley, Francis Joseph—97 South St

Hall, Arthur C—597 Atlantic Ave

Hall, Arthur Dudlev—12 S. Market St. .

Hall, Carl A.—131 State St

Hall, Damon E.—53 State St

Hall, Frank I.—130 Lincoln St

Hall, Frank W.—79 Milk St

Hall, G. Abeel—93 Pear! St

Hall, George E.—P. O. Box 5077

Hall, H. Dwight—185 Franklin St

Hail, Henry A.—Everett Station

Hall, Isaac Staples—200 Devonshire St...

Hall, John L.—30 State St

Hall, Oliver-17 East St

Hall, R. Linzee—30 CongrcsN St




Boston — (Continued)

Hall, Walter Atwood—80 Boylston St... Hallett, Herbert K.—10 Post Office Sq.

Hallett, Nelson A.—78 Chauncy St

Halloran, James A.—15 State St

Hallowell, Frank VV.—252 Sx'.mmer St. . . Hallowell, N. Penrose—70 Federal St. . . Hamlin, Edward—20 Exchange Place . . .

Hamlin, Edward M.— 7Z Water St

Hamlin, George P.—20 Exchange Place .

Hamlin, Russell E.—19 Congress St

Hammond, Edmond E.—19 Congress St.

Flammond, Edw. J.—136 Federal St

Hammond, H. W.—136 Federal St

Hammond, Henry E.—79 Milk St

Hammond, Herbert L.—177 Milk St

Hammond, Louis M.—324 Washington St. Hanauer, Maurice—549 Shawmut Ave. . Hancock, Thomas G.—262 Gardner St.,


Handy, Arthur Henrv—210 South St

Heney, H. A.—3 Park St

Hannauer, George

Hannigan, John Edward—100 Milk St. . . Hansen, George—Tremont & West Sts...

Harding, Charles L.— 77 Franklin St

Harding, Charles T.—30 Franklin St. ... Harding, Edwin Ruthven—125 Aniory ^t. Harding, Emor Herbert—6 Beacon St. . .

Harding, Francis A.—52 Fulton St

Harding, John W.—200 Devonshire St.. .

Harding, Wm. P. G.—30 Pearl St.'

Hardison, Frank Herbert—Park Square


Hardon, Joseph Bradford—87 Milk St. . . . Hardwick, Huntington Reed—87 Milk St.

Hardwick, Richard—Post Ofiice Sq

Hargrave, George W.—25 Meridian St.,

East Boston

Harmon, Harry True—30 Federal St

Harper, William, Jr.—80 Federal St

Harriman, Henry Ingraham—50 Congress


Harrington, George S. — 77-79 North

Washington St

Harrington, Thomas F.—221 State St. ... Harris, Edward L.—60 North Market St.

Harris, Harrv L.—131 State St

Harris, William Austin—809 Park Hldg, Hart, Claude M.—Hotel Touraine and

Parker House

Hart, Francis Russell—17 Court St

Hart, Orrin T.—.Atlantic National Bank


Harte, Richard—49 Federal St

Hartman, Lewis Oliver—581 Bovlston St.

Hartt, Dudlev N.—87 Milk St. .'.

Hartwell, Swan—73 Water St

Harvey, Arthur C.—Harvey Steel Rd. . . Harvey, Carroll Sherlock—Everett St. ...

Harvey, Charles H.—131 State St

Harvey, Elbert A.—80 Federal St

Harvey, Winthrop A.—144 Boylston St.. Harwood, A. Leslie, Jr.—68 Devonshire St.

Harwood, Bartlett—1 Federal St

Harwood, Herbert E.—160 State St

Haskell, Leverett A.—31 Milk St

Hastings, Glover S.—87 Milk St

Hatch, Arthur T.—55 Kilby St

Hatch, Herbert F.—210 South St

Hathaway, Alton H.—10 High St

Hathaway, Edgar F.—195 Freeport St.,


Hathaway, Horatio—8 Beacon St.

Hathaway, Walter Whitcomb—10 High

St '..

Hauck, Otto F.—185 Franklin St

Hauthawav, Clarence L.—346 Congress

St. . . '.

Haven, Harry M.—11 Beacon St

Havey, J. Russell—10 Tremont St

Hawke, Albert J.—210 South St

Hawkes, Charles W.—470 Atlantic Ave^ ^ ,

Hawkins, Robert F.—73 Water St

Hawkins, Vernon Mills—89 State St. . Hawkridge, John Frederick—303 Congress


Hawks, Horatio C.—275 Congress St. . Hayes, Hammond Vinton—160 State St . Hayes, William H.—1040 Boylston St. Hay ward, Fred Preston—197 Clarendon


Heacox, Clinton J.—60 Canal St

Healey, Guy E.—602 Barristers Hall . . Heaney, Bernard J.—10-12 India Sq. . . .

Heard, John, Jr.—70 State St

Heath, Reginald Cary—511 Washington



Heath, X'ictor A.—2260 Washington St Hebard, Clinton Sydney—8 City Square,

Charlestown District

Hedge, Henry Rogers—87 Kilby St

Hedge, William Russell—87 Kilby St. . Heggie, James J.—216 West First St., ,So.


Heinz, Henry J.—103 Broad St

Heller, Isaac—Grain & Flour Exchange. . Hellier, Walter Harmon—Park Sq. Bldg. Hemenway, Augustus, Jr.—60 State St. Henderson, James D.—209 Washington


Hendrv, Frank—94 Arch St

Hendry, Frank C—94 Arch St

Henry, Alfred F.—20 Fish Pier

Henry, Ralph Coolidge—12 West St. Henshaw, Charles S.—989 Commonwealth


Hermanson, Joseph L.—185 Devonshire


Herrick, Robert F.—1 Federal St

Herrick, Robert F., Jr.—147 Milk St. . . . Herrmann, Carl Strauss—SO Congress St.. Hersee, David E.—Cor. State and Cc)n-

gress Sts

Hersey, Francis C.—South Boston

Hersey, Ira G.—75 Wareham St

Hersey, Walter A.—South Boston

Hewins, Parke W.—14 Beacon St

Hewitt, William E.—100 Milk St

Hibbard, Albert D.—299 Atlantic Ave. Hicks, Ellsworth H.—210 Lincoln St.

Hicks, J. Everett—30 State St

Higgins, Alfred Sawyer—142 Atlantic Ave. Higgins, James F.—44 Stanhope St. . . . Higginson, Charles—10 Post Office Sq. Higginson, Francis Lee—70 Federal St. .

Fligh, Fred S.—14 High St

Highman, Henry Ainsley—22 Beacon St.

Hight, Clarence A.—1 State St

Hildreth, Herbert A.—549-559 Albany St..

Hill, Albert P.—16 Court St

Hill, Arthur C. C—367 Bovlston St. . .

Hill, Arthur Dehon—53 State St

Hill, Charles L.—141 Milk St

Hill, Donald Mackay-1 Federal St

Hill, Edward M.—700 Harrison Ave. . .

Hill, George C.—502 Harrison Ave

Hill, George W. R.—207 South St

Hill, H. Morton—68 Devonshire St

Hill, Henry H.—710 Harrison Ave. Hill, Rowland Sloan—142 Berkeley St. , . Hill, Willard Converse—145 Milk St. . . .

Hill, Wilham Holwav

Hillier, John Arthur—322-330 Summer St. Hills, Edwin A.—287 A St. ....

Hilton, Everett S.—40 South Market St.. . Hinchcliffe, Frederick Arthur—1040 Cotn-

monwealth Ave

Hincklev, Benjamin Stearns—112 Water

St. "

Hitchcock, Richard H.—1350 Columbia


Hitchcock, William Harold—601 Tremont

Bldg •

Hobart, B. Waldo—53 State St

Hobbs, Conrad—419 Summer St

Hobbs, Franklin Warren—78 Chauncv

St ■.

Hobbs, W^illiam J

Hoblitzelle, William W., Jr.—209 Washington St

Hodgdon, Frederick B.—1476 River St., Hyde Park

Hodgdon, Harry—989 Commonwealth Ave. . .

Hodgdon, Howard W.—84 State St

Flodges, Charles E.—142 Berkeley St. ...

Hodges, Charles Edward, Jr.—142 Berkeley St ;

Hodges, Mark R.—79 .Milk St

Hodgkins, Oscar Shepard—9 Bowker St.

Hodgson, Edgar W.—25 State St

Hodgson, Ernest F.—1108 Commonwealth Ave

Hoitt, Edward D.—177 Milk St

Hoitt, Frederick—68 Devonshire St

Holbrook, John Everett—50 Congress St.

Holden, Frank S.—6 Hamilton Place ....

Holden, Joshua B.—21 Congress St

Holdsworth, Frederick—30 State St

Hollander, Alva L.—202 Boylston St. ...

Hollander, Julius—103 South St

Hollingsworth, Amor—213 Congress St..

Hollingsworth, Valentin—333 Washington St



Hollis, Allen—200 Devonshire St

Hollis, Arthur W.—40 Broad St

Hollis, W. Thatcher—139 South St

Holloway, Charles Thomas, 2nd—11 Beacon St

Holloway, Clarence H.—161 Tremont St.

Holmes, Albert F.—120 Boylston St

Holmes, Edward Jackson—53 State St. . .

Hchnes, George A.—1230 Columbia Rd.. South Boston

Holmes, Robert Jameson—100 Milk St...

Holmes, Stephen W.—10 Post Office Square

Holmes, V. F.—250 Stuart St

Holt, Benjamin D.—44 Farnsworth St. ..

Holt, Charles E.—141 Essex St

Holt, Flermon, Jr.—40 Court St

Hooker, Henry S.—50 Congress St

Hooper, Lindsey—35 Congress St

Hooper, Roger F.—117 Ames Bldg

Hopewell, Henry C.—89 Frankhn St. ...

Hopkins, Arthur Thomas—11 Beacon St.

Hopkins, Roland G.—110 State St

Hopkins, Stephen A.—161 Devonshire St.

Flornblo.wer, Henry—60 Congress St. ...

Hornblower, Rah:)h—60 Congress St. ...

Home, Arthur M.—147 Tremont St

Horrocks, Harold A.—41 India St

Horton, Franklin Porter—110 Milk St. ..

Horton, Stanley E.—50 Faneuil Hall Mkt.

Hosmer, George Hammond—52 Chauncy St

Hotchkin, William C—53 State St

Houghton, Elroy W.—253 Summer St. ..

Hovey, Chandler—82 Devonshire St. ...

Hovey, Freeland E.—53 State St

Hovey, Philip R.—50 State St

Howard, Arthur Lincoln—53 State St. . . .

Howard, Charles P.—307 State House . .

Howard, Francis A.—84 State St

Howard, Henry Augustus—80 Federal St.

Howard, James M.—9 Knapp St

Howard, John Kenneth—82 Devonshire St

Howe, Albert S.—273 Summer St

Howe, Arthur R.—80 Federal St

Howe, Chester A.—135 Oliver St

Howe, Edward F.—120 Boylston St

Howe, George E.—Harrison Ave. & Beach St

Howe, J. Murray—38 Province St

Howe, Mark .\nthony DeWolfe—8 Arlington St

Howe, William DeLancey—53 State St..

Flowell, Alfred C.—Ames Bldg

Howell, Eugene—422 Boylston St

Howes, Henry S.—321 Summer St

Howes, Samuel C.—321 Summer St

Howland, Arthur V.—213 Congress St...

Howland, Edward Morris—199 Washington St

Howland, George F.— 77 Franklin St. ...

Hovt, Charles Chase—210 South St

HoVt, Franklin S.—2 Park St

Hubbard, Allen—210 South St

Hubbard, Charles Eustis—125 Milk St. ..

Hubbard, Gorham—50 Congress St

Hubbard, Phineas—25-31 West St

Hughes, Frank S.—30 Pearl St

Hughes, Melville L.—537 Albany St

Hull, Arthur M.—165 Congress St

Hull, Reginald Mott—73 Tremont St. ...

Humphrey, Chester B.—17 Court St

Humphreys. Walter—80 Federal St

Hunneman, Wm. C.—53 State St

Hunnewell, James M.—340 Tremont Bldg.

Flunt, George E.—56 Union St

Hunt, Harry Hampton—49 Federal St. ..

Hunter, Clarence D.—500 Atlantic Ave. ..

Hunter, John B.—60 Summer St

Hunter, Louis James—40 Water St

Huntington, Arthur F.—403 Washington St

Hurd, Edward L.—205 Lincoln St

Hurd, John—50 Congress St

Hurlburt, Henry F., Jr.—53 State St

Hurley, John H.—931 Tremont Bldg

Hurst, Edward

Huse, A. Alonzo—24 South Market St. . .

Hutchins, Alexander— 2i77 Broadway ....

Hutchins, Constantine—53 State St

Hutchins, Kenneth—263 Summer St

Hutchinson, Eben—12 Pemberton Bldg. .

Hutchinson, J. Chester—30 State St

Hutton, Thomas H.—Federal St

Hyde, George W.—67 Milk St.





Inches, Henderson—88 Broad St

Ingraliani, Paul—157 Essex St

Innes, Charles H.—53 State St

Irwin, George Clavton—96 W. Brookline St

Isaacs, Irving A.— 333 Washington St. ..

Jackson, Frederick E.—40 Water St

Jackson, James—1 Federal St

Jackson, James Frederick—939-940 Park Square Bldg

Jackson, Joseph M.—201 Devonshire St..

Jackson, Joseph R., Jr.—82 Devonshire St.

Jackson, Malcolm N.—201 Devonshire St.

Jackson, Patrick T.—41 Pearl St

Jackson, Walter—53 State St

Jackson, William Kenneth—1 Federal St.

Jacobs, Carlton D.— 77 Summer St

Jager, Charles J.—15 Custom House St...

James, Thomas Harriot—3 Park St

James, Woodworth—50 Federal St

Jameson, E. E.—lO High St

Jaquith, Caleb Hartwell—177 Milk St. ...

Jeffries, J. Amory—50 Congress St

Jenkins, Frank—50 Congress St

Jenkins, Herbert F.—34 Beacon St

Jenkins, MacGregor—8 Arlington St

Jenkins, Vincent A.—294 Washington St..

Jenney, Bernard—14 Fulton St

Jenney, Charles S.—12 India St

Jennings, Frederick Everett—45 Milk St.

Jennings, Sidney J.—1 State St

Jepson, William A.— 73 Water St

Jepson. William Donald— 73 Water St. ..

Jewell, Plinv—60 State St

Tewett, Freeland—131 State St

Johnson, Arthur F.—50 State St

Johnson, Edwin C.—221 State St

Johnson, George Bertholf—518 Washington St

Johnson, George Francis—151 Tremont St

Johnson, John Henry—97 Massachusetts Ave

Johnson, Joseph Leonard—55 Kilby St. . .

Johnson, Laurence H. H.—27 Kilby St. .

Johnson, Melvin Maj'nard—11 Beacon St.

Johnson, Reginald Hathaway—735 Exchange Bldg

Tones, A. Marshall—212 Summer St

Jones, Buford H.—18 Station St

Tones, Charles H.— 72 Lincoln St

Tones, Frank W.—185 Franklin St

Tones, John D. E.—1215 Atlantic National Bank Bldg

Jones, Matt Bushnell—50 Oliver St

Tones, Ralph B.—598 Atlantic Ave

Jones, Ralph Pearl—50 Oliver St

Tones, Ronald—31 St. Tames Ave

Tones, Seward W.—10 High St

Jonsson, Car! Winthrop—142 Berkeley St.

Tordan, Clinton—206 Commonwealth Ave.

Tordan, Fred D.—50 Congress St

Tordan, Herbert F.—119 Water St

Tordan, Noah Wilbur—53 State St

Tosselyn. Howard B.—744 Washington St.

Jovce, Edward Warren—782 Washington St

Judkins, George W.—53 State St

Kaffenburgh. Carl 1.-80 Broad St

Kalbfleisch, Karl H.—327-347 Summer St.

Kami), Frank A,—53 State St

Kaplan, Benjamin J.—107 South St

Kanbn, Ta-'^h T--K,1 n-.-nndiirp St. ...

Karnheim, Otto R.—67 Kingston St

Kaven, Moses B.—-205 Lincoln St

Keeman, Harold C.---206 Eustis St., Rox-burv

Keenan. Wm. T.—378 Stuart St

Keen, Frederick H.—340 Summer St. ...

Keith, Albert Guv—100 Milk St

KeHer, Carl Tilden—SO Federal St

Kelligrew. Jere T.—232 Summer St.

Kelso, Robert W.—45 Cornhill

Kemp, William S.—125 Amorv St

Kendall, Henrv Hubbard—142 Berkeley St.

Kendall, Henrv Plimnton—80 Federal St.

Kenda'l. Waldo S.—13 Congress St

Kendri'-k, Arthur—352 Western Ave

ICennedv. Trihn C.—246 Devonshire St. . . Kennedy. Thomas Walker—250 Stuart St.

Keiinev. Thomas F.—30 Fish Pier

Kent, Oliver H—1375 Washington St. .

Kent. Robert Willard—1020 Park Square


Kenyon. George W.—4 Woolsey Square, Jamaica Plain

Boston—(Continued )

Keough, William T.—90 Hastings St.,

West Roxbury

Ketchum, Claude Haines—266 Summer


Keyes, Homer Eaton—683 Atlantic Ave..

Keyes, J. B.—45 Milk St

Keyes, Louis G.—150 Congress St

Kidder, Frank H.—179 Lincoln St

Kiefer, William G.—100 Magazine St

Kilgour, John Webster—99 Bedford St.. Kimball, Charles Henry Jewett—137 Milk


Kimball, George B.—652 Beacon St

Kimball, John V.—6 Beacon St

Kimball, Newton M.—19 Congress St.... Kimball, Robert S.—35 Congress St.... Kimball, Thomas J.—57 Franklin St....

King, Appleton—50 State St

King, Delcevare—157 Federal St

King, Franklin—Ames Bldg

King, Gelston T.—405 Atlantic Ave

King, George Morgan-—27 Damrell St.,

South Boston

King, Tarrant Putnam—50 State St

King, Theophilus—157 Federal St

Kingman, James—52-56 Summer St

Kingman, Leland W.—40 Broad St

Kinney, Fred Perkins—3529-3541 Washington St., Jamaica Plain

Kinney, J. Royal—3529-3541 Washington


Kirstein, Louis Edward—426 Washington


Kitching, Edward J.—15 Congress St... Kittredge, Edward H.—60 Congress St.

Kittredge, Wheaton—1 Federal St

Kline, George Milton, (M. D.)—Room

109, State House

Klopot, Abraham—84 Chauncy St

Klous, Maurice H.—20 Exchange Place. Kneeland. William Aiken—18 Tremont St. Kneppenberg, Henrv C, Tr.—142 Berkeley

St ' "

Knoeppel, Charles Edward—1020 Park

Square Building

Knowles, James—20 Blackston St

Knowles, Tames T.—177 Milk St

Knowles, Robert W.—24 Federal St

Knowlton, Frank W.—30 State St

Kohn, Samuel—100-112 Shawmut Ave...

Kollock, William B.—40 Kilbv St

Koopman, C. Millard—800 Albany St.. . . Kunhardt, L. Henrv—185 Franklin St....

Kurth, William J.—73 Tremont St

Kuster. John F.—54 India St

Kyle, George A.—30 School St

La Croix, Morris F.—82 Devonshire St:.

Ladd, A. Shirlev—211 Congress St

Ladd, Charles ' Bradford—530 Atlantic


(see also Addenda page 1697) Ladd, Mavnard, (M. D.)—270 -Clarendon

St. .. '.

LaheJ^ Frank H. (Dr.)—605 Commonwealth Ave -

Lahti, Matthew—200'Devonshire St

Lambert, Louis F.—267 Tremont St

Lamond, Tohn D.—299-303 Atlantic Ave. Lamont, Harold B.—150 Congress St.... Lamont, William F.—470 Atlantic Ave...

Lamson, Clement R.—30 State St

Lane, Frederic L.—7 Rowe's Wharf....

Lane, Herbert T.—85 Devonshire St

Lane, Stanley M.—555 Atlantic Ave

Lane. Winfield A.—555 Atlantic Ave

Langill, Leslie—17 Court St

Lanning, Edward—24 Milk St

Laphan, Henry G.—183 Essex St.. . .. .

LaPierre, Fred N.—109 Brookline Ave...

Larson, Peter O.—P. O. Box 5130

Lauriat, Charles E., Tr.^385 Washington


Lawler, Frank B.—31 Milk St

Lawler, John F.—93 High St

Lawless, John T.—213 Congress St.... Lawrence, Arthur Abbott—265 Newburv


Lawrence, Frank Harold—197 Norfolk

Ave., Roxbury

Lawrence, George W.—70 State St.... . ivawrence, Joel E.—111 Commercial St...

T^awrence, John S.—89 Franklin St

Lawrence, Van Courtlandt—649 Tremont


Lawson, Arthur A.—40 Broad St

Lawton, Carl F.— 373 Washington St



T^awton, Otlo Allen—596 Commonwealth


Leach, Walter B.—383 Dorchester Ave.,

South Boston

Leahy, Francis Theodore—40 Court St.. Learnard, Henry H.—50 Faneuil Hal!


Learoyd, Charles H.—30 State St

Leary, James F.—55 Tremont St

Lee, Charles E.—7 Water St

Lee, Frederic Montgomery—53 State St..

Lee, George Cabot—70 Federal St

Lee, Harry S.—374 Washington St

Lee, Joseph—101 Tremont St

Lee, Walter H.—6 Beacon St

Lee. William A.—147 Tremont St

Leech, Charles E.— 33 Franklin St

Leeson, RoI)ert A.—95 South St

Lefavour, Henry—300 The Fenway ....

Le Favre. W^m. O.—67 Milk St

Leffler, Edward G.—60 State St

LeGallee, Frederic R.—170 Lincoln St. . . Leghorn, George R.—Hotel Somerset.... Leighton, Leonard F.—80 Federal St.... Leighton, Stanley W.—99 Chauncy St. . .

Leland. Herbert M.—15 Congress St

Leland, Joseph Daniels—20 Providence St.

Leland, Lester—1 Federal St

Leonard, Fred M.—52 Clinton St

Leonard, George F.—232 Summer St. ... Leonard, Merrill Dana—131 State St. ...

Leonard, Russell H.—160 State St

T^ester, Benjamin Howard

Leve, Adolf—549 Atlantic \\(:

I.^everoni, Frank— 73 Tremont St

Levi, Louis S.—40 Court St

Lewis. Chester V.— 33 So. Market St. ...

Lewis. Cooke—1100 Park Sq

Lewis, Edwin C.—121 Federal St

Lewis, Everett W.—120 Milk St

Lewis, Walter C—101 Tremont St

Lewisson, Clarence P.—407 Washington


Libbv, Ira F.— 77 Franklin St

Libbv, Thomas E.—80 Federal St

Lichtner, William O.—80 Federal St. ...

Liffler, Charles—200 Franklin St

Liggett, I.>ouis Kroh

Lillie, Charles W ,

Lilly, John C—17 East St.

Lincoln, Jonathan T.—Soldiers Field. . .

Linder, John F., Jr.—89 State St

Linscott, Rolliston W.—566 ('omTnon-

wealth Ave

Litchfield, Everett S.—108 Wster St.... Little, Royal—60 K St., South _ Boston^ . T.-ivermorc, Homer F.—20 Linden St.


Livingston, Ralston D.—100 Milk St. ... Locke, Frank Lovering—48 Bovlston St. Locke, Herbert E.—109 I^indcn Park St. Locke, Isaac H.—99 & 101 Faneuil Hall


Loftus, Harry L.—592 Washington St.,


Logan, Theodore M.—85 Devonsliire St. Long, Harry Vinton—10 Office Sq. Long, William Bowditch—10 Post Office


T^ong, William G.—185 Devonshire St. . . Longley, Edmund Waters—50 Oliver .St.

Looniis, Elihu G.—84 State S+

Lord, Charles E.—24 Milk St

Lord, Henrv G.—65 Franklii St

Lord, Robert FI.—530 Atlantic .\ve

Lord, Samuel C.—65 Shirlev St

Loring, Atherton—27 Kilbv St

T^oring, Augustus Peabody-—82 Devonshire St

T^oring, Augustus P., Tr.—82 ]">e^'oiisiiire

St : ■

Loring, Caleb—82 Devonshire St

Loring, Chas. A.—470 .A.tlantic \ve

Loring, Homer

Loring, Roi,den—180 Congress St

Loring, William H.—17 Pearl St

Lothrop, I^incoln—1021 Park Scuare Bldg.

T^oud, Charles Oliver—4 I.i!>ertv Sq. . . .

Lougee, Arthur L.—1118 Little Bldg

Loveland, Fred. H.—66 Faneuil Hall Market

Lovell, C. Norman—128 Fulton St

Lovering, Edward—160 State St

Lowe, Frank W.—Blackstone and North Sts

Lowe, George Hale—246 Djvonshirc St.





Lowe, Ralph, Jr.—27 Damrell St., South Boston

Lowell, John A., 2nd—139 St....

Lowell, Ralph—70 Federal St

Lowry, Maxwell J.—43 Sontli St

Luce, Harvey E.—49 Federal St

Luce, William Andrew—64 Sndbury St...

Liicev, Daniel Augiistin—774 Albany St.

Ludwig, Frank J.—177 Milk St

Luitwieler, Clarence S.—299 Margnial St., East Boston

Lumsden, William J.—99 Chauncy St.. .

Lyle, William P.—Hotel Sot\ierset

Lyman, Aaron J.—1 Federal St

Lyman, Arthur Theodore—50 Congress St

L}'nch, Tames P.—104 Kingston St

Lynch, John E.—East Boston

Lyne, Daniel Joseph—413 Sears Bldg. . . .

Lj'ons, Henry S.—250 Stuart .Si

Mabey, Herbert S.—185 Devonshire St...

MacAlman, John Hickman—100 .Vlassa-chusetts Ave

Maci\rthur, William Oliver—60-62 Washington St. North

MacDonald, Alexander Sterling--177 Milk St

A'lacDow, G. Wilson—200 Dartmouth St.

MacCregor, Archibald—Beacon it Park Sts.

Mackay, Odin C.—178 Atlantic Ave:

Mackin, Jeremiah J.—1 Federal St

Macleod, Eldon—1190 Adams St., Dorchester

MacMillan, Stanley L.—80 lederal St. ...

Macnair, John—50 Congress St

McNutt, Lowell D.—50 Kilby St

Macomher, Alexander—35 Congress St...

Macomber, Charles Clark—38 Chauncy St.

Macomber, Frank Gair—45-J'J Battery-march St

Macomber, Henry Percy—9 Park St

MacPhie, Elmore L—934 Park Sq. Bldg.

MacRitchie, Henry David—1176 Tremont St., Roxbury

MacRobert, James B.—1089 Commonwealth Ave

Macurda, -C. Lawrence—50 Congress St.

Madden, M. Lester—100 Milk St

Madden, T. Richard—160 St^.rc St

Maddison, Arthur N.—11 Penib'-rton Sq.

Maddix, Forrest N.—712 Treniont Bldg.

Maguire, Francis L.—6 Pearl St

Mahady, Edward Francis—851 Ijovlston

St :... .

Main, Charles Reed—201 Devonshire St.

Main, Charles Thomas—201 -Devonshire St

Mainwaring, Richard A.—54-58 Chardon St

Makepeace, Bertrand Leon—387 Washington St

Makepeace, Leon L—387 Washington St..

Makepeace, Lloyd—40 Court St

Malaguti, D.—44 Wa'.tham St. . .

Malley, Edward W.—600 Coinmercial St.

Manahan, Ernest—280 Boylsion St

Manchester, Erford J.—349 Congress St..

Manning, Joseph P.—500 Atlantic Ave. ..

Mansfield, Edward C—75-77 Kilbv St. . .

Manson, D. Edgar—200 Devonshire St. . .

Marble, Cecil H.—33 South Market St, . .

Marcy, Grosvenor DeWitt— Zll Broadway

Marno, John W.—State & Congress Sts..

Marsh, Daniel L.—688 Boylston St

Marsh, Luman W.—38 Chauncy St

Marshall, Edwin R.—17 Court St

Marshall, Irving F.—24 Federal St

Marshall, John—87 Lincoln St

Marsters, Emery H.—^11 Beacon St

Marsters, George E.—248 Washington St.

Martin, Howard A,—56 Summer St

Martin, John J.—1 Court St

Martin, John Morrison—125 Prescott S^, East Boston

Mason, Arthur Ellery—24 Milk St

Mason, Austin Blake—80 Federal St

Mason, Edward C.—150 Congress St. . .

Mason, Harold Francis—259 Summer St.

Mason, Henry Lowell'—560 Harrison Ave.

Mason, Herbert Preston—30 State St. ..

Masters, Francis R.—89 Franklin St

Masters, J. Edward—60 State St

Masters, John Freeman—108 Water St. . .

Mattern, Frederick R.—201 State St

Matthews, Albert—19 St. Botolph St. ...


Matthews, Granville A.—60 Canal St. . . Mattocks, William D.—19 Congress St. .. Maxwell, Frank R.—Center & Bickford

Sts., Jamaica Plain

May, Geo. Byron, Jr.— IZ Essex St

Mayers, Clayton Wadleigh—31 St. James


Maynard, George S.—1230 Columbia Road

Mayo, Lawrence—32 Thayer St

McAnarney, John W.—209 Washington


McAuliffe, Cornelius A.— il So. Market


McCarthy, Denis A.—15 Ashburton Place

McCarthy, John H.—32 North St

McCarthy, Louis Blalock—16 Macallen St. McCoulbrey, John W.—172 Tremont St. McDonald, Carl M.v-18 Blackstone St... AlcDonald, James Richard—34 Beacon St.

McDonald, John J.—40 Central St

McDonald, William J.—260 Tremont St.. . McDonald, William M.—18 Blackstone St. McDonough, Harry W.—88 Broad St. ..

McDonough, James P.—53 State St

McDowell, Putnam—Park Square Bldg...

McDuffie, Frederic C—141 Milk St

McElwain, James Franklin—212 Essex


McElwain, Willard—131 State St

McGaffee, William J.—51 Chardon St. . .

McGaragle, Joseph W.—24 Alilk St

McGregor, W. Eugene—24 federal St...

Mclnnis, Walter J.—160 State St

Mclntire, Warren S.—110 Federal St. .. McKay, Donald Dana—24 Federal St. ..

McKay, Wm. E.—250 Stuart St

McKean, Quincy Adams Sh'aw—50 Congress St

McKeever, Benjamin Butler—47 & 48 So.

Market St

McKenney, Fred P.—176 Federal St .... McKenzie, Clarence J.—1010 Commonwealth Ave

McLaughlin, Edward A., Jr.—82 Devonshire St

McLauthlin, Martin B.—120 Fulton St... McLean, J. Edward L.—44 School St. . . McMahon, Bernard A.—827 Washington

St. '.., .

McMichael, George Cass—185 Devonshire St ,'

McMullin, Albert Purdy—52 Summer St.. McNab, Allan—24 Federal St

McNeil, James F.—47 Temple Place ....

McNeill, Chester W.—161 Devonshire St.

McNeill, G. Leonard—161 Devonshire St,

McNeilly, Robert A.—18 Kingston St...

McQuillan, Bryant—140 Federal St

McWilliam, Edward—65 Shirley St

Meade, John Paulding—50 Kilby St

Means, Wm. Gordon—108 Water St

Mehaffey, George W.—4 Liberty Sq. ..

Meisel, Charles Austin—942 Dorchester Ave '.

Meisel, Otto Carl Francis—942 Dorchcstet Ave. ^

Mendum, Frank W.—69 Commercial St..

Mendum, Willis L.—105 State St

Meredith, Irving—201 Devonshire St

Merriam, John M.—100 Milk St

Merrick, Frank W.—299 Marginal St., East Boston

Merrill, Frank Abner—35 Congress St. . .

Merrill, Frank H.—54 India St

Merrill, John Prosper—169 High St

Merritt, Arthur H,—453 Washington St, .

Merritt, Edward Alford—206 Massachusetts Ave

Metcalf, Herman M.—64 Long Wharf . .

Mether, Roy A.—1089 Commonwealth Ave

Meyer, George Yon L.-^53 State St

Mifflin, George Flarrison—2 Park St

Miley, J. Henrv—199 Washington St

Miller, .Alton L.—16 Medford St

Miller, Lloyd W.—54 Chardon St

Miller, Ray—453 Washington St

Miller, Stanlev R.—31 St. Tames Ave. . . .

Mills, Amos Stone—57 Kneeland St

Milton, Henry S.—189 State St

Miner, Leroy Matthew Simpson—363 Marlboro St

Minot, Tames Tackson, Jr.—19 Congress St "

Minot, Wayland Manning—36 Federal St.

Minot, William—18 Tremont St

Mitchell, Francis W,—111 Devonshire St.


Boston— (Continued )

Mitchell, George E.—99 Chauncy St

Mitchell, Lewis L.—Room 423, South


Mitchell, Sidney A.—100 Arlington St. .. Mittell, Carl L.—100 Magazine St., Roxbury

Mixter, Samuel—82 Devonshire St

Moeser, David Edward—25 Winter St. . . Motiat, Alexander W.—1185 Washington

SLj_ Dorchester

Moffatt, Fred J.—53 State St

Monks, Archibald G.—99 Chauncy St. . . Monroe, Frederick T.—124 Boylston St. Montague, Henry Watmough—306 Sears


Mcaitgomery, Hugh—496 Boylston St. .. Montgomery, Robert H.—30 Federal St.

Montgomery, Stuart—84 State St

Moonan, Paul J.—80 Federal St

Moore, Carl F.—1 State St

Moore, Clarence V.—210 Lincoln St

Moore, Ernest H.—40 Water St

Moore, Leslie R,—210 Lincoln St..

Moore, T..ewis Eugene— IZ Tremont St. ..

Moore, M. J.—259 Washington St

Moors, John Farwell—111 Devonshire St.

Moran, John H.—Park Square Bldg

Moran, John J.—53 State St

Morgan, Cb'de B,—101 Miik St

Morgan, R. Harrison—73 Tremont St. .. Morgan, S. St. John—State & Congress


Morrill, Frederick O.—135 Devonshire St.

Morrill, George H.—155 Pearl St

Morrill, John F.—344 Washington St. ...

Morrill, Leon G.—155 Pearl St

Morris, Michael L—52 Elm St

Morrison, Alva—100 Milk St

Morrison, Daniel A.—45 Milk St

Morrison, William Alexander, (M. D.) —

80 Princeton St., East Boston

Morrissev, C. James—148 State St

Morse, Alan R.—30 Court St

Morse, Erving Plnmer—55 Tremont St...

Morse, Francis A.—53 State St

Morse, Henry H.—Park Square Bldg. . . . Morse, John Torrey, Jr.—16 Fairfield St. Morse, Robert Cunningham—19 Congress

St .••

Morse, Robert Gorhani—82 Devonshire


Morson, James H.—735 Tremont Bldg. ..

Morss, .Everett—201 Devonshire St

A-Iorss, Henry Adams—201 Devonshire St. Morss, John Wells—201 Devonshire St... Morton, George Carpenter— 11 Sudbury


Moseley, Frederick Russell—Neponset ..

Moses, George—40 Summer St

Mosman, William A.—92 Water St

Moss, James W.—43 So. Market St

Motley, Edward—33 Congress St

Motley, John Lothrop—735 Exchange

Bldg ■■■

Motley, Thomas—33 Congress St

Mowll, William Luther—21 School St. . .

Mudge, John G.—111 Devonshire St

Muir, John P.—185 Devonshire S-t

Mulligan, Henry C.—18 Tremont St

Mulloney, Daniel C.—85 Devonshire St... Mumford, George Saltcnstall—10 Post

Office .Square

Mimroe, James Phinney— 11 Summer St. Munroe, Walter K.—453 Washington St. Murdock, George R.—377 Broadway ....

Murfitt, Samuel C.—232 Summer St

Murphy, Gardner E.—100 Tremont St, .. Murphy, Jerome F.—162 Boylston St. . . Murray, Alexander William—43 Leon St. Murray. Frank J.—539 Commonwealth


Murray, JcTm H.—Boylston St. at Arlington

Murray, Milton E.—209 State St

Murray, Raymond H.—Boylston St. at


Murray, Thomas W,—216 Tremont St. .. Murtfeldt, William A.— 11 Summer St... Muther, Lorenz Francis—44 Binford St.

Myers, Adolphus—64-70 Canal St

Myron, John F.—53 State St

Nash, Chauncy C.—10 Post Office Square

Nason, Fred E.—197 Clarendc^n St

Nason, Harry Leonard—85 Devonshire St.

Nay, Walter H.—30 Kilbv St

Neagle, William H.—10 State St

Neal, Ernest B,—3529-41 Washington St.





Neal, J. H.—20 Kilby St

Needham, Daniel—19 Congress St

Xeilev, George—40 Broad St

Neill," Frank Damrell—9 Melcher St

Neilson, Edward M.—219 State St

Nelson, Carl L. W.—155 Columbu, Ave. Nelson, Charles Malcolm—632 Beacon St.

Nelson, James A.—140 Tremont St

Nelson, Philip S.—632 Beacon St

Nelson, William—50 Federal St

Ness, Thomas W.—125 Amory St

Newcoml), Charles G.—136 Harrison .Ave.

Newell, Frank A.—40 Water St

Newhall, Charles A.— IZ Tremont St. . .

Newhall, Elbridge K.—79 Milk St

Newhall, Henry W.—470 Atlantic Ave...

Newsome, William—1 Federal St

Newton, Clarence L.—60 State St

Nicholas, Alonzo D.—12 Ashburton Place

Nichols, Charles B.—24 Milk St

Nichols, Charles James—12 Pittsburgh


Nichols, Edward—136 Boylston St

Nichols, Frank C—40 Water St

Nichols, Henry Gilman—24 Milk St

Nichols, Howard S. O.—53 State St. . . . . Nichols, J. Donaldson—377 Commercial


Nichols, John I-.—11 Beacon St

Nichols, John R.—45 Newbury St

Nichols, Philip—11 Beacon St

Nichols, William B.—100 Arlington St. . . Nicholson, Theodore O.—142 Berkeley


Nickerson, Freeman—87 Kill:)v St

Nickerson, William E.—Dorchester Ave.,

1st & 2nd Sts

Nightingale, John T.—50 Congress .St. . .

Niles. Lawrence E.— 11 Summer St

Nodding, Leonard James—217 State St...

Nolan, William J.—31 State St

Nolting, William T.—1 Federal St

Noonan, Frank Munroe—38 Portland St. Noonan, Walter James—38 Portland St..

Norcross, Fred—46 Cornhill

Norris, Forris W.—31 Milk St.

Norris, Harry L.—150 Congress .St

Norris, John A. C.—Park Sq. Bldg

Norris, Karl L.—76 Pearl St

North, Luther M.—49 Broad St

Norwood, C. Augustus—206 Massachusetts Ave

Nowell, James—70 Federal St

Noyes, Gilbert H

Noyes, Harry E.—857 Commonwealth

Ave .'

Noyes, Lewis Bradford—101 Clinton St. Noyes, William E.—136 Harrison Ave. . . Nugent, William P.—43 South Market St. Nutter, George R.—161 Devonshire St...

Nye, Augustus S.—178 Atlantic Ave

Nye, Frank E.—68 Devonshire St

Ober. Charles E.—49 Federal St

O'Brien, P. J.—117 Pearl St

O'Brien, Roljert Lincoln

O'Connell, Daniel F.—500 Atlantic Ave..

O'Connell, Joseph F.—11 Beacon .St

O'Connell, P. A.—154 Tremont St

O'Connor, Francis Leo—242 IDover St. ... O'Connor, Francis P.—157 Tremont St. . O'Connor, Thomas Lane—157 Tremont


O'Dell, Charles L.—40 Water St

Odlin, William—148 Cambridge St

O'Donnell, J. Joseph—41 Pearl St

O'Donnell, Walter J.—1 Federal St

Ogdcn. FL-rbert L.—77 Franklin St

Ogg. William A.—1 State St

O'Hare, J. Frank—Park Square Bld.g. . . . O'Keefe, Patrick Francis—45 Bromfield


O'Keeffe, Arthur—44 Stillings St

Oldham, John E.—100 Milk St

Olive. Arthur N.—201 Devonshire St. . .

Olmstead, Frank T.—Park Bldg

Olsen. O. Albert—111 Devonshire St. ...

Olsen, Olaf—67 Milk St

Olson, Charles A.—35 Congress St

O'Malley, Charles J.—244 Washington St.

O'Neil. Edward J.—43 Kilbv St

O'Neil, Joseph H.—85 JJevonshire St. ... Orcutt, Charles A.—15 Arlington St. ....

Ordway, Fred A.—652 Beacon St

Osborn, John Hanson—465 Medford Si. Osgood, A. Neil—744 Washington St. . . . Osgood, Edward H.—70 Federal St. . . Otis, Florace C.—14 Fulton St


Otis, James O.—3 Park St

Packard, Lester Roscoe—80 Federal St... Packard, Winthrop—66 Newburv St. ... Paddock, Miner H., Jr.—Statler Bldg. . . .

Paddock, William W

Page, Edward—250 Stuart St

Page, Frank A.—143 South St

Page, Maurice J.—40 Central St

Paige, Charles D.—857 Commonwealth


Paige, Frank E.—68 Essex St

Paine, Alfred J.—181 Franklin St

Paine, Francis Ward—82 Devonshire Si.

Paine, Ira W.—Ill Arch St •. .

Paine, Rene Evans—50 Congress St

Paine, Richard C.—50 Congress St

Paine, Robert Treat—10 State St

Paine, Robert Treat, 2nd—19 Congress St

Paine, Sidney S.—80 Federal St

Paine, William Alfred—82 Devonshire St.

Pa'.frey, John G.—84 State St

Palmer, Bradley Webster—53 State St. . . Palmer. Claude Albert—80 Federal St. . .

Palmer, Henry F.—150 Congress St

Palmer, Wilson N.—110 State St

Park, Ernest S.—80 Federal St

Parker, Augustin Hamilton—50 Congress


Parker, Chauncey D.—150 Congress St. . .

Parker, Frederic—70 State St

Parker, George Stanley—87 Milk St

Parker, J. Earle—78 Chauncy St

Parker, James A.—84 State St

Parker, James P.—43 Kilby St

Parker, Ross—104 Tremont St

Parker, William Armory—60 State St. . . Parkhurst, I;ewis—15 Ashburton Place . .

Parks, F. R.—581 Boylston St

Parks, William Alman—26 Palmer St.,


Parry, George A.— 11 Summer St

Parry, Richard H.— 11 Summer St

Parry, Robert A.— 11 Summer St

Parsons, Herbert Collins—Room 175,

Court House

Parsons, James W. F.—385 Washington


Parsons, Winslow A.—60 Congress St. . . Partridge, Frank Tuttle—Post Office .Sr;.

Pastene, Charles A.—69 Fulton St

Paterson, Seward M.—212 Essex St

Pattee, Herbert W.—24 Milk St

Pattee, Richard SaltonstaK—50 Congress


Pcabody, Ellery—43 South St

Peabody, Francis—10 State St

Peabodv, George M.—210 I,incoln St

Peabodv, W. Rodman—70 State St

Pear, William Hesseltine—41 Hpv^kins St.

Pearson, Charles H.—10 State St

Peavy, Silas—15 Kneeland St

Pegram, F. R.—Ames Bldg

Peirce, Edward R.—281 Summer St

Pekler, Paul M.—549 Atlantic Ave

Peiham, Thomas W.—IS W. First St

Pelham, Thomas W., Jr.—Bankers Bldg.

Pengra, Charles O.—30 State St

Pepper, Benjamin Ward—40 Broad St. . . Percival, Lawrence French— ilZ Washington St '.'.

Perkins, Clarence E.—209 Washington St. Perkins, John Forbes—10 Post Office S(|. Perkins, Thomas Nelson—50 Federal St.

Perrin, Alfred E.—38 Union St

Perrin, Harold L.—53 State St

Perrin, Richard B.—40 Broad St

Perry, Arthur—31 Milk St

Perry, Arthur, Jr.—31 Milk St

Perry, Charles G.— ZTiZ Washington St...

Perry, George W.—150 Congress St

Perry, Henry C.—209 Washington St. . .

Perry, Henry H.—31 Milk St

Perry, Samuel S.—14-20 Kilby St

Perry, Thomas Doane—1020 Park Square


Perry, Walter A.—311 Summer St

Perry, William H.—881 Commonwealth


Peters, p:dward M.—40 Broad St

Peterson, Charles H.—49-51 Temple PI...

Petri, G. Hector—186 State St

Pettibone, Charles Eugene—142 Berkelev

St ".

Petts, Sanford F.—179 Portland St

Pfaffmann, George E,—IS Elkins St., So.


Phelan, James J.—60 Congress St

Boston— (Continued)

Phelps, John S., (M. D.)—77 Franklin St. Phillips, Alexander \. —40 Central St. . . Phillips, Ferdinand N.—287 Atlantic Ave.

Phillips, James Duncan—Park St

Phillips, Laurence J.—100 Arlington St... Phillips, Walter J.—470 Atlantic Ave. . . Phinney, Horatio A.—185 Summer St... . . Phinney, Wallace B.—165 Congress St. . .

Phipps, Horace J.—3 Jov St

Pickett, John S.—100 Milk St

Pickett, Waiter F.—State & Congress Sts. Pickman, Dudlej' Leavitt—53 State St. . .

Piehler, Otto J.—407 Boylston St

Pierce, Andrew G.—1 Federal St

Pierce, Charles Sumner—50 Oliver St. . .

Pierce, George E.—40 Water St

Pierce, Henry Haskins—31 Milk St

Pierce, J. Homer—164 Federal St.

Pierce, Roger—135 Devonshire St

Pierce, Walworth—133 Brookline Ave. .

Pillsbury. Albert E.—6 Beacon St

Pillsbury, John W.—135 Devonshire St. . . Pinkham, William F.—292 Boylston St. . . Pinto. Edgar Benjamin—Cor. Stuart &

Berkeley Sts

Pitman, Theodore Baldwin—202 Bo3'lston


Place, Walter S.—35 Congress St

Plunkett, Albert J.—22 Beacon St

Pollard, Albert A.—180 Longwood Ave.. Pond, Gardner D.—601 Atlantic Ave. . . .

Pond, J. Waldo—568 Columbia Rd

Poole, Gardner—178 Atlantic Ave

Poor, Artemas B.—110 Milk St

Poore, Leon M.—64 Pearl St

Pope, Arthur K.—44 Kilby St

Pope, Richard—17 Court St

Porosky, Matthew—125 Amory St., Rox-


Porter, Alexander Sylvanus—40 Central


Porter, Edward C.—76 Atherton St.,

Jamaica Plain

Porter, Henry P.—881 Commonwealth


Poto, Anthony Louis—192 Hanover St. . .

Potter, Arthur L.—30 State St

Potter, Wilham H., Jr.—1 Federal St. ... Powell, Chas. S.—294 Washington St. ...

Powell, Joseph W.—6 Beacon St

Power, John R.—S3 State St

Powers, Leland—30 Federal St

Powers, Samuel Leland—30 Federal St. . .

Powers, Walter—19 Congress St

Powning, Henry G.—183 Essex St

Pratt, Clifford H.—No. 5 Basement,

Quincy Market

Pratt, Frederick Sanford—49 Federal St. Pratt, George Woodman—63 Federal St.

Pratt, Herbert G.—88 Broad St

Pratt, Russell K.—31 Milk St

Pratt, Walter M.—159 Devonshire St. ...

Prescott, Charles J.—Jamaica Plain

Preston, Elwyn G.—133 Brookline Ave..

Preston, Roger—133 Brookline Ave

Preston, W. Deane, Jr.—88 St. Stephen St.

Price, Frank Shreve—378 Stuart St

Priddv, Allan Leach—15 Ashburton Place

Prince, Charles B.—10 Oliver St

Prince, Frederick H.—Ames Bldg., Court


Procter, Joseph O., Jr.—84 State St

Proctor, Benjamin, Jr.—25 Arch St

Proctor, George B.—40 Broad St

Proctor, James H.—3 Park St

Proctor, Thomas Emerson, 2nd—3 Park


Prout, H. Wendell—75 Tremont St

Prouty, Gatdner W.—16 Macallen St. ...

Proutv, John E.—41 Bedford St

Prouty, Thomas S.—40 Broad St

Putnam, Frederic L.—111 Devonshire St.

l^utnam, George—60 State St

Putnam, George J.—70 State St

Quimby, George Francis—80 Federal St.. Quinby, Winfield Scott—291 Atlantic Ave.

Rabinovitz, Jacob—107 South St

Robinovitz, Joseph—205 A St., South


Rabinovitz, Sidney—205 A St., South


Race, Arthur Libby—Copley Plaza

Rackemann, Charles S.—60 Ames Bldg..

Radio, Mark—21 So. Market St

Radway, William S.—116 Harrison Ave..

Rafferly, John B.—24 Winter St

Rahr, Chester E.—31 St. James Ave





Rand. Robert—333 Washington St

Rand, Waldron Holmes, Jr.—101 Milk St.

Rand, Wiiiiam M.—148 State St

Randall, Edward—797 Beacon St

Rankin, Burt W.—106 Beach St

Rantin, Samuel J.—1117 Columbus Ave. .

Rantoul, Edward Lambert—50 State St..

Rantoul, Neal—50 Congress St

Ratcliffe, Frank H.—325 South Station...

Rathvon, William R.—206 Massachusetts Ave

Ratigan, Thomas H.—40 Broad St

Ratsheskv, Abraham C.—30 Court St. ...

Rausch, William Jr—178 Border St., East Boston

Ray, Arthur F.—60 State St

Ray, Thomas H.—68 Devonshire St

Rave. William H.—427 Commercial St. . .

Raymond, Jonathan S.—67 Milk St

Raymond, Leonard Jessup—88 Pearl St..

Rayner, .\rthur Warren—157 Essex St. ..

Raynes, Harrv C.—40 Central St

Read, Andrew J.—193-195 State St

Reardon, Wm. H., Jr.—60 Congress St.

Redstone, Edward H.—State House ....

Reed, Charles Beecher—80 Federal St...

Reed, Samuel B.—108 Water St

Reed, Thomas—209 Washington St

Reed, William T.—201 Devonshire St. ...

Rees, John Roberts—871 Commonwealth Ave ■' • • •

Reichert, William—173 South St

Reilly, Russell G.—641. Atlantic Ave

Remick, John A.—115 Devonshire St. ...

Rcmick, Joseph—50 Congress St

Revere, Edward H. R.—15 Congress St...

Reynolds, Frank Witherell—24 Federal St.

R'.iodes, Leonard H.—170 Massachusetts Ave

Rice, Albert W.—84 State St

Rice, Arthur Wallace—177 State St

R--ce, Charles G.—1 State St

Rice, Harry L.—10 High St. . ._

Rice, J. Preston—111 Devonshire St

Rice, John C.—707 Shawmut Bank Bldg.

Rice, Neil W.—1 State St

Rich, Edgar J.—6 Beacon St

Rich, George A.—53 State St

Ricli, W. Carlton—50 Congress St

Rich, William W.—85 Devonshire St. ...

Richards, James L.—250 Stuart St

Richards, Joseph Lovering—138 Newburv St

Richards, Walter Edmund—245 State St.

Richardson, Charles O.—93 Franklin St.

Richardson, F^dward Bridge—220 Devonshire .St

Richardson, Guy—180 Longwood Ave. . .

Richardson, John—50 Federal St

Richardson, Joseph S.— 21 Kilby St

Richardson, Lyle M.—862 Park Square Bklg

Richardson, Mark Wyman, (A'l. D.)—100 Milk St

Richardson, Oliver W^yman—31 St. James Ave

Richmond, Arthur L

Richmond, Carleton Rubira—93 Franklin St

Richter, George Henrj'—120 Tremont St.

Ricker, George A.—88 Pearl St

Ridgel}', Charles—36 Federal St

Riley, Charles E.—161 Devonshire St. . .

Rindge, Saniuel—99 Chauncy St

Ripley, Alfred L

Ripley, Henrv F.—133 Esse.x St

Rittenhouse, Charles F.—89 State St. ...

Robbins, Donald G.—60 Congress St

Roberts, Arthur E.—26 Washmgton St. .

Roberts, George N.—40 Central St

Roberts, Herman E.—41 India St

Roberts, Odin—31 Milk St

Roberts, Vincent P.—232 Summer St. . .

Robertson, Arthur R.—94 Portland St. . .

Robinson, Dwight Wood—88 St. Stephen St

Robinson, Edward Frederick—185 Franklin St

Robinson, Frank J.—201 Devonshire St..

Robinson, Geo. L, Jr.—7 Water St

Robinson, John T.—Hyde Park

Robinson, Joseph M.—80 Border St., East Boston

Robinson, T. Russell—1 State St

Rockwell, Charles R.—128 Cross St

Rockwell, George A.—101 Tremont St. .

Rodgers, Henry D.—38 Chauncy St


liogal, Edward—757 Washington St

Rogal, Edward—1010 Massachusetts Ave., Roxbury

Rogal, Sidney B.—753 Washington St. . .

Rogers, Charles O.—15 Custom House St.

Rogers, Dudley P.—50 State St

Rogers, Elliott—210 Lincoln St

Rogers, Enibre C.—90 West Broadway. .

Rogers, Howard L.—49 Federal St

Rogers, Leon B.—210 Lincoln St

P.ogers. Mason T.—857 Boylston St

Roger?,, William F".—324 Washington St.

Rogers, William H.—99 Milk St

Rogerson, Charles M.—53 State St

Rollins, Daniel A.—148 State St

Rollins, Dillwyn Sidney—80 Federal St..

Rollins, Edward Warren—200 Devonshire St

Rollins, James W.—6 Beacon St

Rome, Joseph L.—185 Devonshire St. ...

Rood, J. Burton—782 Washington St. ...

Rooney, Edwin Richards—67 Milk St. . .

Rosenthal, Louis—500 Atlantic Ave

Rosenthal, Samuel S.—500 Atlantic Ave. .

Ross, Harold S.—85 State St

Ross, Henry F.—88 Clinton St

Ross, J. McCormick—Park Square Bldg.

Rotch, Arthur Grinnell—25 Bennett St. .

Rotherv, John 1. E.—40 Broad St.

Rothwell, James E.—400 Bovlston St. ...

Rothwell, Bernard J.—177 Milk St

Rothwell, James Mason—107 Massachu-. setts Ave

Rourke, Bernard E.—261 Franklin St. ...

Rourke, J. Frank—261 Franklin St

Rowe, Henrv S.—161 Devonshire St

Rowe, Sanni'e B.—88 Broad St

(see .\ddenda page 1692)

Rowell, Guy C.—45 Sudbury .St

Rowley, Charles Freeman—70 State St..

Rowley, F^rancis H.—180 Longwood Ave.

Rowst, Walter W.—4 Park St

Royce, Frederick Page—49 Federal St. .

Rudd, H. W. Dwight—4 Liberty Square.

Rugg, Frederic Waldo—50 Congress St.

Rugg, Robert Billing.s—50 Congress St. .

Ruggles, Daniel B.—677 Center St., Jamaica Plain

Russell, Arthur M.—30 Federal St

Russell, Arthur Perkins—492 South Station

Russell, Arthur W.—59 Bedford St

Russell, Frederick C.—131 State St

Russell, George O.—99 Milk St

Russell, Herbert P.—518 Washington St.

Russell, J. Henrj'—18 Tremont St

Russell, foseph B.—259 Summer St

Russell, Joseph B., Jr.—108 Water St. ..

Russell, Richard Manning—30 State St. .

Russell, Richard Spofford—50 State St. .

Russell, Walter Marvin— 11 F'ranklin St.

Rust, Edgar C.—200 Devonshire St

Ryder, Charles Whitaker—51 Melcher St.

Ryder, James E,^

Ryder, Robert L.—185 Devonshire St....

Sabean,^- Henry D.—170 Massachusetts Ave

Sallinger, Nathan—501 Washington St...

Salter, William Thomas Hall—55 Amory St., Roxbury

Saltonstall, Leverett — Shawmut Bank Bldg

Saltonstall, Philip L.—21 Congress St....

Saltonstall, Richard—50 Congress St

Saltonstall, Robert—53 State St

Sampson, Harry LeBaron—199 Washington St

Sampson, AVilliam R.—205 Lincoln Si...

Samson, Edward J.—19 Congress St

Sanborn, J. Walter—177 Milk St

Sanborn, Paul—50 Congress St

Sands, Frank E,—28 F'itchburg St

Sanger, Sabin P.— Zi Congress St

Santry, Arthur J.—60 State St

Sargeant, Cyrus—60 State St

Sargent, Arthur H., Jr.—518 Washington St "

Sargent, Edward H.—6 Beacon St

Sargent, Lucius Manliu.s—85 Devonshire St

Saunders, Thomas W.—95 Milk St

Savaee, Henrv Harrison—166 Hanover

st.^' :

Sawtell, Frank M.—84 State St

Sawyer, .Albert Hayden^—10 State St. . . . Sawver, Charles M.—80 Bovlston St. ... Sawyer, Frederic R.—45 Milk St



Sawyer, fiordon B.—45 Milk St.

Sawver, Harold R.—276 Sun.mer St

Sawyer, Henry B.—49 Federal St

Sawyer, Mever J.—18 Tremont St

Sawyer, Philip B.—24 Milk Si

Sayward. Elliot Tucker—S3 State St

Sa\'ward, William H.— 11 Summer St....

Scaife, Roger Livingston—2 Park St. ...

Scanlon, Joseph E.—67 Milk St

Scarry, John J.—1446 Dorchester Ave., Dorchester

Schaller, Albert S.—47 Temple Place

Schirmer, Charles Ci.—50 State St

Schirmer, Frank A.—79 Milk St.

Schirmer, Gustave—116 Boylston St

Schneider, Theophile—330 Boylston St...

Schrafft, George F.—160 Washington St.

Schrafft, William E.—160 Washington St.

Schultz, Otto P.—1476 River St., Hvde Park

Scott, Albert Lyon—24 Federal St

Scribner, Paul A.—201 Devonshire St. . .

Seabury, Joseph .Stowe—45 Nev.bury St

Seamans, Frank M.—183 Essex St

Seamans, Richarci Dodge—84 State St...

Sears, Francis Philip— 11 Franklin St...

Sears, Frederick R., Jr.-10 State St. . . .

Sears, George G.—426 Beacon St

Sears, Harold C—53 State St

Sears, Herbert Afason—53 State -St

Sears, Thomas Everett—945 Park Souare Bldg

Seaver, Llewellyn D.—17 Court St

Seaver, Robert Chauncev—15 Congress St

Seignious, William Barton—131 State St.

Sellman, John H.—263 .Summer St

Sewall, Homer—31 Milk St

Sharp, Albert R.—82 Devonshire St

.Shattuck, Henry L.—82 Devonshire St...

Shaw, Fred—157 Essex St

Shaw. Robert Gould, Jr.—31 Milk St

.Shaw, Samuel Parkman, Jr.—17 Court St.

Shaw, Theodore L.—135 Dorchester Ave.

Shaw, Walter K.—160 State St

Shea, Albert G.—SO Congress .St

Shea, Francis A.—502 Harrison .\ve

Shea, Joseph M.—80 Boylston St

.Shearer, A\^illiam Leonard, Jr.—81 Arlington St,'

Sheehan, D. F.—385 Washington St

Sheehan, Francis P.—569 Boylston St....

.Shepard, Horace Blanchard—201 I'evon-shire St

Shepard, Thomas H.—201 Devonshire St.

.Sherburne. Tohn H.—19 Congress St

Sherman, Charles W.—1300 Statler Bldg,

Sherman, John F.—31 Milk St

Sherrill, Edgar Beaman—270 Congress St.

Sherrill, Everett A.—270 Congress .St. . .

Sherrill, F. Goldthwaite—Cor. Tremont & W^jst Sts _

Shoolman, Max— ZZZ Washington St. ...

.Short, Myron W.—6 Hamilton Place. . . .•

Shriner, Blanchard U.—63 ATelcher St...

Shumway, Carl E.—453 W^ashington St.

Shimawav, Franklin P.—453 Washington St. ..:

Shurtleff, Arthur Asahel—171 Massachusetts Ave

Shurtleff, William H.—493 C St

Sias, George W.—68 Devonshire St

Silber, Albert H.—551 Tremont St

Sills, William C—31 St. James Ave

Silver, Elmer E.—79 Milk St

Silverstein, Saul Mark—1020 Park Square Bldg

.Simmons, Fay Alton—24 Federal St

Simmons, Marmion J.—40 Central St. . .

Simmons, Oscar H , Tr.—Park Square Bldg '

.Simpson, FTiram L.—63 Lean St

Simpson, James E.—85 Devonshire St...

.Simpson, .Scott Clement Ward—131 Clarendon St

Sircom, Frank R.—89 State St

Skinner, Ivan Frick—20 Kilby St

Skinner, John— IZ Tremont St

Slack, Francis Hervey—87 Shawmut Ave.

Slattery, Charles Lewis—1 Joy St

Slocum, W'illiam Henrv—55 Kilby St....

Small, Alfred Willis—3"0 School St

Small, F. L.—183 Essex St

Smalley, Edward B.— 11 Washington St. North

Smith, Albert H.—100 Shawmut Ave....

Smith, Albert Paine—Faneuil Hall Market




Boston— (Continued )

Smith, Alexander R., Jr.—10 State St... Smith, Arthur B.— 33 Harrison Ave....

Smith, C. Fred—465 Medford St

Smith, Charles S.—465 Medford St.,

Charlestown District

Sniitli, Edgar Jacobs—551 Tremont St.

Smith, Francis B.—30 Kilby St

Smith, Francis E.—111 Devonshire St. . Smith, Franklin E.—50 Congress St.. . .

Smith, Fred S.—142 Berkeley St

Smith, George Willard—87 Milk St

Smith, Grafton—87 Milk St

Smith, Henry P.—177 Milk St

Smith, Henry St. John—20 Brookline


Smith, Herbert N.—50 Congress St

Smith, J. Newton—IS State St

Smith, John H.—125 Purchase St

Smith, Linville H.—701 Centre St., Jamaica Plain

Smith, Louis C—Old South Bldg

Smith, Marcell N.—52 Summer St

Smith, Nelson Harvey—52 Summer St..

Smith, Reginald Heber—60 State St

Smith, Renshaw, Jr.—141 Federal St

Smith, Roger Da\—101 Milk St

Smith, Rutherford E.—570 Columbia Rd.,


Smith, Silvanus— 77 Sudbury St

Smith, Sumner—50 Congress St

Smith, Walter Arnold—74 India St

Smith, William E.—50 Congress St.. . . Smither. Robert N.—13 Congress St.... Smvth, Winfield Scott—SO Beacon St. . .

Snelling, Henry B. W.—147 Milk St

Snow, Albert "S.—SO Congress St

Snow, Ernest A.—S3 State St ■. . .

Snow, Walter Bradlee—Statler Bldg

Snow,' William G.—38 ChauncA' St

Snyder, Frederic S.—53 Blackstone St... Snyder, Joseph S.—47-63 Blackstone St. Sohier, VVilliam Davies, Jr.—17 Court St. Soley, William A.—220 Devonshire St.. . Soliday, Joseph Henry—6 Park Square..

Solomont, James—21 Milk St

Solomont. Oscar H.—333 Washington St.

Somers, Edmond J.—73 Water St

Somes, Andrew Jackson—176 Federal St.

Sortwell. Alvin Foye—53 State St

Soucv, Ernest William—934 Park Square


Soule, Arthur Turner—63 Leon St

Soule, George H. S.—1 Federal St

Soule, William Hayes—1 Federal St.. . .

Southgate, Rav E.—73 Water St

Spalding, Albert C—65 South St

Spalding, Philip L.—15 State St

Sparrow, J. Arthur—115 Chauncv St.... Sp^ulding, Archibald Harris—42 Franklin

St. ..

Spaulding, Benjamin C.—63 High St

Spaulding, Charles—42 Franklin St... .. Snaulding, Franklin F.—232 Summer St.. Spaulding, J. Harrv—161 Tremont St.. Spaulding. John L., Jr.—66 King St.,


Spear. Russell B.—10 Post Ofifice Square

Soear, Ssmuel G.—SO Terminal St

Speare, Frank Palmer—316 Huntington


Spearman Alfred T.—301 Coneress St... Spencer, Allard W.—511 Washington St.

Spencer, Carl M.—75 Tremont St

Spencer, Howard E.—24 Milk St

Spencer, Walter A.—41 India St

.Sperrv, Marcv T^eavenworth—49 Federal

S1.' '.

Spiller, H. C—27 State St

.'^Dottiswoode. William—209 Berkeley St.

Sprague, David E.—30 Si^t" St. . .'.

Sprague, Eugene Hale—101 Blackstone


Sprague, Phineas .Shaw—10 Post Office


Sprague, Phineas W.—10 Post Office


Spring, Romne}'— 73 Tremont .St

Stabile, Harrv J.—192 Hanover St

Stacev, Winthro]) D., (M. D.)—47 Winter


Stackpole. Pierpont L.—84 State St... .. Stafford, Morgan H.—50 Federal St.... Stanley, Walter S.—55 Blackstone St... Stan wood, Charles E.—150 Congress St. Stanwood, I'Vancis J.—150 Congress St.. Stanwood, William E.—.50 Congress St... Staples, William A.—141 Milk St


Stark, Archibald L.—1895 & 1897 Washington St

Starr, Henry E.—81 Essex St

Starr, William J.—116 Harrison Ave....

Steadman, Chester Chandler—45 Milk St.

Stearns, Albert Maynard—98 Taylor St.

Stearns, Robert Bangs—38 Chauncy St..

Stearns, Russell B.—31 Milk St

Stebbins, Ralph G.—172 Tremont St

Stedlast, Albert R.—156 Oliver St

Steele, Ernest M.—330 Boylston St

Steele, Francis R. Carnegie—1 Federal St.

Steele, Fred W.—141 Milk St

Stein, Herbert L.—60 Massachusetts Ave.

Steinert, Alexander—162 Boylston St. ...

Stelle, Ernest L.—52 Chauncy St

Stembridge, Alfred R.—31 Milk St

Stephenson, Benjamin Turner—SO Federal St

Stephenson, George Eustis—324 Washington St

Stern, Benjamin—727 Washington St. ...

Stetson, Charles—60 State St

Stetson, Graydon—111 Devonshire St. ..

Stetson, Herbert O.—950 Park Sq. Bldg.

Stetson, William N., Jr.—140 Federal St.

Stevens, C. L.—First National Bank Bldg.

Stevens, Elmer A.—10 Post Office Sq...

Stevens, Sidney—Atlantic National Bank

Bldg :

Stevens, Willard H.—969 Commonwealth Ave

Stevenson, William B.—282 Congress St.

Stickney, Clinton G.—88 Pearl St '. .

Stidstone, George W.—1020 Park Square Bldg

Strong, William C—120 Fulton St

Stockton, Howard—SO State St

Stodder, Clement Kimbal—28 India Wharf

Stone, .Arthur D.—35 Sleeper St

Stone, Arthur P.—10 Post Office Square

Stone, Arthur P.—27 State St

Stone, Edward C—110 Milk St

Stone, Edward H.—67 Kingston St

Stone, Frederick W.—61 Chatham St. ...

Stone, James Sidney—30 State St

Stone, Malcolm Bowditch—80 Federal St.

Stone, Marshall I.—179 W. First St., South Boston

Stone, Orra L,- 950 Park Sq. Bldg

Stone, Robert B.—SO State St

Stone, Robert Gregg—87 Milk St

Stone, Walter M.— 33 Summer St

Stonemetz, Harry M.—53 State St

Storer, John Humphreys—10 State St...

Storer, Robert T. P.—Ill Devonshire St.

Storer, Theodore L.—60 State St

Story, Fred W.—SO Oliver St

Story, H. Chester—35 Congress St

Stover, Willis W.—18 Tremont St

Street, Gerald G. E.—185 Devonshire St.

Strobel, Fred W.—161 Hanover St

Strout, Charles B.—1762 Washington St..

.Stuart, Frederick William, Jr.—426 Washington St

Stuart, Harold Ernest—176 Purchase St..

Stucklen, Louise M.—82 Devonshire St. .

Studley, Robert L.—267 Summer St

Sturges, Allan H.—199 Washington St. . .

Sullivan, Gerald M.—626 Commonwealth Ave

Sumner, Herbert G.—84 State St

Sutherland, Henrv E.—Box 22, Dorchester

Swain. Willis M.—80 Boylston St

Swan, Edward W.—24 Simmons St

Swan, Frank C.—59 Bedford St

Sweeney, John R.—81 Essex St

Sweet, Charles A.—93 Franklin St

Sweet, George W.—109 Brookline Ave. .

-Sweet, Henrv N.—60 Congress St

Sweetnam, George Henry—641-43 Atlantic Ave

Sweetser, Philip Starr—60 State St

Swenson, Carl John—28 State St

Swett, George Lee—64 India St

Swift, George H.—60 No. Market St

Swift, Jesse G.—340 Summer St

Sydeman, Abraham—176 Federal St

(see Addenda page 1692)

Symonds, Henry A.—70 State St

Taber, George E.—52 Bovlston .St

Taft, Edward A.—1 Federal St

Taft, W. Allen—40 Court St

Taggard, Henry—70 Federal St

Tapper, Albert Kaye—177 Milk St

Tarbox, Ernest F.—262 Washington St...


Boston—(Continued )

Taussig, William G.—10 Post Office Sq. Taylor, Alden Richardson—52 Chauncy


Taylor, Amos L.—40 Court St

Tavlor, George— 77 Summer St

Taylor, John C—60 State St

Taylor, John R.—31 Milk St

Taylor, Martin Allison—Court St

Tavlor, Warner Varnum—185 Devonshire


Taylor, William O.—242 Washington St. i ebbets, Charles Luther—632 Beacon St. Tedcastle, Arthur W.—663-667 Atlantic


Tellstrom, Anders Theodore—1762 Washington St

Temple, Edward Hastings, Jr.—80 Federal


Tennant, Frederick A.—Old South Bldg. Tenney, Albert Ball—200 Devonshire St.. Tennev, Charles Henry—200 Devonshire

St. :

Tenney, Edward S.—98 Taylor St.,


l^rhune, Everit B.—207 South St

Terhune, William L.—448 Beacon St

Terry, Philip B.—42 Franklin St

Tewksbury, Lyndon B.—232 Summer St..

Thaver, Frederick M.—40 Water St

Thayer, Lloyd J.—97 South St

Thayer, Ravmond Hollis—97 South St. ..

Thayer, William H.—79 Sudbury St

Thomas, Edward A.—Pemberton Sq

Thompson, Henry S,—60 State St

Thompson, Milton S.—99 Broad St

Thompson. Ralph E.—15 West First St.. . Thompson, Rupert Campbell—Shawmut

Bank Bldg _

Thompson, Sanford Eleazer—80 Federal


Thompson, Wayne B.—-60 High St

Thompson, William Goodrich—1132-1139

Tremont Bldg

Thomson, Philip W.—1 Federal St

Thorndike, Albert—19 Con.gress St

Thorndike, Herbert W.—52 Elm St

Thornquist. Carl J.—53 State St

Thoron, Ward—53 State St

(see Addenda page 1693)

Thorp, Joseph G.—131 State St

Thorpe, Fred Edward—131 State St

Thurber, Charles Herbert—15 Ashburton


Thurlow, Henry A.—38 Chauncy St

Tibbetts, G. Wallace—Court & Washington Sts

Tibbetts, Henry .S.—215 Essex St

Tichell, Clarence—85 Devonshire St

Ticknor, Benjamin H.—2 Park St

Tilden, Henry P.—30 Court St

Tilden, Tames A.—South Boston

Tilton, Walter F.—28 Summer St

Timmerman, Dwicfht E.—101 Milk St. ...

Tirrell, Arthur R.—112 Beach St

Tirrell, Frederick N.—294 Washington St.

Tirrell, Philip Henr>—100 Milk St

Tisdale, George E.—100 Shawmut Ave. ..

Titcomb, Albert C.—38 Chauncv St

Tod, Stuart—1 Federal St

Tolman, Fred Harold—260 Tremont St...

Tompkins, Fred L

Tracy, Jav, Jr.—6 Beacon St

Trafford, Bernard W.—67 Miik St

Trainer, Harry R.—55 High St

Traiser, Richard E.—116 Merrimac St. .., William Ropes—10 State St

Travis, Harold G.—80 Federal St

Treat, George Winfield—200 Devonshire

St '

Tredennick, John—185 Devonshire St. ... Torrey, Wilbur C.— 27 Haymarket Sq. . . Tower, Frank S.—122 Brookline Ave. . . .

Tower, Charles L.—292 Boylston St

Tower, Clement B.—68 Western Ave. . . . Tower, Benjamin Curtis—87 Milk St. ... Tower, Russell B.—453 Washington St. . .

Towne, .A.lden C—84 State St

Towner, Wayland Dean—80 Federal St... Townsend, Robert Elmer—85 Devonshire


Townsend. VVilliam S.—IS State St

Tozzer, Arthur Clarence—178 Tremont St.

Tripp, Lvnian C—157 Pearl St

Trumbull, Walter H., Jr.—115 Devonshire


Tucker, Philip M.—201 Devonshire St. . . Tuckett, Charles R.—Custom House .."...

Massachusetts REGISTER OF DIRECTORS Massachusetts

Boston—(Continued) Boston—(Continued) Boston—(Continued)

Tufts, Bowen—150 Congress St Waterman, Charles F.—60 Devonshire St. Whiting, Jasper—84 State St

TuUv, Francis W.—518 Washington St... Waterman, Frank S.—497 Commonwealtn Whiting, John K.—570 Rutherforrl Ave.

Tupper, Alton F.—46 Ames Bldg Ave Whiting, Max O.—24 Federal St

Turner, John Franklin—3 Park St Waterman, George H.—78 Chauncy St... Whiting, Walter R.—104 Sudbury St. ...

Turner, William D.—87 Milk St Waters, Herbert Bentley—394 Atlantic Whitman, Hendricks Hallett—78 Chauncy

Tuttle, Howard M.—60 Massachusetts Ave St

Ave Watkins, Charles Hadley—40 Broad St. . Whitman, Henrv B.—273 Summer St. . .

Tuttle, Julius Herbert—1154 Boylston St. Watson, Franklin O.—1 No. Market St. . . Whitman, William—-78 Chauncy St

Tuttle, Morton Chase—862 Park Square Watson, Geo. H.—871 Commonwealth Whitman, William, Jr.—78 Chauncy St.

Bldg Ave ■ ._ , . Whitmore, Henry—40 Central St

Tylee, Clinton W.—161 Devonshire St. . . Watson, Lester—87 Milk St . Whitney, Alfred H.—299 Congress St. . .

Tyler, Charles H.—Ames Bldg Watson, Paul Barron—50 State St Whitney, C. Handasyde—30 State St. ..

Tyler, Daniel, Jr.—167 Lincoln St Waiters, Walter Frederick Whitney, Frank Ormond—88 fremont

Tyler, Frederick B.—47 South Market St. Waugh, Samuel Belcher—29 Sleeper St.. St

Tyler, George A.—368 W. Broadway Wayland, Robert S.—10 State St Whitney, Harrie H.—17 Pearl St

South Boston Weathers, Charles D.—1 State St Whitney, J. Theodore—100 Arlington St.

L'hl, William Frank—201 Devonshire St. Webber, Marcus Bernard—150 Congress Whitney, James E.—131 State St

Upham, Burt F.—470 Atlantic Ave St Whitney, Lambert N.—50 Oliver St

Upton, Roger—121 Beverly St Webber, Paul B.—150 Congress St Whjttaker, Arnold—10 Post Office Square

Vaas, Joseph F.—246 Summer St Webber, Ralph B.—35 Congress St Whittemore, Arby C.—299 Atlantic Ave.

"Vahey, John P.—First National Bank Webster, Edwin S.—49 Federal St Whittemore, Frederick H.—154 Hanover

Bldg., Hyde Park Webster, Frank G.—115 Devonshire St.. . St

Valentine, Charles E.—88 Summer St. .. Webster, Geo. W., Jr.—217 State St Whittemore, Homer F.—24 Federal St..

A^anderniace, Francis J.— 7?i Tremont St. Weed, Arthur H.—1 Federal St Whittemore, Horace A.—89 Pearl St. ..

Vander Pyl, Cornelius—1109 & 1111 Weed, Charles F Whittemore, John Adams, Jrl-50 Con--

Columbus Ave Weeks, Alonzo Page—28 State St gress St

Van Dusen, Sidney—99 Chauncy St Weeks, x\ndrew Grav—15 State St Whittemore, William F.— 72> Tremont St.

Van Sant, Walter M.—22 Parkman St. .. Weeks, Robert S.—24 Federal St Whitten, George R.—68 Western Ave. ..

Van Voorhis, H. Cortland—30 Federal St. Weeks, Sinclair—6 Beacon St Whitten, William S.— Z77 Broadwav ....

Varga, Charles—177 Milk St Weeks, Warren C—11 Beacon St Whitty, Frank William—409 Albany St. .

Varney, Wilson B.—374 Washington St. Weinberg, Jesse W.—52 Chauncy St Wiggin, Arthur M

Vaughan, Herman W Weissblatt, Willard B.—38 Chauncy St.. Wiggin, Charles Edward—52 Devonshire

Vaughan, Irving D.'—28 Chauncy St. ... Welch, Edward Sohier— 72> Tremont St. . . St

Vaughan, Samuel—82 Devonshire St Welch, John E.—166 Hanover St Wiggin, Joseph—27 State St

Vaughan, Walter C.—1 & 2 Haymarket Weld, A. Winsor—10 Post Office Square Wiggin, Morrill—50 Terminal St

Square Weld, Bernard C—131 State St Wiggin, Parry C—1 Federal St

Vaughan, William Warren—53 State St. Wellington, Alfred E.—20 Meridian St., Wigglesworth, Frank—20 Brookline Ave,

Vaughn, Walter J.—50 State St East Boston Wigglesworth, George—40 Central St. . .

A'erhoefj, Frederick Herman—82 Com Wellington, Arthur W.—224 Summer St.. Wigglesworth, Norton—40 Central St. . .

monwealtli Ave Wellington, Edmund S.—79 Milk St Wightman, George William—60 State St.

Viaux, Frederic—53 State St Wellington, J. Frank—20 Exchange Place Wilbur, George S.—161 Devonshire St...

Vivian, John W.—189 Congress St Wellington, L. B.—50 Congress St Wilde, Allan H.—131 Clarendon St

Vogel, Augustus H., Jr.—87 South St. ... Wellman, Arthur H.— ISO Congress St. . Wilde, W. Eugene—131 Clarendon St. ..

Vorenberg, F. Frank Wells, Wellington—330 State House Wilder, Frank M.—1114 Statler Bldg...

A'orenberg, Fred—417 Washington St. .. Welsh, Willard—209 Washington St Wilder, Henry H.—40 Broad St

Vorenberg, Samuel—417 Washington St. Wentworth, Edward B.—1 Federal St. ... Wilder, Salmon W.—148 State St

Vose, Alfred E.—530 Atlantic Ave Wentworth, Henry A.—55 Congress St Wildes, Maurice H.—30 State St

Wadden, William M.—79 Milk St Wentworth, Joseph—30 State St Wiley, William S.—36 Kilby St

Wadsworth, Eliot—180 Marlborough St.. West, George S.—74 State St Wilkinson, Harold F.—57 Franklin St. ..

Wadsworth, Stephen F.—70 Federal St.. West, John—35 Congress St Willard, John A.—1020 Park Square Bldg.

Waite, Frederick Caruth—28 State St. . . West, William J.—192 State St Willard, Raymond D.—819 Statler Bldg.

Wakefield, Julius R.—17 Court St Weston, Melville—87 Milk St Willcox, Westmore, Jr.—30 Federal St. . .

Walcott, Charles—87 Milk St Weston, Wendell M.—80 Federal St Willcutt, Edward F.—146 Summer St. ..

AVales, Quincy White—493 C St Wetmore, Robert B.—588 Commonwealt'i Willett, William—30 Pear! St

Wales, William Q.—C, Fargo & Egmont Ave Willey, Joseph H.—250 Devonshire St.. .

Sts "; Wetmore, V. C. Bruce—76 Pearl St Williams, Alexander K.—65 Long Wharf

Walker, Arthur W.—31 Union St Wetterer, Charles F. W.—49 Federal St. . Williams, Charles F.—79 Milk St

Walker, Cliflford H.—50 Federal St Weymouth, Frank M.—383 Dorchester Williams, Gardner Boyd—481 Summer St.

Walker, Edward C.—42 Hartford St Ave., South Boston Williams, Henry M.—10 State St

Walker, Eugene H.—79 Milk St Whealer, Roy Arthur—1100 JPark .Square Williams, Joseph H.—160 Federal St. ..

Walker, Frank B.—38 Chauncy St Bldg Williams, Joseph S.—486 Summer St. . . ^

Walker, Frederick B.—496 First St., Soutli Wheeler, Alexander—511 Sears Bldg. . . . . Williams, Lombard—201 Devonsiiire St,

Boston Wheeler, Edward C, Jr.—24 Federal St Williams, Moses—18 Tremont St

Walker. Henry M.—496 First St., South Wheeler, Elbert—14 Beacon St . . . Williams, Oliver E.—42 So. Russell St.

Boston Wheeler, Henrv—511 Sears Bldg. !. ! ! ! ! Williams, Roy F.—90 Ames Bldg

Walker, J. Murray—82 Devonshire St. ... Wheeler.'James W. 53 State St Williams, Sydney M.—15 Congress St. ..

Walker, Josiah L.—Parker House Wheelock, Louis N. 141 Milk St '. Williams, Thomas Edmund—35 Ciongress

Walker, Richard D.—31 Union St Wheelwright, Josiah—6 Rowe's Wharf St

Walker, Victor R. F.—207 Essex St Whidden, Robert A.—100 Arlington St Williamson, R. Russell—152 Purchase St.

Wall, George A.—131 State St Whidden, Stephen H.—24 Milk St Willing, James—1 Federal St

Wallace, F. Earl—209 Washington St. . . Whistler, Ross—34 Beacon St Willis, Arthur—SO State St

Walsh, Daniel E.—33 Summer St White, Alfred B.—85 Devonshire St. . . . Willis, Harold—346 Congress St

Walsh, James J.—153 Milk St White, Benjamin Franklin—30 Federal Wilson, Charles H.—22 Beacon St

Walsh, John F.—1 Beacon St St Wilson, Charles J. A.—40 Broad St

Walters, Kenneth M.—178 Tremont St. .. White. Bertram Hedges—111 Devonshire Wilson, George Sumner—93 Berkelev St.

AValworth, Arthur Clarence—81 Commer St Wilson, Henry L.—31 St. James Ave. ..

cial Wharf White, Frank Owen—31 Milk St Wilson, John E.—55 Blackstone St

Ward, Dana Fisher White, Frank S.—53 State St Wilson, Robert G.—167 Lincoln St

War'd, John—50 Farnsworth St White, Herbert Warren, (M. D.)—9 Craw Wilson, Robert Gardner, Jr.—148 State

Ward, Lauriston—22 Beacon St ford St., Grove Hall St

Wardwell, Sheldon E.—84 State St White, James D.—110 State St Wiltshire, William F.—37 No. Market St

Ware, Storer P.—30 Federal St White, James N.—10 Post Office Sq. ... Winchell, Thomas R.—1013 Statler Bldg.

Warner, Frederick H.—77 Chauncy St. .. White, Llewellyn O.—334 Boylston St. .. Winchester, Edmund—87 Kilhy St

Warner, Henrv E.—84 State St White, Thomas F.—102 "A" St., South Wing, Daniel Gould-67 Milk St

Warner, Robert L.—40 Central St Boston Wingate. Charles E. L.—257 Wa<;hington

Warren, Calvin E.—50 Kilby St White, Thomas W.—332 Park Square St

Warren, Clarence A.—Suite 905, Pember Bldg Wingate, Philip E.—68 Essex St

ton Bldtr White, Webb B.—30 Federal St Winn, William A.—30 Federal St

Warren, Fiske—101 Milk St White, William A.—102 A St., South Winship, Albert Edward—6 Beacon St. .

Warren, George Copp—P. O. Box 1869 '. '. Boston Winslow, Sidney W., Jr.—205 Lincoln St.

Warren, Minton M.—33 Congress St White, William Howard—87 Milk St. .. '^''^'^ Addenda page 1693)

Warren, Philip L.—49 Federal St Whitehead, James H.—48 Franklin St. , . Winslow, Winthrop C—248 Bovlston St.

Warren, Ralph L.—P. O. Box 1869 Whiteside, Alexander—30 State St Winsor, Alexander—115 Devonshire St. .

Washburn, Frederic Augustus Whithan, Glenn S.—140 Charles St Winsor, Robert--115 Devonshire St

Washburn, George F.—8 Hollis St Whiting, Charles F.—570 Rutherford Ave. Winsor, Robert, Jr.—216 Berkelev St. ...

Washburn, Ralph D.— 77 Franklin St. ... Whiting, Herbert A.—136 Federal St. .. Winton, Henry D.—Corner E & Second

Wason. Leonard—80 Federal St Whiting, Isaac S,—570 Rutherford Ave. Sts., South Boston







Wise, Arthur Chami)erlin—15 Congress St

Wise, Franl< W.—177 Milk St

Wit, Manuel—287 Atlantic Ave

Wit. Maurice—287 Atlantic Ave

Wit, Max D.—287 Atlantic Ave

Wit, Samuel—287 Atlantic Ave

Witheck, Leonard Weed—387 Stuart St. .

Witham, Stephen A.—31 St. James Ave.

Witherell, Percy W.—175 Portland St. .. (see Addenda paee 1693)

Wolcott, Oliver—17 Court St

Wolcott, Samuel H

Wolkins, George G.—50 Congress St

Wollinprer, George F.—330 Summer St. :.

Wonsoh. Waverly Tillinghast—300 Washington St

Wood, Allen Rowland-178 Tremont St.

Wood, Arthur W.—19 Congress St

Wood, George A. G.—250 Stuart St

Wood, Orrin G.—15 State St

Wood, Walter S.—15 Wharf St

Wood, William A.—100 Arlington St. ...

Wocdberrv, Wm. H.—24 Purchase St. . .

Woodbury, Wm. L.—177 Milk St

Woodman, John H.—356 Washington St.

Woods, Edward F.—40 Broad St

Woods, Joseph F.—101 Milk St

Woods, Thos. S.—60 Congress St

Woodside, Charles L.—40 Broad St

Woodward, Clark E.—1100 Park Square Bldg

Woodward, Percv Emmons—169 High

St :

Wbodworth, Albert D —141 Essex St. ... Woodworth, Stewart C.—1*^9 Wa-hington


\^^o^kman, W. Horace—6 Beacon St

Worrick, Charles Bridgham—142 High


Worth, Walter E. C—40 Broad St

Worthen, Joseph W.—100 Milk St

Worthen, Nathaniel T.—100 Milk St. . . . Worthington, William J. H.—263 .Summer


Wray, John—202 Southampton St

Wrenn, (ieorge L., 2nd—53 State St

Wright, Arthur W.—426 Washington St. Wright, Edward Clarence—121 Beverly


Wright, Frank FI.—111 Devonslure St. .. Wright, George .Sumner—311 Summer St. Wright, Irving C.—344 Washington St. . .

Wright, lohn P.—Ames Bldg

Wright, Richard William—160 State St. .

Wright, Stanford—1 Federal St

Wright, Warren Mead—311 Summer .St. Wriglev, Maurice—450 Washington St. . .

Wyeth,' Walter F.—84 State St

Wyman, Arthur M.—32 Derne St

Wyman, Eugene T^.—176 South St

Wyman, George FI.— IZ Tremont St

Wyman. Henry Augustus— S2> Stite St. .. Wyman, William I.J.—22 Bromiield St. . Yeames, Harold .A.—199 Washington St. Yont, Alonzo E.—1029 Park Square Bldg. Young, Benjamin Loring—50 Federal St.

Young, Francis E.—60 High St

Young, George Standish—185 Franklin St. Young, Harold W.—111 Purchase St. ..

Young, Kenneth T.—70 State St

Young, Oliver Moore—251 A St

Young, Robert Andrew—209 Washington


Young, William H.—50 Congress St. . . . Youngman, William Sterling — State


Zicgler, Alfred M.—1257 Columbus Ave.,


Ziegler, Charles L.—1257 CoIunir;us Ave.,


Ziegler, Percy Rolfe—Sullivan Square. . .


Hapgood, Charles W.—Rear 39 Market


Newhall, Frank G.—108 Washington St.

Ross, Thorvald S.—P. O. Box H


Allen, William G.—5 Nortn Main St

Buck, Malcolm R.—90 Main St

Cooper,' John Joseph—185 Main St

Coulter, Joseph E.—Campello Station . . Drew, Fred—153 Court St

(see also Addenda page 1694)

Emmerson, W. H.—Campello

Ewell, Albert R.—90 Main St


Fillebrown, Clarence R.—90 Main St. . .

Eraser, Robert C.—146 Main St

Howard. Frederick B.—34 School St. . . Keith, Edward Adalbert—Station Ave.,


Keith, Harold C.—Campello

Keith, Joseph W.—106 Main St ■.

Kent, A. T

Kent, John S.—583 Warren Ave

Kent, John S., Jr.—583 Warren Ave. . . . Lawson, Harold \'. —1098 Main St.,


Leach, Georee H.—23 Station Ave

Leonard, Fred B.—89 No. Montello St. .

Moore, Charles E.—Campello

Nelson, Albert F.—42 Main St

Nevins, Charles Delbert—173 Spark St.. Nye, H. Willi.s—23 Station Ave., Campello

Packard. Walter Tyler—270 Plain St. . .

Perkins. David—Campello

Shaw, William Everett—23 Station Ave..


Thorndike, Herbert Cahoone—232 Main

_ St .^

Tinkhatn, Herbert L

Winslow. Bernard B.—School St


Bassett, Lindoff A

MacLaurin, John

McLaurin. William Wallace

Sanborn, Frank A

Thoniiison, William D


Baker, Edward W.—Town Hall

Burriil, Charles Lawrence—Gorham St. . l^riscoll, Joseph—94 Washington St. . . Emmons, Alfred Page—89 Carlton St. . . Farnsworth. Edward M.—18 Maple St. . Fletcher, N. Curtis—201 Devonshire St. Francis, George Hills, (M. D.)—1501

Beacon St

Jewett, Paul N.—1341 Beacon St

Leavitt, Frederick A.—4 Cypress St. at


McGarry, James T. F.—Thorndike St. . .

Meserve, Albert J.—1341 Beacon St

?vlil!er, Charles I'Vancis Huston—1415

Beacon .St

Ogden, Hugh Walker—1 Federal St. ...

Pendleton. Arno J

Slatterv, Charles H.—1341 Beacon St. ..

W^ide, William D.—164 Dean Rd

Walker, F'rederick L.—1093 Beacon St. . Whitnev, Gardner Alfred—1341 Beacon

St. ;


Achorn, Flarry C.—254 Massachusetts

Ave .'

Adams, Ernest R.—30 Charles River-Rd. Ash, Horace W.—38 Charles River Rd. .

Ashton, Harry FI.—161 First St

Barnes, Albert M.—719 Massachusetts


Bean, James William—83 Austin St

Black, David—18-20 Ames St

Bolster, John Nelson—171 Second St.,


Bovvker, Walter H.—292 Main St

Brown, 1-^ranklin I.—End of Nutting Rd. Bunton. George FI.—243-249 Broadw"..y .

Bush. Vannevar—238 Main St

Butterworth, F^hvell R.—111 Putnam Ave. Cahill, Charles S.—311 Prospect St. .. .

Carr, Moses Francis—31 Ames St

Carter, Richard B.—239 First St

Cleaves, Louis Stephen—385 Putnam


Cleveland, Alfred E.—160 Second St. ...

Cleveland. Frank E.—160 Second St

Countway, Francis Albert—164 Broadway

Cox, Geo. Howland—1336 Massachusetts


Crane, Walter Sanger—38 Charles River


(see Addenda page 1689)

Cross. Gorham L.—465 Main St

Daggett, Fred L.—408 Main St

Dallinger, Frederick W.—Brattle Bldg. Dana, Richard Henry—113 Brattle St. ..

Davis, Rex A.—250 Albany St

Davis, Walter G.—599 Massachusetts Ave. Davis, William W.—Riverbank Conr;


Dearborn, John—38 C-harles River Rd. . . Dewev, BradlcA-—235 Harvev St



Dev.'ing, .A.rthur S

Dodson, C. P.—22 Dunster St

Dolan, James P.—675 Concord Ave

Dresser, Edwin—26 Blackstone S'

Dresser, Sumner—26 Blackstone St. ... Dunton, Kervin R.—210 Broadwav . . . .

Dj'er, George H.—155 Brookline St

Dyer, Herbert H.—689 Massachusetts


Earle, Walter F

Eckert, \\'illiam H.—38 Henry St

Endicott, Arthur L.—Harvard University

Enyard, I. Nevius—128 Sidney St

Evans, Frank T.—689 Massachusetts .\ve. Farrington, George B.—254 Massachusetts Ave

Fellows, Charles L.—18 Hurley St

Fillmore, Alfred—25 Cherry St.

Foss, Herbert D.—814 Main St.

Fowle, Albert M.—156 Sixth St

Frost, Llovd A

Fulton, A. Oram—128 Sidney St

Gardiner, James E.—Lechmere Square,

FZast Cambridge

Geiifuss, Charles A.—22 Rrookhnc S. . . . Giles, George Anson—689 MassaLiuiset'.s


Giles, John R.—689 Massachusi-.ts .Ave.. Glendining, George R.—465-475 iUim .-'r. Golding, Frank H.—46 Blackstone St. . . Gordon, Charles B.—239 Fii-sc St., l^ast


Gray, George M.—286 Thii-i St., East


Griffin, Roger Castle—30 Charle.i River


Hadley. Thomas—30 Brattle Sr

Hall, Arthur W.—79 Amherst St

Hathaway, Alvan Bourne—1336 Massachusetts Ave

Hathaway, Josiah S.—888 Memorial Drive Hathaway, Lester G.—25 Richdale Ave...

Hayes, Daniel J.—464 Rindge Ave

Hayes, John F.—464 Rindge Ave

Hay ward, Fred R.—254 Massachusetts


Hemenway, Lawrence—205 Richdale Ave. Hildreth, Stanley B.—29 Mt. Vernon St..

Hill, Olin W.—Box 147

Hull, Frank T

Kattwinkel, Max

Kelly, Frank J.—759 Massachusetts Ave Kendall, Francis Howe—East Cambridge Kimball, Andrew Allen—26 Cottage Park


Kimber, Sidney Arthur—End of Nutting


Kitfield, Harry P.—408 Main St

Lamb, Arthur Becket

Leland. Franklm E.—238 Main St

Little, Arthur Dehon—30 Charles River


Longridge, Thomas S.—University Road Lovejoy, Frederick FI.—128 Sidney St.... Lovett, Wallace R.—26 Blackstone St. . .

Lubit, Joseph M.—160 Second St

Lvnch. Albert Edward—1385 Cambridge


Manson, Harold C.—38 Henry St

Marshall, Lawrence K.—238 Main St....

Mooar, Laurence A.—19 Garden St

Munro, William Bennett—774 Widener

Library ..

Nicholl, John S.—50 Harvard St

Nichols, Arthur B.—169 Bridge St., East


Noden, Fllmer A.—75 Richdale Ave

O'SuIlivan. William J.—464 Rindge Ave. Oxnam, Ruth Fisher (Mrs.)—91 Washington .'\ve

Perkins, George . Howard—38 Charles

River Road

Perry, Adrian D.—161 First St

Perry, Joseph H.—196 Broadway

Peters, George Edwin—13 Brookline St. Philbrick, I\Ierchant E.—253 Bridge St.,

F^ast Cambridge .•

Philbrook, Verne Haven—22 Dunster St. Pike, George Dudley—Third & Potter

St., East Cambridge

Poole, Ava W.—84 Sidney St.. .

Prouty, Lewis I.—-31 Ames St

Ramhofer, Henry F

Reardon, Edmund—196 Pearl St

Reardon, William H.—195 Erie St

Reid, William B

Rice, Charles D.--814 Main St

Massachusetts REGISTER OF DIRECTORS Massachusetts

Cambridge—(Continued) Charlestown—(Continued) Everett—(Continued)

Ridley. Horace b.— 2b4 Massachusetts Sawyer, Frank D,—103 Medford St Torngren, Carl George Waldemar—712

Ave Sawyer, Ralph D.—103 Medford St. Broadway

Ritchie, Fred E.—250-260 Albany St Smith, Mark Edward Walsh, Louis J.—30 Beacham St

Runkle, John Cornelius—63 Albany St... Sullivan, William E.—40 Roland St Wrightingtoii, Edgar N.—30 Beacham St

Russell, Ralph S.—210 Broadway.. Tibbetts, Edwin Winfred—465 Medford FAIRHAVEN

Sagendroph, George A.^675 Concord St ■ _. Donovan, William F

Ave Warren, Frank D.—50 Terminal St Maxson, William E

Sanderson, Edward P.—Third & Binney Woods, Carl F.—10 Roland St FALL RIVER

Sts.. East Cambridge CHATHAM Adams, Edward S

Sanderson, Robert H.—Third, Binney & Smith, William C Adaskin, Edward—287 S. Main St

Monroe Sts CHELSEA Atwater, David H.—2 Bedford St

Sawyer, Charles H.—20 Thorndike St., Atwood, Alton B.—Vale St Bassett, Thomas B.—4:^2 Rock St

East Cambridge Atwood, Ichabod F.- Batchelder, John C.—8.) Bedlord St

Sawyer, William Duren—24 Cambridge Beals, C. Albert—140 Carter St Beattie, Roy H.—209 Bedlord St

St. Beck, John Edward—153 Hawthorne St.. Bemis, Frederick E.—59 N. Mair St

Schiffmacher, Frank M.—624 Main St.. . Donahoe, Charles J.—419 Broadway Borden, Charles N

Schhetzer, Henry H.—38 Charles River Fracker, Walter S.—435 Broadway Borden. Jercme C.—650 Davol St

Road Gould, Charles W.—278 Broadway Borden, Richard P.—57 No. Main St

Seeiye. Nelson H.—121 First St., East Marion, Gardner S.—140 Carter St Borden, Spencer—P. O. Box 1

Cambridge Martin, Bertram T Bowen, J. Whitney

Shaw, Adna B.—50 Second St.. East Cam Martin, Walter L.—Webster & Spencer Brayton, Israel

brige Ave Brayton, John S.—80 North Main St

Shaw, Henry Southworth—30 State St. Murdock, Daniel R. W.—346 Washmgton Buffington, James—10 Purchase 3t

Sloan, Charles H.—292 Cambridge St Ave Carpenter, Frank L.—749 Quequc han St.

Smith. Arthur H.—600 Massachusetts Norris, Charles Arthur—142 Second St. . . Chace, R. B.—638 Quequechan St

Ave. Page, John E.—Webster & Spencer Aves. Chase, Simeon B

Smith, Charles Cirover—292 Main St Robie, Samuel H.—18 Fourth St Cole, Edwin J.—57 N. Main St

Smith. Frederick A.—75 Richdale Ave.. . Russell, Harlow M.—Gerrish Ave Cook, Albion C.—69 Alden St

Smith, William Edwin—22 Dunster St.. . Salter, Abram—67 Spruce St Davol, Charles D.—21 Purchase St

Speare, Albert Robinson—156 Sixth St. Tierney, John F Delano, George

Speare, Edward Ray—156 Sixth Sf Wentworth, Royal Sumner—437 Broad- Durfee, Nathan—56 Water St

Sprague, Willard H way Eddy, George H

Starch, Daniel—1374 Massachusetts Ave. CHESHIRE • Fish, Richard H

Stevenson, Earl Place—30 Charles River Bowen, Eugene Bucklin Flynn, Geo. D fr

Road CHESTNUT HILL Foiev, John .....■..:,.::.::::■.:::::::

Stimpson, Harrv F.—10 Temple St Cousens, John Albert—207 Suffolk Rd. .. French, Enoch Judson

Stockwell, Ernest F.—205 Broadway Sears, Winslow—119 Old Orchard Rd. .. Gifford, Paul

Stockwell, Howard A.—205 Broadway.. . CHICOPEE Grinnell, Henry F

Stokes, Joseph M.—Inman Square Gaylord, Emerson G.—35 Center St Haffenref?er, Rudolf Frederick, fr Box

Stratton, Samuel Wesley Reach, Milton B. 808

Stuart, John R.—3rd and Potter St., East CHICOPEE FALLS Harrison. Albert A.—lis Anawan St. .'.'

Cambridge Broadwell, Edward H Hawes, Ohver S.—38 Rock St

Sturtevant, Joseph Lewis—80 Erie St risk, Harry George Hewitt, Herbert H.—680 Maple St

Sutcliffe, Everett—38 Charles River Road Taylor, Albert E.—Grove St Hiidper, Michael T.—130 South A-lain St'

Sutton, Wm. P.—183 Cambridge St CLINTON Jennings, Edward B.—547 High St. . . . .'

Tucker, Howard H.—Kendall Square... Abbott, Charles Roger Jennings William H.—397 Bay St

Turner, John Franklin—Lechmere Square, Davidson, John—29 School St ha<^e John G 434 Bay St

East Cambridge Moulton, Ivan N.—79 High St LaArop, George O. . . . . . " ' " "

Wardwell, Walter C—649 Massachusetts Stone, George C—25 Parker St Lovell Edward B. 941 Grinnell St

Ave CONCORD JCT. Mathe'wson, Foster Stafford \ '. .'. .'.'.

Warren, Herbert M.—38 Charles River Allen Chas. W MjUs^ Asa A.—165 So. Main St

Road DALION ., ^ ^ Morton, Brayton—115 Granite Block ...

Warren, Ralph L.—38 Charles River Rd. Crane, Frederick G., Jr Morton J M Jr

Warren, Willard Clinton—455 Main St. Crane, Winthrop M., Jr Osborn' James E

Washburn, Walter R.—210 Broadway. . . . Crane, Z. Marshall Osborn,' Richard—24 Bedford St

Webster, Robert D.—50 Second St Sawyer, Charles b Palmer, Percy S. 136 Pocasset St

Wetherell, Lawrence H.—251 Albany St. DAN VERS Phelan ' Joseph P 209 Bedford St

Wheeler, Fred B.—East Cambridge Creese, Walter T.—33 Water St Phillips Arthur S —10 Purchase" '^t

Sanderson, Robert H.—Third, Binney & J^^^^'^ Pft^'' Juno—123 Liberty St Powers,' Robert W.—133 Pocasset St. ...

Ave DKDHAM Prbsser, William A., Jr.—943 Picdsant St.

White, Herbert H „, °'''^' ^,\^r / Reynolds, Ralph W.—4 So. Main St

White, Russell—164 Broadway ^ ^U4^\^atII'^t:'-c Rilev. Richard G.—372 Kilburn St

Whitney, Allen F.—385 Putnam Ave.... i-Abl iiKAlW 1 KliiJ. ^ Robinson, Samuel Edwin—45 No. Main

Whitney, Carleton S.—385 Putnam Ave. Farnsworth, Edward Miller, Jr.-Quincy 5,.

Whitney. Horace E.—385 Putnam Ave. ^f^^^ ■'-•-^-^Vt^^- Shove. W. Frank—194'Belmont St.'!!.'. .'

Wright, Arthur M.—689 Massachusetts EAST BROOKFIELD Sinclair, James—Box 1001

Ave : Stevens, Billmgs M Sinclair, James A.—Howe St

Young, Harry H.—Kendall Square EASTHAMPTON Slack, Charles T.—Rear 334 Osborne 'St.

CANTON ^ ■ T u XT'" Slade, Everett N.—57 No. Main St

Bieringer. W. H Lyman John N_^ Swift, John Tuttle

Colbv, Clarence C Tt ^^ -Hi^"^^^ ,,V„.^ „, c Timanus, Eugene H

Ham'ilburg, I. M ' Norton, George William—Watertown St.. Varnev, Edward B.—102 Purchase St. . .

Hamilburg, M. J EAST NORTHFIELD Welsh, Madison F.—32 Bedford St

Hill, Thomas J.—141 Milk St Moody, Ambert G Wetherell, Howard B.—Sixth St

Swartz, Jacob EAST TEMPLETON Whitney, Roy F.—85 North Main St. ...

CHARLESTOWN Starkey, Louis Wood, L. Elmer—115 Granite Block ....

Allen, Perry Oscar—325 Medford St. . EAST WALPOLE . Zuill, R. W

Boutwell, Roland H., 2nd—494 Ruther- Allen, Philip R FARNUMSVILLE

ford Ave Bird, Charles Sumner Daw, Harry H

Bugbee, John B.—29S'A'[edford St.' '.'.'.'..' Floyd, Richard Clark FITCHBURG

Cox, Walter H.—Thompson Square . . . Miller, Herbert H , Allen, Warner M.—306 Main St

Doherty, Joseph E.-^O Roland St. EVERETT Baker, Emerson W.—327 Main St

Hood, Charles Harvey—494 Rutherford Adams, Frank A.—Orient Ave Bennett, C. Willis—32 North St

Ave A.ndrews, Elmore—210 Broadway Bullock, Richard—30 Prospect St

Hood, Gilbert H.—494 Rutherford Ave. Beake, George James—85 Paris St (see Addenda page 1688)

Hood, Gilbert H., Jr.,—494 Rutherford Blount, John Gardner—Woodland St. . . Cowdrey, C. F.—Rear 20 Main St

Ave Boyd, Frank E.—16-20 Oakes St Crocker, Alvah

Hood, Harvey P., 2nd—494 Rutherford Dexter, Raymond Chandler—457 Broad- Culley, Albert E.—Falulah Rd

Ave way ' Gushing, Milton L.—23 Gushing St

Jones, William Palmer—121 Medford St.. Driscoll, Edward Joseph—320 Main St. . . Dillon, Frederick N

Lord, George A—Spice St (see also Addenda page 1694) Dolan, William H.—17 Putnam St

McArdle, Patrick J.—91 Chelsea St Duncan, Henry—435 Broadway Howarth, Thomas F.—470 Main St. . . .

Murphy, James S.—Spice St Dunning, William Fraser Johnson, J. Lovell—109 River St

Nason. George P.—2 Thompson Sq Kahle, Richard Benton—30 Beacham St. Kelley, John Edward—470 Main St

Page. Louis E.—469 Rutherford Ave. . . Lord, James Brackett, East Everett , , . . Lowe, Arthur H

Palmer, William I.—103 Medford St Nelson, Andrew—944-948 Broadway . . . Lowe, Russell B .

Rockwood, Wendell D.—496 Main St. ... Sexton, Isaac E Luther, William A.—781 Main St. ....

Massachusetts REGISTER OF DIRECTORS Massachusetts

Fitchburg—(Continued) Haverhill—(Continued) Lawrence—(Continued)

Morse, Arthur S.—146 Water St Gilman, Henry H.—191 A^errimack St. .. Laniont, Walker M

Onthank, Elmer A.—470 Main St Gilpin, Milton A.—34 North Ave Lee, Ashton

Page, William B.—28U Main St Harrison, John M.—191 Merrimack St... Mellen, George A.—291 Essex St

Parks, Robert S Hunt, Daniel C.—81 Merrimack St Murphy, Daniel J.—301 Essex St

Simonds, Alvan Tracy—1-70 Main St Johnson, Nicholas C.—80 Merrimack St. Murray, George E.—617 Common St

Tovvnend, Harry G.—533 Main St Keith, Irving L.—92 Washington St. .. Peabody, John A.—301 Essex St

Wallace, Frederick—804 Main Sf Rathbone, Clarence A.— 11 Washington Perkins, John A

Wallace, George R., Jr St Pickels. Robert Firth—5 Warren St

Wallace, Robert S.—1 Mockege St St. Onge, Arthur R.—12-14 Merrimack St. Prescott, Roland A.—6 Essex St

Ware, Charles E.—745 Main St Spauldirg, WilHani Waldemar—153 Mer Rowell, Wilbur Everett—301 Essex St...

Welch, Lincoln R.—781 Main St rimack St Russell, George Frederick—38 Prospect

Wiley, Walter Kelton—Central and Brook Tenney, Arthur P.—20 Washington St. . . St

Sts Whitcomb, Myron L.—20 Washington St. Sargent, Fred H.—370 Essex St

FLORENCE Wright, Robert L.—177-179 Merrimack Sherman, Henry L.—238 Es.';ex St

Bliss, Homer C St Toohey, James L.—10-20 Winter St

Boyle, James Paul HINGHAM Viger, Simeon—16 Dartmouth St

Ely, Frederick C Buttimcr, Thomas H.—18 Tremont St. .. Webster, Dean K

Haven, Henry B Marsh, George Strattcn—Walter Co. LEE

Hosford, Howard W Bldg., South St Busey, Nerval H., Jr

King, Warren M Robinson, Benjamin A.— IZ North St. . . Clark, Gilbert Lawrence

Sheffeld, Charles A HOLYOKE Donahoe, Charles Joseph—Eagle St

FORGE VILLAGE Alderman, Geo. P. B.—316 High St Smith, Willard F

Cameron, Julian A Ayen, Louis S.—195-201 High St LENOX

FOXBORO Bagg, E. P.—84 Sargeant St Clifford, William Hewitt—Main St. . .

Bristol, Bennet B Barrett, Robert Edward—1 Canal St. .. Tillotson. Robert Sidney-Franklin St

FRAMINGHAM Bennett, Fred F.—Hadley Falls Bldg... LEOMINSTER

Avery, George L.—Waverly St. & Irving Bonvouloir, Pierre qjI^ Edward B

Square C base, Charles A.—88 Winter St Dnvle RermrH •W^pnripll

Dennison, Henry Sturgis Childs, Thomas S.-27S High St Wh'^eiwrigTt! Georee william-Paper

irtayden, Harold ts Coburn, Azro A [yfjjl pj^ce

Howell, W^illiam E. P •••■••• Crocker, Clifton A.—642 Main St Whitnev Frank Ylli49M<;,^r'innr aVp ' ' '

Merriam, Bernard F.-P. O. Box 82 ... . Fowler, George F t T^vrNT/^i^KT ^l-rriam A..e.. . .

Oaks, Fred L Frink, Herbert J.—517 Main St LEXINGTON

Portmore, Thomas G Hastings, Henry O.—199 High St Gilmore, George L

Van Ness, Schuyler W Holmes, Joseph Edwin—642 Main St. . . LOWELL

GARDNER Hubbard, Jeremiah N.—314 High St Allen, Charles Herbert-57 Rolfe St

Carney, Joseph P.—205 School St Jenks, Charles C .\ndrews, J. Munn—88 Prescott St

Cohen, Hayman H.—36 Main St Judge', Thomas A.—225 High St Blair, Rutherford M.—157 Market St

Crouch, Elmer W.—17 Pleasant St Lynch, Thomas J.—225 High St Chadwick, Austin K.—34 John St

Dunn, Frank C.—58a Main St Mackintosh, Charles E.—Lyman St Church, Frederic C.—53 Central St

Ferguson, Howard D Mahoney, Stephen Andrew—630 Dwight Conant, Charles P.—200 Central St

White, Fred ¥.. St Coolidge, Sidney ...

Whittemore, Francis S.—29 Parker St. . . McElwain, R. Franklin 642 Main St. . Delano, Henry C

GLOUCESTER Metcalf, F. H.—60 Jackson St Donovan, James C—109 Market St

Barker, Fred A.—134 Main St Metcalf! Howard F Dunlap, Harry—Courier-Citizen Bldg. . ..

Bradley, E. Archer Mills, William J.—292 High St Fisher, Frederic A.—805-808 Sun Bldg.. .

Eurnham, Dorothy—88 Commercial St. . . Partridge, Fred F Flather, John Rogers—John St

Darcy, Joseph William—327 Main St.. . PelHssier,' G. E Foss, Charles E.—63 Market St

Fisher, Charles E.—191 Main St Pellissier! Louis D.—Canal & Bridge Sts. Gagnon, Arthur J. (Dr.)—308 Merrimack

Fisher, Richard Bradford—Essex Ave. .. Perkins, T. Lewis, Jr.—Crescent St St

Gamage, Wm. T.—Fort Wharf Prentiss, William A Gilmore, Elbert J.—147-165 Merrimack St.

Garland, Simon—18 Commonwealth Ave. Russell, Henry L.—361 Dwight St Guyette, Walter E.—53 Central St

MacPhee, Joseph F Russell,' Rol^ert Henry—361 Dwight St. . Hatch, Arthur Edwin—145 Thorndike St.

McKenney, Sumner Y.—221-223 Main St. Sawyer, Isaac E.—347 Dwight St Hill, Haven G.—204-206 Merrimack St...

Merchant, Epes WilHam Skinner', Williain ." Hill, J. Gilbert—174 Central St

Patch, Isaac—191 Main St Taber, Cyrus Hezekiah—88 Winter St., Hunnewell. John Arthur—29-39 Market

Phillips, Ezra L.—191K Main St Cor. Appleton St

Smith, Herbert E Towne, Edward S Kiernan, Patrick W.—Carter St

Sullivan, Frank B.^108 Main St Towne! Frank B Lamson, William Abbott—125 Perrv St.

Taft, Edgar S.—201 Main St Tucker', Elmer Clayton—642 Main St MacPhie, Elmore I.—266 Mt. Vernon St.

Tarr, Frederick H.—111 Main St Whiting, William F Marble, Frederick P.—8 Merrim.ack St...

Thompson, Frederick S.—164 Main St. . . Wilkinson Edward H Marden, Robert F.—15 Kearney Square..

GRANITEVILLE Woods, Frank .A,. (Dr.^—197 E!m St... Moody, James E.—207 Walker St

Abbot, Edward Mosley HOPEDALE Murkland, Walter It.—53 Central St

GREAT HARRINGTON Darrin, Erwin Nellis Nelson, Clarence H.—S3 Central St

Sanford, Walter B.—12 Mahaine Block .. Johnson Abram Duncan Prince, .\rthur D.—108 Merrimack St.. . .

GREENFIELD HOPKINTON Pearson, Gardner W.—53 Central St. ...

Allen, Wm. Blake Cob, Francis S Pollard, Harry Gilmore — Merrimack,

Bardwell, Oscar W HOUSATONIC Pahner & Middle Sts

Blake, Eugene B.—62 Franklin St Church, John H. C Robertson, William Leyland—72-82 Pres-

Carson, Howard G.—242 Main St McKernon, Charles cott St

Davenport, William A.—191 Main St. .. Ramsdell, T. Ellis Runels, George H.—351 Middlesex St. ..

Donovan, John E.—57 Wells St Ramsdell! Thomas S Tucke, Edward M.—53 Central St

Echols, Francis G Ravbold Walter James Welcome, Harold A.—125 Perry St

Keith, Charles H.—173 Main St HYANNIS LYNN

Lawrence, George W.—41 Federal St. .. Chase, Walter B Ball, George H.—545 Washington St. ..

Lunt, George C Megathlin, Charles W^—Main St Bathrick, John J.—11 to 25 Market St. ..

Payne, Frederick H INDIAN ORCHARD Blood, Philip William—94 Summer St. ..

Sheldon, George A.—220 Alain St Bemis, Howard R Bruce, Frank E.—134 Market St

Smead, John W Brooks, John C Burwen, Solomon—425 LTnion St

Snow, Francis J.—191 Main St Gilbert, Adolph W Creighton, Albert M.—600 Broad St

Wood, Herman L • LAWRENCE Foster, Earle I.—345 Union St

GRISWOLDVILLE Brown, George Gibson Eraser, Eugene B.—90 Exchange St. . .

Ballard, Joseph W Chamberlain, All)ert Henrv—500 Broad Hastings, Charles H.—38 Exchange St...

HANOVER way Healey, Joseph D. A.—25 Exchange St.

Sylvester, Joseph S Chandler, Frederic N.—Bav State Bldg. Libbey, W. M

HAVERHILL Choate, Edmund B.—17 Ridge Road Libbey, Walter S.—479 Union St

Butler, W^illiam H.—14 Granite St Couch, Albert I.—296 Essex St Mahoney, Alfred B.—22 Central Ave. . .

Clement, George Kimball—111 Merrimack Coulson, Walter—706 Bay State Bldg Martin, Willard D.—38 Exchange St

St Donovan, lames A.—706 Bav State Bldg. Mendelsohn, Gabriel M.—14 Central Ave.

Cogswell, Willard G.—3 Washington Eaton, Fred H.—301 Essex St Milhendler, Jacob—425 Union St

St Farr. David C.—30 Lawrence St Pinkham, Arthur Wellington—134 Mar-

Croy, Charles Hudson—9 Washington Foye, Lewis A.—255 Essex St ket St

St Hamblet, George W.—30 Island St Pinkham. Charles H.—271 Western Ave.

Ellis, Warren Eugene—106 Essex St. . . Kimball, Alfred—Blanchard St Pritchard, Charles Rollins—90 Exchange

Fowler. Matthew J.—171 Merrimack St.. . Kitchin, Charles H.—P. O. Box .396 St

Giles, Lewis H.—163 Merrimack St Knuepfer, Reinhard G.—286 Essex St. . . Rolfe, Charles E

Massachusetts REGISTER OF DIRECTORS Massachusetts

Lynn—(Continued) Newburyport—(Continued) Newton—(Continued)

Stephenson, William R. C—25 Exchange Balch, John H., Jr.—51 Water St Stuart, Frank H.—222 Pearl St

St B'oss, P-rnest—76 State St Whitman, William S.—272 Centre St. ...

Stiles, Arthur H.—274 Union St Jones, Nathaniel N.—59 State St NEWTON CENTRE

Tapley, Henry F.—534 Chamber of Com Kinsman, William A.—260 Merrimack St. Blanchard, Fred M.— o6 Norwood Ave. . .

merce Bldg Richardson, George W Gibson, James W.—984 Comnionwealth

Wadleigh, Arthur G.—14 Central Ave. . Trask, Henrv B.—Prince Place Ave


Woodbridge, Charles G.'—77 Central Ave. Allen, Joseph H Maguire, Edward F

MALDEN Anthony, Benjamin Harris—Standard Spring, Marshall C,— 27 Washington St..

Brown, Paul B.—94 Pleasant St Bldg NEWTON UPPER FALLS

Burns, Edward E.— 337 Main St Ashley, Charles Sumner—Sixth ^t Fanning. Eugene—88 High St

Caskin, Francis H.—392 Pearl St Ashley, R. Eugene—11 No. 6th St Stanley, Vincent Clement

Chandler, Ernest L.—650 Eastern Ave. Bates, Lot Besse—423 Achusnet Ave. . . . NEWTONVILLE

Davis, Elbridge G.—422 Dowling Bldg... Bourne, William S.—P. O. Box 517 B.isley, Frederick Robert—29 Crafts St..

Gooch, William D.—123-153 Medford St. Broughton, Charles Frederic Claflin, Adams D.—797 Washington St. .

Hamerstrom, Frederick N Brown, Edward Sisson—405 Coui;ty St. . Frykstrand, Frank E.—797 Washington

Hardy, Arthur Proctor—45 Milk St Bullard, Tohn Morgan—6 Masonic Bldg.. St

Hodgdon, Robert A.—49 Clinton St Chase, Frank Bryant Halliday, William Train—303 Walnut St.

Kaulback, Frederick R.—110 Pleasant St. Cook, Irving W NORFOLK DOWNS

Keniston, Charles Edgar—6 Pleasant St. Cook, Otis Seabury—1 Masonic Pldg. . . Couch, Samuel H.—A.-lington o'i Squan-

Marshall, Farnsworth G.—Manual Arts Cook, William S tun Sts

Bldg Coulter, Herman H.—545 Orchard St.. . Doble, William Henry

Neidner, William—10-20 James St Delano, Arthur Doane—382 Acushnet Felton, George E

Ramsdell, Eben Oliver—21 Pleasant St.. . Ave Hastings, Arthur C, Jr

Shove, Francis A Desmond, William F.—41 William St. . . McCarthy, G. Ellard—27 Billings Rd. . .

Stevens, Ezra A.—97-99 Pleasant St Dexter, Charles Owen NORTH ABINGTON

Woodward, Walter E.—183 Commercial Gardner, William B W^mlan, Windsor H.—o78 Adams St. . .

St Gifford, Frank H.—628 Pleasan; St NORTH ADAMS

MANCHESTER Gladding, Wanton M.—163 Pleasant St.. Adams, Tracy Addison—Marshall St. ..

Allen, Raymond C.—5 Central St Glennon, Thomas F.—56 Prospec*- St. . . Buffum, Albert Joshua

Merrill, Frederick J .- Hersom, Thomas, Jr.- Lund's Cor. Sta Chippendale, Arthur W.—2 Chesuiut St..

MANSFIELD ■ tion Clark, Herbert B

Richardson, Daniel C Hitch, Mayhew R.—Court Hous° Flood, George B

MARBLEHEAD Holmes, Charles M Greer, William Kirk

Houser, Horace M Kelley, Charles S.—20 Market Si Grindv. Albert Leonard

MARLBORO Kern, W. E., Jr Harlow, Ivan Othma

Curtis, John A.—Cotting Ave Kirwin, Henry H.—311 So. Water St. . . Higgins, George H

MATTAPAN Knowles, Geo. B Magenis, John Edward—45 Main St

Burke, Herbert W.—60 Columbia St Leland, Edmund Henr Cor. William & Phelps, Carlton T.—82 Main St

Landers, Wilham R.—1575 Blue Hill Ave. Purchase Sts Raidy, Arthur F

MEDFORD Lincoln, Frank C—163 Pleasant St Sperry, William H.—116 Pleasant St....

Ballard, Harry Parker—58 Swan St MacGowan, Elmer A.—174 Union St. .. Wall. James E.—Union St. & Willow St.

Bent, George W.—56 Lawrence Rd Mason, Albert Gardner White, William Z

Cahalan, J. Frank—Medford Square McDevitl, Francis Owen—P. O. Box 814 NORTHAMPTON

Collins, Thomas D.—466 Main St Murray, James T Graves, Herbert R.—135 Main St

Dennison, James T.—136 Summer St. . . Neild, Frank I Hodgkins, Clarence E.—Main St

Teel, Elbridge—70 Union St Nicholson, Edward F.—814 Purchase St. Kneeland, Frederick N

Young, Fred Herman Potter, William F.—1-11 Union St McCallum, George Bliss-136 West St.. .

MELROSE Prescott, Oliver—Mason.c Bldg Shaw, Edward L

Clark, Armour W.—495 Mam St Prescott, William Craoo—First National Stratton. Edwin Fuller—109 Main St...

Friend, Victor A Bank Bldg Welch, William M.—100 Main St

Hoyt, Frank Murray—476 Main St Price, Charles R.—693 Purchase St Williston, Robert L.—28 Henshaw Ave.

Lovejoy, Bertram E.—507 Main St Read, William T.—163 Pleasant St NORTH ANDOVER

Sircom, Richard H Rogerson, Francis Cushmg—384 Xcushnet Costeilo, Dennis J.—24 Maine St

Swett, Charles C.—507 Main St Ave Stevens, Abbot

METHUEN Smith', Abbott 'Metca'lf-^122 ciin'ton St. '. '. Stevens! Moses T. .'...'......'.......'.'..

Sagar, Alfred—Pme St Smith, Abbott P.—Room 1. T ,Ve-Cent Stevens, Nathaniel


Adams, Walter L.—76 E. Mam St Soule, Rufus A., Jr Clark, Frederic Simmons

Williams, Wendall Stanton, James E., Jr.—97 Cove St Clark, Thomas Talbot


Benoit, Henry A.—22 West St Strongman, J. B Newman, Alvin L

Cushman, Arthur A Swift, A. Clinton—P. (). Box 65v W^hitcomb, Harrv E


iVi§«^"-„ PItI'P Taber, Fredefic—78 Hawthorn Sr ' W^ard, William Irving

MILLIS Taber, Henrv W—Purchase & William NORTH DIGHTON

Floring. Wilham M Sts ' Milliken, Joseph Knowles

Kerr George F Thompson, James O., Jr.—Box 807 White, Albert R


( hfford, Charles P.—203 School St Tripp, Thomas A Holmes, Francis Clinton

i?/rS^^;J^"l^^ Murray Warren, Bcntley W., Jr.—First ivJational NORTH WILBRAHAM

MITTINEAGUE Bank Bldg Cutler, Henry Willis

Bridgham, F. Nelson Webster, Joseph W NORWOOD

Bryan, Cassius M Wefer, Elliot H.—163 Elm St Bagley, Frederick P

Frankhn Benjamin A Wilcox, Frank S.—198 Goggesh-ll St. ... Barter, Arthur E

Moses, Horace A Wilde, Elton S.—814 Purchase St Bird, George K

Sanburn, Justus Curtis Young, Philip E.—P. O, Box 965 Brandt, Carl

Shattuck, Arthur E NEWTON Mayo-Smith. Richmond

Southworth, Melvin Deane r, u u r ■ c- u Plimnton Hprhprt M

Air-i,- „ / IT Bachrach, Louis Fabian r-iimpion, neroeri ivi

Williamson, George E u ■, \\t- ., r- 11 td j c-. OR ANGF,

MT Tm\yr Barden, Wmthrop F.—11 Bovd St \ji\«.iN«j£/

PrtiA^\ \MiUi.rr, Boynton, John W.—320 Chesinut St., S^"^'^^' ^''^" Elwood—131 W. Main St


Rrrirl AVKT^Tr ^1 TV/T ' c. Clark, James E.—80 Claremont St Leonard, Henry Parker

rsrock, Albert G.—61 Mam St t7„ * lA'-ir t- ino c ^ Ci. PAT MTTT?

Pr^,-u \\r;u:^,-^ n c^ -\ir„-„ c*. roster, Vvilliam T.—109 Sargent St i-AJ-iviiiK

Conw^v nhn P ^^.in^ Gammons, Roland F.-1314 Washington King, Carl

S?, I r^Ari r-~^i^ • qV St., West Newton ... PEABODY

Turner ^frr^n\nZJ}'^y Hawkins, Frederick A.-Rear 23X Wash Fitzgerald, John E.-65 Walnut St

NATTPTr Orange St -^^^^^^ St Greist, Percv Raymond—65 Walnut St.

^tr^ntr A.r^„ T Hodgdou, Walter Aamos—345 Washing Osborn. Lyman P


C^rw M^r... AlKirf ^«o w 1,1 A Hodgdon, Walter Amos—345 Washing Adams, William L.—24 North St

Carter, Horace Albert-589 Highland Longden, Ralph L.-272 Center St. ... . Barbour, Robert A.-28 North St

r^rtpf \\Wii;V,^' " wi:,;.' ■ ■ «o ■ VJ- '\\ ' ■ 'i Madden, John C—378 Centre Si Barker, John—7 Nortn St

Ave Henry-589 Highland Martin, Geo. J., West Newton Benton, Stanley P.-7 North St

xT-n>TT7T5TT'-oTrT>^T^'rr, Paiue, Nathaniel Emmons—1640 Wash Brugger, Franz X

NliWBURYPORT ington St.,. West Ne-,\ton Burns, William Adam.s—Court House...

Atkinson. Fred L.—99 State St Richardson, Frank Lincoln . Butler V/illiam J




Fittsfield — (Continued)

Chesney, Malcolm M

Coogan, Clement V. —116 North St

Craits, Harry C.—31 South St

Davenport, Robert H.—7 North St

Button, l-'rank W.—103 North St

Eaton. Arthur W

Eaton, William H.—75 South Church St.

Eng"land, Benjamin M

Englarid, Simon

Felten, A. V. A.—100 North St

Hibbard, Charles L.—28 North St

Keilv, Thomas J.—Fourth St

Merrill, C. E

Moody, Walter Shei man

Noonan, Denis T

Power, Charles W.—7 North St

Rhodes, Fred H.—7 North St

Rice, Arthur H.—Burbank & Spring Sts.

Richmond, Clinton Q

Sheldon, Harry J.—100 North St

Taylor, Frank D.—106 Wendell Ave....

'i'ucker, George H.—8 Bank Row

Vv'hittlesev, William A. . .


Avery, Howard S.—Water St

Bent, Arthur Cleveland

Go'den, Flarold F

Gooding, George L

Kellen. Roger Sturtevant—36 Main St.. . .

Mahbett, George E.—Water St

Mellor, Albert L

Otten, Chas. Jr.—44 Court St

Rowell, Fred Myron—Plymouth Electric Light Bldg

Vahey, John P

Williams, George H.—Main St. Extension


Burgin. Clarence—1374 Hancock St

Burgin, Thomas Skudder — 24 Adams Bldg

Curtis, Herbert E.—1482 Hancock St.. .

Duncan, Lawrence David, Jr.—97 East Howard St

Gallagher, John J.—100 Federal Ave

Gwinn, John S.—1486 Hancock St... ..

ilardwick, Chas. Theo

Hill, Albion M.—1486 Hancock St

Howland, Charles A

Hunt, John F.—1372 Hancock St

King, Delcevare—City Square

Lawley, Frederick D.—45 Palmer St

Owens, William J.—97 E. Howard St...

Quinn, Jolm J.—7 Granite St

Robbie, James—156 Hancock St

Sheppard. Eben W.—27 Granite St

Swingle, Jonathan S.—P. O. Box 133 .

Wakeman, Samuel Wiley—Fore River Plant


Terral. Sanuiel Hardv


Moonev, Walter C.—Haven St


Brennan, Paul R.—1715 Hyde Park Ave.

Erhard. Fmile H.—1715 Hyde Park Ave.


C^bot, George Dwight


Harwood, Thos. T. H.—-2 Jewett St

Rogers, C. Harry


Merigold, Alfred Irving—Harrison St. . .


Helmer, F. T


Atwood, Byron Trafton—48 Loring ^\.ve.

Patchelder, Henry M

Chappie, William Dismore—81 Washington' St .

Fauncp, Carlos P.—114 Washington St.

Flint, Harry E.—155 Washington St. ...

Frye, David—126 Washington St

Gifford, Josiah H.—253 Essex St

Hill, Robert VV.—70 Washington St. ...

Hood, Ernest N.—47 Congress St

Ilowie, E. T^awrence

Johnson, Louis O.—114 Washington St. .

Mcrse, Car! F. A.—253 Essex St

Newell, Lewis W

Parker, George S

Punchard, Ralph .'\.—253 Essex St

Smith, J. P'oster

Sullivan, Edmund G.—75 Washington .Si.


Spra.gue, Henry B


De Benedicitis, Gix'.slino


Field, Clifton 1

Thurber, James W

Ware. Menrv W


.A.dams, Abel Vernon—5 Middlesex Ave.

.A.lden, Charles L.—43 Somerville Ave. . .

Alden, Charles L., Jr.—-43 Somerville Ave.

Allen, Leon Thomas—28 Fitchburg St. . .

Amback, Reginald—43 Somerville Ave. . .

Bennett, J. Clark—321 Washington St. ..

Bingham, Michael D.—88 Washington St ,

Carr, Eugene P.—63 Gorham St., West Somerville

Carr, T^'red M., West Somerville

Carter, Frank M.—330 Somerville Ave. . .

Childs, Wm. B.—43 Somerville Ave

Clark, John T.—356 Mystic Ave

Davenport, Edward A.—321 Washington St

Davenport, Howard Hittinger—321 Washington St. _

Davidson, William James—1 Fitchburg St '

Dollof, Geo. L. -65 Highland Rd

Fallis, Harry C;.—406 Highland Ave. . . .

Fudge, Kdward J.—46 Summer St

Genron, Joseph E.—15 Bow St

Glazier, Charles H.—52 Webster Ave. . . .

Goodwin, Augustus F.—5 Middlesex Ave

Hobbs. John William French—Davis Square

Kimball, James Edwin—321 Washington

Mackay. Charles E.—1303 Broadway, West Somerville

MacNeil, John L.—5 Middlesex Ave

Macurda, W. E.—10 Tyler St

A/[agiiire, James H.—48"0 Medford St. ...

McGill, Walter L.—150 Middlesex Ave. .

Mentzer, Walter C.—36 Cherry St

Noble, Albert F.—43 Somerville Ave. . . .

O'Keefe, Michael—Middlesex & Mystic Aves

Perry, Albion A.—23 Maple Ave

Pike, Joseph S.—City Hall

Rideout, Ray R.—88 Broadway

Sewall, Edgar F., (M. D.)—380 Broadway'

Snow, Winsor L.—405 Highland Ave., West Somerville

Stone, Frederic W.—57 Union Square . .

Sturtevant. Malcolm E.—16 Union Sq. . .

Wallis, Donald E.—56 Day St., Wesi Somerville


Bailey, George W

Brooks, William G

Stcdman, James H

T urner, Alerton A


Wells, Albert Bacheller

Wells, Channing M

Wells, L Cheney


Beckmann, August F


Veasev, Arthur Hale


LTrann, Marcus Libby—Main St


Dunklee, Adelbert A


Davis, George Edward


Sibley, John Russell


Abbe, Earl C—38 Walter St

Adaskin, Herman—1776 Main St

Alden, Ralph P.—1531 Main St

Austin, John Robert, (Col.)—168 Bridge St

Bauer, Louis E

Bausman, A. Linton

Bausmau, George A.—3640 Main St

Beaver, Harry C

Bcmis, Howard R

Resse, Lyman W.—21 Besse Place

Bowman, Henrv Hubbard—1531 Main St.

Bradley, Harry L.—1200 Main St

Bradlev. Wallace H.—35 State St

Brand, John W. B

Brooks, Joshua L.—140 Wilbraham Ave..

Brown, Luman S.—Main & Lyman Sts.

Brown, Phelps

Bugl)ee, Ernest D.—1365 Main St

Bulkley, George Grant—195 State St, ...


Springfield— (Continued)

Camp, Wallace \'

Candee, Leverett

Carhsle, Fred E.—1548 Main St

Carpenter, John H.—1496 Main St

Carter, Edwin A.—25 Harrison Ave

Case, Phillips N.—312 Birnie Ave

Chapin, Alfred Hastings—38 Waiter St.

Chapin, Geo. P

Chase, Edward S.—31 Elm St

Clark, Edward O

Cleeland, Rclsert R.— 37 Harrison Ave. ..

Cole, Daniel P.—275 Union St

Collins, John Alathewson—38 Walter St.

Converse, Charges T.—145 State St

Crowe, William Francis—145 State St...

Cummings, William Walter—1387 Main


Daily, Arthur C.—600 Prospect Ave. ....

Davis, Carl G.—67-71 Boylston St

Day, William O

Dutton, Arthur C—145 Stale St

E lis, Ralph Waterburv—1319 Main St. . .

Ellis, Theodore W.—1200 Main St

Falconer, James A.—29 Worthington St.

Feffer, Frank M.—413 Sc. 5th St

Field. Henry A.—1597 Main St

Forbush, Erwin Hill—310 State St

Fox, George Albert—47 Park St

Fuller, Frederic W.—1537 Main St

Goldstein, Nathan E.—101 Bridge St. ...

Goldstein, Samuel—101 Bridge St

Gordon, Gurdon W.—14 Mapie St

Hatch, Frank S.—38 Walter St

Holbrook, George M.—140 Maple St. ...

Hughes, Frank N.—1652 Main St

Ingersoll, Robert N.—74 Park St

Isenburg, Herman—1427 Main St ,.

Johnson, Eldcn V.—21 Cyprus St

Johnson, Henry R.—1379 Main St

Kemater, George H.—1200 Main St

Kronvall, Edward—1200 Main St

Kvburg, George W.—130 Birnie Ave. ...

Leeds, Alfred—73 State St

Ley, Leo. L.—1215 Main St

Loeb, Henry—1295 State St

McClench, Wm. W.~1295 State St

McDonald, Henry C—1658 Main St

McElwain, Charles C.— 37 Harrison Ave.

Merriam, G. Frank—51 F"isk Ave

Merriman, John J.—310 State St

Metcalf, Morris

Miller, D. Edward—14 Maple St

Miner, Aforton B. (C. P. A.)—21 Besse Place

Mitchell, John H.—1200 Main St

A^itchell, Robert W.—145 Chestnut St. ..

Moody, Roscoe R.--1387 Main St

Mulligan, Walter L.—73 State St

Murray, Arthur T

'Nay, Carlton E.—14 Maple St

Nies, Leopold Adolnh—395 Sumner Ave.

Page, Frank H.—3640 Main St

Page, Kenneth Bausman—3640 Main St.

Perry, Bertrand J.—1295 State St

Peters, Harold Raymond—31 Elm St. ...

Pinney, Edward J.—220 Dwight St

Pirnie, W. Bruce—44 Vernon St

Poo!e, James Clarke—Main St

Pratt, George Dwight—120 Maple St. . .

Putnam, Roger L.—132 Birnie Ave

Ramsdall, Charles Cornwell

Rawlings, William A.—1295 State St. ...

Reopel', Albert V.—709 State St

Robinson, John Cooley—1387 Main St. . .

Rude, Edwin G.—1387.Main St

Sabin, Geo S.—228 Birnie Ave

Sargeant, William H.—1200 Main St

Schoo, Clarence J.—P. O. Box 1445

Scott, Lorenzo J.— 73 State St

Sevey, Glenn C.—Myrick Bldg

Shean, Arthur John—Ccoley Hotel ....

Shean, Chas T.—140 Chestnut St

Silver, Elmer E., Jr.—1323 Main St

Skinner, Arthur J.—1650 Main St

Slingerland, Harry B.—134 Cass St

Sutton, Edward Owen

Tait, Frank D.—134 Cass St

Tait, William G.—331 Liberty St

Thomson, Edward H.—310 State St

TifTt, Charles—1387 Main St

Tifft, Eliphalet T.—Administration Bldg.

Tifft, Lewis E.—1387 Main St .\

Tcrrence, Gerald Arthur—134 Cass St. .. Wallace, Andrew B., Sr., (Mrs.)—47

Ridgewood Terrace

Wallace Andrew B.—1414 Main St




Springfield — (Continued)

Wallace, Douglas V

Washburn, Reynolds W.—North Main St.

Wells. Harry—1675 Main .St

Wesson, F. H

Williams, Francis H.^195 State Si

Williams, George F.—38 Walter St

Wood, Clark V.—145 State St

Woodward, Harrv A

Young, Clyde W.—14 Maple St


Davis, John A.


Hull. Charles E


Grnver, Tames H.—430 Main St


Kennedy, Clement Edwin

Vose, Harold L.—128 Humphrev St


Turner, Harrv Maxwell—Wood Ave


Anthony, Joseph L.—West Water St. ...

Barker, Merle Taft—19 Main St

Bassett, Henry F.—West Water St

Brownell. Brenton G.—66-68 Main St...

Carlow, Harry—55-61 Weir St

Davol, Charles W.—2^ Main St

George, Harrison W.—11 Winthrop St. . . Leach, Roi)ert Milton—300 West Water


Ludlam, F'rederick—35 Taunton Green . . Newbury, Nathan—43 Taunton Green . . Park, William Robert, Tr.—19 Court St.

Rhodes, Marcus .A.—12 Porter St

Staples, .A.rthur C. —35 Taunton Green..

Tinkham, Frank L

Williams, Allston E.—43 Taunton Green TURNERS FALLS

Ellis, Waldo T

Esleeck, Irving N

Talker, Elvvn L


Child, Clavin G.—Williams St

Luce, Stephen C. Jr


White, John Warren—361 Main St

Winship, Charles N.—148 Albion St


Bunker, Charles William

Howe, Frank Mason—West St

Lane, Henry Richardson

Putnam, Augustus L.—South St

Valentine, James Alden


Bannan, William J.—680 Main St

Bull, Edward H.—470 Lexington St

Buncher. Henrv P.—637 Main St

Cobb, Clifford S.—243 Moody St

Cunningham, M. F

Curtin, Thomas I.—71 Felton St -. .

Eldridge, Shirley H.—Moody St

Folsom, Eugene Leslie—129 Moody St. . . Marshall. Bernard H.—138 River St. . ..

Neelon, Thomas F.—680 Main St

Palmer, Granville E.—Pond & Exchange


Potter, Charles Webster—515 South St...

Sawyer, Alfred H

Swain, Eugene H.—1 Spruce St

Wescott, Tosiah P., Jr.—224 Calvarv St.. . WARE

Schoonmaker, John H.—68 Main .St

Wetherby, Charles B.—15 South St


Chittick, Beverly M.—101 Walnut St. . .

Coburn, David J.—4 Fairview .\ve

Hood, Donald T

Hood, Frederic C.—

Howard, Abraham Lincoln—1 Waltham


Jennev, Thacher—-101 Walnut St

North, Isaac F.—101 Walnut St

Rice, Robert L

Ripley, Harry Hill

Shaw, Bartlett M

Tufts. John F


Farnham, Edwin E.—482 Trapelo Road Kendall, Alfred Foster—482 Trapelo Rd. WEBSTER

Crawford, John Morrison

Langdon, Duncan


Harvev, Louis—556A Washington St. ..


Maddix, Forrest N.—290 Washington St.

Morse, Melvin L

Wilson, Ralph B


Rowlev, F'rank W^ilson


Fletcher, Herbert E


Cargill, Wilbur G.—360 Elm St

Gowdy, Robert—30 Court St

Kenyon, Joseph A.—87 Elm St

Lane, Harry C

Mack, Charles E.—94 No. Elm St

Pease, F.—6 Malone Ave

Smith, W. T


Lane, David W

Sumner, Franksford S


Hoch, William Henry

Lasell, John Whitin

Mason, Sydney R

■Swift. Elijah Kent


Monroe, Cyrus—401 South Ave


Upliam, I'rederick A


Bovd, John Schofield—101 Water St. . . .

Clark. WMlHard B

LaAvrie, Alvah K

Moore, Frederick E.—20 Water St

Smith, Carlton G


White, Kenneth B

Whitney, William M


White, Charles Davis


Le Royer, Charles Phillip—6 Sheffield


Priest, William Emerson—26 Mt. Vernon


Puffer, Alvin W.—Swanton St

Puffer, Luther W.—Swanton St

Puffer, Luther W., Jr.—Swanton St


Aiken, Harry W.—11 Bartlett Rd

Colton, Charles A.—88 Circuit Rd

Whittemore, Almon E.—11 Bartlett Rd.. .


Field, Vernon A.—87 Grandview Ave.. .

Sears, Edward H.— 72 Woodbine St


Adams, Affdrew J. B.—814 State Mutual


Adams, Charles P.-—6 Norwich St. . . Allen, Charles Lucius—New Bond St. ..

Baker, Charles—84 Foster St

Barrett, Thomas J.—Park Bldg

Bassett, George M.—114 F'oster St

Batchelder, Frank R.—41 Jackson St. . .

Bigelow, Edward A.—Box 1134

Bjork, Nils—379 Main St

Bliss, Charles Allen—6 Norwich St

Blumenauer, Henry Paul—P. O. Box 65

Booth, George F.—20 Franklin St

Brown, T. P.—161 Summer St

Brownell, Carl R.—49 Union St

Bryant, Harry T.—22-24 Front St

Buck, Waldo Emerson—9 Walnut St. . .

Buckler, Harold E.—507 Main St

Bullock, Chandler—340 Main St

Buxton, Philip L.—13 Southgate Place. .

Carter, D. William—340 Main St

Chandlev. George L.—274 Shrewsbury St.

Worcester— (Continued)

Goes, Frank L.—1 Coes Sq

Cole, William F".—Southbridge .St

Converse, Myron Frederick—316 Main St. Cranska, Lucius Briggs—49 Hermon St.. Critchley, James \'erner—356 Franklin St.

Crompton, George—25 Elm St

Cross, John J.—98 Front St

Daniels, Fred Harold—9 Neponset St... Donohue, Jeremiah J., (M. D.)—31

Trumbull St

Drury, .Frank Adams—390 Main St

Duckworth, Henry—New Bond St

Duffy, George E. ; .,

Elliott, Bamford—80 Austin St

Fowler, Lome Randolph—108 Franklin


Fuller, George Freeman—105 Madison St.

Gage, Homer

Gage, Thomas H.—390 Main St

Garland, Harry C.—203 James St

Gates, William H.—Southbridge St

Gifford, Albert James—1025 Southbridge


Gray, Arthur H,—30 Wyman St

Hayes, Joseph E.—58 Franklin St

Herrmann, Carl Strausi—35 Harvard St...

Heywood, Albert S.—70 Winter St

Higgins, Aldus C

Hildreth, Charles E.—340 Main St

Hopkins, Earle C.—149 Commercial St...

Ireland, Stephen^340 Main St

Jeppson, George Nathaniel—New Bond St

Johnson, Charles R.—311 Main St

Johnson, J. Herbert

Johnson, William Colet

Kendall, Frederick Horace—80 Austin St. Kingsley, Edward W.—6 Norwich St. ...

Lamb, Charles T.—Box 845

La^'igne, Narcise J.—30a Portland St... Leach, Herbert Nelson—109 Foster St...

Lincoln, Waldo—49 Elm St

Logan, James—75 Grove St

Mclntyre, F. W.—677 Cambridge St. . .

Moore, Samuel C.—35 Harvard St

Morgan, Paul B.—IS Belmont St

Morley, Wallace T.—203 Summer St. . .

Morse, Charles L.—6 Norwich St

Neilson, W. LaCoste

O'Connell, Dennis D.—58 Frankhn St...

O'Donnell, John J.^390 Main St

Page, Henry Chase—107 Main St

Pierpont, Harlan T.—340 Main St

Reidy, Maurice F.—2 Foster St

Rosoff, Samuel—32 Franklin St

Spalding, W. Virgil—356 Franklin St

Spence, John C

Starrett, Frederic Durham—480 Main St. Stoddard, Harry Galpin—105 Madison .St.

Sweet, Walter A.—60 King St

Swift, Willard Everett—75 Grove St

Tatman, Charles T.—900 Slater Bldg. ..

Tinsley, John Francis

Tufts, Waiter—446 Main St

Vaughan, Ernest H.—332 Main St

Walker, W. L.—28 Union St

Washburn, Charles G.—28 Union St

Washburn, Frederic Baldwin—303 Main


Washburn, Reginald—28 Union St

Weschler, Frank J.—Southbridge St

White, John E

Whitney, Howard R.—107 Main St

Whitney, Warren A.—67 Union St

Willard, Frank H.—356 Frankhn St. ...

Winn, Charles C.—105 Madison St

Winslow, Samuel Ellsworth

Wolfe, Louis Abraham—32 Franklin St. Woodward, Samuel Bayard—365 Main St. Wright, Burton H.—340 Main St


Wilhelm, O. Johnson


Bliss, Milford E.—Kendrick St


Baldwin, Clarke E.— Adrian State Savings Bank Bldg

Byerley, D. C— 117-119 E. Maumee St...

McPhail, Roy

Robertson, Charles L.—401 National Bank of Commerce Bldg



Adrian—(Continued) Albion—(Continued)

Wing, Henry A.— 117-119 East Maumee Smith, Reginald


ALBION Bahlke, William A

Dean, George E Hayes, Oliver Wesley—903 Michigan Ave.

Dean, Walter Clark ALPENA

Dickie, Brockway Fletcher, Philip Kingsbury





Beal, Junius E

Braun. Caii F

Canfield, R. Bishop—330 S. State St

Dobson. Russell T.—327 South Main St.

Fritz, Michael J

Heineman, David Emil—2106 E. Lafavette


(see also Addenda page 1696)

Henderson, Charles R.—211 E. Huron St.

Hiscock, Roy B.—N. W. Cor. Main & Huron Sts

Koch, John—300 S. Main St

Kyer, Charles F.—301-305 No. Main St.

Mills, Eugene F.—118 South Main St...

Patterson, George Washington

Schairer, Daniel Frederick—1803 Hill St.

Sink, Charles Albert—Maynard St

(see also Addenda page 1698)

Smith, Shirley W.—University of Michigan

Stowe, Fred T.—101-105 So. Main St....

Swisher, John Edgar—301 W. Washington St

Vandawarker, George S.—City Bldg

Wagner, Charles W.—305 So. State St.

Walz, C. Jno

Walz, William L

Zimmerman, Daniel F


Ebert. Bertha


Clark, John G

Rankin, Jos. N


Adams, Ross T

AUvifardt, Frederick A.—1 West Main St.

Anderson, Lewis B.—29 West Main St.

Bailey, John William—309 Ward Bldg...

Baker, William D.—98 So. McCamly St.

Bechman, Henry F

Binder, Charles—34 E. Main St

Dudley. Landon A.—510-511' City National Bank Bldg

Evans, Frank G.—2 W. Main St

Farley. Marcus M

Frazer, David H.—26 E. Main St

Frazer, David H., Jr.—26 E. Main St....

Genebach, Geo. J

Green, Charles C

Hawk, Henry Clark—265 Maple St

Hicks, Richard Ransom

Hofifmaster, R. F.—87i/^ W. Main St...

Holmes, Ralph H

Kellogg, Will K

McKay, George C

Miller, Albert L.— 7-11 McCainly St. . .

Morton, Edwin R

Mulrine, Horace J.—67 Maip St., West

Robinson, E. Robt.—1 W. Main St

Ross, Philip J.—2 West Main St. . . .

Seymour, Frederick W.—26 E. Main St.

Sherman, Howard B.—22 Barney St....

Stewart, Chas. E., (M. D.)

Stone, Irving Kimberly

Strain, Edward D

Toeller, John C.—94 Chestnut St

Ward, Frank W.—306 Ward Bldg

Warner, Allen H

Wentworth, Merton Walter

Zimmer, E. B.—26 E. Main St


Atkins, Frank W

Baker, Irving H.

Bigelow, Charles Albert

Bousfield, Alfred E

Carter, Warren E.-7-3OO Center Ave

Clark, Edward Salisbury—437-444 Shearer Bldg

Duffy, James E.—304-6 Crapo Bldg

Galbraith, Clarence A.—First & Water Sts.

Galijraith, David L

Hutchings. Charles Frederick...

Johnson, John A

Miller, David

Norris, Frederick T.—700 Lincoln Ave.

Perry, Ernest B

Smith, Eugene Hill

Smith, Henry B., Jr

Sovereign, Otto Egbert

Tomplins, Charles O

Tyler, L. Fay—705-707 Saginaw St

Vallez, Henry A.—516 Crapo Bldg

Ward, Franklin B.—Harrison & Cass Ave.

Wells, Charles R.—2229 Center Ave....

Windiate, Carroll—503-5 Crapo Bldg....

Bay City—(Continued)

Wrape, Walter N.—1701 N. Madison Ave.

Young, George H


Ross, Ronald


Hall, Brinton F

Leonard, Heiiry J.—216 N. Main St

Leonard, Louis A.—216 W. Main St


Beebe, Rowland C—144 East Main St...

Beebe, Harry G.—144 East Main St. ...

Bradford, F. LeRcy—Fidelity Bldg

Doster, Sterling Elbert—Graham Ave. . .

Douglas, Robert Crawford

Filstrup, Alvin W.—Willow Drive & Graham Ave

Filstrup, Eddie C—P. O. Box B

Gray, Humphrey Snell—120 Pipestone St.

Jakway, James J

Klock, John Nellis

Miller, J. J.—68 Elm St

Morton, James Stanley—Central Dock, West Main St

Robinson, William S

Sheffield, William E.—132 Pipestone St.


Harris, John M

Shaw, William S

White, Lysle H


Bonner, Albert Sydney

Clark, Eugene B

Habicht, Frank

Hanlin, Merton L

Mogford, E. C

Ross, Edwin B


Berner, John F.—116 W. Harris St. ...

French, Charles W.—316 Cass St

Weber, Roman Theodore—220 No. Mitchell St

Weber, Theodore J.—No. Mitchell St.


Campbell, Gordon R

Collins, Edwin J

Collins, Thomas Hoatson

Cuddihy, John D

Keisu, Edward—429 Pine St

Lyon, Thomas M.—1327 South Rockland St

MacNaughton, James

Petermann, Albert E

Wiggins, James F.—325 Sixth St


Medbury, Archie H


Cowell, W. Glenn—Clarke Bldg

Flanderme^'er, Francis H

Gorman, Benjamin B.—137 North Hudson St

Robinson, Arthur E

Rose, Lester E

Thompson, John R


Adams, Charles H

.■\dams, Merrill C.—Griswold at Congress Sts

Ailes, Edgar Rich—2250 E. Grand Blvd.

Alexander, Kirkland Barker—314 Ford Bldg

Alfred, Frank Hooker—Room 303, Fort St. Union Depot

Al.ger, Pussell A

Allan, Alfred E. D.—,5934-5960 W. Warren Ave

Allan, Robert M.—1145 Griswold St. ...

Allen, George H.—5851 W. Jefferson Ave.

Allen, Harry-1726 Dime Bank Bldg. ...

Allen, Walter S.—4069 Michigan Ave. . .

Anderson, John W.—1928-47 Buhl Bldg.

Anketell, Thomas J.—10254 Gratiot Ave.

Angell, William Robert—12801 E. Jefferson Ave _

Anselmi, Adolph—1208 Francis Palms Bldg

Anthony, Geo. R

Applegate, Harriet E.—130 Monroe Ave.

Armstrong, Freer W

Austin, William Francis—1805 Lord Bldg.

Backus, Hugh D.—First National Bank Bldg

Backus, Standish

Bahl, George Lauer—1200 Penobscoit Bldg.

Baker, Arthur Geo.—7740 Gould Ave. ...

Baker, George S



Baldwin, Howard C.—617 Penobscot Bldg

Barber, Robert E.—Stephenson Bldg. ..

Barbour, George H.—414 Dime Savings Bank

Barbour, William Tefft—6900 East Jefferson Ave

Barit, A.braham—12601 E. Jefferson Ave.

Barnard, Percy A.—Hamilton & Dewey Aves

Barth, Charles F

Eassett, Arthur F.—1103 Guaranty Trust Bldg

Beebe, Albert William—1924 La Fayette Blvd

Behn, Guido Garfield—12601 Jefferson Ave. East

Benjamin, Edgar—913 Dime Bank Bldg.

Bennett, C. W.—Gas Office Bldg

Bennett, Howard—314 Ford Bldg

Bennett, Walter Sewell—3040 Hart Ave.

Birck, Leon A.—Michigan Theatre Bldg.

Bitting, Clarence R.—General Motors Bldg

Bittinger, Ralph E.—217 Dime Bank Bldg.

Blair, Frank Warrener—Griswold & Congress Sts

Blessed, Clarence D.—801 First National Bank Bldg

Blood, Howard Earl—670 East Wood-bridge St

Blumenthal, Frank Eugene—811 Dime Bank Bldg

Bockus, Charles L

Bodde, John R

Boihn, Charles Benjamin—^2512 East Grand Blvd

Booth, Clarence Herbert—724 Book Bldg

Booth, E. J :.

Booth, Ralph Harman—2500 Buhl Bldg. Booth, Warren S.—615 Lafayette Blvd. Bosquett, Thomas J.—Cadillac Sq. Bldg. Eowen, Julian Perry—P. O. Box 648 . . .

Bowen, Paul M

Bowen, William H.—801 First National

Bank Bldg

Bradway, Judson—533 Majestic Bldg. . . . Brady, R. McClelland—3422-3440 Denton


Brand, Charles Richard—826 Penobscot


Brand, George E.—3709-15 Barium Tower Brandenburg, Richard O.—2180 E. Milwaukee Ave

Brandon. Walter C

Braun, Joseph A

Breetmeyer, Philip—1314 Broadway

Briggs, Walter O.—1800 Buhl BlJg

Bristol, Roy C—2177 E. Milwaukee Ave. Bronner. Edmond D.—Michiga.i Central


Brooks, Louis C.—3600 Military Ave

Brown, David A.—General Necessities


Brown, Edwin Hewitt—630 Lvcaste Ave. Brown, Fred Eugene, Sr.—5914 Federal


Brown, George D.—78 W Gra-id Ave.,

Highland Park

Browning, McPherson

Buhl, Arthur H.—P. O. Box 13%

Buhl, Lawrence D

Bulkley, Harry C—600 Union Trust Bldg.

Burns, Jack K.—3456 Cass Ave

Burritt, Henry W.—Plymouth Kn^d .... Burton, Clarence M.—350 East Congress

Burton, Fred—2019 Dime Bank B dg. '.'. '.

Bush, Chas. T.—149 East Earned St

Butler, Charles J.—Detroit Plant, U. S. Rubber Co

Butler, Lawrence K

Butzel, Henry M.—First Natio.ial Bank Bldg

Butzel, Leo M.—First National Bank Bldg

Callender, Sherman D.—1704-12 Dime Bank Bldg

Cameron, St. Clair J

Carl, Benjamin James—5914 Federal Ave.

Carpenter, C. U.—1560-78 Theodore St..

Carter, George W.—714 Insurance Exchange Bldg

Caulkins, Horace J., Jr.—6474 Le Grand Ave

Chapin, Roy Dikeman—12601 East Jefferson Ave


Detroit (Continued) Detroit—(Continued) Detroit— (Continued)

Chittenden Herbert Lawrence—140 Fort Evans, Wellington F Haves, Mere)' Jane—301 American State

St. W. .' Everts, Frank C—721 Ford Bldg Bank Bldg

Church B A Everts, Frederick Daniel—200 Madison Hays, James Griffith—639 Penobscot

Clarv, judson's.—2642 E. Grand Blvd. . . Theatre Bldg Bldg

Cliff V. D Fans, R. G.—601 Grisw^old St Hayward, Lawrence Barnes

Clippert, Charles Frederick—31st St. Sta Fearnley, Gordon—State & Griswold Sts. Heames, Richard M.—4646 Lawton Ave.

tion Fekete, Stephen I Heaton, James S.—640 Temple Blvd. ...

Clotfelter, A. L Ferris, James J.—2450 Buhl Bldg Hebb, George K.—818 West Hancock St.

Cochrane' William C.—1177 Holden Ave. Ferriss, Wilfred Paul—506 Dime Bank Hecker, Christian Henry—West Jefferson

Coffin, Howard A.—903 West Grand Bldg & Junction Aves

Blvd Ferry, Dexter Mason, Jr.—Brush & Mon- Heller, Charles H

Cole, Henry Tiffany—133 E. Grand River roe Aves Heller, Julius G.—1242 Holden Ave

Ave. Fink, George R.—Mill St., Ecorse Hemmeter, Herbert S. ■— 2702 Eaton

Coler, Wendell P.—5057 Woodward Ave. Finkenstaedt, Harry S.—751 Griswold St. Tower

Collins, Charles F Finkenstaedt, John W.—150 Congress St.. Hendrie, George T.—2202 Buhl Bldg. . . ..

Collins, Charles Joseph—144 Penobscot West Henkel, Robert—203 Randolph St

Bldg Fisher, Frederick J.—14-141 General Mo Henry, Ralph Cooldige—Lake Shore and

Colwell, Walter Irving—125 W. Larned tors Bldg Vernier Rds., Grosse Pointe Shores .. .

St Fisher, Lawrence P.—2860 Clark Ave. . . Hickey, Edward J.—1533 Washington

Conley, John F.—1033 Majestic Bldg. . . Ford, Frederick Clifford—315 Ford Bldg. Blvd

Connolly, W. F.—1220 Majestic Bldg. . . Fordon, Ralph—First National Bank Higbie, Carlton AL—244 Buhl Bldg. .. .

Cook, Frank C—1203 Majestic Bldg. .. . Bldg Hill, Sherwin A.—900 Union Trust Bldg.

Cornelius, Willard M.—Milwaukee at Fowler, Elbert H.—1208 Guaranty Trust Hind, George—Dexter & Doris Ave. . ..

Dubois Bldg Hobbs, Cecil FL—West Warren & Wyom-

Cornell, Fred A.—2642 E. Grand Blvd.. I^ox, Harry J.—2117 First National Bank ing Aves

Coulter, James R.—1344 Free Press Bldg. Bldg Hodges, Charles Henry—842 Trumbull

Couzens, Albert Lewis— Highland Park. Frank, Flarry—1201 First National Bank Ave

Cramer, John Luther—Fort St., Union Bldg Hoenighausen, Walter—300 Bates St. . .

Depot Friedman, William—725-31 Dime Bank Hoff, Charles V.—607 Shelby of

Crapo, Stanford T.—1325 Ford Bldg,. Bldg Hoffman, Albert B.—735 Griswold St. . .

Crawford, Frederick Coolidge — 7781 Frye, Alburney W.—5057 Woodward Ave. Hoffman, Edward A.—607 Shell.'v St. ..

Conant Ave Fuehrer, Milton W. —506-510 Dime Bank Holden, James S.—2150 Buhl Bldg

Crawford, Howard H.—404 Stephenson Bldg Holliday, William Post—1002 Majestic

Bldg Fyfe, Richard FL—Woodward & Adams Bldg

Cray, Cloud L.—156-168 Congress St.. Aves Holt, Harry Werner—2512 E. Grand

West Garlick, James Henry—1130 Griswold St. Blvd

Curtis, Frank L.—1365 Cass Ave Gehrke, Walter—212 Majestic Bldg Hooks, H. J

Curtis, James A.—1617 Ford Bldg Getler, Charles—2642 E. Grand Blvd. .. . Horton, Henry Wilber—Ft. of Adair St.

Cummiskey, James P.—1704 Penobscot Girardot, Alfred Joseph-—106 Penobscot Houser, Ray J.—1242 Holden Ave. . .

Bldg Bldg Howard, Vincent W.—1620 First National

Daigle, Thomas F.—1967 W. Lafayette Girl, Christian—2660 East Grand Blvd. . . Bank Bldg

Blvd Glover, Fred—100-400 Clark Ave Hubbard, Frank W.—639 Penobscot Bldg.

Daly, Ralph J.—411 W. Milwaukee Ave. Glynn, Thomas K.—Broadway Market .. Huebner, George J.—717 Dime Bank Bldg.

Danaher, James E.—830 Buhl Block .... Gnau, George J.—714 Insurance Ex- Humphrey, Rex—1139 Griswold St

Danaher, Ray Edward—830 Buhl Bldg.. change Bldg Hutchinson, B. Edwin

Dansard, Benjamin—312 Buhl Bldg. Goldenberg, Maurice—Congress & Wayne Hvde, R. Harold—506-510 Dime Bank

Darling, Newton P.—2123 First National Sts Bldg

Bank Bldg Goodenough, Luman Webster—915 Ham- Inglis, James—6000 Russell St

Dean, Charles A., Jr.—1210 Book Tower mond Bldg Jackson, Arthur Franklin—7740 Gould

Deming, Paul H.—R. 8 Campau Bldg... Goodwin, Lewis LeBaron—315 Ford Ave

Denby, Edwin—1406 Dime Bank Bldg.. . Bldg Jackson, Roscoe B.—12601 E. Jefferson

DeRoy, Aaron—4462 Woodward Ave. .. Gorman, Edward Francis—Brush Street Ave

Devor, Donald Smith—100-400 Clark Ave. Depot Jennings, Harry F.—1824 Ford Bldg

Dewey, Victor F.—2250 E. Grand Blvd.. Goss, Arnold Flarris—14250 PlymoutJi Jennings, John Joseph—312 Buhl Bldg...

Doherty, James H.-^6 State St Rd Jewett. Harry M

Donnelly, Charles Howard—106 Penob Gossard, Oliver P.—702 Union Trust Johnson, Earle F.—General Motors Bldg.

scot Bldg Bldg Jones, Frank Herbert—Mill St., Ecorse..

Douglas, David Dwight Gotfredson, Benjamin—3601 Gratiot Ave. Jones, I-ewis H.—174 So. Clark Ave

Douglas, Samuel Townsend—2110 First Graham, Joseph B.—8505 West Warren Tov. Richard P.—144 W. Fort St

National Bank Bldg Ave Judson, George B.—241 W. Fort St

Dow, Alex—2000 Second Ave Graham, Newton E.—671 Edison Ave Kahn, Albert—1000 Marquette Bldg

Drennan, George W.—300 Penobscot Graves, George William—233 John R. St. Kamper, I.ouis-3729 Cass Ave

Bldg Grav, Paul Robert—915 Hammond Bldg Kanzler, Ernest C—Buhl Bldg

Drummond, Robert Samuel—Conant Rd. Gray, W^illiam J Keane, Jerome F. J.—244 Buhl Bldg. . .

6 G. T. Ry Green, Albeft E.—735 Griswold St. . Keane, William Edward—333 Fort St., W.

Ducharme, Charles B.—1207 Francis Grier, John C. Jr.—Buhl Bldg. . Kelly, Frank A.—1429 David Whitman

Palms Bldg Grinnell, A. A.—1515 Woodward Ave. .. Blvd

Ducharme, George A.—2129 First Na Grinnell, Elmer W.— 1515 Woodward Kendig, Karl—2108 W. Fort St

tional Bank Blag Ave Kennedy, George W.—3600 Militarv As-e.

Ducharme, William H.—3600 Military Groover, Edna M.—1504 Dime Bank Bldg. Kennedy, William J.—Cass & Adams Ave.

Ave. ...... • ■ Gross, J. Ernest—2590 Beecher St Kettering, Charles Franklin—General Mo-Dunham Walter Lee Guibert, F. Walter—326-327 Ford Bldg. . tors Bldg

Dunk, Alfred O.—2526 Grand River Ave. Gushee, Edward Tisdale—2000 2nd Ave.. Kilets. Flarold D.—310 Ford Bldg

Dunk, Ed. W.—2526 Grand River Ave... Haass, Julius Henry—Michigan Ave. & Kingsbury, Gordon W.—12500 Plymouth

Dunn, Charles R.—Union Trust Bldg Griswold St . Road

Eager, William H --2108 West Fort St.. . Haberkorn, Christian Henry, Jr. ".'.'.'.'.'.'. Kino-ston Samue' R —144 W ' Fort S-' " '

Eaton, H. M.-1402 Buhl Bldg Haigh, Henry A.-639 Penobscot Bldg.. Knnev CharTes \

MorfBld?'"' ^■~'-''' ""^"^^^^ HT',?'°'''^\4S'l'''T%^r-''' Kirchner, George H.-75r Griswold St.::

EdgT ^iS Goodioe-1924-LafaVette SS JJn^J^s^plf^^^ jS!^0?^^nion ^^^'^^l^'i^^^^^'-''

Lionai iiank aidg. ......; .. . . Hamilton, W. P.—1013 Hammond Bldg. tors Bldcj

Eggenweiler, Charles William—2512 E, Hammer, C. R.—2587-2637 Grand Blvd., t^„,,;„ -a ^i^' "a" " ' A7m ru" " c

Grand Blvd East Koscinski, Arthur A.—4701 Chene St. . .

Eldridge, Seymour Miner-801 First Na Hammond;' Edward P.-6400 mV. " Elliott ^rmsenga, Edward A.-12S W. Larned

tional Bank Bldg Ave -'^

Elliott, Clifford—125 West Larned St . . Hanson,'HarrV W^—205 W.'Congress St. Kr^szewski, Stanley C—5666 Michigan

Elliott, Edwin A^14th & Porter St. . . . Harfast, Richard-139 Bagley Ave ^ '^^

Emmert, John Hartley—2204 Penobscot Harms, E. P Lacy, Arthur J.—1928-47 Buhl Bldg

pi;!^^' ■'■■Ti'";^'"ti" V';,:.fn---T;-;; Harris, Julian H.—150 Congress St., W. Ladouceur, Armand Joseph—7740 Gould

Emmons, Harold Hunter— 2450 Buhl Harrison, M. D.-2642 East Grand Blvd. Ave

dg. .... Hartz, J. Frederick Lamb, Scott Edwin—147 W. Congress St

Evans, Edward S.—1504 Dime Bank Bldg. Harvey, George Goold—210 First St Lambert. Charles F.—6282 Beaubien St "

Evans, James M.—818 Hancock Ave., Hayes, Harry C—2011 Park Ave Lambert, Frank Webster

7 est . , Hayes, Joseph J.—156-168 West Congress Lambrecht, Richard G.-530 Shelby St :

(see Addenda page 1689) St Lark. Adolph E.—1309 Broadway




Detroit —(Continued)

Larned. Charles Pierpont—Griswold & State Sts

Larrowe, Tames E

Lauer. Arthur P.—2512 East Grand Blvd.

Ledvard, Henrv—600 Union Trust Bldsf..

Lee," Dwight B'.— 11801 Mack Ave. ... .^..

Lee, Gilhert Willson

Lerchen. William G.—168 Congress St., W

Lewis, Edwin Colby—1301 Ford Bldg...

Lewis, Howard A

Limbocker, Charles C

Lind, Adam W

Lindeman, Arthur—1778-1812 West Fort . St

Livingstone, Marion S. (Mrs.~>—440 E. Jefferson Ave

Livingstone. Seabourn Rome—409 Griswold St

Livingstone, Thomas Witherell Palmer— Griswold & Fort Sts

Lord. Robert Owen

Lott, Antone L.—11801 Mack Ave

Loud, Percy K.—1500 Woodward

Lovelace, Jonathan—Penobscot Bldg

Lowrie, Frederic Low—6408 Vernor Highway

Luce, Barnard C.—100 Penobscot Bldg...

Luke, G. E. —2177 E. Milwaukee Ave.' . .

Lynch, Daniel M.—4085 Fort St.. West..

Msicauley. Alvan—1580 East Grand Blvd.

MacTntyre, L. D

MacLachlan, William M.—123'.^ Penobscot Bldg

Mahler, Felix J.—1442 Griswold St '. .

Maise, Herman C.—11631 Mack Ave.

Malcomson, George W.—153 E. Eli^^abeth St

Mancourt, Edward M.—3433 Barium Tower

Mandel, Herbert W.—6565 Mack'A'veV. .'.

Manning, Bart H

Markey, Daniel P.—5057 Woodward Ave.

Markey, Peter A.—2512 East Grand Blvd.

Marsh, Benjamin R.—1365 Cass Ave. . . .

Marshall A. C—2000 Second Ave

Martin, Frank J.—E. Jefferson .\ve

Mason, George W.—630 Lycaste Ave. . . .

Mathews, Frederick Chapman—685 Mul-lett St

Mauer, Henrv "Lauhoff"—202-206 Buhl

Bldg :

Maurice, Prank Tohn—14048 Woodward

Ave., Highland Park

Mayo, William Benson

McCullum, Duncan A.—217 Dime Savings

Bank Bldg '. .

McCausey, J. W

McClnre, Clarence Minor—6533 E. Tef-

lerson Ave

McDonald. Burt A,—14250 Plymouth Rd. McDonald, Fred J.—6431 Hamilton Ave. McDonald, Harry A.—3301 Grand River


McDonell, Alexander H.—625 Shelby St. McDougal!, Alexander Miller—4461 W.

Jefferson Ave

McFawn, Joseph J.—168 West Congress


McKaig, G. Allan

MrKee, Homer H.—411 W. Milwaukee


McLaughlin, Cecil R.—Hammond Bldg. McLean, John F.—2014 Penobscot Bldg.

McLeod, Norman H. F

McMath, Francis C.—1037 Iroquois Ave. McMillan, James Thayer—1344 Free

Press Bldg. . .

McNabb, Duncan J.—244 Buhl Bldg

McNair, Edward E.^133 E. Grand River


McRae. Milton A.—100 So. Campbell Ave. Mellen, Harrv W. (C. P. A.)—657 to 660

Book Bldg

(see Addenda page 1691)

Mellish, Charles F

Metzger, William E.—56 Longfellow Ave.

Michelson, Axel E.—718 Ford Bldg

Miller, T. F. G.—6004 Russell St

Miller, Sidney T.—2104 Penobscot Bldg. Miller, Sidney T., Jr.—2104 Penobscot


Miller, William A. C—1400 So. Fort St.

Mills, Merrill B.—920-921 Book Bldg

Mills, Wilson W.—600 Union Trust Bldg.


Mitchell, W. Ledyard—341 Massachusetts

Ave., Highland Park

Mizner, W. L—1365 Cass Ave

Mohrmann, Harry O.—151 W. Congress


Momberg, Geo. C. L.—600 E. Jefferson


Moore, Guy W.—726 Hammond Bldg... Moore, Lucian Selwyn, Jr.—2231 Park


Moran, John Patrick—6400 Mt. Elliott


Morley, Bert—3600 Military Ave

Morris, George B.—4159 Woodward Ave. Morse, Clark Tillinghast—6000 Russel St. Mortenson, Benj. Frederick—412 Buhl


Moss. W. E.—1402 Buhl Bldg

Mott, Charles Stewart—14-130 General

Motors Bldg

Moynihan, Michael A.—6400 Mt. Elliott


Mumford, Samuel C.—2000 Second Ave. . Munro, Edward N.—350 East Congress


Munz, Charles W.—6513 14th Ave

Murfin, James Orin—1906 Dime Savings

Bank Bdg

Murphy, Alfred J. (Judge)—1442 Griswold St

Murphv, Fred T. (Dr.)—2204 Penobscot


Murphy, Michael J.—2110 Buhl Bldg... Murphy, William Herbert—2204 Penobscot Bldg

Murraj', James R. — Michigan - Vernor

Highway at 14th St

Nail, Frank C.—Guaranty Trust Co. Bldg. Nathan, Jacob—1127-29 Penobscot Bldg. Neal, Kirke-A.—1635 First National Bank


Neal, Thomas—1635 First National Bank


Neudorfer, John P.—300 United States

Mortgage Bldg

Newberry, Phelps—Buhl Bldg

Newberry, Truman Handj^—2222 Buhl

Bldg _

Newman, Calvin H

Nichols. John T.—532 Buhl Bldg

Nicol, Frank D.—315 Ford Bldg

Nimmo, Harry Minnes—520 Fort St. W.

Nixon, Ralph ,

Noble, George Hubert—2306 Franklin St.

Nugent, John H.—2011 Park Ave

Nvman, Charles A.—801 First National

Bank Bldg

Oakman, Robert—512 Union Trust Bldg. O'Brien, M. Hubert—526 Dime Bank Bldg O'Donnell, Ravmond C—506-10 Dime

Bank Bldg

Ohliger, Willard—6533 E. Jefferson Ave. Ortved, Niels C—14401 Dexter Blvd... Osborne, Frank W.—Foot of Adair St.

Osburn, Wallace N

Otto, Walter E.—1200 General Necessities


Owen. Kennedy R

Owens, Kenneth Hunter, Sr.—234 Buhl


Paddock, Lewis H.—2104 Penobscot Bldg. Palmer. Calvin A.—408 Fort St., West.. Parcells, Charles A.—639 Penobscot Bldg.

Paris, Rupert E.—612 Ford Bldg

Parke'-, James Wentworth—2000 Second


Paterson, Edmund T.—939 Penobscot


Peabody, Horace B.—1432 Buhl Bldg... Peoples, Andrew J.—174 South Clark


Peters, Albert E.—14401 Third Ave.,

Highland Park

Peters, Louis Arthur—319 Broadway

Market Bldg

Phelps, Francis H.—200 Madison Theatre


Phelps, George Harrison

Phister, George W.—Hamilton-Dewey


Pieper, Harry J.—13831 Woodward Ave. Piper, Walter C.—Woodward & Witherell


Plumb Roy A.—Caniff Ave. & Grand

Trunk RR

Prentis, Meyer Leon—3044 West Grand




Prescott, Joel Henry

Pulcher, Martin L.—5780 Federal Ave. Quisenberry, Frank E.—14048 Woodward

Ave.. Highland Park

Race, U. Grant—1726 Dime Bank Bldg... Rackham, Horace H.—1715 Dime Bank


Rawles, Huston—2012 Buhl Bldg

Raymond, Charles L.—307 Fort St., West

Reeder, Thomas Edwin

Reekie, Chas. A.—625 Shelby St

Reglien, William A.—Foot of Adair St. Reilly, Raymond Walker—1900 Penobscot


Remick, Jerome H.—Cass & Grand River


Renfrew, Reno Bartlett—144 Penobscot


Rice, Donald B.—26 Peterboro St '.

Rice, William E.—Detroit Club

Ritter, Chas. S

Robinson, Frank Sej^mour—909 Broadway

Exchange Bldg

Robinson, Fred J

Robinson, Howard H.—Stephenson Bldg. Robson, Frank E.—303 M. C. RR. Terminal

Rodger, William S.—14401 Third Ave,

Highland Park

Roehm, Charles Martin—3289 Beaufait


Roehm, Geo. E

Rogers, Chandler A.—5780 Federal Ave.. Roney, William C—506 Dime Bank Bldg. Roth, John Edward—18706 Woodward


Roth, William Frederick, Jr. —18706

Woodward Ave

Rowland, Marion O.—408 West Fort St.

Rowlette, C. G.—100-400 Clark Ave

Rubiner, Samuel H..—801 First National

Bank Bldg

Ruddon, Raymond W.—5780 Federal Ave. Rumney, John G.—2250 E. Grand Blvd. Rumney, Mason Pittman—4461 W. Jefferson Ave

Russel, John R.—1020 Free Press Bldg. Russel, Walter S.—Room 1349, Free

Press Bldg

Sanger, Henry H.—144 West Fort St.

Sarver, A. H.—655 Chicago Blvd

Schantz, Arnold Augustus

Schimmel, Louis W

Schofield, Emerson J.—640 Temple Ave. Schorn, Nicholas J.—338 W. Lafayette


Schwartz, Norman—2180 E. Milwaukee


Scotten, Walter—4085 Fort Street, West Scrimger, Irwin S.—565 Larned St. E. . . Searles, John Rumney—7885 Jos. Campau


Segall, Karl Bernard—255 Meldrum Ave. Seller, Paul Waldo—11-262 General Motors Bldg

Selden, Cassius Goodman—5914 Federal


Shader, Frank J.—204 Penobscot Bldg.. . Shaw, John C.—151 W. Congress St. . .

Shepardson, Charles A.—Buhl Bldg

Shuell, Frank Wilson—5241 Wesson Ave. Shurly, Burt R.—62 Adams Ave. West.. Sikes, Clarence S.—Room 203, Fort St.

Union Depot

Simonds, Ralph W.—234 Buhl Bldg. . . Simpson, Christine McD.—7740 Gould


Sloane, Robert Mears—12801 E. Jefferson


Slocum, William W.— 1133-9 Griswold St. Slyfield, Henry S.—Anderson & Gould


Small, Sidnev B.—150 Congress St., W.. .

Smith, Charles L.—640 Griswold St

Smith, Donald B.—927 Penobscot Bldg. Smith, Edwin Merrill—1043 Free Press


Smith, Frank Goff—606 Woodward Ave..

Smith, Hal H.—1122 Ford Bldg

Smith, Howard F.—634 Penobscot Bldg. Smith, Laurence P.—Woodward Ave. &

Cadillac Sq

Smith, Leon—P. O. Box 1396

Smith, Maynard D.— 1144 Free Press


Smith, Oscar W.—Box 488

Smith, Philip H.—409 Griswold St. ...


Detroit—(Continued) Detroit—(Continued) Flint—(Continued)

Smith, William W Watson, Frank H.—2210 Park Ave Martin, James

Spicer, Charles Phipps Webster, Arthur—Congress & Shelby Sts. Pierce, John L.—600^ Soutli Saginaw St.

Spitzley, Bertrand CurtiS'—Madison Thea Welden, Frank H.—111 Cavalry Ave. ... RosenzweiH. Benjamin—609-10 Genesee

tre Bldg Wetmore, Ernest C—2170 E. Jefferson Bank Bidg

Splane, J. G.—4647 Wesson Ave Ave Schumacher, Roy W.—314-.116 S. Saginaw

Stadler, William L.—1620 First National Wheat, Renville—2017 Penobscot Bldg... St

Bank Bldg Whitcomb, Edgar B.—525 Woodward Smith, Walter Olcott

Staff, Charles Ave Stewart, Samuel Sidney—1203 Harriet St.

Stair, Edward Douglas—1319 Free Press White. Kirby B.—P. O. Box 648 Storer, John E.—501 South Saginaw St.. .

Bldg Whitehead, James T.—2361 Beecher Ave. \^an Benschoten, Chas. M

Staley, John W Whittenberger, Herbert E.—400 East Veit, William—218 Avon St

Stalker, John Nellis Jefferson Ave Willson, George C.—2125 South Saginaw

Standart, Henry Winslow—210 Chene St. Wightman, Earl C—2210 Park Ave. . St '

Standart, Joseph G.—1250 Griswold St... Wigren, Eugene A.—800 Michigan Cen Winslow, Dallas E.—727 Louisa St

Stanton, Harry Leavenworth tral Terminal FORDSON

Starret, Thos. C.—818 Detroit Saving,^ Wilcox, Clarence E.—1928 Buhl Block . . Clippert. Charles Frederick—Cor. Wyom-

Bank Bldg Wiley, George ing & Southern Aves

Stearns, Wayland D.—Jefferson & Belle Williams, Bertrand R.—6513 14th Ave... Conat, Fred W

vue Aves Williams, Herbert Perrv—5914 Federal Sorensen, Charles E

Steele, H. M.—Mill St., Ecorse Ave ". GRAND HAVEN

Stephenson, Burnette F.—Cass & West Williams, Wood—220 Ford Bldg Robbins, Nathaniel—1 Water St

Grand Blvd Wilson, Wm. Robt.—Clay & Russell Aves Sherwood, Bernath P

Stevens, Frederic B.—Cor. Earned and \\''inckler. Frederick J.—204 Penobscot GRAND RAPIDS

Third Sts Bldg Anderson, Archie A

Stevens, Henry G.—1721 Penobscot Bldg. Winningham, Charlie Chaft'ee—General Austin Carlton 90 Scribner Ave

Stevenson, Charles H.—40 Davenport . Motors Bldg Avery ' Noyes Lath?m

Stockard, Joel—106 Penobscot Bldg. Winter. Arthur W.—818 W. Hancock Baarman, Casper—199 Monroe"Ave'.."N.

Stoddard, William Osborn—10-236 Gen Ave \Y

eral Motors Bldg Witkowski, Vernon—6305 Chene St. Cor. Barn'ett, James F. .".'. . . .. .

Stone, Ralph Adele Bean Richard Robert

Stoops, Harry J-—11801 Mack Ave, '. . . . Wolf Erank ..... . Berghuis, John Jacob-65S Gorfrey Ave'. '.

Storm, Carl T—610 Btihl Bldg Wood, Arthur E.—330 Insurance Ex Blodgett, John W.—1103-6 Grand Rapids

Straus, James I. D.—801 General Necessi change Bldg • Savings Bank Bldg

ties B'.dg Woodbridge, Charles Kingsley—14250 Bowen J A

Stringer, Max J.--1S6-168 Congress St.. . Plymouth Road Bovle, Russell J.^Grand Rap'ids' National

Sullivan, Edward Richard—1144 tree Woodworth, Fred L.—Federal Bldg Bank Bldg '.

Press Bldg Worden, John Riley-Jefferson & Bellevue Burch John K

Sumner, Edward Alleyne—1202 Ford Sts Chindblom, David ' Peter—403 ' Division

Bldg Worrell, Samuel Henrv—Warren & Ave So

Tant, Walter F^25S Meldrum Ave. .... Wyoming Ave Clark,' R.' E.-Grand' ' Rapids ''National

Taylor, Burt Eddy—Fifth Floor, bora ^^ right, Charles, Jr.—1118 Ford Bldg. .. Bank Bldg

t^u^^^®-t'u'"tV---;;a't^----Va Wright, John C—314 Ford Bldg Clements, Earle "Arthur—315 ' Commerce

Thom, John H.—640 Temple Ave Yerkes, George B.—1024 Ford Bldg Ave

Thomas, Luther D.—147 W. Congress St. Young, DuBcis Clements Rov W

Thomas, Richard W.-147 W. Congress Ypung, Vernon W Cornelius', Laurence-620' Monroe ' Ave,',

^t Ziegler, Otto—Ft. of Adair St North

Thompson W.S.-628 Dime Bank Bldg. DU BOIS Cornelius,' 'Lo'uis' 'a.-620' 'Monroe' Ave.',

Tigchon, John H.—2214 Penobscot Build Devans. Edward J North

T-!w "v'ri:^07f^'^- nV^i S'^^'^.J^.^^^^'^ Cornelius, "Wm'.R.—620-648'Monroe'Ave'.

TiUotson, Frank F.-926 Dime Bank Dalz,el,Murray-330 Michigan Ave Crimmins Alvah D.-Campau Square .. .

Bldg EAST JORDAN Curtis Alon^o G

Tikon Frederic A,-1601 First National Porter, William P g^^ ^^r" Leonard •;•••;•••••••••• ;

Timewell 0?va' •c.-144 Penobscoi fi'ldg. ^AST TAWAS Deane, Frank G.

Tobey, Clinton Russell-234 Bnhl Bld^. ^^?^'^\^T'^ ^^ J"" S?f"' ^t'7% ^

Tobiii Benjamin Franklin-1401 Wash ESCANABA Dickey, Charles S ... .... ^

ington Blvd. Bldg ^Z'^^- ^. J'-J^^ Ludmgton St Dregge, Martin J^-655 Godfrey Ave.. . .

Tomkins, William Chester-400 E. Jeffer Slater, Joseph H . . ,••..•••■•• "„; ^^ ^^^^ ^'9 Addenda page 1694)

son Ave Smith, Mathew N.—721-723 Ludmgton St. Duffy, John

Treble, George 'r.'-1'77'8 'w.' 'Fort 'st.! ! " FARMINGTON ^T'^'ifM " ^■~^^^ ^oooK^K^ " " " -^^ • • 1

Trendle, George W.-501 Madison Thea Warner, Howard M Fuller, Philo Carroll-929 Michigan TrusL

tre Bldg FILER CITY n ^' i^".,"-'i'x^"'/^" "^"ri "-J "<j"

Trix, Herbert B.-1481 14th St Bigge. Charles G ^''°'S'\ o^'f''A',^ ^•-^■■^"d Rapids Na-

Trosper, Harold P.—408 W. Fort St.. . Schnorbach, Philip P P ^'?. ^l,, ^'^fv " \} o ' " t' ' ■'

Tucker, Max D.-1504 Dime Bank Bldg. FLINT Godwm, Arthur M.-Monroe & loma

Turnbull, Glenn F.—1408 Washington Aldrich, Fred Abbott—P. O. Box 132 . . Gold^'ner, Merw'in'j " " '

T^riir 'Tn^n'T ■ ■ Vl'lV T^"ni;i Rl^,;- ^^^^"' J'?!''" M.— 6O9 F. p. smith Bldg.. . Good, drover C—315 Commerce Ave. ..

?utt"e CaJl B -l7l6 Kr?sge i d?' ' ' Barnes, George A.-Third Ave Goodspeed. John W.-190 Monroe Ave.. .

T.^W C^,l!(^rl A 1 qtrf Rnhl RIh;^ ^^'■*''' Charles t Gorham, Frederick A

m Fr^TT n'7 HnlH?n Iv^ ^ ^^'''' ^^^'^^' H.-Hotel Bryant Hamilton, Claude-Grand Rapids Savings

HIV' cf Tw,; !ninA/T-- •••;•■■ Bonbright, Carl W.—303 Genesee Bank Bank Bldg

Utley, Stuart Wells—4069 Michigan Ave. RHtr „"''!'"■ /^'"°: ' ' \Vr' ' VinV y: " '^ t^' ' -J'

Vaile, Rawson-6000 Russell St. R^own' Gr'.'nt' 't Harrington Leon W.-l 107 Grand Rapids

Va^n^.Dusen, Charles B.-1718 Kresge iSghaXVew'i.;-125'E.'2n'd St.' " " Ha'y'eTH Jay ^

VontchiegelI,"A'rt'h'u'r'-:-'360'rEast"kii: lurrou^'gh?.' Tonlthan'''Edi'ngton-S: ' 'e. Heathy Ferry K.-Grand Rapids Trust

rnd^", Howard C.'1^07|hel^^^^^ Bu^sh^£^;'rt'fcT4-^S^'o^^sTgh^^^^ "1^^"' ^'°'^'' ^^^^^^rn-72 Monroe

wXl?S;/H::-m8 Buhl'&.':"'. %\Z' J°'" ^'^'-''' ^""'"'^^ ^"^' Heinke''Ll'e'weily'n'H.'-::G'ran'd Rapids Na^

Walker, William M.-2757 Great River chan^ion,' All.VrV ::"::>"""":::":: uT^tXt-uts C^randvilie 'aV.' " !

Walker, AA^llian^'Tidd-Si^ Custer ;We.';^ ^^^^^ f-^itloS^i^Zlnt ""^^r^"' ^^^^"^ ^-'''-''' ^'^"-

Walkce. Newell B.-.851 W. Jefferson gt.. .''..... Herst, Ward'F.--620'Monroe 'Av'c'..' N.'w.

W^allace.'' Russell' 't:-1:13504 ' 'Wood'wa^d gXm' Cadv'lT^^^^"' ''°' ^'^'"'" ^'' f]^"'^^^'-- ^lav H.-177 Monroe Ave

Avp Hio-Manrl Parl^ JJuruam, L-ady a Hompe, Alexander W

\\T a' If ^ j ir -V. i""-A Fellows, William E.—i>14 Industrial Sav Hooeesteeer C—Grand Raoids National

Wardwell, Fred—Hamilton & Dewey j^gg g^nk Bldg Bank Bldg. '. . . . . .

WarHweli "HarnW ' T7]Vtrhpr"??k()"-p':.Vf Francis, J. Richard (see also Addenda page 1(5'9'6)

Wardwell Harold i'letcher—2250 East Freeman, Leonard—302 Industrial Bank Hooper Tames R

Grand Blvd t>i j„ tj u ' t Vj J ' " >-"Jc \ c' "

\\T~,rrpri Wp.i.-ir Q R^^nM,,,^,, « r^ ] ■'^'"-ig Hoult, J. Hamptou—Godfrey Ave. S.

River'Ave East'^ ^ Hubbard, George W.-313 So. Saginaw Hutchins. Lee M.-38 Oakes St

^V:^± Arthur "Thom^s::79oo"jo; K?bbard,'wiiiian; R.-202'Paterson's'idg; J™^'' eS^s. ::::::":::"":"::::::

,,,\, '-, %^V •■■,■■'■,■.; V;„'■„;■■;.■ Larkln, Frederick—industrial Bank Bldg. Johnson, Carl G.—1101 Godfrey Ave.,

Wathng, John Wright— 1d6-1 68 W. Con MacGregor, James C. (Dr.)—502 S. Sagi- S. W

SJ'ess St naw St Jones, Eugene Berkey—55 No. Market St.




Grand Rapids — (Continued)

Kelley, Frank F.—1100 Grand Rapids National Bank Bldg

Kelsey, Cliarles B.—Monroe St

Kindel, Charles J

Kusterer, Arthur E.—303 Michigan Trust Bldg

Liesveld, Herman M.—315 Commerce

Link, R.'S.—731 Michigan Trust Co. Bldg.

Lyke, F. S.—315 Commerce St

Miller, James K

Morman, Samuel A.—Perkins Bldg

Morris, Edinund

MuHer, William—401-7 S. Division Ave..

Murray, James L.—90 Scribner Ave

O'Brien, George L.—303 Michigan Trust


Olsen, Benjamin J.—Grand Rapids National Bank Bldg

Pantlind, Fred Z.—Monroe & Pearl Sts. Remington, Charles N.—Building & Loan


Richards, Eugerie—177 Monroe Ave

Rumsey, George A.—1572 Lake Drive .. . Schaddelee, Richard—Grand Rapids National Bank Bldg

Schouten, John H

Schuitema, Milo—237 Pearl St

Shelby, William R.—Pennsylvania Bldg.

Sibley, Aaron L.—150 E. Fulton St

Smith, R. J.—303 Michigan Bldg

Staples, Loren J.—442 Monroe Ave.,

N. W

Svv^eet, Carroll Fuller

Taliaferro, Harry Monroe—901 Broadway

• Ave., N. W

Thoits, Tom

Thomson, George Campbell

Tuthill, Victor M

Van Etten, Clarence J.—1103-6 Grand

Rapids Savings Bank Bldg

Verdier, Martin D.—169 Monroe Ave.,

N. W •.•■.■■■■

Verseput, Roger, Jr.—303-307 Michigan

Trust Bldg

Wallace, Winifred J.—442 Monroe Ave.,

N. W

Warner, David A.—1000 Michigan Trust


Warren, Bernard S.—442 Monroe Ave.,

N. W

Waters, Dudley E.—Campau Square &:

Pearl St

Welch, Kenneth Curtis—1545 Madison


White, V. Hudson—516 Michigan Trust


Wilmarth, Harold C

Wilmarth, Lewis T.—416 Michigan Trust


Wilmarth, Oscar B.—ISIS Madison Ave. Wolf, David—1212 Grand Rapids Trust


Wur;^burg, F. A.—Sl-SS Division Ave., N.

Wurzburg, William M

Young, Samuel Davis


Rannev, Ellis W.


Kolowich, George J.—9301 Jos. Campau



Clark, W. Harrison

Lawton, Swaby L.—101 Quincy St

Wright. Charles A.— 101 Quincy St


Earle. George Harold


Diekema, Gerrih J.

Landwehr, August H

Vander Veen, John A.—146 N. River Ave.


Calverly, William D.—Shelden & Tsle

Royale Sts

Gibbs, Chester Alma

Goodale, George S

Nichols, Fred W

Penberthy, Albert R.—Shelden & Quincy


Rees, Allen F

Shields, Robert H.—Shelden

Van Orden, Frank Lyon—60 Shelden St. Wagner, John M.—P. O. Drawer 232 . .

Walker, Elton W.—350 Florence St

Wescott, George H


Chandler, Bert D. .


Chapman, Fred A

Green, Fred W


Ericson, Rudolph


Newett, George A


Bisbee, RolHn O.—122 Main St

Bloomfield, Arthur C

Bunting, Walter A.—126 West Michigan Ave. .

Callaghan, A. J

Corbett, W. J

Day, Clarence M

DeLamater, Bradley M

Hayes, Clarence B.—433 Consumers Power Bldg

Ingram, Frederick F.—201-213 West Michigan Ave. .

Kortenhoff, Evert C—311-315 Otsego Ave

Marsh, Howard R.—22 National Union Bank Bldg

Newkirk, Frank H

Paul, George E

Probert, H. F

Reynolds, Herbert S

Reynolds, Wiley R

Spencer, William Robert—Liberty St. ...

Spinning, Charles M

Tefft, Wm. W.—Consumers Power Bldg.

Thompson, William M.-^163 W. Michigan Ave

Tippy, Charles W.—21-2 W. Michigan Ave.

Whiting, Justin R.—436 Consumers Power Bldg

Wisner, Abram C—1300 Reynolds Bldg..


Hawes, Oren S


Ames, Edward (M. D.)—303 Elm St

Balch, James B.—511 Walbridge St

Barker, Vernon T.—129 W. Main St. . .

Blakesell, Arthur Lyman

Blaney, Chas. A.—249 No. Burdick St. .

Brown, Joseph E

Campbell, Charles S.—108 E. Main St. .

Chase, Edmond W.—310 Kalamazoo National Bank Bldg.

Desenberg, Edward B

Dickinson, Bartlett C—1322 N. Pitcher St

Fox, C. A.—Portage & Alcott Sts

Hays, Charles B.—103 Pratt Bldg

(see also Addenda page 1696)

Hodge, Frederick Marvin

Humphrey, Herbert S.—North Rose St..

Jones, William O.—Main & Rose Sts. . . .

Kettle, Albert Earl—161 E. Main St. . .

Kindleberger, Jacob

Kirby, Lewis H.—708 W. South St

Lane, Moses Henry

Lawrence, W. J

LeRov, Rockwell A.—122 Pratt Block

Light, S. Rudolph, (M. D.)—301 E. Lovell St

Milham, William Bayard

Monroe, Stephen B.—307 Peck Bldg

Otis, Walter L. .

Pagenstecher, Felix

Pvl, John A.—801 Kalamazoo National Bank Bldg

Ritchie, George W.—208 Woodward Ave.

Shepherd, Earl H.

Stearns, C. H.—512 Kalamazoo National Bank Bldg

Todd, Albert J.—343 North Rose St. . . .

Upjohn, William E. (M. D.)—301 E. Lovell St

Vander Horst, Henry L.—106 Thompson St

Wykkel, Sink T.—15 E. Lovell St


Abbott, L. C

Anderson, Bruce E

Arbaugh, Frank N

Baker, Bert J.—Prudden Bldg

Ballard, Byron L.—907 Bauch Bldg. .

Ballatine, Ralph Wyckofl—229 So. Capitol Ave

Bates, Donald E

Bement, Clarence E

Carlton, Clarence C

Carrier, M. Ralph—2200 Washington Ave., South

Cooley, Edgar Louis—124-126 E. Ottawa




Cooley, Eugene F.—Grand & Ottawa Sts.

Dahlberg, William Henry

Davis, Benjamin F.—528 S. Washington


Ellsworth, Frank H.—Strand Arcade


Elsesser, Albert A

Foster, Walter S.—807 American State

Savings Bank Bldg

Gerson, Joseph

Gier, Burton S

Green, Fred W. .

Haarer, John W

Hammond, Charles F.—601 American

State Savings Bank Bldg

Hardy, Alexander B. C.—620 Townsend


Harper, H. F.—701-735 East Saginaw St.

Hopkins, John P.—Mt. Hope Ave

Hull, Nathan P.—-American State Savings

Bank Bldg

Jenison, Orien A.—123 So. Grand Ave... Knapp. Joseph W.—220-226 So. Washington Ave

Langenbacher, A

Lee, Harry McLeod

Lundberg, Hugo B.—506 South Hosmer


Madsen, Andrew H.—Capitol National

Bank Bldg

McGill. Charles W.—911 Prudden Bldg. Moffitt, Jack G.—227-229 So. Capitol Ave.

Moore, Harry E

Morris, C. R.—506 So. Hosmer St

Newbrough, William H.—706 Sheridan


Olds, Ransom E.—200 Capitol National

Bank Bldg

Porter, D. L

Race, Shelby E. .-

Rawlings, Ralph

Reutter, John Gottlieb—1007 Bauch Bldg.

Roe, Clarence S

Rouser, Chris J.—123 S. Washington St. Rowe, Howard "B.— 112 W. Michigan Ave.

Rueschaw, Robert C

Scott, Richard Hugh

Shields. Edmimd Claude—501 American

State Savings Bank Bldg

Seigfried, John Benjamin—701-35 East

Saginaw St

Smith, Clyde B.—621 Seymour Ave

.Smith, George Ernest

Stebbins, Arthur C

Stickle, Bruce A.—468 Capitol National

Bank Bldg

Thomas, Horace T.—S. Washington Ave.

Triphagen, Clarence A

Wallace, Thomas Hunter—^603 North Cedar St

Wilford, James W

Young, Smith Gresham—229 S. Capitol



Macdonald, Norman—305 Tamarack St.


King, Harold F

Stearns, Justus S

Stearns, Robert Lyon


Dohertv, Frank B


Kitzinger. Gus

Phillips. John W

Scott, S. T.


Crowe, William S

Stack, Henrv M


Bice, Edward S

Delf, Arthur E.—Nester Block

Harris, Henry R

Lytle, Charles Edwin

Miller, Albert Edward—1, 2, 3 Opera

House Block


Moorman, A. H


Bond, Harry J


Blesch, G. A.—1515 State St

Blom, Alfred W.—923 Sheridan Road

Bothwell, D. G.—North State St

Breckheimer, Henry N

Cook, Charles Ira—Box 16

Daniel), Edward

Gram, Clinton W





Menominee —(Continued)

Henes, John Edwin—107 Stephenson Ave.

McCormick, George W

Wells, Ralph Waldo—N. State St

Wright, Wni. H.—506 Sheridan Road... MIDLAND

Convers. Albert E

Dow, Herbert H

Dow, Willard Henry

Pardee, James T

Pardee W. A


Lovejov, Charles E

Malcolm. Frank J.—R. F. D. No. 4.... MOHAWK

Dengler, Theo


Ainslie, Frank W.—Union St

Bronson, John Lee

Consor, H. Austin

Dansard, Bovez—Front & Washington

Sts '

Dixon, Thornton

(see also Addenda page 1694)

Dodd, Wesley O

Friedbiirg, Benjamin—20 East Front St. Gekle, Fred K.—39 South Monroe St.... Golden, Oliver J.—25 Washington St....

Gray, John Frank

Hoffman, Henrv D.—21 East Front St. Lauer, Ed. G. j.—23-25 E. Front St....

Leathers, Don B

Mclntyre, Charles Sumner—1400 E. First


Newcomer, L. W

Orvis, Harrv Chantler—14 Washington

Si :

Rauch, Harry Lee

Schrauder, Frank S.—6 E. Front St

Sprague. R. H.—Union St

Stitt. Archibald Woodrow

Sturn, William E.—19 E. Front St

Walter, Joseph William

Weis, Erwin T

Weisel, John—24 E. Front St

Wuest, Albert Grover


McCready, Corwin P

Ullrich, Paul J


Brown, W. B


Harr, John G

Moeckel, O. F


Beardsley, Paul R

Browne, Richard H

Damm, Carl P.—729-735 Terrace St

Davies, George W

Dratz, J. Arthur

Eliason, Henry Dunn

Emery, John G., Jr.

Galpin, Harris E.—404 Bank Bldg

Jeannot. William E.—1148 W. Western


Kanitz, Louis J

Langeland, Henry E

Marsh, Charles W.—37 Hudson St

Morse, Frank C

Munroe, William—452 W. Western Ave.

Powell, D. A.—372 Morris Ave

Rice, Horace E.—8th & Clay Sts

Richards, Wright W.—845 Pine St

Seyferth, Otto A

Smith, Charles W

Smith, William H., Sr

Syrett, Walter S.—712 Union National

Bank Bldg

Towner, George B. M.—253 W. Western


Walker, Louis Carlisle

Williams, Clifford H.—Union Bank Bldg.

WA'ant, Ira A


Morton, Henrj' Ellsworth—Broadway and

Hoyt St


Archibald, Ralph S

Levine, Philip


Ansorge, William A

John, J. B


Eaglesfield, R

Harrah, W. F

Heimann, Henry H

Owen, Harry Lea

Parkin, W. H

Niles — (Continued)

Plym, Francis J

Rahn, A. R

Scamehorn, Ro_ss D


Aigeltinger, Arthur

Chapin, John B

Conn, Lynds L.-—219 West Exchange St.

Cooper, Worthy S

Fildew, John H

Melchers, William J.—Telephone Bldg. . .


Galster, John L. A.—314-316 Howard St.

Saunders, Carleton G.—449 E. Lake St.

Sly, Homer


Anderson, William B.—504 Pontiac Bank


Armstrong, Mark B

Bird, George L.—15 North Saginaw St

Covert, Frank L.—Court House

Crofoot, Charles M.—26-28 Crofoot Bldg.

Gillespie, Glenn C.—Court House

Glancy, A. R

Horak, Joseph E

Jacobson, Henry J.—Chase Bldg

Kneale, Robert George

Marcero, Joseph L.—45 No. Perry St.. .

Merz, Charles J.

Nephler, Clarence J.—14-16 N. Perry St.

Newberry, Arthur F

Patterson, John H.—402-404 Pontiac

Bank Bldg

Patterson, Samuel J.—185^ N. Saginaw

St : ;

Pelton, Carl H.—First National -Bank


Perry, Frank L.—30 N. Saginaw St

Prvale, Harry Morgan—405 Pontiac Bank


Rice, George A.—21-23-25 So. Saginaw St. Seeley, Thaddeus D.—Pontiac Bank Bldg.

Smith, Cramer

Sowinski. Chester J.—311 First National

Bank Bldg

Talbot, Charles R

Waite, Elwin L.—70-72 N. Saginaw St.. .

Waldp, Charles E

Wilson, Charles Biggers

Wilson, David R

Zimmerman. Henrv M


Acheson, Howard A

Anderson, John Arnold

Bennett, Albert D

Boyce, Samuel L.—923-925 Military St...

Cadv, Burt D.—505 Water St

Fead, John W

Graham. Stephen A.—802 Military St. . .

Higer, Phil—210 Huron Ave. . . .'

Jenks, William T.,ee—^Stewart Block ....

Leighton, John Wvcliffe

Mills, Mvron Williams—20 White Block

Parfet, Albert B.—1432 Military St

Pcclc Cecil C

Smith, AViljiam David—308 Huron Ave..

Sperry. J. 'B.—201-203 Huron Ave.

Weil. I ouis Arthur

Wellman, Charles—336 Huron Ave

Wrst Alfred Edgar— 1707 Military St... REED CITY

Killev. Ravmond M


Morloy. Frederick G

Tiirnbnll. Georee Baillie


Bradley, Carl D

Munson, John G


Hfirtrick, George Briggs—230-35 New

Royal Oak Savings Bank Bldg

Mellen, Harvey L

Morrison, Joseph S. (M. D.)— 217 W. 6th



Alderton, George A

Boutell. .Arnold

Bovd, George H

Brewer. Will A.—Brewer Arcade

Buck, Fred

Burrows, George L

Cimrherer, Tohn A.—429 No. Water St... Cornwal' Elmer J.—1206 Second National

Bank Bide

Cornwell, W. C

Dwight, Tohn B

Eastwood. George C.^—601 Eddv Bldg... Filbert, William'^H


Saginaw — (Continued)

Fowler, F"rancis A.—219 So. Michigan Ave

Fox, Fred J.—205 No. Water St

Ganschow, Arthur W.—310 Genesee Ave.

Flanchett, Benton

Harvey, Albert Sargeant—1430 Holland Ave

Humphrey, George L.—510 Eddy ijldg.

Huss, Theodore

Jenkins, Edward

Kersten, Edwin—124 No. Hamilton St.

Khuen, Charles Albert—400 Court St. ..

Krause, Adolnh P.—401 Genesee Ave. ..

Kretschmer, Charles H.—123 So. Jefferson Ave

Maynard, Ray T.—115 No. Hamilton St., W. S

Mershon, V\^illiam B

Morley, George B

Morley, Paul Frye Healey—125 N. Washington Ave

Morley, Ralph Chase

Oppenheimer, Harry E

Otis, William T.—810 Second National Bank Bldg

Peter, James B.—1106 Second National Bank Bldg

Robinson, Henry Thomas—Jeffe'^son and Lapeer Aves

Schupp, Arthur August—930 So. Water St

-Shorts, R. Perry

Stark, Gilbert M.—1207 Second National Bank Bldg .■. .

Symons, John W., Jr

Wallace, William H.—Second National Bank Bldg.

Weadock, George W.—302 Rearinger Bldg

Wickes, Edward B.

Wick'c-s, H Randall

Wiechmann, William C.—508-512 Genesee Ave ,

Woodruff. Harry Coleman


Moore, Frederick W.—916 So. Riverside A_ve

Walker, Carl R


Wells, Tames Ogden—.^00 Broad St


Baldwin, G. W

Chandler, Thomas

Horry, Edward

Murphy, Joseph


Kirsch, Charles Wendall—310 No. Pros-pert St

Sullivan, Charles E

Van Buren, Rosslvn H


Crapo, William W


Campbell, Roy

Denison, Joseph W.—166 St. foe St. ..


Barney, Robert—311 Peoples Bank Bldg.

Haviland, A. J.—102 W. Front St

Meggison, Thos. D.—412 State Bank Bldg

Santo, John R


Harder, George N


Ford, E. L.

Ford, John Battice, Jr


Quirk Daniel I^., Jr.—133 Michigan .\ve.

Read, M. M.—Michigan Ave. & Huron St.


Den Herder, Christian J.—101 East Main St :

La Huis. Albert



Erickson, A. C.—S. Broadway

Meighen, John F. D

Sturtz, William P


Luff, Albert W


Swart, Walter G


Behlke, Edward W

Molander, Alfred L





Gemnic-ll, William Henry


Thurber, Herschel P

Under'eak, Joseph


Crosbv. George Howard


Holmes, E. G


Ahvorth, Marshall William-—Alwortli


Ahvorth, Royal D.—1605 Alworth Bldg. .

Bailey, W. D.—1200 Alworth Bldg

Beamslcy, Foster G.—2002-4 W. Superior


Buck, Fred William—205 Lonsdale Bldg.

Castle, Lewis G.—Alworth Bldg

Clark, Wayne A.—510 Wolvin Bldg

Crassweller, Arthur H.—Exchange Bldg. Crassweller, Harold Douglas—Columbia


Eklund, Wm. J.—403-4 Bradley Bldg. .. Fregeau, Frank E.—7th Ave., W. & Railroad St

French, George Arthur

Gavin, Francis James—311 Alworth Bldg.

(see also Addenda page 1696)

Griggs, Richard I^

Hanson, P. George—1915 W. Superior .St. Hartman, Alex W.—30 West Superior St.

Hawkes, Thomas B

Fliggins, Raymond W

Hodgson. W. S

Howze, Gerald—1600 Alworth Bldg

Ingwersen, Joe H

Johnson, Horace—503 Wolvin Bldg

Josephs, Hyman Y.—300 East Michigan


Kempton, Joseph W.—410 Wolvin B'dg. Kempton, Roger D.—1601 Alworth Bldg.

Loeb, Louis S.—210 Alworth Bldg

Lyder, Jay W.—304 W. Superior St. . . Macgregor, Henry S.—Sellwood Bldg. . .

MacGregor, Lane—501 Torrey Bldg

Mahoney, J. Daniel

Markle, Jay E.—205 W. Superior St. ... McGonagle. William A.—406 Wolvin


Merritt, Thomas A.—Suite 201-202 Pal-

ladio Bldg ...

Mitchell, Pentecost—60S Wolvin Bldg. . .

Moore, Isaac S

Moore, Ralph P.—Wolvin Bldg

Nolte, Henry

Ordean, Albert L

Patrick, Fred A.—5th Ave. West & Commerce St

Peterson, Ernest C.—2023 W. Superior


Prindle, William M.—302 West Superior


QuiniT, Clement Kruse—Alworth Bldg. ..

Ray, Philip L

Reichert, Sylvester L.—2631 W. Superior


Robertson, W. S

Seifert, Joseph—411 Wolvin Bldg

Spencer, Eben Selden—1600 Ahvorth


Sullivan, Francis W.—1108 Alworth Bldg. Thomson, Adams Gentles—406-413 Board

of Trade Bldg

Tuohv, Edward Leo, fM. D.)—205 W.

2nd St

Tweed, George P.—307-312 Lon-zlale


Wachte, Charles E

Walker, J. W.—Lake Ave., South

Warren, Herbert—2631 West Superior St. Washburn, Jed L.—1600 Alworth Bldg. .

Washburn, John L

'A'eiss, Anton C

Welles, George W.—303-315 So. 5th Ave.,


Yoncc, Stanley L


Gipson, F.ugenc H.—401-402 Security

National Bank Bldg

Peavev, Roger W


Adams, Samuel P

Hatch, W. L.—125 Mill St

Kennedv, Clifford Stewart

Leffler, "Fred—125 Mill St., South

Soren.sen. W. J.—123 So. Mill St

Welch, Geoffrey Wheaton

Wright, Vernon A.—121 Mill St


Sanderson, T. J


Conckhn, Bert Morse


Kenaston, Frederick Eugene


Cosgrove, Edward B.—1200 Commerce St.

Weis, Clayton W


Nelson, N. H


Andrews, John Wesley

Brett, J. E.—325-327 So. Front St

Butler, Charles R.—121-125 Jackson St...

Carney, L. J.

Currier, Frederick M

Michelson, Mathias H.—229 So. Front St.

Pahaier, George M

Patterson, H. A

Streater, Wesley A

Sugden, Geo. W

Willard, William D.—229 S. Front St. . .

Wise, Charles E.—320 South Front St. ..


Ahbe, Frederic R.—1005 First National-

Soo Line Bldg

Alwin, A. J

Andrews, Sewall D.—24 N. 3rd St

Andrus, R. Joel—Foshay Bldg

Archer, Shreve McLaren—P. O. Box 2078 Arnold, Oswald James—Oak Grove &

15th St

Ashmun, Clifford S.—101 McKnight Bldg.

Atkinson, Fred G

Atwood, Fred B.—115 South 2nd St

Backus, E. W.—1100 Builders Exchange


Backus, Seymour W.—1100 Builders Exchange Bldg

Baird, David S.—952 Chamber of Commerce Annex

Baker, Morris T.—330 Baker Bldg

Baldry, H. C—2637 27th Ave., South .... Barton, John W

Bayard, Robert P.~1138 Baker Bldg

Beil, James F.—200 Chamber of Commerce

Bennett, J. Morgan—627 1st Ave. N

Bennett, Russell H.—710 Security Bldg.

Berglund, A. F.—P. O. Box 2078

Bleecker, George M.—1054 Security Bldg.

Bovey, Charles C.—200 Chamber of Commerce

Bovey, William Howard—Chamber of Commerce

Bowman, Frank William—1121 Lumber Exchange

Brace, Ernest W.—18 S. 7th St

Bratnober, C. A.—913 Hennepin Ave...

Bratnober, H. L.—913 Hennepin Ave

Bremner, William H.—317 Second Ave., S

Brooks, Alson S.—311 E. 14th St

Brooks, Caroline L.—251 Nicollet Ave...

Brooks, Edward—311 E. 14th St

Brooks, Robert L.—251 Nicollet Ave. . .

Brooks, William F.—608 Builders Exchange

Brown, Jav R.—60 S. Fourth St

Brurhholz, Henry V.—115 S. Fifth St. ..

Buffington, George W

Burgess, John

Burr, Louis C—1st Ave. N. & 6th St. . .

Byam, J. G

Campbell, Harold A.—719 Hennepin Ave.

Carpenter, Elbert L.—900 First National-Soo Line Bldg

Cassidv, Thomas J.—601 .Second Ave., S.

Challman. Samuel A.—1107 7th St., S. E.

Chamberlain, Francis A.—5th & Marquette Ave

Chandler, M. D

Chapman. Joseph—601 Nicollet Ave.

Cha^e. Charles L.—227 Nicollet Ave. ..

Christian, William Peter^—700 Washington Ave.. N

Clarke, Hovey C.—900 First National-Soo Line Bldg

Clerihew. A. E

Cleveland, Esther M.—830 First National-Soo Line Bldg

Cobb. Albert C—300 Security Bldg

Condit, Elbert C—826 2nd Ave.. S. ...

Cook. Henry Wireman, (M. D.)

Cooke, Elbridge Clinton

Corwin. Orrin M.—1110 McKnight Bldg.



Crosby, Franklin Aluzzy—200 Chamber of


Cross, Hollis A.—330 Baker Bldg

Cullen, William A.—1030 Marshall St.,

N. E

Dales, James Stuart—Foshay Bldg

(see also Addenda page 1694)

Daniels, John W

Davenport, Darlington—529 2nd Ave., S.

Davis, Donald D.—200 Chamber of Commerce

Dayton, Geo. D.—700 Nicollet Ave. ..

Decker, Edward Williams—411 Marquette Ave

De Laittre, Karl—924 Plymouth Bldg.-..

Deutsch, Henry—908-918 Baker Bldg. . .

Devaney, Michael R.—447 Security Bldg.

Deveraux, William Patrick—200 Mills S.z Traders Bank Bldg

DoUenmayer, Albert^519 Metropolitan Life Bldg

Drake, George M.—1138 Baker Bldg...

Durst, William Arthur—405 Marquette Ave

Fames, Paul V. —900 First National-Soo Bldg

Fide, T. A.—2108 Washington Ave. N...

Elken, C. L.—2005-2301 University Ave., S. E

Ellertson, E. E.—2037 University Ave., S. E

Ellison, James H.—801 Globe Bldg

Falconer, James W.—700 Washington Ave., N

Finch, Harry B.—430 Oak Grove

Forest, Samuel E.—328 E. Hennepin Ave.

Foshay, Wilbur Burton—126 S. Ninth St

Foster, Wesley S.—613 Metropolitan Life Bldg

Fowler, Charles R.—815 New York Life Bldg

Gamble, David Franklin—222 N. Sixth .St. (see also Addenda page 1695)

Gillette, Geo. L.—2854 Minnehaha Ave...

Gluek, Charles—2021 Marshall St., N. E.

Gooding, William C.—Flour Exchange . .

Goodridge, Irving R.—432 Sexton Bldg.

Griffin, John H.—1010 New York Life Bldg

Gross, Abner Harry

Gross, Francis A. . .

Harrison. Perry—601 N. 3rd St

Hauschild, Tohn H.—McKinght Bldg.

Hauschild. Oscar D.—1645 Henneoin Ave.

Hedwall, Chas. T.—831 Metropolitan National Bank Bldg '.

Hepp-aard, Gustavus L.—1036 Security Bidsr ■.

Heffelfinger, Frank Totton—312 Chamber of Commerce

Heller. Geo.—1138 Baker Bldg

Henlev, Henry Howe—826 Second Ave. South

Hennessv. J. P.—900 First National-Soo T ine Bldg

Hpskptt, R. M.—831 Second Ave. S

HifTgins, H, Malcolm—251 Nicollet Ave.

Hill, Horace M.—Marquette Ave. & 2nd St

Hobart. Mell W.—N. W. National Life Bldg

Hobbs. Arnold

Hopwood. Robert G.—520 2nd Ave. So.

Hou!?h. Edward A—306 So. 6th St

Hutchison, Ernest V. —251 Nifrllet Ave.

Hyman. J. Tesse—Ni-^oHet 8z Fifth

Trevs, Charles G.—432 SecuritA' Bldg. . . .

Jaffray, Clive Palmer—1200 First National-Soo Line Bldg

Jafifray, Clive T.—1416 First National-Soo Line Bldg

Tenness, M V.—430 Oak Grove St

Jennison, Tames

Tohnson. Perrv S

Tones, Edmund S—517 Marnuette Ave...

JCAW, Hubert-925 Plvmouth Bldg

Kellv. Patrick J.—923 Nicollet .\ve

Kennedv, W. FTubert—101 McKnight Bldg."

Kennedy, William Parker-700 Baker Bldg."

Kingman. Jo.sepb R.—1010 Security Bldg.

Kunze. William F.—517 Marquette Ave.

Leach. Walter C—430 Oak Grove St. . .

I'.ee, William Henry—511 Marquette Ave.

T^eeman, Paul J

LefTingwell, Louis M




Minneapolis— (Continued)

Lehman, Gustave Lnanes—432 Security Bldg '.

Lehman, Max A.—MetropoHtan Insurance Bldg

Leonard, Charles Edward— 1221 Plvmouth Bldg. '.

Leslie, John—301 So. Sth St

Libbev, Charles Arthur

Lind,'John—706 New York Life Bldg. ..

Lindsay, J. B.—400 No. First St

Lockwood, Geo.rge Henry—1221 Plymouth Bldg

Lowe, Justus F.—First National-Soo Line Bldg

Lowry, Horace—1 South 11th St

MacFarlane, Warren C.—2854 Minnehaha Ave

Macgregor, Robert E.—411 Marquette Ave

Mackall, Henrv C,—Metropolitan Life

Bldg :

MacMillan. John H.—1100 P'irst National-Soo Line Bldg

Macnie, John S., (Dr.)—74 So. Eleventh


Alairs, Samuel

Manuel, Ralph William—517 Marquette


Martin, Gerald Reed—109 Chamber of

Commerce ,

Martin, James M.—405 Marquette Ave.. Massie, C. C—1500 Jackson St., N. E...

Mattson, Edgar L

McClellan, Fred L.—700 South Fourth St. McGinty, Harry Edward—Foshay Bldg. McKnight, Sumner T.—1236 McKnight-


McLane, William Fulton—511 Marquette


McMillan, Putnam Dana—200 Chamber

of Commerce

McRae, Alexander A

Melony, C. C

Miller, Leslie F.—Security Bank Bldg. . .

Mills, Charles Burdick

Morris, William H

Morrison, Angus W.—900 Metropolitan

Life Bldg

Murphy, Frederick E.—57 South Fourth


Murphv, Kingsley H.—57 South Fourth


Murray, Walton Riplev—4th St. & 2nd Ave. S

Nash, Elliott E.—317 Second Ave. South

Nash, Willis K.—203 Essex Bldg

Nichols, John Freeman—200 Andrus Bldg

Norblqm, Edward H.—800 Builders Exchange

Northrup, William G.—218 Second St., South

Nortz, Albert George—1645 Hennepin Ave

Overman, Irving H.—115 So. Sth St

Paris, Hal C—123 No. 2nd St

Partridge, Earl—1st Ave. No. and 4th St.

Partridge, George H.—1st Ave. North & 4th St

Pence, Harry E.—800 Hennepin Ave. ..

Pillsbury, Alfred Fiske—300 Metropolitan Life Bldg

Pillsburv, Charles Lucien—718 Glenwood Ave

Pillsbury, Charles Stinson—300 Metropolitan Life Bldg

Pillsburv, John Sargent—301 Metropolitan Life Bldg

Piper, Harry C

Pomeroy, Julius S

Prince, Frank M

Furdv, Edward A

Rand, Arthur H.—18 So. 7th St

Rand, Rufus R., Jr.—18 South 7th St. ..

Record, James L.—2854 Minnehaha Ave.

Robertson, A. M

Robinson, Harry L.—220-226 North Sixth St ".

Roehl, Alexander K. H.—1020 First National-Soo Line Bldg

Rogers, Arthur Ross—830 First National-Sco Line Bldg

Rogers, George Henry—830 First National-Soo Line Bldg

Rubbert, Ernest—2637 27th Ave., South..

Salisbury, Clarence . W

Minneapolis— (Continued)

Saborn, Charles H.—430 Security Bldg...

Scanlon, M*. J.—311 E. 14th St

Schlampp, Peter—2919 Hennepin Ave. ..

Searle, Augustus Leach—1254 Chamber of Commerce

Sewall, Samuel L.—512 Washington Ave., North

Seybold, Joseph Long—McKnight Bldg.

Sheffield, Benjamin Belcher—922 Flour Exchange

Sherer, George J.—3033 Calhoun Blvd. ..

Smith, Arthur Pieper—226 Walker Bldg.

Smith, Charles V.—405 Marquette Ave...

Snyder, Fred B.—800 Security Bldg

Stacy, Clinton L.—200 No. 6th St

Stark, Linden L. D

Stevens, F. H.—810 Baker Bldg

Stevens, Harold A.—810 Baker Bldg

Stevens, Milo F.—810 Baker Bldg

Stevenson, WilHam J.—115 So. Sth St...

Stinchfield, Frederick H.—900-920 Metropolitan Life Bldg

Stowell, Frederick M.—718 Glenwood Ave

Sudduth, W. H.—922 Flour Exchange . .

Tetzlaff, Eugene—27th Ave. & 27th St., S.

Thayer, Charles Edward—432 Security Bldg

Thompson, Daniel R.—601-S First Ave., N. E

Thrall, Henry D.—405 Marquette Ave. . .

Traer, Glenn W., Jr.—1200 First National-Soo Bldg

Ueland, Andreas—401 New York Life Bldg

Upham, John Phineas—1420 Harmon PI.

Van Derlip, John R.—906 Aletropolitan Life Bldg

Van Dusen, Fred C.—713 Chamber of Commerce

Van Valkenburg, Jesse—416 N. W. Bank Bldg

Vaughan, James A

Veigel, Adelbert—2201 Kennedy St

Velie, Charles Deere—800 Washington Ave. North

Wagner, Charles Conrad—418 N. First St

Waite, Harry B.—Security Bldg

Wakefield, Lyman E

Walker, Archie D.—807 Hennepin Ave.. .

Walker, Gilbert Alarshall—807 Hennepin Ave

Walker, Thomas _B.—807 Hennepin Ave.

Wallace, Austin Jidward—1402 Soo Line Bldg ^....

Ware, Joseph Edwin

Warner, Amos L.—114 S. Ninth St

Webb, Robert W.—115 South Fifth St. . .

Webster, George W.—1416 First National-Soo Line Bldg

Weesner, Harvey Roscoe—2222 Elm St., S. E

Welch, Herbert F.—Foshay Bldg

Wells, Edward P.—McKnight Bldg

Wells, Frederick Brown—312 Chamber of Commerce

Wells, Stuart W.—101 McKnight Bldg..

Wetmore, Robert Wallace^900 First National-Soo Bldg

Whiting, H. H

Williams, Charles R.—100 Second Ave., North

Williams, Elmer Lloyd—511 Marquette

Ave. So

(see Addenda page 1693)

Williams, Louis Hudson—100 2nd .Ave., North ■

Winton, Charles J.--954 Security Bldg...

Winton, David N.—954 Security Bldg. ..

Wiprud, A. C.— 33 Old Chamber of Commerce Bldg

Wold, Carl O.—2005 University Ave., S. E

^Vold, Theodore—411 Marquette Ave. . .

Woodworth, Benjamin H.—507 Chamber of Commerce

Woodworth, Edson Snow—501 Chamber of Commerce

Wurtele, Valentine-1101-1129 Third St., South


Westerman, Henry H


Douthitt, Frank W



Allen, John M

Allen, Reuben P

Peterson, John A


Carlev, James A


Manning, Arthur H

Langum, Alfred H

Lewis, Chas. F


Boxrud, Bernard M

Dengler, John

Foot, Edwin H

Gerlach, Bernard—Plum & Levee Sts. ..

Meech, Harold M

Peterson, Axel E.—324 3rd St

Sargent, Charles J

Stickles, Lyndon D


Baker, John R.—211 So. Broadway

Harwick, Harry John—102-110 Second

St., Southwest

Logan, Arch. H.—2nd Ave


Carlson, John C

Flynn, James J


Forsyth, Willard Daniel—520^ First

Ave., S

Fuller, C. E

Thompson, Albert, (M. D.)


Allstrom, Henry W.—Commerce Bldg. .

Ames, Regnald FI.—1350 University Ave.

Armstrong, James Douglas

Autrey, Leroy Sterling

Bend, Harold P.—311 The Brokerage


Bigelow, Charles H

Bigelow, Frederic Russell—111 W. Fifth


Bohn, Gebhard C

Bohn, H. H.—1350 University Ave

Bremer, Adolf—882 W. 7th St

Brooks, Edward—1923 University Ave. .

Budd, Ralph—175 E. Fourth St,'

Bunn, Charles W

Burns, Fitzhugh—1403 Pioneer Bldg

Burns, John A.—1614-1616 Pioneer Bldg. Burr, Alexander R.—335 Minnesota St...

Clark, Homer P

Cochran, Moncrieff Mitchell—Third &


Codere, Charles Francis—111 West Sth


Cole, Haydn S.—143 Endicott Bldg

Collester, Frank M.—2324 Hampden Ave. Davis, Edward Perkins—344 Jackson St. Dean, William John—8th & Siblev Sts...

Delander, N. P ."

Dorefy, Frederic Gerber^—1120 Great

Northern Bldg

Donnelly, Charles—Railroad Bldg

Flannery. George P.—344 Jackson St... Fogg, Frederic Augustine—285 Summit


Gann, George Kellogg—Sth & Cedar Sts.

Gates, F. H

Gates. H. B

Girton. John F.—915 Pioneer Bldg

Gish, L. L.—Robert, Ninth &- Tenth Sts. Goodkind, William L.—Sixth .^ Waba-

■shaw Sts

Gorham, Benjamin—1203 Merchants Bank


Greenman. Almon A.—344 Jackson St...

Griggs, Benjamin G

Griggs, Chauncy Milton—University &

Fairview Aves ,

Griggs, Milton Wright—l^niversity &

Fairview Aves. . . . :

Hall, William Henry—2 to 16 E. 3rd St.. . Hamm, William—681 East Minnehaha St. Hamm, William, Jr.—681 E. Minnehaha


Hannaford, Jule M., Jr.—333-3o3 Siblev St '.

Hannaford, Jule Murat

Harmon, Albert H.—55 E. 10th St

(see also Addenda page 1696)

Humason, Harry B.—7th & Robert St...

Jennings. Herbert K.—335 Minnesota St.

Jensch, Charles—275 E. 4th Si

Johnson, George J.—7tli & Roljert Sts...

Kalman, Charles Oscar—146 Endicott Rldg

Minnesota REGISTER OF DIRECTORS Mississippi

Saint Paul — (Continued) South Saint Paul — (Continued) Jackson—(Continued)

Kalman, Paul Jerome— 1112 Builders Ex- Birch, Frank A Green, Garner Wynn—404-208 Merchants

change Bldg Good, Thomas E.—631 Exchange Bldg... Bank BIdg

Kennedy. Richard Lea—275 -F. 4th St Highland, Alexander Harding, John W.— S09 Pearl St

Kenncy, William P.—175 E. 4th St (see also Addenda page 1696) Johnson, W. G.—Daily News Bldg

Kerfoot, Paul S.—205 Pioneer Bldg Kohl, John Cornelius Klumb, Chales Elroy—Lampton Bldg.

Kerfoot, William N.—336 Robert St l.uening, J. James Lake, Robert E

Kerr, Harold C.—1614-1616 Pioneer Bldg. Sawteli, William Amos—Exchange Bldg. Lehman, Isidore

Lacy, O. J.—Conimerce Bldg STILLWATER Lemly, Percy—P. O. Box 248

Lang, Wm. A.—5th & Washington Sts.. Seymour, Lewis Howard—Lum.berman's McCarty, William Bonner—457 No. Mill

I,arson, John C.—5th & Wacouta St Exchange Bldg St

Leggo, Charles A.—275 East 4th St TWO HARBORS McGehee, William Eugene

MacI .aren. Charles D.—Endicott Bldg. . . Owens, Thomas McLean, James Nicholas—Lamar Bldg.. .

Macoubrey, John H.—1203 Merchants Shea, John Morris, Joseph Henry

Bank Bldg WABASH Owens, Walter Dudley

Maher, Tames T Lawrence, Charles Wyman Pate, Walter Thurston—101 East Pearl

Mann, Henry W.—University & Fairview WASECA St

Aves Everett, Edward A Pullen, William Heflin

McConville, Edwin B.—Park Square WINONA Robinson, John William—240 E. Capitol

McMillan, Mvron Baker, John R.—65 W. 3rd St St

Moga, Anthony J Bishop, Charles L Savage, J. T.—726 N. State St

Morgan, Fred—413 Metropolitan Bank Horton. Roscoe—Exchange Bldg Segura, Joseph Otto

Bldg Howard, Russell M Vest, James Hood—241 Edwards Hotel

Mundy, Harry L.—1209 Builders Ex Jackson, Rov Horton—Exchange Bldg.. . Bldg. . . ■....

change Bldg King, Ernest L Waite, Otis J.—302 No. President St. ..

Mvers, Paul N.—Myrtle & Hampden King, Grace W. (Mrs. E. L. King) Watkins, Henry Vaughan—E. Capitol St.

Aves La France, E. S Wells, James Harrison—205-06 Millsaps

Nason, Bert Elwood—702 Pittsburgh Lucas. John William Bldg

Bldg McConnon, Joseph R Wells, William Calvin—9th Floor, Life

Nation, M. A.—Endicott Bldg Morse, Charles Mortimer—68 Lafayette Bldg

Nelson, Arthur E.—1614-1616 Pioneer St Wortman, Arthur R—Cor. State & Silas

Bldg Schuler, Charles Carroll Brown Sts .

Newman, Lewis D.—344 Jackson St Smith, T. Russell Young, Robert Franklin

Nowell, James A.—Globe Bldg Te?.rse, Clarence Dudley LAUREL

Noves. Charles Reinold—6th ■Sr Siblev Sts. Watkins, Paul . . ■. Green, Charles ;

Oace, John A.—Fourth & Robert Sts... Webber, Marshall B LEAKESVILLE

Oehler, Ira C—143 Endicott Bldg .Backstrom, J. W

Ordway, John Gilman—5th & Broadway >_. . . . LOGTOWN

Ordwav, Lucius Pond—356 Broadwav.. IVl'SSl.SSlDni Otis, John Sidney

Ottis, Frank T.-867 Forest St . . iVi^;3i3i,^Oippi ^3^^ Addenda page 1692)

Paetzold, Frederic L.—175 E. 4th St BROOKHAVEN Weston. Horatio Stephen

Prince. George Harrison—Fourth & Rob- Brady, Thomas, Jr LUCEDALE

ert Sts Moreton, Samuel E.—P. O. Box 552 Luce, G. M ,


Rame'r' Geo H —Grove & Olive Sts . . . Bingham, Joseph Reid Jackson, Forrest Butler—Mechanics State

Ramer,' Milton G.—Grove & Olive Sts.. . CLARKSDALE Bank Bldg

Randall, Clarence B.—369 Cedar St Barr. William Bowmar—224 Delta Ave. . . MERIDIAN

Randcdl Eugene W.—1100 Commerce CLEVELAND Lowry, Montague James, (M.D.)—Marks

Bldg V Brown. Edgar Rothenberg' Bldg

ReeveT, Arthur' 1.-360 'Robert' St COLUMBUS ?j,'T}Pson. Avington Douglass

Robinson, George W.—369 Cedar St Banks, George Young Wilbourn, Richard Eggleston—Citizens

Saunders, Edward Nelson. Jr.—1203 A'er Stovall, Adam Tonquin—First National National Bank Bldg

chants National Bank Bldg Bank Bldg iYii'i^cT'^'^^^.^Jil' ^

Savage, Arthur H,-915 Pioneer Bldg... DICKERSON MOSS POINT

Schaffner, Rome A.—1014 Guardian Life Anderson, Edgar Lee Uant/Jer, Alfred F


Schlick Frank Stone, Alfred Holt Alexander, H. M

Schuneman. Albert—Sixth'&"Waba,sh Sts. GREENVILLE NETTLETON

Shields T T Baird, Thomas Henderson Bryan, James David

Sickels,' L'ewis '^-915' Pioneer" BWg. '.'.V. GREENWOOD PASS CHRISTIAN

Siems, Allan G.—1014 Guardian Life Bldg. Garrard, William Mountjoy Lang John Huddleston

Siems. Claude Harris—1014 Guardian Life Myrick, Edwin Kelly—113 Jefiferson St. . . PICAYUNE

Bldg . . Provine. Braxton B Rowlands, Lamont

Simons, Lunian' C.—2388' l''niversitv Ave. Schlater, Randle Blewett-East Market fOCAHONTAS

Skinner, William W „ St Lane, William Henry

Smith, Charles PL F.—366 Tackson St. ... ^^de. George Adams—Howard St TUPELO

Som'^iers, Beni. Park Sq GRENADA Clark, Robert Baker

Stellwagen, Stephen Augustu.s—966 Mi's- McCaslin Alston Jones Dabbs, Clyde Harwell

sissippi River Blvd. . Salmon, W. D Hunter, John Pitman

Strachan, William H.—Northern ' Pacific Thomas, J. T Joyner, Ernest L

Ry Bldg Underwood, Edgar Leake, M. E

Toomev, Tohn'j.—344 "j'ackson ' .St. ".'.'.! GULFPORT Reed, Rex Fay—307-11 Spring St

Upham C C Eaton, Barney E Thomas, James M

Van Leuven, E.'].".'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. Hewes, Frederick Searle, Sr TYLERTOWN

Van Slvck, George F.—Park Snuare.. . . jagoe, Armiger L Cobb, E. R

Vinson," Walter Henry—50 W. 3rd St. .. I-ang, John Huddleston Fraim, John Pearson . . .'.

von der Weyer, Henry Sweatt, Leonidas Polk, Jr UTICA

Von Nieda. George—1340 University Ave. HATTIESBURG ' Simmons D C

Waldorf, Michael W.—Hampden & Myr- Faulkner, Louis Edward virK-QPTT-pr

tie Aves Stevens, Hiram Stuart—503-507 New Citi r • t , it- . m .• ,d i du

\Ti7 1 TT 1 r> T300 TT ' -.A ,«.io R ^ „ I, R1,1 „ Brunini, John—First Nationa Bank Bldg.

Ward, Frank R.—2388 Universitv Ave.. . ^ens Bank Bldg ■d„^,.^<^ \\r;\v,^„, t u:^^* ivt„*-„ i r i

AX' tri- c r- nil p cm i Ci ta^t;,-o,^», riurnett, William 1.—l<irst National Bank

Warner, Eli S.—Cor. 9th iV Mbley Sts... TACKSON Bldg

Warner, Richmond P.—Cor. University & Alexander, Harvey Chalmers Fitz-Hugh Alexander

..^^airview Aves, . .. Alexander James A.—406 Capital National Griffith, b'. Whitfield—Washington 'St..' '.

Weed, James H.-Dispatch Bld.g. . ... Bank Bldg. ^_ Hennessev, John A.-First National Bank


Wells, Harry E.—3rd & Wabasha St. ... .^scher, Isaac Simon

Wilencheck, B. N Babbitt, Albert E ^^. ,

Williams, Wadsworth A—136 Endicott Batte, Jno. C—106 East Capt. St. ^''^''T'^J' •^^'"t^^''''^^l? : xt' l- "' i r ' •,■

Bldg Bradshaw, Edgar Hamilton—308-9 Mill ^'^^^h, Jacob Klein—First National Bank

Williamson. Frederic Ely—Northern Pa saps Bldg. . Bldg

cific Ry. Bldg Bullard, R. W.—Monument St Hughes, Samuel Robert—609 Crawford

Wood, Frederick A.—^708 Exchange Bank Cheney, William Newton St '.

Bldg Cook, A. B.—Capitol & Congress Sts. . , Jones, Richard Payne

Wood. I.ewin A.—1489 Marshall Ave. . . Eakin, Wilbur Clyde Lassiter, William Warren

Young, Elbert A.-—Court House Enochs, M. S McCoy, Thomas W

Young, George—1350 University Ave... Flowers, Edward G.—241 Edwards Hotel Raworth, John Olds


Bangs, John S Gibson, W. B.—P. O. Box 548 Treanor, Stephen E

Mississippi REGISTER OF DIRECTORS Missouri

Vicksburg—(Continued) KANSAS CITY Kansas City—(Continued)

Warner, Charles Lawrence—1320 Wash- Abernathy, Harry Thomas Dodds, Eugene Maxwell—500 E. 3rd St.

ington St Abernathy, Taylor S Downing. Blatchford—-1100 Land Bank

Wells, Kenyon Deupree—60S, Crawford Adams, Arthur Frank—Telephone Bldg. Bldg

St Alden, Maurice L.—1100 Board of Trade Downing, J. F

Williamson, George Bldg Dryden, Garrard V'.—21st & Baltimore

YAZOO CITY Alexander, Charles Freeman—905 Walnut Ave

Craig, Thomas Hugh St. Dunn, Arthur T. B.—Postal Telegraph

Hegman, Albert R.—201 Main St Allen, William L.—Sheffield Station . .. Bldg

Love, Hugh Marshall Allendoerfer, C. W Edson, Job Adolphus

Reed, Isaac Shelby—Box 153 Amick, E. E Edwards, Geo. H.—1115 Walnut St

Taylor, Frank Albion \ndrev's, Jesse—1314 R. A. Long Bldg. Eitelman, M. G.—Elmhurst Bldg

Williams, Philip Cocks Arnold. Wood—Armour Blvd. & Broad Ellison, E. D.—718 Commerce Bldg. . .

ZAMA way Everitt, Albert B.—R. A. Long Bldg. .

Thomason, M. D Auerbach, Henry A.—500 Ridge Bldg. ... Findlay, Walstein C.—1225 Baltimore

Austin, Howard A.—1603 Federal Reserve Ave

__. , Bank Bldg Fisher, Lacue H.—517 Commerce Bldg..

MlS^iOliri Aycock, Robert Vaugh—1522 Grand Ave. Fletcher, William T.—7th & May Sis. ..

Aylward, Charles Livmgston—914 Wal Flower, Henry Corwin—9th & Walnut


Adami, Charles J Bacon, George H.—Kansas City Southern Foresman, J. H.—713 R. A. Long Bldg.

Dearing, F. H Ry- Bldg Gary, Hunter Larrabee—Telephone Bldg.

BOONVILLE Baird, Charles—9th & Walnut Sts Gary, Theodore—Telephone Bldg

Nelson, A. W Bannister, Fred J.—708 Midland Bldg.. . Goebel, Peter William

Zuzak, Herman T.—315^ Fifth St Barham, T. M Goodrich, James Edward—218 Commerce

BOWLING GREEN Barnum, Raynolds — 504-505 Waldheim Bldg

Smith, Vivian Shannon—Peoples Savings Bldg Gossett, Alfred N.—731 Scarritt Bldg. . ,

Bank Bldg Barzen, Tacob—927 Walnut St Gossett, Claude S.—731 Scarritt Bldg.. .

BUTLER Beals, David Thomas Grant, W. T.—600 Gates Bldg

Yates, Weldon D.—P. O. Box 133 Bennett, Charles A.—Telephone Bldg. . Gregory, Edward F.—8th and Broadway

CAPE GIRARDEAU Benton, Carlton R.—717 Walnut St Groner, Powell C

Bowman, William Oscar— 117 Main St... T3erklev, Edgar Louis— 20th & Tracy Sts. Guettel, Arthur A

Bremermann, Herman—317 N. Main St... Berkson. So!.—1108-1110 Main St Gustin, Albert L.—1412-1418 W. Twelfth

Groves, Fred A. Bidwell, Raymond E.—2020-2030 Walnut St

Harrison, Charles Luce—326 Broadway. St Haff, Delbert James—906 Commerce

Harty, Alfred L.—404 Broadway Bigelow, Edmund Sprague—205 Huntzin- Trust Bldg

Himmelberger. John H.—511 H-H Bldg. ger Bldg Hale, S. Hugh—805 Land Bank Bldg. ..

, Hunter, Stephen B.—1621 Bloomfield Rd. Bird, Arthur S.—2102 Broadway Hall, Frank L.—1513 W. 9th St

Meyer, George Louis Blomeyer, Edward C.—816 Telephone Hall, Lester W

Moyle, Richard, Sr Bide Hancock, Harry D.—601 Dwight Bldg. .

CARROLLTON Bobrecker, Samuel—12th & Wyandotte St. Harris, Harvey Lester—Telephone Bldg.

Wilcoxson, H. H Bovard, John H.—400 Rialto Bldg Harvev, Ford F.—Union Station

CASSVILLE Bowersoc'c, Justin DeWitt—303 Fidelity Hawkinson, Axel—919 Walnut St

Ault, James Clinton Trust Bldg Helm, Vv'illiam Fred—421-423 Walnut St.

CENTRALIA Brent. Henrv C—1000 Grand Ave Hensley, Louis Judson—11th & Wyan-

Starr. James H Briggs, Zeno T.—916 Grand Ave dotte Sts

CLAYTON Brown. A. L.—3525 Broadway Hermann, William J.—IS W. 10th St. ..

Hollocher, Frederick J.—32 South Central Brown, Samuel J.—1300 Rialto Bldg Hettinger, Isaac H.—P. O. Box 1126..

Ave Bundschu, Henry A.—1108 Commerce Hirsch, Clarence Adolph—417 Delaware


Dawson, F. N Burreil. Charles R.—1117 Walnut St Hoffman, Thad L.—6th Floor, Postal

DEXTER Burton. Clarence A.—2014-2020 Wyan- Telegraph Bldg

Carter, Samuel M dotte St Holden. James F.—403 Kansas City

DONIPHAN Bush, B. E.—Southwest Blvd & State Southern Bldg

Martm, William W.—315 Pine St Line Holman, John Frederick—530 Railwav

FARMINGTON Butler, John A.—26th & Walnut Sts. ... Exchange Bldg '.

Giessing, Charles H.—304 E. Columbia St. Callawav, James G.—918 Baltimore Ave. Holmes, Conway F.—1014 Baltimore Ave.

Lang, William R Campbell, James H.—301 Ridge Arcade Holmes, Walton H.—1014 Baltimore Ave.

Schramm, Fred W.—313 E. Columbia St. Bldg Horn. Elisha S.—1502 Federal Reserve

Snider, G. B Carter, Charles J.—902 Walnut St Bank Bldg

HANNJBAL Castle, Roy W.—811 Commerce Bldg... Horn, John E.—1802 Federal Reserve

Dickey, E. D. V Chanev, Verne Edward-^06 W. 34th St. Bank Bldg

Freilmg, Henry J.—418 South Third St. Charpiot, Charles—1000 Grand Ave Houston, George A.—913 R. A. Long

Hafner, Daniel Hardy, Jr. — Front & Childs, Frederic D Bldg

Church Sts Chrisman, Alfred B.—Live Stock Ex Hughes, John G.—10th & Walnut Sts. . .

Hodgdon, Frank T.—212 Broadway change Bldg Hughes, William Neill, Jr.—1014 Balti-

Huegel, Louis Joseph—200 So. Main St. Clark, Lee Earnest—729 Holmes St more Ave

Osterhout. Silas O Clifford, William M.—31st and Troost . . Hupp, Bert L.—811 Commerce Bldg

Ramsay, William C—501 So. Main St... Collett, George Richard—914 Live Stock Irelan, Singer B.—305 Board of Trade

Sultzman, Carl Dorcas—108 So. 3rd St. Exchange Bldg Bldg

West, John Corbin—7 Stillwell Place... Conger, Claude Merritt—816 Locust Irving, Clarence B.—802 Locust St

JEFFERSON CITY Cook, Chas. R.—P. O. Box No. 1096 .... Irwin, Ray R.—1400 Federal Reserve

Kaullen, Peter—900-902 E. High St. . Cook, Robert M.—511 Pioneer Trust Co. Bank Bldg

(see Addenda page 1690) Bldg Jaccard, Walter M.—1017 Walnut St. ...

Price, Thos. L.—200 East High St Cooke, Thornton—914 Walnut St Jarboe, Henry Lee—16th & Genesee St.

Rephlo, Joseph H Cooper, Armwell L.—524 Keith & Perrv Jewell, William Rowe—622 Chambers

Speer, Alired A.—Madison & High Sts. Bldg ". Bldg

TOPLIN Corder, Aldridge Jobes, Andrew C

Blair, Cowgill—117 E. Fourth St Cowden, George R.—412 W. 8th St Jones, A. R

Boucher, Leon S.—Cor. 4th & Grand Ave. Crabbs, Franklin D.—1016' Central St... Jones, Cliff C.—Reserve Bank Bldg. ..

Butler. Percv Bennett—Joplin National Crooks, Harry D Jones, Frank Edgar—Land Bank Bldg. ..

Bank Bldg Crowell, Frank G.—1016 Board of Trade Keith, Chas. S—Keith & Perry Bldg...

Freeman, John W.—1618 Main St Bldg Kelley, J. M.—761 Board of Trade Bldg.

Garm, Joseph Edward Culbertson, Townley . Kemper, James M.—Tenth & Walnut Sts.

Giltner, Frank Phillips Cummings, James P.—118 Railwav Ex- Kemper, Rufus Crosby

Hoag. David D.—6th & Joplin Sts change Bldg " Kemper, William T

Irey, George Woodbury Davis, Don A.—1422 Grand Ave Kermott, Everett A.—1400 Federal Re-Jones, Charles Vernon Davis, Robert Stuart—616 Long Bldg... serve Bank Bldg

LeBow, Loy T Deal, J. W Ketner, James—12th & Broadway

Leonard, James Miller—410 Main St.... Demsey, Raymond T.—811 R. A. Long Kirk, William Franklin—633 Railway Ex-Pate, Preston C—320 Joolin St Bldg change Bldg

Potter, George W.—214 West 3rd St Dickson, Frank P.—Ricksecker Bldg ... Kopp, George C—18th & Grand Ave. ...

Ratliff, Claude Frederick—414 Joplin St. Dierks, DeVere—700 Gates Bldg .. Kramer, Andrew A.—1509 W. 12th St. ..

Spencer, Arthur E.—516-21 Frisco Bldg. Dierks, Frederick H.—700 Gates Bldg Kretz, Charles Henry—21st & Campbell

■Starr, Jesse G.—P. O. Box 166 Dierks, Hans—700 Gates Bldg Sts

Waite. Arthur Hartzell Dierks, Harry L.—700 Gates Bldg (see Addenda page 1690)

Wa lower, Edgar Z.—118 E. 4th St Dierks, Herbert—700 Gates Bldg Landon, Thad B.—Tenth St. & Baltimore

Wallower, F. C—118 E. 4th St Dierks, Herman—700 Gates Bldg Ave




Kansas City—(Continued)

Lane, Joseph H.—R. A. Long BIdg

Lee, Henry Daniel—20th & Wyandotte


Lemon, Hal Yates

Lyon, Lee—100-106 W. 3rd St

Livingston, Schuyler W.—12th & " Win-


Loomis. Wesley' H.',' Jr.-1004 Baltimore

Lynn, James j:-i:i6l9 R.' A.' Long' BIdg ' ' "^B:^"' B^.^-'"'' F^^d-al^ese^rv; Mat., Carl D.-R. A. Long Bldg.' !!! !' ' ' ^^^^^7' Henry L.-llOO Land Bank

McDoliald, Dick A

McGrath, J. C—Dwight Bldg.

McGreevy, Milton C.-925 Baltimore'Ave'

si;"""'' ^'' Scott-lOth & Walnui

McQueeny James'-^l'l'do 'West'sth St''''

\JfdHw' ^^^'■''' ^V J'--1401 Grand ."


'^s2'": ■^'"''' M—20th' '&■ 'Wyan'd'ot'tc

Moore Frank ' 'h.— 509 ' ' Kansas ' ' 'cit; Southern Bldg ^diisas city

Moore, George G.-l'ot'h"&'B'alti'more" " Monarty, Edward P.-22nd & Grand Av'c Morrison Edwin R.-516 Scarritt Bldg

-Naf^iger, R.' L.-i 18' West '47111 'St

Navran, Lewis Jay-7th & May

m5i ^''°'rJ N—1505 Genesee St.

Negbaur, Wa ter H.-706 Broadway

Bldg.' ''""^ Albert-617 R. A.\'o'ng Nelson, Mac'k 'Barnabas-912'R'." A'.'Long

Newman, Albert

Neyhart, P. H.—307 'West 'Eleventh '^^ ' " i\icho s, Frank R —?1 Jf ^; p 7^"^^ M. . \t;„i, 1 '"•"«■ J>-—-iist A: Baltimore Ave

B?dt' ..'''. ^'^'^^-^ll Commerce nSoi'.' ^^r'" E;-21st&'Baltimore Av-e

Opie, John T.-1422 McGee St.

Orr, John r..-4101 Locust St. .

Owens, Harvey T

Parker J. M.-966 La'n'd 'Bank 'Bl'd-

Peck Frank C-500 Continental Sidg.' '.'

Bldg '.'^'' ^^ -^'■-^40 Soa^l of Tirade


Pickering, W. A

Pinkerton, Davis Morehead-liil"Grand

Plumhoe, Henry j

Porter Joseph F.-'l33o' Grand ' Ave

Pr^sc^ott, John Adams-918 Baltimor.'.

^ BUIg "^""^ T--Federai ' ReserVe ' Ba'nk ^mS: ^'^"'^^^^•-524'B;;ard'of Trade

Pnrcell, Thomas 'R^lsoi Aitm'a'n 'BMg '' ' Rader, John W.-800 Security Bldg ''

Radin, Benjamin D.—Main St

Kamse.v, Lorenzo Dow—600 Gates'PIrlo'

Bit' """'.:' "":-''' B°ard o?Trale

Reichel, G. P


Rf-?°P^ \°'^^' B._3520 B'roadw'ay.".: BWg ' ' ^—^"'^^^^^ Reserve Bank

Ricksecker, Don—913 Walnut St '

K.der, Alfred D.-9lh & Walnut" St's." ' " R.egor, Ale.Kander-117-19 Walnut St " R.effer Nathan-1117-19 Walnut St. ." Robertson Flavel-R. A. Long Bldg. . ' Robison, Walter—307 West 11th St

^ears, C. N.—3520 Broadway

Seibel, Louis L.—559 Westport Ave

Sharon, Frederic C—109 West 10th 'St" Slezak, Harry Joseph—801 Broadway .. '. Smith, Albert H.—9th & Walnut Sts Smith, Bryce B.—1000 Orear Lester BId'g. Smith, Chester C—1330 Grand Ave Snider, Otho C—918 Baltimore Ave Snyder, LeRoy J.—912 Land Bank Bldg Staples, Leonard C

Kansas City—(Continued)

Stats, Samuel J.—Hotel Stats

Stern, Sigmund—1015 Baltimore Ave. ..

Stigall, Oliver—3608 Wabash Ave

Stith, Richard Wooten—709 R. A. Long

Bldg *:

Strickler, Thomas Johnson—910 Grand Ave

Stubenrauch, Henry—404 Title & Trust Bldg

Sunderland, Lester T.—808 Grand Ave. Temple

Sweet, Hiram G.—919 Commerce Bldg. .

Swinnev, E. F

Thomas, William O.—1801 Grand Ave..

Todd, A. G.—27th & Main Sts

Torrance, J. H

Torrens, D. T.—3520 Broadway .

Tremble, George T

Trickett, Laurence Gray—214 Live Stock Exchange Bldg

Trimble, Edward G

Tyler, Frank E.—301 Mutual Bldg

Uehling, F. H.—305 Reliance Bldg

V'anderslice, Howard—960 Board of Trade Bldg

Villmoare, Ed. S.—3520 Broadway

Walbridge, Clarence M.—8th & Broadway

Walton, Philip G.—10th & Baltimore Sts.

Warren, John D.—559 Westport Rd. . . .

Wear, John W.—1316 Federal Reserve Bank Bldg

Weeks, William H.—214 Livestock Exchange Bldg

Whitaker, Jack Pendleton—2459-61-63 Charlotte St

White, Raymond B.—1116 Long Bldg. .

Wilder, Edward T.—100 New York Life Bldg

Wiles, Jchn H.—811 Commerce Bldg. ..

Winstead, Richard Gaines—1213 Harrison St

Winters, Ernest C—908 Midland Bldg...

Wood, Wilson D.—Security Bldg

Woods, Robert P.—530 Railway Exchange Bldg

Woodson, Samuel Meade—1401 Grand Aye

Wright, Herbert P.—Law Bank Bldg. . .


Fremon, Jules A

Radtke, Herman A


Bates, Worth—1108 Main St


Puffum, Charles G.—200 No. Main St. . .

Latimer, Arthur H.—521 Georgia St. ... . Peterson, James Walter—521 Georgia St.


Phares, William F

Wilfiev, George L,—North Main St


Arnold, Robert R

Green, Allen P


Ewing, Lee B.—Farm & Home Bldg. ..


Ashcroft, Joseph

Johnson. Kipp C

Knoll, Geo. W


Hedcrpeth. Jimmie


Roemer, John Lincoln—T^indenwood College


Bacheller, Roscoe Morrow—114 So. Sth St

Broaddus, John W

Clark, Robert R.—2nd & Edmund Sts. . .

Cutcheon, Frederick Richard—802 Francis St

Enright, W. F.—6th & Edmond St

Ford, F. L.—Fourth & Felix Sts

Harrington, F. R

Johnson, George M.

Krug, Henry, Jr.—7th & Felix Sts

I^acy, Beverly Randolph Drury—Sixth & Francis Sts

Lacv, Graham Gordon—Sixth & Francis Sts

Maxwell, R. G.—Sixth & Edmond Sts.

Mayer, Charles Holt—802 Corby Bldg. . .

McPherson, Alexander L.—7th & Felix Sts

Nelson, George Adney

Paxton, Gordon Bennett—300 Broad St.


St. Joseph — (Continued)

Phillip, Benjamin—Tootle Bldg

Porter, George E

Porter, Herbert Charles—6th & Francis Sts

Ridge, Ransom N.—4th & Felix Sts.

Schenecker, C. J.—324 South Third St. . .

Taylor, Charles H.—825 Francis St

Tootle, Milton, Jr.—210 North Sixth St.

Tootle, Milton, 3rd—Sixth & Francis Sts.

Trimble, James G

\'ant, Irving .A

Wheeler, William Webb, Jr

Wright, Charles E.—6th & Edmond Sts.

Zimmerman, Eugene H.—Sixth & Francis Sts


Abbott, Augustus L.—Libert> Central Trust Bldg

Abeles, Samuel C—420-421 Boatman's Bank Bldg., Broadway & Olive St

Abeln, Charles Joseph—3928 S. Broadway

Ackerman, Frank

Ackerman, Lester P.—321 N. 14th St. ..

Adams, Sidney J,—410-412 Olive St

Adams, Stephen S.—412 N. 6th St

Aid, John A.—Security Bldg

Akin, Thomas Russell—1317 Arcade Bldg.

Alexander, William Wesley—2212-20 North Broadway

Anderson, Felix E.—107 Union Station ..

Anderson, Oliver John—805 Ambassador Bldg

Anderson, Thomas Talbott, 4241 Folsom Ave

Angenendt, Joseph W.—7201 So. Broadway

Angert, Eugene H.—705 Oliye St

Anschuetz, William J. H.—4060 Forest Park Blvd

Armstrong, D. N.—Telephone Bldg

Augustine, Florence B., (I^Irs.) —4399 McPherson Ave

Avant, F. L.—1001 Washington Ave. ...

.'Xvis, Harry C—4200 Arlington Ave. ...

Baer, Arthur B.—601 Washington Ave. . .

Baer, Sigmund P.—601 Washington Ave.

Baggott, John Marmaduke—Railway Exchange Bldg

Baisch, George J.—Room 110 City Hall..

Bakewell, Edward L.—118 No. 7th St ..

Bakewell, Paul, Jr.—Fullerton Bldg

Baldwin, Lewis Warrington—Railway Exchange Bldg

Earklage, Louis—317 N. Fourth St

Barnes, Arthur F.—721 Locust St

Bartholomew, Harland—317 No. 11th St.

P.arto.n, R. K.—4157 North Kingshighway

Bascom, Calvin Perry—6300 St. Louis Ave

Bascom, Charles E.—805 North First St.

Bates, Ronald M.—208 North Broadway

Bebie, Jules—Second St. & Lafayette Ave.

Becker, Victor H., Jr.—117 So 11th St.

Bedal, William Sherwood—506 Olive St.

Belcher, William L.—2Sth & Mullanphy

Belden, David A.—205 Planters Bldg. ...

Bemis, Farwell Gregg—601 So. 4th St. . .

Bemis, Judson S.—601 So. 4th St

Bemis, William Noyes—1262 Arcade Bldg.

Bergenthal, Victor W.—6400 Plymouth Ave

Bermingham, Julius A.—1800 S. 2nd St...

Berry, George M

Besch, C. G.—Telephone Bldg

Bcstor, H. Paul—315 Pine St

Beszelzen, Lubertus Enicus—Shell Bldg..

Betts, J. F.—319 North 4th St

Birge, Ernest N.—4038 Duncan Ave

Bischoff, Alex—3817 Chouteau Ave

Bischoff, Harrv S.—3800 Chouteau Ave..

Bixby, Harold McMillan—4th & Locust Sts

Bixby, W. H.—Broadway & Locust St. ..

Black, Albert E.—801 Louderman Bldg..

Blanke, Richard H.—14th & Papin Sts. . .

Blase, Oliver—5325 Easton Ave

Bloch, Gilmore—640 Boatmen's Bank Bldg

Block, Lynton T.—511 Locust St

Block, William Adolph—Wainwright Bldg

Blumeyer, Arthur A.—710 Chestnut St. . .

Bodge, Eldred L.—1121 Lucas Ave

Boeger, Louis—3500 N. Grand Bldv

Boehm, Frank J.—305 North 12th Blvd.

Bonnell, Lud Wm.—820 Arcade Bldg. . .

Bonnell, Robert Owen—710 Chestnut St.


St Loui-^—(Continued) St. Louis—(Continued) St. Louis—(Continued)

Rowp Michael W_1514.28 N 22nd St.. Dette, Chas. H.—4242 Laclede Ave Green, Frederick William 1107 Buder

Bwce IF ' Dilg, Theodore E.—2715-17 Cherokee St. Bldg

Brennpn W A. 6600 Delmar Ave Di-^chinger. H., Jr.—2808 No. Grand Green, Henry Prenatt—503 Locust St

Bretzfelcier Ira L —3201 S. Broadway . . Blvd Green, John Leigh—1711 Ambassador

Brinkman ' Benjamin G.—5600 Oakland Dodd. William S.—Olive at Eleventh St. Bldg

Aye (see also Addenda page 1694) (see also Addenda page 1696)

Brockman,' Philip H.—3107-15 Locust D'oench, William—507 Locust St Grossberg, Leopold—Broadway & Lucas

gjy^j ' Dowhng, John J.—Delmar Blvd. at Eu Ave

Brockmith' Herman'L.—402"Pine St did Ave Grossman, Emanuel M.—4th & Olive Sts.

Broderick John K.—809 No. Main St. .. Doyle, Nicholas A.—915 Olive St Grover, James H

Brown A C 1140 Washington Ave. .. Drefs, Arthur G.—2320 Cooper Si Gruenewald, Geo.—6900 No. Broadway..

Brown' Henry M. 1501 Locust St Dubois, G.—Second St. & Lafayette Ave. Grunik, Jno., Jr.—Boatman's Bank Bldg.

Brown' Tarleton Pierce Bldg Dndlev, Clifton Rogers—Continental Life Gunter, Felix Eugene—506 Olive St

Bruce ' Elbert R.—American Trust Bldg. Bldg Hackmann, Geo. E.—Central National

Brvan P Taylor—1605 Pierce Bldg Dulany, William Henry—2509 So Broad Bank Bldg

Brysoii Joseph M.—Railway Exchange way Hadley, W. E.—Vandeventer and La-

Bldg (see also Addenda page 1694) clede Aves

Buck Geort^e M —830 Planters Bldg Duncan, John—Federal Commerce Tnisl (see also Addenda page 1696)

Buder, Edward—721 Locust St Bldg Hadley, W. Powell—Vandeventer & La-

Buder Gustavus Adolphus—Seventh & Duncker, Charles H.—320 No. 12th St. clede Aves

Market Sts Dyer, John T.—1511 to 1515 Washington Haeussler, Walter C—Paul Brown Bldg.

Bunnell Edward H.—1101 Frisco Bldg. . Ave Haile, Columbus—1506 Railway Exchange

Burge. Luther M.—315 Pine St Dysart, Thomas N.—40i Olive St Bldg

Burst Carl Wm.—4400 North Main St. . . Edwards, Benjamin Franklin—309 No. 7th Hales, James—1806 Pine St

Busch, Adolphus, 3rd—9th & Pestalozzi St Hamilton, C. D. P.—1501 Washington

Sts Edwards, Nelson Green—400 Washing Ave

Busch, August A., Jr.—9th & Pestalozzi ton Ave Hamilton, Frank H.—Frisco Bldg

Sts ' Edwards, Presley W.—410-412 Olive St.. Hamilton, James Lemmon—1806 Pine St.

Bush, John A.—i616 Washington Ave. .. Egan, Louis Henry—315 No. 12th Blvd.^ Hamman, G. John—4474 Easton Ave... Butler, Samuel B.—6th & Olive Sts Eigel, Geo.—208 No. Broadway Hammar, Frank V.—2075 Railway Ex-Campbell, James—314 Broadway Eiseman, Frederick B.—1000 Washington change Bldg

Cannon, J.—1004 Railway Exchange Bldg. Ave Hancock, W. Scott—1325 Boatmen's Bank

Carpenter, Alvin—601 S. 4th St Eiseman, Richard S.—1000 Washington Bldg

Carpenter, George O.—722 Chestnut St.. Ave (see Addenda page 1690)

Carroll, James A.—202 So. 9th St Eisenbeiss, Adolph Frederick—Louder Hanpeter, Edward C—513 Star Bldg...

Carter,' L. Ray—315 Pierce Bldg man Bldg Hardy, David M.—420 American Trust

Carter, Rexford G.—722 Chestnut St Ekins, Walter R.—1610 Washington Ave. Bldg

Carter, W. Frank—418 Olive St Evans, George B.—Olive at Eleventh... Harlan, Thomas B.—705 Olive St

Case, 'clarence T.—1426 Boatmen's Bank Ewing, C. G.—Room 821, Security Bldg. Harms, Eugene H.—4175 King.c; Highway

Bldg Parish, John Hamilton—713 Chestnut St. ATemorial Blvd ".

Cave, E. P.—i6th St. & Washington Ave. Fehlig, F. John—1909 Washington St... Harris, L. A.—1526 Pierce Bldg

Cave, Rhodes E.—1605 Pierce Bldg Ferguson, Joseph William—1838 Arcade Harrison, Edwin Sterne—Wellston P. O.

Champ, Norman B.—2107 Chouteau Ave. Bldg Harrison, Wm. H.—Federal Commerce

Chandlee, Joseph M.—1806 Pine St Feuerbacher, Arthur H.—159 Miller St... Trust Bldg

Chappelow, Branch Earl—1709 Washing Feydt, Julius S., Jr.—3600 So. Grand Haslam, Lewis S.—1000 Pine St

ton Ave Blvd Hauck, Eugerie Frederick (M. D.)—3640

Childress, L. Wade—400 South Broadwav Fillev, J. D Washington Blvd

Clark, Lewis E.—1206 S. Vandeventer Finch, Herbert I.—2018 Washington Ave. Hauschulte, William H.—2407 N. Broad-

Ave Fish, Edward R.—5319 Shreve Ave. . . wav

Clarkson, W. Palmer—2212 DeKalb St. Fitzsimm.ons, John T.—325 Title Guaranty Hawes, Richard S., Jr.—320 North 4th St.

CHfford, Berthoud—115 Plum St Bldg Healey, Edwin S.—915 Olive St

Cobb, Charles W. S.—915 Olive St Flinn, Edward B.—728 So. Theresa Ave.. . Hecker, J. A. A

Coburn, John C—1206 South Vandeven- Forbes, Robt. M.—922 Clark Ave Hecker, Walter C—Hamburger & Kien-

ter Ave Ford. James I^., Jr leu

Cohen, Isidor A.—321 N. 14th St Fordyce, William Chadick —711 St. Hedges, Robert Lee. Jr.—410 Olive St.

Coit, J. Clarke—900 Spruce St Charles St Heil. George L.—Missouri Ave. & La

Collins, Edward Weston—1806 Pine St... Foristel, Edw. W.—Title Guaranty Bldg. Salle St

Colnon, Redmond S.—408 Olive St Fotheringham, J. H.—314 No. Broadway Hemenway. William D.—1426 Pierce

Compton, William Randolph—704 Locust Franciscus, James M.—804 Chestnut St. Bldg

St Frynk, Nathan—1028-32 Arcade Bldg Hemingwav, W^ilson Linn—Broadway &

Compton, William R., Jr.—315 North 7th Frees, Charles W Olive Sts

St Freiert, Harry G.—3401-3-5 So. Je.-'ferson Henby, William H.—6600 Delmar Ave.

Connett, William C.—Broadway & Olive .Ave Hencke, Werner—2335 S. Grand Blvd.. .

Sts French, Clifford E.—1731 So. Broadway. . Hennigan, Thos. A.—1000 Washington St.

Cook, Isaac T.—1736 Arcade Bldg Friedman, /Wm. Stix—963 Paul P,rown Henning, William Cleveland—5909 Ken-Cook, James F.—920 Chemical Bldg. . . . Bldg nerly Ave

Corby, Jerome B.—3942 West Pine Blvd. Fullerton, Robert, Jr.—.A.rcade Bldg Hennings, Joseph Paul—1712-18 Chouteau

Cowen, William B.—5964 W. Cabanne PI. Fusz, F. D.—Room 821 Security Bl.lg.. . Ave

Grain, Walter C.—601 Washington Ave... Gamble, Clarence O.—401 Olive St Hennings, Thomas C.—8th & Locust Sts.

Crawford, Hanford Gamhrill, George G.—Louderman Bldg.. Henry. Frederick M.—3642 Laclede Ave.

Crutcher, William A.—115 Plum St Gander, Joseph B.—9th & Tidney St Henry, Joseph Edwin—3500 DeKalb St.

Culleii, Patrick H.—Liberty Central Trust Gardner, Fred W Henry, Oliver B.—4th & Olive Sts

Bldg Gardner, Russell E.—Main & Rutg°r Sts. Herget, Ben J.—829 No. 4th St

Culver, Bertram B.—5661 Natural Bridge Gardner, Russell E., Jr.—Main & Putger Heuer, Harry Dohrman—Room 206 Union

Ave Sts Station

Curlee, Shelby Hammond—1001 Wash Garrison, Arthur C.—901 Security Bide. Hibbard, Geo. E

ington Ave Gauen, J. L.—Vandeventer & Laclede Hickey, Robert Barry—1806 Pine St

Currie, Dwight D.—600 Merchants- Aves , Hicks, William P.—3275 Big Bend Blvd.,

Laclede Bldg . . •••••■••• • • • • • • • • • • • • ■ Qaylord. Clifford W.—2817 So Uth St. Maplewood . . . . .

Dal'y^'LerL'-^l7 Olive St ^'"^^"^^^ Gerhard, J. W.-Rialto Bldg. Hil'^^d^'Ben-fmiirAA^l 121 Lucas Ave'

Daim, Le^slie-AntelopI St.'&'Co'nd'uit':: Ssen'bi&°Henr^'~St?'it%^liv'e''sts Hilmer.' Arthur""c.-7'll St. Chades It

Dam^. Merle W.-344 Boatmen's Bank (^|f,^e"t"^Charls-Il7 Securit^ Bldg Hinrichs, Richard E.-Boatmen's Bank

Danfo^rth,' 'Herman' W'.^IOOO' Pine' 'St.' '. '. ^'°dber, Frederick-13th & Locust Sts . . ^ J'gj ^ " '^^ ' X 11409' 'oii've St ' !!! 1 '

D'Arcy, 'William Cheever-1501 Locust ^^ve ^"^i .!^''".'.^-^'r . . . ' .".^. H^eS Harry' F-700 K Broadway..

„ St ■ '''.,''.' i^''[.,'„'„',-!,'.'''y,'''' ' Hoerr, Louis A.—705 Olive St

David, Henri F.—Pierce Bldg Goldman, Alvm D.—1700 Olive St Hoevnck, Henry A.—900 Spruce St

(see also Addenda page 1694) Goodson, Repps B.--1000 Pine .St Holbrook, W J.—1010 Olive St

Dean, William B.—503 Locust St ^°T^"', ?^u° a^-^i fon e °-^^u^dI"^^^^ ••• Hotchkiss, E. G.—Liberty Central Trust

Dehlendorf, Albert W.—2745 North Grand g^af, Adolph A.—1329 So. 7th Blvd.. gj^

Blvd Grant, J. M.—Vandeventer Sz Laclede ^^^^^f^] T. E.—319 North Fourth St

Demper, Louis E.—716 Locust St ^ Aves ... Houlle, Edmond D.—5381 Easton Ave...

Denby, Fred L.—312 N. 8th St Gray, Herbert L.—900 Spruce St Houser. Douglas B

Dennig, Louis E.—3817 Chouteau Ave... Cray, Hernck J.—406-7 Boatmen's Bank Howald, William E.—206 Union Station

Dennig, Louis S.—3817 Chouteau Ave. . . Bldg Howell. Joseph Lambert—202 Union Sta-

Denyven, R. J.—Security Bldg Grayson, W. E.—988 Arcade Bldg tion




St. Louis—(Continued)

Huber, Rudolpii A

Huckstep, S. E.—1001 Washington Ave. Huelsman. Fred—14th & Salisbury Sts.

Hughes, William K.—1501 Locust St

Hutchins, Hervey S.—1610 Washington


Hutchison, J. E.—1008 Frisco Bldg

Huttig, Charles M.—1206 Vandeventer


Hutton, Joseph Lewis (Dr.)—3400 California Ave

Hyer, Wilk

Imbs, Robert F.—420 Merchants Exchange Bldg

Irland, F. W.—Railway Exchange Bldg. Ittner, Wm. B.—408 Board of Education


Jacquemin, Victor, Jr—716 Locust St

James, Thomas Franklin—1610 Washington Ave

Jaudon, Benjamin Y., (M. D.) —1501

Locust St

Jenkins, William J.—1155 Railway Exchange Bldg

linkins, B. C.—407 Merchants Laclede


Johannes, Gus H. F.—Room 901-915 Olive


Johansen, Harry G.—3642 Laclede Ave.

Johansen, Johan—3642 Laclede Ave

Johnson. Andrew W.—1501 Washington


Johnson, Fred. P.—906 Railway Exchange


lohnson, Jackson—1501 Washnigton Ave.

Joliey, A. v.—314 North Broadway

[ones. C. Drummond—2nd & Utah Sts.

Jones, C.-Norman—1100 N. 6th St

Tones, Edward D.—837 Boatmen's Bank


Jones, James C.—709 Olive St

Jones, Lorraine F., Jr.—320 Merchants

Exchange Bldg

Jones, Meredith C.—Ambassador Bldg... Jones. William Thomas—408 Olive St... Joslin, George E.—3673 W. Pine Blvd...

Jurden, Guy

[•Caut. William—1610 Washington Ave... Keefe, John B.—728 South Theresa Ave.

Keller, Albert M.—9th & Olive Sts

Kelso, I. R.—2171 Railway Exchange


Kerwin, Daniel John—1519 Tower Grove


Kilgen, Charles C.—4016 Union Blvd

Kilgen, Eugene R.—4016 Union Blvd

Kilgen, Geo. J.—4016 Union Blvd

King, William—117 So. Broadway

Kippenberger, Geo. L

Kirkpptrick, H. C—1120 Locust St

Klein, Adolph H.—963 Paul Brown Bldg. Klipstein. Ernest Carl—316 N. 8th St...

Knight, Harry F.—401 Olive St

Knight, Harry H.—401 Olive St

Knollmann, Frederick William^2329 Do-

dier St

Koehler, Hugo A.—1555 Telephone Bldg. Koeln, Edmond—Kingshighway & Gra-

vois Ave

Koewing, Sam. G.—2604 So. JefTerson


Kooser, Herman B.—Railwav Exchange


Krey, Fred—2100 Bremen Ave

Krummenacher, Oscar J.—5001 Delmar


Kublin, George H.—4400 N. Main St.... Kurn, James Malcolm—1008 Frisco Bldg. Kurtz, Fred J.—401 Washington Ave... Lammert, Martin—915 Washington Ave. Lange, Theo F.—3600-3608 Texas Ave. Langenberg, Everett Benjamin^—4519-33

N. Euclid Ave

Lanigan, John R.—Taylor & Easton Ave. Laux, Anthony J.—3628 Lierman Ave... Lawson, Charles Mortimer—16th -Sc

Washington Ave

Lederer, Milton K.—640 Boatmen's Bank


Lederer, Samuel—640 Boatmen's Bank


Leffler, Otto F.—Grand Blvd. & Gravois


Levy, Edward Dailey—1709 Locust St.. Lewis, Joseph W.—1212 Federal Com-

erce Trust Bldg

Lionberger, John Shepley—312 N. 8th St.

St. Louis—(Continued)

Littledale, Harold J.—316 N. 18th St...

Lloyd, OHver Jerre

Locatell, Arthur L.—3134 S. Grand Blvd. Lockwood, Richard John—3869 Park Ave. Logan, T. Schuyler—3755 Lindell Blvd.

Lonsdale, John Gerdes—418 Olive St

Lorch, W. W.—16th St. & Washington


Louderman, W. M.—Bank of Commerce


Lowenhaupt, Abraham—928-932 Planters


Lubeley, George Aloys—4400 Natural

Bridge Ave

Ludwig, Andrew S.—121 S. Seventh St.. Luedde, Edwin C.—Liberty Central Trust


Luedinghaus, Henry—1721 N. Broadway

Lumaghi, Joseph—506 Olive St

Lumaghi, Louis F.—506 Olive St

Lydon, Thomas F.—Shell Bldg

Macklin, John J.—3630 Oakdale Ave

Maestre, Sidney—721 Locust St

Mahan, Lawrence E.—1000 Pine St

Manion, Erward J.—4501 Maryland Ave.. Margeson, J. Parker, Jr.—900 Spruce St. Markham, George Dickson—1601 Railway

Exchange Bldg

Marsh, Philip—2927 S. Broadway

Martin, Lucien E.—Room 1008, Frisci


Maull, Chas.—13th & St. Louis Ave

Mauran, John Lawrence—1620 Chemical


Maxwell, William Cochrane—Railway

Exchange Bldg

May, Allen—1501 Locust St

May, Morton J.—Sixth & Olive Sts. .. Mayfield, Frank M.—10th & Olive St.

McCall, Warner S.'—Chemical Bldg

McCarthy, Eugene R.—1600 Washington


McCluney, Daniel C—418 Olive St

McCluney, James—418 Olive St

McCulloch, Richard—1318 Arcade Bldg. McDonald, Clarence R.—1506 Railway

Exchange Bldg ,

McDonald, Cornelius M.—1111 Chestnut


McDonald, Edgar B

McDonald, Jesse—1806 Liberty Central

Trust Bldg

McKeen, Benjamin—1014 Syndicate Trust

Bldg "

McKittrick, Walter—16th St. & Was!)

ington Ave

McPheetcrs, Thomas S.—1605 Pierce


Medart, Philip S.—3535 DeKalb St

Medart, Walter R.—3500 DeKalb St. . . Meier, Duncan Ivers—634 S. Newstead


Meissner, Edwin B.^—8000 North Broadway

Mellow, William Thomas—3035 DeKalb


Melton, Charles P.—1601 Washington


Messick, Charlton

Messing, Arthur R.—2716 S. 3rd St

Meyer, Adolph—832 Arcade Bldg

Meyer, Alfred C. F

Meyer, Carl F. G.—4th & Clark Ave. .. Meyer, W. Henry—4915 Delmar Blvd. .. Miles, F. W.—Central National Bank


Millard, Flovd Hays—1215 Buder Bldg. Miller, Edward Henry—6900 N. Broadway

Miller, Edward J.—6900 N. Broadway . . Miller, Edward Terhune—Frisco Bldg...

Miller, Henry—Union Station

Miller, Lawrence G.—511 Locust St. .. Miltenberger, Alex—Grand Blvd. at Hart-fort St

Miltenberger, George K.—315 N. Twelfth


Mitchell, Samuel A.—721 Locust St

Moberly, Jerre B.—8th & Locust Sts...

Moloney, Robert E.—705 Olive St

Moloney, Thomas O,—5390 Kingshigh

way N. W

Monheimer, L. M.—6th & Olive Sts. . . Monroe, D. Edward—Planters Bldg. . . . Montague, Montefoire Louis—2848-50

Cherokee St

Moore, Charles W.—509 Olive St


St. Louis— (Continued)

Morehead, William C—509 Olive St. . . Moreno, Theodore—1501 Washington


Morgan, Francis H.—1501 Locust St. ..

Morgens, William H.—3407 Olive St

Morrill, Charles H.—1601 Railway E.v-


Morrison, Henry Craig—1956 Railway


Moser, Byron W.—312 N. 8th St

Moss, Thomas Jefferson—721 Security


Moulton, W. H.—1501 Washington Ave. Muckerman, Christopher Herman—3638

Olive St

Muckerman, John C.—Polar Wave Bldg. Muckerman, Joseph E.—3638 Olive St..

Mudd, Eugene J

Mueller, Charles—3800 S. Broadway

Mueller, Henry Philip—3401 S. Jefferson


Mullen, James J.—5390 Kingshighway, N.


Mullen, Joseph—Rialto Bldg

Munsch, Edwin S.—3801 S. Broadway..

Murray, M. A

Myers, Emmett M.—1052 Pierce Bldg. . .

Myers, John B.—408 Olive St

Magel, Charles—918 Security Bldg

Nardin, William Thompson—Arcade Bldg. Nelson, Clement W.—1725-33 Boatmen's

Bank Bldg

Nelson, James L.—2300 Division St

Newell, James W.—-1403 Railway Exchange Bldg .

Nicolaus, Louis J.—314 North Broadway Niekamp, C. A.—1240 North Main St. . . Niekamp, Geo. H.—First St. from Ashley

to O'Fallon

Niekamp, Wm. L.—1230 N. Main St. . , . Neimeyer, Chas. A.—1601 N. Broadway. .

Nims, E. D.—1010 Pine St

Niven, T. M.—A9 Railway Exchange


Noble, James F.—1010 Pine St

Nolker, William Henry—320 So. Broadway .

Norris, E. E.—Fullerton Bldg

Nortoni, Albert Dexter—1810 Boatmen's

Bank Bldg

Nulsen, Freen B.—727 Boatmen's Bank


Nussbaum, Frederick—315 North Fourth


Obernier, Frank—1716 Cass Ave

Oberschelp, Henry K.—208 N. Broadway O'Brien, Patrick—1600 Washington Ave.

Oehm, Fred J.—716 Sidney St

Offenbacher, Henry Bernard—120 North


Oliver, Dick—600 American Trust Bldg.. Osgood, Harold A.—1259 Delaware Ave. Painter, Leo Braxton—1606-8 Hodiamont


Pamplin, Peter A

Pancok, Edward—3500 N. Grand Blvd.. Pape, Fred W.—330 Municipal Courts


(see Addenda page 1692) Parker, King L.—2018 Washington Ave.. Pauk, Henry E.—1301 to 1327 N. 15th St.

(see Addenda page 1692) Pearson, Benjamin S.—703 No. 13th St..

Pedigo, James T.—3437 Locust St

Pedigo, Smith Garfield—3437 Locust St.. Peltason, Paul Evans—Boatmen's Bank


Penney, F. H

Penney, John Stevens—721 Security Bldg, Pershall, Edward Estes—721 Security


Peters, Charles H,—2745 N. Grand Ave... Peters, Fred W.—6228 Westminster Ave.

Pettengill, H. J.—1010 Pine St

Pettus, J. T.—1501 Washington Ave. . . . Pfingsten, Christian Frederick—820 Metropolitan Bldg

Pfisterer, Armin—Kingshighway at Gravois Ave

Pickrel, Ray E.—1117 Ambassador Bldg.

Pillsbury, Edwin S.—1806 Pine St

Piatt, Edward G.—204 Merchants Laclede


Polk, Charles M.—600 Rialto Bldg

Porter, James Melville—P. O. Box 1242 Postlethwaite, Preston Barr—6400 Plymouth Ave




St. Louis—(Continued)

Powers, J. HTugh—8th & Locust Sts. .. .

Pralle, Conrad F.—3457 Iowa Ave

Price, Vincent L.—208 North Broadway. .

Prince, Chester—10th & Olive Sts

Probst, George C.—3407 South Jefferson


Proctor, Everett A.—2117 North Ninth St. Pryor, Edward Bailey—4th & Locust Sts. Queeny, E. M.—Second & Lafayette Ave. Queeny, John Francis—2nd & Lafayette. Rabe, John Henry, Jr.—1000 Washington

Ave. •

Rand, Frank C.—1501 Washington Ave.. Rassieur, Leo, Jr.—Ambassador Bldg. .. Rassieur, Theodore—Federal Commerce

Trust Bldg

Ratermann, Geo

Rathgeber, Christian—7201 S. Broadway. Rauh, Aaron S.—1000 Washington Ave. . . Ray, E. Lansing—Globe-Democrat Bldg.

Ready, Leo F.—4649 Shaw Ave

Rehme, Henry R.—3546 So. Grand Blvd . Rehme, Joseph L.—1731 So. Broadway. .

Reichgott, Henry—1501 Locust St

Reinholdt, Julius W., Jr.— 121 Boatmen's

Bank Bldg

Reller, August H.—3529 N. Broadway

Renard, Geo. A

Rengers, Frederick H.—4400 No. Main St. Revelle, Charles G.—1401 International

Life Bldg

Reyburn, Thomas Randolph—BOS' Olive


Rice, Charles M.—1212 Federal Commerce

Trust Bldg

Rice, Henry

Richards, Oliver F.—8th Locust to St.


Rickman, J. H.—Vandeventer & Laclede


Riley, John E.—214 North 4th St

Roberts, Elzey—Star Square

Rodemyer, Monroe Herbert—109 No. 8th


Rodes, Boyle O.—1601 Railway Exchange


Rogers, Harold L.—1815 No. 23rd St

Rogers, Wm. Rolla—1815 N. 23rd St. , . Rohlfing, Louis C.—Grand Blvd. &

Hebert St

Roos, Walter L.—506 Olive St

Rosen, Louis—425 So. 7th St

Rosenthal, Morris Herman—6th. & St.

Charles St

Rowan, Alfred Peter—13th and Lucas

Ave .

Rowan, Michael Edward—703 North 13th


Rowan, William Peter—13th and Lucas

Aves •.

Rurnsey, Lewis M., Jr

Russell, Ernest John—721 Olive St

Russell, Reuben J.—1806 Pine St

Ruthsatz, Edw. R.—3642 Laclede Ave. . .

Safford, Louis A.—2320 Cooper St

Sager, Charles LeRoy

Salkey, J. Sydnev—1706-10 Liberty Central Trust Co. Bldg

Sanders, H. E.—Grand & Olive Sts

Sandperl, Harry, (Dr.)—720 Missouri


Schaeffer, John Ahlum—2119 Railway

Exchange Bldg

Schaff, (jharles E.—1506 Railway Exchange Bldg

Schlafly, J. F.—702 Liberty Central Bldg.

Schlapp, Carl Henry—801 Spruce St

Schleicher, F. J.—1811 Chouteau Ave. ..

Schmid, Edwin A.—307 No. 7th St

Schmittgens, Richard F.—3437 Locust St. Schoening, Edward Elias—5010 Gravois


Schoenthaler, J. G. W.—317 No. 11th St.

Schreiber, C. H. .

Schultz, Herman E., Jr.—3136 S. Grand


Schwindeler, Wm. A.—2406 Belle Grade


Scott, W. W., Jr.—Arcade Bldg

Scruggs, George W.—8000 N. Broadway.

Scudder, Charles—300 N. Fourth St

Scullin, Harry—6700 Manchester Ave. ..

Seger, J. C—1504 So. Grand Blvd

Seward, Francis D.—208 No. Broadway.. Shapleigh, Alfred L.—4th & Washington Ave

Shaw, Edgar F.—-1600 Washington Ave.

St. Louis—(Continued)

Shelton, Richard T.—1508 Washington


Shepherd, Clinton O.—1501 Locust St. .. Sicher, Milton J.—3633 So. Grand Blvd. Siegel, Roy R.—1206 S. Vandeventer Ave. Sieloff, Charles L.—4340 Natural Bridge


Sieloff, Emil—4339 Natural Bridge Ave. Sievers, Raymond M.—920 Market St. . . Sievers, Samuel I.—307-12 Fullerton Bldg. Sievert, Theodore H.—4015 Chouteau


Silver, G. R.—Vandeventer & Laclede


Simon, Frederick M.—315 No. 4th St. .. Simon, John Edward—315 No. Fourth St. Simon, John Henry, (Dr.)—4000 Chouteau


Simpson, Arthur E.—1318 Ambassador


Singleton, Edward C.—1501 Locust St. .. Singleton, Marvin E.—1501 Locust St. . . Sitton, William N.—1501 Washington


Skinner, E. Lemoine—306-308 No. Fourth


Skouras, George Panagiotis—709 Ambassador Bldg

Skouras, Spyros P.—7th & Locust Sts... Sloan, Eugene W.—7th & Locust Sts. ..

Sloan, William Moffatt

Smith, J. Herndon—509 Olive St

Smith, J. Sheppard—201 No. 4th St

Smith, Samuel T. G.—1018 Federal Commerce Trust Bldg

Smith, W. Frank—608 Arcade Bldg

Smith, Walter W

Sommer, Chas. H.—713 Frisco Bldg. .. Soyster, Geo. Edward)—3673 W. Pine


Spoehrer, Hermann—315 No. 12th Blvd.

Spring, Alvin J.—1201 Russell Ave

Stadler, Henry L.—400 Locust St

Stanard, William K.—845 Planters Bldg. Steedman, Edwin Harrison—Wellston

P. O

Steedman, George Fox—1905 Kienlen


Stegall, Harry W.—1101 No. 6th St

Steinberg, Mark C.—Boatmen's Bank


Steiiibreder, Harry J.—1259 Delaware


Stevens, I. A.—506 Olive St

Stife!, Arnold George—314 N. Broadway

Stifel, H. C—Broadway & Olive Sts

Stix, Charles Henry—509 Olive St

Stix, Ernest W.—1000 Washington Ave.

Stix, Harry F.—509 Olive St

Stocke, Christian—808 Chestnut St. ... . Stockstrom, Arthur—2001 S. Kingshigh-


Stockstrom, C. A.—825 Chouteau Ave. . .

Stockstrom, Louis

Stockton, Edward Gay—300 N. Fourth

St /.

Stokes, Stanley—315 No. Twelfth Blvd. Stoltman, Bernard H.—4003 Chouteau


Strauch, John B.—4930 Manchester Ave.

Strauss, Alvin W.—321 N. 14th St

Streett, James Clark—4055 Park Ave. .. Strodtman, George W.—3607 No. Broadway

Stuart, Frank J.—1110-14 Locust St

Stupp, Erwin P.—Weber Rd. & Mo. Pa.


Sudholt, F. A.—1501 Washington Ave... Surkamp, Henry B.—6331 Easton Ave... Tarltpn, Walter E.—1620 Washington


Tatman, Bernal L.—3639 Olive St

Taussig, James Edward—1403 Railway

Exchange Bldg

Taylor, Edgar L.—Broadway & Olive St.

Taylor, Hillsman—1501 Locust -St

Templeton, J. T

Thompson, Frank A.—1811 I.ibertv Central Trust Bldg ."

Thompson, Walter D.—1620 Pierce Bldg. Thomson, Lewis W.^—704 Bank of Commerce Bldg

Thomson, Sydney H.—508 Planter's Bldg. Thomure, Felix J.—603 Laclede Gas Bldg. Thorburn, Frederick Tappen—608 Security Bldg


St. Louis—(Continued)

Thurston, Edward H.—4241 Folsom Ave.

Tiffany, George S.—106 So. First St.. .

Timmerman, Arthur Henry—6400 Plymouth Ave

Tobin, John C.—Fourth & Locust St.s...

Tomes, Harry L.—3500 Locust St

Toombs, Roy Chesley—722 Chestnut St.

Treumann, Paul—1000 Washington Ave.

Tunc, Lewis T.—710 Chestnut St

Tupper, T. C

Turner, Voluntine C.—6700 Manchester Ave ,.

Twiehaus, H. W.^132 Washington Ave.

Tvler, S. R.—Arcade Bldg

Ullrich, Emil N.—312 North Fourth St. .

Upthegrove, Daniel—1115 Buder Bldg. ..

Urbaucr, H. F.—1450 So. 2nd St

Urquhart, Merle A.—618 Cass Ave

V^alier, Chas. E.—5020 Shreve Ave

Van Cleave, Lee W

Van Schoiack, T. W.—1505 Washington Ave

Vesper, F. W. A.—West Pine to Laclede

\^ierheller, I. T.—1627 Locust St

Vinnedge, Charles A.—Room 206 Union Station

Vitt, Rudolph S., (M. Yi.^—Zlll South Broadway

Vollmer, W. G.—611 Olive St

Von Hoffmann, Albert—105 South Ninth St

von Windegger, Frederick R.—1501 Locust St

Wade, Festus J., Jr

Wager, Holmes—830 Planters Bldg

Waldemer, Edwin R.—509 Olive St

Waldheim, Aaron—S. E. Cor. 12th & Olive Sts .

Waldheim, Millard A.—204 Merchants-Laclede Bldg.

Walsh, Frank X.—1000 Washington Ave.

Walter, August J.—208 North Broadway

Walther, Lambert E.—1500 St. Louis Ave

Waltke, Herbert W—2nd & E. Grand Ave

Waltke, Louis Alvin—2nd & E. Grand Ave

Waltke, Louis H.—753 Boatmen's Bank Bldg

Waltke, Richard H.—2nd & E. Gratid Ave

Ward, Thomas Hill—117 South Broadway

Watts, Frank Overton

Wear, James H.—Broadway & Locust St.

Wearen, Geo. B.—3680 Choteau Ave. ...

Webb, James—9th & Pine Sts

Wells, Erastus—Broadwav & Locust St.

Wenke, C. W.—1537-45 No. 15th St. ...

West, Allen T.—503 Locust St

Westcott, John Willis—6400 Plymouth Ave

Westerheck, Fred L. — 5221 Natural Bridge Ave

Westlake, James L.—1919 Railway Exchange Bldg

Westphalen, Werner J.—1673 Railway Exchange Bldg.

Wheeler, Herbert A.—Security Bldg. .. .

White, E. J.—Railway Exchange Bldg.. .

White, Edward Joseph—1120 Railway Exchange Bldg

White, Edwin L.—Olive at Eleventh Sts.

White, Kelton E.—Broadway and Locust St

Whitehill, Thomas H.—627 Pierce Bldg.

VVhittemore, Benjamin Merrill —1806 Pine St

Whitton, William li.—Olive at Eleventh


Wiget, Frank J

Wiggins, Charles—Planters Bldg

Williams, J. Edwin, Jr.—206 Union Station

Williams, J. Gates—4th & Pine Sts

Willis, Gordon—Louderman Bldg

Willmore, Cyrus Crane— IZl Boatmen's

Bank Bldg

Wilson, Floyd M.—1622 Pierce Bldg

Wilson, George W.—721 Locust St

Wimmer, William L.—916 Victoria Bldg. Witsma, George, Jr.—Ambassador Bldg.

Wood, B. T.—1018 Frisco Bldg

Woodress, James L.—1806 Pine St

Woods, D. E.—1501 Washington Ave... Woods, Woodson K.—835 So. 8th St. ..


St. Louis—(Continued) MILES CITY Lincoln—(Continued)

Woodward, Louis B.—1519 Tower Grove Bennett, George A.—Main St Cliapin, Leonard C.—127 S. 13th St

Ave Bennett, George W.—1111 Main St. ..... Chubb, Chester Niles—Gas & Electric

Wright, Maurice—1140 Washington Ave. Dorr, Arlhur C.—Drawer 210 Bldg

Wright, Thomas H.—4930 Manchester Eichhorn, Arthur C—Kelly Block Crook, Fra—305 Barkley Bldg

Ave Savage, Frederic R.—Kellv Block Cropsey, Daniel B.—126 N. 11th St

Wulff, George J. L.—830 Planters Bldg. . Woolsey, Fred W Dorgan, Jno. T.—107 N. 11th St

Youngrnan, J. Andrew, (Dr.)—4602 Gra MISSOULA Dougan, Katherine (Miss)—200 Barkley

vois Ave Bickford, Walter AI.—512 Montana Block Bldg

Zeibig, Frederick G.—719 Chestnut St. . Cardell, R. C Dunn^ Byron—13th & O Sts

Zeitler, Simon—4339 Natural Bridge Ave. Christensen, C. H.—East Cedar St Easterday, P. R.—1001 O St

Zeller, William John—4701-4703 McPher Greene, Howard Rollin Ferguson, Ro.bert L.—1504 Sharp Bldg ..

son Ave Jacobs, Arlev R Flansburg, Leonard A.—426 Terminal

SEDALIA Pope, Walter L Bldg

Andrews, L. P Smith, David C.—501 So. Higgins Ave.. B^olsom, Ernest C.—1407 O St

Feuers, Herbert Charles—404 So. Ohio Swingle, L. L Foster, Fred C.—819 Security Mutual


Lipscombe, Sterling A.—404 So. Ohio Freeman, James M 1-reeman, H. S

St Friend, Morris—1126 P St

O'Bannon, Allen—404 So. Ohio St -kt i i ^^^^' Archie—8th and O Sts

SENECA JNiebraSka Hadley, Howard— 126 North 11th St. ..

Levings, Glenn Van Buren AetrrAXTTA Hager, G. E.—501 First National Bank


Barklev, John O harnsberger, W illiam Ernest Hainer, Eugene J.—426 Terminal Bldg.

Phalp.'WilHam S Railsback. John C. Hall, H. J.—1517 O St

SPRINGFIELD -R-^A^r^^in^' Hardy. William Edwin—1314 O St

Eisenmaver, A. J.—639 West Commercial „ r> , , c^ , ^ , r Hedge, Verne—414 First National Bank

Johnson,' Walfred E.—Landers Bldg... . Earger, Ralph—South 6th St. . . Bldg

"McDaniel, Horace Bunch Dempster, Charle.s B.—711 So 6th St. .. Hallmers, Chades Christian—Gas & Elec-

Moodv, Charles Wade Dempster, C yde B.—711 So. 6th St. .... trie Bldg

Pate.'R. L ^m """^V?^" ■^•t/^^??"^^^'^ ^*- ' • • Holm, Paul H.—1026 O St

Shaffer, Fred H.—Frisco Bldg fil'P^trick, Joseph M.—414 Ella St Holmes, George W

Smith, William Wallis—214 No. Jeffer S-t"tS't/'1t?t^^ Lau, John Diedrich

son St f ^U^ „H"-L Lauer, J. Dan

c'c]^>-T^' Lee, George Arthur—426 Terminal Bldu.

iiKUCK Lo.^,e_ j3q„ L.— Barkley Bldg.

Montana exetIr " ^ ^^l^.^--'J°'^,">-2o^ s. nth st:

,,^ ,, T,T.,,. T-. Maly, Stanley

ANACONDA 1* t t'^I' ^.xii?"' Mellor, William R.—126 N. 11th St ....

Ga";^;?3% Harry A FALLS CITY Mullowney, Edmund Henry—11th & O

BEARCREEK . Miles, Joseph H Sts

Johnston, William Milton I?>^'^; J-x^r^" Herman—107 W. 17th St. Nelson,' ' Eion' W.—720 ' First' 'National


§Vt T^^nir}^- ^ ?"''r' ^"""^^T^^A^ ^- K^^^o^^^- ■ • -o ^o'^Je, Hibbert '^¥.^09-1 i"Fede'ral 'Trust

BILLINGS Fcckman, H.—Corner 5th & Mam Sts. .. Bldg

Arnold, John B,—7-9 North Broadway . . Hammond, Frank Oberiies, 'Louis (iiark—2d()3 'S '23rd St

Connelly, Frank Boyle—124 N. 27th St.. Heme, J. Howard—5th & Main Sts Perry, Ernest B. 615 First National

Goddard, O. Fletcher—Court House .... Loomis, George Linden Bank

(see also Addenda page 1696) Sidner, Seymour S.—Union National Peterson, Frank A. 444'National" Bank

Hays, George M.—Court House Bank Bldg of Cornmerce Bldg

Marshall, Thomas W.—7-9 North Broad- Tiegeler, Henry Pettis Donald L P 6 Box 1353

way Woodworth, Frank A.—516 No. Main St. Pringle, Wayne—132'S ' 13th St

Rowley, Henry Ward FRIEND Putney, William W.—1339 O St

Snell, G. E Mulhn, P. J- • ■ • ■ ■ Ryons, WilHam Bowne—1003 O St

BUTTE ^.^t^'a VY^^ to?'a xrn? Sain, Walter A.—Box 723

Amos, John Baily—900 Talbot Ave GRAND ISLAND Sanders, Fred M.—Bakers Life Bldg.. . .

Beaudin, Philip F.—P. O. Box 1418 .... Amidon, Charles W.—385 N. Pme St. .. Seacrest, Fred

Carroll, Eugene—124 West Granite St.. . Hoge, John C—4th & Pme Sts Seacrest, Joe W

(see Addenda page 1688) SeCheyerell, Claude D Seacrest, Joseph C

Carroll, John Lee—53 West Park St ^"hr, Wm Selleck, William Alson—1144 O St

Charles, David Jenkins—49 W. Park St.. HASTINGS Sharp. William E.—422 Terminal Bldg.

Clark, William Andrews—Miner Bldg. .. Boslaugh, Paul E.—Opera House Block Shaw, Ora J.—14th &- O Sts

Corrette, John E.—619 Hennessy Bldg... Brown, Harry J.—Second & St. Joe Ave. Spangler, Charles E.—Box 1643

Daveler, Erie V.—P. O. Box 1708 Dunn, Neil H Springer, Merlin L.—National Bank of

Fenlon, Thomas J.—49 W. Park St Dutton, Gecrge R.—West Second St. .. Commerce Bldg

Hobbins, James R.—616 Hennessy Bldg. Dutton, W. M., Jr.—2nd & St. Joe Ave. Stephenson, Byron—12th & O Sts

Hogan, Stephen P.—40 E. Broadway Dutton, William M., Sr.—Second St. & Stephenson, Elmer B.—12th & O Sts

Kerr, Frank M.—40 E. Broadway St. Toe Ave Stewart, Don W

Kremer, J. Bruce—O'Rourke Estate Bldg. Gaston, R. D.—600-602 W. 2nd St Stewart, John M.—615 First National

Nash, Edward J.—Metals Bank Bldg. ... Hoeppner, Ernest—114 North Hastings Bank Bld.g

Ryan, John C Ave Stuart, Chas

DILLON Jones, Arthur H.—3rd St. & Lincoln Ave. Teeters, John L.—Barkley Bldg

Adams, L K Lainson, Harry A Tidball, Riley M.—2136 O St

r-T TTM-niVTr Manahan, Vern—2nd St. & Hastings Ave. Towle, Charles B

Ui.ti.NULVtL Snvder, W. R.—P. O. Box 204 Van Pelt, Robert

i™'^ ^fl' . o Stein, Herman E Vogltance, Frank Joseph

GREAT FALLS KEARNEY Waugh, Samuel C—First National Bank

Dawson, John E.—601 Central Ave Pfeiffer, Robert F.—2219 Central Ave. Bldg

Steplienson, Sam LINCOLN Weil, Carl—13th & O Sts

'^i%f^h'^^^'^'^ Edward ^g^^_ J H.—1342 "M" Street Weil, M.-13th & O Sts

7? , c- r Albin, Joseph—305 Barkley Bldg Westphal, Geo. R.—14th & N Sts

T>^''''v ' ^xr'i,- Ames, Ernest C—Bankers Life Bldg. .. Wilson, Howard S.—14th & N Sts

Kendig. Wilham Anderson, Charies Barney—126 No. 11th Woods, Frank Henry—212 Telephone


Brooke, Ben C Anderson, Waiter t..-404 Richards Block Woods, George Jedidiah—132 So. 13th St.

Cruse, James J.—Bailey Block Bailey, Benjamin Franklin Woods, Mark White—132 So. 13th St.

Cruse, Susie T.—Bailey Block Barkley, William E.—115 North 12th St. Woods, Thomas Cochrane—420 Bankers

Cunningham, Harry R Bell, James M I^'fc Bldg

Gould, Nicholas James—Sixth Ave. & Bnehmer, R. A. 126 So. 11th St LOUP CITY

Main St '.. . Brooks, Frank H.—Gas & Electric Bldg.. Long, John W

Gunn, Milton S Burkett, Elmer J.—802 First National MILFORD

Hammond, Trevor O Bank Bldg Vance, John E

Johnson, Frank H Burnham, Joe L NORFOLK

McKcnnan, S Burnham! Silas Henry Burnham, C. E.—315 Norfolk Ave

KALISPELL Burr, William 'w Pasewalk, Leo P

Conlon, James Burt, George Freaderick—8th & O Sts.. . OMAHA

Conraci, C. D Caldwell, F"rederick Garrett—709 M St... Abbott, Chauncy, Jr.—25th & Krug Ave.

Keith, Harry C Carisen, C. C—126 N. 11th St Adkins, Weslev P.—4840 So. 24th St....

Nebraska REGISTER OF DIRECTORS New Hampshire

Omaha—(Continued) Omaha—(Continued) IVT^ ^J

Albertson, Walter N.—117-123 No. Thir Martin, Edward M.—Guarantee Fund Life IMeVaQcl

teenth St Bldg AUSTIN

Barlow, Milton Theodore—16th & Farnam McCandless, W. E.—814 Omaha Loan & Hiskey J M

Earth, John W.—Guarantee Fund Life Bldg. Assn. Bldg CARSON CITY

Bldg McGrew, William Raymond (Dr.)—352 Bigelow, Samuel C

Bell, Frank C.—618 Omaha Grain Ex Aquila Court Coffin Herbert

change Melcher, Christian A.—4826 S. 24th St. . . Griffit'hs H T

Belt, W. B. T.—1209 Telephone Bldg. .. Metcalf, Thomas D.—1805 Douglas St... Miller, Edw'in w".'.

Bergquist, Harold B.—4710 So. 24th St. Miller, Harry Capron Murnhv Fmnk F

Berry, J. B Mills, Dan Ross~402-10 S. 12th St EAST ELY

Bexten, John H Milroy, William F. (Dr.)—468 Brandeis Smith Arthur

Bradshaw, DeEmmett—619 W. O. W. Theatre Bldg. .. .. . . . . . Smith! Thomas' Arthur ".'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.

Bldg Morcom, Edmund D.—12th Floor, W. O ELKO

Brandeis, George W. Bldg Davis Frederick

^''A"^7' Lawrence—400 First National Morsman, Robert P . Davis, Stanley Earl— 4il Railroad St.' '. '. '.

Bank Bldg. ......... ._ Nash, Louis C—30th & Sprague Sts. .. McBride, Brunifield Gerald—P. O. Box

Brown, Randall K.—1903 I'arnam St. . . Nicholson, Harry C 777

BufTington, J. C.—Guarantee Fund Life Offutt, Casper Yost—602 Peters Trust McBride' Tolin A ."

Bldg Bldg Stephenson Chas A

Burns, Sam—202 S. 17th St Ostenberg, W. H.—1023 Harney St Taber H. S. Box 665

Cain, James Robert, Jr Owen, James B.—Stock Yards Station. . ELY '

Calvin, Edgar Eugene—1416 Dodge St... Page, Roy Lockhart, James M —Box 188

Caldwell, Samuel S.—302 Sprague St... . Peck, Edward P.—416 Grain Exchange GOLDFIELD

Cameron, Melville D.—Peters Trust Bldg. Bldg Qijl^ ggjj

Carpenter, Isaac W., Jr.—9th & Harney Peters, Reed Charles—17th & Farnam M cMahon H. G.

St Sts Twilegar, A. f.

Claassen, Cornelius J.—Peters Trust Bldg. Peters, Richard Calvin—1708 Farnam St. RENO

Cloyd, Augustus Davis (Dr.)—W. O. W. Pier, W. L.—Stock Yards Station Cox Fred G 9 Arcade

r- ^^t^-j u • • p- ■ ■ VaIu ■ i' VV q; l°ll^'' M ^■~.^'{i ^- ^^^'^ ^* ^^^'ton- Harold Potter-2'r Fr'o'nt 'st.' ! !!

Coad, John F.—24th & O St Potter, Herbert W ■. Donovan, John—204 Reno National Bank

Coad, William J.—Krug Ave Purdham, Plummer P.—202 S. 17th St.. Bldg. . . iNationai cank

Cole, Arthur J.—13th & Capitol Ave Randall, Frank E.—1215 Telephone Bldg. Griswold,'Willard JR.—Gazette Bldg

Coleman, Thomas B.—14th & Jones St... Rector, Edgar T.—12th & Jones Sts Jefferson, Rcbert J.-^P O. Box 1063

Cooper, Samuel L.—416 So. 16th St Reed, Abraham L.—1612 Farnam St Jepson', Melvin E.—Clay Peters Bids

Crawford, John N.—625 Woodmen of the Rodman, James A.—748 Peters Trust Lisle, Claude L—241 North Center St ''

World Bldg Bldg Pitt, ' William Charles

Cnss, Clair C. (Dr.) Roth, Gorton—618 Omaha Grain Ex- Scanlon, M. J

Crofoot, Lodowick Fitch—637 Omaha Na change Sheehan, Jerrv

tional Bank Bldg .......... . . Rushton, George Howard—Aquila Court Stevenson, Charles T.—311 'Reno' Nat'ion'a'l

Davidson, James Edward-811 Electric Scandrett, Henry A.-1416 Dodge St . . Bank Bldg

„ ^.^■^: V ■ lu Schantz, Albert L.—16th & Harney Sts. Wmgfield, Geo.—203 Reno National Bank

Davis, Thomas Latham Searle E M Jr Bldg .

Dempster Robert-3527 Harney St Spalding,' Lawrence ■Da'le-2o6' s'. 'l'9't'h' 's't Woodburn, William-^Re'no ' ' ' Nat'ion'a'l

Deuel. Charles L. . . .. . .... gteele, G. A.-1443 N. 11th St Bank Bldg

Diesmg William--South Side Station.. Stokes, Arthur C.-Guarantee Fund Life Zoebel, W. E.-Reno National Bank

Dietz, Gould—1214 Farnam St 3,^ Bldg., Box 2012

Enerson F. J.—Stock Yards Station „ ,-, , ^^ ,„„ ^ ,„ , ^ SIMON

Fish, Herbert H.-621 South 15th St Storz, Robert H.-4q8 S. 18th St. ^'■J^^^

Fitzgerald, James J.—4824 So. 24th St.. Svoboda Charles Vincent—19th & Far ^^imett, Jesse Lee


Folda, Eiiglebert f'.— 250 Peters Trust "^m Sts ........ .

Bids lalmage, Charles O.—2nd Floor Masonic p , , ' £j •' "tI^-

„ ^!°S- • iAAr'-K ••■•■• • • • • • RM„ Budelman, Herman D

Foster, James Espey-1805 Doug as St.. . ^jf;'^f Frederi'c 'Wasner-16th' & ' Far' ^innis, Frederick Charles

Eraser, William Alexander—Woodmen -^nouidb, rreueric vvagner—lotn & ji^ar TUSCARORA

of the World Life Bldg ^ "^"^ Sts. ■••■•• • • • • Parsons FranHin r

French, Herbert E.-211-212 Bankers Re Tyler, Charles Rodney-5121 Davenport ^^rsons, Franklin C

serve Life Bldg St

Gamble, John W.—703 S. 42nd St Updike, Nelson B., Jr.—618 Omaha Grain T\T tt 1 .

George, Charles C—City National Bank Exchange l\l6W ilanipSllire

Bldg Updike, Nelson Blackwell—618 Omaha BERLIN

Graham, William T.—400 First National Grain Exchange Brown, D. P

Bank Bldg VierHng, F. R.—S. 17th & U. P. Ry. .. Brown, William Robinson !.!!!!!! !

Gray, Carl Raymond—1416 Dodge St Waterbury, Edwin S.—South Side Gross, Anna M., (Mrs.)

Hackler, Joy M Welch, John W.—1406 Douglas St Flitchcock, Alice W. (Mrs.)

Hall, Matthew A.—624 Omaha National Wharton, Glenn C—1101 Harney St... Noyes, Harry G

Bank Bldg Whitmore, Alvah P.—1401 W. O. W. Noyes, Harry W.—279 Church St

Hamilton Fred P Bldg. ../ BETHLEHEM

Heth Stockton . . .... Wills, James L.—618 Grain Exchange Glessner, John G. M

Hoffer, Guy— ZOZSo.'WthSt.'. .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. Bldg CHESTER

Hogan, D. P Wilson, Howard Orsamus Wilcomb, Arthur H

Horacek, Ernest John—19th & Farnam Wilson, Robert Duane—12th & Jones Sts. CLAREMONT

Sts Worrell, H. E.—15th & Dodge St i enney, George A

Horacek, Frank C.-19th & Farnam Sts. Wurster, Emanuel Albert-5201 Daven Upham, George B.

Hovev, Ford Edwin PO'-t St Co/FRRnoV '^"~^^ ^^'" ^'•

Howe, Edgar F.—12th & Jones Sts Yates, Gwyer H A rmif Tnhn n

Howe, Robert C—Hotel Fontenelle .... York, Robert W.—400 First National rONrrnpn


Hull, Charles W^atson—1616 Farnam St. Bank Bldg AWn w;ili=,rv, 1 cct f h

Hurtz, Leonard E_1202 Jones St .... Zimmer, Peter F.-726 Electric Bldg. .. Bel" Wmiam T.--E P naS,"'st.' ::::::

Johnson, Alvm E.-4840 So. 24th St ORLEANS • Britten, Arthur H.-12 North Main St

Johnson, hrank B .. . . . . . . Hohand, M. B Couch, Benjamin W.—72 No. Main St. ..

Johnston, George W.- 05 So. 49th St OSCEOLA Cross, Alvin B.-53 No. Maine St. .. .

Kalweit, George W.-l 17-123 North 13th Mills, Frank D Dudley, Harry Hubbard-83 North Main


Kennedy, Howard—Peters Trust Bldg... Carmean, H. M.—1714 Broadway Emmons, Harry G.—64-68 North Main

Kennedy, James A.—1502 City National Fuerst, Otto—1710 Broadway St

Bank Bldg MacFadden, Samuel Poole Fernald, Josiah E.—37 North Main St. ..

Kopperud, Andrew—1221 W. O. W. Warner, Eben D Graves, Robert J. (Dr.)—24 So. Main

B^dg SOUTH OMAHA tj^^i ' V-'' i c " 'o c "' •-

Kountze, Chas. T Coad, Arthur L.—24th & O Sts Heath, Fred S.—Passenger Station

Langdon, Robert Earl—18th & Douglas Schellberg, W. H Hodgman, Burns P.—20 North Main St.

Sts SUPERIOR Hollis, Allen—25 Capitol St

Leussler, Richard A.—48th & Leaven Fees, Charles A u!ill^.^r!'''ru^^^' t o 'c' " lu W-'

worth WILBER Jackman, Charles Lyman—2 South Mam

Love, Archibald J.—326 S. 19th St Miskell, Edward W Jack'm'an,' Fre'eman "f.'—2 "Soutli' Main 'st'

Lowman, Arthur Ames—1203 Telephone YORK Jackson, Robert—25 Capitol St

Bldg McCloud, Charles A.—809 Beaver Ave. .. Jameson, John Butler ....

New Hampshire REGISTER OF DIRECTORS New Jersey

Concord—(Continued) Keene—(Continued) Nashua—(Continued)

Jordan, Gladstone—Box 424 Colony, John J Cross, Fred D.—119 Main St

Kendall, Archibald R.—2 So. Main St.... Dickinson, La Fell—60 Roxbury St Danforth, Geo. E

Merrill, Robert J Faulkner, P. H De Montigny, Arthur—95 Main St

Moulton, Louis L—15 No. Main St. .... Porter, Walter R Estabrook, Fred Watson

Pearson, John W.—Acquilla Bldg Wright, Jerome Edward—49 Central Sq. Gregg, Harry A

Roberts, Ernest Porter—97 North Main LACONIA Hamblett, Robert B

St Little, Edmund—513 Main St Hunt, Albert Henry—138-140 Alain St...

Rossiter, William Sidney LAKEPORT Murphy, Francis P.—103 Temple St. ...

Sleeper, William E.—53 No. Main St. ... Perkins, Charles H.—175 Mechanic St. . Nunez, Vasco E

Smith, Arthur J.—90 North Main St LEBANON Shattuck, Arthur G.—86 Main St

Stevens, Henrv Webster—72 No. Main Smith, Joseph C.—North Park St Shea, Augustus W.—266 Main St

St .' LINCOLN Smith, Edward Chauncey—44 Franklin

Stevens, William Lyman—72 No. Main Stanley, Alfred St

St MANCHESTER Thurber, George Freeman

Swenson, Omar S Addition, Harry L.—839 Elm St Thurber, Lester F.—189 Main St

Troxell, Thomas Nugent Africa, Waiter M.—47 Manchester St. . . Wason, Edward H

White, Benjamin C—8 Pine St Bickford, Harry M.—992 Elm St NORTH ROCHESTER

Willis, Edward S Brown, Albert Oscar—Amoskeag Bank Spaulding, Rolland H

Woodworth, Edward Knowlton—New Bldg PITTSFIELD

Hampshire Savings Bank Bldg Burpee. William B Colbath, George H

DERRY Chase, Charles Edwin—156 Hanover St. Fischer, Herbert B

Shepard, Frederick J Cunningham, T. E.—Lincoln & Silver PLAISTOW

DUBLIN S*^^ Dobbins, George W

Leighton, George B Epply Joseph W.-«23 Elm St PLYMOUTH

EAST ROCHESTER Heard, Arthur Marston—875 Elm St Bowies, George Hall

Hayes, Sidnev B Hoyt, M. E.—Lincoln & Silver Sts Pulsifer, John M

' • - Hunt, Samuel Parker—1087 Elm St PORTSMOUTH

^Aii,lJiK Kendall, Willis Byron—875 Elm St Emery, John W

Bell, Samuel Kent-11 Chestnut St Peaslee, Robert James-683 River Rd., N. Field, John H. . . . .. !!!!!!!! 1!!!!!!!.

FRANKLIN Sargeant, Frank Wadleigh—156 Hanover Walton, William C

Leach, Edward Giles St ROCHESTER

GORHAM Schiller, Avery R Bond, Bernard Q.—22 Main St

Libbv, Charles C Skinner, Thomas L.—1087 Elm St Cooper, Burt R.—Rochester Realty Bldg.

Libby, Jesse F.—Main St Slayton, H. E.—Lincoln & Silver Sts. . .. Felker, Samuel D.—35 No. Main St

HANOVER Smith, J. Brodie—1087 Elm. St Gunnison, William Towne—35 No. Main

Bugbee Perley R Stearns, William Byron—902 Elm St. ... St

Edgerton, Haisey' C. ................. . Varick, Thomas Rice—801-819 Elm St. . . Kimball, Nathaniel T. ................ .

Hopkins, Ernest' Martin—Administration Wilson, Allen M.—875 Elm St McDuffee, Willis '.

Bldg MEREDITH Safford, Percival H

Parker Fred F Blaisdell, Bertram Snow, Leslie Perkins

HINSDALE Prescott, Frank R... .. RUMNEY DEPOT

Robertson, Orren C .^"^'' ^^p'Z^ '^.^f St Herbert, Henry William

Robertson, Winfred F NASHUA ^•~^^"' ^* SUNCOOK

Temple, Edelbert J Cadwell, William Harry-137 Canal St. . Fo^'^''' George W

HOLDERNESS Carter, Eliot A.—44 Franklin St TILTON

Webster, Laurence J Carter Winthrop L.—44 Franklin St. ... Moses, William H.—283 Main St

KEENE Clough, Joseph L.—194 Main St. WILTON

Carrick, Richard C Congdon, Charles Everett— 77 Main St.. . Whiting, David

New Jersey

AMPERE Atlantic City—(Continued) Atlantic City—(Continued)

Petty, Herbert C Hillman, Julian A.—The Breakers Tho.mpson, Wm. P.—1211 Atlantic Ave.

ANDOVER Jeffries, Earl E.—3203 Atlantic Ave Tripician, Louis N.—21 Law Bldg

Ayers, Joseph Kline, Jay Crowther—Marine Trust Bldg. Voorhees, Herbert R.—Guarantee Trust

ARLINGTON Kline, William C, Jr.—New York & At Bldg

Donnelly, Richard V.—573 Elm St lantic Aves Voss, William V.—Cor. Virginia & At-

Hertz, William—573 Elm St Lauck, John E.—103 South Dover Ave... lantic Aves

ASBURY PARK Lord, Ernest A.—1501 Atlantic Ave. ... Warrington, Theodore Wilfred—2001 At-

Bamman, Martin L.—607 Lake Ave Moore, Charles Sumner—Real Estate & lantic Ave

Berry, William A Law Bldg Weikel, Emma R. (Mrs.)—Michigan Ave.

Blaftterman, A. S.—800 5th Ave Moore, Howard E & Boardwalk

Borden, Floward L.—704-706 Cookman Mott, Joseph W Weikel, Jacob—Michigan Ave. & Board-

Ave Murtland, John McKeever—209 North walk

Calvert, S. Heilner—222 Main St Arkansas Ave Whelan, John M.—805 Witherspoon Bldg.

Carter, Francis A.—Bangs & Emory St. Oft, Frank B.—Indiana Ave. & Beach St. Williams, E. W.—2035 Boardwalk

Cole, Frank H.—611 Bangs Ave Ojserkis, Sigmund—Boardwalk National Woodruff, Malcolm B.—P. O. Box 414 ..

Fisher, James Alfred—Fitkin Bldg Arcade Bldg Wrigley, William Wilkinson—Boardwalk

Pettit, Henry H.—710 Bangs Ave O'Neill, Paul J.—Pennsylvania «& Atlantic near Million Dollar Pier


Smock, Harry W Ortlip, George Gibson—1319 Atlantic Ave. Stockton, Howard A

Steinbach, Arthur C Patzowsky, Ferdinand Richard — 234 AVENEL

Truman, Jonathan Hall, Jr.-601 Bangs Guarantee Trust Bldg. Duplessis, J. Arthur

Ave Paxson, Joseph A.—City Hall a idmi?^ a t

Watson, Harry A Perskie, Joseph B.—513-15 Guarantee S^^'^^^f^T, „

Winsor, Henry Harold Trust Bldg Conrad, David G


Bacharach, Harry Richmond, Henry Bradford Benny, James—1 West 8th St

Bacharach, Isaac Riddle, Hugh—7 South Tennessee Ave.. . Creighton, Louis Northup—West 8th St.

Bates, Ralph W.^1701 Boardwalk Riddle, William—Pennsylvania Ave. & & Ave. C

Blatt, Max E.—1701 Boardwalk Boardwalk Dembe, Harry B.—De Witt Theatre Bldg.

Boyer, William C.—Boardwalk National Robinson, U. G.—117 No. Delaware Ave. (see also Addenda page 1694)

Arcade Bldg Rosenbaum, Elias Earl, F. C

Buzby, Walter J.—Hotel Dennis Rosenthal, Loui.s—1901-03 Boardwalk . . . Forman, Archibald C. (M. D.)—41 W.

Cole, Maurice Youngman—619 Guarantee Ruffu, Anthony M., Jr.-—2024 Atlantic 32nd St

Trust Bldg Ave Hutchinson, W. N.—207 Broadway

Collins, Charles Joseph^ Schmeidler, Isidor-—Real Estate & Law Johnson, John Edsall—394 Broadway ...

Conover, Lemuel E., Jr Bldg McGrath, James J

Fevl, Albert John—Pennsylvania & At Schuldenfrei, Pincus—217 Atlantic County Meniker, Aaron A.—539 Broadway

lantic Aves Trust Building Moraller, Max—19 and 21 West 8th St. ..

Frambes, Curtis—3202 Atlantic Ave. . . . Silverman, O. Jay—17 So. Virginia Ave. Roberson, Horace King—29 West 8th St.

Goldsmith, B. McC.—2035 Boardwalk . . . Steinbricker, Louis A.—Arkansas & At- Schmidt, John F.—229 Broadway

Gorson, Morris M.—404-8 Guarantee lantic Ayes Van Buskirk, De Witt, Jr.-15 W. 8th St.

Trust Bldg Swilkey, Eugene—Michigan Ave. & BELLEVILLE

Grey, Chester—2001 Atlantic Ave Boardwalk Boylan, James T.— 237 Washington Ave


Belleville—(Continued) Camden—(Continued) Elizabeth—(Continued)

Mackinnev, Paul R Tomlinson, Chas. Woolston—840 Cooper Rath, Henry A.—1184 East Grand St. ..

Nealley, Calvin H St Rath, William T.—1184 E. Grand St

BERGENFIELD Tomlinson, Ephraim—224 Federal St. .. Rieke, Frederick—230-6 Marshall St. ....

Kraus, William A.—114 So. Washington Truscott, Jas. Lynn—Federal & Fifth Sts. Robinson, Charles H

Ave Van Sciver, Joseph B., Jr Schmidt, Henry—501 Elizabeth Ave. ...

BLOOMFIELD Van Sciver, Joseph B., Sr Sebokl, George—350 Elizabeth Ave

Blake, Frederick H.—200 Bloomfield Ave. Walker, William W Sefton, William

Boyd, Plinv Arthur—Trust Co,. Bldg. ... CAPE MAY Smith, Benjamin T.—55 West Grand St.

Breck, Wni. Walter—19 Austin Place . . . Miller, Edward M., (C. E.)—509 Washing- Stamler, John J.—29 Broad St

Dietrich, Charles W ton St Stein, Albert C—113 Broad St

Dodd, Allison CARTERET .. Stein, Alfred A.—280 No. Broad St

Fisher, Frank L.—1 Broad St Aldrich, Charles H Stein, Emil—322 Elmora Ave

Gesell, William H CLIFTON Stein, William B.—Ritz Theatre

Knight, Charles D De Mattia, Barthold—Wellington St. & Tomasulo, James C.—Court House

Maguire, George C—Willow & Nelson Getty Ave Wheelwright, Charles Edward—286 N.

Sts Doherty. Henry, Jr.—1000 Main St. . . .. Broad St

Oakes, David Hughey, William E Whittemore, Clark McKinley

Sadler, Frederick—Lockwood Place Meloney, Lester F Wolff, H. Edward—So. Front St

Thompson, David Clark, (M. D.)—98 Orbe, Lorenzo F.—Chester St Woodhull, Edson Allen—118 Broad St. . .

Broad St Schmidt, George F Woodhull, Floyd T.—118-120 Broad St. .

BOGOTA Snnpson, Robert—Ackerman Ave Woodruff, G. Bartram—58 Broad St

Eckhardt, Louise C—24 River Road .... Wentmk, Adrian ENGLEWOOD

Howell, E. Winchester CLINTON De Ronde, Abram

Mousley, John L.—24 River Road Kramer, Hyman—28-62 Central Ave DuBois, Charles Gilbert—70 Lydecker St.

Shortess, William G.—24 River Road .... CLOSTER Hulst, Charles W.—27 Park Place

BOUND BROOK Sneden. Albert T.—Mam St McKinney, James F

Berrv, George Alexander DELAIR Morrow, Jay J. (Brig. Gen.)—21 Frank-

Betts, I. S Kieckhefer, John W lin St

Chipman, Ralph N Vollmer, George Arthur Osborne, C. W.—17 Dwight Place

Fargo, F. Miller, Jr DOVER Stewart, Herbert Gibson—Park Place, cor.

Jeffcott, Robert C > Birch, William t Dean St

BRIDGETON, Richardson. Frederick Bliss FLEMINGTON

Fithian, J. Herbert—26 So. Laurel St.. . Scheinman, Sam Stothoff. Samuel

Mcna, Eduardo —Cumberland National DUNELLEN GARFIELD

Bank Bldg Lilienthal, Ernest Appleton, Bertram Arthur

Mincb, Bloomfield H EAST ORANGE Appleton, Henry W.

Mulford, William C—Foot Lincoln St. .. Ashley, Edw. W.—20 So. Wilham St.. . Dawson, Walter L

Powell, Joseph H.—56 E. Commerce St. Bmgham, Arthur W., (M. D.)—219 Ham Goldberg, Jacob David— 100 River Drive

BURLINGTON ^ son Ave ......... . . ... Hamersley, George W.—100 River Drive

Haines, L Snowden—Lock Box 272 .... Bonnell Ward Louis—^92 Mam St.. ... . Howell, Beniamin N

Haughton, Benjamin Frankland J?""""?- ^^^^'"'^^ E.—25 Washington Place Meister, Adolph

Hopkins, David Pritchard Condit, Oscar H.-—329 Main St Preiskel, Abram—Midland Ave

Russell, Norman Felt SheUon—Drawer Groves, Charles A. ... . ... Rudolph, Ferdinand A

306 inghs, David Arthur—525 Mam St Vander Plaat, John—5 Passaic Ave

CAMDEN ^^if • ^rancis L —710 Sprmgdale Ave.. . Whitehead, Miles C—First National

Archer, Franklin Morse—2nd & Market ^-'l^'- Eugene A.—Mam & Wmans Sts. Bank Bldg

g^g Nickcrson, Howard A.—329 Main St GARWOOD

Bagley,' Robert M.—840' Cooper St. '.'.'.'.'.'. O'Brien, Denis Francis—545 No. Arling- Ellison, John R

Baird, David, Jr.-Delaware Ave. & Pear] „ ™". ^"^%- ■■;•••••■ • ■ ■ • ■;;■•■,•• v •,-. • • • Johnson, L. H.—North Ave

St ■ Perkins Merntt G.—545 North Arling- Waterman, Ezra L.—North Ave

Bennett, Volne^—2nd & Spruce Sts ^.t?" J^"^^ - • • • • • • // •" • • ■ GLASSBORO

Bleaklv, Edwin Guv Cooper—Wilson c■!['^^^^,"^^TAc\r, .\- Richardson, Ralph B.—Union & Grove

Bjj" " _ Smith, Peter A.—545 North Arlington g^-g

Bradley, Floyd 'h.— 106 'MarkeV St. "..'.. c.^'^^' '^"i" ' " VA" \W \V ; ;' ■' GLEN RIDGE

Dale, Harry S.—19th & Federal Sfs ^V^^'^^' „^'^''°tt '"^Ir Vr^wthorne Ave. Ammerman, William H.—34 HiUcrest Rd.

Dayton, S. Grev—224 Federal St ix t".^ a^o^^«-' f^"—^25 Mam .at GRANTWOOD

Dorrance, Arthur Calbraith-N. W Cor. -b-LlZABlLTH ^„. .. 'Shepherd, Fred I

Second and Market Sts Atwater, Edward Sanford, Jr.—286 No. RACKENSACK

Dorrance, John Thompson—S. W. Cor. „ Broad bt. . . Bellis, David D.—123 Anderson St

2nd & Market Sts Bautr, Edward—Court House Blackford, Charles E., Jr.—210 Main St. .

Forsyth, Joseph H.—315 Market Si S^"^' J^*;???,. "^ t , °^,1 ^^ Blauvelt, Elmer—123 Anderson St

Gilliams, John F.—Fifth & Federal Sts... Boehm, William Jacob—1066 Magnolia Borg, John—295 Main St

Grimley, Elmer Charles—Front & Cooper „ , X^' • ■ • • ■ • ■ • • ••••■■,■•• Brinkman, Maximillian R.—Main & Merges Calabro, Joseph^—527 tourth Ave ^^^ Sts

GrookeuV'rhoma.s'w..' Jr.—ioos'Wilson Chambers, Hilary R,—128 Broad St Brush, T.' Howard—210 Main" St. ".'.'.'.'.'.

Bldg Clark, John M.—Cor. W. Grand & Union Easton, Mortimer D.—191 Main St

Halyburton, Charles P.—5th & Market -^t Hart, Archibald Chapman—210 Main St.

Sts Clifford, William—360 Union Ave Mallett, Daniel T

Hemphill,' 'Howard 'b.'— '6'l'3' Broadway!'. '. Cole, Walter H.-^7 Bond St Marshall, Tynan S. ".'.'.'."..".. ".'.'.'. ...'.'.

Imbrie, Wm. Morris. Jr Collins, Dennis F.—113 Broad St Phelps, John J.—5 Mercer St.

Iszard, S. Stanger—314 Market St Goriell, i^rederic—715 Ehzabeth Ave. ... Plenty, Charles H.—170 Main St

Tessup, George W.—214 Cooper St Depew, Harold—207 Broad St Poole, Joseph W.—337 Sutton Ave

Johnson, Eldridge Reeves Fenimore— Doctor, Charles D.—100 First St Pratt, Henry Basil—Moore St

Front & Cooper Sts Fallon, John F.—El Mora Ave. & W. Pratt, William H.—Moore St

Kates, John B.—Broadway & Walnut St. Grand St Vreeland, Frank—210 Main St

Kobus, Henry Charles—932-934 Broad Fricke, Frank R.—921-923 Elizabeth Ave. HACKETTSTOWN

way Hague, Joseph T.—120 Broad St Smith, Sevmour R.—176 Main St

Leavering, James Waller—Third & Jack- Hersh, Edward S.—100 First St HADDONFIELD

son Sts Higgins, James J.— 171 First St Henry, William—224 Mountwell Ave. ..

Longmaid, John Henry Hilgendorff, Hugo A.—5 Broad St HAMPTON

McCord, Sidney P.—548 Federal St Hunt, John Solon—Newark Ave Staples, John Daniel

Norcross, Edwin C.—Broadwav at Wal Kammler, Edward A.—339 No. Broad St. HARRISON

nut St Kean, John—68 Broad St Callaghan, John P.—18 Passaic Ave

Podmore, Arthur Jefferson—Mt. Vernon Kean, Julian H.—68 Broad St Cavagnaro, John Joseph

and Orchid Sts Lammerding, John Henry—906 West Cottle, George T.—401 Kingsland Ave.. .

Rigg, Walter A.— 1005 Wilson Bldg field Ave . . Driver, Frank L., Jr

Satenstein, Jesse—19th and Federal Sts. Leavitt, Nathan Raymond—280 North Shriver, Harry Tower .. •.

Scull, William C.—100 Federal St Broad St Spurr, Joseph G

Sell, John W Lewis, Russell W.—142 Broad St HASBROUCK HEIGHTS

Sharp, Harry C Liddell, Donald Macy—1341 North Ave. Spencer, Lorillard

Shumaker, Edward E.—Front &• Cooper McCarthy, J. P.—Newark Ave HASKELL

Sts McManus, Ambrose—1152 East Jersey St. Leonard, William B., Jr

Staats, Walter Johnson—Front & Cooper Miller, Bertram B.—215 Broad St HAWTHORNE

Sts Newcomb, Everett W.—80 Broad St. ... Wyder, Robert

Stockwell, Henry Ford—Cooper St. and Parrot, Raymond T.—80 Broad St HIGH BRIDGE

Broadway Potts, Richard T.—73-75 Broad St Buck, Samuel M

Stout, C. Frederic C—2nd & Erie Sts. Quinn, Stephen T.—83 Broad St Chrystie. Percival


High Bridge—(Continued) Jersey City—(Continued) Jersey City—(Continued)

luEjram, William A Evarts, Daniel E.—83 & 85 Montgomery Throckmorton, James B.—239-241 Wash-Staples, Herbert L St ington St

HOBOKEN Farrier, Benj. E.—44 Montgomery St... Toiifey, William V., Jr.—15 Exchange

Bernegau, Carl M.—3rd & Adams Sts... Fielding, George Place

Besson. John William Rufus—1 Newark Freile, William—25 Tonnele Ave Tucker, Riifus Sticknev—15 Exchange

St. Gardner, Walter P.—83-85 Montgomery Place '

Brockelbank, Harold St Van Winkle, Marshall—1 Exchange

Brown, Edwin A. S.—1 Newark St Gillick, Joseph F.—300 Communipaw Ave. Place

Caulfield, Sydney W.—Hoboken Terminal Glorieux, Philip Henry—2525 Boulevard Vreeland, Howard R.^—75 Montgomery

(see Addenda page 1688) Gormley, Francis—391 Jackson Ave St

Churchward, Alexander—Wilson Bldg... Gotthardt, William—311 Ocean Ave Vreeland, Oliver Perry—165 Ocean Ave.

Donnelly, John H.—51 Newark St Graham, Kelley—1 Exchange Place Wall, Albert Chandler—15 Exchange

Evans, William A. D.—410 8th St Griffin. Robert B.—151 West Side Ave.. . Place

Fletcher, Andrew, Jr.—1301 Hudson St... Hall, James P.—Foot of Henderson St. . Wanamaker, George K

Focht, Charles H.—119 Adams St Halls, Wm., Jr.—15 Exchange Place ... Ward, John Horace—Pavonia Ave. &

Haskell, Amory Lawrence— Hoboken Hanson, George J.—190 Baldwin Ave. .. Grove St

Terminal Hartimg, John R.—158 Palisade Ave. .. . Warren, John—Journal Square Bank

Hobbs, George H.—Foot of Fifth St Haskins, Edward W.—150 Bay St Bldg

Jagels, Claus Henry Carl—33-35 14th St. Henn, Edward—660 Newark Ave Welsher, Samuel I.—15 Exchange Place

Jorden, Wilhelm—632 Madison St Heppenheimer, Ernest—921 Bergen Ave. W^illiams, Thomas Hilton—105 Plymouth

Keuffel, W. G.—3rd & Adams Sts Heppenheimer, Vv illiam C, Jr.—Journal St

Leonard, Edson Bishop—51 Newark St. Square Woodworth, A. L.—15 Exchange Place

Mabon, John S.—51 Newark St Heppenheimer, William Christian—Jour Woolsey, Frank—500 Grand St

O'Neal, Charles D.—Foot of Fifth St... nal Square Young, Edward L.—1 Exchange Place

O'Toole, Edward A.—12-14 Hudson Place Higgins, Frank J.—15 Exchange Place . KEANSBURG

Raymond, George G.^—17th St. & Park Hoffman, Arthur Gilman—150 Bay St. . Bodenstein, John H

Ave Holmes, Henry H.—165 Ocean Ave Bolz, Herman F

Schalscha, Maximilian Holtzmann, Henry—116 Danforth Ave... KEARNY

Schermerhorn, Leon—3rd & Adams St.. Huberti, Eugene 1'.—357-359 Central Ave. Walker, P.yrd—Belleville Turnpike ..

Schmidt, Herman W.—228 Park Ave.... Jaeckle, August J.—198 Ocean Ave KENILWORTH

Seide. Fred A.—111 Newark St James, Peter Fi.—665 Newark Ave Clark, George Arthur

Stauffen, Ralph M.—Hudson Trust Co. Johnson, Clarence T.—15 Exchange Place Clark, Roger Adam

Bldg Kellogg, Charies W.—151 W. 6th Ave. .. LEONIA

Steneck, George W.—95 River St Kellogg, Charles Wellington—300 Com Gantz, William O

Steneck, Henrjr C.—95 River St munipaw Ave LINDEN

Steneck, John—95 River St Kemmerer, Edwin Walter—15 Exchange Andrews, C. A

Steneck, Nicholas H.—95 River St Place Bauer, George W.—Wood Ave. at Price

Stevens, Edwin Augustus, Jr.—1 Newark Kenyon, Adelbcrt A.—105 Hudson St. .. St

St Kinkead, Thomas Cunningham—565 Pa Vogt, Louis Fenn.—Box 66

Terbell, Allen N.—84 River St vonia Ave LITTLE FALLS

Tiffany, J. Raymond—35 Newark St Kleinzahler, Paul—325 Jackson Ave May, Nicholas Vander—E. Main St

Wittpenn, H. O.—1 Newark St Koven, Gustav H.—154 Ogden Ave LODI

Young, William Wallis—47 Newark St.. Krouse, George—150-154 Morgan St Hagerty, John P

Zaremba, Otto, Jr.—313-15 First St Liedeker, Morris—400 Claremont Ave. .. LUMBERTON

Zippel, Gustavus E Lounsburv, Ralph R.—Journal Square .. Ried, George F

HOHOKUS MacArthur. Donald—P. O. Box 267 MADISON

Saunders, Bertram H. Marder, Walter S.—300 Communipaw Holden, Edward P.—251 Woodland Rd. .


Castles, Joseph V.—19 Lorreta Ave. . . . McCarthy, James W. —76 Montgomery .Snow, Elmer J

Denman, George H., Jr St MANVILLE

Eberhardt, Fred L.—Chancellor Ave McKee. Ralph PJarper—607 Bergen Ave. Pilliod, Fred L

Sargeant, Edmund E McLaren, Kenneth K.—15 Exchange MAPLEWOOD

Simons, G. S.—1186 Grove St Place Johnston, Paul Stewart—9 Highland

JAMESBURG Meixner, Walter—35 Journal Square Place

Perrine, Joseph Alagee—Gatzmer Ave.. . Merrick, J. Russell—300 Communipaw Kemp, William FI.—619 Ridgewood Rd. .


Ackerson, Theodore—75 Montgomery St. ^^^''^^"5, tredenck H.--40 Journal Square ^ hoiJi' Henry P.

Altschuler, Alexander A.—15 Exchange H"f"'^'';.^,';•^"^^•Tin^,,^°"^'''o"° ^^^ MERCHANTVILLE

pig^-g Myles, W illiam L.—180 Whiton St r ems, Isaac

Anderson y Fisher—15 Exchange Place Nettleship, Charles F.—921 Bergen Ave. Hadley, Charles Frazer—210 W. Maple

Andreae, Paul—104 Jackson Ave ^'evin, John, (M. D )—921 Bergen St. .. ,,Ave.^ '

Apgar, Samuel W.—190 Baldwin Ave... Nevm, Joseph A., (M. D.)—158 Bowers METUCHEN

Barth, Henry Otto—300 Communipaw . ,St ••;.••.•••••• • • • ; , f,'^"; f^^^^^

Avg O Gorman, Wniiam Doane—35 Journal MILLVILLE

Beach,' (George' R.—75 Montgome'ry St'. '. \ Square Bacon, George S

Benton, Linn Bovd—300 Communipaw O'Mealia, Harry F.—1 Newark Ave Brumley, Howard V

Ave Pentecost, Clement B-.—48 Pollock Ave. . Buell, Wm. C—209-11 High St

Berry, Frank B. —300 Communipaw Ave. Pfingsten, Gustav A.—126 Congress St. . Goodwm, Wilbert R.—High and Pme Sts.

Bingham, Henry A.—15 Exchange Place. Potterton, Arthur—104 Jackson Ave. ... MONTCLAIR

Bonham, Robert C—Foot of Sixth St. Quinn, William B.—City Hall Bell, Thomas Leo—217-221 Bloomfield

Bostv/ick, William Titus—Erie & Fifth Fector, Joseph Alanuel—681 Bergen Ave. Ave

Sts Reinhard, Henry F.—15 Exchange Place Bethell, Union N.—600 Valley Road,

Brogan, Thomas J.—15 Exchange Place. Riotte, Eugene A.—180 Whiton St Upper Montclair

Bull, William R.—15 Exchange Place... Ross, Irwin G Boyd. Robert M., Jr.—460 Bloomfield

Carscallen, Charles S.—530 Grove St Rovegno, Charles W.—Foot of Hender- Ave

Castcns, J. Henry—338 Grove St son St Brown, Silas B

Cochrane, Samuel—432 Danforth Ave.... Russell, Glenn V. 190 Baldwin Ave Ellis, Carleton—98 Greenwood .Ave

Coleman, James A.—300 Communipaw Schermerhorn, Julian H. Wayne & Mon Farnsworth, Daniel W.—218 Upper

Ave mouth Sts ' Mountain Ave

Colgate, Henry A.--105 Hudson St Shannon, Joseph G.-186 Newark Ave.' . ^%^:'"' '^'^°'^^' Kirtley-18 Erie Depot

r^^^J^'^ \"a'' u^~ ^ Yn /°" • c Sheehan, Thomas Cornelius-190 Baldwin vifu^JL^VrlnC r " m";; Vm " Vi '•

Copeland, Walter F.—40 Journal Square a ' Hall, Frederick C.—Hotel Montclair

Corbin, Clement K.—l Exchange Place. . ^, ':''"':"''''"', „', Hughes, Frank—Hughes Bldg

Craig, Burdette P.—15 Exchange Place.. Sherwood, Louis—15 Exchange Place .. (see also Addenda page 1696)

Dailev Harry bisson, Charies H.—15 Exchange Place. Keller, Henry Robert Dietrich—10 Moun-

Davis.' Augustine—480 Henderson St... . Plater, C Howard—305 Pacific Ave tain View Place

Dear, Jo.scph Albert—Journal Square.... Sma 1, Charies C—15 Exchange Place . Love, Leslie C—483 Bloomfield Ave

D'Elia, Frank L.—994 West Side Ave... ^^"filtz- Jphn C—74 Peari .St. Lovejoy, F. B.—143 So, Alountain .Ave...

Demarest, Elmer W.—15 Exchange Place Smith, Edward O.—494 Jackson Ave. ... MarsclHs, Arthur Spencer—272 Bellevue

DeRham, Casmir—190 Baldwin Ave.... Smith, Edwin F—Exchange Place ... . Ave., Upper Montclair

Dodd, Edmund Davey—164 Laidlaw Ave. Smith, George Theodore—Wayne & Mon Peterson, Oscar A.—78 No. Willow St...

Drayton, Samuel mouth Sts Pickell, Frank G.—22 Valley Road .....

Dwyer, William J., Jr.—917 Bergen Ave. Smith, Stanton M.—Coles & 18th Sts. . . Power, Charle.s—55 Melrose Place

Edge. Nelson J. H Spinks, Lewis—180 Whiton St Stephens, Thomas Wilcox

Edinger, Charles L.—234 Wilkinson Ave. Stratford, Arthur C.—160 Cornelison Ave. Stoddard, John Hutchinson—467 Bloom-English, Richard W. A.—2391 Boulevard Stratford, Edwin H.—Journal Square ... field Ave

Enright, John M.—75 Montgomery St... Sullivan, Mark A.—15 Exchange Place .. Wilson, Sanford W.—598 Vallev Road...

New Jersey



Coles. Henry B

Nicholson, T. Whitall


Washington. George


.\bell, Frank Duane—Park Place

Burke, Robert E.—First National Bank

Bldg ,

Card, Henrv N

Coriell, John H. B.—30 Park Place

Corv, Henrv

Drake, John H.—20 South St

Mills, Edwrird Kirkpatrick—Park Place..

Schultz, Otto G.—Park PI

Vogt, Carl v.—10 Washington St.

Welsh, Eugene Virgilius—149 Morris St. MOUNT HOLLY

Cross, Arthur D

Logan, Tames—132 Hulme St

Perinchief, Morris K.—107 Main St

Warrick, W. Roland

NEWARK •^Acheson, George W.—175 Vanderpool St.

''Adams, Frank B

•^Adams, Russell V.—Federal Trust Bldg.. '^Albright, Andrew, Jr.—56 Ferry St. .... ""Allen, Ralph S.—-768 Frelinghuysen Ave.

'Aronson, Louis V.—Aronson ,Sq

Atha, Flenry G

.\uerbacher, Louis, Jr.—5 Belmont Ave. Bachcller, Joseph Henry—2 Ferry St....

Bailey, C. Weston—70 Park Place

'Baldwin, F. Spencer—60 Park Place ....

'Baldvvin, Philip H.—91-93 Halsey St

Ballantine, Percy—360 Mt. Prospect Ave. Ballantyne, Lewis B.—43 Washington St.

Bamberger, Jacob—5 Belmont Ave

Banister, W. Albert—416-420 Washington

V St

Barn.'ird, C. L.—1060 No. Broad St

Barnr-ird, Chester I.—1060 Broad St

Beecher, Aymer J.—224 AlcWorther St.. .

Beers, Louis J.—624 Prudential Bldg

Beinecke, Frederick William—1015 Broad


Bennett, Charles D.—300 Broadway ....

Bergen, Frank—80 Park Place

Berger, Nathan H.—Hayes Circle

Bernard, George A.—41 Clinton St. . . . .

Bettmann, Jacob—89 Market St

Bilder, Nathan—60 Park Place , .-

Bowerman, Arthur L.—IS Washington


Bovle, Fre